ATWT Transcript Tuesday 6/11/02

As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 6/11/02

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Jessica: I just have a few more things to throw in my bag while I wait for the car to take me to the airport. You know, I can't seem to find my passport.

Bonnie: Do you have to go? You've hardly done any sightseeing.

Jessica: Well, when I come back, you can give me the grand tour. But I've gotta get home. I gotta get back to work.

Bonnie: I figured you'd say that. Thank you so much for being here, mom. I don't know that I could've gotten through any of this without you.

Jessica: Please, you don't have to thank me. You got through this all by yourself.

Bonnie: That's not true, and you know it. First of all, you came all the way to Scotland for a wedding that you knew was a mistake.

Jessica: Sweetheart, I'm your mother. Where else would I be?

Bonnie: Next, you not only battled with Ian and Garrick, but you made sure they were arrested and sent to jail.

Jessica: And, again, I should thank you, because I always wanted to know about the Scottish legal system. And thanks to you, I'm practically an expert.

Bonnie: Don't you know, when a person expresses gratitude, the appropriate response is usually a very sincere, very simple "you're welcome"?

Jessica: Ah! You're welcome. Sincerely.

Bonnie: Thank you. I'm gonna miss you like every minute.

Jessica: Well, Bonnie, you know, you don't have to stay in Scotland. You could get dual citizenship, come and go as you please. Work it however you want it.

Bonnie: I've thought about that. But the truth is, I like it here. This castle is my home now. It's where I belong. And I'm not gonna leave it.

[Knock at door]

Molly: Who is it?

Isaac: Isaac.

Molly: Isaac. Hey. How are ya?

Isaac: I'm fine. And you were sleeping.

Molly: No, no, no, no. I was up.

Isaac: This is for you. I should've called. I'll come back another time. And I'll give you advance notice, I promise.

Molly: Isaac -- I would really like it if you stayed.

Isaac: Are you sure?

Molly: From Mabel's, huh?

Isaac: Yeah.

Molly: So -- you heard?

Isaac: Yes, I heard about Jake. That's why I'm here. The town's a lot smaller without him.

Molly: I know what you mean.

Isaac: Are you okay?

Molly: I'm maintaining. On the good days.

Isaac: Is there anything I can do, anything you need?

Molly: Yeah. As a matter of fact, I need to hear about you. I need to hear about your life, your problems, everything that's going on with you.

Isaac: Okay, I -- just got back from Scotland. Bonnie Mckechnie was all set to marry -- to marry the Duke of Glasgow. But she called it off at the last minute.

Molly: Because of you. Jake told me -- he said that you and Bonnie were absolutely perfect for each other.

Isaac: Jake also said that hot sauce could cure a hangover, so he wasn't right about everything. It didn't work out, Molly. Bonnie and I are finished.

Molly: Oh, I'm sorry.

Isaac: Don't be. Things change, and -- we move on. Inside that thing is Jake?

Molly: Yeah. Isaac -- I'm supposed to -- I'm supposed to scatter Jake's ashes. But I just can't bring myself to let him go.

Aaron: "Aphorism -- a short saying involving a familiar truth." Example -- "if at first you don't succeed, try, try again."

Dreams of sharing a life and a home of never ever being alone again

Not even diamonds just a little gold

Someone there to hold her hand when she gets old

Dreams, the kind you know will never end

Forever lovers and forever friends

Someone really there to love and care and share dream

Oh, dreams the kind you know will never end

Aaron: Are you ready to fly?

Forever lovers and forever friends

Lucy: Yes. Where are we going?

Aaron: Across the ocean. Up to the moon. Anywhere you want.


Aaron: Aphorism. Got it.

Lucy: You spied on Aaron and me. You took this picture and made sure my father got a look at it. I want to know why.

Alison: When was this taken?

Lucy: As if you didn't know.

Alison: I don't.

Lucy: It was taken by you, Alison. Today.

Alison: Okay, let me get this straight. I took this picture, had it developed in like a second, and then what?

Lucy: Slid it under my father's door. Don't bother denying it. I know it was you.

Alison: How?

Lucy: You left your cigarettes in the barn. Aaron and I found them.

Alison: I don't know what you're talking about.

Lucy: I told you what kind of trouble I'd be in if my father knew I was riding Aaron's bike. How could you do this to me, Alison?! How could you be so mean?

Alison: I can see you're stressed, so I'm gonna forgive you for accusing me of this.

Lucy: I'm not stressed. I'm furious. You know, I tried to be your friend, but friends don't do this to each other. I never want to talk to you again.

Rosanna: Is that it? Another empty threat about what you're gonna do to me?

Carly: You should pay attention this time, Rosanna. Because once you go into business with Barbara, you might as well book yourself on the "Titanic." You're gonna sink like a stone.

Rosanna: You don't know much about business, do you, Carly?

Carly: Well, I know that Barbara's not gonna have one once I get through with the two of you.

Rosanna: I wouldn't be so sure about that.

Carly: You're no match for me, Rosanna. You know why? Because fashion is about beauty. And you and Barbara are so ugly inside, there's no possible way you can succeed.

Craig: You know, as entertaining as this is, Rosanna and I weren't actually expecting company, so maybe --

Carly: Not until I'm done.

Craig: This is my house, Carly. If you want to fight with your sister, why don't you find another place?

Rosanna: And while you're at it, why don't you find another sister? 'Cause whatever this game is you're playing, I don't wanna play it anymore.

Carly: It's no game, Rosanna. It's war. And you're gonna lose.

Rosanna: Do you ever think that we'll have a real conversation, Carly? Or will you always be glaring and spitting at me through your latest attempts at intimidation?

Carly: I don't care if I ever lay eyes on you again. You have blindsided me for the last time. And from here on in, I attack first, ask questions never.

Rosanna: Well, thanks for the warning. I can't wait to go shopping for my first armored car.

Carly: It'll take a lot more than that, Rosanna. I have got a weapon you can't possibly defeat, no matter how many millions you spend.

Rosanna: Really? What's that? Your total disregard for common decency?

Carly: Will. Determination. It got me past James Steinbeck, Barbara Ryan, and it'll get me past you.

Rosanna: I'm so happy for this confidence that you've suddenly found. Self-esteem was never your strong point.

Carly: It is now. I do know what I'm worth. Especially in the fashion world.

Rosanna: Your talent is -- undeniable. I have never been able to argue with that.

Carly: You just wanna undermine it by backing Barbara Ryan.

Rosanna: I have no interest, believe it or not, in entering the fashion world. But even if I did, I think that there could be room for both of us.

Carly: That is a crock, and you know it. The only reason you're even considering entering this field is because you think it might be a way to mess with me!

Rosanna: You really think you're that important to me?

Carly: This isn't about me. This is about you. Ever since you came back to Oakdale, you've been trying to chip away at the life I've built for myself. And now look at you, Rosanna. All cozied up to Craig -- master of the ulterior motive.

Craig: You excel in your field, I'll excel in mine.

Carly: I don't know what you do, Craig. You have finally found a snake worthy of your pit.

Craig: Well, as much as I hate to leave a good metaphor hanging, I do have somewhere to go. So enjoy yourself, ladies, and don't scratch the furniture.

Carly: Well, now -- you can drop the lady act. Your audience is gone.

Rosanna: I don't have to pretend for Craig. He knows who I am.

Carly: Then he's a bigger fool than I thought.

Rosanna: What's fascinating to me is even though you're full of deceit, you embrace honesty like you invented it.

Carly: I told you -- I've learned a few things.

Rosanna: Somehow I doubt that. Either you're lying to yourself or you're lying to me, or both.

Carly: How so?

Rosanna: 'Cause you don't hate Craig. You want him more than ever. What's got you all upset is that he's interested in me.

Emily: Lucy, would you like to sit down with us? And maybe the three of us can straighten this out.

Alison: Hold on. The three of us aren't doing anything.

Emily: I understand why you're upset. I don't blame you. But you know what? All friends go through bad times. And what you need to decide for yourself is if this friendship is worth saving. I think now's the perfect opportunity for that.

Alison: I don't need you deciding who my friends are gonna be.

Emily: I think Lucy asked you a question. Why did you take the picture of her and Aaron on the motorcycle? And, more importantly, why did you slip it under her father's door?

Alison: Oh, what's the big deal, anyway? It's not like I murdered someone!

Lucy: You're right. It's not. But showing that picture to my father could mean I have to leave Oakdale.

Alison: Why?

Lucy: You don't know how hard it was to convince my mom to let me stay here. My dad had to promise her I wouldn't be in any danger. If he doesn't think I'm safe, then he'll ship me right back to Montega.

Alison: It'll never happen.

Lucy: How do you know?

Alison: Well, your father enjoys having you around here too much.

Lucy: Well, he also likes having me --

[cell phone ringing] excuse me.

Alison: I'm not saying another word until you leave.

Emily: Would you be nice, please? Just talk to her. All right? Don't fight. I'm gonna go get a muffin or something.

Lucy: Oh, hi. How are you?

Alison: Get it to go!

Lucy: I'm at Java with some people. What about you?

Aaron: I'm here at the barn. Getting ready for my test.

Lucy: You're going to be great, I know it. And I'm really proud of how hard you've worked.

Aaron: Thanks. Thanks a lot for being such a good teacher, too.

Lucy: It was fun. I enjoyed it.

Aaron: You know, after I take this test, how about you and I go celebrate?

Lucy: Really? How?

Aaron: I don't know. Dinner, a movie. I'm sure we can think of something.

Lucy: Sounds great.

Aaron: Of course, that's assuming I don't have a complete meltdown and forget how to spell "cat."

Lucy: You won't. I promise. But you'll need lots of energy, so don't go into the test with an empty stomach. Be sure to eat something nutritious.

Aaron: All right, coach. I'll see you soon.

Lucy: Okay, bye.

Alison: That was him, wasn't it? Aaron?

Lucy: If I thought you could be trusted, I'd tell you in a second. But since you went out of your way to hurt me, why would I share anything with you?

Isaac: I had an uncle who was cremated. Took my aunt six months to scatter his ashes.

Molly: Well, I understand that. I gotta tell ya. Isaac, I took him out for drinks today.

Isaac: Him?

Molly: The urn.

Isaac: Where?

Molly: Lakeview lounge.

Isaac: Ooh. How'd it go?

Molly: Didn't go well. No. I mean, the martinis were great. But Jake wasn't thirsty, and so I drank his. And then Carly had to pretty much pour me out of the place.

Isaac: So you weren't just "sleeping" when I got here. You were sleeping it off.

Molly: I know I embarrassed myself, Isaac. I just hope I didn't embarrass Jake.

Isaac: Speaking of Jake, we have some red hots that are getting cold on us.

Molly: You know, you are so right about that. I'm gonna get us some plates. Oh. Um -- you know what I think? I think there's a very good chance that Jake sent you here.

Isaac: It's possible. Maybe he knew you could use some company.

Molly: Maybe that. Or maybe he needed to talk to you about Bonnie.

Paddington: Miss Bonnie, if you'll excuse me for a brief moment?

Bonnie: Oh, no, of course. Please. What is it?

Paddington: Ms. Griffin.

Jessica: Paddington.

Paddington: This box contains jewels that belonged to the ladies of the clan. I thought perhaps you'd like to inventory them for the family heirlooms.

Bonnie: Excellent idea. Thank you, Paddington.

Paddington: Dr. Harris called the airport about your car service. I'll let you know as soon as it gets here.

Jessica: Thank you, Paddington. You know, I'll miss you. You make life a whole lot easier.

Paddington: Thank you very much. Same to you.

Bonnie: Family heirlooms, huh?

[Bonnie laughs] wow!

Jessica: Wow.

Bonnie: Oh! These earrings Isaac gave me -- looks a little pale next to this stuff.

Jessica: I know you and Isaac spent some time together before he went back to Oakdale. Did you -- come to any conclusions?

Bonnie: I wanted to. I tried, but Isaac was like -- he was like a --

Jessica: Man?

Bonnie: Yes. He said I belonged here. Wished me luck on being a duchess. And -- that was it. That was the end of it.

Jessica: I'm sorry, sweetheart. I know that was disappointing for you.

Bonnie: On the contrary. It was quite liberating. Isaac was right about one thing. I do belong here. And if I'm gonna be a duchess, I might as well be a darn good one.

Jessica: And what exactly is a "darn good duchess," in your opinion?

Bonnie: Well, I am going to make sure that every person in this castle has a job that they can be proud of. I'm gonna keep them very busy. I'm gonna throw parties -- no. Balls. I am going to throw balls like this place has never seen before. And I'm gonna sponsor festivities in the countryside. I'll donate my time to charity. And I will not think about Isaac Jenkins ever again.

Jessica: Bonnie -- did you really tell Isaac how you feel about him?

Bonnie: I've seen you do this before.

Jessica: Do what?

Bonnie: Lead a witness.

Jessica: And what exactly is it you think I'm leading you to say?

Bonnie: That I didn't go through this wedding with Ian because I'm still in love with Isaac.

Jessica: Sweetheart, you don't owe me any answers. But the real issue is -- have you been truthful with yourself?

Molly: So how was your trip?

Isaac: Are you asking how was my trip or how was Bonnie?

Molly: Well -- that would be up to you.

Isaac: Where to begin? Billy and I found out that the duke she was set to marry was a fraud. His family had stolen the crown years before and was about to be found out. The only reason he wanted to marry Bonnie was -- get this -- she was the true Maclaren heir.

Molly: Wait, you're telling me that Bonnie Mckechnie is a real, live duchess?

Isaac: Believe it or not.

Molly: Wow.

Isaac: So she stayed in Glasgow, and I came back here. Coleslaw?

Molly: No, thanks. So -- that's it? No plans to see each other ever again?

Isaac: What for? She's there. I'm here. She's royalty. I'm a man of the people.

Molly: Do you still have feelings for her, Isaac?

Isaac: I'm not setting myself up for rejection again. She could at least meet me halfway.

Molly: Shh. Think. If Jake were here right now, what would he be saying to you?

Isaac: Probably something like, "you can't wait to be invited, Isaac. Sometimes you have to crash the party."

Molly: We don't get a lot of time here. So you can't waste a single minute of it.

Carly: I've lived with Craig. Plotted with Craig. Fought with Craig. And, for a short time, I even opened my heart to him. That is all in the past. I moved onto the real thing.

Rosanna: Then why does he still excite you so much? I can see it on your face. The way he makes you breathe. He makes you feel pleasantly uncomfortable, doesn't he? There's a little extra electricity in here. You gotta be aware of that.

Carly: Whatever "electricity" there was between Craig and me -- it short-circuited a long time ago. So, hey, if you wanna follow in my footsteps, by all means, be my guest.

Rosanna: Ha, I have no desire to imitate you.

Carly: Really? Could've fooled me.

Rosanna: Okay, I'll be more specific. I don't want to be in the fashion world. I don't want your sordid little love affairs. And I don't want your never-ending feuds. That all may pass for a charming little life for you, but it doesn't for me.

Carly: I don't know. I know jealousy when I see it. And I see it. I think that you would change places with me if you could in a New York minute.

Rosanna: And I long for this because?

Carly: Because you're still looking for what you never could find. Don't you remember? You left all those Cabot millions behind once before so you could come out and live with the "real people."

Rosanna: I was young and naive. A lot has changed since then.

Carly: No. The only thing that's changed is that you've grown older. You're still rich. But you've got no man. You've got no children. You've got no friends. You've got no passion. Your life is a flat line, Rosanna. We both know what that means.

Alison: Things at home have been worse than usual. And when people around me are flipping out, I get all ticked off. And instead of yelling at the people I'm mad at, I just do the first stupid thing that comes into my head. I do things I know I shouldn't do. Like this morning, Emily came by. And in two minutes, she and my mom were at each other's throats. And I tried --

Lucy: Stop. Please. I'm not falling for this again.

Alison: Do you think I would lie about something so serious?

Lucy: Well, maybe if I heard it from Emily her -- self. She's not there.

Alison: Emily's never there when I need her, Lucy. But I guess you won't believe that, either.

Lucy: You hid in the barn. You took this picture. You got it developed and made sure my dad saw it. That's not an accident, Alison. That's someone who knows exactly what she's doing.

Alison: Why would I try to hurt you on purpose?

Lucy: There can only be one reason. You want Aaron for yourself.

Craig: Hey there, Aaron. What's up?

Aaron: Mr. Montgomery. Nice to see you.

Craig: Why?

Aaron: I guess I like surprises.

Craig: Me, too, usually.

Aaron: Something I can do for you?

Craig: I was looking for Lucy. I had a feeling she might be here.

Aaron: Sorry, she's not.

Craig: Not in the house? Currying one of the horses?

Aaron: I talked to her on my cell phone. She said she was with some friends at Java. If you want, I got a phone right here. You can --

Craig: If I wanted to talk to Lucy on the phone, I wouldn't come here looking for her, would I?

Aaron: I guess so. Is Lucy in some kind of trouble?

Craig: With me? No. No, it's a beautiful night. I thought, if she was here, she and I might take a walk under the stars, pick out some constellations.

Aaron: Sounds like fun. Only she's not here.

Craig: Yes, I know. Ah. This is what the girls are falling all over themselves about, huh? A ride on this?

Aaron: Actually, I wouldn't know.

Craig: You wouldn't?

Aaron: No. I bought the bike right before I left Seattle. And since I've been here, not one girl has fallen over herself yet.

Craig: But you have taken Lucy for a ride.

Aaron: Lucy and my sister Abigail. That's it.

Craig: Do you enjoy having my daughter on your bike, Aaron?

Aaron: Yes, sir, I do. As long as we wear our helmets, and we stay off the highway.

Craig: That's good. That's good. I like that. Because, you know, if for some reason I can't protect my daughter here in Oakdale, I have to send her back to Montega.

Alison: Any girl out of a training bra would want Aaron for herself. He's gorgeous, or haven't you noticed?

Lucy: Of course I have. But you said that --

Alison: I said I'd back off, and that's what I've done. Have you seen me make a play for him since Rose and Paul's engagement party?

Lucy: Well, no.

Alison: Well, then how can you accuse me of being interested in him?

Lucy: Okay, then give me another reason why you took that picture.

Alison: It -- it was a goof!

Lucy: Come on.

Alison: I figured you'd ride on Aaron's motorcycle again because, hey, who could resist? I had the camera. I thought I'd just catch a photo of you and put it in your bag with a note saying, "gotcha." Yes, it was immature, but it wasn't about Aaron.

Lucy: But you didn't do that. You showed it to my father.

Alison: That's the part I can't quite explain so well. Somewhere between the photo shop and your purse, I got this impulse -- I told myself it would even be a better joke if you had to somehow talk your way out of getting grounded. I didn't think about you being scared about getting sent home to live with your mom. I know it was stupid, really stupid. But I didn't set out to hurt you, Lucy. You have to believe me.

Lucy: I told you that if my father found out I was riding with Aaron again, he'd kill Aaron and ship me back to Montega. That picture was like a loaded gun, and you aimed it right at me.

Craig: See, on most issues, I trust her implicitly. She's bright. Rational. She can make her own decisions. But -- on this, I can't take a chance.

Aaron: I told you, Mr. Montgomery, I would never --

Craig: Well, what you told me is irrelevant. I'm not gonna trust you with my daughter's life.

Aaron: I don't get this. Why are you laying this on me?

Craig: Because I know that asking her to promise not to ride on your bike won't work. She'll come straight here, begging for a ride. But I can ask you. Will you promise not to take Lucy on your motorcycle, even if she asks?

Rosanna: Let me tell you a little bit about my life, so we can just put this issue to rest, once and for all, okay? I live in an 18th Century townhouse, fully restored with 12 rooms, including a sauna. I also have an apartment in New York and a condo in St. Bart's. I have a full staff of people working for me, including a personal assistant. And, yes, a trainer. I travel frequently, always first-class. I've dated some of the most eligible bachelors in the Midwest and turned down not one, but two proposals of marriage. Yes, I may not have children, but I've close relationships with the children of my friends, and the possibility still exists for me. Many of those children call me "aunt Rosanna." So that may not sound like much of a life for you, but there are plenty of people who would be happy to have it.

Carly: I really don't care how many rooms you've restored, Rosanna. You still wanna be me.

Rosanna: And why would you say that? What do I get? You have nothing. You have no job. You have apartment that you don't even own.

Carly: No, no, I live with Jack, a man I adore, who adores me.

Rosanna: Well, at the moment, anyway. That relationship goes on and off more than a light switch. I don't expect it to last.

Carly: My friends -- you've seen how my friends -- they stand by me.

Rosanna: Your friends? To have a friend, you have to be a friend, and you don't know how. Once you reveal your true nature to them, they're all gonna abandon you, anyway.

Carly: And my son? What do you wanna say about Parker?

Rosanna: Your son is the one true treasure that you possess. And yet you dump him with other people, and you disappear off the face of the earth --

Carly: I was kidnapped!

Rosanna: The point is -- I hate what you've done to him, and I would never want to carry around that guilt!

Carly: I do not expect you to appreciate what I have done with my life.

Rosanna: Well, good. Then maybe we can put this issue to rest, once and for all. I don't want to be like you. I don't want what you have. I never have, and I never will!

Aaron: Lucy's my friend. I can't be doing a deal with her father when she has no idea she's being controlled.

Craig: You want to think about it? Take all the time you need.

Aaron: I can promise you this -- if Lucy does decide that she wants to ride with me again, we'll stay off the highway. We'll wear our helmets. I'll drive under 40 miles an hour. I won't even go on the road.

Craig: All right, fair enough. One more thing?

Aaron: Shoot.

Craig: Don't tell Lucy I was here, will you?

Aaron: It'll never come up.

Craig: Thank you. Oh, I almost forgot. Something came up about your life in Seattle. I'd like to run it by you, if I could.

Bonnie: I'm not gonna lie to you, mom. I love Isaac, with all my heart. But he feels the same way about me as I feel about this jewelry and my title. It's all very interesting, but in the end -- not really that important.

Jessica: Sweetheart, the man came all the way to Scotland to stop you from marrying Ian. Doesn't that give you some indication how he feels about you?

Bonnie: Yes! And how did I respond, mom? I let him get locked up in a dungeon when I didn't even go look for him. He's obviously finished with me, and I don't blame him. There's really no turning back.

[Knock at door] yes?

Paddington: Forgive the intrusion, Ms. Griffin, but your car is here to take you to the airport.

Jessica: Ah, thank you, Paddington. I'll be right there. Well, sweetheart, now, if you really want me to stay, I can tell Ben to go on without me.

Bonnie: No. No, I have duties to perform. The new Duchess Maclaren will be fine. Really, mom. Don't worry. Okay.

Jessica: Okay. I love you.

Bonnie: Love you, too. Be safe.

Jessica: I will.

Bonnie: Call me.

Jessica: I'll call you when I get there.

Bonnie: Okay.

Isaac: Let me ask you something -- when you and Jake first fell in love, did he tell you how he felt right off the bat?

Molly: Over and over and over again. We were just good like that. We didn't hold anything back.

Isaac: Yeah. Yeah, that's the way to be, isn't it?

Molly: Considering what's happened, I guess it's easier, yeah. Because if I had had any regrets or any "I should've saids," I definitely wouldn't be able to handle it.

Isaac: Do you hear that, buddy? You did -- you did good.

Molly: Isaac, Jake's request is that I return him to the winds. But I can't. I don't know what's wrong with me. It's like -- I don't know -- I'm waiting for some kind of message.

Isaac: Maybe you already got it.

Molly: You hear that, honey? Is there something that you wanna tell me?

Isaac: He's telling me to reach out and grab my future.

Molly: And I think he's telling me to let go of the past.

Paddington: Miss Bonnie, if you'll pardon my intrusion, have you finished with the family heirlooms?

Bonnie: Yes, and they sure are one of a kind.

Paddington: Indeed, they are. Shall I put them back in the safe?

Bonnie: Yes, thank you, Paddington. I'll be sure to put them in inventory tomorrow.

Paddington: Is there anything else?

Bonnie: No. Thank you.

Paddington: Thank you, ma'am.

Bonnie: Good night.

Paddington: Good night.

[Bonnie sighs] Isaac.

Molly: It's a windy night. So I was thinking -- maybe it's a good time.

Isaac: You need any help?

Molly: No. No, I think this is between me and Jake.

Good night don't be afraid, sleep tight in my arms

I swear you'll be okay I'll keep you from harm

'cause I love you and I always will and you know I'm gonna be true

[Molly sobbing] and wherever you lead me, I'll be with you

Molly: Oh, Jake. Good-bye. I'm never gonna stop loving you. Never.


I know times have been hard; life's treated you bad

but, baby let down your guard try not to be sad

[Molly sobbing]

Molly: I feel better. I think that was the right thing to do.

Isaac: Yes. And the right time.

Molly: And thank you for being here, Isaac.

Isaac: No, no. Come on. You gotta thank Jake. Remember?

Molly: All right. Right. I'm gonna be fine. I am. All right?

Isaac: You sure?

Molly: Yeah.

Isaac: 'Cause I'll stay. I mean, it's cool.

Molly: No, because -- I see in your face, you've got someplace that you need to be.

Isaac: Yeah. I do. And I thought that my travel plans were over. But -- according to the man, I've got someplace I gotta be.

You'll be okay

Molly: Call me when you get back?

Isaac: Take care, Molly.

Come rain or come shine, through thick and through thin, for better or worse, I'll be here with you

[Molly sobbing]

so good night, don't be afraid.

Carly: Don't you ever tell the truth, Rosanna?

Rosanna: What are you talking about? I'm being completely honest with you. More than you deserve, I think.

Carly: What about conspiring with Barbara? What about what you want out of your life that you don't have?

Rosanna: All right, you want me to tell you what I want? Fine. Maybe I would like a man of my own. Maybe I would like a child. Maybe I would like a place where I belong. But you know what I'd like more than anything? I'd like to be the person I was, before you came along and just destroyed everything.

Carly: You were an heiress feeding pigs on the Snyder farm, as I recall. And that's what you still are. You still have your millions. And now you've got the pig who lives here.

[Door slams]

Alison: Holding grudges is so last century, Lucy. Especially over this.

Lucy: You can pretend this meant nothing, if you want. But it meant something to me.

Alison: It's time to get over this. I explained. I apologized. I'm finished!

Lucy: No, Alison, we are finished.

Alison: I thought you left.

Emily: I scooted out for a little bit, 'cause I thought I'd give you two a chance to work things out. And it looks like that didn't happen.

Alison: You think I care? I don't need her.

Emily: I know what's going on. I've been there. I've done what you've done.

Alison: If you're trying to make me feel better, don't.

Emily: I am trying to be your big sister. And I'm not gonna stop.

Aaron: My life back in Seattle? What do you wanna know?

Craig: Well, it's meaningless, I'm sure. But my sister is a cop. She tends to worry about these things, you know.

Aaron: What things?

Craig: Your juvenile record in Washington State.

Aaron: It was nothing.

Craig: Well, that's what I told her, but she insisted on checking it out. We won't take it too seriously. Okay? It was nice hanging with you, Aaron. We'll do it again. Good night.

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