ATWT Transcript Friday 5/10/02

As The World Turns Transcript Friday 5/10/02

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Craig: Rosanna's trying to hurt you, Carly. I wouldn't believe a word she says.

Rosanna: Hello, Craig. So nice to see you.

Craig: I didn't know you were here.

Rosanna: Obviously not. Well, thank you for letting me see Parker. I should be going. I think I'll spend the rest of the evening reevaluating our relationship.

Carly: Your "relationship"? What are you talking about? You guys don't even know each other.

Rosanna: Oh, we bonded.

Craig: At the police station, when I rescued Parker, which I did for your behalf, and for Parker's. I didn't think you'd be too keen on her custodial arrangement.

Rosanna: Obviously, I was a little quick to drop the kidnapping charges.

Craig: No, you were too kind.

Rosanna: And so trustworthy. And I've kept all your little, secrets, haven't I?

Carly: Secrets? What secrets?

Rosanna: Can't say.

Craig: I don't know what she's talking about.

Carly: I think you do. I think she's referring to when you first saw the new me. Rosanna told me she heard somewhere that you thought I was too repulsive to be near.

Craig: Ladies, I think this is no time for sibling warfare.

Carly: So come on, Craig. Tell the truth. Did Rosanna hear that "somewhere," or did she hear it right from the horse's mouth?

Emma: Could you call Aaron and Luke, tell them it's time for dinner?

Holden: Sure. Oh, hey, I think they guessed it. Smells good, doesn't it, guys?

Rose: Don't waste any more money on expensive perfumes. Next time you wanna get Holden's attention, put a little cherry cobbler behind your ear.

Lily: Luke and Faith, please help me with the silverware, please.

Joe: Lily, let me give you a hand.

Rose: Would you take it easy, Pop? Come on, what are you, a super-hero? Just relax.

Joe: Rose, I got a black eye, not a broken arm.

Rose: You're not as young as you used to be. Look at that, the pot calling the kettle black.

Joe: No two-bit crook is gonna stop me from pitching in around the house. Lily, I'm in charge of the silverware.

Paul: Well, Joe, do the Police have any leads? Can they I.D. this guy that broke into your house?

Joe: Nah. And if that punk had left a calling card behind, they would've found it. At least he didn't steal anything. And he's not getting another chance. I put in a new security system, new deadbolts and a CD of a barking dog.

Rose: Oh, great. You should move out of Jersey.

Joe: And into where?

Rose: Hey, into Cal's place. Yeah, into Cal's place, with me. The only thing I gotta worry about hitting you is an antler falling from the ceiling.

[Cell phone ringing]

Henry: Oh!

[Cell phone ringing] Damn. What? Yeah, I'm here now. No, I haven't found it yet. Well, duh. You never finished looking in that place in Jersey. So? So -- so get back over there. It has to be there! It -- hello? Hello? That's really mature. That's very mature. That's nice.

[Cell phone ringing] Do not hang up on me again.

Katie: Henry, you've gotta help me.

Henry: Katie! I do not have time for this. I am very busy right now!

Katie: I was almost killed at the Lakeview. Was in an elevator, and it crashed to the ground. I thought I was -- oh, God. Somebody's trying to get in here, and they have a key. Oh, my God, Henry, he's back. He's gonna finish me off.

Lucy: Hey, aunt Katie. What's up?

Katie: Later. Okay, now he can't get in.

Lucy: Who can't?

Katie: Your uncle Simon.

Simon: Margo, Katie needs a police guard. All right? Her life's in danger.

Margo: All right, again, explain slowly. Come on.

Simon: All right, she was at the Lakeview when the elevator dropped several floors.

Margo: Oh, my God, is she all right? Did they inspect the elevator? What happened --

Simon: Look, she's fine, all right? But the -- management said it was due to a mechanical glitch. I --

Margo: But you think it's a Dahlia glitch.

Simon: All right, you have every reason in the world to doubt me. Every lousy thing I've ever done must be going through your head, 'cause God knows it's going through Katie's.

Margo: Things go through Katie's head?

Simon: Oh, come on, Margo. I'm being serious.

Margo: All right, Simon. Don't worry. I'll help you.

Simon: Good. 'Cause Katie's so sure that I'm the one trying to kill her, that she's forgetting to watch out for Dahlia. And that could be the last mistake that she ever makes.

Emma: What a great idea, Rose. Joe, I'd love to welcome you back to Oakdale. Holden and I haven't played the ponies since you've been gone.

Lily: Cal's place is perfect. It's got plenty of room. And Luke and Faith and this new baby on the way will need uncle Joe as a baby-sitter.

Rose: Lily, you're a genius, as usual.

Joe: About most things, kid. But you're missing the big picture here. My heart is with you in Oakdale always, but Jersey, that's where I hang my hat. Besides, where am I gonna get good provolone around here?

Rose: Hey, Tony two times. He'll send you the provolone like he did in Indiana. I don't want anybody taking another cheap shot at you anymore.

Joe: Don't you worry about me, honey. And by the way, you never looked more beautiful.

Paul: Hear, hear.

Rose: I told you he'd pretend nothing's wrong with the face.

Paul: Nothing is.

Joe: I've been loving that face since it was 6 months old.

Rose: You're gonna make me cry, Pop.

Joe: Yeah, well, before you get all weepy, you wanna tell me about that rock on your finger that keeps blinding me? I'm gonna have to put my shades back on.

Rose: What? This old thing right here? This old, old thing right here? Well, you're gonna have to blame him, 'cause Paul gave it to me.

Joe: Oh, yeah? What for?

Rose: I don't know. He said something about washing his shirts for the rest of my life.

Joe: That true?

Paul: No. The shirts part, no. It's -- I seem to remember me saying something about brains, beauty and an incredible heart. So what do you say, Mr. D'Angelo? Do I have permission to marry your daughter?

Carly: Answer me, Craig. Did you tell Rosanna that you couldn't bear to look at my face?

Craig: I don't know what I did for you to wanna punish me like this.

Rosanna: How, exactly, am I punishing you?

Craig: You're trying to make Carly believe that my feelings for her are less than sincere. I never said I was repulsed by Carly. Did I, Rosanna?

Rosanna: No. From the moment I met Craig, he's made it clear that he's crazy about you.

Jack: What are you doing here, Montgomery?

Craig: Ah, Jack, here at last.

Carly: Hi.

Jack: We found Weston.

Carly: What? Is Emily with him?

Jack: No. I'm sorry. We didn't get any leads on Barbara or Steinbeck, either. I've got some good news. Weston's agreed to perform a procedure that will reverse what he did to you and Rose.

Carly: He can do that?

Jack: Yeah. They're lining up the facilities at Memorial as we speak. Everything's gonna be okay.

Carly: But I have -- I have to see him?

Jack: No, not without me. Now, go, go. Go get packed for the hospital. We gotta leave right away.

Carly: Jack?

Jack: Carly?

Carly: Okay, I'll get my things.

Craig: Well, that's the best news I've heard since Barbara started this whole nightmare. Carly's gonna look like her old -- well, her young self again.

Jack: Yeah, and you knew all about it already. Didn't you?

Lucy: But I thought you loved uncle Simon.

Katie: I do. Of course I do, more than anything. Can you help me out with this? It's just that I can't imagine him ever hurting me, but I have no other choice of what to think. All these things keep happening.

Lucy: What things?

Katie: Crime things. And he's always there when they happen.

Lucy: You know uncle Simon better than I do but, Katie, if he wanted to kill you, you'd be dead by now.

Katie: You're probably right. No, wait, you're definitely right. Simon's smart, like me. And if I wanted to make Dahlia disappear, I wouldn't get in a fight with her in front of a bunch of people. And if I wanted to kill Jill the lawyer, I wouldn't stop me from going to see her and insist that I go and see her, if I was about to kill her. Right?

Lucy: Huh?

Katie: And then, if I wanted to cut the cables to the elevator to kill me, I wouldn't be walking through the lobby right afterwards. I'd be 1,000 miles away trying to cover my tracks. Oh, I don't know how I could have ever doubted me.

Lucy: No offense, aunt Katie, but sometimes you're harder to understand than my Latin teacher.

Katie: Can you help me out with this? I've gotta go find Simon and tell him I'm -- I mean, he's innocent. Thank you. Thanks.

Cop #1: Mrs. Frasier?

Katie: Yeah?

Cop #1: Detective Hughes wants you at the station.

Katie: Margo, I don't really have time for this right now.

Margo: I heard you were in need of police protection because there was an attempt made on your life. Right?

Katie: Yeah, well, the hotel management didn't seem to think so, but I heard someone above me cutting the elevator cable.

Margo: Okay. That's the easy question. Now for the hard one. Do you think that the person you heard cutting the cable was Simon?

Katie: No -- not anymore. At first, I was really shaken up, and he had some really weird explanations for why he was there. And I admit it -- for a minute, I was scared of him. But then I realized he's my husband. He's the love of my life. He would never try to hurt me.

Margo: Okay. Why don't you wait in the interrogation room while I check out things at the Lakeview?

Katie: Margo, I don't have time for this! I need to -- find Simon.

Simon: So what's this?

Margo: It's your marriage. You figure it out.

Joe: You gonna treat my little girl like -- like a queen?

Paul: Like the queen she is. I'll even send my shirts out. I just need her near me, by my side for the next several decades. That's all.

Joe: I -- I can't blame you for saying that. I had her by my side for a couple of those myself, and they were wonderful years. You ever need me --

Rose: I know. I know, Pop. I know.

Joe: You ever hurt her --

Paul: I know, Joe.

Luke: Let's open the presents!

Lily: That was supposed to be a surprise.

Emma: Hey.

Luke: Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Rose: That's okay! Just don't tell me what's in the boxes, all right?

Emma: Just a few little engagement presents. We'll open them after dinner. Okay?

Rose: All right, let's eat then. 'Cause I don't wanna wait for presents.

Emma: All right.

[Phone ringing]

Rose: Ah. Timing, terrible. Excuse me.

[Phone ringing] John Dixon. Hello?

John: Rose, it's John Dixon. How are you feeling?

Rose: Happy. My Pop came from Jersey, and Emma made this great dinner and -- you're not asking about my social life. What's up?

John: No, Rose, I was wondering if you'd come down to Memorial.

Rose: Now?

John: Yes, now. Right away. The police are on their way over here with the man you know as Dr. Weston. And he's promised that he will try to reverse the procedure that he did on you and Carly.

Rose: But they said they couldn't do that unless they gave him a deal. And tell me, please tell me they didn't give him a deal. Don't tell me this guy's gonna walk.

John: Rose, I don't know any of the details. I just know that it is -- it's completely up to you as to whether you want to have this done or not.

Rose: So I don't have to do it?

John: No, you don't have to. But I must tell you that our specialists here, they're at a loss, Rose. Now, this may be the last chance you have to reverse this process.

Craig: I'm sorry to disappoint you, Jack, but I was as surprised as Carly was to hear the news about Weston.

Jack: I'm not buying it.

Craig: Well, I don't care. Because my concern is Carly, not you. And I'm gonna be with her every step of the way. But I better call Lucy, let her know --

Jack: No, you know what? Margo already told me that you knew that Weston was gonna treat Carly. So go home, Craig. Give Carly a break. When you thought her damage was permanent, you were making the moves on her sister. And now Margo tells you that Weston's gonna make everything nice again and you show up with bells on! You're a classy guy.

Craig: What I am is human, Jack. You wanna go upstairs, tell her I'm a bum? Go ahead.

Jack: No -- see, I don't play like that. I would never do that.

Craig: No, you didn't tell her because you don't like the look that comes into her eyes when she hears my name. And you haven't exactly been straight with her, either, have you?

Jack: What are you talking about?

Craig: You didn't tell her that I didn't go to help her, because you were protecting her? You didn't tell her that I moved heaven and earth to save her and save your life?

Jack: What -- and kiss her sister? Hey, you want full disclosure, man, full disclosure means you telling her about you and Rosanna making cozy while she was lying in a hospital bed!

Craig: You want her to know?

Jack: Listen, I can't stop you from coming here and declaring your undying -- whatever.

[Craig laughs]

Jack: But if you hurt her -- if Weston's treatment fails and you run off again, I'd be looking behind you, man, because I am coming after you.

Craig: Weston's treatment is not gonna fail, Jack. She's gonna be as beautiful as ever. That's why you hunted him down, because you prefer a young Carly, too, don't ya? We're a lot more alike than you care to admit.

Jack: Get the hell out of my house. Get out.

Craig: No, that's fine. You take her to the hospital, and you spend all night. But I'll be there next morning.

[Jack sighs]

Craig: Good night, Rosanna.

Rosanna: Well -- that is really wonderful news about this procedure. Is there anything I can do?

Jack: No. You know, the million-dollar award you posted? That was more than enough. And that's the only reason we found Weston so fast. And now he's gonna work on Carly before any more damage can set in. And she'll be fine.

Rosanna: Then why are you so worried? Come on, Jack. I'm her sister. Don't you think I have a right to know what's going on?

Jack: Weston said that he's pretty sure he could fix Rose. But Carly was there a hell of a lot longer. And he said that all patients are different. All he could promise was the treatment wouldn't make Carly's condition any worse.

Rosanna: Oh, I'm sorry. Well -- I'll leave you two alone, then.

Jack: Hey! Got your bags packed? Where is your bag?

Carly: Jack -- I'm sorry. I'm not going.

Rose: Emma, the entire time I was at that spa, I was thinking about your cooking and the biscuits and the cobbler. And now here I am walking out on it.

Emma: Oh, don't you worry. I'll make all of it all over again for you.

Rose: All right.

Emma: Take care, now.

Rose: Okay.

Luke: Is it gonna hurt your face to get fixed?

Lily: Uh, Rose has a million decisions to make right now. We shouldn't bother her with a million questions. Okay?

Joe: I'm going with you.

Lily: Me, too.

Rose: Oh, no, no, no! Hold your horses, okay? Okay? All right? I got -- I got Paul. I'll call you guys and let you know what's going on. You just stay here and enjoy.

Joe: Come here, honey. Your mama's gonna be watching over ya.

Rose: Hey, who knows -- maybe I'll be beautiful when you walk me down the aisle.

Joe: Don't you listen to anything I say? You already are.

Rose: All right.

Emma: I love you.

Paul: All right. Bye, everybody. See ya.

Luke: Does this mean we're not gonna see aunt Rose open her presents?

Lily: We will. When she gets back. Okay?

Aaron: Grandma -- can I be excused? I have to go someplace.

Emma: When will you be back?

Aaron: Not too late.

Emma: Okay. The keys are on top of the refrigerator. I'll leave the light on for you.

Holden: Everything okay?

Aaron: Yeah. Why wouldn't it be? Later.

Simon: This is nice. I wish we could stay like this for longer.

Katie: What does that mean? It sounds like you're running out on me.

Simon: Look, I've told you this a thousand times, Katie. I am Dahlia's target. If you're anywhere near me, then you are not safe.

Katie: You're not just talking about a few nights away from each other, are you?

Simon: Ah. I don't know how long this is gonna take!

Katie: Simon, you're making it sound like you're leaving forever. If Dahlia has some stupid score to settle with you just because she thinks that you killed her sister, that's no reason to leave. You've gotta stay and fight her!

Simon: Look, I would. I would, if that's not -- it's only gonna put you in more danger.

Katie: So what? You move away somewhere else? And then what? You find another wife? Then Dahlia tracks her down and hunts her down and wants to kill her --

Simon: Listen, listen -- I am not gonna marry again, no matter what happens, no matter what the upshot -- you will always be my wife.

Katie: Then start treating me like one. We got into this whole mess because you think that you need to do all this by yourself. Confront Dahlia and go meet Jill. Let's -- stop trying to protect me and just let me help you, okay?

Simon: It's not gonna work, is it?

Katie: Why not?

Simon: Because, deep down, you already think that our marriage is a lie.

Katie: No, I don't! How can you say that, Simon? I love you more than anything!

Simon: When that elevator was plunging -- all right? And you thought you were gonna die, what was your last thought?

Katie: I should have taken the stairs?

Simon: You knew someone was after you, right? And you thought that someone was me.

Carly: I was upstairs, getting packed, getting ready to go. I said good-bye to Parker, and I gave him a kiss. But he wouldn't let me go. And I told him that I'd be back, that everything is gonna be just fine. But he couldn't stop crying, Jack. And that's when I realized just how much this Weston has to answer for -not just because he hurt me, but he hurt my little boy more. And I will not forgive him for that, Jack. And I cannot face him again.

Jack: No, you won't have to, at least not alone. John Dixon's gonna be there. Probably Bob Hughes, me --

Carly: That's not gonna matter, Jack! The only person I will see is Weston.

Jack: He can't hurt you anymore, Carly.

Carly: You don't understand. When we first got to that spa, in the beginning, he seemed almost nice. We were being pampered, you know? Tea and fruit drinks and relaxation sessions in the Aromatherapy room -- but every time I took a sip, every time I took a breath, I was being drugged. And Rose figured it out, but my brain had turned to cotton. And it got worse.

Jack: All right, all right, come on. Sit down. You gotta tell me what happened. Hmm? And you gotta deal with this, before it deals with you -- for a long time.

Carly: I was wrapped in this gauze stuff from my head to my toes. And I could hardly move. And then Weston stopped the drugs so he could get -- so he could get "feedback," he called it. And I could feel myself changing in my face.

[Carly sobbing] I begged him to stop, Jack, and every time that I screamed in pain, every time that I wept for you or for my little boy, he just sat there, Jack, writing in his notebook. I was just an experiment to him. I'm not a person. I can't do it. I can't let him touch me, Jack. I can't let him touch me again.

Lucy: Hi, Dad.

Craig: Hi.

Lucy: Bye, Dad.

Craig: What, that's all you have to say, a nice, educated girl like you?

Lucy: Listen, I'll clean up the mess when I get back. Promise.

Craig: Why, where are you going?

Lucy: I'm meeting Alison downstairs. We're going on a manhunt.

Craig: Oh -- oh --

Lucy: Dad! Alison's waiting for me. We have to find this guy.

Craig: Oh, so this isn't a hunt for men in general, then?

Lucy: No, no.

Craig: So -- and this guy you're looking for hangs out in the lobby?

Lucy: Mm, Al's diner. We saw him there before, so we're going to go stake it out. We have to find him. Alison's in love.

Craig: Oh, Alison's in love, not Lucy.

Lucy: Ugh, no. Wouldn't take this guy on a bet. He cheats on his girlfriend. Who'd want a loser like that? Hmm.

Craig: Okay. Rosanna -- we have to talk. Your place or mine?

[Crashing sound]

Henry: Nothing.

[Motorcycle approaching]

Holden: Aaron? Aaron! Are you out of your mind? What the hell were you thinking?

Aaron: Oh, I don't know. You know, "Rose has been real great to me. Maybe I'll trash her place."

Holden: Wait a minute. Wait.

Aaron: I didn't do this!

Holden: I never thought that you did. But you never should have come here alone. Remember what happened to Joe? Look at this place. I mean, whoever did this, they could have had a gun. You should have called the cops.

Margo: Ah, he did.

Rosanna: What's the matter? Cat got your tongue? And here I thought we were gonna discuss your undying love for my sister.

Craig: We are.

Rosanna: Well, let's get to it, then. That was quite a little performance you gave earlier. If I hadn't heard you with my own ears beating yourself up because you couldn't stand the sight of her, I would have bought it.

Craig: It doesn't mean I don't love her. I do. But I need her to believe that love is unconditional.

Rosanna: Until it isn't. Come on. I mean, we both know if Dr. Weston's procedure fails and Carly ends up looking like the 2,000-year-old woman for the rest of her life, you will dump her.

Craig: Weston won't fail.

Rosanna: Oh, you're a betting man?

Craig: Every waking moment.

Rosanna: Well, can you just stop playing a game for a minute and tell me what it is about Carly that just makes you wanna hang onto her?

Craig: Maybe the same thing that makes you determined to keep her down.

Rosanna: I have no interest in hurting my sister.

Craig: No, you just don't want anybody to think that you're the bad girl. That's supposed to be Carly, right?

Rosanna: "Bad girl"? I am a wonderful person.

Craig: Oh, you're very nice -- on the outside.

Rosanna: What's that supposed to mean?

Craig: Well, you're not gonna actually push her off a cliff, but if she lost her man, her looks, or maybe her little boy, you'd be okay with that. Because on the inside, I think you believe that nice girls really do finish last.

Jack: Okay. I understand that seeing Weston again will hurt. But --

Carly: But you want me to. Because you want me to look like I used to.

Jack: No -- I don't care about that, Carly! Don't you get that by now? I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to grow old with you.

Carly: Sorry, Jack. I've been there, done that.

Jack: Hey, listen -- okay, listen. The only reason I wanna pursue this any further is to make sure that Weston didn't do any internal damage! I wanna make sure that that respiratory problem you were having when I found you was --

Carly: And I don't even want to think about what else Weston could have done to me. I just want to be with you. I just want to enjoy my son.

Jack: Yes, yes. That's what I want, too. I want, too because I love you both. And I just wanna make 100% sure that you're healthy. That's all. And if Weston can make sure --

Carly: And what if he does something worse?

Jack: Wha -- he's not stupid. He knows his only shop at leniency is to prove to a judge that he could fix what happened to you and Rose.

Carly: And that's what a rational man would think.

Jack: Yeah.

Carly: But he -- Weston is crazy, Jack.

Jack: Hey, listen -- I'm crazy, too! I'm crazy Jack! And Weston knows that. We had a little conversation far away from anybody else. Believe me.

Carly: And you threatened him?

Jack: Well, if I had known what I just found out about the note-taking -- I wouldn't have stopped there. I would've killed him, Carly.

Carly: And then where would we be now, G-man? I would be ancient forever, and you'd be in prison.

Jack: Hey, then we both have second chances. Let's take him.

Carly: I'll get my bag.

Rose: I hate hospitals. Did I ever tell you that? 'Cause I -- I really hate 'em.

Paul: You told me a couple minutes ago. And a couple minutes before that. And a couple minutes before that.

Rose: Oh, sorry. I'll stop.

Paul: Are you worried about Weston?

Rose: Ah -- I'm worried I'm gonna scratch his eyes out. I gotta keep him safe until he takes care of us. I'm worried about Emily. Worried -- what did he do to her? What kinda deal did Jack make with that Looney Toon so he can get outta here? I mean -- it's a list there. Long enough for you?

Paul: Well, where are you on that list, huh? Is part of you worried that maybe -- what if this treatment doesn't work?

Rose: I'm terrified. I could kick myself for even caring. I don't want that Dr. Weston to touch me. You know? But I feel like I'd be betraying Libby and all the other women that he murdered. But this little voice inside of me is saying, "I can get my face back." Is that crazy? "Let the psycho go free so Rose can be wrinkle-free!"

Paul: Oh, what about Carly? What about Carly? Don't you want this for her?

Rose: Yes, of course I do, but --

Paul: Okay, all right, all right. No, no buts. If you demand this for Carly, then demand it for yourself. Weston is gonna fix this mistake he's made. And then, Rose -- then he's gonna pay.

Simon: Why should you trust me? I mean, there's one thing you know about me for sure, and that's that I've been married four times, and the whole time, it was for money. So of course you've got your doubts!

Katie: But they're not -- Simon -- my doubts aren't about your past. They're about mine. When I was growing up, I dreamed about what my husband would look like. He was tall, and he had black hair, and he would make me feel so safe. And then when I met you, there you were, standing in front of me. And I thought to myself, "he's real. He's actually real." And then we had this beautiful, amazing wedding. And I said to myself, "I've finally done it. I've arrived at my most perfect place in the world, and all I have to do is live there."

Simon: I wanted that for you. I did.

Katie: I know.

Simon: And I still do.

Katie: I know. I wanted to believe that our cottage was the only place in the world where everything was good. But then you started disappearing. And now you're saying good-bye. And I can't hold onto everything that's slipping away from me. My past is filled with people saying good-bye. My dad died when I was a little girl. And my mom and I went on the road. And everywhere I went, I met people. I met friends that I couldn't keep. I had a brother, and I had sisters that I barely knew. It's my fault, Simon. I guess I just didn't trust you because it was easier for me to believe that you didn't really love me than it was to believe that, after a lifetime of good-byes, someone was there to stay.

Margo: Nothing of value seems to be missing. Money, jewelry -- nothing's been touched.

Aaron: Too bad.

Margo: Yeah, it does make it trickier. Motive for burglary.

Holden: I'm just glad that Rose decided to check into the hospital tonight.

Margo: Oh, she shouldn't be anywhere near this place. I'm gonna keep a patrolman here till we figure out what the perp is really after.

Aaron: Can I go?

Margo: Sure, yeah. Thanks for calling in, Aaron. Holden -- just one thing. What brought you two here?

Holden: Well, Rose called me from the hospital. She wanted me to come and check and make sure she had locked the place.

Margo: Huh. Well, our guy seems to have broken in through a window. I'll be in touch. Thanks.

Holden: We should probably get outta here, too.

Aaron: Aren't you gonna ask me why I'm here?

Holden: No, I wasn't gonna do that.

Aaron: You must want to know.

Holden: Yeah, I have to admit, I am a little bit curious about why you're here. But I trust you. And if I ask you, it's gonna seem like I don't trust you. So I'm not gonna ask.

Aaron: I came by 'cause I felt bad -- not getting Rose an engagement gift.

Holden: Well, nobody expected you to do that.

Aaron: Yeah. But I wanted to. Maybe do something for her car. You know, tune it up or change the oil or something like that. I was on my way to the garage, and I -- that's when I noticed the front door was open. You believe me. Just like that?

Holden: Yeah, just like that. You're my son. I believe you. And if you wanna do something for Rose, I think maybe you could clean this place up for her. She'd appreciate that.

Aaron: Ah -- maybe I'll just get her a card. You know -- Rose probably shouldn't come back here till they catch this guy. I mean, he came here looking for something. He didn't find it.

Holden: You sound like a cop.

Aaron: Well, you live with one long enough, you start thinking like 'em.

Holden: Yeah. Well, keep thinking. Maybe one of us can figure out who did this.

Simon: If I leave, you'll be safe.

Katie: If you leave, I'll lose the only thing that matters to me.

Simon: All right, Mrs. Frasier, since we're gonna do this together, are we gonna stay, or are we gonna go?

Katie: Let's go -- to the only place where I can protect you and you can protect me.

Simon: Right, and where's that?

Katie: Home.


Rosanna: You're not the first man who's misunderstood me

Craig: Oh, I think I understand you all too well. You'd like nothing better than to see your sister go down.

Rosanna: If that is the case, why did I donate a million dollars to capture Dr. Weston? Even Jack said that was the only reason they caught him so quickly.

Craig: That reward should have been for the safe return of your sister the moment you heard she was missing. Instead, you flew to Oakdale and helped yourself to her son.

Rosanna: I took care of Parker until Carly came back. And when she came back, I gave him back. Why do you keep trying to find a sinister motive here?

Craig: Maybe because you seem to have so much invested in believing that Weston's treatment won't work.

Rosanna: Look, despite my rather rocky relationship with my sister, I -- have no interest in her being disappointed -- in a treatment or a relationship.

Craig: Well, I think you're gonna be pleased because she will be healthy, and I will be right there.

Rosanna: Ah, and at last the conversation has come back to where we started -- you.

Craig: All of our conversations, including that one that ended so deliciously, have been about Carly and you wanting what she has.

Rosanna: And thatís where you're wrong, Craig, because I'm competing with Carly. Sheís strictly bargain basement, blue light special.

[Craig laughs] It just so happens that I am and have everything that you really want. And despite certain lapses in judgment and character on your part --

[Craig laughs] I find you rather interesting. But I'm warning you -- if you keep going after my sister, I'm going to take my little goodie basket and share it with someone else. Okay?

[Craig laughs]

Rosanna: Think about it. Sleep tight.

Rose: Hey, over here, Grandma!

Carly: Hey. Who're you calling Grandma, Grandma? Hey, Rose. I'm glad you're here.

Rose: Oh, yeah, you, too. Hospitals are terrible, you know? Then you throw Weston into the mix -- my knees are doin' the Mexican hat dance. But everything shakes when you're our age, right? How old are we? They'll have to carbon-date us when they find out. How old do you think we are?

Carly: Do you always talk so much when you're afraid?

Paul: Yeah. I canít shut her up.

John: So, how are the two of you feeling today? That good, huh? Listen, the good news is thereís no surgery involved with this procedure. Itís just a series of injections and wraps.

Carly: We have to be wrapped again?

Jack: I'm gonna be with you all the time.

Rose: So -- whereís Weston?

Carly: Do we -- do we have to see him?

Rose: I mean, yeah, canít we just do the --

Weston: Ah, Rose and Carly! Two of my favorite creations. What a pleasure itís going to be to work on you again.

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