ATWT Transcript Monday 6/3/02

As The World Turns Transcript Monday 6/3/02

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Isaac: He pronounced you man and wife? Then he can unpronounce you, too. Because there's no way this is legal.

Ian: It's time for you to leave, Mr. Jenkins.

[Bagpipes playing] your attempts to keep Bonnie from marrying me have finally been thwarted.

Vicar: Mr. Jenkins? Who's Mr. Jenkins?

Isaac: You can't do this. The man married you under false pretenses.

Ian: That's quite enough! Now if you don't leave --

Isaac: I have proof. Don't you at least want to hear me out?

Bonnie: Isaac is still a friend. The least we can do is hear --

Ian: Must I call the guards to take care of this unholy distraction on my own wedding day?

Vicar: I think guards would cast an unnecessary pallor on the celebration, don't you? I see no need for violence.

Isaac: Ian is not the true MacLaren heir, and he knows it. He was afraid Billy and I were on to him, so he had us thrown in the dungeon until this was over.

Vicar: You threw them in the dungeon? Seriously?

Ian: Of course not.

Jessica: Isaac, you said you had proof.

Isaac: Yeah, we found some clues down there. We pieced the rest of the story together from that.

Ian: "Story" -- that's certainly the right word for it.

Lisa: Well, if Ian isn't the real duke, then who is?

Isaac: There isn't one. But there is a real duchess.

Katie: Oh, my God. Simon? Oh, please, don't tell me --

Simon: Ah!

Katie: Are you all right?

Simon: No, no, no, no .

Katie: I'm so sorry. I would never hurt you. I just lifted up my arm and it went off.

Dahlia: Leave him alone! After what he did to me, he deserves to die.

Katie: What are you talking about?

Dahlia: He tried to rape me, Katie. And then he was going to kill me.

Simon: She's lying, Kat -- she's lying, Katie.

Dahlia: No, no! You see, the two of us have been -- been in on this since the beginning. You know, I thought he could be trusted, but then he turned his back on me.

Katie: What are you saying?

Dahlia: Look, I know -- I know that this must hurt. It hurt me, too. But you know what? There is -- there is something that we can do about it.

Katie: What?

Dahlia: Give me the gun. Let me finish him off, once and for all.

Katie: Simon's right, you are insane. Get off, Dahlia! Get off! I am not letting you hurt us anymore!

Abigail: What are you doing here?

Aaron: Rose is my aunt, too -- sort of. I figured I'd pay my respects.

Are you looking for someone?

Aaron: Just checking the place out.

Rosanna: Hello.

Waiter: Good evening, sir. May I have your name?

Craig: Rosanna Cabot and guest.

Rosanna: He asked for your name, Craig, not mine.

Craig: Well, what difference does it make? Did you find it?

Waiter: I do see that Ms. Cabot was bringing a guest.

Rosanna: Unless the guest decides not to behave himself.

Waiter: Is there a problem, ma'am?

Rosanna: No, no. Of course not. Mr. Montgomery is my guest, as he said. Thank you. I'm having serious second thoughts, Craig.

Craig: Good. Shall we?

Rosanna: Remind me again why I let you talk me into this?

Craig: Oh, come on, my presence here is gonna make your evening far more enjoyable.

Rosanna: Your presence here will only remind me how much you're dying to show off for Carly.

Craig: I will be the perfect date.

Rosanna: Really? Do you know how to cha cha?

Craig: Hmm, I beg your pardon?

Rosanna: You heard me, cha cha. I love to cha cha. And so few men know how to do it right.

Craig: I know how to cha cha. But I prefer to mambo.

Rosanna: You won't be able to fool me on this one.

Craig: Are you trying to bust my chops again?

Rosanna: Just a little. Should we get something to eat?

Craig: Yeah, sure.

Carly: And I was so looking forward to enjoying myself tonight.

Jack: Why don't we have a seat?

Carly: In a minute.

Rose: I don't believe it.

Paul: What? Did you invite him?

Rose: Of course I didn't. Did you? Sorry I even asked.

Emily: Excuse me. I know this is a ridiculous question, but did you invite Craig to your engagement party?

Rose: I know this is ridiculous, but I guess he just hooked up with Rosanna or something.

Emily: Oh, that's just an awful image.

Rose: You know what? I'm not gonna even deal with it. Because whatever Craig has done bad in the past, it's -- so you bring back Carly.

Paul: Don't you love it when she gets all tolerant and non-judgmental?

Emily: Yeah, as long as she doesn't make a habit of it.

Rose: No, don't worry. The next uninvited guest gets the Hoboken heave ho.

Barbara: I'm not sure I can do this.

Marshall: According to what I've been told, you can do whatever you set your mind to.

Barbara: And if you have made a habit of believing everything that James Steinbeck has said to you, I'm not sure how good a lawyer you really are.

Marshall: It's important that you be here, Barbara. It can only strengthen our position in court. And as mother of the groom, you do have certain rights, don't you?

Barbara: Wait. This is wrong.

Katie: Give it up, Dahlia. I am not giving you this gun. Get off of me!

Dahlia: Get over there.

Katie: Why, what are you going to do?

Dahlia: Well, you're so devoted to him, I'll take care of you both at the same time.

Katie: What? You wouldn't do that.

Dahlia: Listen! Don't you make the mistake of underestimating me. I have dreamed about this moment for years.

Katie: Come on, Dahlia, just because you think Simon --

Dahlia: Think? Think? Oh, God, I swear I'm gonna kill you right where you stand!

Margo: Freeze! Nobody move! What's going on?

Katie: Dahlia tried to kill Simon. Then she tried to kill me. She's gone completely insane.

Dahlia: Get off of me!

Margo: Dahlia Ventura, you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Dahlia: Yes, I have the right! He murdered my sister! I have the right to kill him!

Katie: Are you all right? Are you all right?

Simon: Yeah. Yeah, I've never been better.

Katie: Okay.

[Simon winces in pain]

Katie: Simon! Simon!

Bonnie: This isn't funny, Isaac. Just because you call me duchess doesn't mean I really am one.

Isaac: Oh yes, you are. You're the real thing.

Ian: Why? Why are we humoring this man?

Jessica: Okay, wait a minute. Isaac, explain yourself -- slowly.

Isaac: Bonnie is the true MacLaren heir. Ian knew it, and that's why he wanted to marry you -- to keep his damn title!

Vicar: Watch your language. But go on. We're listening.

Ian: This is preposterous.

Lisa: I think it's exciting.

Bonnie: That's a really nice thought, Isaac, but my father never mentioned he was a duke.

Isaac: You didn't get the title from dad's side. It's from your mother's side, the Griffins.

Jessica: I'm trying to hang in there with you, Isaac, but what the hell are you talking about?

Isaac: I know. I know it sounds crazy. But just give me a minute, I can explain it all.

Lisa: You just take all the time you need, sweetheart.

Isaac: Ian's family stole the crown from a man named Emmanuel. Emmanuel saved the life of a MacLaren duke way back in the day. Emmanuel's last name was Griffin, just like you, Jessica.

Garrick: Is there any documentation of this fantasy?

Isaac: I think you know the answer to that. Billy and I found a flag in the dungeon that belonged to Emmanuel. It had an animal on it called a griffin.

Ian: Proving absolutely nothing.

Isaac: The government was about to review Ian's claim to the title. And rather than lose it, he decided to marry the legitimate heir.

Bonnie: That's flattering. Thanks.

Ian: Bonnie, it's nothing but outrageous speculation.

Paddington: I'm afraid there's more to it than that, sir.

Bonnie: Billy -- where've you been?

Billy: Been locked in the dungeon. Very uncool.

Bonnie: Is Isaac right? Am I really the duchess of Glasgow?

Paddington: Yes, your grace, it is the glorious and incontestable truth. I know you and your uncle tried to destroy the evidence of true lineage. But, fortunately, that was just a copy.

Ian: What?

Paddington: Every good servant does the best he can for his master. In this case, I kept the original and just gave you the copies. Miss Bonnie Mckechnie is the true heir to the MacLaren title.

Vicar: Well, this is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen with my own eyes.

Jessica: Wait. My baby is a duchess?

Ben: I saw the papers myself, Jessica. The true MacLaren heir is actually a Griffin. But he or she has to have Scottish blood on both sides.

Lisa: Oh, so that's why Bonnie has the title and not her mother?

Paddington: Exactly.

Bonnie: Okay. Okay, hold it. Everyone, just stop it. I'm going to need a lot more than this before I start thinking of myself as a duchess.

Paddington: Well, there is another determining factor, albeit a somewhat delicate one.

Billy: Remember the poem on the grave of the MacLaren dude? "Herein lie the MacLaren bones. He met his death by a thousand stones. He'll return again with the crescent moon"? Paddington says that the crescent moon is somewhere up in this room.

Isaac: I don't get it.

Paddington: Would you care to show them, your grace?

Alison: Betcha never realized how fast I was.

Jack: They're trying to get to you, Carly. Don't play into it.

Carly: And what do you suggest I do, Jack? Ignore them?

Jack: It's worth a try, darling.

Carly: Then my entire evening becomes about that.

Jack: Look, they're hoping that you go head to head with them, because, that way, they can come out on top.

Carly: Not necessarily.

Craig: Is that perfume or your natural scent?

Carly: Terrific party, huh?

Rosanna: Oh, hi.

Carly: And Rose and Paul, they make such a beautiful couple.

Craig: So do you and Jack. Don't you think so, Rosanna?

Carly: Well, anyway, I just wanted to say hello. Have a great time.

Craig: She's onto us.

Rosanna: She's onto you. I want no part of your juvenile intrigue.

Craig: Then what do you want?

Rosanna: I want to be Carly's sister. I want to put the past behind us and be a positive force in her life.

Craig: Goodness, it almost sounds as though you mean that.

Rosanna: Well, I do. And I'm gonna prove it to her tonight.

[Clicking of glass]

Lucinda: Hello. Friends, please -- would you indulge me, please? I'd like to make a toast. Now, there is nobody in this room that needs to be reminded of the terrible, tortuous ordeal that Rose has survived. Tortuous ordeal -- a nightmare that actually could have been obviated with better law enforcement mechanism in the town of Oakdale. As a matter of fact, I was -- I was reading something this morning --

Lily: Mother! Mother! Mother!

Lucinda: What?

[Lucinda laughs] no need to digress. This is a pledge. Now that our Paul -- our Paul Ryan has his Rosie O'Grady by his side, nothing must be allowed to jeopardize or temper or in anyway subvert their lifelong happiness. So I give you -- are you -- are you stark-raving mad? What in the name of God makes you believe that you would be welcome here this evening?

Lucinda: I'm just asking a simple question here in open court. Why are you plaguing us with your presence?

Marshall: No apologies. You have every right to be here.

Barbara: Forgive me, Lucinda. I need to greet the happy couple.

Paul: Tonight was supposed to be for me and Rose. And now it's about you, as always.

Barbara: No. It was important for me to be here so I can wish you both all the happiness that life has to offer. Best of luck. I love you, son.

Carly: Hey, how'd you get in here?

Emily: And how soon can you get out?

Hal: Hal Munson.

Marshall: T. Marshall Travers, Ms. Ryan's attorney.

Hal: A pleasure. I'm familiar with your work.

Marshall: I'll take that as a compliment.

Hal: Oh, it was meant to be. From what I've heard, you always protect your clients.

Marshall: I have the feeling you're trying to tell me something.

Hal: You've made your point. Now get Barbara out of here.

Marshall: Surely Ms. Ryan and I can have a drink before we go?

Hal: Fine. But keep it to one.

Marshall: Agreed. Barbara?

Carly: You should've thrown her out of here, Hal.

Emily: What is the matter with you?

Hal: Hurting Barbara's not gonna change anything. I'd like to see you ladies start the healing process. That's not gonna happen if you keep reopening old wounds.

Paul: Excuse us. Babe, I am sorry. You shouldn't have had to see --

Rose: Ah, you know, it's not your fault. I'll tell -- let me tell you, Paulie, you got a nice set of parents.

Paul: Yeah, I know, it doesn't seem fair, does it? You get James Steinbeck as a father-in-law, and I get Joe D'Angelo.

Rose: Joe. Speaking of which, where the heck is my pop?

Joe: Thanks for meeting with me, Nance. I just got to talk to somebody about what I got Rose for her engagement.

Nancy: Well, Joe, whatever you got Rose, I'm sure it's just perfect. But I'd be happy to help in any way I can.

Joe: Here. Take a look.

Nancy: Mm, Joe, this is special. Who are they?

Joe: Her grandmother and grandfather, the Carpenters.

Nancy: It's a beautiful photograph. Rose will love it, I know.

Joe: I'm counting on it. 'Cause, just between you and me, I'm starting to get a little worried about her.

Nancy: Oh, not about her engagement? Oh, Joe, despite Steinbeck, Paul is a perfectly marvelous person.

Joe: No, no, no. I got no problem with Paulie. We get some meat on his bones, he's gonna be fine. But Rose is trying to go after the diamond that she inherited from her grandparents. Not for the money, but because it's like -- a connection, you know, to her past.

Nancy: There's nothing wrong with that.

Joe: The problem is that looking for this diamond has gotten very dicey. There's a lot of people out there trying to get their hands on it. And I don't want my daughter in any danger. So, I'm kinda hoping this picture is something she can hang on to instead of the diamond.

Nancy: Isn't it funny? No matter how far our children grow away from us, we never stop trying to protect them.

Joe: Oh, you got that right. Anyway, enough of this. Let's go down to the party.

Nancy: Give me two minutes to powder my nose.

Joe: You got it.

Julio: Let's go.

Joe: Who are you?

Julio: You don't get up now, Mr. D'Angelo, your little Rose is gonna lose all her pretty petals.

Joe: Okay. Okay, I'm coming. Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Katie: Are you sure you're all right?

Margo: Maybe you should lie down for a while.

Simon: I'm okay. I'm all right. I just need a minute to get my bearings.

Katie: Let me just check out your wound.

Simon: No, it's okay. It's all right.

Margo: All right. Does somebody want to tell me what is going on? How did Simon get shot?

Katie: You want the long version of the story?

Margo: No.

Katie: All right. Well, when I heard you say that Dahlia had been spotted at the airport, I came back home to tell Simon and celebrate. And then I -- walked in on them both on the couch.

Margo: Oh, I don't like that.

Simon: Dahlia did it. She pulled me down on top of her.

Dahlia: He's lying. Ask him why his shirt is off.

Margo: Please. Go on.

Katie: There was a gun on the floor, and so I picked it up.

Margo: Is it yours?

Dahlia: His.

Simon: She stole it from me.

Dahlia: He's lying. He has to blame it on someone else.

Margo: Katie, why on earth would you pick up a gun?

Katie: I don't even know, I just did. And I was just holding it, and it went off.

Margo: Guns don't just go off. There are triggers, someone has to pull them.

Katie: It was an accident, Margo.

Dahlia: She was trying to kill him, because she knows that he's out to get her.

Margo: You know, if you don't close your mouth, I'm gonna put a gag in it.

Katie: And then Dahlia started screaming about how he tried to rape her and was gonna kill her. And she said that they were both against me the entire time, from the very beginning. And then she tried to get the gun.

Simon: It was all a setup, Margo. Dahlia lured Katie back here by pretending to leave. Then she was gonna kill us both and then make it look as though I shot Katie and then shot myself.

Margo: Give me motive.

Simon: Because she's been trying to pin Monique's murder on me for years. If she make it look as though I shot my own wife, then the suspicion's back off her.

Dahlia: You did kill Monique.

Simon: You are out of your mind, Dahlia.

Katie: You killed Monique.

Margo: All right, everybody, stop. We're gonna take statements down at the station. Just have a seat here. Oh, you'll be happy to know that the Sacramento Police are looking for you. I can't tell you how glad they are to know that you're back alive. All right, I'm gonna call an ambulance for Simon.

Simon: No, please, Margo. I'm gonna be fine. It's all right.

Margo: A gunshot at close range? I don't think so.

Simon: The bullet didn't hit me, okay? It must have hit this lamp, and then shards of glass just sprayed into me.

Margo: You're sure?

Simon: Yes, I'm fine.

[Sirens blaring]

Margo: All right. I guess that's my backup. If it were my husband, I would still take him to the hospital. Dahlia?

Simon: Thanks, Margo.

Dahlia: You're gonna leave her alone with him? Your own sister?

Margo: My goodness, we are gonna use that gag after all, aren't we?

Katie: Thank you. Oh, honey. Hey, don't get too comfortable, all right? We gotta go to the hospital like Margo said.

Simon: Only if you're prepared to take me there by force.

Katie: What? Why wouldn't you want to go to the hospital?

Simon: Because there's no way that I'm gonna lie on a cold, glass, metal bed while some smiling intern picks shards of glass out of my rear. Okay?

Bonnie: The mark of the crescent moon is -- well, I don't like to be immodest but --

Vicar: Please, your grace, I'm a man of God.

Bonnie: Is this what you mean?

Paddington: It is indeed -- the crescent moon, the sign of a true MacLaren heir.

Isaac: How did you know it was there?

Paddington: Well, I heard a certain imposter discussing it with his uncle. Once he discovered that Miss Bonnie was the true MacLaren heir, he decided to marry her.

Bonnie: Is that true, Ian?

Ian: Absolutely not. Bonnie -- I love you. I have ever since that first frosty morning --

Lisa: Oh, please, put a sock in it. Nobody's gonna buy your story.

Ian: I will no longer subject myself to this -- this slander. Uncle Garrick?

Billy: Hey, duchess, where do you think you're going?

Ian: Going to consult my solicitor. There's grounds for a lawsuit here.

Ben: Well, maybe you should try to reach your attorney by phone.

Garrick: And perhaps you, sir, should get out of our way.

Vicar: Let's not lose our heads now. Blood shed has no place here.

Isaac: You two wouldn't be thinking of skipping town, would you?

Ian: For what reason?

Isaac: To avoid doing time for keeping me and Billy locked up.

Lisa: Hey, that's a great idea. I'm calling the sheriff.

Ian: Well, I admit, this has been amusing. But the fun and games have just come to an end. We are leaving, gentlemen. Try to stop us at your own peril.

Bonnie: Isaac! Here!

Isaac: What am I supposed to do with this?

Bonnie: Stop them.

Jessica: Ben!

[Clashing of swords] Ben!

Paddington: For your defense, go.

Billy: No. What's up, doc?

Ian: Garrick, get the door.

Bonnie: Ian?

Ian: Duchess, indeed.

Lisa: Oh, my goodness!

Isaac: Ian --


Isaac: You're finished, MacLaren, or whatever you name is.

Ian: Not quite. Guards!

Bonnie: Oh, wait, wait. Stop! Halt! Stop right there! I am the true MacLaren heir, and I have the crescent moon to prove it. As loyal members of my household, heed my orders and leave those men alone.

Scot #1: As you wish, your grace.

Lisa: How impressive.

Jessica: It must be in the blood.

Ian: I beg to differ, gentlemen. I continue to be the master of this castle. The duchess and I are now married. Therefore, the only orders you need to heed are mine.

Bonnie: Sorry, Ian. But appearances to the contrary, I never married you.

[Drum roll]

Katie: Oh, you know what? You do need to answer a question for me. Why did you have your shirt off when I walked in on you and Dahlia?

Simon: Oh, she was checking for weapons -- weapons.

Katie: Oh, and I'm sure there was no frisking involved, was there? You know, there was only one answer to that question.

Simon: Look -- okay, okay, okay. She had a gun, so I took off my shirt off, okay? But before things would have gone any further, I would have let her shoot me.

Katie: Are you sure?

Simon: Yes. Why, don't you believe me?

Katie: Oh, of course, I do. Why would you even ask?

[Simon moans]

Simon: Oh. Because I would hate to think that maybe that that gun didn't go off by accident. That maybe you really were trying to shoot me.

Lucy: Hi. Nice party.

Aaron: Getting there. Hey, you got a minute? There's something I want to show you.

Craig: Exciting entrance, Barbara.

Barbara: I'm here to congratulate my son, Craig. Trading insults with you is not on my agenda.

Craig: Call me sometime, I'll hang up.

Carly: There is no way I was gonna let Barbara Ryan spoil this evening for me. Besides, I've blasted her pretty well today.

Rosanna: Really? What happened?

Carly: Well, if you must know, Barbara offered me a job as B.R.O.'s head designer. Of course, I told her I'd rather swallow cyanide.

Rosanna: Well, good for you. Although you have to admit, working for Barbara would be very good for your career.

Carly: I'm gonna make it on my own. I know it'll be rough, but I'm gonna do it.

Rosanna: Well, it might not be rough. I mean, in fact, things could go rather smoothly -- smoothly for you.

Carly: And what does that mean?

Rosanna: Well, despite our differences, I've always had to respect your talent. If you'd be willing, I could back you in your own design firm. Well, it could be a long-term arrangement with a very low interest on my initial investment.

Carly: Just wait a second. Who did you bet that I would go for this?

Rosanna: Well, nobody. This is a serious offer.

Carly: I won't let Barbara use me. Why do you think I would let you?

Rosanna: I'm not trying to use you, Carly. I'm trying to help you.

Carly: Do you honestly believe that I cannot see right through you? Or do you think the smell of your money will cloud my better judgment?

Rosanna: You have a son. I thought you might want to provide for him.

Carly: The answer is no, Rosanna. So take your millions and buy your way into somebody else's life.

Rosanna: This is how you thank me? Wow. That's really nice. You know, it's no wonder you've never made anything out of yourself. You have no class. I try to forget that. I try to think that perhaps you changed. But you're obviously the same ungrateful, mean, little, no class piece of trash you've always been, aren't you?

Bonnie: Ian threatened to kill Isaac if I didn't marry him. And I couldn't take the chance that he was actually serious, so I asked the vicar for a little help.

Vicar: Yes, well, I -- I conducted the entire ceremony in nonsense syllables really.

[Speaking gibberish] etcetera, etcetera. It sounds like Latin, but -- well, as you Americans say, close but no cigar.

Ian: You're telling me -- you're telling me that no wedding took place?

Vicar: Absolutis notis.


Ian: I've been hoodwinked by a man of God? This is truly the darkest of days.

Vicar: Well, you did bring it on yourself, my boy. Your behavior's been poor to the extreme. But -- but sheer entertainment value, this non-wedding has been the highlight of my ministry, I must say. Right, who wants to see the crescent moon again?

[Sirens blare]

Lisa: Ah, I think that's the sheriff. And not a moment too soon.

Bonnie: Please, guards, take these two men outside. We don't want to disgrace the castle with them any longer, please.

Ben: I'll go explain everything to the sheriff.

Isaac: Thanks for the assist, brother.

Ben: Hey, anytime, bro. Hey, vicar, do you think you could give me a hand?

Vicar: Indeed. Good night, all. It's been an honor and a pleasure.

[Speaking Latin] no, that's the real thing. Peace be with you. Which reminds me of a story actually -- oh, yes, well, later maybe.

Paddington: Perhaps I should leave also. It may take me quite some time to pack my former employer's belongings.

Ian: No! No, Paddington! Not you, too. Not after all we've been through together.

Paddington: Oh, please, sir. May I suggest, shove it where the royal sun never shines. Wait! Wait! After me.

Jessica: Sweetheart, I am so proud of you. You were in a jam, and you thought your way out of it.

Isaac: Might've saved my life, too. Thank you. I always knew you were a duchess. But I never knew you had the title to go with it.

Bonnie: I'm sorry -- but I don't deserve this.

[Bonnie sobs]

Rosanna: You know, the only reason you have any respectability at all in this town is because of me. I am the one who came here and tried to straighten you out. I'm the one who showed you what life could look life.

Jack: Rosanna, this isn't the time nor the place.

Rosanna: I realize that, Jack. But could you give me a minute, please? I came here with the best of intentions. I tried to help you. I tried to support you. I took care of Parker for you.

Carly: You leave Parker out of this!

Craig: Problem, ladies?

Carly/Rosanna: Not now, Craig.

Craig: I'm just trying to help.

Rosanna: I make a completely heartfelt, generous offer and you attack me for it? I don't deserve that, Carly.

Carly: Your offer was not generous. It was your way of reminding me that you are better and richer and more wonderful than I could ever possibly be.

Jack: Okay, you know what? We've said our piece.

Carly: I'm not finished, Jack! You know something? For all your money, you really haven't made much of a life for yourself, have you? That's why you want to be involved with my career. That's why you're hanging around with this guy. Get your thrills someplace else, okay? My life is taken.

Rosanna: If you ever want to apologize for your rudeness, like a civilized human being, I might be willing to listen. And I might actually even reconsider the offer.

Craig: Don't take what she has to say seriously. Carly will say whatever it takes to -- get whatever she wants.

Rosanna: I can't deal with you right now, Craig. Sorry.

Barbara: I saw that. May I offer some advice?

Rosanna: I don't know. Why would I want advice from you?

Barbara: Because you and I have a lot in common. Don't give in to the bitterness, Rosanna. It will only destroy you in the end. If nothing else, I've learned that.

Rosanna: My sister and I had a misunderstanding. That's all there is to it. Excuse me.

Nancy: Rose, I'm afraid we have a problem. I was upstairs with your father a minute ago, and I went to powder my nose. And when I came back, he was gone.

Rose: I was wondering what was taking him so long. What happened? Did he say where he was going?

Nancy: No, but one of the waiters told me that he left with a very strange looking young man. Now I'm beginning to get a little worried. I hate to spoil your party, dear, but I think we must find out what's happening.

Rose: Oh, I think I know. Oh, my God. I think I know what happened.

Katie: There is no way on earth that I would ever try and hurt you.

Simon: Yeah? And what if you had walked in and found me and Dahlia making love?

Katie: Then I would have shot you both and never looked back.

Simon: That's what I thought.

Katie: But that's never gonna happen, because you love me. And I love you. And now that that witch is finally out of our lives, we can take our life back.

Simon: Nothing in the world would make me happier than that. These last few months have really taken a toll on us, haven't they? We've been running so long, I'm not sure how we're going to stop.

Katie: I'm not quite so sure either.

Simon: In fact, I'm not even so sure I remember what our normal life is anymore.

Katie: Okay. I think it's something like this. Remember?

Simon: Yeah. Yeah, now it's finally starting to come back to me.

Katie: I thought it would. Oh, Simon --

[Simon screams] oh, my God! I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry! I forgot about your injury.

Simon: Tender. Tender.

Katie: So sorry.

Simon: That's okay. Come here. Come here. Sit.

Katie: Are you okay?

Simon: Yes.

Katie: Are you sure you're going to be okay?

Simon: As long as I have you here right with me, of course I'm gonna be okay.

Bonnie: I don't know how I could've been so stupid. There were so many signs that things weren't right, and I just continued to ignore them.

Jessica: Sweetheart -- you were swept off your feet by a man who swore he worshiped you. Bonnie, that's not a crime. And it's happened to many women before you.

Bonnie: All those people who said I was just shallow -- boy, I guess this time I really proved them right.

Jessica: Bonnie Louise Mckechnie, the important thing is that you were spared a loveless marriage with that horrible man.

[Knocking at door]

Isaac: Bonnie? May I come in?

Bonnie: How can I face Isaac right now? He probably just wants to have it out with me because I was doubting him.

Jessica: No. No, I am sure that's not why he's here.

Isaac: Is this a bad time?

Jessica: No, I was just leaving.

Isaac: Ben and I are probably leaving in the morning. And I figured it could be quite awhile before we see each other again, so I just wanted to say good-bye. I'm glad the truth came out.

Bonnie: Isaac, wait. I don't know how I could ever repay you for what you did. But maybe someday --

Isaac: You don't owe me anything. I did it because I didn't want to see you hurt.

Bonnie: Was that the only reason?

Isaac: Yes. I brought this from downstairs. You said you didn't deserve it, but you were wrong. It suits you. Wear it well.

Paul: The deal was one drink.

Barbara: Are you throwing me out?

Paul: Call it what you want. It's time for you to leave.

Barbara: Paul, I tried to keep things peaceful here tonight. And I only came because I wanted to wish --

Paul: I have a surprise planned for my fiancée. I don't want you here when it happens. Leave.

Marshall: Your behavior was impeccable. That's all we wanted from the evening.

Barbara: Was it?

Lucy: Tell me again why you wanted me to see the fire extinguisher.

Aaron: 'Cause fire safety is important.

Lucy: Tell me the real reason.

Aaron: To get away from Alison. She comes on kinda strong for me.

Lucy: She can be a bit obvious. But underneath, she's a really nice girl.

Aaron: Always looking at the good in people, aren't you, Lucy?

Lucy: Hey, I'm tired of everybody thinking that I'm a little too sweet for my own good. I have other sides, too, you know?

Aaron: I'm sure you do. Someday, I hope I get to know them all.

Lucy: This would be a good time to ask me to dance.

Aaron: Okay. Would you?

Lucy: Yes.

Craig: I guess that's what happens when you feed 'em.

Holden: I guess so.

Craig: Keep your eye on them. I see both our dates have left. And the night is still young. Kind of interesting, don't you think?

Lily: Aaron seems to be having a good time.

Holden: And poor Craig is in agony.

Lily: You're gonna be the same way with Faith, you know that.

Holden: Probably. But dealing with Craig would be tough on anyone. Which is why I had to give Aaron a little help.

Lily: What did you did?

Holden: I wasn't exactly forthcoming about Aaron's problems with the Police in Seattle. I figured if Aaron was interested in Lucy, I didn't want Craig to make any judgments on him.

Lily: Well, that's good. I think that's smart.

Holden: You don't think it's just a tad bit dishonest?

Lily: No. No, I think Aaron's past is behind him. If he wants people to know that he was arrested once, that's his choice. But if he doesn't, it shouldn't be made public.

Paul: Lucinda, have you seen Rose? I have something special planned for her, and I can't find her anywhere.

Rose: Where is he, you little twerp?

Henry: Who?

Rose: My pop. Word on the street is that he's been kidnapped.

Henry: Oh, him. He's -- he's okay. He sends his love.

Rose: Listen. He has nothing -- nothing to do with that diamond. Now either you tell me where he is, or I'm gonna take this hand, put it down your throat and take your heart out with my fist.

Henry: Okay, honey, come on, you've been kidnapped before. You know how this works.

Rose: What're you talking about?

Henry: It's the kidnapper that makes the demands, not the other way around.

Rose: My pop is a good man. He's the salt of the earth. He has nothing to do with this.

Henry: I told you there would be danger. I didn't mention to whom.

Rose: All right. What do you want?

Henry: It's simple. Bail me out of here and give me the provenance for the diamond. Then, and only then, will I take you to your father.

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