ATWT Transcript Wednesday 5/8/02

As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 5/8/02

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Katie: You're asking me to leave you?

Simon: No, Katie, I'm not asking. I'm insisting - ordering you, if I have to, yes. I think you should go someplace safe.

Katie: What's safer than being here with you?

Simon: The Lakeview. Go to the Lakeview. Make sure you stay in Craig's part of the suite. There, I think, you'll be safe. You shouldn't be alone.

Katie: I wouldn't be alone if I was with you. You're my husband.

Simon: The husband that you've been running away from the last few days. See, I come in here to find you, what? Rummaging amongst my stuff, trying to find evidence?!

Katie: Evidence of your innocence.

Simon: What? To prove to Henry?

Katie: And to myself. I want to believe you, Simon. I need to believe that you did not hurt Dahlia or Monique or Jill or -

Simon: -- Or you?

Katie: I didn't say that.

Simon: You didn't have to.

Katie: I'm sorry, Simon. I know how I must sound.

Simon: That's why you have to go to the Lakeview. I know things are really confusing right now. It's what Dahlia wants. She wants - she wants you to look at me and not know who I am. I swear to God, if anything happened to you, she might as well put a knife straight through my heart.

Katie: See, Simon, when you say stuff like that, of course, all my doubts just fly away. I know that you love me and you care about me more than anyone in the world-which is why you and I need to stay close because I need to not forget that.

Simon: Being close - being close is what Dahlia wants. She wants to set you up as a moving target. She wants to set me up as the fall guy. God, think about it, Katie! Think. If you get hurt, or worse, who's the first person the cops are gonna come after?

Katie: You.

Simon: You're afraid to be separated? Huh? Think how separated we're gonna be when I'm hauled off for life in prison and you're taken off to a hospital.

Katie: Honey, please -

Simon: It's not gonna happen, Katie! It's not gonna happen to you or to me. Now, until I can prove that I have nothing to do with this Dahlia madness, I am the most dangerous person for you to be around right now.

Mitzi: Okay. So we got the invitations picked out. That's one big "to do" already done. So? Now you and Paul are gonna have to nail down a date because the printer said he needs 30 days. And you're gonna have to mail 'em out in time for people to plan ahead.

Rose: Right. Paul and me will get on that.

Mitzi: You know, you should be a little more excited. You're actin' like we're planning a wake.

Rose: No, I am. It's just – this - details. So many details. You've got to pick, pick, pick, pick, pick.

Mitzi: Too much pressure?

Rose: No, it's just that I wish - I didn't want to have any wedding plans set until I figured out how have to have a thick veil, you know, with big jewels in front of it.

Mitzi: I knew it. I told Paul that you would be concerned about your -

Rose: Concerned? Yes, I'm concerned. Of course, I'm concerned. I'm just - I was trying so hard to get over it, you know? But I just - I saw this specialist with Carly.

Mitzi: Why didn't you tell me? I would have gone with you. What'd he say?

Rose: He wanted to examine me like a lab rat. Said he was fascinated by my chronic condition.

Mitzi: Aw, Rose. I'm sorry. So there's nothing he can do?

Rose: He said he could take me out on the medical lecture circuit. Not exactly what I had in mind.

Mitzi: What did Paul say?

Rose: Paul's just been - he's just been so - so amazing. I just didn't have the heart to tell him yet.

[Mitzi clears her throat]

Mitzi: Well, you better get the heart, 'cause now's your chance.

Paul: Yeah, Rose. Here's your chance.

Jack: That was my buddy from the bureau. The plane landed. He's got two agents with Weston. They're bringing him here right now.

Margo: All right, well, you better clear the joint out because if Lucinda's stringers get a hold of this or WOAK -

Jack: Yeah, I know. It'll be a zoo.

Margo: I'm gonna get the Interrogation Room ready. You gonna call Carly?

Jack: No. No, I don't want Carly to know about this. I'm gonna meet Weston face-to-face. I want to make sure this is a done deal, get him to admit everything. And then I'll tell Carly. She doesn't need to be under stress.

Margo: All right. It's your call. But I, for one, can't wait to lay my eyes on that perverted piece of -

Jack: Oh, believe me, I know what you're talking about.

Agent #1: Detective Snyder here?

Jack: Yeah, right here.

Agent #2: I've got a transfer for you. His name's Weston?

Jack: This is Weston?

Weston: I am afraid that there has been some mistake. My name is Townes. Dr. George Townes.

Jack: Yeah, right. Weston, Townes - the same name, inside out. So this compulsion you have to mess with young girls' faces - when did that start?

Weston: No, I tell you, there's been a mistake.

Margo: Really? What kind of mistake is that?

Weston: Well, my name is George Townes. The "doctor" in front of it is a PhD - a Doctorate in Existential Theology.

Bonnie: Isaac. I thought you left.

Isaac: I told you I couldn't leave without knowing you were all right?

Bonnie: Why wouldn't things be all right? Couldn't be better. Although, it's too bad you just missed my mother.

Isaac: Why didn't you just get on that plane with your mom and go home? Why are you doing this to yourself?

Bonnie: Doing what?

Isaac: Getting involved in this thing with Ian way over your head.

Bonnie: This "thing" I'm doing is marrying a man who adores me, someone who is sure of who he wants and what he wants.

Isaac: But what do you want?

Bonnie: Isn't it obvious?

Isaac: No. What's obvious is that any man with eyes and a brain would want you. I want you. Ian wants you. Where does that leave us?

Bonnie: I guess that leaves you wanting.

Isaac: If Ian and I weren't in the picture for a minute, what would you want then? Or do you not know unless there's a man in the equation?

Bonnie: Ian just took my mother to the airport. If you are smart, you'd high-tail it out of here before he returns.

Isaac: I'm not afraid of Ian. I'm not even afraid of making a fool out of myself. I don't want you to marry Ian. And I'm willing to do whatever I have to, to stop you.

Simon: Oh, that is - that's great. That's just perfect.

Katie: Don't -

Simon: Katie, that's great.

Katie: Henry was just trying to protect me, all right? He's not the problem.

Simon: He's not the solution, either. That guy - he's a chicken-hearted opportunist -

Katie: I can handle Henry. I can handle myself. Just don't worry about me, all right?

Simon: How is that possible, when I love you the way I do? When you ran off, I nearly went mad.

Katie: All right, you keep saying that you're worried about my safety. What about you? Margo's gonna question you sooner or later. What are you gonna do then? Are you gonna lie to her, too?

Simon: That's not gonna be easy because I think she knows me too well.

Katie: So tell the truth.

Simon: The truth is, I don't have the answers! I was not exaggerating to you about going off to jail.

Katie: Yeah, well, Margo doesn't have proof. She just has circumstantial evidence and some suspicion.

Simon: Yeah, and people have been convicted on a lot less. Why are you insisting on putting us both into danger? Why?!


Katie: Oh, great! Now it's my fault!

Simon: Oh, come on. That is not what I said!

Katie: Excuse me for loving you so much that I care about you.

Simon: All right, you love me? You love me so much, you do? Then let me drive you to the Lakeview right now, where you'll be safe.

Katie: No. You're not driving me anywhere. I don't wanna make us - what did you call it? -- "Moving targets."

Simon: Look -

Katie: "Believe in me, Katie. Go, Katie. Where've you been, Katie? Get the hell out of here, Katie!" Make up your mind!

Simon: All right, you know what I want? You know what I want right now? I've made up my mind. I know what I want. I wanna drive you to the Lakeview where you're gonna be safe!

Katie: Hell, no! So I can just end up in the bottom of some lake? Henry will drive me. Henry!

Simon: I'm not gonna take anymore --

Katie: No!

Simon: I'm not taking anymore chances. All right? I'm gonna drive you now.

Katie: No. And I'm not gonna take anymore chances, either, because I already did by marrying you. Thought it might be worth the risk, but I guess I was wrong. Henry? Henry!

Rose: Mitzi and I have been busier than one-armed paper hangers over here. We've been picking out invitations and tried on some -

Paul: Yeah, and that's great, Rose, but what haven't you had the heart to tell me?

Mitzi: You know what I'm thinkin'? I'm thinkin' now's a good time to become a vegetarian. So you can take my burger when it comes, all right? See you later, sweetie. Bye!

Rose: I'm sorry. I don't - I don't mean to be keeping things from you, believe me.

Paul: Something new happen?

Rose: No, no, not really. Just kind of the same old, same old, old me. Even the specialist doesn't know what's wrong with me.

Paul: You saw a specialist already?

Rose: Yes.

Paul: I told you I wanted to be there for that.

Rose: I know you did, but I just didn't - I didn't want an audience, all right?

Paul: What'd he say?

Rose: Ta-da! You better take a picture 'cause this could be as good as it gets.

Paul: You are beautiful. How many times do I have to tell you that before you believe me?

Rose: I believe you. I do. You're probably the only guy on the planet who wants to marry the girl underneath this mess. And I've been tryin' to get make it not matter. You know? I'm trying really hard, but I can't. I might be stuck with this face forever.

Weston: I tell you, there has been a grievous error. Don't know anything about this - this Weston man.

Jack: Yeah? Well, we know who you are, so you might as well cut the act.

Margo: You know, I think I'm gonna go ahead and call you "Dr. Weston." After all, that is the name you used when you did your dirty work, isn't it? We know that there were at four female victims, one of whom was in your employ. She was found dead in a graveyard in Belgium.

Weston: Oh, well, I'll pray for her soul.

Margo: And Rose D'Angelo, Carly Tenney - they've been rescued. What we need to know is - where is Emily Stewart?

Weston: Emily who?

Jack: Dammit, Weston, where is she? Where's Emily?!

Weston: My dear young man, where in the grand scheme of things are any of us?

Jack: Cut the act. I am not asking for the meaning of life.

Weston: Oh, really? Well, I would be the person to ask. I've been contemplating that for so many years.

Jack: Really? I've got a meaning for you. Time's running out. And when it does, you're gonna be contemplating my foot upside your head!

Margo: Jack! Jack, just - Jack, Jack. You see, Dr. Weston, one of your patients was a very dear friend of my partner's here - Carly Tenney. Actually, more than a dear friend. She was what you might call "his woman," as archaic as that sounds.

Weston: Well, how in any real sense can one of us belong to another?

Margo: Yes, well, but you see, Carly Tenney has gotten into my partner's blood, so you know what that means. He's not gonna rest, he's not gonna play by the rules until you tell us how to reverse the damage that you've done to her. And this philosophic act-just knock it off 'cause it's really making my partner mad. And if he blows up, there's nothing I can do to stop it. You know?

Weston: Well, I see. The good detective is in love. Love is a very powerful emotion.

Margo: Mm-hmm.

Jack: You think love is a powerful emotion? Wait till you see the other side of the coin.

Isaac: Ian doesn't love you, Bonnie. It's a front.

Bonnie: What do you know about my life here? About my life with Ian? Nothing. I mean, you asked why didn't I go home and get on the plane with my mother. Well, maybe because Oakdale isn't my home, Isaac. Maybe it never was. And maybe I belong in Scotland. And maybe I belong with Ian.

Isaac: If I could believe that, I'd be the first person to step off and congratulate you. If I could be sure of this - that this duke of yours loves you the way you deserve. I'd take the next flight back to the United States and say, "So be it. The better man won." But Bonnie, I just don't see it. You belong here? Why? 'Cause it's a huge castle full of servants, all of them wearing a tartan? Because you can turn on any radio station and hear bagpipes?

Bonnie: Why do you have to make my life so small, Isaac? And why do I have to sling drinks in order to be somewhere you think I belong?

Isaac: You get me wrong, Bonnie. I'm looking at you, and I realize that where you belong has nothing to do with castles or nightclubs, bagpipes or hip-hop. It doesn't even have anything to do with a man. Belonging is about being at home - right here. The only place you need to be at home is in your own heart. Then you will recognize the man who can see you regardless of circumstances. I love you, Bonnie, for who you truly are. It wouldn't matter to me if you were a Princess or a pauper. If you wanted to spend the rest of your life in Glasgow or Oakdale, I'd wanna be right there beside you.

[Phone ringing]

Bonnie: Hello?

Ian: Darling - the sun is out, and the crocuses are popping up all along Maclaren Road. Are you up for a drive?

Bonnie: Um - yes, a drive - a drive sounds wonderful.

Ian: I'm just about into our driveway, darling. Why don't I come up and fetch you?

Bonnie: I'm just changing now.

Ian: Oh. Well, maybe I should hurry.

[Ian laughs]

Bonnie: Just give me about 10 or 15 minutes?

Ian: Oh, if I must.

Isaac: We weren't finished talking.

Bonnie: I have to get dressed.

Isaac: Maybe - maybe I could help you.

Henry: Well, here you are, Katie. Safe and sound.

Katie: Henry, wait. Do you really think that Simon's trying to fool everyone?

Henry: By "everyone," do you mean you? 'Cause let me tell you - this shaky, gullible, little naive thing that's standing before me, it's not the same Katie Peretti who braved sharks to go find a lost rock. The Katie Peretti I knew had an edge, a very sharp one, and you seem to have lost it somehow.

Katie: Yeah, somewhere in Simon's arms-between a kiss and a smile.

Henry: Oh, Katie, I have not been this nauseous since you crash landed us on Cooley's island.

Katie: Well, that's because you don't know anything about love, Henry.

Henry: Uh-huh.

Katie: I feel so close to Simon, I can't imagine being with anyone else in my entire life. I've told him things that I never dreamed I would tell anyone. And it really is like what they say. It's like this circle, and everything inside it is so blessed. It's like this sacred trust. And you have to let your guard down for that to happen.

Henry: Let your guard down, Katie? No, that is not a wise thing to do, especially not for you.

Katie: Well, if I lost my edge, it's because I let my guard down so that I could really be in this marriage with Simon.

Henry: Yeah. There's always a flip side, though, isn't there? Why don't you fess up, Peretti?

Katie: The flip side is, I don't really know if I can live without him now. I have so much to lose - so much more now to lose than I ever have. And you don't understand a word I'm saying, do you?

Henry: No, I just - I believe - my interests are in things more firm, Katie. A good martini, the bottom line. Don't let me interfere with your love quest.

Katie: Henry, thank you. You have been a major help. And aside from that first day, you haven't held a grudge whatsoever. You know, about the whole island thing.

Henry: Yeah. Well, hey, you said it all worked out for the best, right?

Katie: Yeah, I guess. Although, now I have to wonder - what would my life be like if I had that diamond? If I had held on to that stupid thing - I had it right in the palm of my hand. I would be so rich now. And I wouldn't have even had to Dahlia Ventura or her stupid video a second thought.

Henry: Yeah, well-you can't miss what you never had. Well, listen, my motto is "Don't look back." Anyway, sugar, I have got to get going, so - there you are. You'll be nice and safe in here. Be good and lock the door behind you, all right? Everything's gonna be fine now.

[Henry leaves]

Katie: Safe, huh?

Henry: Ah!

Simon: Henry.

Henry: Hey - how's tricks, Simon?

Simon: Is Katie in the suite?

Henry: Yes, she is. She's snug as a bug in a rug. Why don't you knock on the door? Why don't you see for yourself? You kids have fun. I gotta get goin' now, okay.

Simon: Wait a second. You know what it's like to be on the edge, Henry?

Henry: I don't - I don't know what you're asking.

Simon: Just look -

Henry: Okay!

Simon: -- Into my eyes, Henry. Tell me what you see.

Rose: I'm sorry. I'm trying not to fall apart on you.

Paul: You have every right to be disappointed. But this - this specialist, he's only one doctor, all right? We'll get more opinions. We'll find others. I'm not gonna let you give up hope.

Rose: Maybe I should just do that. You know? Stop trying to be the girl that I used to be. So then the next expert who says to me, "You know what, honey? Yeah, you're gonna live 50 years, but that 50 years is right on your face, looking in the mirror" - maybe it won't feel like I was hit by a ton of bricks.

Paul: Well, you have to think of this as just one minor setback, okay? You know, there's hope. I know you. You're full of hope. You couldn't give up on hope any more than you'd give up making wisecracks.

Rose: You always say the sweetest things to me.

Paul: There it is. There it is - the world's brightest smile. Is all that for me?

Rose: It's mostly for you. I gotta save a little bit for my Pop.

Paul: Joe? You talked to him?

Rose: Yeah. Yeah, he's coming in tonight.

Paul: Well, good. See? That's great.

Rose: It feels like years since I've seen him, you know? We used to joke when I was little. It'd be like, "Rose, every time we're apart, you seem to get so much older." He said, "Next time I see you, you're gonna be an old lady." Little does he know.

Paul: You've told him -

Rose: Yeah, I told him, but, I mean, you tell somebody and then they see you - it's like, you know, two different things. My pop, knowing him, he'll kiss me on the cheek and say, "Did you get today's racing form?"

Paul: Your Pop is gonna see the beautiful daughter that he loves.

Rose: No. He's gonna see this.

Paul: Hmm.

Rose: Yeah.

Paul: Think I should've called him?

Rose: What?

Paul: Should've gone to Jersey and asked for your hand?

Rose: My hand? My Pop - you know what he'd say, "You just want her hand? You want the whole thing?" No, don't worry about it. He'll be fine. He'll be so happy. He'll hear about all our plans, and he'll just be so happy. I'm sorry I didn't tell you about the doctor - that crazy, wacky doctor.

Paul: It's okay.

Rose: I don't wanna keep secrets from you. It's just -

Paul: Okay. Mitzi said something about invitations? Hmm?

Rose: Yes, we do. We got a lot of - oh, my goodness gracious - a lot of invitations to - but you know what? This is really up to us - our decision, so take a look.

Paul: You know what? Let's give your father something to really stand up and take notice of. Let's set a wedding date.

Weston: This is - this is an outrage. I'm entitled to make a phone call to my attorney, aren't I?

Margo: Well, I'm sure that you're gonna get everything that you deserve, Dr. Weston.

Jack: Why is a guy with nothing to hide afraid to talk to us, Margo?

Weston: Well, I'd like to know why I should talk to you people. You're trying to railroad me for something -

Jack: Railroad you?! We're trying to - why don't we get Rose D'Angelo in here? Does that sound like a good idea?

Margo: That sounds like an excellent idea. I'm sure that she could positively I.D. Dr. Weston, save the tax payers a great deal of money. So, Jack, you gonna be okay here with Dr. Demento?

Jack: Who, me? Yeah, with him? No problem. He likes to pick on little girls.

Margo: Actually, it wasn't you I was worried about, Jack.

Rose: Set a date?

Paul: Mm-hmm.

Rose: Right now? Already?

Paul: Sure. Sure, why not? These things take time, so let's just get the ball rolling.

Rose: Oh, why - I don't know. I mean, it's not - this is like - I wanna marry you more than anything in the world. I mean, I dream about it 24/7. It's just -

Paul: I understand.

Rose: Yeah?

Paul: I promised I wouldn't pressure you, and I'm not. I won't. We'll set a date when the time is right for both of us.

Rose: Okay. All right. Okay.

Paul: All right.

[Rose turns her attention to the invitation book]

Rose: So this is the one I really liked. What do you think? Beautiful, huh?

Paul: Yeah. Beautiful.

Rose: You know, there's nothing that I want more than to fill in the date and the time and the church and the place. I just wanna know if - I'm gonna be able to -

[Phone rings]

Rose: Rose D'Angelo's cell phone?

Margo: Rose? It's Margo. I need you down here at the station.

Rose: It's your lucky day. I'm across the street at Al's.

Margo: Great. Rose, we have Dr. Weston in custody. We need you to positively I.D. him.

Rose: Oh, man. I am so there!

Paul: Rose? What's going on?

Rose: I gotta go.

Paul: Rose, what – what – wait - wait for - hold on a second.

Weston: I demand to speak to an attorney. I am not going to be putting myself in a lineup without talking to an attorney first.

Jack: A phone call for an Existential Theologist like you? Don't you guys just send out vibes or something?

Paul: Rose? Rose?!

Rose: Where is he?! Where is that creep?!

Paul: All right, what's going on here?

Margo: All right, Rose, we've got Weston. He's here. But you - you have got to calm down.

Rose: I am not gonna calm down till I get my hands around his throat and I get some answers out of him. I'm gonna find out what he did to me and Carly. I'm gonna have him tell me before -

Paul: All right, Rose –

Rose: Hey, look at me. Look at me! Don't you want to see how your experiment worked out?! Yeah, a real piece of work, thanks to you. And what's with the get-up there? What, are you, Professor Satan? You should be ashamed of yourself!

Weston: I could never be ashamed of my work, Rose. I - I was onto something groundbreaking. A breakthrough that-oh, you people, you think that you've accomplished something great by bringing me here. You're fools. All that you've done is you've thwarted the greatest scientific breakthrough in the last 200 years. I was that close to knowing precisely how the skin ages. I would've been able to accelerate or slow down the aging of the skin at will. I should be getting a Nobel Prize, not an interrogation. And you, Rose, well, you should thank me for taking your shallow, craven life and giving it some meaning.

Paul: You know what?

[Paul goes after Dr. Weston]

Jack: No, Paul. Paul!

Rose: You think this is a scientific accomplishment? You think this is a scientific accomplishment?! Look at me! You're not a doctor. You're a thief. You steal people's lives. You stole me and Carly and Emily away from the people that we love! And you're a murderer! You murdered Libby and Mrs. Grossman and God knows who else. A Nobel Prize?! You're a psycho with a God complex! You deserve nothing less than a ticket to hell!

Margo: Paul, why don't you get Rose out of here and get her to calm down.

Rose: No, I wanna talk to him. I wanna give him a piece of my mind.

Margo: Rose, really, you've done us - you've done enough. Thank you very much. It was very helpful. Thank you. Paul, thanks, thanks.

Margo: Okay, Dr. Weston, why don't you relax, have a seat. We got a lot of ground to cover.

Weston: Yes. Yes, we do. And why don't we start with those little crow's feet there? You know, I could take a look at them for you if you'd like. I'm a curiosity to you, aren't I? Take a good look. How old would you say I am? 45? 50? Try 73.

Margo: Yahoo. Ageless, like Lucifer.

Weston: Yes, I know. I'm divinely inspired.

Jack: You're think you're smart, don't you? Let me tell you how smart you are, Weston. You incriminated yourself. You were positively I.D.'d, and you're looking at multiple kidnapping and murder charges. I'll tell you what - you can be the smartest man on death row. So, now are you ready to cooperate?

Weston: I have nothing to say.

Jack: Oh, sure you do. You can start off by telling us where Emily Stewart is.

Margo: And then tell us how you reverse the damage that you've done to these women. You can reverse it, can't you? A smart man like you?

Weston: Well, yes, of course I can. As I say, I've benefited from the treatment myself any number of times. But give me one good reason why I should accommodate you. Yes. That's right, detective. I'm talking a deal. A deal in which I give you that information that you so desperately want. And maybe - maybe I'll even throw in a little wrinkle cure for you. You keep that in your back pocket, huh? What do you say you get me some coffee, huh, honey?

Simon: What did you and Katie talk about on the way over here?

Henry: Nothing much. Simon, we talked about tax shelters and some stock tips and

[Simon grabs Henry’s arm] - my arm, okay, I need that one.

Simon: No more games, Henry, all right? No more whispering doubts about me into Katie's ear.

Henry: She is the one that asked me for help! Remember? I'm just coming over for a friendly chat.

Simon: All right. The next time that Katie asks for a friendly chat, then you're getting your legs waxed. You got it? You are unavailable.

Henry: Fine. What are you gonna do? You just gonna leave her locked up?

Simon: Yeah, with no one around to feed little fantasies into Katie's ear, then she'll be safe here. All right? You got it?

Henry: Yes, I got it. Fine.

Simon: You understand?

Henry: Arm! All right, my arms. My fingers are starting to tingle, and it's not from the nearness of you.

Bonnie: Thanks, but I have been dressing myself since I was about, what, 4? What are you doing?

Isaac: You and I have unfinished business.

Bonnie: Do you see this ring, Isaac? This is about as finished as our business gets.

Isaac: You are the most stubborn woman I've ever met. Why are you ruining your life like this?

Bonnie: We just went through all of this, Isaac.

Isaac: No. We talked about what I want, what you're willing to settle for. We forgot one thing, though.

Bonnie: What's that?

Isaac: Your duke. Okay, I didn't tell you what he wants it and why he wants it. I promised myself I wasn't gonna upset you with this, but you leave me no other choice. You're not safe here. You're in danger.

Bonnie: That's ridiculous.

Isaac: No, it's real. Ian and his Uncle Garrick are scheming something, and you're right in the middle of it.

Bonnie: Now you sound like Billy.

Isaac: Maybe you should listen to him. He's got a lot to say.

Bonnie: How would you know? He hasn't even so much as given me a good-bye since he left.

Isaac: It's hard to write a thank you when you're chained to a wall - in the dungeon where I found him.

Bonnie: What dungeon?

Isaac: The one downstairs. Ian and Garrick are starving him to death. Fortunately, Paddington is sneaking him food.

[Knocking at door]

Ian: Bonnie? Darling, are you decent?

Bonnie: Quick, get in the closet.

Isaac: Bonnie, only if you promise to hear me out.

Bonnie: Isaac, I can't even think right now. Just get in!

Isaac: Promise to hear me out later.

Bonnie: Okay, I promise. Fine.

[Knocking at door]

Bonnie: Okay.

Ian: I thought you were getting dressed. What's keeping you?

Bonnie: My favorite outfit - I can't find it.

Ian: Well -

Bonnie: Paddington must have taken it to be cleaned. Was my mother upset that I did not accompany you guys to the airport?

Ian: If she was, she didn't say anything. She'll come around, darling. As soon as she sees all the things I'm gonna do for you and how happy we are, she'll be our number one supporter. And when she sees her beautiful grandchildren -

Bonnie: Grandchildren?

Ian: Mm-hmm.

Bonnie: Ian, whoa. We're not even married yet.

Ian: Yeah, but soon, my love. And we could get a bit of a head start.

Bonnie: There's already plenty to do without picking out receiving blankets. I mean, there is planning the wedding and selecting bridesmaids and contacting my friends. I haven't even talked to Jennifer in ages. And Billy - he hasn't called since he left. And my mother said he hasn't been back to Oakdale.

Ian: Oh, but Billy - Billy's young, full of vinegar. He probably got a Euro-pass or one of those things and he's halfway to Italy by now.

Bonnie: Maybe.

Ian: Bonnie, you seem so odd. Have I done something wrong?

Bonnie: Why would you ask that?

Ian: Well, your eyes. Your eyes. I can - I can see when something's bothering you. Is it about the wedding?

Bonnie: No. No, I just wish my mother was happy for me, just once. I mean, sure, she gave me her blessing, but she was so begrudging about it.

Ian: Hmm. You know, I don't think it's the spat with your mother that's still bothering you. Otherwise, you would have been this way earlier. It's something else. Something that's happened in the last couple of hours.

Bonnie: Come on, Ian. Just spit it out. What are you really asking me?

Ian: Well, I'm asking you if you've heard from Isaac Jenkins.

[Phone rings]

Katie: Simon?

Henry: No. Simon would be the lethal weapon that is cruising the hallway outside your door.

Katie: He's here? Hold on. What are you talking about? He's not outside and he didn't knock or anything.

Henry: I didn't imagine him, Katie, or the bruises on my arm.

Katie: What are you talking about? Did he threaten you? What did he say?

Henry: He said, and I am putting this politely, that I am not to come near you. I am not to call you. I am not to answer your calls, not to follow him.

Katie: Where are you now?

Henry: I'm on a house phone in the lobby.

Katie: All right, stay there. And if you see Simon, don't let him go.

Henry: No, kid, sorry. No. I'm not in the mood for another encounter of the Frasier kind, all right. So just call his cell.

Katie: He won't answer it. Just tell him to come back upstairs. I want to talk to him.

Henry: Katie, hello. Have you flipped out? He doesn't want to be followed. Doesn't that mean anything to you? He's up to something.

Katie: Maybe he's trying to protect me.

Henry: Yeah, that's it.

Katie: Listen, I have to find Simon. I have to talk to him because I want to tell him that I believe in him now. I just walked out on him, and I can't leave things like that. Do you know what this feels like? It feels horrible.

Henry: Well, I am sorry that I'm gonna miss the tender reunion, guppy, but I have bigger fish to fry.

Katie: Wait, Henry, wait! All right, I can't let Simon go. I have to find him. I have to tell him that I believe in him and I understand.

Jack: You think I'm putting a deal on the table for you? Even if I could, why would I offer you a second less jail time than you deserve, hmm?

Weston: Oh, that's really too bad. See, if I remember correctly, your Carly, well she's at that advanced aging stage. Yeah, she must look, what, 40, 50 years older by now? You don't happen to have any photographs of her around, do you? You know, I do like to keep tabs on the progress of my patients. I'd love to see one. Don't tell me that she's camera shy. Or is it you? Is it that you just can't bring yourself to put your lovely lady on film?

Jack: You're one sick freak, you know that?

Weston: No. I am a man who insists that you negotiate. You see, I can return your lovely Carly to the state that she was before. All you need to do is negotiate with me. No? Well, all right, then. I'm sure that Carly and Rose will be very happy to hear that news.

Jack: Keep an eye on this idiot for me, will you?

Rose: What's going on, Jack?

Paul: Has he said anything about my mother or Emily?

Jack: He's holding out for some kind of deal. Now, I think I can make him cooperate. I just need to pass something by you first.

Rose: Anything. What?

Jack: How bad do you want him to pay? And how bad do you wanna look young again, Rose?

Ian: Well, Bonnie, have you seen Mr. Jenkins or not?

Bonnie: Don't tell me you're jealous.

Ian: I must admit, it bothers me a bit that that barkeeper was able to claim a piece of your heart, if only for an instant.

Bonnie: I've never seen you like this before.

Ian: I've never been in love with a woman the way I'm in love with you.

Bonnie: Really?

Ian: You don't doubt me, do you? Look, I have a wonderful idea. Let's get you dressed and then we'll spend the day in the city. We'll lunch at Stravaigin on the Hillhead area. You - you know, you haven't been there in ages.

Bonnie: Yes, that is a wonderful idea, yes. And if you would just allow me to get dressed, Ian, I will meet you downstairs in a little while.

Ian: I could help you with the dressing and the -

Bonnie: Patience, Ian.

Ian: For you, I have eternal patience. You've made me the happiest man on earth, Bonnie. And you'll see. I'm going to make you even happier.

Bonnie: You already have. [Door closes] Oh. As soon as we leave this house, you have got to go.

Isaac: No, you didn't rat me out. You're starting to believe me.

Bonnie: Don't make a big deal out of this, Isaac. Everything just was happening so fast.

Isaac: You're starting to have doubts about your little duke, aren't you?

Bonnie: The only reason I did not open that closet door and embarrass myself with your ridiculous allegations is because tomorrow I am gonna get Ian out of this house, and I'm gonna make you take me down to that dungeon so I can see if what you're saying is true for myself. And so help me, Isaac, if you're lying to me, you'll never see me again as long as you live.

Jack: Weston claims he has a process to reverse what he did to you, Rose. But he wants to cut a deal. I wanna know what you think about that.

Rose: So either he pays for what he did for the rest of his life in jail, or I get my face back to the way it was?

Paul: You can't - you can't dump a decision like this on her, and especially not after what she's been through.

Rose: Well, what about Carly? I mean, she's further along than me. What does she say?

Jack: Carly doesn't know anything about this. You're the one who I.D.'d him. I want you to know what's on the table.

Rose: I don't wanna look like this for the rest of my life, but - if that's what it takes to make him pay for what he did, I can live with it, I guess.

Paul: You can't do this. She can't make a decision like this right now!

Jack: In order to do what I have to do, I need to know that she is okay with it! It's my decision, okay? It's my responsibility.

Rose: What are you gonna do?

Jack: I'm gonna make sure that he fixes you, Rose. That you and Carly are back to normal.

Paul: Do you need us anymore?

Jack: No. No, you can go for now. But, please, don't - don't tell anybody about this, all right?

Paul: Well, Jack, if you need anything -

Jack: No.

Paul: -- Anything, you let me know. And I'm gonna be right here.

Jack: This one's on me.

Katie: Oh, God. All right, come on, hurry. I gotta catch Simon. Oh. No, no, no. This can't be happening now. I can't be stuck now!

[Thump sound]

[Sawing sound]

Katie: Oh, no. This can't be happening. Oh, my God!

Jack: Let's go.

Weston: Where? I demand to know where you're taking me.

Jack: You're in no position to demand anything. Move it!

Weston: Wait, where are those FBI agents that were there before?

Jack: Oh, gee, I guess they all packed up and went home.

Margo: Talk to me, Jack. What's going on?

Jack: Whatever happens, you just back me up, okay?

Margo: Wait a minute. Do you know what you're doing?

Jack: Oh, yeah. I know exactly what I'm doing.

Weston: Wait a minute. You must let me talk to my lawyer. You can't violate my rights this way! Look, you see what he's doing! Detective? Detective, look - he's making you an accomplice to this. Now, please, reconsider.

Margo: Well, I guess that cup of coffee's gonna have to wait.

Jack: Come on.

Weston: Where?

Jack: We're gonna take a little ride.

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