ATWT Transcript Monday 5/6/02

As the World Turns Transcript Monday 5/6/02

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Ian: We'll marry right here, in the castle, just as so many MacLarens have done for hundreds of years. Would that suit you?

Bonnie: It sounds wonderful.

Ian: Marvelous.

Bonnie: Yes.

Ian: May I - spread the news?

Bonnie: Don't waste another minute.

Ian: Paddington! Garrick! Ancestors all, the duke is to be wed!

[Bonnie sighs]

Jessica: Well-looks like you're gonna have your big day, whether you want it or not.

Bonnie: Who said I didn't want it?

Jessica: You seem awfully subdued for someone who just agreed to be married.

Bonnie: It's an adjustment, mom. You know, it just - having it to be final. You know?

Jessica: Bonnie - there are a lot of reasons for marrying quickly, some good, some bad. But the worst of all is marrying to spite your mother.

Bonnie: Can't you give me the benefit of the doubt? Just once? Just accept the fact that I did the right thing for me, mom! For me!

Jessica: Okay, but-I can't help but wonder why Ian's in such a rush. I mean, could there be something he's not telling you? Because-something about this seems wrong.

Isaac: This is the real duke?

Morlin: Aye.

Billy: "Aye" comes up a bit short from the explanation department. Now, wait. You don't buy this part about the duke rising from his grave or whatever to claim his stake during the crescent moon, do you?

Isaac: I don't think that he's gonna be doing much rising at all, actually, Billy. But you and Paddington are bent out of shape because Ian's a fake duke. And one day you think that our buddy's gonna rise again and claim what's his.

Morlin: That's the general idea.

Isaac: Oh, come on. I can see Morlin swallowing this thing whole, but - come on, Billy! You don't believe that.

Billy: So - so what if I do?

Isaac: It's a legend. It's a story. It's not based in reality. Huh? [Isaac sighs] [Wind whistling] Then again -- I never said that I didn't believe in fairy tales.

Susan: Lucy?

Lucy: Dr. Stewart, hi.

Susan: Hi. I saw you when I came in. I'm on a break. I just wanted to say hello.

Lucy: Are you okay?

Susan: Oh, as well as can be expected.

Lucy: So you haven't heard any good news about Emily?

Susan: Mm, no bad news, either. But sometimes that's the best you can hope for.

Lucy: Well, if Rose and Carly can make it home okay, I'm sure Emily will, too. My dad says she's a real fighter.

Susan: Oh, yeah. Both my girls are. It seems to run in the family. Um I was wondering if I could talk to you about Alison for a second?

Lucy: Sure.

Susan: I noticed you two hit it off at the hospital the other day. I'm sure she told you - she just started at Oakdale Latin.

Lucy: Yeah, we're in the same year, but we don't have any classes together.

Susan: Well, I'm sorry you had to meet under those circumstances, but I was wondering if I could ask you a favor?

Lucy: Of course.

Susan: It'll have to be a secret. Just between the two of us. Can I trust you to keep a secret?

Molly: You guys are so big. Oh, you came so - from Bay City. You must be starving. Could you eat - a horse?

Abigail: I told them they could raid the cookie jar. Do you want a cookie?

Molly: Cookies! Cookies? You want cookies?

Aaron: Don't worry. It wasn't a bribe. They couldn't wait to see their mom.

Molly: Okay. One cookie. No, one cookie for each hand, so you have two. Two cookies. And two sippy cups of milk, Abigail.

Abigail: Two sippy cups. Got it. Oh! Come on!

Donna: Ah, you've made your point. I can see how much you love the children. I know how much they love you.

Molly: I didn't tell Abigail to bring them here. But I'm really glad she did. Because their father just died, and they belong with their mother.

Donna: You need to figure out how to tell them about Jake. It's not gonna feel as much like home to them now that he's not here.

Molly: They'll adjust. We'll learn to cope - together. Please don't push this. I won't let you deny me the only part of Jake that I have left.

Donna: Molly, you and Jake had the faith to find Bridget and Michele. And you had a heart big enough to create a family from nothing more than a vision. And I know the future held a lot of promise, but everything is very different now.

Marley: That's true. Things are different, and so we all need take some time to regroup. So let's hold off on talking about the future of the children until we've taken that time.

Molly: This isn't about time. This is about the fact that I vowed to Jake to be his wife and to be the mother of his children. And his death does not change that. Regardless of whether I have a legal claim or not, I plan to keep my vow. Bridget and Michele are staying with me.

Molly: Is everything okay?

Abigail: Um - Molly, the twins got upset all of a sudden.

Molly: Oh, were they asking for daddy?

Abigail: No. But I can tell they know something's wrong. No, it's okay, Donna. We can handle this.

Donna: What? What are they saying?

Molly: It's okay, Abigail. Go ahead.

Abigail: They're saying that they want to go home.

Carly: It's not polite to stare.

Rosanna: Somebody must've really hated you to do this.

Carly: Well, before you start making mental notes on all the possible names that could be on that list, let's talk about the latest reason I'm hating you.

Rosanna: You're not pleased I've taken custody of Parker?

Carly: No, Rosanna. I am not pleased. I am furious! You hear that I am kidnapped, and then suddenly you have the perfect opportunity to sneak into town and take my son?

Rosanna: Nobody snuck around. Everything I did has been perfectly open and legal.

Carly: Well, you can choke on that court order. I want my boy. Where is he?

Rosanna: He's taking a nap.

Carly: Well, he's coming with me. And if you step one foot in my way, so help me -

Rosanna: I won't!

Carly: Excuse me? So then what's the real plan? Huh? You don't try to stop me now, but you just-you have a bunch of cops waiting for me downstairs?

Rosanna: Parker is your son. It is obviously time for him to go home with his mother. Take him.

Carly: Oh, would you give me a break?! You're not paying some law firm like $1,000 an hour to have me walk in here and take Parker with me. You planned on keeping him for good.

Rosanna: That was never my intention.

Carly: Then what are you trying to do?

Rosanna: I was concerned about my nephew. I wanted to ensure his safety.

Carly: Would you spare me the sanctimonious speech about how you only have Parker's best interests at heart?

Rosanna: Carly, you were gone. Hal was having serious problems of his own. I was simply trying to have someone be around to look after him.

Carly: Well, there were a lot of someones, from what I understand.

Rosanna: And you're proud of that? Having your only son be looked after by well-meaning friends, instead of being with family?

Carly: His stuffed animals are closer to Parker than you are. That child is fortunate enough to have a lot of people that care about him. Now, I think you were just looking out for your investment.

[Rosanna gasps]

Rosanna: Excuse me?

Carly: Yeah. Well, you've arranged for Parker to inherit quite a lot of money from you.

Rosanna: Are you so morally Bent you can't even recognize when somebody is trying to help you? I had no agenda here except to make sure that Parker was safe and happy.

Carly: Ha! Oh, yeah, I really should be looking out the window. I think pigs must be flying around!

Rosanna: You know what's sad? All your life, you've had to work some sort of agenda. And so you just assume everybody else in the world has to have one, as well. But if you put down that distorted kaleidoscope you call a perspective, you might realize that I had no intention except to help Parker! And that money had nothing to do with it.

Carly: Oh, come on! Like cash hasn't greased the wheels of your life. You've never had to worry about money because you've always had it. Well, not me. I've had to fight for every single penny. So don't start giving me this speech!

Rosanna: Can we please not go down this road?

Carly: You can actually hit the road now that you've accomplished this mission of mercy. Where are Parker's things?

Rosanna: Can I just ask you one question? How do you plan on taking care of Parker right now?

Carly: That's really none of your business.

Rosanna: Do you think that he's going to enjoy an indefinite stay at Oakdale Memorial while doctors look for a cure for you? And Jack is running around, trying to find the criminal that did this to you, and all sorts of creeps are coming out, offering information to get the reward money? Do you really want to put your son in the middle of all that?

Carly: Very smooth, Rosanna. But it's not gonna work. I know you. And I know exactly what you're doing.

Molly: Of course the girls are confused. I'm sure that they feel sadness all over this house. But they'll be fine with a lot of extra hugs.

Marley: You don't know that, Molly!

Donna: No, you don't. And I don't think they ought to be around all this sadness. Do you? I think they're too young.

Molly: Just another reason they should stay with you, I suppose?

Donna: They've been very happy with me.

Molly: I'm sure, somewhere inside, they knew they were coming here. Home.

Donna: Yes. To you. And Jake. And even though they don't know that he's gone, they know that something is different. And they don't feel safe. Don't you understand that?

Abigail: We have to just-need to give Bridget and Michele some time to get used to it around here.

Molly: Abigail, why don't you go get Bridget and Michele? Go. If they need - if they need to be with you to feel safe for now - we can discuss it. All right? Abigail, go ahead. Go, go get them.

[Abigail sighs]

Marley: Molly - I know this doesn't feel like the right thing --

Molly: Save the sympathy, Marley. It's not over.

Molly: Hey. Cookies! Cookie face! Hey, listen - come here. Abigail says you guys are feeling a little sad. And I'm so sorry about that. Can I ask you a question? Hey, cookie face. Would it make you guys feel better to go home to Bay City with Nana and Aunt Marley?

Bridget: Yes.

Molly: Yeah? Okay. Well, then that's what we're gonna do. Okay?

Marley: Okay. Come on! Come on, sweeties. Let's go get your coats. Come on.

Abigail: Molly, this isn't right. What if their lawyers stop you from seeing them?

Molly: Bridget and Michele are gonna have a lifetime to deal with Jake being gone. And I don't want them feeling so lost - right now. We'll work on it. It's gonna work out. It's gonna be okay. Aaron - why don't you and Abigail go? Go spend some time together. Okay? I'm gonna be okay. I promise.

Abigail: Okay. I'm just gonna grab my purse. Bye.

Molly: I want my daughters to be as happy as they can be.

Donna: I know you do. And you're proving that right now.

Molly: I'm allowing them to go back to Bay City because - because they're used to it. And because I don't want to disrupt their lives any more than I have - have to right now. But after Jake's memorial, they're coming home to mommy.

Susan: Alison started Oakdale Latin mid-semester, so she doesn't have a lot of friends yet.

Lucy: That can be hard.

Susan: Especially for Alison. She's not used to the demands of private school. It's her first experience. She's promised to give it a shot. But I've been so busy trying to find Emily, I haven't had much time to give her, so -

Lucy: What did you want to ask me?

Susan: Most teenagers would kill their parent for doing this, but I I wanted to ask you if you would you be Alison's friend?

Lucy: You're right. You've just committed a major parental crime in the eyes of any girl over 12.

Susan: I know friendship has to come on its own terms. But all I'm really asking is for you to hang out with her a little bit. Get to know her. You just started Oakdale Latin yourself, didn't you?

Lucy: I started in the fall.

Susan: Oh, well - but you know your way around better than Alison. You could really help her. And I know that the two of you could have so much fun together.

Lucy: Okay. Sure.

Susan: Good! Good. She's gonna be here in a couple of minutes. Maybe you could share a plate of fries or something. But have to keep this little agreement right between us, okay?

Lucy: No problem. If Alison ever found out, we'd both be dead -

Susan: Yeah.

Lucy: -- Meat.

Susan: Alison!

Alison: Hi, mom.

Susan: Hi, sweetie.

Alison: New friend?

Susan: You remember Lucy Montgomery.

Alison: Yeah.

Lucy: Hi.

Alison: Can we go now?

Susan: Oh, but you just got here. Take a seat.

[Beeper goes off] Oh, oh, oh. I have to get back at the hospital, I bet. Yep! Why don't you hang out with Lucy for a little while?

Alison: That's convenient.

Susan: Honey, I'm on call. Now everything I do is a conspiracy. Well, I'll call you as soon as I know what time I'm gonna be home. Okay? Nice to see you, Lucy.

Lucy: You, too.

Alison: I like the big "wink, wink" she gave you before she left. Very subtle.

Lucy: What's that supposed to mean?

Alison: I'm not big on organized after-school activities, especially when they're set up by my mother. So can we just skip the chitchat? How much is she paying you for this?

Alison: If you're stalling, trying to think up some new twist on the story, forget it. We've got your poor new kid with no friends - me. And my hardworking mother who thinks she's doing me some humongous favor by begging someone to be my friend. You're a nice girl. You can't say no. And the drama unfolds.

Lucy: No one's on their knees, Alison.

Alison: You're not thinking about getting a job with the CIA anytime soon, are you? Because if you were ever caught spying, you'd never hold up under interrogation.

Lucy: You think I'm a bad liar?

Alison: Not the worst I've seen, but pretty bad.

Lucy: Really? Wow, it's a shame you missed me calling my school, pretending to be my mother.

Alison: You pretended to be your mother? Why?

Lucy: I wanted to stay here with my dad, so I called my boarding school in Montega, told them that Lucy Montgomery would not be coming back.

Alison: Hmm. Sweet. And no one ever found out?

Lucy: I didn't say that. Actually, my mom was pretty ticked. But I did end staying here, so -

Alison: Cool. You know, I can usually read people a mile away, but you threw me. Must be that preppy good-girl-in-plaid thing you've got going.

Lucy: This is B.R.O.

Alison: Whoop dee doo.

Alison: That's the girl. Don't look. The girl that just walked in is the same one who was on trial for murder.

Lucy: Abigail?

Alison: You know her?

Lucy: She was one of my brother's friends. She didn't do it, by the way.

Alison: You're getting more interesting by the minute. So - tell me, oh connected one, who's the hottie she's with?

Lucy: He's not bad.

Alison: He's mine.

Isaac: Unlock him now.

Morlin: But -

Isaac: Don't make me throw you in that pile of bones. Now untie my friend. Let's go. Hurry. Come on.

Paddington: Morlin? Where's master William?!

Morlin: Look out!

Isaac: Let's see how you like being chained up. And you're gonna stay that way until you tell me the answers I wanna know.

Paddington: I say, Mr. Jenkins, this is not a very good way to get your answers.

Isaac: You want more incentive? You could ask my friend, the old duke, there. He's not very talkative, but morlin seems to think he gets the job done.

Morlin: They opened the Tomb.

Paddington: Oh, good heavens!

Isaac: A religious man. Good. Cleanse thyself. Tell me and confess all your sins. I might untie you. I want the truth.

Paddington; Mr. Ross, do you recall the legend of the false duke I told you about?

Billy: Yeah, I'm getting a lot closer now to believing that, let me tell ya.

Paddington: Ian is not the true Maclaren heir. I've been eager to prove that, but I've had little success.

Billy: But if he's not the real duke, who is he?

Isaac: And what does he want? I mean, think about it. Ian broke up with Bonnie over a year ago. And now he's moving at the speed of sound to get her down the aisle? Ian wants something, and I think you'd better tell me what it is.

Jessica: You never told me what really happened when Isaac came here to see you.

Bonnie: Told you. He was his same arrogant self. He told me that he knew that I was madly in love with him.

Jessica: And that he loved you?

Bonnie: What difference does that make now, mom? I mean, he let Ian chase him away, but that's what you get with Isaac-half a commitment. He never fights for me! And I bet right now he's somewhere in Java Underground hitting on every woman with a skirt that comes into that bar.

Jessica: You don't really believe that.

Bonnie: You assume that I'm trying to be shallow or spiteful. But the truth is Ian wants to spend the rest of his life with me, and he isn't afraid of that. Isn't that the kind of husband you want for me?

Jessica: I just pray that's the kind of husband you're getting. I'm sorry. I don't mean to rain on your parade. I will always believe in you. You have my blessing and my support, no matter what. I hope you and Ian will be very happy.

Carly: Here I am, at the lowest point of my life. And who should come slithering out of the woodwork? Lady bountiful. Well, tell me - what's next? Bribing me to live more responsibly? Or maybe using Parker's trust fund as leverage to make sure that I raise him the way you see fit?

Rosanna: You should really do something about that cynicism of yours.

Carly: And then you go fronting reward money to catch whoever did this to me. Must be really great, writing the tale of your heroic return to Oakdale. All it takes is a little cash!

Rosanna: If you would prefer, I won't help.

Carly: You see, I knew it. As soon as Jack said there was a reward, I knew it was you. Of course.

Rosanna: Fine. I will rescind the offer.

Carly: No. I can't ask you to do that. Because I need it for Rose. And for Emily.

Rosanna: Well, I see I'm not the only one who's learned to be a little less selfish.

Carly: You know-rosanna, I'm not gonna play this little game of yours. You have finally found a way to get even with me, right? A way to put me in my place! And you want to make sure that I know I'm a worm while you sit at the right hand of God with a key to fort knox! Well, we both know why you're doing that, don't we?

Rosanna: I'm gonna love hearing this.

Carly: Oh, it's a very short answer. Mike Kasnoff.

Rosanna: You have now officially taken a turn for the insane.

Carly: Admit it - you have never gotten over what I had with Mike Kasnoff.

Rosanna: What you had or what you did?

Carly: Oh, come on. Mike was a big boy. He made a choice. Me. But how could that possibly happen to Princess Rosanna Cabot of Cabot motors? A woman who's always gotten whatever she's wanted - well, except that once. You wanted Mike, and you lost him because of me.

Rosanna: Well, that was a lesson learned. So my heart is not as open as it used to be. Life moves on.

Carly: Well, now look at you, all well-adjusted.

Rosanna: What's sick is your twisting this around so that I'm trying to help you in order to get even!

Carly: You can keep your help. I'm happy to be alive. I have my son. I have Jack. And I do not plan on owing you anything.

Rosanna: Well, that's all well and good, but have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately? Have you seen the face that Craig saw? Just about set him running.

Carly: How do you know about that?

Rosanna: It's a small town. People talk. What if they never find this evil Dr. What's-his-name? Weston? And they never find a cure for you. They never find him. You don't ever get better. Perhaps you even get worse. I mean, how do you think Jack is gonna react? Sure, he loves you now, but what if one day he turns to kiss the face on the pillow beside him and he realizes this is as good as it's gonna get? You think he's gonna stick around for that? Who's gonna be there for you, then?

Jack: What's goin' on, ladies?

Rosanna: Hello, Jack. We were just discussing the reward for the doctor who did this to Carly and her friends.

Jack: I was gonna tell you about this, Carly, but -

Carly: No, Jack, really - listen to me. It's okay. As far as I'm concerned, that money is for Rose. And for Emily. We have to find her.

Jack: I was hoping you'd figure it that way.

Carly: I'm sorry if I worried you. I just wanted to see Parker.

Jack: Yeah, where is he?

Rosanna: He's taking a nap.

Jack: How long before he wakes up?

Carly: You know what? I think - I think it's best if Parker does stay here with Rosanna for awhile. At least until I get out of the hospital.

Jack: No, I don't think we should go that way.

Carly: You don't?

Jack: No. Parker's coming with us. Pack his things.

Paddington: I don't know what his particular attraction is with Ms. McKechnie.

Isaac: Mm. It's gotta be money. It's always money. When Duncan came to Oakdale, do you remember how bad he wanted the two to get hooked up? Maybe Ian and Duncan have some kinda deal.

Billy: No, that's not Duncan McKechnie I've heard about.

Paddington: If you don't mind me saying - the real reason doesn't matter. What is of vital importance is that one day the spirit of the duke will rise up again and reclaim his rights.

Isaac: Okay, Paddington, can we keep this in reality? Because I didn't come all the way to Scotland for a ghost story!

Paddington: Ignore the legend at your peril, Mr. Jenkins. Great harm could befall anybody who consorts with a pretender to the title.

Isaac: Are you meaning Bonnie?

Paddington: If you truly and deeply care about miss Bonnie, you will expose the truth before it's too late.

[Thunder rumbling]

Ian: It will be a blessing waking by your side every morning for the rest of my days.

Bonnie: I feel the same way, too.

Ian: You are a lovely, warm, intelligent creature, Bonnie McKechnie. Immense beauty. I couldn't ask for-I couldn't ask for more in a wife. You've always been the great love of my life.

Bonnie: Ian -

Ian: I want all of you, Bonnie. It's time. It's time to seal our troth. I've been just aching to show you how much I love you. Oh, Bonnie. How I've missed you.

Bonnie: I've missed you, too.

Bonnie: Wait. Wait, Ian - why is it so crucial that we get married right away?

Ian: I - I thought you decided you wanted that, too? Did - did you or did you not say the words "right away"?

Bonnie: Yes.

Ian: Yes.

Bonnie: Yes, I did, but - what that means to me and what that means to you seems to be two completely different things. And, well, I don't know what's wrong with just putting the brakes on things for a little bit. Ian?

Ian: I'm trying not to succumb to the typical male reaction at the moment. You've got me dizzy here, Bonnie. In one moment you say no to a life with me. And then, the next, you're agreeing. And now more hesitation.

Bonnie: Well - you're making me sound like a tease. Thanks. Thanks, Ian. This has been a very helpful conversation.

Ian: I've had enough talk for one night.

Bonnie: Look, come on. I was being facetious.

Ian: Yeah, well, I wasn't.

Bonnie: We've - barely just begun to reconcile, and now you're mad at me because I've asked a reasonable question?

Ian: Look-of course not, darling. I just never thought I could be so lucky. That's cause for a bit of excitement - isn't it?

Bonnie: Yes, yes.

Ian: Look, I won't make time an issue between us. As man and wife, we'll have all the time in the world. But you-you drive me to distraction, Bonnie. Good night.

Bonnie: Good night. [Bonnie sighs] [Knock at door] Come in!

Bonnie: Isaac? I thought you left ages ago. Why are you doing here?

Isaac: We've got some serious business to discuss. That's frilly.

Bonnie: If we have business to discuss, then get on with it.

Isaac: Okay. There's something seriously rotten in this castle, Bonnie. And it's up to me to keep you from making the biggest mistake of your life.

Abigail: I like having a brother around. You have this - this quiet thing about you that's really good in a crisis. I really need that right now.

Aaron: You've got friends, though. Like Adam.

Abigail: Well - I don't love him the way that he loves me.

Aaron: Guys hate that.

Abigail: But it's different with you, though. I mean, we can hang out, and we don't have to worry about it getting complicated.

Aaron: Yeah. For me, it-it's like, for once, I'm not somebody's problem.

Abigail: Hey - what are sisters for?

Lucy: She's touching his hand.

Alison: They're definitely together. Too bad. He's seriously cute. Not like those geeks at Oakdale Latin who act like they'll jump in front a train if they don't get into Princeton.

Lucy: I have to tell Abigail something. I'll be right back.

Alison: Go. Take your time. And make sure you take up a lot of Abigail's time.

Lucy: Why?

Alison: Lucy, are you just pretending to be dense? My mom wants you to be my friend. So - be a friend.

Lucy: That guy's obviously with Abigail.

Alison: I'm just going to introduce myself. Go. Go. I'll be good.

Lucy: Abigail? Hi. I just wanted to let you know how sorry I am about your stepfather.

Abigail: Thank you. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

Alison: Hi.

Aaron: Hi.

Alison: Got a light?

Aaron: I hate girls that smoke.

Alison: I'll have to remember that.

Molly: You said that we had forever, Jake. You promised. But forever turned out to be just a little dot in time. The happiest I've ever been in my life for the shortest amount of time. And now I'm supposed to figure out what to do without you? How to hold this family together?

[Molly sobbing] I never thought I'd be alone ever again.

Jake: You're not alone, honey.

Molly: Oh, God. I want to touch you so bad.

Jake: You - can't feel me?

Molly: It's not the same. It's not. And you can't convince me that it is.

Jake: My love is still with you.

Molly: Of course it is. And the memories, too. But I want more than that, Jake. I want you.

Jake: You have me. You've got me in - in your heart and in your soul. And nobody can reach in and take those memories from you.

Molly: I miss you. I've missed you so much already. And it makes me really - really sick to my stomach to think about how much I'm gonna keep missing you.

Jake: After awhile, you won't hold onto everything with both hands so much.

Molly: I don't know what to do about Bridget and Michele.

Jake: You're gonna love them, like you always have.

Molly: Should they go with Donna? I don't know what I'm supposed to do. I just wish I knew what they really wanted.

Jake: With children, you can't always give them what they want. You just gotta be careful and listen to what they're really asking for.

Molly: But I can't - I can't even think about giving them up, Jake. I can't.

Jake: Well, they're gonna be in your life no matter what. Who knows - after a time, you may want to create something new.

Molly: Don't you dare say that. I didn't want anything new. What we had was already new!

Jake: You'll do the right thing when the time comes.

Molly: What? Don't get vague on me now, McKinnon. The entire time I've known you, you've been straight to the point. You never doubted anything.

Jake: Like I said - when the time comes, you'll know what to do. I have no doubt about that.

Molly: That's not good enough, Jake.

Jake: It's true.

[Phone ringing] Aren't you going to get that?

[Phone ringing]

Molly: Hello? Hi, Kim. No, I was just

[Molly looks back and sees that she is alone. Jake is gone] Thank you. But - I'm not really - I'm not alone.

Aaron: I gotta go.

Alison: I guess I'll see you around.

Alison: Terminally cute.

Lucy: What's his name?

Alison: Hottie McStudly.

Lucy: Seriously.

Alison: I didn't ask. All I needed to know was if he was into me, and he was.

Lucy: What kind of guy flirts with someone when his girlfriend's standing, like, ten feet away?

Alison: A player.

Lucy: A sleaze.

Alison: Well, that's all a matter of interpretation. All's fair in yadda, yadda -

Lucy: I gotta go. I got homework.

Alison: So - you wanna meet here again tomorrow? Maybe Mr. McStudly will be here again. Oh, I didn't bring anything 'cause I thought my mom was paying. But my treat next time, okay? As long as you order cheap. Go, pay. I don't want him to see me walk out alone, like a loser.

Lucy: Sleaze.

Isaac: There is something seriously wrong with Ian. Now, if there's one thing I know, it's a con, and he is running a major one on you.

Bonnie: He wants to marry me, Isaac. How does that make him a con?

Isaac: Have you asked him why he wants to marry you?

Bonnie: Yes, I've asked him why. I've asked myself why. I've asked the powers that be why. And there's only one answer. He loves me.

Isaac: Or he loves your money.

Bonnie: You think this is about money? We are in the man's castle, Isaac.

Isaac: Humor me. Okay? If I'm wrong, I'm willing to play the fool. But you have to locate his financial records.

Bonnie: What money could he possibly be after? Before Ian came back into the picture, I was a waitress at your bar.

Isaac: What about your dad? Huh? Maybe he's after your family fortune instead of sharing his with you.

Bonnie: No. No, I'm not hearing this. I am not hearing this. You had your chance to get with me, and you blew it. So now-you know what? Take it like a man, and get out.

Isaac: Okay. I could do that. Or I could be a real man, admit that I made a mistake, and that I owe you one. I said I loved you, and I do! But more than that, I like you - a lot. And even if I don't end up with you, I gotta see you happy before I go back to Oakdale. Safe, married to a man who deserves you. I can for you that much. So if you'll excuse me, I think I should pick my heart and my ego up off the ground and get back to the business of protecting you.

Bonnie: Isaac -

Isaac: No discussion. I'm your black knight whether you like it or not.

Jack: So this Judge Clark, he kinda gave me a hard time for wanting to collar Barbara for your disappearance. And after he heard what she did, he kinda felt like he owed me one. That's how we got the custody settled so quickly. Parker's all yours.

Carly: I just love it when you pull strings. You are my best friend in high places.

[Jack laughs]

Nurse: Detective Snyder!

Jack: Hey!

Nurse: I was setting everything up when I heard you come in.

Jack: Great.

Carly: Setting - setting what up? Don't you work at the hospital? What's goin' on?

Jack: Well, now she works for you. Carly, meet Sandy. She's your very own private duty nurse.

Carly: Hi.

Nurse: Hi.

Carly: Jack!

Jack: Hey, Parker, guess what? Come here, buddy. Sandy has some surprise for you upstairs. And if you don't get upstairs right now and find out what it is, I'm just gonna have to tell you what it is! Then it won't be a surprise anymore!

Carly: Thank you.

Jack: Hey. Everybody needs a mission in life. And mine seems to be either trying to win your heart or trying to save your butt. So either way, I accept.

Carly: You are always the best thing that keeps happening to me.

Jack: And all you have to do is consider this place a home for you and Parker. Until you decide it's time to go.

Carly: And what if I don't ever want to leave?

Jack: Well, then I'm just about the happiest man on the face of the earth. Welcome home, Carly.

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