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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 5/22/02

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Aaron: I know it sounds kind of weird, but I've been thinking about what I wanna do.

Holden: That's good. Come up with any ideas?

Aaron: I wanna fix motorcycles.

Holden: A motorcycle repairman. All right. Where are you gonna do that from? You don't have a shop.

Aaron: I could do it here. I mean, I got it all figured out. First, I'll do, like, guerilla marketing. You know, like in Seattle. Record companies send out their street teams to put fliers all over cars and post them all over the town, like when their new album's about to come out.

Holden: Okay. After the fliers, then what?

Aaron: Then I'll go out in the middle of the road and put a big sign out in red paint -- "Motorcycles repaired."

Holden: I have to admit, I haven't seen you this excited about anything since you've been here. But I do have to inform you that there are a few other shops in this town.

Aaron: I'll undercut those other guys. I'll repair everything. And I'll sit back, and I'll count the Benjamins.

Alison: You could tinker with my engine any time.

Rosanna: You haven't been taking your medication, have you?

Craig: You take it straight up, don't you?

Rosanna: Scotch, neat. Can you please explain to me this schizophrenic behavior? First you're all upset that I might have made Carly jealous, which was not my intention.

Craig: Please, stop with the innocence.

Rosanna: And now you're pleased that I made Carly jealous.

Craig: Well, my outlook has changed somewhat.

Rosanna: Since when?

Craig: Since your half-naked appearance may have provided something I hadn't expected.

Rosanna: Like what?

Craig: First, may I offer an -- apology?

[Rosanna laughs]

Rosanna: What -- what are you doing with that?

Craig: Well, I'm suggesting that maybe we pick up where we left off -- when you were wearing something like this.

Rosanna: I think I'm being seduced. But before I give in, may I know why?

Carly: You are now officially Parker's main man.

Jack: What? You didn't know that that pizza was a bribe?

Carly: He'll love you forever.

Jack: What about Parker's mom? I was hoping she'd love me forever, too.

Carly: Hmm.

[Cell phone rings]

Jack: Hold that pucker.

Carly: Are you kidding? I was about to fulfill your deepest desire for love everlasting.

Jack: Yeah, that -- hold that thought, too. Hello? When'd this happen? Where? Okay, fax the info to me. Listen, I want units at Hal's place, Fairwinds and Oakdale Memorial. You got me? No lights! And no one makes a move until they radio me first. If Steinbeck is spotted, consider him armed and dangerous. Do not hesitate with this guy.

Carly: Jack?

Jack: Border patrol called. Barbara's passport was used to re-enter the States. She's back.

Rose: Paul?! Paul!

Paul: Yeah. I'm awake. Is everything okay?

Rose: It's just -- it feels like a million needles being stuck into my face.

Paul: Well, the tingling sensation is normal.

Rose: Yeah, I know that. I know that. But I have my doubts right now. After -- I don't know if I believe them.

Paul: John and Bob will be in here later to take the gauze off.

Rose: Maybe they forgot a step or something. Maybe they didn't follow it perfectly.

Paul: They would not -- they would not have done the therapy if they didn't think they were confident that it would succeed. You have faith.

Rose: Okay.

Paul: You know what? I have faith. You know what? You know what? I've been -- I've been making some plans.

Rose: What kind of plans?

Paul: Wedding plans.

Rose: Oh, yeah? Really?

Paul: Yeah. As for the cake, I was thinking red velvet cake with grey icing in the shape of an armadillo? What do you think?

Rose: Oh, don't make me laugh, okay? It hurts. And I know you're trying to keep my mind off of this face, but please don't change the subject.

Paul: You know what, Rose? You are the subject. And don't change a thing about it.

Rose: Okay.

Dahlia: Katie, I don't have time to argue with you. We've gotta go.

Katie: I want you out of this house right now! Simon was right. This is proof. Your disappearance was such a sham. You wanted people to believe that Simon would --

Dahlia: You have to listen to me!

Katie: Forget it! More lies from you? No way! I am going to the cops. Where are you going? Simon! Simon, please help me! Dahlia is here!

Dahlia: Shh, keep your voice down! Just forget about Simon. He's not coming.

Katie: What are you talking about?

Dahlia: Look, I took care of him, sweetie. Okay, you have to trust me. I saved you. I had to save you.

Katie: Oh, God, no. No, you didn't kill him?

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Aaron: My dad and I were actually in the middle of something.

Alison: Um, sure. Whatever. I -- I could check out the livestock or something

Holden: If you wanna feed the chickens, there's a scratch bucket outside the coop.

Alison: Right.

Holden: Their family's been having a rough go of it with Emily still missing. Listen, we'll finish this conversation another time, okay?

Aaron: No, I don't wanna wait. I'm pretty psyched about this business thing. It's a pretty good idea, right?

Holden: Well, on paper, yeah. But there are still a few holes in the plan.

Aaron: Like?

Holden: There's the matter of this barn. It's not yours. And it's not mine. It belongs to mama, and I don't know if she'd be crazy about you turning it into a motorcycle repair shop.

Aaron: Well, maybe I can talk to her about it. Well, mama also likes the peace and quiet of the country. I'm not sure she'd enjoy the rumbling of motorcycles in this place, day in and day out. And the horses definitely wouldn't like it.

All right, so I can't use this place. It doesn't mean the whole idea's gotta be trashed, though, now, does it?

Holden: No. But to get a business license to fix motorcycles, don't you need some kind of technical training or degree from a trade school?

Aaron: I see guys doing this stuff all the time without that stuff.

Holden: Do they own and operate their own shops?

Aaron: You're bringing me down, you know that?

Holden: I'm not trying to do that. I'm just trying to get you to think things through. It's gonna be very hard for you to find customers who want their motorcycles to be fixed by a teenager.

Aaron: Dudes my age are gonna want me fixing their bikes.

Holden: Yeah, well, old dudes my age have more money to pay you. And they're not gonna trust you unless they know that you know what you're doing. Look, I'm not trying to bring you down here. It's just that Lily and I -- we want something good for you. Something that'll last.

Aaron: Okay, so maybe I'm not ready yet. But do I have to figure out every answer overnight?

Holden: No, no, of course not. But just so you know, a motorcycle repair shop is not your only option. We have a lot of friends in this town. You have a lot of resources to draw on. Just keep an open mind.

Aaron: Okay, I'll try.

Alison: Those birds are, like, vicious. One of them pecked my foot, and it really hurt! Have I been gone long enough?

Holden: Yeah, yeah, I think we're done. Just think about what I said. No pressure.

Aaron: Sorry about that.

Alison: No problem.

Aaron: We just had something that needed to be settled.

Alison: Well, now that you're free, how about that motorcycle ride you promised me?

Rosanna: You're not the first man to want me, Craig. I might even want you back. But I like the rules stated a little more clearly up front. We sleep together, what's in it for me?

Craig: Well, me, for one.

Rosanna: And Carly?

Jack: If you get Parker ready to go, I'll drop you both off at Molly's.

[Phone rings]

Carly: Hello?

Paul: Carly? It's Paul. Rose has a request.

Carly: Oh, sure, Paul. Anything.

Paul: You know what? Hold on, let me let -- she'll ask you. Hold on a second.

Rose: Carly? Carly, can you hear me?

Carly: Yeah, honey, you sound fine.

Rose: It's really hard to talk through all these bandages, so just humor me, okay? And I need you to tell me something I already know. Just tell me how much it hurt -- oh, hurt your face when Dr. Weston did this reverse procedure.

Carly: It was hideous.

Rose: We are two peas in a pod. Let me tell you. Oh, thank you for making me feel better and just reminding me how this goes. It's just -- listen, I'm about to be unmummified. And I know you're probably very busy right now, but would you mind if --

Carly: You want me to be there.

Rose: Well, I mean, in case Dr. Bob got the recipe wrong and I turn to look like meatloaf -- the guy, not the food. Paul's great. He's wonderful. And Lily's really busy, and I could really use --

Carly: Some girl power. All right, hon. You hold tight. The cavalry's coming, okay? I'll be there as soon as I can.

Rose: Thank you, Carly. You're the best.

Jack: No. No way. No way! No way!

Carly: Yes, yes. Yes, I know what she's going through. I'm not gonna abandon her now!

Jack: You are not gonna go to the hospital. We don't know where Steinbeck is, or if he had Barbara come here.

Carly: I thought Barbara stabbed James in Singapore.

Jack: Yes, if -- if our sources are accurate. But the trouble is, James was never reported dead, which means he very well might be out there running around wreaking havoc as usual. And I'm not taking that chance with you and Parker.

Carly: Well, there are gonna be cops at Memorial. You're gonna be there yourself. The place is gonna be loaded with uniforms. And it's not like I'm the only person on Steinbeck's lists. I mean, aren't Rose and Paul targets, too?

Jack: Oh, that's great. Yeah. So I have all three of you in the same room. Like one giant human bull's-eye.

Carly: Rose and Paul don't even have to know about Barbara. I won't tell them. And you'll probably have her handcuffed in the back of a cruiser before Rose gets her bandages off anyway.

Jack: Carly --

Carly: Look, Jack, after what Rose and I went through together, we're bonded for life. I've gotta be there.

Jack: All right.

Carly: Okay. I will call Molly and tell her to expect Parker.

Jack: Well, we're gonna have to get word to Hal, too. If he thinks Barbara's coming back, he's gonna wanna know about Emily, and I don't wanna get his hopes up. He's gotta know that Emily's not here. Come here.

Carly: What's that for?

Jack: Oh, I just have to remind myself that you're really here.

Dahlia: No one is dead, Katie! Put down the phone. Now, Simon may deserve to die, but I'll let the justice system handle that. All I did for now was knock him out cold.

Katie: Where is he?

Dahlia: I'm not gonna tell you that. For your own safety.

Katie: If he is lying out there somewhere hurt, you expect me just to ignore that?

Dahlia: If you wanna stay alive, yes! You have to trust me, Katie. I am your only salvation at this point.

Katie: Oh, you saved me? Right. No way, forget it. I am calling the cops.

Dahlia: Listen, you don't have to do that.

Katie: Simon, I'm coming. I'm coming! Simon!

Dahlia: Listen, I'm sorry about that. All right, but why did you have to hit me? For God's sake, I'm trying to save your life!

Katie: You were reaching for a gun!

Dahlia: I was reaching for a phone. What's the matter with you?

Katie: Get away from the door.

Dahlia: Simon may have come to by now. Katie, he is dangerous. And he's gonna be angry.

Katie: He is my husband. He is the only man that I will ever love. And if anyone needs to watch their backs because of him, it's you.

Dahlia: Listen, I will prove that I am here to help you. Yes, hi. This is Dahlia Ventura. I'm at Rural Route 25. It's just past the Route 23 turnoff with the mailboxes out front. Yes, you have to send the police right away. The owner of the home is Simon Frasier, and he's trying to kill his wife.

Hal: You look wonderful.

Carly: You like?

Hal: Thank God. I'd heard Weston reversed his handiwork. You look wonderful. Oh, Carly.

Carly: With a little forceful encouragement from Jack.

Hal: Well, I've always liked Jack's style. Tell me about Parker. Has he seen you?

Carly: Oh, yes, yeah. We can't stop hugging and kissing each other.

Hal: I've been worried about him. So many changes in his little life -- I've been worried sick thinking about how confused he must be.

Carly: Hal -- I think he's all right. Everybody took really good care of him while we were dealing with our separate nightmares. He's been asking about you.

Hal: Yeah?

Carly: I thought I'd bring him by when you feel up to it.

Hal: Well, guess what. I can go see him myself, because a whole team of doctors gave me a clean bill of health today. I can go home.

Carly: Oh, that's great. So you're feeling --

Hal: -- Unscrambled. I mean, I'm really, really tired because I don't like the dreams, so it's hard to sleep. But they tell me that'll pass.

Carly: Hmm. And the work?

Hal: Oh, no, not yet. Not yet. My kids are scattered to the winds. Will's with Bob and Kim, and I need to reconnect with Jennifer. And well, I need to find Emily before I can concentrate on being a cop again.

Carly: You have any idea where you're gonna look?

Hal: I just need to start, see where the leads take me, if I can find any leads.

Carly: I think I may be able to help you with that.

Hal: Do you know something I don't?

Carly: Barbara is back.

Hal: She's alive?

Carly: Jack just brought me by here to fill you in. He's out trying to track her down. Border patrol notified OPD that somebody using Barbara's passport just re-entered the country. And they're pretty sure it's her. No sign of James, though.

Hal: And Emily?

Carly: Nobody seems to know anything about her.

Craig: You got to get over this Carly complex.

Rosanna: Come on, let's not kid each other. You have all but admitted that you wanna make Carly more jealous. And you think you can do that by sleeping with me.

Craig: So?

Rosanna: So all I am is a means to an end for you. That doesn't deserve a little cynicism from me?

Craig: Well, I think that's a little harshly put.

Rosanna: Well, how would you put it? What am I to you? An amusement? A distraction?

Craig: Hmm.

Rosanna: The new love of your life?

Craig: Well, two out of three ain't bad.

Rosanna: It might kill you to hear this, but I have dealt with men like you before.

[Craig chuckles]

Craig: Oh, no you haven't.

Rosanna: Oh, yes, I have. You're just a slightly more polished version of the wolf sitting at the end of a hotel bar with just enough cash in his pocket to buy a poor, lonely woman a mai tai. Well, take your polished nails and go work the lobby downstairs.

Craig: Wait, no, no, no. I know the kind of guys you're used to dealing with -- these old money guys with suffixes affixed like titles to the back of their names. Swell manners and, jeepers, do they sure know how to show a woman a good time. They might even listen to you. Am I close?

Rosanna: What's wrong with class?

Craig: Nothing. And you've also known guys who were flat broke who have learned that a knock-off designer suit and a good game could get them in a nice restaurant, golf club. Maybe even a corporate boardroom if they could only get one thing.

Rosanna: Yes?

Craig: The money you have in your pocket.

Rosanna: You think -- you think that's the only kind of men I attract?

Craig: Oh, no, no. There are other men. There are the really nice guys who say they love you for who you are. They say they love the Rosanna. Maybe they do, but not the Cabot, the Cabot that thrives on prestige and power. That's too intimidating. They want you to deny that, though, and put love first. Go slumming with them and their fragile egos.

Rosanna: What kind are you?

Craig: All of that and none of it.

Rosanna: A paradox of perfection in my midst.

Craig: And a man you're not sure you can handle. But maybe it was that challenge that made you come walking out here the other night, wearing nothing but that sheet and a smile.

Rosanna: I don't think I was smiling.

Craig: Would you like to smile? A real, deep, all-over smile -- that could only come from knowing who I am?

Dahlia: I had to find some way to get away from Simon and protect you.

Katie: Oh, please. Like I would ever believe that you were some guardian angel who was swooping down to save me from the man that I would die for.

Dahlia: Listen to yourself. Are you so anxious to die for love? Because I'm warning you -- Simon would be only too happy to oblige. I mean, what about the elevator at the Lakeview? Or -- or the banister collapsing right here in your own home? I mean, how do you explain it? How do you explain the fact that you get a broken wrist and Simon walks away from this so-called accident without even a --

Katie: All right, enough! Enough! I don't want to hear any more of your stupid stories, okay? We found the bug that you left in our house. We know that you were listening to every little thing we said. Are you gonna deny that, too?

Dahlia: No. No, I set that up so that I could be one step ahead of Simon. Oh, my God. If he knows -- listen we gotta get out of here. I heard things on that bug, things that Simon said.

Katie: Things like what? You didn't hear that we hated or how much we hate because we were sure to leave that out.

Dahlia: Listen, Simon was ordering stuff. I don't know what it was so I checked it out. I looked into it. He's building a bomb.

Katie: What!

Dahlia: And if he found the bug, then he knows that I heard him. And his only option is to kill us both. Now, we've gotta go. Now, come on!

Simon: Dahlia, stop!

Katie: Oh, Simon! Are you okay please -- please, don't hurt me.

Simon: Shut up, Dahlia! No more performances! No more lies! This whole thing ends tonight.

Alison: But you promised.

Aaron: I never promised.

Alison: Okay, it wasn't exactly a promise, but you said we could go for a ride.

Aaron: I have too much to fix. And why are you in such a hurry anyway?

Alison: I don't know. Maybe it was you and your dad talking about goals and your future. Hearing that stuff from my mom makes me wanna run to the hills. I figured you felt the same way.

Aaron: You were listening to us?

Alison: I could kind of hear from outside. If you want, I can think of a few things to take your mind off that stuff.

Lucy: Hey, guys. What's going on?

Aaron: How's it going, Lucy?

Lucy: Pretty good.

Alison: What are you doing here?

Aaron: My dad lets her ride the horses.

Lucy: Abigail's horse is great. He's really gentle, but not slow. Have you ever ridden him, Aaron?

Aaron: Me? No, no. I don't like anything under me unless it's got an engine.

Alison: Maybe I could change your mind about that.

Aaron: What?

Alison: Nothing.

[Cell phone rings] Hello? At the Snyder farm. I didn't decide to come here until after I'd gone to the library. Because I figured you were busy, mom! What's the big deal? Lucy. Say hi to my mom.

Lucy: Hi, Dr. Stewart.

Alison: See? But -- fine, fine.

Lucy: You have to go?

Alison: I kind of lied about where I was going. Funny how parents don't like that. Aaron, maybe you could take me home?

Aaron: The bike wouldn't make it. Sorry.

Lucy: Fenwick's probably back to pick me up by now. He could give you a ride home.

Alison: Really? In the limo? You're coming, rig

Lucy: I have to say thanks to Holden. But just send Fenwick back here after he drops you off.

Alison: Well, you better get that motorcycle fixed. You owe me a ride. I guess I'll see you around.

Aaron: Oakdale is where I live.

Alison: Bye, Lucy.

Lucy: Bye.

Aaron: So you like to ride, huh?

Lucy: I only came in 'cause it was getting dark. I could stay out there all night. I hope I wasn't interrupting anything.

Aaron: Who, with Alison? Please.

Lucy: Well, it seemed like the two of you were having a conversation.

Aaron: Well, she was doing all the talking. Can I ask you a question?

Lucy: Sure.

Aaron: What do you think would make a good career for me?

Craig: I will use our association to drive Carly mad with jealousy.

Rosanna: Well, that was candid.

Craig: Why not? So your turn. Why are you here?

Rosanna: No, I don't think so. Bare my soul to you? I'm not Barbara Ryan.

Craig: Well, where did that come from?

Rosanna: Well, I might not know you, but I think I've gotten to know your history a little bit. You like to pick through a woman's psyche until you find just the right button and exploit it. "Why are you here, Rosanna? What do you want, Rosanna? Explain to me your inner-most longings, Rosanna." As soon as you find out the answers, you suck her spirit dry.

Craig: And then her bank roll.

Rosanna: And then move on.

Craig: A lack, alas. Can neither one of us be trusted?

Rosanna: Oh, please. You think I would betray you?

Craig: In a minute. You are selfish, vindictive and petty -- everything I expect in a partner.

Rosanna: Oh, stop, I'll fall in love if you say any more.

Craig: Hey, you're the silver spoon. You have money, class, and into an entire world that your sister can only imagine. And yet, here you are, pulling every trick in trying to steal her life.

Rosanna: That's not what I'm doing..

Craig: Come on, come on. You've got plans. I've got plans. Why don't we work together? Otherwise, we're just -- we're just wasting each other's time?

Carly: What Barbara and James did to us, to our families. Jack, he still can't talk about what Julia put him through. I don't think any of us are ever gonna be the same again. Do you? Hal?

Hal: No, I don't. We'll just have to figure out what normal is, Carly, and try to hang onto that. At least we're alive. We've got each other. I wish we could say the same thing about Emily.

Carly: You really love her, don't you?

Hal: Yes. And I know I'm gonna find her. As soon as I find Barbara, talk to Barbara, I'll question her. She'll tell me where James is, and I know that that will lead me to Emily. I will find her.

Carly: I'm gonna go to Rose. She needs me.

Hal: Okay. You'll let me know what happens.

Carly: Yes, yes. As soon as I can. Welcome back, Hal.

Hal: You, too.

Simon: Call the police, Katie. Don't you move a muscle.

Dahlia: I already called 911.

Katie: She's lying. You never hit send on your cell phone, Dahlia. Yes, the nature of my emergency? There's been an intruder in our house, and she's trying to threaten my husband and I with bodily harm. Rural route 25. And please hurry.

Simon: Go upstairs and wait for the police to arrive, Katie.

Katie: No, honey, I don't wanna leave you --

Simon: Just go! Go! Put your bag down now, Dahlia.

[Simon groans]

Dahlia: Run, Katie! It's a trap! He's got a bomb!

Katie: Get away from me!

Dahlia: He's got a bomb!

Katie: Simon! Get away from me! Simon!

Simon: Let her go!

Lucy: How am I supposed to know what kind of career you should have?

Aaron: My dad's on me to figure out my life. And you're smart. I figure you have some ideas.

Lucy: I don't know. I can barely figure out what I'm gonna do.

Aaron: Well, you're closer than me.

Lucy: Well, you could go back to school, work really hard and get into college.

Aaron: Okay, and join you at Harvard? Woo, Serious Sally!

Lucy: You did not just call me that.

Aaron: I asked you a question. Do you think I'm Ivy league material?

Lucy: I think you're putting yourself down. What do you wanna do? Not in like some mythical future, but right now?

Aaron: I wanna fix motorcycles, but not just my own. Maybe open up a business or a repair shop.

Lucy: If that's your goal, you should go for it. I think people rise to whatever goals they set for themselves. At least, that's what my mom says anyway.

Aaron: What does she do?

Lucy: Please don't ask me that.

Aaron: Why not?

Lucy: She runs a country.

Aaron: Not bad. Let's make a deal. You shoot for that fancy college, and I'll open up my own business.

Lucy: Deal. Does this mean I get a discount if I ever buy a motorcycle and need it fixed?

Aaron: I'll do it for free.

Lucy: Not that I've ever ridden a motorcycle or anything.

Aaron: Well, we could go for a ride before your chauffeur gets back.

Lucy: I thought you told Alison that the bike was broken.

Aaron: Ah. I'm the best young mechanic in the State of Illinois. A couple tweaks -- she's poised for action. All you have to do is put your life in my hands.

Craig: If you can make Carly jealous, why can't I?

Rosanna: Because you're using me to do it. After you're done with me, you'd dump me for her? No, thank you.

Craig: Rosanna, I didn't know you cared.

Rosanna: I don't. All I'm saying is, I think we should be very clear about what we're doing with each other.

Craig: Whoa, whoa, wait, wait. Are you afraid that one day you're gonna want more from me and I'm just going to up and leave you for Carly? Is that it? Like Mike Kasnoff?

Rosanna: You know, I have made it a rule in my life never to be blindsided by anyone or anything. I really don't feel like having my heart broken again. So this may all be a fun, little game for you, but I am a human. I do have feelings --

Craig: All right, all right. Well, look at me, and tell me what you feel.

Rosanna: I see the way you look at me. I think there's something very real going on here.

Craig: That is right.

Rosanna: I feel the way you touch me. You want me.

Craig: That's right.

Rosanna: Just be a gentleman about it. You wanna sleep with me, sleep with me. Just don't use me as a substitute for my sister. If you do, I promise you, I will walk.

Paul: Hey.

Rose: Hey.

John: How're you feeling, Rose?

Rose: Where's Bob? What a minute. Where's Bob? What, did he bail out on this experiment?

John: Bob's got a board meeting this evening, Rose, so you're stuck with me. Are you ready?

Rose: Paul?

Paul: I'm right here.

Rose: All right. Okay. All right, doctor, get your rubber gloves.

John: Okay.

Rose: Let's get on with this, okay. Okay.

Carly: Rose, you're gonna be fine.

Rose: I hope so.

Barbara: Excuse me. It's imperative that I see my husband, Lieutenant Hal Munson.

Nurse: I'll find out where he is.

Barbara: Thank you.

Jack: Your scars are gone. You look good.

Barbara: James arranged for the surgery using advanced techniques.

Jack: Where is he?

Barbara: I left him in Singapore, Jack.

Jack: With a knife in his side. I heard.

Barbara: Would you say that he didn't have it coming?

Jack: No, I wouldn't.

Barbara: Jack, I don't know what comes next for me, but I need to see Hal.

Jack: He's been through too much already, Barbara. Seeing you --

Barbara: Please, Jack.

Jack: I appreciate everything you've done to help with James. Sacrificing yourself to him and everything. But --

Barbara: But you still have to read me my rights.

Jack: Yeah. Yeah, I do.

Barbara: I understand. And I don't expect you to just drop the charges against me. But please, allow me to do one thing before you take me in. Please, Jack, just one thing.

Lucy: Maybe I shouldn't.

Aaron: Why?

Lucy: 'Cause I've never ridden a motorcycle before.

Aaron: I'm not telling you to drive the thing. All you gotta do is hold on.

Lucy: To what?

Aaron: To me.

Lucy: My grandmother, my mother, my father, Fenwick -- everyone except for Katie would kill me for doing this.

Aaron: So does that mean you're coming? 'Cause you're only one step away. And there's room. Remember the first time you rode your first horse? It's like that.

Lucy: It was a pony. It was very sweet, and I knew I wasn't gonna fall off.

Aaron: I would never let you fall.

Lucy: Ah.

Aaron: I haven't even started it yet.

Lucy: I know, I know.

Aaron: Are you on?

Lucy: How am I supposed to know? It's not like there's a seat belt.

Aaron: That's why you have to hold on to me. Take your arms and put 'em around my waist. It's not a come-on.

Lucy: You think this is really funny, don't you? What about all those repairs you had to do? This thing could explode.

Aaron: It's not gonna explode. Come on. Now hold tight, Lucy. Whatever you do, don't let go. Okay? Ready?

Lucy: Oh, my God.

[Engine starts]

Lucy: Oh, my God!

Aaron: Yeah, you're ready.

Lucy: Oh, my God!

Craig: Did I upset you?

Rosanna: No, no, forget it. Forget it. As long as we understand each other.

Craig: Oh, I -- I think we understand each other.

Rosanna: We're barely friends, Craig.

Craig: We kissed on it.

Rosanna: Well, let's not confuse attraction with affection. If I kiss you at all, it will be for my own satisfaction.

Craig: I think I can deal with that. You know, I think we almost have an agreement here. I help you, you help me.

Rosanna: No. I think I'll take a page out of your book and concentrate on helping myself. Good night.

Rose: Hey. Come on, tell me. How -- how do I look?

Paul: Perfect as always.

Rose: Oh, you're my biggest fan. I can't believe anything you say.

Carly: Give her the mirror, John.

Rose: You couldn't have gotten rid of those smile lines I had before all this happened?

John: I'm very happy for you, Rose.

Rose: Oh, come here. You tell that Dr. Bob, you tell him I owe him my life. Both of you, my life thank you so much.

John: I'll tell him.

Carly: Congratulations, honey.

Rose: Paul, it's over. I'm back to my old self.

Paul: Come here.

Katie: Is she dead?

Simon: No, no, she's still breathing.

Katie: Maybe I should call 911 again and have them bring an ambulance.

Simon: Let's just wait for the cops -- no, no, no, you're right. You're right. Give them a call. Call them.

Cop: Freeze, lady! You, too, pal! Nobody move.

Nurse: I called Dr. Michaels as you asked.

Hal: Did she say if the discharge papers were ready?

Nurse: They are. You can leave tonight if you like.

Hal: Oh, great.

Nurse: Wants you to call if you have any anxiety.

Hal: Oh, well, I'll probably be calling every minute on the minute.

Emily: Hi.

Hal: Are you real?

Emily: Yeah. Yeah.

Hal: Oh!

[Emily sobbing]

Hal: Emily. My Emily

Emily: Yeah.

Hal: I missed you. Oh.

Barbara: He loved me like that once. He loved me. And I threw it all away. Why could I have done that? How could I?

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