ATWT Transcript Thursday 5/23/02

As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 5/23/02

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Cop #1: Freeze, lady! You, too, pal! Nobody move!

Simon: Hey. Hey, look, she fell down --

Cop #1: Keep your hands up and step away from the victim.

Katie: We're the victims here. Call my sister, Detective Hughes. She knows all about this, how this woman's been terrorizing us.

Cop #1: Yeah, she looks like a real threat.

Katie: Is she still alive? She was following me up the stairs. She was trying to hold me back. I was trying to get away from her, and she fell.

Dahlia: He tried -- he tried to kill her.

Simon: That's a lie. That is a lie. That's a lie.

Dahlia: You have to protect her. He's a murderer.

Jack: You were in Singapore until a few days ago?

Barbara: James took me there after the surgery. That's where I found Emily.

Jack: And that's where James was stabbed?

Barbara: I still find it quite amazing that you heard about this so quickly. I guess good news travels fast. He threatened to kill both of us. You can talk to Emily about that. I did what I had to do, and I rescued Emily, and I fled.

Jack: James was apparently treated at a nearby hospital and disappeared. Do you have any idea where he went, Barbara?

Barbara: It's his passport. You can check where he's been the last few months. But as for where he is now? I have no idea. He never told me his plans -- ever.

Jack: Well, that's too bad. It might go better for you if you cooperated.

Barbara: Cooperated? I traded myself to that man and freed Carly. I risked my life to try to save Emily. And you tell me I didn't -- I want to talk to Tom Hughes, and then I want to speak to Jessica, because I want to talk about a negotiation. After the way I have cooperated, I want my life back, Jack.

Jack: All right. Jessica Griffin -- it's out of her hands. You're facing federal charges. Barbara, that's jail time, no matter how you slice it.

Paul: Are you okay? Is it sensitive?

Rose: No, no, no. It feels great. Don't stop. You know what?

Paul: What?

Rose: Dr. Bob says I can leave if I feel up to it.

Paul: Really?

Rose: Mm-hmm.

Paul: You think you're well enough to go home with me?

Rose: Let me just take a quick shower and then we'll go, okay?

Paul: All right. Can I wash your back?

Rose: Later.

Paul: Okay. I'll go take care of the paperwork.

Rose: Oh, hello, you. Welcome back.

[Rose humming]

[Rose humming]

Henry: Keep your day job, sweetheart. Come on. It's got to be in here somewhere.

Hal: Well, it looks like you, and it feels like you.

Emily: Me, too. Me, too.

Hal: I'm going to say something to you, and I'm going to keep saying it every minute that I am lucky enough to open my eyes and see you in front of me alive and real -- I love you, Emily. And I am so sorry that I let you down.

Emily: Oh, no, no. You didn't.

Hal: I am a cop, Emily. If that is not enough to keep you safe, I don't know what is.

Emily: But you did, don't you understand? I'm here. Because of you, I'm still here. Steinbeck knew what you would do to him.

Hal: I have seen Carly, Emily. I've seen Rose. If he did anything to hurt you, I swear --

Emily: I'm fine. I'm fine. But you -- how are you? I hear that he really messed with your head.

Hal: Ah, fortunately for me, I didn't use it enough to make any difference.

Emily: So you're here in the psych ward but you're fine.

Hal: Oh, they tell me that I'm greatly improved. Greatly improved.

Emily: No, don't say that because you were too good for me to begin with.

Hal: Not true, not true, not true. Not true. Emily, I missed you so much.

Emily: Me, too.

Carly: Emily? Emily!

Emily: Oh, Carly!

[Both laughing]

Hal: Now this is a bit of a shock. You two are friends?

Both: No!

Emily: Look at you. I heard what that psycho did to you, but you look terrific.

Carly: Thanks. I got my face back. So did Rose. But -- you -- I don't think the beast master touched you, did he?

Emily: Well, I think he had other plans in store for me. But, I mean, none of them pleasant, I'm sure. But I got away. How's Parker?

Carly: He's good. He's great. He was so happy to see me, even with that face that I brought home. He's great.

Emily: So wait a minute? He knew you? I mean, he saw your face and he still remembered you?

Carly: Yes, of course!

Emily: 'Cause they grow up so fast, you know.

Carly: No, Emily, of course he remembered me. And Daniel's going to remember you. He's talked about you all the time. Jack sees him when Margo brings him to the station. They play cops and robbers. Jack lets Daniel lock him up, put him in handcuffs and everything.

Hal: As long as he does the paperwork.

Emily: He can write? I mean, he writes now?

Carly: Well, I've heard that he's learning his alphabet. M-o-m-m-Y.

Emily: I'm sorry. I just miss my little boy so much. And he's just grown up.

Hal: No, not really. Susan says he keeps putting peanut butter behind his ears still. Apparently, Alison found some in her headphones the other day.

Carly: And he's going to love catching you up.

Emily: Yeah, I know. Look at you. You look so good. And Rose --

Carly: She's downstairs. You have to come and see her. She's been so worried about you.

Emily: I'm fine.

Hal: Why don't you go see her?

Emily: No, I'm fine.

Hal: Why don't you go --

Emily: And I haven't seen you, and I need to be with you for a little bit.

Hal: I will be right here.

Carly: Listen, I'll go make a call, and then we'll meet at the elevators? Okay? No rush.

Emily: Okay.

Hal: You're worried about me?

Emily: You're my guy. I got worrying rights.

Hal: Me being here? That's the good part. You know, Steinbeck got his claws in, but ever since I showed up here, well, to clear him outta my head, he's -- he's finally gone.

Emily: Yeah, it's just, I hope he's dead.

Hal: I hear you and Barbara got back to the States the same day. Is that a coincidence?

Emily: Um, we were -- actually, we were in Singapore together. And we got away together. She's doing great, by the way. Her face is back to normal.

Hal: She told you about me being in here, didn't she?

Emily: Yeah.

Hal: Which is why you've told me that you're just fine about 19 times.

Emily: I'm fine, Hal.

Hal: Emily -- you know, you don't have to worry about me. I won't break. As a matter of fact, I'm doing so well, they're about to spring me out of here tonight.

Emily: What? Really?

Hal: Yeah. Dr. Michaels says this is just about as sane as I get. As a matter of fact, I was just on my way to pick up my discharge papers. So you don't have to be afraid. You can lean on me.

Emily: How about I just hug you.

Hal: Yeah, you can do that, too.

Jack: You're a co-conspirator, Barbara. And with James still at large, you'll bear the brunt of it.

Tom: Barbara? Is that you? Well, look at you.

Barbara: James insisted that my face be repaired.

Tom: I don't understand.

Barbara: Well, you know, Tom, that he took me. He took me and -- I don't know how you knew I was here, but I really need to talk to you.

Tom: I didn't. I had a bail hearing. Is there any word on Emily?

Barbara: She's home. I rescued her. I brought her back with me. She's with Hal right now at the hospital.

Tom: And she's all right?

Barbara: Well, I'm sure she'll be checked out by the doctors, but she's fine. Nothing like what happened to the other two.

Tom: Well, thank God.

Barbara: Tom, I know how important it was to bring her home, and I hope that you can see that it was a sign of good faith. I'm going to need legal counsel.

Tom: Well, you know I can't do that, Barbara. I'm Daniel's father, and that would be a conflict of interest. But I do wish you all the best. You said Emily's at the hospital?

Jack: She's either with Hal or visiting Rose. Yeah.

Tom: Thanks. Then, I'm going to give you a call later and you can catch me up.

Jack: Sounds good to me.

Katie: Margo, she's still alive. She's not dead. Simon did not kill her! The only reason she's on the floor is because she hit him over the head, and then she started following me --

Margo: Katie, would you please stop talking?!

Katie: She's not dead.

Margo: I can see that.

Katie: Well, your officer here seems to think that we're the bad guys instead of her, and we're not!

Margo: Officer, holster your weapon. These two will not be a problem. Will they?

Katie: No, of course not, now that you're here.

Margo: Dahlia Ventura?

Dahlia: Oh, my head.

Margo: An ambulance is on its way, Ms. Ventura. Do you please want to tell me how this happened?

Simon: I found a listening device by the fireplace.

Margo: Show me.

Simon: There.

Margo: All right, I need you to go out and find the receiver, a mile radius. When did you find this?

Simon: A few days ago.

Margo: "A few days ago"?

Katie: The only reason we didn't tell you is -- we were trying to trick her to come in here and come back, and she did. All right, I'm not saying another word, I promise. Just that -- this was my idea, so don't blame Simon.

Simon: Look, Margo, I had to be able to prove that I didn't kill her.

Margo: By trying to kill her?

Katie: Yeah, but she's not dead!

Simon: Oh, come on.

Katie: She's just faking it, like always! We told you this was happening, and this proves it!

Margo: Dahlia Ventura called the Police dispatch and said that Simon was trying to kill you. Now, you can either tell me what is going on right now, or we can continue this discussion down at the Police station.

Henry: What is that, a house key? Could've used that a couple of days ago. That's a miscellaneous -- ah-ha! One big brass worldwide key.

Paul: Hey, beautiful. Beautiful, you're officially discharged!

Rose: And you're officially the best!

Paul: You know what? You don't have to do that, ma'am. You don't have to do that. Ms. D'Angelo leaving tonight.

Henry: Hmm?

Paul: Ms. D'Angelo is leaving tonight. You don't have to make her --

Henry: All right, righty-O.

Rose: Hey, who were you talking to?

Paul: The ugliest nurse I've ever seen in my life.

Rose: Oh, yeah? Well, I had a little case of the uglies myself just now. I -- I was about to wash my face in the shower, you know. I was going to scrub off, and then I thought, maybe I was going to wipe off the repair job, you know? So I ran outta the shower, I took the steam off the mirror, and I looked and I saw --

Paul: And you were fine.

Rose: -- Me -- looking back at me. I can't believe it.

Paul: Well, that's probably going to happen for a little while. Little panic attacks.

Rose: Mm-hmm.

Paul: Till you realize that it's really over. Mm. What do you say we blow this Popsicle stand, huh? Hmm? We go home, I got some champagne on ice. And I got the concierge setting up the table in my suite. And then after supper --

Rose: Hmm, cold supper, I hope.

Paul: Mm-hmm.

Rose: So it'll keep in case we get distracted?

Paul: Yeah, it'll keep.

[Cell phone rings] mm!

Rose: Oh!

Paul: Oh, no, this is probably Will. Hold on. He said he'd call me after his game. Will?

Barbara: Hello, darling.

Paul: Mom? Where are you?

Barbara: I'm at the Police station with Jack. Paul, I really need to talk to you.

Paul: I'm at the hospital with Rose.

Barbara: I understand. But since I can't really linger on the phone here, I'm -- I'm hoping you can come see me, please. Paul, I need to talk to you.

Paul: I can't promise you anything. She's back.

Rose: Hmm. In Oakdale?

Paul: At the Police station. She wants to see me.

Rose: Is she arrested?

Paul: Sounds like it.

Rose: That's great. Did she say anything about Emily?

Paul: No.

Rose: No, of course she didn't. That's -- that's typical of her. You know, she doesn't care about anybody else but herself.

Paul: No, she doesn't. You know what? Get dressed. We've got a cold supper waiting.

Rose: Hey, wait a minute. Wait. Are you telling me that you're not going to go there?

Paul: No, I'll see her tomorrow.

Rose: Wait, hold -- and what? All night long, we're going to be thinking about this? No! She's your mother, but I'm going to tell you something. I think you should go. Go and get it out of the way. And, you know, ask her if she knows anything about Emily. And meanwhile, I'll show my face off to everybody that cares about me. All right? And then after, at the hotel, I will meet you, and I will give you a night that you will never forget. What, you don't want to?

Paul: No, of course I want to. That's all I want to do, to celebrate with you.

Rose: We will, later, after. Look, I want you to go. Please. Just be careful. Watch her. Okay?

Paul: Okay.

Henry: Okay. It wasn't at daddy's house in Jersey. And it wasn't at Rosie's home on the range, complete with the animal heads. Taste, hello. So it's got to be here. Well, won't you come to papa? Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah. Yeah.

Lucinda: Good grief. You?

Carly: Rose is going to faint when she sees you.

Emily: Right. Or scream.

Carly: Yeah, she'll scream.

Emily: You know what, Carly? This is a hospital. Maybe we shouldn't surprise her.

Carly: Just leave it to me, okay. Two minutes.

[Knock at the door] ah, hello, beautiful.

Rose: Oh, I love when you say that and mean it. Thanks.

Carly: Yeah, I haven't been able to put down a mirror myself.

Rose: Yeah.

Carly: So listen, tell me something. Can you scream without making a sound?

Rose: Are you kidding me? Theresa Lopez, in grammar school. We had to walk to church when I was 13. Oh, my gosh, we had so much fun.

Carly: Okay, good. So for the next five minutes, just pretend you're 13, okay?

Rose: Okay.

Carly: You're good. You're good.

Rose: And you're home!

Emily: Yeah.

Rose: Oh, my God. You're home. Oh, my God, look at you. Look at you.

Emily: Look at you.

Rose: And you -- did Carly tell you what happened? We had the St. Bernard's looking for you and the huskies and people skiing around and -- you got your toes and your fingers and everything? You're -- no frostbite, nothing? You're not old. You're not old.

Emily: Why do I feel like I'm 105?

Rose: I know, I know. Oh, I know, I know. Oh.

Carly: We made it.

Emily: Yeah.

Rose: It gets better and better, doesn't it? Right, it gets better and better.

Carly: Well, yeah. How about, I'm still a little scared when I hear a door close.

Rose: Yeah. You see gauze, you start to sweat. But --

Emily: I need to see my son, you guys.

Carly: You know, when I saw Parker, that's when I really knew I was home.

Rose: How did you get back?

Emily: Would you believe, in a trunk?

Rose: It's better than a coffin.

Emily: A little bit. Steinbeck kept me around to use me as a bargaining chip. He shipped me from port to port, disguised as baggage.

Rose: So what happened? He forget his claim check?

Emily: No, I ended up in Singapore. He opens the trunk, and there's Barbara Ryan.

Rose: Barbara? Did you know that she was arrested? Paul just left here.

Emily: Yeah, I know. She stabbed Steinbeck.

Rose: She did?

Emily: Yeah, with any luck, maybe he died, and they're going to put her away for the rest of her life.

Carly: That I would celebrate.

Rose: Yeah, amen to that. Oh.

Barbara: I thought you might be Paul.

Jack: I'm sorry.

Barbara: Thank you. I know that room service isn't part of the package when you're incarcerated? Is that what I am, Jack? Am I incarcerated? Thanks for bending the rules.

Jack: They aren't mine to bend, Barbara. This is Hal's shop, Hal's rules. No one gets special privileges.

Barbara: Is that your way of telling me that you are no longer my friend? Is there anything I can do to change your mind?

Jack: Do you remember the "funhouse," Barbara? That's where we were supposed to make the exchange, you for Carly. And then James took you, and he left us with nothing. Hal and I searched that place, top to bottom. She was nowhere to be found. And then I noticed this thing that looked like an old, wooden coffin. And when I opened it, there she was. We finally found Carly. She looked sick and withered. Because you fed her to a madman, when you decided you wanted to get even. So no, there is nothing you can do to change my mind. All this happened because of you, Barbara. I don't think I'm going to be able to forget that.

Barbara: I'm sorry. Jack, I'm sorry. I never --

Jack: I've got work to do.

Barbara: Please, don't say a word. Don't say a word. Just hear me out, all right?

Katie: Margo, you got to understand. We are not the ones you should be taking down to the station. It's Dahlia, the --

Simon: Hey, hey.

Margo: Katie, how exactly did she fall from this desk?

Simon: Well, after I was knocked out by Dahlia, I came in here and found Katie and Dahlia fighting.

Margo: Fighting how?

Katie: She was pulling me, saying the most awful things.

Margo: Well, that's too bad, but it's not a crime.

Katie: I know, but she was pushing me all over the place.

Margo: Did she push you with her hands?

Katie: Yes!

Margo: Did you see a weapon? Did she have a weapon? Did she threaten you in any way if you did not accede to her demands?

Katie: Well, she was -- she hit Simon over the head. Margo, this is her M.O. She does all of these things to us and then she makes it look like Simon's fault. Now she's trying to get me to believe that he was going to blow me up.

Margo: Oh, Katie.

Katie: Like, she said he had a bomb. And he was going to blow up this place, like he would ever do that --

Margo: All right, Katie, stop talking! Just tell me what Dahlia said, exactly.

Katie: She said she heard him on the phone ordering stuff to make a bomb -- fuses and whatever.

Simon: What?

Margo: So she said that he planted a bomb in this house?

Katie: Yeah, it's a total lie. Simon would never do something like that.

Margo: All right, all right. EMS, we got a bomb threat. Get her out of here!

Margo: Tell the chief we got a bomb threat and we need the Fire department now.

Katie: Simon is -- what are you doing? Get back here.

Cop #1: Detective?

Margo: What?

Cop #1: We found the receiver.

Margo: Great. Throw it in the car and cordon off the area. Nobody gets through except the Fire department, EMS and bomb squad.

Katie: But Margo, this is crazy! Simon would never plant a bomb.

Simon: Never mind. Margo, can you please get her out of here now?

Margo: All right, we'll get you both out of here.

Katie: Hold on, there is no bomb! Come on.

Simon: I'm not going to have that woman blowing up my house. Get her out of here!

Katie: And I'm not leaving here without you!

Margo: Katie, will you --

Katie: Stop it!

Margo: Now!

Katie: Let's just realize that nothing is going on here.

Margo: Would you please take a deep breath?

Simon: Get her out of here now!

Katie: I'm not leaving without you, Simon!

Margo: Katie, get out of here, now!

Katie: What are you doing?

Simon: Look, found it!

Margo: Go, drop it! Go, Simon! Katie!

Katie: No, Simon, wait!

Margo: Katie! Katie!

Katie: No, Simon, wait! Simon? Simon, what are you doing?!

Margo: Katie!

Katie: Ah!

[Bomb explodes] Simon! Simon, no!

Lucinda: I know you. I know you. You're that guy. You're that weasel that worked with Katie Peretti, WOAK, harassed Holden.

Henry: You know, it's amazing. A woman your age, you have a remarkable memory.

Lucinda: Yeah, and I got a great left hook, too. Now tell me -- how did you get in here?

Henry: You know, I know this must seem very, very unexpected, but what's life without a few surprises?

Lucinda: Yeah, yeah, I want to know.

Henry: You know what?

Lucinda: Yeah?

Henry: I'm just going to walk out that door.

Lucinda: Yeah?

Henry: And I'm just going to come back here sometime when you're just not so -- so here. Oh -- stop! You're manhandling me. You're not even a man! Ah!

Lucinda: Okay, now. Come on. Rose D'Angelo's place was broken into two nights ago, and there was a colossal mess!

Henry: That was not me because I am neat. I'm a very, very neat person.

Lucinda: You either tell me what you were looking for, or I'm going to get physical.

Henry: Not the face, not the face, all right. You win, you win, okay. Why am I here? Why am I here? I -- I am not here to steal money or take corporate papers or the keys to the jet. All right, I am just here for a letter. A simple letter. Is that so much to ask? Hmm?

Paul: You look good.

Barbara: I need your help. I have no one else, Paul. And I know how much I have hurt you. I've tried to make up for what I've done. I found Emily. I brought her home.

Paul: Emily's here?

Barbara: She's with Hal.

Paul: Is she okay?

Barbara: She's fine. I'm the only one left here, taking the blame. Federal charges. I need a lawyer. I have no options left in this town. Tom is Daniel's father. Please, Paul, please tell me that you'll find an attorney for me.

Paul: I'll make some phone calls.

Barbara: Thank you. And I understand how busy you're going to be protecting the company. You're going to have to come up with a major PR campaign to kind of deflect what's going to happen with the trial. You'll have to find a new designer.

Paul: I'm not going to do it.

Barbara: Jennifer will help you.

Paul: No, Jennifer's got a life of her own, and so do I. I'm leaving B.R.O.

Barbara: You can't.

Paul: I already have.

Barbara: You can't leave B.R.O. I built it for you!

Paul: I made my decision, effective end of the quarter.

Barbara: That's in a couple of weeks.

Paul: Time enough to lay this thing to rest.

Barbara: You can't be serious, Paul.

Paul: I'll replace myself. But mom, I know what I want. I want a life with Rose. I want children. I want work that I can be proud of, that they'll be proud of.

Barbara: B.R.O. is a brilliant success.

Paul: Our partnership is over.

Barbara: Then you leave me out of it. I'm giving it to you. I'm giving you B.R.O.

Paul: I don't want it. I don't want it!

Barbara: But you want a life. You want children? That takes money, Paul.

Paul: Well, despite your lack of faith in me, I feel fully confident that I can find another job.

Barbara: "Job"? Job, this isn't about a job. You can find a job. But with B.R.O., you have money and power, a platform.

Paul: Listen to me. Listen to me -- I don't want B.R.O.

Barbara: Then it will die.

Paul: Then let it die.

Barbara: You're willing to throw it away just like that?

Paul: Mom, look, I really -- I'm not trying to hurt you. I'm not. I appreciate everything you did in helping rescue Emily and Carly. And I understand -- I know that you regret involving yourself with James. But none of that changes the way I feel.

Barbara: You despise me.

Paul: No -- mom, I don't despise you. You are my mother.

Barbara: All right. Then you explain this to me, because I do not understand.

Paul: How many times have I sided with you against James? Hmm? And yet, when I fell in love with Rose, you sided with him -- enlisted him to kidnap her, torture her. Forget that I love her! She's a human being! If she hadn't escaped, she could've died. How could you do it?!

Barbara: I'm sorry.

Paul: Yeah, I know -- I know what you're going to say. I know it. I've heard it all. You didn't mean to do anything, you didn't mean to hurt anybody. But you know what? You never thought about anybody but yourself -- and that's why I don't trust you anymore -- and why I no longer will be your partner.

Rose: You know what I miss? I got to do a little shopping, you know. Maybe buy some new dresses and some fancy pants and some clip-in hairdo pieces and --

Carly: Think you can?

Rose: I don't know.

Emily: Hey, you guys, Hal's not here, so he asked me to hang around and wait for him if he wasn't here when I got back.

Carly: Emily, I'm sure he's fine.

Emily: Fine? I come home and find him in a psych ward, no thanks to James Steinbeck. I swear to God, if I didn't have a little boy, I'd buy an Uzi.

Carly: That's too easy anyway.

Rose: You got any ideas?

Carly: Well, if we can't get back at Steinbeck, we ought to get back at Weston.

Rose: Mm-hmm.

Carly: And make him suffer. You know, the same way that he made us suffer. Not just end his pathetic existence in an instance, but -- like, lock him in a sauna with 200 angry and starving rats.

Rose: Wow, I like you, because you're creative that way. You're artistic. And -- yeah. No, I was thinking maybe find a plastic surgeon, turn him into the oldest lady possible. Give him a paper bag and a bathrobe and some slippers and set him loose in a foreign country.

Emily: You're good. That's good.

Carly: Yeah, remind me not to make you mad.

Rose: Hoboken, you know. We know about revenge.

Carly: Well, I say we revisit this subject at a later date.

Emily: You got it.

Rose: All right. I got things to do. I got to go see some friends, show 'em my new, old face. And I got Paul. He's waiting for me.

Carly: Yeah, and Jack and Parker are waiting for me so -- you give Daniel a kiss, huh?

Emily: Thanks for gluing me back together, you guys.

Rose: Oh, man. Have glue, will travel.

Carly: And we'll talk tomorrow, okay?

Emily: Okay.

Daniel: Mommy?

Emily: Oh, come here! Oh, my big boy! Look at you! Oh, my baby. You're not a baby anymore, are you? Let me see you. No, you're not. You're all grown up. You are a great, big boy. You know what? Mommy's home, and I'm never going away again, I promise. So you get to tell me all about it, okay.

Daniel: Okay.

Emily: Thank you.

Tom: I packed a few things. I thought, perhaps, you like him to spend the night.

Emily: Really? Did you hear that? You get to spend the night with mommy.

Tom: And I wanted to apologize. Before you left, I was jumping to all the wrong conclusions, and even after you were kidnapped, I just refused to see it.

Emily: Well, Steinbeck had us all fooled. He's a pro.

Tom: Well, I should've known better. You were always a wonderful mother, and I hope you can forgive me for ever thinking otherwise. So I'll pick you up, buddy, tomorrow or whenever. I know that you and your mom have a lot to catch up on. Welcome home. And you, my friend, you take good care of your mom.

Daniel: Okay.

Emily: Okay. Good, good, I'm so excited to see you! Let me see. You still ticklish? You still ticklish right there? Ah!

Katie: Margo, I need to go back there. Hold on, I need just -- I need to find him! I need to see if he's okay.

Margo: Don't do it. Don't go!

Katie: Margo, please, please. Let me just see if he's okay. Let me just go out there, okay? I'm --

Margo: Katie, Katie, Katie, no.

[Katie sobs] Simon? Oh, my God, are you okay?

Simon: Yeah.

Katie: Oh, my God.

Cop: He tossed the bomb in a ravine in front of the house.

Margo: All right, get out. See if you can intercept these trucks. And see if you can get forensics out to the woods and get anything on that bomb.

Katie: Are you okay?

Margo: Are you okay, Simon? Simon, that was so stupid!

Katie: How could you yell at him, Margo? He just saved our lives.

Margo: I didn't say he wasn't brave. I said he was stupid. Come on, let's get you to the hospital.

Simon: No, I'm fine. I hate hospitals, don't.

Katie: At least we have enough evidence against Dahlia now. You can arrest her.

Margo: What evidence, Katie?

Katie: She bugged our house. She hit Simon over the head, she planted a bomb. I mean, that's at least three attempted murders, with you and me included. Not to mention the fact that she staged her own death. I mean, you can't deny that. She's not dead, is she?

Margo: All we have established is that she was missing.

Katie: And now you found her so you can arrest her.

Margo: Katie, all we know is that Dahlia tried to warn you that Simon had planted a bomb.

Simon: She planted the bomb.

Margo: Prove it, Simon. Fact -- the woman called 911 and stated that you were trying to kill your wife. Fact -- she tells Katie that you had planned to build a bomb. Fact -- there was a bomb, and you found it.

Katie: Yeah, but if he didn't find it, we wouldn't be having this conversation right now.

Margo: Fact -- Dahlia Ventura is the one who ends up injured.

Katie: I know, but for the hundredth time, she's faking it!

Margo: I know that, so you say. So I'm going to have to ask Dahlia myself.

Katie: And then what?

Margo: And then, Katie, I will try to figure out what really happened.

Simon: We have appreciated everything you've done.

Margo: All right. Simon, I really don't want your thanks.

Simon: Well, you're not listening to us!

Margo: Please, listen to me! Do you understand what you have done with this asinine sting to capture Dahlia?

Katie: I know, but it worked. It worked --

Margo: No, it didn't! Katie, a woman is dead. Someone has lost a life. And the more you continue with this game of "let's catch Dahlia," the worse it gets! You look guilty. Do you understand? There's nothing that I can do about it. If you had come to me when you first found the listening device, then maybe -- then maybe I could present something to the D.A. But as it stands now --

Simon: All right, so what happens now, then? Huh?

Margo: I question Dahlia, I gather whatever evidence I can, I see what forensics has to give me, and I confer with the D.A. But depending on how they want to go with it, it's simply out of my hands.

Simon: Are you saying that I could be accused of planting that bomb?

Margo: If the D.A. feels that the evidence tips in Dahlia's favor, yes.

Paul: You're my mother. That's not over. But as far as us being partners, no.

Barbara: All right. I will accept it. And I will accept responsibility for it. I'm just sorry, Paul.

Paul: Me, too.

Jack: The paperwork is done. It's time to take you down to a holding cell.

Paul: I'll make some calls about that lawyer.

Barbara: Thank you. In a perfect world, you'd change your mind.

Paul: In a perfect world for you. Take care.

Jack: You ready to go?

Henry: Now, look -- I am not here to cheat Rose. I am not here to wreck Worldwide. I am -- you know what? As a matter of fact -- as a matter of fact -- this is a good thing. There was a lot of money to be made, a lot of money to go around, believe me.

Lucinda: Oh, so you're trying to steal money from me?

Henry: No, no.

Lucinda: Look, I'm sorry, darling. Why don't you just get on the phone and telephone Rose and say, "Rose, where is my letter?" I'll tell you why you don't do that -- because you're working for James Steinbeck.

Henry: Oh -- okay. You know, I have been accused of working for a lot of people, all right? First this Dahlia -- Dahlia somebody. I was supposed to be working with her. Now this James somebody --

Lucinda: Oh, it's Steinbeck, and I'm not amused. I'm not.

Henry: Well, what can I say? We just don't click. You know, this is me walking out with my hands empty.

Lucinda: Ah, ah.

Henry: Okay, okay. You know what? Here. Here is the key.

Lucinda: Where did you get that key?

Henry: A nurse gave it to me.

Lucinda: I'm not amused. I am not amused, all right? Now, you come clean and tell me freely and openly what you did, or else I'm going to call the police.

Henry: No, Ms. Walsh, that's not a good idea. No, no, no. 'Cause they wouldn't understand the situation --

Lucinda: That's just too bad. No, why don't I just call them?

Henry: Why don't you put the phone down? Because I don't think --

Lucinda: I don't wish to put the phone down. You hang on. Hello? Thank you. I want to speak with Detective Hughes, please. Wait! Wait! Oh, stop, you weasel!

Emily: Hmm, look at this. M-o-m? You are a genius. I think I need to call Harvard, or maybe Princeton.

Hal: Hey! Look who's here! Hey, pal.

Emily: Yep.

Hal: How you doing'?

Emily: Guess what.

Hal: What?

Emily: Tom dropped off his bag, and inside his bag are his jammies. So Mr. Daniel -- see, we call him "Mr. Dan" because he's so big right now. Mr. Daniel gets to go home and stay with his mommy tonight.

Hal: Yeah?

Emily: Mm-hmm.

Hal: Well, guess what. Hey, Daniel, you know what's in here? My jammies. And you know what else? You and your mom are coming home with me -- because I'm all done here. Now, come on. We've got things to do. Like going to the store and picking up a bottle of ketchup and some fries and some ice cream to go on the fries. Come on, and some pancake mix. Come on, let's go. We're going home.

Rose: She looks beautiful, but in her eyes, she's got that look -- "I was stuck with Satan." You know?

Carly: Yeah, but she'll be all right. She's going to be back to herself once she realizes that she is truly home. Right?

Rose: Yeah, and then she'll spend the rest of her time thinking of ways to get back at you-know-who.

Carly: Well, I've been pretty angry myself. We got stuck at a red light on the way over here. I almost stuck my fist right through the dashboard.

Rose: That's inappropriate anger. Yeah. John told me about it.

Carly: John -- inappropriate anger is the one reason John Dixon avoids me.

Rose: Hmm. And black moods. We should expect some black moods. And we're entitled.

Carly: And then some.

Rose: This isn't going to go away. You know that?

Carly: Is that the Jersey girl speaking?

Rose: No, this is life I'm talking about. What happened to us is real. What was done to us was for no good reason at all.

Carly: You're right about that.

Rose: Mm-hmm. And when that happens, there's got to be justice.

Carly: You mean, like, in a trial?

Rose: Real justice.

Carly: Don't tell me you've lined up a plastic surgeon already.

Rose: No, I thought about it.

Carly: Realistically, what are you thinking?

Rose: Well, Weston is only a stone's throw away.

Carly: Well, let's get him.

Rose: Thank you.

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