ATWT Transcript Wednesday 6/5/02

As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 6/5/02

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Barbara: If this is the kind of advice I can expect from my new attorney, crashing my son's engagement party after he had effectively excised me from his life.

Marshall: I thought the evening went rather well.

Barbara: Were we at the same party?

Marshall: You went. You let them see you're back in charge.

Barbara: Paul gave me an ultimatum.

Marshall: And we left. But you looked spectacular in the process. What more could you want?

Barbara: Understanding. Compassion. Maybe forgiveness?

Marshall: You'd have better odds asking for world peace. I may be your miracle worker in the courtroom, yes. I can win your freedom. But forgiveness? Barbara--

Barbara: How could you? How could you force me to go to that party knowing that I would become the subject of a public humiliating spectacle?

Marshall: If you want the world to treat you like an innocent woman, you don't run home and bury your head in the sand.

Barbara: I have already admitted to what I have done.

Marshall: That's what makes this case so intriguing. The jury will hear not what happened but what caused it to happen. How you suffered because of the good citizens of Oakdale. How their actions and inactions contributed to your diminished capacity.

Barbara: I will not play the victim.

Marshall: You don't have to do a thing, Barbara. The facts speak for themselves.

Hal: Hey there, hot stuff.

Emily: So what's a gal gotta do to get a drink around this place?

Hal: What's the matter? Tough night?

Emily: Hmm, like you wouldn't believe. I had to go to this engagement party tonight.

Hal: Doesn't sound like too much of a hardship.

Emily: No, it wasn't, at first. But then Rosanna showed up with Craig, and she and Carly had it out.

[Hal laughs]

Hal: Nothing like airing your dirty laundry at a party.

Emily: Hmm. Oh, and then my boyfriend's ex-wife shows up, uninvited of course, with her one-man dream team.

Hal: Oh, now that must've been fun.

Emily: Just another night in Oakdale. But the icing on the cake was watching Alison pull even further away from me. I feel like every time I tried to make contact with her, it just made things worse.

Hal: Now, I know I'm a broken record here, but you gotta give her time. You just got back. And knowing you, you wanna get everything whipped into shape in one day. But you can't jump into a kid's life with both feet and not expect to get a few toes squished. You know what I mean.

Emily: This is not just about boundary issues. Alison is hell-bent on wreaking havoc between Lucy and Craig, and she knows that I'm onto her. And because of that, I'm enemy number one.

Hal: It can't be that bad.

Emily: It's worse. She hates me, Hal. Maybe she always will.

Craig: Why couldn't this wait, Alison? It's kind of late.

Alison: You wouldn't be trying to get rid of me if you knew what kind of guy Lucy's been hanging out with.

Craig: The kind of guy you wanna hang out with? You have a thing for this guy, and Lucy's your competition?

Alison: Maybe before, but then I found out what kind of guy he really is.

Craig: Look, if you wanna start a smear campaign, get into politics. Leave the rumor and innuendo to The Intruder.

Alison: Even if the rumor and innuendo came straight from Lily and Holden Snyder?

Lucy: It's so quiet.

Aaron: Yeah, Lily must be in bed already.

Lucy: It is pretty late. You were supposed to take me straight home. What are we doing here?

Aaron: Scared?

Lucy: No, just wondering why you're not taking me home and brought me here.

Aaron: Are you afraid of me, or are you afraid of breaking your curfew?

Lucy: My father trusts me.

Aaron: So then, what's your rush? Just chill out. I've got a surprise.

Lucy: What kind of surprise?

Aaron: I don't think I've ever met a chick who asks so many questions. But you said you were wilder than you look, so I think you're gonna like this.

Lucy: What is it?

Aaron: I've got it stashed in Luke's room. I was gonna bring it to the party, but I didn't feel like carrying it around. And plus, I didn't wanna take it out in front of millions of people. So I'll be right back.

Lucy: Aaron, wait. I'm not into that. At all.

Aaron: Into what?

Lucy: At the risk of sounding like a total loser, I am just saying "no." And if that's the reason you brought me here, then you should just take me home.

Aaron: Oh. So you mean you're refusing to get high with me?

Rose: Will you ever forgive me for walking out on our engagement party? I -- you know that I would never do that unless it was a matter of life and death.

Paul: No, I know everything. Nancy Hughes told me about your father being missing. Have you found him?

Rose: No, not yet.

Paul: Is Henry Coleman there?

Rose: Everything's fine, I promise. Everything's okay. You just have to stop worrying.

Paul: Well, Rose, that's just not an option. This is about that diamond, isn't it?

Rose: I got everything under control.

Paul: Well, I'm not letting you go through this alone. This Coleman guy is bad news. You can't trust him!

Rose: I can handle it. I can!

Henry: No Police. And think really hard about dear old dad before the next sentence comes out of your mouth.

Mitzi: You outta be ashamed of yourself! You don't wanna know what's gonna happen to you when Mr. D's safe again.

Henry: Ooh, ouch!

Paul: Rose -- Rose, are you all right?! Hello?!

Rose: I'm here, Paul.

Paul: All right, tell me where you are right now. We said we would go through everything together. Now, damn it, let me help you.

Rose: I would, but -- he's telling me that I shouldn't tell you anything.

Paul: Well, babe, he -- he is not the person you should be trusting right now. You should be trusting me. Now please, trust me.

Marshall: Everyone assumed you were incapable of running your life or your business. Your family and so-called friends decided you were non-composmentis, and your son took control of your company. Am I right?

Barbara: He did that for the good of the company. I know that now.

Marshall: So who really cared about the good of Barbara Ryan after your brush with death in that explosion? Who came to your rescue?

Barbara: My lifelong friends and family were very supportive.

Marshall: They cut you loose. Two highly respected physicians you've known for years suspected you were abusing painkillers, yet did little or nothing to help you.

Barbara: They tried. There wasn't much that they could do.

Marshall: Is that enough for you? What about your former friend, Jack Snyder?

Barbara: He tried to save my life.

Marshall: And after he failed, he was so devoured by his own guilt, he chose to turn his back on you, rather than face his own culpability. I wonder if he was taking a cue from his boss.

Barbara: Hal?

Marshall: Your former husband, who's denied you access to your own child.

Barbara: But then he changed his mind.

Marshall: After he was tortured and brainwashed. What about the fact that when you needed Hal most, he began cohabiting with a woman who habitually used your personal tribulations as fodder for her own muckraking tabloid?

Barbara: If this if the defense that you have planned, I can't go along with this.

Marshall: Because you're too busy defending the people responsible for putting you in the position you're in today.

Barbara: My friends and family!

Marshall: So which do you want more? To be free or to be popular? Because you can't have them both.

Barbara: What else am I going to have to sacrifice to stay out of jail?

Marshall: Besides money? You said it yourself, Barbara. It's a good thing you're very rich.

Barbara: Well, as it turns out, I'm not quite as rich as I once thought. My son has abandoned B.R.O. The company is in a state of financial chaos.

Marshall: And your home? Fairwinds, is it?

Barbara: I could sell it if I had to, I suppose.

Marshall: Feel free to discuss the matter with your accountants or your financial advisers, but this is the time to sell.

Barbara: Which, my company or my home?

Marshall: Both. You're facing too many obstacles, Barbara. Sell, to the highest bidder, as soon as possible.

Barbara: You can't be serious. I won't have anything left.

Marshall: You'll have your life.

Barbara: Yeah, some life.

Marshall: Freedom doesn't come cheap. And neither do I.

Barbara: If I sell B.R.O. -- I created that company from the ground up. If I let it go, I won't have anything left to be proud of.

Marshall: Sleep on it tonight. We'll discuss it in the morning. No one said this would be easy, Barbara. But this, too, shall pass. Can I drive you home?

Barbara: No, I'd like to stay and finish my drink. Thank you, I'm fine.

Marshall: Of course, you are. Hey, you have a phenomenal attorney. We'll talk tomorrow.

Barbara: Bartender? Another, please?

Rosanna: Yes, make that two. Barbara, hi. You mind if I join you?

Craig: All right. What is this news about Aaron that I so desperately need to hear?

Alison: Well, I thought he was cool when he first rode into town. But I didn't know who he really was. And neither does Lucy. And even though I feel kind of weird about telling you this, I'm only doing it because I don't want Lucy to get involved with the wrong kind of scene. You know?

Craig: No, not quite.

Alison: Take it from me -- Aaron Snyder is not the kind of guy you want Lucy to be hanging out with.

Craig: Why? He seems okay, doesn't he?

Alison: Well, maybe that's why his parents kept his Police record a secret.

Craig: "Police record"? Are you serious?

Alison: I heard Lily and Holden talking about it.

Craig: What are the charges?

Alison: They didn't get into any of that.

Craig: What else did they say?

Alison: Well, it sounded like Holden lied to you because he thought you might put the brakes on the whole Lucy/Aaron thing if you knew the truth. I guess he didn't wanna do that to his kid.

Craig: Really?

Alison: He and Lily said that they were glad Aaron's records were sealed. And I'm not sure, but it almost sounded like they'd do anything to keep you from finding out what really happened in Seattle.

Aaron: I brought you all the way over here, and all you can say is "no" to drugs?

Lucy: Yes. I mean, no. Would you just keep your voice down?

Aaron: Why should I?

Lucy: You might wake up Lily and the kids.

Aaron: Are you afraid they might hear us talking about drugs?

Lucy: I wasn't talking about drugs. You were.

Aaron: I wasn't talking about drugs. And for the record, I don't smoke, drink or get high on anything unless it's my bike.

Lucy: Really?

Aaron: I drove halfway across the country on my motorcycle. You can't do drugs or drink alcohol while you're driving. That's a stinky combination. I don't do it.

Lucy: I'm so embarrassed.

Aaron: Good.

Lucy: It's just that when you said you had something "stashed" in Luke's room --

Aaron: You just assumed.

Lucy: I can't believe what a clueless little goody-goody I am.

Aaron: Yeah, neither can I. Is it okay if I go get the present I bought for you?

Lucy: You got me a present?

Aaron: For a smart girl, it really takes a long time for it to sink in, doesn't it? Maybe I should just take it back.

Lucy: You can't! I mean, I don't wanna tell you what to do or anything.

Aaron: Remind me how to teach to take a joke.

Lucy: Tell me you'll forgive me for making erroneous assumptions.

Aaron: I'll think about it. "Erroneous assumptions"? Stay right here, okay? I'm gonna go get the present. Stay away from the dictionaries, too.

Paul: All right, Rose, listen to me. I will come and I will meet you. Okay, no cops. And we will deal with this thing together.

Rose: I don't know if that's such a good idea.

Paul: Have you even talked to your father? I mean, do you even know for sure that Henry really has him?

Rose: Now that you mention it -- no.

Paul: All right, just tell me where you are, Rose.

Rose: I'll call you back. Do you know how crazy this is? My fiancÚ is worried sick that I'm gonna be taken off on the night of our engagement party. And I cannot do that to him!

Henry: Well, you will do it to him if you wanna see your father again.

Rose: You know what? I got your whatchamacallit, the provenance for the diamond, right? This is what you wanted, right? This is what you wanted. I got it right here. But then I'm supposed to get proof that my pop is still alive and he's doing fine. I got bupkes!

Mitzi: Rose, do you really think your father's in serious danger?

Rose: I don't know. This guy right here -- maybe, maybe not. This guy tells so many stories, I don't know what's real on him or not.

Henry: Cooley's sending someone over as we speak, all right. You'll have your proof. I'm telling the truth!

Rose: I make it a habit never to trust a known liar, and to never turn my back on a man who would give his life for me.

Henry: What do you think you're doing?

Rose: I'm calling my fiancÚ, Paul Ryan.

Mitzi: Hey! Don't you push it, pal. I may be hopped on cold medicine, but I can still take you down!

Henry: Oh, you think so?

Mitzi: Yes.

Rose: Here's another thing -- you call those people who supposedly have my father, and you tell them, let him go. 'Cause when Paul gets here, he's gonna rip that head off that scrawny, little neck of yours. Paul, it's me.

Paul: Rose? Rose, tell me where you are. Talk to me.

Henry: What's he saying now?

Rose: He wants to know where I am, obviously.

Henry: Well, your safety depends on your answer, Rose. Be smart.

Rose: I'm at Java -- upstairs in the coffee shop. Come alone.

Paul: I'm on my way.

Henry: Oh, you're gonna wish you hadn't done that.

Messenger: Rose D'angelo?

Rose: Who wants to know?

Messenger: This is for you. Have a nice night.

Mitzi: Who was that?

Henry: If I was you, I would stop worrying about the messenger and worry about the message.

Rose: Oh! Oh, my God!

Mitzi: What is it, Rose?

Rose: It's my pop's St.. Christopher medal. My mom gave it to him, and he's never taken it off in his life.

Henry: What the --

Rose: What the hell have you done with my pop?

Margo: Was that Rose again?

Holden: How did she sound?

Lucinda: What is she thinking?

Paul: Yes. Yes, that was Rose. Yes, that's Rose. And she was fine.

Lucinda: For how long? How long?

Margo: Did she say anything about her father?

Paul: She might have a lead. And she and I are gonna go check it out. The two of us.

Margo: Oh, Paul, listen --

Paul: He's been missing for about an hour, right? The cops can't do anything official. So she and I are gonna see what we can do.

Lucinda: And what does Henry think about this involvement?

Paul: I don't give a damn about Henry Coleman, okay? I will get Joe and Rose and bring them back here. They can tell you all about it themselves, okay?

Margo: Well, at least tell us where you're going so we can be --

Lucinda: Darling, why don't you go home and be with Lily and tell her not to fret? I can handle things here. It's not as if Paul was going out to get jack the ripper or anything like that. It's just Henry and Rose --

Holden: No, I think maybe I should --

Lucinda: No, please do it. I -- you go ahead. I'll tell you -- when Paul returns with Joe and Rose in tow, I will call you.

Holden: All right. The minute you hear anything, call.

Lucinda: It's a promise.

Margo: Talk to you soon.

Holden: Bye, bye.

Lucinda: And then there were two. You want me to teach you some card tricks?

Rosanna: Well, Barbara, that was quite a party, wouldn't you say?

Barbara: Yes, wonderful to be surrounded by friends.

Rosanna: Such as they are. I hope there's no hard feelings, you know, because I showed up with your ex-husband.

[Barbara laughs]

Barbara: Craig? Oh, please. Craig was never a husband. He was an expensive mistake. Yes. But that party -- my attorney insisted that I go.

Rosanna: Oh, that was the gentleman that you were with?

Barbara: T. Marshall Travers. They tell me he's the best.

Rosanna: Well, I guess that's what the situation calls for, isn't it? Did that sound insensitive? I'm sorry. I haven't -- had a normal conversation in ages. I apologize, really. Let me start over. If you're not satisfied with your legal counsel, can I --

Barbara: What I'm not satisfied with is what this is going to cost me.

Rosanna: Oh, well, that's different. You know, you get what you pay for, my dear.

Barbara: I wasn't talking about money. I'm talking about my company and my home, friends and family that I'm gonna have to lose just to hold on to my freedom. And I'm beginning to wonder if it's all worth it.

Aaron: Here you go. It's not the best gift wrapping job in the world, but --

Lucy: It looks lovely.

Aaron: Let 'er rip. Whoa, whoa, what are you doing?

Lucy: Opening the gift?

Aaron: Yeah, maybe a gift from your grandma or your minister, but come on! Don't you want to know what's inside?

Lucy: Of course I do.

Aaron: Dying to figure it out?

Lucy: Yes!

Aaron: There.

Lucy: Aaron!

Aaron: You like it?

Lucy: I love it! Thank you so much. This is definitely the coolest gift I've ever gotten.

Aaron: Try it on.

Lucy: How do I look?

Aaron: Good. Maybe even cuter without the helmet on. Just remind me to tighten it before we go on the road. You'll be the hottest girl on two wheels. What's the matter? I thought you liked it.

Lucy: I do. I really do -- more than you know. I mean, it's -- it's fun and creative and, hey, even a little wild.

Aaron: Yeah, like you. Perfect accessory to your dark side.

Lucy: I can't accept it. I'm sorry.

Paul: Mitzi? Mitzi, where is she?

Mitzi: Oh, I tried to stop her, I did. But she's gone.

Paul: What? With Henry? When?

Mitzi: They left a few minutes ago. Maybe you can --

Paul: Mitzi -- what the hell's happening here?

Mitzi: Well, Rose kept asking for proof that her pop was safe. Coleman said somebody was sending it. And then a messenger showed up with a package. Rose opened it, and inside was her pop's St.. Christopher medal, which he never takes off, and two plane tickets.

Paul: To where? Where?

Mitzi: Mexico. Henry said, if she didn't play along, that -- that it was for her own good if she would just play along. And I tried to stop her, I did.

Paul: Mitzi, Mitzi, Mitzi, calm down. Please, just calm down. I need you to do one thing for me, though, okay?

Mitzi: Anything.

Paul: Go down to the Police station, tell Lucinda and Margo everything you just told me. Okay?

Mitzi: I couldn't just call? I gotta go face to face with the dragon lady?

Paul: Lucinda won't bite, okay? Not at least until after she hears the whole story, okay? And trust me -- it's the fastest way, it's the quickest way to save Rose, too.

Mitzi: Where are you going?

Aaron: You love the gift, it makes you smile, and you're crazy about -- but you won't accept it? Do I need a translator?

Lucy: I don't mean to be getting all weird.

Aaron: This has nothing to do with your father not wanting you on my motorcycle, is it? 'Cause I thought you told me that he left it up to you.

Lucy: I probably should've just come out and told you that I do have the most overprotective father in the world.

Aaron: It's okay. I understand. Dad the dictator issues orders and darling daughter follows.

Lucy: It's not all that bad. I mean, he really does trust me -- a lot.

Aaron: So wouldn't he be more proud that you wore a helmet and showed more responsibility?

Lucy: While ignoring his requests to stay alive?

Aaron: I'm a safe driver -- even safer with you on the back of my bike, don't you know that?

Lucy: I do, I believe you.

Aaron: How about this? I'll drive even slower than the speed limit. And I'll stop a block away from your house, so nobody can see you getting off my bike in front of Lakeview. I'll even walk you to your door.

Lucy: Aaron --

Aaron: You have to try the helmet on at least once.

Lucy: But my dad --

Aaron: He'll never know.

Lucy: I'll know. I gave him my word.

Aaron: It's just this one last time -- I promise. One last ride. It's a perfect night. The sky is clear, there's millions of stars, you're with an experienced driver that wouldn't let anything happen to you.

Lucy: Oh, would you stop tempting me? I can't stand it.

Aaron: The only way to get over temptation is to give in to it.

Lucy: My dad can never know.

Aaron: He won't hear anything from me. Is this a yes?

Lucy: As long as you never ask me to do this again. No more temptation, okay?

Aaron: You have my word. I'll never ask you to ride again. But as far as temptation goes -- well, I can't make any promises.

Craig: So, Alison, why didn't you go to Lucy directly?

Alison: I -- I guess I'm a coward. I didn't want to see her face when she finds out the guy she's all hung up on is some juvenile delinquent.

Craig: Yes, I don't like the idea of being the one to tell her myself.

Alison: We don't have a choice, do we? I mean, Lucy's led a sheltered life. I couldn't let her get mixed up with a wild man who rides a motorcycle, dropped out of high school, got arrested. And who knows how long it'll be before he knocks over a convenience store or something?

Craig: Alison, I have a fertile enough imagination myself, thank you.

Alison: I'm just doing what any friend would do.

Craig: Run directly to the friend's father and tell stories out of school?

Alison: If anything happens to Lucy, I'd hate myself forever. But I'd hate myself even more if something happened to her because of Aaron.

Craig: Right.

Alison: Lucy's lucky.

Craig: Lucky?

Alison: To have you, I mean. I didn't get a chance to live with my dad when I was growing up. And it feels like there's a lot I missed out on, you know? And I can tell what a great dad you are. You'll help Lucy get through this.

Craig: But I'm not sure I can make her understand that you were looking out for her best interests.

Alison: Well, you don't have to tell her you found out from me. I -- she'll probably take it all wrong. You know how girls can be.

Craig: I learn more every day.

Alison: So this could be our little secret?

Craig: Alison, you remind me very much of your sister Emily. Good night. Get home safe.

Hal: Everything okay?

Emily: I was thinking about the differences between boys and girls.

Hal: Oh -- you hold that thought. Give me a second, and I'll explain that to ya.

Emily: Thank you. But I -- I was referring to Alison and Daniel. You know how Daniel's always charging into things and all the bumps and bruises from tripping over his own feet?

Hal: Hey, you're talking about the next great fullback for the Bears here, you know?

Emily: I know.

Hal: You know, Will went through that same stumbling phase.

Emily: Yeah, I know, but -- you see, Ali never did. Once she got the hang of walking, she was always so sure of everything she did. I mean, she was amazing. My mom used to say it was because she had an old soul. And I used to look at her and marvel. Now I look at her, she scares me to death.

Hal: Hon, just because Alison is cautious, doesn't mean she's not gonna make mistakes just like the rest of us.

Emily: Yeah, I know that. I know that. But she doesn't know that. She doesn't know that learning to walk's a little different than learning to navigate your way through affairs of the heart. And I -- she just feels like she knows everything, just like I did when I was her age.

Hal: I know what you're thinking.

Emily: No, you don't.

Hal: Yes, I do. You're thinking that you can save Alison with a heavy dose of the truth -- that you are the one and only one who can save her from herself.

Emily: What if I'm right? Hal, what if I'm right? What if what my gut is telling me is the right thing to do?

Hal: Big sister knows best? Sweetheart, right now, that's what you are -- her sister. And that's all you are. And now is not the time to try to be anything else.

Emily: I am not trying to be Alison's mother to make myself feel better, Hal. She's on the brink of making a mess of her life. My mother can't get through to her. I mean, doesn't somebody have to try?

Hal: Not right now. Adolescence is a tricky time, Emily --

Emily: Please, not a lecture.

Hal: No, no lectures here.

Emily: I'm sorry. It's just that I feel like my mother has second guessed every decision I've ever made in my life. And sometimes she's been right. But you know what? Sometimes I've been right, too. Especially when I've trusted my own instincts. And right now, they are kicking me with a vengeance.

Hal: Emily, if you think for one second that I would ever second guess any decision that you ever make, you're dead wrong.

Emily: Oh, really? Since when?

Hal: Since you walked back into my life. When you walked through that door, I knew that you had to be the smartest, the fiercest, the most dangerous woman in the world to survive what happened to you. I know that you've had a lot of time to think about your life and your family. And I am not going to judge you on anything. Because I know that whatever decision you make, will be the right decision -- for you, for Alison and for Susan, too.

Emily: That was so not a lecture.

Hal: I told you. Now -- there's only one thing that I've gotta do, and then I think that we're out of here.

Emily: Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait. You said we didn't have to mop the floor. We're at the bottom of the list.

Hal: Oh, well, this isn't on anybody's list -- except mine.

[Emily laughs]

Barbara: So, tell me, how have the good people of Oakdale treated you upon your return?

Rosanna: Oh, you missed the ticker-tape parade? Same day, everyone tried to accuse me of kidnapping my nephew.

Barbara: Oh, I see. Oh, I had a ribbon-cutting ceremony that very day. It doesn't seem you're too worried, though, about appearances. Otherwise, you would not have arrived on the arm of Mr. Montgomery tonight.

Rosanna: Oh, please, he sort of maneuvered me into letting him tag along. It was not my idea, I assure you. Please notice that we arrived together, but we absolutely did not leave together.

Barbara: Careful -- maneuvering is his specialty.

Rosanna: I have my eyes wide open as far as Craig Montgomery is concerned, believe you, me. It's you who has me a little confused.

Barbara: Me? Why?

Rosanna: Are you that concerned with public sentiment that you'd be willing to risk spending the next couple of decades of your life behind bars?

Barbara: Simple answer? Yes. You can call it vanity, you can call it sentimentality or whatever. I can lose my company, I can lose my home, but I can't lose those people -- my friends and my family, those who've stuck behind me nine times out of ten. You see -- without their love and without their support, you have nothing. I mean, you don't need money. You can always make money. Careers can come and go. But the people who knew you when and still stand by you, you can't lose those.

Rosanna: I've never thought of it that way.

Barbara: You know, I'm gonna need a friend or two when I sell B.R.O.

Rosanna: Yes, I can't believe that you're gonna sell your baby.

Barbara: Yeah. I created that company from the ground up -- every stitch, every seam. But instead of enjoying it, I wanted more.

Rosanna: Like what?

Barbara: Well, you see, I wasn't just Barbara Ryan, I was Barbara Munson. And Hal was too proud to live off of my earnings. And our children -- I wouldn't give them up for the world. But we lived in a charming townhouse. And I baked cookies. And I checked homework. And there was always someone there to come home to.

Rosanna: The uncomplicated life?

Barbara: Right. But, you see, I wanted to be the Barbara Ryan of Barbara Ryan Originals.

Rosanna: Like the Rosanna Cabot of Cabot Motors. You know that uncomplicated life you were running from? I've been looking for that for about as long as I can remember.

Craig: Yeah, please tell Ms. Cabot to call me as soon as she arrives. Thank you.

Lucy: Hi, daddy. What are you still doing up?

Craig: How could I sleep when my little girl was wandering the streets?

Lucy: Aaron and I stopped off at Holden and Lily's for a minute.

Craig: I thought Abigail was taking you home.

Lucy: She was. But then Aaron offered. Stop worrying, he had Holden's truck.

Craig: Lily and Holden home?

Lucy: Lily was, but she was asleep. Why are you acting all suspicious?

Craig: Oh, I wonder why.

Lucy: Because I didn't call when it was starting to get late. But it'll never happen again. Next time I'll call you every hour on the hour if it'll make you happy.

Craig: Ah, yeah, next time. And what are you learning about Aaron?

Lucy: He's nice and he's funny, sometimes a little shy.

Craig: Go on. I think I have the right to know the kind of guy my daughter's hanging out with, don't you? Tell me more.

Lucy: Well, I guess what keeps surprising me about Aaron is that he's full of contradictions. He seems really tough on the outside, but in the inside, he's this sweet, sensitive person.

Craig: Sounds like someone's smitten.

Lucy: I like him. We have fun together. He might actually turn out to be a really great friend.

Craig: It's good to have friends. How about Alison? Do you consider her a good friend?

Lucy: Why?

Craig: Well, I want to know about all the kinds of people my daughter's hanging out with.

Lucy: I don't know Alison all that well yet. I'll let you know the second I figure her out. And if I figure Aaron out, too, I'll let you know.

Craig: Yeah. Would it put you off if I ask you to not see Aaron for a few days until I got one of my people to check him out?

Holden: Hey!

Aaron: Oh, man. What are you doing up? I thought you were catching up on some "z's."

Holden: I'm actually on my way right now. Did you and Lucy have a good time at the party tonight?

Aaron: Yeah. Yeah, I dropped her off home after the club. And I forgot to give you your keys back when I dropped off the truck, so here you go. Maybe you can do it again sometime?

Holden: Sure. Sure, I don't see why not.

Aaron: Okay, cool. Well, I'm gonna head to the farm. Good night.

Holden: Good night. Drive safe!

Lucy: If you have one of your private eyes snoop around Aaron's life, I will not forgive you.

[Craig laughs]

Craig: You take your sweet time coming home, and you can't even take a joke.

Lucy: That was a joke? Jokes are supposed to be funny.

Craig: Hey, you were supposed to be home an hour ago.

Lucy: I already apologized for that.

Craig: All right, I will -- apologize, too. I don't like getting you upset. I'm sorry.

Lucy: If you're really sorry, then you'll promise you will never interrogate or investigate Aaron -- or any other guy I'm interested in.

Craig: Interested in?

Lucy: I like him, daddy, okay? And he likes me, too. And if you ruin this for me because you're too paranoid to let me have a life --

Craig: Hey, hey! I said I was sorry.

Lucy: Then you'll promise me.

Craig: All right. Well, look, if -- if you say he's okay, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Lucy: Okay. Night, daddy.

Craig: Good night.

Lucy: You promised.

Craig: Yeah, right after I find out what this trouble is in Seattle.

Barbara: It must have been difficult for you -- being so young, so many responsibilities.

Rosanna: Eventually, you just learn to suck it up and do what needs to be done. I mean, you know, it has its rewards -- so I'm told.

[Both laugh]

Barbara: You know, I can't even remember the last time I just sat and had a normal conversation with anyone.

[Both laugh]

Rosanna: I was just thinking the same thing.

Barbara: I think we've cried enough in our cocktails, don't you think?

Rosanna: Oh, I so agree.

Barbara: Well, then I suggest that we toast to the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Rosanna: Oh, hear, hear. Waiter! A bottle of champagne.

[Both laugh] let's splurge.

Lucinda: My heavens, look at you. You look like death warmed over. You should have stayed in bed, honey.

Margo: You got some news about Rose I hope?

Mitzi: I hate to be the one to tell you this. Believe me, before I do, I tried everything I could to stop her.

Margo: Stop who? Who?

Mitzi: Rose took off with Henry Coleman.

Margo: Oh, I was afraid of that. Um -- yeah, it's Detective Hughes. I need to put out an APB on Henry Coleman.

Lucinda: Honey, where is Paul right now?

Mitzi: Oh, yeah -- you better tell them to check the airport, detective. Paul went to find Rose.

[Mitzi sneezes]

Rose: You know, you're headed for a big fat lip to match that big fat mouth of yours. What is the matter with you? What, you want my window seat? Would that make you happy?

Henry: Tremendously.

Rose: Take it! Fine, take it. You know what? You took my pop, you took my diamond, you might as well take my seat, too. Move over.

Henry: Hello. I just -- I don't like flying. But if I have the window seat, you know -- thank you for letting me have it.

Rose: Oh, I would love to let you have it, believe me.

Pilot: Flight attendants, please prepare the cabin and secure the doors. We're clear for take-off.

Rose: This is good. This is good. Be sandwiched the whole way, the whole trip.

Paul: Problem, Miss? Hello.

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