ATWT Transcript Friday 6/7/02

As The World Turns Transcript Friday 6/7/02

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Aaron: Hey, Sally.

Lucy: Hey.

Aaron: Wanna go for a ride?

Lucy: Don't you have studying to do?

Aaron: Quiz me at the barn.

Lucy: Or I could quiz you here. Or we could go to the park.

Aaron: I brought my dad's truck.

Lucy: Let's go.

Emily: Next time, why don't you try a little honey in your tea.

Susan: Oh -- I was just thinking. Lucy Montgomery just left with that cute kid. And that means that Alison will get left in the lurch again. I was hoping that Lucy was going to turn out to be that really good friend that Alison needs.

Emily: Yeah, it's tough growing up.

Susan: Tell me about it. So what's up? You wanted to see me?

Emily: Yeah. Actually -- I wanted to talk to you about Alison. I've been thinking about what's best for her, too. And I wanted to run it by you first.

Alison: Aaron? Aaron, you out here? It's me, Alison. Aaron? Perfect. So I'm behind the hay -- and Lucy gets on the bike -- and I get half a dozen shots of daddy's little girl breaking the rules. Aw, too bad -- Lucy can't get to see Aaron ever, ever, ever. And he's all mine again.

[Doorbell rings]

Molly: Oh.

[Doorbell rings] Coming!

Porter: I'm sorry, Mrs. McKinnon.

Molly: It's okay. It's fine. I was napping.

Porter: This came by messenger. I thought it might be important.

Molly: Nothing is important. Hasn't anybody ever taught you that yet? Just a minute. Thanks.

Porter: Thank you.

Molly: Oh, my God. God, I totally forgot.

Barbara: Hey.

Lisa: Hi there.

Barbara: You sounded so worried on the phone.

Lisa: Yes, yes, I -- I just had a meeting with Carly Tenney.

Barbara: Well, she moves fast, doesn't she?

Lisa: Yeah, like speed lightning.

Barbara: Sit down. Tell me what she wants, as if I didn't know.

Lisa: Barbara, it's not so much what she wanted, it's what she implied. She said that B.R.O. was going down and implied that I should jump ship and sail with her.

Barbara: How many times has she asked you for help? I've lost count, Lisa.

Lisa: No, no, you're not listening to what I'm saying. That little scamp is running all over town telling people you're through.

Barbara: I am. Paul has left B.R.O., and with my legal situation the way it is --

Lisa: Barbara, I can't -- you'll beat it. You'll beat it.

Barbara: Well, even if I do, it's gonna cost every penny I have. I can't afford to keep B.R.O. afloat.

Lisa: Well, what can we do? We've got to do something.

Barbara: Pray for a miracle.

Jack: You know, you can still walk away.

Carly: No way. You set up that meeting with Lisa, and it worked. Now it's payback time.

Jack: I'm starting to -- to love my job.

Craig: Where is everybody?

[Molly sobs]

Abigail: Hey, guess what? Hayden let me into the poetry seminar. And she never lets freshmen in. Olivia Hayden, remember? I told you about her. I read you some of her stuff.

Molly: Yeah, honey, of course I remember her. That's fantastic. You must have really blown her away in that interview. And wait till she hears you sing. Because I have often thought that a lot of your poems would make excellent lyrics.

Abigail: Molly, what happened?

Molly: Oh, that -- that was just a glass left, and I had it and then I took a nap.

Abigail: Why don't you and I go for a walk? We'll get some lunch. I have some time before orientation. Okay?

Molly: Can I take a rain check on that, honey? Because -- I have to get started on the closets. You know, I promised I would give all the stuff -- all of -- the homeless shelter, they're having a drive for the back to work, and they need some clothes. And Jake's stuff is just hanging there in the closet.

Abigail: Molly, you're gonna go into Jake's closet and get stuff and give it away right now?

Molly: I don't want to keep looking at it.

Abigail: Why don't you let me do that? I'll get all the stuff and I'll put it in the girls' -- put it in my room.

Molly: I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna pack it up. I'm gonna leave it in Jake's closet, okay? I need to do that. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness, honey. I do.

Abigail: What's that?

Molly: The doorman brought this up.

Abigail: What is it?

Molly: Jake.

Abigail: His ashes? They just delivered his ashes like a package?

Molly: That was my fault. I didn't pick them up. I forgot. I mean, I didn't -- I don't think -- I didn't -- I didn't want to, okay? Because I didn't want to see him in something so small. Jake was so big, you know? And he'd just walk into a room and he filled it. And now just to think of him just sitting on a shelf.

Abigail: I thought he wanted you to scatter him to the four winds?

Molly: I can't.

Abigail: He wanted you to.

Molly: Well, you know, that's just too bad. Because if that's what he wanted, then he should --

Abigail: He trusted you to do it.

Molly: Well, I'm not. I can't, because if I scatter Jake's ashes, then I never see him again.

Susan: You wanted to talk to me about Alison?

Emily: Yeah, yeah. But first, I want to thank you for helping out the way you did with Daniel when I was gone. He told me how you kept promising him every night that I was gonna come, and it meant so much to me.

Susan: Oh, honey, I couldn't let him give up hope, that would mean I would have to give up hope.

Emily: Something happened to me the other night. Rose and Carly and I -- we had this opportunity -- there's really no other word for it -- to get revenge on Weston. And we didn't do it. We chose not to. Not because we're angels, obviously we're not. But because we just wanted all of it to be over with -- a clean slate, you know?

Susan: That's a good feeling if you can really get there.

Emily: I am there. And I want that with you. I want to just get rid of everything from our past -- the stuff, the fights, our issues, the blame, all of it. I just want it to be you and me, two people, two women, mother and daughter. Okay?

Alison: You're Aaron's little present to Lucy.

[Alison dreaming]

Alison: It'll be okay.

Aaron: How? Lucy's father doesn't want me to see her anymore.

Alison: Aaron, do you trust me?

Aaron: No.

Alison: What if I promise it'll be okay?

In my heart your hands gentle my friend

Aaron: John Fitzgerald Kennedy -- what is the Cuban missile crisis?

Lucy: And who proclaimed to the Virginia Convention, "Give me liberty or -- "?

Aaron: Patrick Henry? Patrick Henry.

Lucy: You're all done. That was every question in the last section.

Aaron: So now what?

Lucy: You ace the test.

Aaron: Okay. So how about go to the pond and celebrate? I'll even ride one of those horses if you want.

Lucy: Or we could take the motorcycle.

Aaron: I thought the other night was your last ride? No more motorcycles, 'cause it's not allowed.

Lucy: It's not that I'm not allowed. I told you, my dad just asked as a favor not to. I can't explain.

Aaron: Hey, they use what they use.

Lucy: No, it's really not like that. Look, my brother died in a car accident. I guess my dad can't help but be afraid that something like that'll happen to me.

Aaron: So then why ride to the pond?

Lucy: Because -- even though I get it, I don't agree. And I am tired of everybody worrying that something's gonna happen to me, like my mom. You wouldn't believe it. In Montega, I had bodyguards. I couldn't go anywhere without eight different kinds of clearance, which is why I wanted to move here. And so I could spend time with my dad. But now he's doing the same thing my mom used to do -- "where are you going? Who with? When will you be back?" You know, I can't breathe.

Aaron: Yeah, I've been there.

Lucy: So that's why I made a decision. It's okay to ride your motorcycle as long as we stay off the road and you don't speed.

Aaron: And you wear your helmet.

Lucy: Besides, it's too much fun.

Aaron: I told you.

[Motorcycle engine revs]

Susan: I've wanted a fresh start, a clean slate. I've never not wanted one. And I'm -- I'm so glad that you do, too, and that you're brave enough to come right out and say so. I've tried, you know, to change the tone of our relationship.

Emily: I know. It's okay. I don't think I was ready until now myself.

Susan: Well, I never came out and said so, not the way you just did, so -- thank you.

Emily: You're welcome. So clean slate?

Susan: Clean slate.

Emily: Good. Because I don't want you to think what I'm about to tell you has anything to do with, you know, anything from our past. I don't have an ax to grind with you. I'm not here to force anything on you or anything like that.

Susan: Honey, look, if this has to do with Alison, I -- I am so sorry for the way she spoke to you the other day. She was so happy to see you. She was so upset when you disappeared.

Emily: I know. I'm not worried about that.

Susan: Well, good, because I want you to know your sister loves you.

Emily: Right. Look, this has nothing to do with anything from the other night. And I have this feeling you're not gonna like what I want to talk to you about, but we really need to discuss it.

Susan: Okay.

Emily: I want to tell Alison the truth -- that you gave birth to her, that you raised her and loved her, but that I'm her biological mother.

Abigail: What do you mean, if you scatter his ashes you're never gonna see him again?

Molly: I don't mean that literally, honey. I mean, I know I can't just add a pint of Mabel's hot sauce to Jake's urn and shake it up and he'll pop out. I wish. But, no, I know that he's gone. But ever since he -- he was shot, honey, I told you, I've seen him. I saw him at Mabel's. I saw him here.

Abigail: Yes, you told me you felt his presence.

Molly: No, I saw his face. I mean, it wasn't real. But it was real. It was -- I mean, I know he wasn't alive, sweetheart. But whatever it was -- my mind, his spirit -- I can't lose it. I don't wanna lose it. So if it means that his ashes are gonna sit on this mantle for the next 50 years, well, then so be it.

Abigail: 50 yea...

Molly: Okay, 50 months. I'm not ready to let him go. That might be selfish, that might be psychotic or just -- I don't know, uninvolved. But, okay, people tell me -- I know I'm supposed to want closure, but I don't. I want Jake. I want -- besides, you know, what do I do? Where do I put him? Oakdale? Bay City? Lassiter? No, he belongs here with you, me and the girls.

[Molly crying] I hate this. I just hate it. I'm sorry. I know I'm supposed to --

Abigail: Shut up. Shut up.

[Molly laughs]

Molly: Did you just tell me to shut up?

Abigail: Yes, because laughing's good. Laughing is good. Crying is not that bad. Crying's --

Molly: Wet.

Abigail: Yeah, it's wet.

Molly: Oh, honey -- I get sideswiped, you know? It just hits me. Waves hit me out of nowhere.

Abigail: I know. Me, too.

Molly: Tell me something. What happened after I left that party anyway? Anybody get dumped in the punch bowl? Anything fun?

Abigail: Actually, yeah. Rosanna Cabot and Carly had a fight.

Molly: What happened?

Abigail: Well, Rosanna showed up on Craig Montgomery's arm.

Molly: Are you kidding me?

Abigail: No, and then she offered to bankroll Carly's designs. And, of course, Carly said no.

Molly: Oh, my God! I just -- I hope that Carly nailed her to the wall.

Abigail: Well, Rosanna left early. So --

Molly: I can't stand her. I really can't. The only reason that she's hanging around with Craig is because she knows it will annoy Carly.

Abigail: Well, he sure -- he's not helping.

Molly: Don't tell me that. Don't get me started on that freak. Freak.

Abigail: Freak?

Molly: Freak. I feel better.

Abigail: Good, I'm glad. Good.

Molly: Do you know how much I love you?

Abigail: No. Yes, actually, I do.

Molly: Good. Now go get oriented.

Abigail: Orientated?

Molly: Whatever you said it was, go do it.

Abigail: You know, it's the summer session. It's pretty relaxed. It would help to go, but only if you're okay.

Molly: I'm great. I'm great. I'm gonna go pack up those closets, okay? And then I might even make dinner.

Abigail: Well, I have a better idea. Why don't you just take a shower and make yourself lunch and watch TV?

Molly: Yeah, I should shower. I can do that. That's doable, sweetie. Thank you. I love you.

Abigail: I love you. I'm gonna call you later, okay?

Molly: Is she the greatest or what? How do you fit in there? So -- it's like I could just carry you around in my pocket. Why do you say? You, me, a couple of dry martinis? What a thought. Why not? Why not.

Barbara: Lisa, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Carly were a big success. I hate to admit it, but she's turned into a rather talented designer. In fact, I tried to hire her myself to help me salvage B.R.O., but she'd rather be hit by a bus.

Lisa: I just can't believe it. So ungrateful. Such an ungrateful little --

Barbara: No, she made the right decision. Because, as it turns out, I can't afford to pay anyone other than my attorney. And in order to do that, I have to sell everything, including Fairwinds.

Lisa: Well, honey, that's no big loss. Fairwinds always gave me the creeps. And you lived there with James. And, oh, it must have terrible memories.

Barbara: But it's such a lovely garden.

Lisa: Just think, you'll have another garden.

Barbara: Maybe. Lisa, you're my best friend and a great business partner. But I think the time has come for us to dissolve our partnership.

Lisa: Barbara, now you can't mean that. No, no, now, that is ridiculous. Look, honey, I'm not about to turn tail and run out on you just because you're in some kind of trouble. You know I've always stood by you. I mean, even when there was the fire and you wouldn't see me, you knew I was there, like I'll always be there for you.

Barbara: And I will always be grateful for your support. But I will not let you be drawn into this mess.

Lisa: Barbara -- okay, I can tell by your expression I can't argue with you. So I guess that's it. I guess -- I guess that's what we have to do, right?

Barbara: That's what we have to do for now. Later on -- who knows.

Lisa: Mark my words, Barbara Ryan will rise again like the phoenix from the ashes. That's true.

Barbara: I'll remember you said that.

Lisa: Okay. Look, just because we're not business partners anymore -- we'll stay in touch. I mean, we've got to have dinner and, you know, hang out. Right?

Barbara: Right.

Lisa: Okay, I've got a lot of people waiting to see me -- I mean about 15 or so. So I really have to go, and Isaac isn't back yet. Look, even though we're not partners, you just remember -- no matter what happens with Carly, I'm always in your corner.

Barbara: Thank you.

Lisa: All right.

Barbara: Thank you. I thought I saw you there. I just had a little chat with Lisa.

Rosanna: Yeah, I noticed. And then she left without you, I got a little concerned.

Barbara: I'm fine. I'm fine. I just dissolved a relationship that's been at the center of my life for a very long time.

Rosanna: That cozy little life that we were talking about last night?

Barbara: I had it all, and I threw it all away. Just like in some western song -- corny, but true.

Rosanna: Well, that's true for most song lyrics, right? I'm a big fan of "pick yourself up, dust yourself off, start all over again."

Barbara: I don't need cheerleading or reassurance or -- I need for this to be over, Rosanna.

Rosanna: But it will be over. Now that you have Marshall Travers representing you, your legal difficulties will be a thing of the past. Which means you have to start thinking about what you want to do with your life after all of this unpleasantness.

Barbara: I haven't given myself the luxury.

Rosanna: It's not a luxury, Barbara, it's a must. What are you going to do with your life? How are you going to do it? You know me as somebody who might become a friend in time. But I'm also a very shrewd businessperson. I may have inherited Cabot Motors, but I am the one who made it the first stop for every luxury car manufacturer. Me -- we're it. Which means I have the experience and the potential to invest in companies that I think have potential. And I want to invest in you, Barbara, in B.R.O. because I'm betting, once all of this is over, you are going straight back to the top.

[Phone rings]

Jack: No.

Carly: Let it ring, Jack.

Jack: No, I can't, Carly. Snyder. Yeah. Yeah, all right, okay. I'm sorry -- and I mean that from the bottom of my heart -- but duty calls.

Carly: Tell duty to take a number.

Jack: Honey, they need me downstairs. I gotta go. I gotta go.

Carly: You can collect later.

Jack: You're a good sport. I see lots more wagering in the future.

Carly: What do you want?

Craig: I was just remembering the smell of your hair.

Carly: No.

Craig: It's still there. I didn't realize how much, but you feel it, too. Don't you?

Jack: Okay. What the hell are you doing here?

Craig: I was looking for my sister. You haven't seen her, have you?

Carly: I should go.

Craig: No, no. No, no, I intruded. I'll -- will you excuse me?

Jack: You okay?

Carly: Yeah, I'm fine.

Jack: I'll be right back.

Carly: No, Jack.

Jack: I'm just gonna throw him out of the building!

Carly: No, no, you can't do that.

Susan: I should've known. The minute you started that talk about clean slates and fresh starts, I should've just walked out that door. But, no, I sat here and I listened because I'm a sentimental fool. And I thought that maybe, just maybe, you had finally figured that you're not the only pebble on the beach.

Emily: No, no, no. Mom, sit down. Please sit down.

Susan: Or what? You're gonna publish this little tidbit in your newspaper?

Emily: I would never do that.

Susan: But you'll sit here and threaten me.

Emily: This isn't about you and me! This is about Alison! Will you please sit down? I am worried about Alison. She's going to find out, mom, one way or the other. So why not take the --

Susan: She's not gonna find out.

Emily: Hello? This is Oakdale. Do you want her to find out in school, mom? She's gonna overhear some kid who's gossiping. Or would you rather take the opportunity, sit her down and discuss like two grown-ups.

Susan: Gossiping? This happened 17 years ago.

Emily: Your doctors know. It's in your file. Your friends know.

Susan: You're the only one who ever threatened to tell Alison.

Emily: I am not threatening anything. Will you just think about it for two seconds, please? I'm the one who gave you the egg, for crying out loud.

Susan: And now you want it back?

Emily: No, I don't want it back. I am trying to protect Alison. Because I know what it's like to be lied to.

Susan: I've never lied to Alison.

Emily: It was my egg, mom.

Susan: And I am her mother.

Emily: I'm not denying that.

Susan: Then what are you doing? Besides creating a little drama for homecoming, apparently you found too dull. Not that I blame you for trying to escape the memories of the past few months, but not on my back. And not on Alison's. I've worked too hard to make a good life for her and to correct the -- yes, correct the mistakes I made with you. Okay?

Emily: And yet somehow she still ended up spoiled, lazy and lonely. Now, whose fault is that?

Susan: Since she's just like you? Obviously, it's genetic.

[Emily laughs]

Emily: Would you please laugh for a second? Mother, will you just think about it? Okay? I came to you, not to Alison. I came to talk to you. I would never say anything to her without your blessing. I promise. And the only reason I'm considering telling her anything is because I'm terrified of what her reaction's gonna be like when she finds out on her own. Just -- she could run away. I mean, we might never see her again. Look what happened to Bryant.

Susan: Bryant? What are you talking about? He was in an automobile accident.

Emily: Exactly. So what happens when Alison gets behind the wheel of her car and she's upset and she's by herself? I don't even want to think about what could happen to that kid. So just do me the favor and talk to me like two grown-ups who actually respect each other.

Barbara: Rosanna, don't forget, I know your history, and Carly's, all the way back to Mike Kasnoff. And it's been nothing but anger and resentment and revenge. And I want no part of it.

Rosanna: Well, neither do I, really. Believe me, Carly is my sister, and we're gonna cross paths from time to time, but that is the extent of it.

Barbara: Not if you backed B.R.O. then you and your sister would be in the same business. Competition would be inevitable.

Rosanna: But I want Carly to succeed. She's Parker's mother. I mean, I offered to help her, so did you. She turned me down. She wants to follow her own path and God bless. Really, I am not out to get her.

Barbara: Then why are you sitting here with me at the Lakeview? You know it's gonna get back to Carly. Her sister having coffee with the woman who disfigured her in public? Now, if that doesn't stick it to her, I'm an amateur.

Molly: Excuse me, two martinis, please. No, not for you, for me. Very dry. Very, very dry. Thank you. Rosanna and Barbara together. Now, if a piano would just happen to fall on that table, oh. Thank you. Cheers, babe.

Jake: Babe? Do me a favor, okay? Ditch that thing. Otherwise, people are gonna think you're the next Julia in the making.

Molly: I knew you'd come.

Jake: I'm not saying you got to -- dump the contents. I'm just saying -- you'll do that whenever you're ready. Just take it off the table. Otherwise they are gonna stick it on the menu or something.

Molly: Jake flambé?

Jake: Stop -- stop talking into thin air, too. Chatting on the invisible cordless phone is gonna get you a room with a view in the psych ward.

Molly: Whatever you say, handsome. So, what do you say, Jake? Should I settle the score for Carly? Okey-dokey. I'll take that as a yes.

Molly: Rosanna?

Rosanna: You know, it's best to just ignore cousin Molly when she's upset.

Barbara: Is that what you call it?

Rosanna: Well, she's heartbroken over Jake. Or so I've heard.

Barbara: Well, be that as it may, I am not going to get involved in anything that involves Carly or any of her family. Now, if you'll excuse me, please.

Rosanna: Well, my offer to back B.R.O. --

Barbara: Is very generous. But I will not be a pawn in a family game. I did that with my first husband, James, now look at me.

Rosanna: Is that a no, Barbara? Because if it is, I'm gonna have to take my offer elsewhere.

Molly: Rosanna Cabot! I'm talking to you!

Rosanna: Oh, well, hi, Molly. I'd love to talk to you. Why don't you call me, we'll set a time.

Molly: Now.

Rosanna: Well, I can't right now, because I have another appointment. I'm sorry.

Molly: Cancel it.

Lucy: I love how it feels. I've driven faster in a car, but you don't feel it, you know?

Aaron: Speed on wheels. Think fast.

Lucy: Oh, I've got the keys, now. Maybe I'll never give them back. Ow!

Aaron: You okay?

Lucy: Ow.

Aaron: Don't move. What was it, your ankle?

Lucy: Yeah.

Aaron: Does anything hurt?

Carly: It was nothing. Really, Jack, Craig just came to the door looking for Margo. He was as surprised as I was.

Jack: So he walks in here. You're half dressed, Carly?

Carly: Well, I hardly think that's his fault. Officer.

Jack: Now, let me just go make sure that he's gone.

Carly: He's not coming back, Jack.

Jack: He's always coming back.

Carly: Let him. There's no point. I'm busy.

[Phone rings]

Margo: What happened? What happened? I got a message, a family emergency? What happened?

Craig: Ah, yeah. There could be a problem.

Margo: There could be?

Craig: Well, Lucy -- I'm worried about Lucy.

Margo: Lucy, your daughter? Your perfect, 16-year-old daughter is why I broke every speed limit crossing town?

Craig: Well, if you answered your cell phone, we wouldn't have these problems.

Margo: My cell phone is the problem?

Craig: Lucy's boyfriend is the problem.

Margo: Lucy has a boyfriend?

Craig: Where are we, the Grand Canyon, here?

Margo: I'm just trying to catch up. I was in the middle of an investigation. It's what I do.

Craig: Yes, and you do it very well. Which is why I called you. Lucy is seeing Holden Snyder's son.

Margo: Wait, you're worried about Aaron?

Craig: Well, apparently he has a police record.

Margo: So do you.

Craig: Why do you think I'm here? You think I want her going out with anybody like me? What kind of father do you think I am?

Margo: You are unique, Craig. You're a snowflake. Look, I was in the middle of an investigation. Rose D'Angelo and her father and Paul Ryan are on their way to Avanya, something to do with extortion, Craig. And I just had Interpol on the line, and I was dragged from my conference call because of you.

Craig: Yeah, well, Lucy needs you now.

Margo: Look, I am not going to interfere in the love life of a 16-year-old girl.

Craig: What if he does have a record?

Margo: It would be sealed. He's a juvenile. You should be talking to Holden about this.

Craig: I did. Couldn't give me a straight answer. But I think there's something there. And I can't forbid her to see him just on a hunch, you know, I have to know the facts. That's only fair, don't you think?

Margo: Since when have you ever been concerned about fair?

Craig: Since I lost my son. Now what if this was Adam? What if some girl was making a play for him and you didn't know what was going on?

Margo: All right, all right. Visions of brandy dance through my head. I'll see what I can do.

Craig: Thank you.

Margo: Okay. Now go. I've got things to do. Go --

Craig: You look nice today.

Margo: Don't even start --

Craig: I like your hair.

Margo: Just -- just go.

Craig: By the way, I think some of your guys brought in some drunks. I think they're redecorating the interrogation room.

Margo: Oh, man. I told them to throw those guys in the tank. Jack, what the hell! This is not a motel!

Lucy: I'm okay. I mean, I think I can walk.

Aaron: Just take it easy.

Susan: Okay. I'm sorry I bit your head off.

Emily: I'm sorry, too. Now, I know this is hard for you to talk about. I'm sorry.

Susan: You asked what I thought, and I'm going to tell you. I raised Alison as a single parent. We are very close. And she is not, at all, what she seems like on the outside. Underneath all that teenage bravado and that slacker stuff, she's a very sensitive kid, who would lose her footing if you suddenly told her that the only mother she's ever known is not her mother.

Emily: I wouldn't do that. I would never -- I would tell her it was just a procedure.

Susan: Well, then why all the fuss? You can't sit there and tell me that the circumstances of her conception are so important that we've got to risk everything and tell her. Risk Alison's sense of self and then turn around and pretend it's just a technicality, a medical procedure. Look, I am very glad you came to me. I hope that we can start over. I want that. But I have to be very clear with you. I am not planning on telling Alison any time soon -- maybe never. And I will not give you my blessing to tell her yourself. I'm sorry, but that's the way I feel.

Molly: And stay out of Carly's face! And that goes for you, too, Bar Bar.

Rosanna: Look, Molly, why don't we go up to my suite and talk?

Molly: Oh. Me go there with you and Barbara so that you can wrap me up in a coffin and ship me off to a spa? I don't think so, no.

Rosanna: Then why don't we sit down and we can order some nice coffee and some sandwiches?

Molly: Because I'm not hungry! Got it? Why don't you sit down, okay, Rosanna? And write me a little promissory note that reads -- "I, Rosanna Cabot, will leave my sister, Carly, alone -- or else."

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