ATWT Transcript Thursday 6/6/02

As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 6/6/02

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Margo: I'm sorry. I'm not too early, am I?

Lily: No, not for us. We were hoping we'd hear from Rose this morning. But --

Lucinda: You said you had information. Have your people tracked her down?

Margo: No. Rose and Henry Coleman made a flight to Dallas/f.t Worth before anyone could stop them.

Lucinda: So Henry's got Joe, and now he's got Rose dancing to his tune.

Margo: You know, the thing that nobody seems to be able to explain to me, though, is what's in this for Henry Coleman? Rose mentioned something about his asking for a provenance for the diamond, but she never really elaborated.

Lucinda: I'll tell you about the diamond. It's got a name. It's called the Rose of Sharon. And it was left to her by Iva's mother.

Margo: All right, was it a big diamond?

Lily: A huge diamond. Enormous. And Henry got his hands on it, and now he wanted a letter from Rose so he could sell it.

Margo: Okay, so Rose didn't want Henry to sell her diamond.

Lily: No, of course, not in a million years. I mean, not just because of the monetary value, obviously for sentimental value. So Rose says no, Joe disappears.

Lucinda: Margo, can the Dallas Police keep them from leaving the country?

Margo: No, actually, they made a connecting flight to Mexico City.

Lucinda: Oh, no, they've already left the country? What's going to happen to poor Rose now?

Margo: Well, there is a glimmer of good news in all of this.

Lucinda: Well, do share it with us.

Lily: What is it?

Margo: Rose is not alone with Henry Coleman. Paul Ryan got a last-minute flight to Dallas/ft. Worth. So as far as I know, Paul is with Rose.

Paul: We have about an hour till we get to Mexico City.

Rose: Oh. Tell it to my belly. I don't how I'll keep zigging when the rest of me keeps zagging and zigging and zagging.

Paul: You a little airsick?

Rose: Oh, I think I lost my stomach somewhere over the Rio Grande.

Paul: I'll go up to the galley and get you some club soda. How about that?

Rose: You'd do that for me?

Paul: Of course.

Rose: My mama would call you "dolce." That means sweet.

Paul: Aren't you glad I pushed myself into this mess?

Rose: Yeah, I am.

Paul: Okay.

Rose: Thanks. No, no, that seat is -- ah -- taken.

Henry: I've been trying to get your attention since we left Oakdale.

Rose: Until you tell me how we're gonna get my pop out of the mess you got him into, I got nothing to say to you.

Henry: Rose, you have got to unload boyfriend up there, okay?

Rose: Oh, please, no. No way. And he's not my boyfriend. He's my fiancÚ. Can you pronounce that? We're engaged.

Henry: Oh, that's sweet. Unless you wanna be engaged to a corpse, listen to me and get rid of him fast.

Jack: Hey.

Carly: Well, good morning. Coffee's hot.

Jack: What's all this?

Carly: This, Jack, is my lifeboat. It suddenly dawned on me that I'd turned down two offers that no sane designer would have refused.

Jack: You regret blowing off Barbara?

Carly: I will never design for that woman as long as I live.

Jack: Well, what about Rosanna? She was offering you a --

Carly: Do you think I'm nuts?

Jack: Sometimes. But not now.

Carly: I wanna make it on own way, Jack. I wanna say that I'm my own person, that I made it on my own. And the first step to doing that is to create a brilliant portfolio.

Jack: You're gonna knock people's socks off.

Carly: Putting sketches together is the easy part. The rest is a little bit trickier.

Jack: Well, look, I don't know how I could help. But if you can think of anything, you know I'd love nothing more.

Carly: Do you mean that?

Jack: Honey, I would move heaven and earth to make this work for you.

Carly: I need financial backing.

Jack: Except that. Money is not my best event right now.

Carly: No, no, I don't -- I'm not asking for money from you. I'm just saying that I recognize that I need the backing.

Jack: Mm-hmm.

Carly: Barbara and Rosanna are out of the question, but there is one person in town with ties to the fashion industry who I wouldn't mind working with.

Jack: Well, cool. Then I think you should call them right away.

Carly: Yeah, I would, except there's one slight problem. This person hates me. But she loves you.

Jack: You're not talking about Lisa Grimaldi, are you?

Carly: You said you wanted to help me. Right?

[Craig laughs]

Lucy: Morning, Daddy.

Craig: Hey, I thought it was a rule to sleep till noon on the first day of summer vacation.

Lucy: I'm meeting Alison at Java. That's okay, isn't it?

Craig: Oh, yeah, that's okay. Just Alison?

Lucy: Very subtle, dad. Aaron won't be there, if that's what you're trying to find out.

Craig: Didn't I apologize for teasing you last night about having the guy checked out?

Lucy: Yeah, but you only apologized 'cause you didn't want me to be mad at you. You try to act so cool, but you are just as bad as grandmother. You probably have the marines following me if you thought you could get away with it.

[Knock at the door]

Lucy: I'll get it.

Rosanna: Hi, Lucy, hi.

Lucy: Dad's right here. See you, Dad.

Craig: So I take it this isn't an apology for summarily dumping me at Paul and Rose's engagement party last night.

Rosanna: No, it's not. Sorry. But I guess I can tell you something nice. That is that you were right, about one thing anyway.

Craig: Goody, a consolation prize.

Rosanna: About Carly. It seems my sister wants to tell the entire world that I am nothing but a passive-aggressive, scheming little brat whose only motive is setting her up to fail.

Craig: Well, Carly can smell a setup.

Rosanna: So I've made a decision.

Craig: No, Rosanna, you don't make decisions. You make plans. You make passive-aggressive, scheming plans.

Rosanna: Well, as long as she's given me the name, might as well play the game.

Rosanna: Honestly, what gives Carly the right to take my offer and turn it into some sort of bid to steal her life? I mean, I don't see anybody else standing outside her door, offering to set her up in business, right?

Craig: She's been through hell, you know. She's not herself.

Rosanna: I am so sick of hearing about Carly's little ordeal.

[Craig laughs] she is perfectly fine, trust me. But she will milk the semi-tragedy for all it's worth.

Craig: This is a new shade of red for you. It matches those fingernails.

Rosanna: I can handle being angry.

Craig: Yes, you've managed a plan. Sounds like therapy. Speaking of which, I believe you know my couch.

Rosanna: I'm actually being serious, Craig.

Craig: So you can tell me the details standing up. And then maybe later when you trust me, we could --

Rosanna: I am thinking about taking my offer in a slightly different direction. I happen to be intrigued by someone who might be properly grateful for my help.

Craig: And who might this lucky person be?

Rosanna: Well, it's your latest ex -- Barbara Ryan.

Rosanna: Perhaps I should make myself a little more clear. I'm not telling you this because I want your acceptance or your -- well, your permission. I'm telling you because I consider you a friend, sort of.

Craig: Well, let me tell you something as a friend, sort of. Barbara Ryan has serious problems.

Rosanna: You're just saying that because of what she did to you during your trial. And I think that makes you a tad bit biased if you ask me.

Craig: No, no. It's a little more than that. Don't you think that the fact that she was willing to perjure herself just to try to ruin my life tell you something?

Rosanna: It tells me some women have a hard time getting you out of their system.

Craig: Barbara Ryan is the worst mistake of my life.

Rosanna: You're admitting to a mistake?

Craig: I misread her. I thought she was a bored little housewife sitting on top of a multimillion-dollar company whose potential she didn't know how to realize.

Rosanna: Well, you were right, though.

Craig: Yes, yes. And getting her away from Hal was easy, like shooting fish in a barrel.

Rosanna: But once you had her --

Craig: All of her issues became clear. And when I got her away from Hal, I set all these events in motion that sent this town on its ear.

Rosanna: You know, I've never seen you do this before, take actual responsibility for something.

Craig: Well, I don't cover all the mirrors, Rosanna. I do look at my own reflection sometimes. But Barbara is vicious. She is -- look at what she did to your sister.

Rosanna: Oh, this is an entirely different situation, though. You traded on Barbara's affections because, well, you wanted to get a little money out of her. I wanna give her money to help her.

Craig: And you think she wants your help because what?

Rosanna: Well, she's gotta have a mountain of legal troubles and civil suits against her.

Craig: And this concerns you because what?

Rosanna: It's business, Craig.

Craig: Buying short, are we? Hoping her legal woes sends her company into a nosedive?

Rosanna: Unless there's someone that comes around to bail her out.

Craig: And that someone would be you? All roads lead to home? This isn't about Barbara, is it? It's all about Carly.

Jack: Lisa? Honey, how can I say this so it comes out right?

Carly: She hates my guts. You don't have to mince words, Jack. But it wasn't always like that. When I first came to Oakdale, Lisa and I were friends.

Jack: That was a while ago.

Carly: I know. And then I blew it completely. But maybe this is my chance to set things right.

Jack: Honey, Lisa already has a business partner.

Carly: Lisa owns half this town. She has a zillion business partners, Jack. So what's one more?

Jack: I'm talking about fashions. Barbara is her partner. Or is that what this is all about?

Carly: You think that I wanna pitch Lisa to get back at Barbara? Stop looking at me like I'm hatching some deep, dark plan with your name on it. I just need one teeny, tiny, little favor, Jack.

Jack: Well, how teeny is teeny tiny?

Carly: It's painless. You won't even feel it. I just need you to call Lisa for me. Just call her as a friend and charm her into taking a meeting with me.

Jack: Couldn't I slay a dragon or walk on hot coals or something?

Carly: I know it's a little bit awkward, but -- but what if I promise to make it up to you?

Jack: How? Great balls of fire. Where's that phone? Give me that phone, let's go.

Carly: I thought you might say that.

Rose: You know, I have had it up to my eyeballs with you telling me how people I love are gonna get killed.

Henry: My partner is a loose cannon, Rose. That, unfortunately, is the good news. The bad news is that he's working with this guy. And this guy will kill your fiancÚ if he continues to interfere. Not to mention what he'll do to dear old pap.

Rose: No. I am not giving Paul the gate. He's staying here with me. Get used to it.

Henry: Suit yourself. Speaking of which, I hope Paul packed a nice, dark suit. You don't have to worry about the shoes, 'cause they never see the feet of the deceased.

Rose: Enough, okay? Enough! I couldn't get rid of Paul, even if I wanted to. So that's it.

Henry: Sure you could.

Rose: How am I gonna do that? Oh -- I tell you, this plane ride is worse than the cyclone at Coney island. Oh, my God.

Henry: Why don't you use those?

Rose: These things? No, they just -- they don't do anything. They don't help. They just make you sleep.

Henry: I'm talking about Paul. Why don't you slip a few motion sickness pills into his O.J? He'll sleep like a baby. We can get off the plane. He'll never know we left.

Rose: I'm supposed to drug the love of my life and leave him here on the plane? I don't think so, no.

Henry: Why don't you think of it this way? You give Paul 40 winks so that he can stay alive to be with you for another 40 years. Hmm?

Paul: Hey, Henry. Good to see you. I got an idea for you. How about get the hell out of my seat?

Henry: Yes, sir. What are you two? Bookends? You know what? I was just over here. I was trying to get her in-flight magazine because the crossword puzzle in mine has been done. So thank you, thank you. Toodles, kids.

Paul: Here you go. Sip this slowly. It'll make you feel better.

Rose: You're too good to me.

Paul: No such thing. So what'd he really want?

Rose: Oh, he just -- he wanted to tell me what's gonna happen when we get off the -- I'm so sick, you know. I barely understood what he said.

Paul: Hey, you're gonna be fine. Trust me. So will Joe.

Rose: I don't know what I would do without you, really.

Paul: See? See, that's another thing you'll never have to worry about again.

Alison: You showed up.

Lucy: Why wouldn't I?

Alison: Oh, I don't know. No reason, I guess. Was your dad up when you got home last night?

Lucy: Yeah. I'm sorry. I don't wanna sound weird or anything, but what's it to you?

Alison: Nothing. I mean, I was just wondering if your dad said anything to you about Aaron.

Lucy: Why?

Alison: Well, he was like a hawk watching you two dancing at the party. And I just wondered if he said anything about it.

Lucy: He made some crack about having Aaron checked out. Totally 007, but I don't think he was serious.

Alison: So how'd things go with Aaron after the party? Did he kiss you or what?

Lucy: I'm not gonna tell you everything we did.

Alison: You went farther? How much farther?

Lucy: Nothing happened, okay?

Alison: Fine. Don't tell me.

Lucy: My chai's ready. I'll be right back.

Alison: No sparks. All right. Look, believe it or not, I didn't ask you to come all the way here to talk about Aaron.

Lucy: Since when?

Alison: Check this out. Emily gave it to me for doing the impossible.

Lucy: You passed French?

Alison: B minus.

Lucy: That's amazing. Wow, this is a really nice camera, Alison. Must be great having an older sister around that cares so much about you.

Alison: Smile. Hey, maybe I can show it off to those geeks at the Photography club. Do you think that they still have those meetings during the summer?

Lucy: Alison?

Alison: What?

Lucy: About Aaron, I know this probably seems like I'm being mean, but I don't feel comfortable talking about him to you.

Alison: Why not? We're friends.

Lucy: Yeah, but I know you must still have feelings for him.

Alison: "Feelings"? I just thought that the guy was hot, that's all. Unlike some dorks at this table, I'm still not stuck in kindergarten.

Rosanna: I'm honestly interested in investing some Cabot money in B.R.O. You see, I revive Barbara's company, and she has something positive to focus on.

Craig: Santa Rosanna, champion of the deranged.

Rosanna: Saint nobody. I make a tidy profit in the process.

Craig: And if you happen to put some roadblocks in Carly's way, why not?

Rosanna: It doesn't depress me to think of Carly starting her own sad, little label and then suddenly discovering B.R.O. is doing better than ever.

Craig: Yeah, but the trouble is, while you're playing your little game, Barbara is gonna be trying to tie you up in her velvet tentacles.

[Rosanna laughs]

Rosanna: If she can even afford some velvet. The poor woman, she barely has any fight left in her.

Craig: She likes to play possum just for spite! You know, she's -- she's deluded. And she's a poser, and she wants to fight dirty.

Rosanna: Well, that's good. So do I.

Craig: Yeah. You wish you did. But you don't.

Rosanna: Well, that's where you're wrong. I'm much, much tougher than you think.

Craig: Prove it.

Jack: Scotland? Really? I had no idea you were even out of the country. Yeah, yeah, I know what you mean. Everything seems to pile up while you're gone. Yeah, listen, there was something I wanted to ask -- jet lag? I realize that, Lisa, but this would only take an hour of your time. Today. Yes, well, it's not for me exactly. Carly. Carly wanted to talk to you. Lisa, are you still there? Listen, I know you're not crazy about Carly, but she has been through a hell of a lot because of Steinbeck and Barbara. Yes, I know. And in spite of everything, she's trying hard to put the past behind her and get a fresh start. And I am trying to support her in all of that. Right, well, I want Carly to tell you that herself. Listen, all I know is that she could use some encouragement from people like you. Yeah, it's important, not just to Carly, but to me, too. I understand. Well, thank you for hearing me out.

Carly: No, huh?

Jack: Lisa is gonna be at the Lakeview going over the books all day. But if you stop by she can give you a half an hour.

Carly: Oh!

[Both laughing] oh, you -- you are the very best, Jack. You won't regret this.

Jack: No. No, not after that promise you made to me .

Nancy: Hello, everyone.

Lucinda: Good morning.

Margo: Well, gram, you're out early.

Nancy: I couldn't sleep last night. I was so worried about Rose and Joe. Was Paul able to locate Rose?

Margo: Yeah, Paul found Rose, and they're on a flight to Mexico City with Henry Coleman.

Nancy: Why in the world would she go to Mexico City with him?

Lucinda: That's the $64,000 question.

Margo: Come on, gram, have a seat. Talk to me. Tell me -- tell me about Joe. How was he when you saw him? I mean, did he say or do anything that struck you as unusual?

Nancy: Well, he was terribly concerned about Rose.

Margo: Did he seem frightened at all?

Nancy: Why do you ask that?

Margo: Well, the only thing I can figure, the only reason that Rose would, you know, bail Henry out or go anywhere with him is if Henry has somehow threatened Joe. And the clerk at Java said that Joe left with a pretty suspicious-looking character, right?

Nancy: Margo, I don't know. I didn't see him. But Joe must've left under pressure because he would never have left without this, and he left it right there on the table. And I picked it up, and we were so busy last night with everything that I forgot to give it to you.

Margo: Hmm.

Nancy: It was going to be Joe's engagement present to Rose. I thought maybe Lily should guard it.

Margo: Wow. They are so young. El Capitan hotel?

Lily: Spanish. Definitely doesn't look like it's in America. Look who that is. Look at that. Look at that.

Lucinda: It's Jared and Caroline Carpenter. Joe told me.

Lily: Iva's parents. This is Caroline. This is the one that gave Rose the diamond.

Margo: Well, maybe this photo can tell us something.

Lily: Like why Rose is on her way to Mexico City?

Margo: Maybe. And where she's going when she gets there.

Paul: Feeling any better?

Rose: Oh, yeah. This club soda really did the trick. Thank you.

Paul: Too bad we have to circle.

Rose: I just wanna get my pop back, have it be over with.

Paul: Hey, we're gonna find your pop, and everything's gonna be fine. Okay?

Rose: Keep saying that until I stop shaking, please.

Paul: Babe, you mind if I shut my eyes for a bit? I didn't get much sleep last night.

Rose: Go ahead. Go ahead.

Paul: Hey, don't worry about a thing. I'm not gonna let anything happen to you.

Rose: I'll never let anything happen to you. Don't you worry, Paul.

Paul: What's that?

Rose: Nothing. Just yammering. You know, yammering. Sorry to wake you up. Why don't you -- it's getting a little bumpy. Why don't you finish this up, and then you can go back to sleep. Okay? Yeah, finish up.

Paul: Thank you.

Lucy: Why did you even want to meet me here this morning?

Alison: What kind of question is that?

Lucy: It's just like everything I say or do gets on your nerves.

Alison: Did I say you were on my nerves?

Lucy: See?

Alison: I'm not jealous of you and Aaron, if that's what you're getting at.

Lucy: I never said you were jealous of anything. It's just --

Alison: Just what?

Lucy: I don't know what the rules are.

Alison: What rules? Does everything in your straight-as-an-arrow life have to have rules?

Lucy: No. But, with you, it's like I'm stepping all over them.

Alison: Like?

Lucy: Like -- talking about guys. I don't know how it's supposed to go.

Alison: Well, simple. We tell each other everything.

Lucy: Everything?

Alison: Well, sure -- about the guys we're hooking up with at least.

Lucy: But you're not hooking up with anyone right now.

Alison: Well, I could if I wanted to. And when I hook up with the right person, I'm gonna tell you everything. So spill.

Lucy: I already did. Nothing happened.

Alison: Come on, he must have at least taken you home, right?

Lucy: We stopped at Holden and Lily's first.

Alison: Wow. Really? What happened?

Lucy: You can't tell anybody this -- not a soul.

Alison: Come on, Lucy, what do you think I am?

Lucy: You have to promise.

Alison: Fine. I promise, whatever. What happened?

Lucy: Aaron had a present for me.

Alison: Oh, really? Like a necklace or something? What?

Lucy: A motorcycle helmet.

Alison: That's his idea of a present?

Lucy: I wore it when he took me for a ride on his motorcycle.

Alison: You went on his bike again?

Lucy: He gave me a ride home on it. But you can't tell anybody.

Alison: Well, that is so awesome. So, are you gonna take it home and decorate it or what?

Lucy: Are you kidding? I can't walk into my house with a motorcycle helmet. I had to leave it with Aaron. If my dad knew I was riding Aaron's bike again, he would kill me. No, he'd kill Aaron, then he'd send me to the convent.

Alison: That would be a super drag, wouldn't it?

Rosanna: Are you going to tell Carly about my little plan?

Craig: What would be in it for me to tell her that you have a plan to stick it to her?

Rosanna: That's all you think about, isn't it? What's in it for you.

Craig: Just a little profit ratio.

Rosanna: Well, if that's the same self-serving attitude you bring towards all your relationships, it's no wonder they blow up in your face. No wonder Carly chose Jack.

Craig: I am just more practical than anybody else. All right? Now, I have a sense about you and your scruples. You say you want to stick it to your sister. But you're gonna end up hopping around her like a little lap dog trying to get back in her good graces.

Rosanna: No, I don't think so. I know when to cut my losses. Last night, Carly told me that she wanted me out of her life. I'm just gonna take her at her word.

Craig: Okay. All right. You sure you don't want to do it my way?

Rosanna: Your way doesn't appeal to me.

Craig: Ooh.

Rosanna: You just have to try a little harder if you want to play with me in my yard.

Craig: I'll pass on the bar-bar scheme. But I'll tell you this -- I do enjoy your company. And I don't mind being the perennial outsider here, but -- it is nice having you around.

Rosanna: Wow, that almost sounded sincere.

Craig: Well, maybe you can coach me at my sensitivity issues.

Rosanna: I like a challenge.

Carly: Hi. Hi, Lisa. Thank you so much for agreeing to meet with me. It means a lot to me.

Lisa: I'm doing this for Jack.

Carly: Yes, I know. So -- so, tell me, Lisa, how is Fashions doing?

Lisa: Carly, what is this? Would this be your designs per chance?

Carly: Yes. Yes, as a matter of fact, they are. That's one of the reasons that I wanted to meet with you.

Lisa: I knew it.

Carly: No! Please, Lisa, don't walk away from me. This is a legitimate business proposition.

Lisa: The last time I put money behind your dress line, I lost my shirt.

Carly: I know. But not this time. Look at this check. This check represents most of what Paul Ryan paid me to design for B.R.O. -- That is before Barbara had me sent to Switzerland and tortured.

Lisa: Ah, now we get to the heart of things, don't we?

Carly: What? What do you -- what do you mean?

Lisa: I know this isn't about working with me. This is about -- well, you want me to dissolve my partnership with Barbara, desert my dearest friend in her darkest hour.

Carly: No, no, no, no. Lisa, you misunderstand me --

Lisa: No, no, I don't. I'm not gonna help you get back at my dearest friend. That's all I have to say about it.

Mitzi: Hi, all. Look, I'm really sorry to bother you, I just -- I couldn't sleep a wink last night worrying about Rosie and poor Mr. D'angelo. Did anybody hear anything from Rose or Paul?

Lucinda: Rose and Paul are on their way to Mexico City with Henry Coleman.

Lily: Are there any more clues in that photograph, Margo?

Margo: Ah, just something written on the back -- "Avanya."

Mitzi: Avanya? I heard of that. What is it?

Lucinda: Well -- I can tell you where it is. Avanya is the capital of a small island country in the Caribbean. It's one of the last of the Cold War dictatorships. But Rose is not going there, 'cause you've gotta get permission from the state department.

Mitzi: Right. That's where I know it from. You can't go there straight from the U.S., but you can go there from Mexico City.

Lily: How do you know that?

Mitzi: Well, back when I was waiting tables in Atlantic City, I always got the table with the high rollers. Donny Pockets used to brag about how he made cigar runs to this place called Avanya. And that's how he did it -- through Mexico City.

Margo: Okay. So, maybe Rose, Paul and Henry are headed for Avanya.

Lily: Maybe this photograph has something to do with it.

Margo: Maybe. The question is, why?

Lisa: You can have as much food as you like.

Carly: Really, Lisa -- if I wanted to get back at Barbara, why wouldn't I do it from inside B.R.O.? I already rejected an offer she made me. The reason I'm here talking to you is because I want to work with you.

Lisa: Sounds more like you want to work me over, darling.

Carly: No. No, I'm not gonna lie to you, okay? Of course, it wouldn't break my heart to see your business relationship with Barbara end. Because when her company goes down, she's gonna take you with her.

Lisa: No, I stick by my friends.

Carly: Barbara is going to jail, Lisa.

Lisa: All the more reason why she needs me.

Carly: Yes, well, that's true, as a friend. But you don't have to be her business partner. Now, Jack tells me that she is going to need every penny she can come up with to help pay this high-powered attorney that James has for her. And if that's true, then Fashions is gonna go on the block. Now, tell me, when she declares chapter 11, do you want to empty your own pockets, too?

Lisa: I see. So what you think is that if I back you, that is more secure in comparison? Is that it?

Carly: Yes, that's what I'm saying. Because this time, Lisa, it's not only about money. I'm talking about a real partnership here. I'm talking about international shows, cutting-edge designs, Lisa. Now, come on, don't you miss it? Don't you miss being in the thick of things, making creative choices, taking risks that could really pay off?

Lisa: All right. Okay, okay. I'll think -- no, I'll think about it.

Carly: Thank you. Thank you. You will not regret this.

Lisa: I have not made a commitment.

Carly: I understand.

Lisa: All right.

Carly: Just look at my designs, that's all.

Lisa: I'll look at them, but that's all.

Carly: Just look, okay? Thank you. Thank you so much. I -- I have a really good feeling about this.

Lisa: I wish that made two of us.

Lucinda: Once again, the Oakdale Police can't determine when it's time to get involved in a case!

Margo: Well, what would you have me do, Lucinda? Would you have me call in the troops because Rose and her fiancÚ decided to go to Mexico City?

Lucinda: Margo, why can't you put two and two together?

Lily: Mother -- please, okay?

Margo: Look, knowing that something bad is happening and knowing who did and who caused it are two different things.

Lucinda: You know about Henry Coleman.

Nancy: What about Joe? Shouldn't you find out where he is first?

Margo: All right, everybody just stop. Rose is not a missing person. She's a grown woman who told us that she will be back soon. We have reasonable proof that Paul is with her. We don't know for sure if anything terrible has happened to Joe. And if it has, then there are phones all over the world. If someone needed help, they would have called.

Lily: Margo's got a point. Let's just let Rose do what she needs to do, and then we'll all have a lot less anxiety -- please.

Lucinda: Fine, dear. Fine, dear. I'll give you 48 hours to prove that Rose and her father are safe. And if you haven't given me anything positive by then, I shall send in the marines.

Flight attendant: Welcome to Mexico City, the final destination of flight 202.

Please remember to take your belongings from the overhead compartments.

Have a wonderful stay.

[Speaking in Spanish]

Henry: We have to leave, Rose.

Rose: I cannot just leave him here like this. What if I gave him too many pills?

Henry: You gave him two, Rose. Now sing him a lullaby. The clean-up crew can deal with him. He'll be fine.

Rose: I can't believe you talked me into this, doing this to Paul. This is not right.

Henry: Well, it's better than him being filleted like a flounder by Cooley and company, isn't it? Do you want to save your dad or not?

Rose: All right.

Henry: Now, Rose.

Rose: I cannot believe I'm taking orders from a schlemiel like you. You know what? Forget it. That's it. I'm staying here. I'm just staying right here with Paul. I'm not going anywhere.

Lisa: I could live an ice age, and my accountant would still be late. Ah -- Ryan, do you enjoy working here?

Bartender: Well, sure. The pay's good, the boss is nice.

Lisa: Such a flatterer. No, I mean, do you really like working here? Or do you see yourself owning your own place sometime?

Bartender: Well, of course, I do. That would be exciting.

Lisa: Yeah. Well, you just remember one thing -- when you're an owner, you also have to take all the risks.

Bartender: But when it works, you get all the glory.

Lisa: Hand me the phone, would you, please? Thank you.

Lisa: Barbara? Hi, darling, it's Lisa. Look, honey, could you -- could you spare a couple of minutes, please, this afternoon? There's something very important I need to talk to you about.

Alison: Oh, man, what a space cadet I am. I told Emily I'd baby-sit Daniel this afternoon. I'd better split.

Lucy: No movie?

Alison: Rain check?

Lucy: Okay. Listen, I'm sorry I was so weird when you asked me about Aaron.

Alison: Forget it.

Lucy: No, really. I like Aaron and everything, but I like you, too. And I don't want to mess anything up with you over some guy, you know?

Alison: Thanks. I mean I feel the same way about you, too.

Lucy: And Aaron likes you. He really does.

Alison: That's so sweet.

[Cell phone ringing] oh, I'll see you later, okay? Bye.

Lucy: Hello?

Alison: "Hi, Aaron, sweetie. Can't wait for another ride on your big motorcycle." Daddy's gonna be so disappointed in his little girl.

Lucy: Are you going to check on me every five minutes?

Craig: I just wanted to tell you I'll be going out for a while. And I wanted to make sure you had your keys.

Lucy: Yes, daddy. And Aaron's not with me.

Craig: Did I ask?

Lucy: Did you even have to? Good-bye.

Craig: Yeah. Yeah, hi. Is Detective Hughes on duty? This is her brother, Craig Montgomery. No, no, no message. I'll just drop by maybe a little later and see her in person. Yeah, I wanted to get a little information on a certain biker. Yeah, thanks.

Jack: Hey.

Carly: Hi.

Jack: How'd it go?

Carly: Lisa agreed to look at my portfolio.

Jack: That's great. You are amazing.

Carly: No, you are amazing. I never would have gotten anywhere near her if you hadn't talked to her.

Jack: Hey, it was just a phone call, that's all. Nothing really.

Carly: It was more than nothing. And I -- I haven't forgotten about our little deal we made this morning.

Jack: Oh, yes, we -- we did make a deal, didn't we?

Carly: Yes. So why don't you clock out, we'll go home, and I'll hold up my end of the bargain.

Jack: You know, right now, I'd follow you just about anywhere.

Carly: Well, good. Let's go.

Jack: No, I can't. I can't. Shanks clocked out. I'm the only one watching the bad guys.

Carly: Well, maybe everybody in Oakdale will behave themselves for a couple of hours -- except us.

Jack: You know, you're making this really hard, Carly, but I can't -- I can't leave.

Carly: Well -- you said this place was empty, so -- we'll just stay here.

Jack: Here?

Carly: Why not?

Jack: Why the hell not?

Henry: Fine. Stay here with sleeping beauty. I can't drag you off the plane without calling attention to myself. But I want you to think about how it's going to be marrying your beloved without old pop to give you away. No last dance with daddy at the reception.

Rose: Oh, okay. I'm telling you right now, once we get pop back, I'm gonna make your life a living hell.

Henry: Okay, whatever.

Rose: I love you. I'm sorry. I'll make this up to you, I promise.

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