ATWT Transcript Tuesday 6/4/02

As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 6/4/02

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Simon: Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow.

Katie: Sorry.

Simon: You don't touch.

Katie: I'll be gentle.

Simon: Ow, ow -- okay, you're doing that on purpose. No more for you.

Katie: Oh, really? You sure about that? You seem pretty insatiable for someone who was just shot.

Simon: I don't have a bullet in me. And you shot that lamp, which exploded, therefore sending shards of glass into my nether regions. There's a big difference.

Katie: Oh, yeah. Those nether regions. Still pretty tender, are they?

Simon: Yeah. Ow! -- Yeah, yes. So be gentle. Be nice.

Katie: Gentle.

Simon: Yes.

Katie: Fabulous. Oh, you know what? We should do no hands. That reminds me of Malta. I'm pretty good at no hands.

Simon: You sure are. No hands is good.

[Phone rings]

Katie: Let the machine get it.

Simon: No hands.

Machine: This is Katie and Simon's enchanted cottage.

Leave a message.

Margo: Hi, guys, it's Margo.

Listen, I thought you might like to know that Dahlia's been officially

shipped back to Sacramento. They're going for murder one.

So even if Dahlia pleads doubt, she's going to jail for the rest of her

life, which means she's out of your lives forever this time, so celebrate.

Go back to normal - whatever normal is for you guys.

[Simon grunts]

Simon: Well, I guess that's that then. It's really over.

Katie: I guess.

Simon: Hey, baby, it's okay. Hey. It's all right.

Ben: There he is. So how'd it go with Bonnie.

Isaac: It went.

Billy: That's it? She's not coming back to Oakdale with us?

Ben: You're not serious, are you?

Billy: What are you talking about?

Isaac: She really is a duchess. She's royalty. She's not gonna leave everything that she ever wanted to come back and be a waitress in a bar.

Ben: You didn't even try to convince her to come home?

Isaac: She is home, Ben -- dating back hundreds of years.

Paddington: Gentlemen, the authorities are waiting for you in the parlor. They would like a statement from each of you.

Billy: Isaac, the broken-hearted, can I talk to you for a second?

Isaac: Why is it that you always have something to say when it comes to Bonnie?

Billy: 'Cause, as usual, you're reading her totally wrong.

Isaac: Well, enlighten me, William the relationship expert. What is wrong about this? When I first met Bonnie, she was rich. I thought I could handle those odds. Now she's not only rich, she's filthy rich, and she's royalty.

Billy: Yeah, but you can't handle the truth.

Isaac: Which is?

Billy: That she wants you, and I know it.

Isaac: The whole world is about to open up for her, Billy. What could she possibly need me for?

Holden: I'm pretty sure that juvenile records are sealed, so there's no chance of Aaron's trouble with the Police ever getting out.

Lily: If Craig knew him, you think he'd ruin any relationship or friendship between Lucy and Aaron?

Holden: Oh, I definitely think he would do that. And that's too bad, because I think those kids -- I think they like each other. You want to dance?

Lily: Sure. Just help me up first.

Holden: You got it.

Emily: You hear anything interesting?

Carly: Just because Jack had to leave, don't think my dance card is empty.

Craig: I should be so lucky. So why are you still here?

Carly: Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Jack and I are not attached at the hip. Or maybe -- and you're gonna love this one -- maybe I'm here because it's Rose and Paul's engagement party, and I'd like to celebrate with them.

Craig: So you're waiting for me to make the first move.

Carly: Let me save you the trouble. Here's a move.

Lucinda: The girl of the moment, the main attraction is missing?

Paul: How is this possible? Rose was just here.

Lucinda: Oh, for heaven's sake. It's her own engagement party. There's Nancy. She was speaking with Rose earlier. Ask her. Maybe she knows something we don't.

Paul: Okay, okay. Hey, Ms. Hughes, how are you? I was wondering, have you seen Rose?

Nancy: I talked to her earlier but, after that, she was checking on her father.

Paul: Wait, wait, is something wrong with Joe?

Nancy: I was checking my machine to see if he'd left me a message. It's not like Joe to vanish like this.

Paul: What, Joe's gone? What --

Nancy: Oh, I'm sorry. I thought Rose had told you. I was having coffee with him earlier, but he got up and left. And for some reason, he never came back.

Rose: No more double-talk from you. I want to know what happened to my pop.

Henry: Look, he's probably fine.

Rose: Probably?

Henry: It's the best I can do under the given circumstances, all right? But I can tell you that without the provenance for that diamond --

Rose: My pop is missing. You think I give a rat's behind whether I prove to you whether that diamond is real or not? I care about my pop, and that is it.

Henry: Then you'll give me the letter about the stone. Because, without it, you're pop's a goner.

Rose: What's stopping me from getting Margo here, you know? She could beat the truth out of you. She'd like that.

Henry: Rose, listen, I am not your problem, okay? My partner, Cooley, he's running the whole show now, all right? Now, bail me out of here, I'll take you right to him. Otherwise -- who are you calling?

Rose: I'm calling my fiancÚ.

Henry: No, no, no, Rose. Rose, you don't want to do that, okay? You can't let Paul Ryan know, not Lucinda Walsh, nobody. Trust me. Your father's life depends on it.

Rose: Proof -- I said proof.

Henry: And you'll get it. You'll get it once I'm sprung, okay? But we have to take a little flight to Mexico.

Rose: What? Fly to Mexico? No way. I'm not going anywhere with you. Absolutely not. And leave my fiancÚ here without a word? Abso -- I will not, cannot do that.

Henry: Rose -- Rose, it's either Paul's feelings or Joe's head. One or the other's gonna get crushed.

Rose: So what are you saying, that these -- this partner -- what's his name -- Cooley's a killer or something?

Henry: Well, out of convenience, he might turn into one.

Rose: Don't do this. Don't bluff with my pop's life. I swear, if you do anything to him, you will never get your hands on that diamond. You got it?

Henry: No, this is so unnecessary. Listen, just bail me out of here, give me the letter you got from your grandma that proves that the rock is really the Rose of Sharon diamond. Then you get your dad back, Cooley and I get some thugs off our tail, and the next thing you know you're baking cookies as Mrs. Paul Ryan, okay? He's very wealthy, you know, that Paul. And I'm sure that Lucinda's paying you a lot of money over at the Double W, so what have you got to lose?

Rose: You'd hurt my pop over a hunk of glass? My God, I'd like to tear you into a million pieces, you scum.

Margo: So, Rose, you've had a few minutes to talk now. What's the verdict?

Rose: Get the key, Margo. I need to bail this loser out.

Margo: Why don't you take him outside while I figure out what's going on here? What is going on here? You're gonna bail him out? Are you nuts?

Rose: Henry? Harmless. He doesn't mean any harm at all.

Margo: Look, I walked in here, you were ready to tear him apart. The man vandalized your home. He broke into your offices at Worldwide.

Rose: Yeah, yeah, yeah, because he was looking for that provenance for the diamond. Once I told him it didn't exist, I figured that mush brain over there is gonna leave us alone, all of us.

Margo: Oh, Rose, you're gonna bail him out?

Rose: You see, I just got engaged, okay? And I'm happy, and there's a lot of joy going around here. I figure, what's the big deal? Let's just get it over with. It's done.

Margo: All right, don't think I'm buying this for one minute -- not one minute, Rose. I mean, come on, you think that you're gonna off and fix this all on your own? Haven't you learned by now that that doesn't -- all right. All right, there's a lot of people who love you. You don't have to do this.

Rose: I know. It's just --

Margo: Okay. I'll process Henry. You've always got my line open, you know that.

Rose: Thank you. Mitzi, it's me. Look, take a double dose of cough medicine and meet me over at Java. I need your help.

Katie: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to break down like that.

Simon: No. We've both been holding so much in for so long. Do you realize the kind of pressure that we've been under, what Dahlia did? It almost broke us.

Katie: Don't say that. If this is gonna be the sum of our life together, careening from one possible tragedy to the next, I'm gonna have to go back to that ash rambler, hop on a plane to Tibet or something, because I can't live like this.

Simon: Me either.

Katie: Of course you can. You're a born adventurer.

Simon: The kinds of adventures that we've been having lately, you know, quite frankly, I can do without. I came too close to losing you, Katie. We should be learning all those incredible things that you -- that people learn about each other in the first year of marriage. We haven't even had a chance to enjoy our new home here.

Katie: I know. You're right. Something has to change. Oh, you know what? I was just reading in a magazine, there's this --

Simon: No, no, babe, just come here, come here, come here. Forget about the books, forget about the manuals. I don't want to learn about what a good marriage is from someone else. This is -- this is a do-it-yourself project. And I'm willing to give it everything I have got. How about you?

Emily: Alison, I'm not accusing you of anything.

Alison: That's what it sounds like. "Hear anything interesting," like I really care about what Lily and Holden Snyder have to say about whatever.

Emily: Well, then, why were you standing so close to them?

What's it to you? It's a free country. I can stand wherever I want.

Emily: I know. I'm not trying to fight with you, okay? I just wanted to talk. I just wanted to find out what --

Alison: Well, then, drop the big sister routine. Do you mind if I go and have some fun?

Alison: Hey, Luc. Can we have a little chat?

Lucy: What about?

Alison: This little triangle we seem to have going on with Aaron.

Hal: You know, you've got your eye on Alison like you're expecting her to swipe all the candlesticks or something.

Emily: She's got this thing going on with Craig's daughter and Holden's son.

Hal: Thing?

Emily: Well, Lucy obviously likes the boy, and then here comes Alison with blood in her eyes.

Hal: And you're expecting to make the world safe from teenage love?

Emily: No, not even I can do that. But I don't like the way she's behaving.

Hal: Well, first of all, eyes off the young lovers. And secondly -- now, this is the hard part -- mind your own business.

Emily: Mind my own business?

Hal: Mm-hmm.

Emily: I'm not allowed to be concerned about Alison and concerned about the way she's acting, the choices she's making?

Hal: Sure, but we both know the real problem is how to express this concern as her older sister or as her mother.

Emily: I just feel like I have kept my distance for so many years. I am so tired of lying. I don't want to keep it inside anymore. How can I keep ignoring the fact that I have a daughter? I want to shield her. I want to love her.

Hal: You want to tell her the truth.

Emily: I would make it tomorrow's headline in The intruder if I could.

Hal: But there is another mother involved. Emily, you really need to sit on this until you figure out how to play it.

Emily: I feel like I'm gonna blurt it out any minute.

Hal: Well, that's why I'm stepping in. Look, why don't you let a guy who loves you buy you a drink, huh? Something non-caffeinated.

Paul: I don't get it. Rose just leaves, doesn't tell anybody anything?

Nancy: Well, maybe Joe took sick and she rushed off to tend to him.

Lily: No, she would have said something about that.

Holden: No answer?

Paul: Voice mail.

Lily: Well, where were you when Joe left?

Nancy: We were upstairs having coffee. And I went to powder up, and I was -- he said he'd be waiting for me, and when I came back --

Lucinda: Well, Lucy is going to help Abigail in terms of the hostessing chores. Darling, please tell me -- I mean, I'm assuming that you called Rose on her cell phone?

Paul: Five times, no answer.

Lucinda: Thank you. Fine. Then we'll just split up. We'll split up and we'll just search all the places where she might be.

Nancy: I'll go home. Joe might show up there.

Holden: Maybe Joe went up to the farm.

Paul: You know what? You guys check there. I'm gonna go down to the Police station.

Lucinda: Darling, I'm with you. We have like minds. Because if Joe is missing, and now Rose is missing, that sniveling Henry has got to be involved in some way. So let's go down, put him on the rack and get some answers.

Paul: Let's go.

Lucinda: Thanks.

Bonnie: You don't have to keep going on about how Isaac saved me, Billy. I was there, remember?

Billy: And that proves nothing?

Bonnie: Well, if he loved me then, it's pretty clear he doesn't feel the same way about me now.

Billy: Listen, Bonnie, love's not something you turn on and off like a garden hose. So why don't you just cut the guy some slack?

Bonnie: Is he in this room right now? Do you see him anywhere? No. His actions speak for themselves, okay?

Billy: You know, I'm sick and tired of this ping-pong stuff -- "he loves me, he loves me not." I mean, it's garbage. Why can't somebody just commit? What does a guy have to do? Stand in front of you and stab himself with one of these antique swords?

Bonnie: Come on, Billy, what can I promise Isaac right now? Look at me. I'm a duchess. I have this castle to worry about.

Billy: Is that gonna make you happy? I mean, look at this place. Now, I know location is everything, but what is this place? It's nothing but a really, really old condo.

Ben: Go for it. Come on, man, don't let me stop you.

Isaac: You don't have to. I'm -- I'm stopping myself. Look, I've got to take off. Could you just tell her good luck for me?

Ben: You know, I would do just about anything for you. But, right now, I think you need to grow up and get your act together.

Isaac: I don't need a lecture, Ben, okay? I've got to get back to Java underground. I've been away far too long. Poor Lisa's been taking care of the place by herself. It's not fair.

Ben: No, no. Lisa will be the first one to tell you that you don't let anything stand in the way of love. And you love Bonnie. Bonnie loves you, too, man.

Isaac: She cares a lot. I get that. But there's just too much stuff in the way. I don't want to deal with it anymore.

Ben: You know what I am not liking about you right now?

Isaac: Don't start. I've got a list for you that's at least a phone book thick.

Ben: You haven't been real from the moment you met Bonnie. From the beginning, you had her pegged as some -- some stuck-up boogie brat. But in the final analysis, you're the snob. Yeah, that's right. You have been guarding your ego with your life. "I'm too good to be played. I don't want to deal with this anymore." Come on, man. Deal with it. Give Bonnie a chance. You've only just barely begun to put your heart on the line.

Isaac: So what do you want me to do? You want me to run headfirst into a brick wall, just like you did with Lien? How'd that do your heart?

Ben: At least I tried. But you -- you don't want to open your heart to anyone unless you get some written guarantee that everything's gonna work out fine. If that's what you're waiting for, you know what you're guaranteed, Isaac? Nothing. You need to say your own good-byes.

Simon: Okay, I mean, we're pretty smart people, and we -- we love each other, so it can't be too hard to get our marriage back on an even keel, right?

Katie: Right.

Simon: Yeah? I mean, we were extremely happy before Dahlia came along. Let's just get back to that.

Katie: I don't know if we can go backwards. We're different people now. I mean, look around us. We're in a completely different place. But it's ours. We have some money in the bank. All I want, really, is just to be your wife. I want you to know me inside and out. And I want to know you that way, too.

Simon: Yeah, you certainly don't know all the secrets I've got in my past.

Katie: I don't -- care.

Simon: You sure? I mean, when you have a husband with a past like mine, things are bound to pop up. I mean, you were pretty frightened by some of the things that Dahlia said. And who wouldn't be? My -- my history is hardly impeccable.

Katie: I know, but you're different now.

Simon: I am.

Katie: I know.

Simon: I don't blame you for having those few moments of doubt. I don't.

Katie: I'm sorry. I didn't want to.

Simon: I know, I know, I know.

Katie: How are we gonna keep those things out of our marriage? They're just people and blasts from the past.

Simon: I guess with the old-fashioned, time-honored ways, you know? Communication, trust -- lust.

Katie: What about love, pure and simple?

Simon: Our love is always gonna be there. But sometimes it's not enough by itself.

Katie: We found that out, didn't we? It's kind of scary.

Simon: Oh, yeah. Really loving someone as much as we do, it's about as scary as it gets. There's nothing safe about it.

Katie: If that's supposed to make me feel better, it didn't really work.

Simon: What I'm saying is that maybe we should just learn to accept what we can't control.

Katie: What do you mean?

Simon: Well, anything could happen at any -- any given moment, right? Instead of trying to manage the risk, maybe we should just learn to embrace it.

Katie: Yeah, that sounds great. But I don't know if I can. I don't know if I have the guts.

Lucy: Don't you think it's a little dramatic to start talking about love triangles?

Alison: Well, the facts speak for themselves.

Lucy: What facts?

Alison: The way you look at him. The way you always seem to be spending time with Aaron. And the fact that I like him, but he wants you. I know you're not trying to hurt my feelings. You didn't plan this, but that's how life goes.

Lucy: I'm so sorry.

Alison: We can be cool with each other. Okay, Lucy? Let's just be honest. It's not like Aaron's the only hot guy in Oakdale. And if he's into you, lucky you. I'll -- I'll find someone else.

Lucy: You really feel that way?

Alison: I think I'd better, don't you? Cheer up. I'll be fine.

Lucy: I felt so bad. I mean, I know how hard things have been for you at home. I didn't want to make it worse with this.

Alison: No. And I don't want you to hide things, because it's not like I'll shrivel up and die or something. I -- I think you and Aaron will make a cute couple. I'm happy for you.

Lucy: This is all way premature. I mean, Aaron and I, we're just friends. It's not like he's tried to kiss me or anything.

Alison: A matter of time. Trust me. I saw the way you two were dancing. You were thinking, "what if?"

Lucy: I have kind of wondered what it would be like -- you know, to kiss him.

Alison: Well, don't waste time wondering. Go for it.

Craig: I think you're doing a lousy job of pretending I'm not here, especially when there's so many questions I know you want to ask.

Carly: Don't you ever get tired of flattering yourself?

Craig: Just what do you want to know?

Carly: All right, Craig, I'll ask it. What's the deal with you and Rosanna?

Craig: Ah, Rosanna, your sister.

Carly: Half-sister. A whole pain in my butt. But she outdid herself when she offered to front me the money for my own design company.

Craig: A gesture you rejected in a very loud, obnoxious public way.

Carly: We'll all get over it. But tell me -- was this little idea hers or was it yours?

Paul: Margo!

Margo: Oh, let me guess -- you're looking for Rose?

Paul: Oh, thank God. You've seen her? Is she here?

Margo: No. And you're not going to believe what she did before she left.

Lucinda: I can tell that it's got something to do with Henry Coleman.

Margo: She bailed him out! What's up with that?

Isaac: See, I was right. I told you you belong.

Bonnie: How long have you been standing there?

Isaac: Long enough to notice the change in you. So I guess you're gonna make this command central, huh?

Bonnie: I thought you were gone, Isaac. You said your good-byes. Or was I just hallucinating?

Isaac: Well, I already called in a car for the airport, but it hasn't shown up yet. People around here take their time doing things. Did you ever notice that?

Bonnie: And you do things your way. Lucky for me, though. You know, I have to thank you again for bringing out the truth, Isaac -- about Ian, about everything.

Isaac: Don't you do that. Don't thank me for doing right by you.

Bonnie: You know what I really want to thank you for? Oakdale. For teaching me to earn my own way and showing me that there's something to be celebrated in everybody I meet -- no matter how problematic their wardrobe is.

Isaac: You just had to be classy about this, didn't you? It's been the pleasure of my life, duchess. Thank you.

Aaron: So, what did Alison have to say?

Lucy: Oh, just girl stuff.

Aaron: You know, I'm not really interested in her.

Lucy: Because of someone back in Seattle? Really?

Aaron: Really. I was hoping we can hang out -- you and me.

Craig: So why don't you just ask me if I'm sleeping with your sister?

[Carly laughs]

Carly: Because I don't care if you're sleeping with my sister, Craig. I just don't want you messing with my career. So how did Rosanna get the idea to stake me, when really what she'd like to do is put a stake in me?

Craig: Okay, fine. If you want to sublimate your attraction to me by obsessing on Rosanna, I will support you on that. I think you made a big mistake turning her down.

Carly: Oh, of course you would think that. You slept with Barbara Ryan for a little cash.

Craig: I married her for a lot of cash. Now, of course, I had to get through all the pretensions and insecurities and vanity and --

Carly: Hmm. Kind of like what it would take to be with you.

Craig: Rosanna's got cash, clout and concern. And you not only denied her, you humiliated her.

Carly: Some bridges you burn over and over again.

[Craig laughs] what?

Craig: Well, I was thinking about all the bridges you vowed never to need again -- John Dixon, Barbara, Lisa, Hal, Jack, me.

Carly: You are still at the very top of that list.

Craig: It all comes full circle, Carly. Life is just like that. So what do you say? You wanna go back to my house and make love till dawn? Remember old New York?

Carly: No. Bye.

Craig: Okay, I'll take a rain check. Maybe we can work on something.

Henry: Rose, it's great to be free at last. But I gotta tell you, this is a lousy idea. We already have the prominence. Why do we need to trust our safety to some former casino hostess?

Rose: Better her than you.

Henry: Listen, Rose, I gotta tell you --

Rose: Shut up, and sit down/

Mitzi: If I had known I was gonna end up at Java, I would have come to the party anyway. Hey, shouldn't you be under a rock or in the poky?

Henry: The mouths on you Jersey girls. Mm.

Mitzi: So, what's the story, Rose? On the phone you sounded like the building was on fire, and then you show up with this one.

Rose: I'll explain, okay? But you have to do something for me. And I have never ever asked you to do anything more important than this.

Mitzi: Rose, you're scaring me.

Rose: This note, you gotta -- you give it to Paul, and you tell him I'm sorry.

Mitzi: No way. If you're gonna break Paul's heart, you can do it yourself.

Simon: Okay, all I'm saying is, let's not do more and try harder. Let's -- let's do less and try easier.

Katie: All right, can we do that by just going upstairs, taking these upstairs and going to bed like normal married people?

Simon: No. We are going to celebrate the rebirth of our marriage right now.

Katie: No, no. Oh, hey, we've proven that we're good at this, and it doesn't solve anything. We've found out that we're human and our marriage is not indestructible.

Simon: Nothing is indestructible. We are the way we are, okay? And nothing's going to change that.

Katie: You've been reading too many of my self-help books.

Simon: Hey, hey, listen, listen. Okay, what's kept us together this whole time?

Katie: Me.

Simon: Yes. And, hey, some of me, too. And it has been an adventure, like you pointed out.

Katie: You make me confused now, because I thought we decided we were sick of adventures.

Simon: I'm sick of the wrong kinds of adventures. Being Mr. And Mrs. Frasier, inseparable, brave and a little crazy, that's an adventure worth having. So, take your clothes off.

Katie: I just got finished telling you that that's not gonna solve our problems.

Simon: No, no, no. This is more of a bonding moment -- a bonding moment. We're going to celebrate freedom from Dahlia oppression, something to remember for the rest of our lives. This is a new beginning.

Katie: And what are we supposed to do?

Simon: We're going to go for a little stroll.

Katie: A stroll?

Simon: More of a jog, actually, to the highway and back.

Katie: You want to go jogging?

Simon: Mm-hmm. And we gotta be really quick about it.

Katie: Why?

Simon: Because we're gonna be naked.

Craig: Are you ready to go?

Lucy: Not yet. Grandmother had to leave, so Abigail and I promised her that we would make sure everything was okay here.

Abigail: I will take Lucy home, Mr. Montgomery. And I'll make sure she gets home safe. Okay? I'm gonna go take care of the presents.

Craig: Don't stay out too late.

Aaron: You're not leaving with your dad?

Lucy: No, Abigail's taking me home. Why? Can't wait for me to leave?

Aaron: Hardly. This party wouldn't be any fun without you.

Lucy: Listen, I was thinking about what you said about us hanging out. You probably still need help studying for your GED.

Aaron: Lucy, I want to hang out with you because I like you, not because I need you to help me pass a test. I can do that on my own.

Lucy: I know.

Aaron: So you don't think I'm a complete idiot?

Lucy: No, actually, you're pretty smart. But I also used to think you're pretty cute, so what do I know?

Aaron: Ouch. A joke from serious Sally? I didn't think that was possible.

Lucy: I gotta go help Abby.

Aaron: Look for me when you're done. You've got me falling

Emily: Alison, Alison? Please come down here and talk to me. I just want you to understand, I'm not trying to cause problems for you, okay?

Alison: Emily, if you don't want to be a drag, don't be a drag. I've got things to do.

Emily: Like chasing after Craig Montgomery?

Alison: You are so clueless.

Emily: You spend the entire evening watching Craig Montgomery's daughter because she's dancing with Aaron Snyder. He leaves and suddenly you want to go home? I may be a drag, but I am not dumb. What are you doing?

Alison: Would it be possible for you to just leave me alone? Big sisters are supposed to be cool, not like second mothers!

Emily: Oh -

Rose: Look, it's very complicated. I'll explain everything later. Just, please, would you just deliver this note, please?

Mitzi: Rose, you can't take off again, leave Paul in the lurch. He was worried sick for months when you --

Rose: Don't you think I know how this is going to affect Paul?

Mitzi: Let me guess -- it's for his own good. Listen, you can't run that kind of garbage on me, Rose.

Rose: What are you thinking about? The Spa? No, see, the Spa was different because I got plucked out of here out of the blue, and nobody knew where I was or when I was coming back. This is gonna take a day or two.

Henry: I guarantee you she'll be back before anybody misses her.

Mitzi: People are missing her already.

Henry: Oh, well, then we better shake a leg, hey, Rose, huh, before the posse gets here?

Rose: I'll come back. I'll explain everything, okay, to Paul, and then I'll get the cops involved. Just give that to him. At least he'll know that I'm doing this out of love for my pop.

Mitzi: I am not asking you to choose between Paul and your pop, but just think. Maybe Paul can help you, you know? This is the man you're gonna trust for the rest of your life. Why not start now?

[Bonnie remembering]

Isaac: I bought you a present.

Bonnie: Exquisite. I never knew you had such good taste.

Paddington: Miss Bonnie, you asked me to inform you when Mr. Jenkins left the premises.

Bonnie: Thank you, Paddington.

Paddington: Those earrings really suit you. Beautiful pieces.

Bonnie: A gift.

Paddington: Obviously from someone with very good taste.

Bonnie: They do suit me. Maybe he did, too.

Katie: Have you lost your mind?

Simon: Absolutely, a long time ago.

Katie: I am not doing that.

Simon: Come on. It's nothing we haven't seen before.

Katie: I'm concerned about the neighbors. I don't want them seeing anything bouncing other than my personality.

Simon: But we need to do something primal. Yeah. Something to wash away the last few months and remind us that we are really us. Come on, you owe me. I'm going to be carrying shrapnel around in me for the rest of my life because of you, so you're gonna do this.

Katie: Ah, those nether regions. But I did apologize for that.

Simon: Come on, baby, let's start living again!

Katie: Do we have to be naked? I mean, what are we trying to prove?

Simon: That -- that our marriage is alive because we have each other. And that is worth celebrating every single day of our life.

Katie: Okay. A trial by fire.

Simon: Mm-hmm.

Katie: Rebirth. Maybe you're right.

Simon: I know I'm right. So what do you say, my little moon bride, my forest nymph, my buddy in the buff?

Katie: Hmm. I don't know, Simon. I'm sorry.

Simon: Come on.

Katie: If this is what we have to do to make our marriage better, to start over, then -- I don't know. I'm just going to have to -- beat you to the highway and back!

[Katie screams]

Craig: Alison? Lucy's not with you?

Alison: She's still at the party I guess. I hope I'm not coming too late.

Craig: No. Is something troubling you?

Alison: Sorta. I kind of feel bad about telling you this, but I'm worried about Lucy.

Craig: Are you?

Alison: She's so innocent.

Craig: What do you want, Alison?

Alison: I just wanted to find out if you knew about Aaron Snyder's shady past. If you don't, maybe it's time you did.

Aaron: Are you taking off?

Lucy: Yeah, I promised my dad I wouldn't be home too late.

Aaron: How 'bout if I drive you?

Lucy: That would be cool, but Abigail --

Abigail: Oh, I don't care. As long as you get home safe. You'll be in good hands.

Aaron: She doesn't care.

Lucy: I heard her.

Aaron: And older sisters are usually right. And that's what Abigail tells me. And if you're worried about the motorcycle, I got Holden's truck. So we're completely surrounded by Detroit steel.

Lucy: Are you sure, Abigail?

Abigail: Yes, I'm sure. Just don't make any stops on the way.

Aaron: I'm right, huh? Your dad doesn't want you riding on my bike.

Lucy: Actually, it's up to me. My dad would never tell me what to do.

Aaron: And if he did, you would just ignore it and do your own thing? I seriously doubt that.

Lucy: One of these days, you'll see. I'm a whole lot wilder than you think.

Aaron: Just be careful who you say that to, might call your bluff.

Carly: Well, some engagement party, huh? The engaged couple took off in the middle of it, I went five bare-knuckle rounds with my sister.

Emily: Really? What a coincidence. I went toe-to-toe with mine, got yelled at and shoved. Fun.

Carly: Well, next party --

Both: No sisters.

Carly: We're kind of like sisters now, don't you think?

Emily: Yeah, it's nice.

Carly: Yeah.

Emily: Go home. See ya.

Carly: Yeah, see ya. Bye. You keep taking care of her, okay?

Hal: Hey, lady, can you help a guy out with something? See, I'm suffering from this recurring fantasy. I'm in a bar, it's late. There's nobody around except for this unreal beauty of a woman. And out of nowhere she does this strange thing. She --

Emily: Something like that?

Hal: A little bit more. That's closer.

[Emily laughs]

Mitzi: Please, think this through, Rose. Hey, let me call Jack.

Rose: Do you have any idea what's at stake here?

Mitzi: It's because I do that I'm worried sicker than I was before you called.

Rose: Look, you just gotta trust me on this, please.

Mitzi: I do. That Coleman creep wants your diamond. And he wants you to get on a plane and fly to who knows where with who knows who.

[Cell phone rings] and I'm not letting you do it, Rose.

Rose: Don't -- don't answer that!

Mitzi: Listen --

Rose: Please don't answer that.

Mitzi: We both know who this is, okay? This is the chance to hold on to the love in your life and trust it. You're not alone anymore, Rose. You're not.

Paul: Hello, Mitzi? Mitzi, it's Paul.

Mitzi: Answer him.

Paul: Mitzi, if you know anything about Rose, anything at all, just --

Mitzi: Hello?

Paul: Oh, Mitzi, thank God.

Mitzi: Hold on a sec, Paul.

Paul: Mitzi, I'm losing my mind over here. You've gotta tell me if you know where I can find Rose.

Rose: Paul?

Paul: Rose? Baby, are you okay? Look, I don't know what's going on, or if you can even talk to me right now, but just all you have to do is say yes or no. Do you need my help?

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