ATWT Transcript Thursday 5/30/02

As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 5/30/02

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Henry: The key that will make everybody happy.

Rose: Let's go! Name it! Or I'll bust your teeth in. Come on!

Henry: Okay, okay. Like you, Rose, the concept of "more" -- it's very near and dear to my heart. "What do you want, Henry?" "I want more." "More what, Henry?" "I want more money. I want more power. More everything."

Rose: You got my diamond. You got my diamond. What more do you want?

Henry: Are you familiar with the concept or the term if "provenance"? Is that too many syllables for you? How about this, Rose -- "document of origin"? Hmm?

Rose: How about a fat lip for you, Henry?

Henry: How about proof that the ice is the real deal?

Rose: It's a diamond. It even has a name. That's not proof enough for you?

Henry: Yes. It's the Rose of Sharon. It's from the Carpenter family.

Rose: Well, are we playing family tree now?

Henry: Exactly.

Rose: Oh. Okay. Well, the Carpenters are my birth mother's parents. And a long, long time ago, my pop got this letter in the mail that proves the diamond is mine.

Henry: Oh, Rose, I could kiss you!

Rose: Oh, you try it and I will kick you where the sun don't shine! Don't even touch me!

Henry: Okay, okay. Where's the letter?

Rose: Don't you mean "provenance"?

Henry: Oh, look, she can be taught. Yes, that's what I'm talking about. Do you have the letter or not?

Rose: Oh, you know what I do? I leave that lying around for people like you who get your grubby mitts on it.

Henry: My mitts are pristine, I assure you.

Rose: Ah, yes, I see you got a manicure. So is the letter. It's tucked away.

Henry: It's tucked away?

Rose: Yes, in a safe deposit box.

Henry: Oh, well, I would have thought your brassiere, but the bank works really well. How fast can you bail me outta here?

[Rose laughs] Rose: I think you got too much sun on that island. It turned your brain to polenta. You think I'm gonna help you fence my diamond?!

Henry: Rose, I'm doing you the biggest favor of your life.

Rose: You're trying to rob me blind!

Henry: The diamond is cursed, Rose. You gotta believe me. Now, read my lips, hot pants -- the Rose of Sharon should be called the kiss of death.

Paddington: Lovely to see you, Ms. Griffin.

Jessica: And you. Hello there.

Bonnie: Boy, have I missed you, mom.

Jessica: Oh, I've missed you, too. I'm glad I could get here on such short notice.

Ian: I'm afraid that's my fault. I'm so eager to marry your beautiful daughter, I couldn't bear to wait another day.

Lisa: Oh, well, you know that old saying -- "marry in haste, repent in leisure." Of course that's a little advice I never followed myself. I don't know why I should expect anybody else to.

Ian: I trust you're well, Lisa.

Lisa: Ah, yes, yes, I am. And I trust that you're gonna make my goddaughter the happiest woman on the planet.

Ian: Now and forever.

Ben: Gave our bags to the footman.

Bonnie: Ben!

Ben: Bonnie! Good to see you.

Bonnie: Whoa. I didn't know you were coming.

Ben: I hope you don't mind.

Bonnie: No. No, I'm glad. Ian, this is Dr. Ben Harris.

Ian: Oh, it's a pleasure, Dr. Harris.

Jessica: Ben I invited as my guest.

Ben: I also came to look for my brother, Isaac Jenkins. Last any of us knew, he was here at your castle, and then he disappeared. In fact, no one's heard from Isaac for weeks.

Garrick: I feared you were lonely.

Isaac: Man, are you okay?

Billy: Yeah. I'm top of the world. In case you're wondering, there are bats in the belfry.

Isaac: So what's the plan, Gary? Are you just gonna let us rot down here?

Garrick: Unfortunately not. Tomorrow is Independence day, gentlemen.

Isaac: You're just gonna let us free?

Billy: Why?

Garrick: Because Ian and Bonnie are to be married tonight.

Carly: Thank you.

Jack: You're welcome.

Carly: I will never take these for granted again.

Jack: What, coffee?

Carly: Yeah, coffee. Lazy afternoons. Seeing your face first thing every morning when I wake up.

Jack: I'm sorry I pulled the late shift today.

Carly: Oh, I don't even mind the late shift.

Jack: You are in a good mood.

Carly: I'm gonna show you how good a little bit later.

Jack: Ah --

[cell phone ringing]

Carly: Don't answer it. Don't even bother.

Jack: I'll make it quick. Snyder. You're kidding. What -- no, hey, listen, that's not my call to make. Well, I will talk to her. Yeah. All right. Bye. So how long is Parker at Hal's?

Carly: Most of the afternoon. Why?

Jack: Well, you're never gonna believe this.

Carly: What?

Jack: That was the desk sergeant. Barbara is asking to see you as soon as possible.

Carly: Barbara wants to see me?

Jack: That's what the man said. What do you think she wants?

Carly: Your guess is as good as mine. An image make-over? Maybe a chance for a tearful apology? That woman is the worst kind of hypocrite, Jack. And I am not gonna listen to her mea culpa. Let her bat her eyelashes at some judge. Let her try to convince some court that she's just a poor, misunderstood socialite who turned bad. I don't wanna have any part of it.

Jack: You know, call me crazy, but I'm beginning to get the idea that you don't intend to go.

Carly: Do you think that I should go?

Jack: No, I just think that -- it could help --

Carly: "Help"? Help how, Jack? Maybe -- why don't you call up Julia, okay? We can make it a little foursome.

Jack: Okay, no, wait a minute. Whoa. How did Julia get in here?

Carly: Well, she played a starring role, Jack, in "the James and Barbara traveling house of horror." I don't think you wanna sit down and have a heart-to-heart with her, do ya? I could pluck out their eyeballs, Jack, and put 'em on a tray and serve 'em up as little cocktail olives, and the scales of justice would still be too light on our side. So if you think that marching down to that Police station and seeing Barbara Ryan is good for me, you have another think coming.

Ian: Perhaps I shouldn't say this, but I fear Isaac's mysterious departure may be entirely my fault.

Ben: How's that?

Bonnie: Mother probably already told you how Isaac came to the castle.

Ian: He made his intentions painfully clear. He was determined to win my Bonnie back.

Bonnie: I told him that I couldn't accept, and he wouldn't leave for, like, the longest time.

Ian: But eventually he did realize that Bonnie and I were destined to marry, and he made his departure.

Jessica: Any idea where he went?

Ian: He mentioned traveling a bit. We just assumed he was gonna try to recover by touring Europe, seeing the sights.

Ben: Well, your assumption doesn't sound like my brother. He's got a business back at home, and I'm sure he'd have made some kind of arrangement.

Ian: Well, I can make some inquiries in town, see if Isaac made any travel arrangements through one of the local hotels.

Ben: Thank you, but I think I'll look into it myself.

Ian: But certainly not at this hour. It's much too late. And you've all had such a long journey. Bonnie, why don't you show our guests up to their rooms so they can freshen up a bit?

Bonnie: Well, I hope you guys logged in time on the Stairmaster. Because if there is one thing this place has, it's steps. Come on.

Ian: Paddington, may I have a word with you, please?

Paddington: If you don't mind me saying so, sir, you were slightly less than candid with Dr. Harris. If I hadn't been a member of your staff for so many years, I would have told them the absolute truth.

Ian: Truth could be a dangerous thing, Paddington. But if you want to maintain your standing as a loyal member of this household, you'll keep your mouth shut until tomorrow.

Garrick: That ought to hold you for awhile, young man. Any words for the happy couple?

Isaac: Yeah. Love stinks.

Garrick: So jaded for one so young. Until tomorrow.

Isaac: I wouldn't count on it.

Billy: How'd you do that?

Isaac: Where I grew up, you never leave home without one of these.

Billy: Sweet! So why's the duke trying to get hitched so quick?

Isaac: I don't know, but Bonnie would be better off marrying the butler.

Paddington: Oh, thank you very much, Mr. Jenkins.

Billy: Great, we're busted.

Paddington: I have brought you something very special for dinner.

Isaac: Ah, my favorite entree.

Paddington: Oh. I see it's not necessary. How very resourceful of you. I'm glad.

Billy: Oh, you are? Look, you're not gonna tell on us or anything?

Paddington: Oh, heavens, no.

Isaac: Well, in that case, catch us up to speed. What's going on with that wedding?

Paddington: Well, the duke is making arrangements as we speak. Miss Bonnie's mother and her godmother have arrived, along with your brother.

Isaac: Ben's here?

Paddington: Yes, he's here, and he's very worried as to your whereabouts. I had to stand there and listen as the duke lied through his teeth. It's become obvious to me that the MacLaren family as I know it no longer exists. Ian has become greedy and malicious. And I just can't support him anymore. I think we should go together and confront the duke right now.

Isaac: No, no. Not -- not yet. Now, we gotta know why that jerk is in such a rush to put that ring on Bonnie's finger. We gotta have proof. And we don't have it yet. Paddington, I tell you what -- you go up there, and you just make sure nothing happens until we get the proof. Now, if it seems we're gonna be late and we're not gonna get the goods on your boss, you come back down here. Me and you will make some noise.

Paddington: Very well, sir.

Isaac: Thanks. All right. Come on. We gotta get some proof, and we're gonna start with this vault.

Billy: Let's do it.

Isaac: My guess is that this guy has some of the answers. If we can just figure out what they are.

Jessica: This is not how I pictured your wedding day.

Bonnie: I know. You had your heart set on Oakdale. But, this summer, we will throw a really big reception. And you can invite whoever you want. Ian and I are flying in for a couple of weeks.

Lisa: Sweetheart, your mother is not worried about a party.

Jessica: No, I just want the answer to one very important question.

Bonnie: I wouldn't be marrying Ian if I didn't love him, mother.

Jessica: And we wouldn't have to have this conversation now if you had returned my phone calls.

Bonnie: What calls?

Jessica: I've been trying to reach you for days, Bonnie.

Bonnie: That's impossible.

Jessica: No, I'm sure I left several messages.

Ben: I called asking about Isaac. And I was told somebody would get back to me. But they never did.

Bonnie: Well, everyone knows how busy I've been with wedding preparations. I'm sure that they just didn't wanna bother me. But as for Isaac, I wouldn't put too much worry on that. He's probably at the local pub with a beer maid waiting on him hand and foot.

Ben: Come on, Bonnie. Isaac wouldn't blow off Java underground. He'd at least call Lisa or me to let us know what's up.

Lisa: Oh, darling, you should have seen him after you were gone. He was -- he was devastated. He was miserable. And -- well, you just can't imagine -- do you think for one minute that Isaac, once finding out that you were gonna marry someone else, would go sightseeing?

Jessica: He didn't come here frivolously, Bonnie. He did it because he doesn't think Ian's the right man for you.

Bonnie: Well -- he was wrong.

Jessica: Are you sure?

Ian: Bonnie, these flowers are gorgeous! Everything is right on schedule.

Bonnie: Mother, would you and Ben and Lisa mind if I spoke to Ian alone, please?

Jessica: Not at all.

Ian: Is anything wrong, darling?

Bonnie: Did you know that my mother's been trying to call me?

Ian: No, but I don't generally answer the phone.

Bonnie: And no one on the staff has given you messages?

Ian: If they did, I would have told you. Maybe your mother didn't make it clear exactly who she was. Bonnie, Bonnie -- what's wrong? If this is bothering you so much, I can have a word with Paddington.

Bonnie: This isn't about Paddington, Ian! It is about us. Does Paddington know where Isaac is? Does Paddington know why we have to get married in the next five minutes? I am not marrying Paddington. I am marrying you! And right now, I would like to start getting some answers from you.

Ian: You're right, you're right, you're right, Bonnie. You know me too well. I'm sorry. I haven't been -- look, I haven't been completely honest with you.

Bonnie: What is it, Ian?

Ian: I received a letter from the Ministry of the Interior. They're doing a review of a number of titled holdings tomorrow. Now, they assure me that it's just a formality, but -- they have questions about my rightful ownership of the castle, even my tenure as duke of Glasgow.

Bonnie: Since when?

Ian: I just -- I didn't want to worry you, but if they find any discrepancies in my claim, all my holdings could revert to the state.

Bonnie: That's crazy. Ian, your family goes back hundreds of years. This just sounds like something government agencies do to justify their existence. You know, bureaucratic bunk.

Ian: I hope so, I hope so. There've always been rumblings from jealous neighbors, and even closer to home, about a certain interruption in the line of succession.

Bonnie: So?

Ian: Clearly you really don't put any stock in the MacLaren curse.

Bonnie: Of course not. I don't listen to silly superstitions.

Ian: Well, your friend Isaac thought there was something to it.

Bonnie: Well, Isaac believes in a lot of ridiculous things. But this castle and this land belongs to you. And we were meant to be, both of us, for the rest of our lives.

Billy: Isaac, this is not proof. This is rot.

Isaac: Just -- keep looking. If we don't have something solid to lay at Bonnie's feet, she's not gonna listen. We need some hardcore proof. That's the only thing that's gonna change her mind.


Billy: Dude! Are you trying to kill me?!

Isaac: Sorry. Is it -- is this a flag? What is this --

Billy: Yeah. It's a flag. Isaac, you know, flaps in the wind? Flags aren't buried in dungeons.

Isaac: And look at this -- this animal. It's like a lion with an eagle's head. What do they call those?

Billy: Mutations?

Isaac: No, there's a name for it. It's not a lion. It's not a bird.

Billy: Yeah, and it's not a plane or a man with a cape. It's just a plain old flag. And it's not gonna save Bonnie or us.

Isaac: Well, it sure cost some poor slob. Look at this. Check this out. These are bloodstains, Billy. Somebody must've given their life for this.

Carly: Doesn't even a small part of you want to turn Barbara into a toad? Not that anybody would even notice.

Jack: No!

Carly: Well, I for one hope that the only designer outfit that woman ever wears again has "property, the state of Illinois" written on the back of it.

Jack: I can't tell you how to feel. But it's different for me. I don't blame Barbara for what Julia did.

Carly: Why not? It is right out of her "revenge for dummies" handbook, Jack.

Jack: Well, then how did I end up falling for it? I'm an ex-government agent. Truth is, Carly, I let my guard down. And I miscalculated how far James would spread out his net.

Carly: Oh, I see. So it's your fault, right? It's your fault that Julia kidnapped you and --

Jack: This is not about fault! This is about reality, what was, what is. All I'm saying is maybe the best way to get on with your life is to start with the reason it all fell apart.

Carly: Well, I disagree with you. Seeing Barbara Ryan is not gonna help me. It's not gonna make me feel better.

Jack: Fine.

Carly: It's not gonna make this feeling that I have go away.

Jack: What feeling?

Carly: Just forget it. I don't even want to talk about it.

Jack: No! Please --

Carly: And there's probably not even a way that I could express it to you to make you understand, anyway.

Jack: Okay.

Carly: One day, when Parker was about 2, we were at the mall, shopping. He was in his stroller, and I was pushing him around. He got antsy, you know, and he wanted to get out. So I was carrying him and all the bags and the snacks and doing the whole maternal pack mule thing, you know. And I had to put something back on a rack. So I put him down. And I turned my back just for a second, Jack -- and he was gone. And I couldn't breathe. And my face felt like it was on fire. And I thought I was gonna be sick. And all there was was this eternity of terror. You know? But then I called out his name, and out popped his beautiful little red head from underneath the rack. And the feeling was gone, just like that. Just as quick as it had come. Only now I -- I feel like that most of the time. Like I did in that moment when I thought I'd lost Parker. I don't know how to make it go away. But Barbara -- Barbara Ryan is not the answer. She cannot give me my life back, Jack. Trust me on this, okay? Don't you have to be at the station?

Jack: What, you're trying to get rid of me now?

Carly: No. One of us has to make a living, right?

Jack: No, no. I don't feel comfortable leaving you like this.

Carly: Fine -- I'm fine. I'm perfectly fine. We are fine.

Jack: Are you sure?

Carly: Yeah. Your "Barbara as therapy" idea is pretty stupid, but you were so cute saying it that I can't be mad long. I love you, and I'll see you later.

Jack: Boy, Snyder, you're really losing your touch.

Rose: That's your best material, the diamond is cursed? Ha. So I give you the letter of provenance or the boogeyman's gonna come get me?

Henry: Oh, so you've met Cooley.

Rose: Ah, whatever you're selling, it is beginning with the letter "b" and it really stinks.

Henry: Rose, it's the truth. Listen, the only reason that you have the rock is because your real family dumped you, and then they felt guilty about it. Now, do you think that's high up there on the good luck scale?

Rose: You better watch -- watch it! Those are good people. They raised me right.

Henry: Yeah, I know, I know, I know. They were saints. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And have you ever noticed that saints never have a dime? And then, you know, Lily goes and sniffs around the diamond, and simple Simon's sister tries to kill her. Oh, and what happened to the sister? Let's think about that. Yes. I think now that she is having eternal rest in what pirates used to call Davie Jones' locker. Do you want more?

Rose: Where's your bad luck, Henry? You seem to be in one piece to me.

Henry: Oh. Oh, no. No, no, no. I've had plenty of it. The minute that diamond landed at my feet, it's all been downhill from there. My martini supply -- dried up. And I was forced to share the wealth with Mr. Cooley.

Rose: Really?

Henry: Yeah, a lonely and strange man who thinks that sand fleas are a delicacy. Then, as soon as we are rescued -- I mean, like the minute that we get back to the land of the free and the home of the brave, our first contact, he tries to steal the diamond right out from under our noses.

Rose: Another bird get in his way, too?

Henry: No, no. It was worse. He dropped dead on the spot. Heart attack. Flatline, no time for the paddles.

Rose: Mm. Okay, let me think about this. So I am supposed to give you the letter so you can sell my diamond. The diamond is gone. No more curse.

Henry: If by that you mean that you get to marry prince charming and live happily ever after, yes.

Rose: And you what? You take the money and you retire to Fiji?

Henry: Oh, please, do you think I wanna see another island in this lifetime? No, no, no. What I'm suggesting here, Rose, is that we work together. And that we do this soon because -- I gotta tell you, the word is out on the street about your diamond.

Rose: Because of you and your guy, your little friend there on the island. You're throwing it around like confetti!

Henry: I know, I know, I know. We were very, very careless about that. But bluefish would still be sucking on this stone right now if I had not risked my bacon to bring it home. We've got no time to lose. The dogs are nipping at our heels. Every lowlife on the planet wants a piece of this action. Can you hear them barking, Rose, hmm?

[Henry barking] do you hear that, okay? They're desperate, and they're hungry. They'll do whatever it takes to get in on this.

Rose: So what are you telling me? There's high rollers out there who are gonna tear me up, tear me to pieces to get my diamond?

Henry: Well, I'm telling you that, if you get in their way, they will chew you up and spit you out like day-old kibble.

Rose: I did not crawl my way out of a coffin and come back to this town so some dipstick like you can scare me half to death. All right?

Henry: The threat is real, Rose. Now, look, you and I can exchange our own threats until the next bull market. It doesn't change the fact that the diamond is a jinx.

Rose: You're a jinx.

Henry: This is a chance for both of us to get the monkey off our backs.

Rose: So I spring you out of here and help you sell the diamond?

Henry: Yeah. I've already got a buyer lined up. We can leave tonight.

Rose: Leave for where?

Henry: The last island that I ever hope to see. In a place called Havana in the Caribbean.

Rose: Havana? Uh, last I checked, they weren't welcoming the U.S. of A. with open arms.

Henry: That's why, fortunately for us, I still have friends in low places. We just sneak in. We collect our fortune. We sneak right on out. We break the curse. We break the bank. It's a win-win for everybody.

Rose: How about I break your head, just for fun?

Henry: Has anyone ever told you have anger issues? You do.

Rose: No. No deal.

Henry: "No" to what?

Rose: Uh, no to the diamond. No to the letter. And no to your amigos with deep pockets.

Henry: No to riding off into the sunset with your honey?

[Rose laughs]

Rose: Good luck in lockup, Henry. I hear, down there, they really like good-looking guys there. You'll do really well.

[Henry sighs]

Jack: Hey, Rose. What's going on?

Rose: Not now, Jack.

Jack: Wha -- we're overcrowded downstairs, Henry. So I'm gonna introduce you to your new roommate, Tiny.

Henry: Tiny? Wait, I'm a Wharton MBA here. I've seen the error of my ways --

Jack: Take him back down to lockup.

Henry: How about time off for good behavior?

Jack: Hey.

Carly: Hi.

Jack: What are you doing here?

Carly: Well, I thought about what you said. And I think maybe you're right. Maybe I can't lose the fear without facing down the demon. So -- so I'll see Babs. I'm not promising anything. But I will talk to her.

Garrick: You're not having second thoughts, are you?

Bonnie: No. No, just last-minute jitters.

Garrick: That's perfectly understandable. My nephew is a very lucky man. You're a lovely addition to the family, Bonnie.

Bonnie: Thank you.

Garrick: And these just came for you.

Bonnie: Oh.

Jessica: Sweetheart? If there's going to be a wedding, shouldn't you be getting dressed?

Bonnie: I have time. Mother, you remember Ian's uncle Garrick?

Jessica: Of course.

Garrick: It's a pleasure to see you again, Jessica.

Jessica: Nice to see you, too.

Garrick: If you ladies would excuse me.

Jessica: Oh, more beautiful flowers.

Bonnie: They're from Isaac. "Dear Bonnie, may all your dreams come true."

Jessica: That's a little odd, Isaac sending you flowers today.

Bonnie: Well, he's always had rotten timing. Maybe now Ben can stop worrying about him.

Jessica: Bonnie, aren't you finding this a little too convenient?

Bonnie: Mother.

Jessica: So, did you and Ian have a nice talk?

Bonnie: Yeah. Yeah, he's been under a lot of pressure.

Jessica: Really? I didn't know being a duke could be such a grind.

Bonnie: Mother!

Jessica: Sorry.

Bonnie: I belong here.

Jessica: "Here" as in this castle or "here" as in with Ian?

Bonnie: Both. He needs me right now, and that makes me feel like we're building something together. Didn't you ever feel like that with daddy?

Jessica: Of course I did.

Bonnie: Can you just be happy for me? Ian has proven that he loves me, and right now, I want to prove myself worthy of that love.

Isaac: Hey, what's going on upstairs?

Paddington: The duke was telling Miss Bonnie that the government is reviewing his claim for dukedom tomorrow.

Isaac: And that crook knows he'll come up snake-eyes. What's in the box?

Paddington: My family have worked for the Maclaren for centuries. My father held this very same position. One of his duties was keeping records on the staff here. He even kept records of the staff before him. What he found were private diaries, journals, household inventories -- massive stuff. Look. And he -- I think, if you should look in here, this is a Maclaren history, a box full of Maclaren history.

Isaac: You think that there's a paper trail proving that Ian's not the real duke.

Paddington: I'm not sure, but I think you should look.

Billy: Well, how long until the wedding?

Paddington: An hour or so.

Isaac: Well, I hope you're a speed reader.

Billy: Check this out. Have you seen this before?

Paddington: No, never.

Isaac: Yeah. What do those words say?

Paddington: Oh, my Latin is a bit rusty, but it says, "courage is its own reward."

Billy: Yeah, great. Thanks. That's gonna help.

Isaac: Paddington, go get Ben. We're gonna need all the help that we can get.

Paddington: Okay. I'll fetch him right away, sir.

Isaac: All right. Thanks. We'll divide up these records and get started right away.

Paddington: Mr. Jenkins, good luck, sir.

Isaac: Thanks. All right, come on, Billy. Time is running out to keep Bonnie from making the biggest mistake of her life.

Ian: Those flowers were a stroke of genius, uncle.

Garrick: I had to do something. Jenkins' brother seemed so suspicious.

Ian: You put the boy in the dungeon?

Garrick: Next to his friend.

Ian: Well, it appears we have another problem on our hands. Paddington seems to have developed a conscience.

Garrick: I'll neutralize him.

Ian: Do it now.

Garrick: Paddington, I'm glad you're here.

Paddington: I'm sorry. I can't tarry, sir. I have to go and make sure Dr. Harris' room is in order.

Garrick: Dr. Harris is hardly master of this castle. His graceness needs for you to take care of some last-minute wedding details. Now, you wouldn't want to let him down -- not today, of all days -- would you, Paddington?

Paddington: Well, it'll only take a moment, sir.

Garrick: Now, Paddington. I insist.

Paddington: Now. Yes, sir.

Jack: Do you want me to stay?

Carly: No, I'm fine. Thank you.

Barbara: For what it's worth, you look wonderful.

Carly: Yes, I do. No thanks to you.

Barbara: Thanks for coming.

Carly: What do you want?

Barbara: I want to try to make things up to you.

Carly: You're not serious?

Barbara: I know I can't do everything. I can't possibly give you back the time you lost with Parker or make up for the pain and suffering that I caused --

Carly: Cut to the chase.

Barbara: I have an idea --

Carly: Well, I am not interested in any of your ideas.

Barbara: Please let me finish.

Carly: You are finished, lady. When I got back to Oakdale, do you know what I did? I got down onto my knees, and I thanked God for Parker. I thanked God for Jack. It didn't matter that I couldn't even recognize myself when I looked in the mirror. I was grateful to be alive. But you -- a few scars, you declared war on the entire world.

Barbara: My scars go deeper.

[Carly laughs]

Carly: You want forgiveness, Barbara, call a priest. You want a friend, call Kim Hughes. You want understanding, you're outta luck.

Barbara: Do you know what genius is, Carly? It's the ability to create something that was never there. To make something and cut through the pain and the noise and the frustration of everyday life and make something beautiful.

Carly: God, what are you talking about?

Barbara: To create something that people thought always was -- you have that. I want to make you an offer. I want you to take over as chief designer at B.R.O.

Carly: You gotta call your shrink.

Barbara: No, no. This is the most sane decision I have made in some time. My company needs you, and you need an outlet for all that talent. So state your terms. I will call my attorney, have a contract drawn up. And you will finally have everything you've ever wanted. What do you say?

Isaac: Catch this -- it's one of the butler's journals.

Billy: The butler for which duke?

Isaac: The fifth. He was a loner. His wife died of fever. No kids. Apparently the jerk was shipwrecked off the coast of Wales like 400 years ago.

Billy: And then what?

Isaac: Hold on. I don't read that fast. Oh, he survived.

Billy: No way! Serious?

Isaac: Well, if it wasn't for the ship's second mate -- what? Emmanuel -- "my master would have been lost at sea."

Billy: Oh. So the sailor saved this guy.

Isaac: Yeah. The duke was so grateful, he made this guy the rightful heir. It's all legal and everything. I guess this guy Emmanuel took over the place. But he was so bad that he ticked off just about everybody in the castle, including the duke's --

Billy: Wait! Do you think this is his flag? This, right here?

Isaac: I don't know. We know the guy had courage.

Billy: Yeah, and he had lots of enemies.

Isaac: But did they hate him enough to bury him in that vault?

Billy: Yeah, but what if Ian's family stole this castle from Emmanuel? And they claimed that they were heirs to, you know, the --

Isaac: The dukedom.

Billy: Yes!

Isaac: Well, it's possible.

Billy: Then what does this have to do with Bonnie?

Isaac: And why is she suddenly a player in this ancient history?

Billy: Hmm. Maybe the government's onto it, just like Paddy was talking about.

Isaac: But how does marrying Bonnie save his assets?

Billy: Beats me.

Isaac: I don't know, either. But I know that we're closer than ever.

Rose: Anybody home?

Joe: In here, sweetheart.

Rose: Pop! I'm sorry, didn't see you at the airport.

Joe: No problem, no problem. Paul and Lucinda were there. Me, the king of Hoboken riding in her limousine.

Rose: I tell ya, that thing is the size of Nona's whole house back in Hoboken, isn't it?

Joe: So where you been?

Rose: You don't wanna know.

Joe: I always wanna know. Lucinda told me about the joker who broke into her office.

Rose: Yeah, yeah. That same joker broke into my house and your house.

Joe: What joker?

Rose: Forget it. You know, it's all right. The cops got him. It's done.

Joe: What's going on, honey?

Rose: Henry Coleman. Got his hands on the Rose of Sharon.

Joe: Your diamond?

Rose: Yeah. Now he wants to fence it.

Joe: It ain't his to fence.

Rose: Yeah, exactly! You tell him that. Talk about a rodent. Remember peewee Petrini?

Joe: A face like paste.

Rose: Yeah, that's right. All mouth, no spine. He says he's got himself connected with some buyers down in the Caribbean.

Joe: Where in the Caribbean?

Rose: Havana?

Joe: Havana. I don't like the sound of this.

Rose: He says all we gotta do is get the letter from the Carpenters saying the diamond is real, and he can sell that diamond for mucho dinero.

Joe: So that's what he wanted. The letter! Where is this guy? I wanna talk to him.

Rose: Nah, it's all right. I can handle it.

Joe: Anybody messes with you, he's messing with me.

Rose: I know. Thanks. But this is something that I gotta do myself.

Joe: You're not gonna play ball with this creep, are you?

Rose: No. That diamond is mine, and it stays mine. It's melting. It's melting!

Joe: Honey -- honey, even that diamond's not worth messing around with a bunch of guys in the Caribbean.

Rose: So I just let this creep get away with this?

Joe: Rose, you got everything. A great guy, a whole future in front of ya. And all of us. Nothing's more important than family.

Rose: I know that.

Joe: Then forget the Rose of Sharon.

Rose: It's a part of me.

Joe: No, Bella. We're a part of you.

Rose: It was a gift from my grandparents that I never knew.

Joe: Your grandparents are gone. Lily and Holden, Emma and the kids -- they're the family that's here now. They're the real gifts.

Rose: I wouldn't have found all of them without that diamond. Lily came looking for me because of it. It brought us together.

Joe: And it brought you a lot of trouble, too.

Rose: Because of greed and some stupid mamoofs getting in the way. It's not about the diamond. I mean, yeah, there's the diamond, and there's money and all that stuff. But it's about me. And where I come from. And who I am. And that creep Henry Coleman is trying to steal that away from me! Steal a part of my life. And I am not gonna let him get away with it.

Barbara: So I take it you're interested?

Carly: What's your take?

Barbara: B.R.O. survives.

Carly: And I suppose it wouldn't hurt to have one of the main witnesses against you on your payroll.

Barbara: That's not my motivation here.

Carly: James taught you very well.

Barbara: Oh, please, Carly, if you'd just listen to me, you'll see that --

[cell phone rings]

Carly: Hold that thought. Hello. Hi, Abigail. What's up? Oh, I don't think you have to worry, honey. She probably just lost track of time. No, don't -- don't worry, honey. I'll be there in a few minutes, okay? Bye.

Barbara: Is there a problem?

Carly: It's none of your business. But you know what I was just thinking about? The first time I saw your picture in the newspaper. How badly I wanted to be you, just like you. I wanted to be the next Barbara Ryan.

Barbara: You still can be.

Carly: I left you in the dust a long time ago, lady. I just didn't know it. I don't want your handouts. I can make it on my own, and I can still give the judge an earful on d-day. I've got time. I've got talent. I have freedom. You -- you've been in a prison so long all you could come up with was that lame offer that's got "self-interest" written all over it. It's sad, but you should admit it to yourself. You are not capable of creating anything beautiful anymore. You couldn't do it if your life depended on it.

Jack: How'd it go?

Carly: Really well. I feel great. She's all yours.

Jack: Okay.

Carly: And now I'm headed over to Molly's. Abigail called me. She's a little nervous. Molly isn't home and hasn't called, so --

Jack: Well, let me know what's going on.

Carly: Oh, I will, I'm sure. And I'll meet you back here for Rose's party.

Jack: Good.

Carly: Okay?

Jack: All right.

Carly: I love you.

Jack: I love you. Take Ms. Ryan back down to her cell.

Cop: The lady got a telegram. The boys downstairs opened it.

Jack: It's from Steinbeck. Looks like he is still very much alive.

Isaac: My guess is that one of Emmanuel's descendants is on to Ian.

Billy: How? If all the evidence is buried and dead?

Isaac: How should I know? I'm not Macguyver. I have a skull and a flag.

Billy: Yeah, and tons of books that don't add up to anything.

Isaac: I wish that flag could talk.

Billy: Maybe it can.

Isaac: You've been down here too long. You need some fresh air.

Billy: No, no, no. Listen. See this animal? I've seen it before.

Isaac: In real life?

Billy: No, no, in a book. On the plane, I picked up a "Harry Potter" book. And in the book, the kids' dorm -- it was a weird name. Like, it was an animal. Uh, Gryffindor! Isaac, that's it. Griffin.

Isaac: That's it. Griffin. Why didn't I think of that?

Billy: No, what if that's who Emmanuel was. And we've been trying to figure out his last name.

Isaac: You think old Manny put his name, his picture on the flag?

Billy: Why not? It's his own way of saying that this whole world belongs to him.

Isaac: Emmanuel Griffin?

Billy: Yes.

Isaac: Jessica Griffin. As in Bonnie Griffin Mckechnie.

[Billy laughs]

Isaac: Billy -- you figured it out! You put it together. It has to be all connected.

Billy: Right, so Ian knows the truth --

Isaac: That the duchess was already a duchess. That's why he wants to marry her, so he can keep control of this place.

Billy: And he's trying to keep her so he can keep the title!

Isaac: Yes! We gotta stop this wedding now. All right, let's go. All right, step out of the way, Mr. Garrick. We got a wedding to crash.

Garrick: On the contrary. You two aren't going anywhere. Not until Bonnie and Ian are married.

Ian: Oh, Bonnie, I'm glad you're still down here. This is vicar Stuart. He'll be performing the ceremony.

Vicar: I am so terribly, terribly sorry I am late. I was out of town, and I could not get a direct connection to Glasgow.

Bonnie: What did you do?

Vicar: Well, I did six hours on the dirt roads on the back of a hay wagon.

Bonnie: Oh, no, no. I'm sure you need some rest. Of course we could postpone the ceremony for awhile, can't we?

Ian: No, no, no. We can't postpone the wedding. The vicar's as anxious to get on with the ceremony as we are. Aren't you, vicar? Aren't you, vicar?

Vicar: Dearly beloved, we are gathered here in the sight of God --

Bonnie: Uh, not yet.

Vicar: Oh, no, not yet. No. Not yet, no.

Bonnie: Well, for goodness' sake, Ian, the poor man's exhausted.

Ian: Nonsense. We can get him some food and some drink, and everything -- it'll be great.

Vicar: Oh, yes. That would be bloody marvelous.

Ian: And then you can help me become the happiest man on the face of the planet. Isn't that right, darling?

Vicar: Yes. On the planet.

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