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Ian: We have the dedication ceremony at Kaleglowy Gardens on the 7th. Lady Angela is looking forward to seeing you again.

Bonnie: Oh, Lady Angela. Yes, of course.

Ian: And then the gala for the national trust is on Saturday. They're restoring castle Dunwoody.

Bonnie: That's nice.

Ian: And then the ribbon-cutting ceremony's on the 10th, and I thought we might pop over to the Isle of Skye and get in a few rounds of golf at Sconser?

Bonnie: Ian, I haven't played golf in ages.

Ian: You? The queen of the green? You've been letting that magnificent swing go to waste?

Bonnie: Well, there was always something else to do in Oakdale.

Ian: "Always something else to do in Oakdale." That's just too much. I love that sense of humor of yours. You know, we should always make time for the things that amuse us. Everything you enjoy is infinitely important to me. Everything.

Bonnie: Ian --

Ian: Well, you know, I was thinking, while we're on Skye, we should drop by that quaint little lighthouse.

Bonnie: Hmm?

Ian: It's a charming place for a wedding. Don't you think? And the beautiful thing is they do all the planning and the arranging for us.

Bonnie: Well, that's a bit premature, don't you think? I mean, we --

Ian: Well, maybe it's time that we remedied that.

[Knock at door]

Bonnie: Uh -- come in!

Garrick: Good evening. I hope you two lovebirds will pardon the interruption, but I have a surprise for Bonnie. You have a visitor.

Bonnie: Not Isaac again, I -- hope.

Garrick: You'll have to see for yourself.

Jessica: Just your dear, adoring mother.

Bonnie: Mom!

Carly: Tell me what is going on with Parker, Jack. Where is my son?

Jack: Parker's fine.

Carly: I know he's fine. I didn't ask you if he was fine. I asked you where he is. Who is taking care of my little boy, Jack? Who is putting him to bed every night and waking up with him every morning?

Jack: Parker -- Parker's healthy. He's loved.

Carly: And he isn't with John. I know that, Jack. You all tried to let me assume that he is, but John slipped up. He referred to the time that he spent with Parker in the past tense. I may look like Methuselah, but there is nothing wrong with my brain!

Jack: No one is deliberately trying to --

Carly: You cannot talk your way out of this one, Jack. Hal is in the hospital, so Parker can't be with him. So where is he staying, Jack? Where did you bring him when you took him from here last night? Parker was afraid, right? Of me? Of the way that I look?

Jack: No, no.

Carly: And he didn't want to see me.

Jack: No, no, no, nothing like that, Carly! He's healthy, he's fine. He's -- he's at the Lakeview -- with Rosanna.

Craig: Rosanna, Rosanna, Rosanna. I knew.

Rosanna: What did you know?

Craig: When we were kissing, that you weren't just doing it to be nice. You were enjoying yourself.

Rosanna: You exhaust me, Craig.

Craig: I think I could, given the opportunity.

Rosanna: I think I'll join Parker in a nap.

Craig: I could keep you awake.

Rosanna: And what if I don't want to be kept awake?

Craig: I think I could remedy that, too.

Rosanna: And they say chivalry is dead.

Craig: I'm no angel.

Rosanna: I'll consider myself duly warned.

Craig: I'm not shy, and I don't scare easily. So if you're planning any kind of fancy footwork to throw me off balance, you're gonna wind up --

Rosanna: Before you flatter yourself into oblivion, please let me point out that I only did as you asked. You asked me to convince your daughter that our kiss meant nothing, and I think I performed with aplomb. What more do you want, Montgomery?

Craig: Ohh -- where do I begin?

Molly: I hope I didn't hear you right, Donna.

Donna: Molly, I really didn't want to get into this right now.

Molly: Because you thought maybe it wasn't the best time to announce that you were keeping my children, on the day after my husband was murdered?

Abigail: What's going on?

Molly: I hope this is just a really bad joke.

Marley: I never meant for you to overhear us.

Molly: But it doesn't change the fact that your mother is intending to keep my children, and you're helping her.

Abigail: Wait, what are you doing?

Donna: Abigail, your mother overheard something she shouldn't have, and I'm trying to convince her that we should discuss this at a much later date.

Molly: We should discuss it now, Donna -- right now. Oh, so that's why you left Bridget and Michele in Bay City?

Marley: We know how attached you are to them, and --

Molly: "Attached"?! I am as "attached" as I am to my heart, my lungs and the air that I breathe, Marley! It's not like they're some puppies or houseplants I'm taking care of while the owner's on vacation. They are my children!

Kim: What -- what's going on? What's the matter?

Molly: They're trying to take Bridget and Michele.

Kim: Oh, no, that can't be.

Molly: Oh, yeah. It can be. They've been out here conspiring about how and when to take my children away from me. The only thing they were worried about was how they were gonna tell me.

Kim: Is this true?

Donna: We didn't want her to find out about it this way, we wanted to wait until things settled down.

Marley: We really did.

Donna: But -- the truth is, Molly, that -- that Bridget and Michele were Jake's daughters, not yours. They were Jake and Vicky's.

Jessica: Oh, I missed you so much! I got used to having you around. It gets pretty lonely back home.

Bonnie: And so you finally took a few days off.

Jessica: Well, somebody had to come check up on my baby girl.

Garrick: Jessica, you look as enchanting as ever.

Ian: Positively radiant.

Jessica: Thank you. It's very nice to see you both again. Has my daughter been behaving herself?

Ian: Now, you know better to say such a thing, even in jest. Your daughter is the breath of fresh air that this old place needed. We wouldn't know what to do without our Bonnie.

Garrick: I'll have Paddington prepare a room.

Jessica: Oh, no, no. That won't be necessary.

Ian: Oh, no, but you must. You and Bonnie have so many arrangements to make.

Jessica: Well, I booked a room in town.

Bonnie: Well, unbook it, Mother. You have to stay here.

Ian: We wouldn't have it any other way.

Garrick: Well, that's settled. You'll be our guest.

Jessica: Well, that's very generous of you. Thank you.

Ian: Our pleasure. Well, look, we'll let you two get reacquainted. It's great to see you again -- especially now.

Garrick: Well, I--

Bonnie: Now, this is a surprise. What are you doing here? Not that I'm complaining, because I'm not. In fact, quite the opposite. I have so many things to tell you.

Jessica: Obviously. I didn't miss the look in Ian's eye when he said that you and I had so many "arrangements" to make.

Bonnie: Well, a lot has happened since the last time we talked.

Jessica: Uh-huh. And this ring must explain why you called and said you were staying in Scotland. And to think, when you left, I was telling myself you'd be home by now.

Bonnie: Well, that's just it, Mom. What if -- what if I am home?

Isaac: What the --

Morlin: Mr. Isaac?

Isaac: Who wants to know?

Morlin: A friend. Follow me, quickly.

Carly: Rosanna's in Oakdale? And how long has she had my son? Better yet, why has she had my son?

Jack: Somehow she heard that you were missing, and Hal was --

Carly: "Somehow she "heard"? How did that happen, exactly, Jack?! Her detectives? Or maybe from somebody a little closer? How could you let this happen

John: So now you know?

Carly: Oh, yes, of course. And John is involved in this, of course. It all makes perfect sense to me. It really does.

John: No, I wasn't "in" on anything, Carly.

Carly: You hate me that much that you just -- you couldn't be involved in sticking it to me, right?!

John: That's not true, and I don't hate you.

Carly: Then how could you hand my child over to that beast?

John: Listen to me. When Rosanna showed up and announced that she was there for Parker, I was ready to fight her tooth and nail. Tom told me I didn't have a leg to stand on. There was no point.

Carly: Since when does John Dixon give up a fight?

John: She arrived with a court order. She is family. I'm not family. Tom said there was no recourse.

Carly: So she handed you her mission statement with one hand and snatched my child with the other?!

Jack: All right, all right. Maybe the fact that she went through legal channels scares you, but it -- it honestly seems like she did this to make sure that Parker was cared for.

Carly: Who the hell are you? Are you new here? Rosanna feels responsible that Parker even exists! She thinks I am the ultimate screw-up, Jack -- not only as a mother, but as a human being. You used to know that! She has been waiting for something like this to happen since Parker was born.

Jack: Okay, so there's no possible way that you would believe that she did this for Parker?

Carly: She did it for herself. And now she has proof that her sister is not capable of taking care of her own child!

Jack: Carly, she doesn't think that!

Carly: And now you know what she thinks?

Jack: No, she -- she -- she didn't pack him up and speed him out of town. Doesn't that count for something? She stayed here in Oakdale, where Parker was around the people he knows best. She -- she was at the Lakeview the entire time. Right, John?

John: She's given us complete access to the boy, that's true.

Carly: Well -- isn't that just peachy? And now maybe -- maybe I can see my own child whenever it's convenient for his aunt. And don't you dare tell me to relax! If Rosanna wants a baby, she can have one of her own, but I did not struggle this far and come this far so she can sink into mine!

Jack: I would do anything for you and Parker. You used to know that.

Carly: Well, home is just overflowing with "used to bes." At least this is one I can do something about.

Molly: You're right, Donna. Bridget and Michele are Jake's daughters. They have his smile, they have his laugh, and I'm pretty sure, when they grow up, they're gonna have his sense of humor, too.

Donna: And, as Vicky's mother, I have to look at the other part of this equation.

Molly: I'm not forgetting that Vicky gave birth to them. But Jake and I -- we found them. Okay? We made them ours. We made them ours by loving them.

Abigail: No, you don't have to defend yourself, Molly. How insensitive can you guys be?!

Molly: Honey, I'm gonna be all right.

Abigail: No, I won't be all right. You can't let them get away with this, Molly.

Molly: I'm not. No one takes my children away from me. That's right, mine. Because, if it weren't for me, neither of you would even know that Bridget and Michele exist!

Marley: Molly, Vicky was my sister -- my twin sister. And there's a bond there that no one can understand, except -- except maybe Bridget and Michele. And I feel that same bond with them.

Molly: You want to talk about bonding? Try devoting a year of your life to one thing and one thing only, and that's bringing Jake's girls back to him. I would have done anything -- anything. And Vicky knew that. That's why she came to me. Okay? Not her sister, not her mother, me. And Jake and I -- we went to that fisherman's boat in Canada. And if weren't for me, that's where Bridget and Michelle would still be.

Donna: And we're eternally grateful.

Molly: I don't want your gratitude. I want you to do what's right.

Marley: This is the right thing, Molly.

Molly: Jake wanted us to be a family. That's what he said. You know, and Bridget and Michele are just as much my daughters as Abigail was his. And we were really happy together.

Donna: I know what a strong and loving relationship you and Jake had. That's why I allowed the twins to come and live with you.

Molly: You "allowed"? Jake was their father.

Donna: And I am their grandmother.

Abigail: You know what? This is just unbelievable. I mean, how can you guys do something like this? Especially right now?!

Molly: Come on, come on. Abigail, honey, it's gonna be all right. It's gonna be all right.

Abigail: It's just these people that act like this after someone they say they love died, they're capable of anything, Molly.

Molly: So am I. So am I, when people try to take what belongs to me. Now, you're gonna have to let me handle this. All right? Okay? Aaron? Hey, um -- take Abigail out for a ride. It's a beautiful day, and she could use some fresh air.

Abigail: No, I'm not leaving you alone with these two.

Molly: No, while you're gone, Donna, Marley and I are gonna sit down and discuss this like adults. Right, Donna?

Donna: You know that we would never deliberately hurt either one of you.

Kim: Honey, you go ahead. I'll stay here with your mom.

Molly: Yeah.

Kim: Okay, don't worry.

Abigail: Okay, I'm gonna see you real soon. I love you.

Molly: I love you. It's okay.

Aaron: I'm glad your mom got you out of there. You want to go for a ride?

Abigail: Yeah, I have a place I want to go. Mind if we take my car?

Molly: Let's save the heartfelt apologies, okay? You say you didn't mean to hurt me, but I am hurt. I just lost the man of my dreams and you're trying to destroy what little of life I have left.

Donna: That's not true.

Molly: You know what Jake loved about me? He said I was a fighter -- and that I never give up. That's exactly what I intend to do with the two of you. The gloves are officially off, ladies. You wanna fight? Bring it on. But there's no way in hell that you're taking my girls from me.

Jessica: Have you forgotten that you ran halfway around the world when Ian betrayed you?

Bonnie: I haven't forgotten a thing. That's why I told Ian we can't just rush into this. We have to rebuild the trust between us.

Jessica: What about Isaac?

Bonnie: Did you come to Scotland because you love me or to give me the prenuptial third degree?

Jessica: I came because I love you and I'm concerned that you are about to --

Bonnie: Isaac Jenkins has absolutely nothing to do with anything relating to me. We were employer, employee. We shared a few laughs, a few battles -- nothing more.

Jessica: You sure about that?

Bonnie: Oh. I get it. Billy went back to Oakdale, straight to your door to tell you to come here to stop my wedding.

Jessica: Billy? Billy Ross? I haven't seen or heard from Billy since you dragged him over here.

Bonnie: He isn't in Oakdale?

Jessica: He isn't in Scotland? So what? He's just disappeared?

Bonnie: Of course not, Mother. People don't just disappear.

Isaac: Listen, Marlin.

Morlin: Morlin.

Isaac: You mind telling me why we're down in the basement?

Morlin: There's something you need to see -- and vice versa.

Isaac: Billy?

Billy: Isaac? Is that really you?

Isaac: I was about to ask you the same thing. What are you doing here?

Billy: Scottish hospitality. What do you think of it so far?

Isaac: What kind of a crazy place is this? What the hell is going on around?

Billy: It's okay, it's okay. Look -- no, it's okay. How's Bonnie?

Isaac: She's okay. Her mother just got here.

Billy: Good. So maybe somebody can do something. I couldn't and get her out of this place.

Isaac: Yeah.

Billy: So she's okay, right?

Isaac: Yeah, she's thinking that you took your butt back to Oakdale.

Billy: And leave her in castle creepazoid? No way.

Isaac: Why do they have you locked up like a rabid -- how long have you been locked up like this?

Billy: I'm starting to lose track, man.

Isaac: Why do you have my friend shackled up to a wall?!

Morlin: I can't release him. I'm watching over him. Paddington insisted.

Isaac: Paddington? Paddington knows about this?

Billy: Paddington has no choice. Ian and Garrick are forcing him --

[Door creaks open] Measure twice, cut once. You can't make any mistakes. No -- no mistakes. Just like when you're mixing drinks -- precision. Gotta be precise. That's the only way to make it nice. Word, I rhymed. I'm a poet and didn't even know it.

Garrick: I heard voices.

Billy: You, too? You know, they say your hearing is second to go -- after your brain.

Garrick: You Americans really are at your best when things are at their worst. How refreshing.

Billy: Food. Where's my food?

Garrick: How many times do I have to tell you? After you've told me all of the fanciful stories that Paddington's been feeding you, I'll give you food. Now, are you willing to tell the truth?

Billy: I told you. Paddington hasn't talked to me.

Garrick: I don't think I believe you, Billy. And I certainly don't trust Paddington. I'll give you one more chance. Tell me everything you've heard, or I'll simply forget you're here. You will cease to exist. All that will be left of you is dust and bones. Now, speak, boy, or forever hold your peace.

Jack: You tell me, Carly. When was the perfect time to tell you about Rosanna? When I pulled you out of that coffin in Tennessee? Or when you were being rushed to the hospital, and I was sick to death worried that I'd found you, only to lose you again?

Carly: Stop it.

Jack: Should I have told you on the plane ride home, instead of letting you get the first decent night's sleep you've probably had in months? Or maybe -- maybe I should have told you right after you found out that your cousin's husband had been shot to death by a psychopath? You tell me, Carly, when?! There was never a good time to tell you, Carly, so I didn't. I knew you'd be angry. But I promise you, none of this -- with you and Parker and Rosanna -- none of it was ever intended to be permanent.

John: I've got patients.

Jack: I should tell you, John, I've arranged for a rather substantial reward to be posted for Weston's arrest.

John: How substantial?

Jack: Very. I'll find him.

John: I hope you do, Jack.

Jack: I'm sorry, Carly.

Carly: I know you thought you were protecting me, but you have to be straight with me, Jack. This is my life we're talking about. This is my child we're talking about. You can't keep things like that from me.

Jack: Yes, I know.

Carly: You don't know. You can't possibly know. I was kidnapped, Jack -- stolen and taken to a place where I was drugged and lied to and changed. And through it all, I kept telling myself, I'll get through this, I'll be okay. I'll get out of here somehow, and I'll go home, and life will be normal again -- whatever that is. But it isn't normal. Parker has gotten so big and so smart. And Jake is gone. Hal's a different man. And Rosanna -- she's trying to pretend she's the mother of my child. My face isn't the only thing that is unrecognizable, Jack. I don't even recognize my own life anymore.

Rosanna: Not everything I told Lucy about that kiss was a lie, you know?

Craig: Well, tell the truth and shame the devil.

Rosanna: I believe that kiss came out of a mutual concern for Carly. Right?

Craig: Yes, yes. But that -- that bit about my kisses being like being licked by a mangy dog?

Rosanna: You didn't need a breath mint.

Craig: Well, that's a plus.

Rosanna: And despite the damage you did to my reputation, you didn't get mud all over my dress.

Craig: Thank you for clearing that up.

Rosanna: I think we both feel like outsiders in Carly's life right now. Me, because of my rather challenging past with my sister.

Craig: And me, because I couldn't face what has happened to her. I just left her room, so abruptly.

Rosanna: Well, possibly you've realized that she and Jack are a rather permanent pair.

Craig: Well, no no. He's good for her now, but they're not permanent.

Rosanna: Well, think what you like. But I think you have to admit that we were both feeling rather sorry for ourselves. What we shared was a pity kiss. The worst thing we could do is make too much out of it.

Donna: This is precisely why I wanted to wait until after Jake's memorial to deal with this.

Molly: But it's out there now, isn't it? And we can't take it back. So, all I can hope for is that now that you're here, now that you'd see what it would do to us, you'll realize that what you are suggesting is completely insane.

Donna: Well, what's insane about it? The girls have been with me for weeks, they're happy, they're thriving, they're settled.

Marley: Donna, I --

Donna: They would never want for anything. They would never be left alone with a babysitter. They would be safe. They --

Molly: They're safe with me! They want for nothing with me! And if I have to stay with Bridget and Michele 24/7, that's what I'll do, but you are not taking them from me!

Donna: You and Jake did the right thing by sending them to me. You felt that my house was a nurturing and stable environment for them to be in.

Molly: We thought it was temporary, because there was some chaos going on here that we didn't want them exposed to. That's over. That is over. Abigail is innocent, she always was, and she is a terrific big sister to them.

Kim: And -- and Molly is a wonderful mother to all of her children. She's provided a nurturing -- a loving home.

Marley: We're not saying that Molly hasn't been a good mother.

Molly: Not yet.

Marley: We know you care about the girls.

Molly: Stop it! Stop saying "the girls" -- "the twins," like they are some kind of nightclub act. They are Bridget McKinnon and Michele McKinnon, daughters of Jake and Molly McKinnon, Palm Court Apartments, Penthouse suite. They are not some package deal that's up for grabs. And I don't "care about" them. I love them. They are everything to me. And if you can't -- if you can't respect that --

Donna: We respect the idea that you feel that you're the twi -- Bridget and Michele's mother.

Molly: The "idea"?

Donna: But the fact of the matter is, you have no legal rights to them.

Marley: You never adopted them, Molly.

Molly: But --

Donna: Bridget and Michele were Jake and Vicky's daughters. Which means that legally, we are their next of kin. I have the right to raise my granddaughters, with Marley. And that's what I plan to do.

Molly: Jake and I had talked about me adopting them. Of course, we had. We just hadn't gotten around to it because we thought we had so much time -- all the time in the world.

Kim: Are you talking about taking this to court, to having a legal battle?

Marley: Of course, we would never want to put the girls through something like that.

Molly: But you will if you have to?

Kim: So have you discussed this with an attorney?

Donna: We haven't filed any papers because we felt certain that the three of us could sit down and work things out.

Molly: Five -- five of us. Bridget and Michele should get a vote in this, too, because this is their home. They love it here. And I'm their mommy.

Marley: Maybe if you'd made things legal --

Molly: You would have fought me just as hard. Because it's obvious what you two thought. You thought that -- "oh, Jake's gone. I can just barge in here and roll right over Molly." Well, that was your first mistake.

Jack: I gotta go check and see if there've been any developments on Weston. Okay? Are you gonna be all right?

Carly: As long as you come back soon.

Jack: I'll be back before you can miss me.

Carly: Too late.

Candy striper: Knock-knock.

Carly: Oh, hi. I get to catch up on my magazines. What do you have? Modern Retirement, Senior Living. Did you ever hear of Vogue or Elle or In Style or something? Really, I'm not quite ready to pick out my cemetery plot.

Candy striper: Oh, is that your grandson? He's adorable.

Carly: Yeah, well, take away the red hair, and people -- people say that he's a dead ringer for his mama, which happens to be me. Yeah. Well, you should see how old his father is. This is insane.

Candy striper: What are you doing?

Carly: I am getting out of here.

Candy striper: Well, I don't think I'm supposed to let you go without --

Carly: You think that you can stop me, toots? Listen, sweetie, I'm a lot younger than you think. So, either you step aside or I go right through ya. Thank you.

Craig: "Pity kiss" -- what a depressing phrase.

Rosanna: You have another term for it?

Craig: Denial. Denial in its purest form.

Rosanna: Perhaps in your mind.

Craig: This conversation is going nowhere. I think maybe we did our best communicating when we weren't using words.

Rosanna: And yet we have another difference of opinion. And I have nothing left to say.

Craig: I do love Carly. She's under my skin, but -- it was the kind of love that made men go to war, to conquer new lands, discover galaxies.

Rosanna: And yet you couldn't bear to face her. Where was your conquering spirit then?

Craig: There's nothing I could -- I could do to fix her.

Rosanna: So I suppose there comes a time when even a conqueror has to admit he's just a man after all.

Craig: Yes.

Rosanna: And so where does that leave poor, sad, lonely you?

Craig: With your kiss.

Rosanna: Oh, yes, that mistake you made me explain to your daughter, that waste of your precious time?

Craig: No, no. This --

Jessica: So, Billy thought you were out of line and he called you on it and, of course, you lost your notorious temper after dragging him clear across the Atlantic Ocean. And you're wondering why he left without saying a word?

Bonnie: Why do you have this constant need to second guess everything?

Jessica: I'm a lawyer, honey. It's my nature. But I have to admit, I didn't feel the need to second guess you for quite some time. As a matter of fact, I was very pleased with the choices you were making for yourself. And, until recently, I thought I could trust you to tell me the truth. Bonnie, you have come so far. Don't turn back now out of spite or pride or confusion or whatever this is.

Bonnie: Stop it, Mom! I cannot hear this right now.

Jessica: Well, you need to hear this right now before it's too late.

Bonnie: Can't you just give me credit for knowing what I want in my own life? I tried it your way. I held a job I despised. I worked for the cockiest man on two feet. And I still got my heart broken by a supposedly upstanding, reliable man.

Jessica: So, you'd rather have it broken by a deceitful duke with no self-control? Sweetie, you know, you live, you love and you might get your heart broken. But the important thing, what matters is what you do next. What matters is that you learn.

Bonnie: Know what I learned? Ian loves me. And he wants to spend the rest of his life with me, and he isn't afraid to say it. He accepts me for who I choose to be without any judgment, Mom, unlike some other people.

Jessica: Oh, sweetie -- if that's really what you believe, then you're worse off than I imagined.

Garrick: You're playing a dangerous game, boy. But it's your life. Maybe I'll drop in on you later. And then again, maybe I won't. Enjoy your rest.

Isaac: "You're playing a dangerous game, boy." What's the deal with the old guy, man? And why is he so worried about Paddington?

Billy: Because Paddington told me a story about the real duke being murdered like years ago.

Isaac: The real duke?

Billy: Yeah. He said Ian's descended from a family of warriors, not royalty. It's not even supposed to be his place, he just hasn't told Bonnie that yet. That's why we can't let her marry this jerk.

Isaac: You're damn skippy we can't. Okay. Okay, I've got to tell her.

Morlin: You can't tell Miss Bonnie.

Isaac: Who's gonna stop me?

Morlin: If you tell Miss Bonnie, she'll question his Grace. They'll move Mr. Billy from this place and we may never hear from him again.

Billy: Yes, and we don't want that to happen. So, can we make a decision here, please? 'Cause I've already tried to warn Bonnie about Ian. It backfired so bad, I ended up shackled to a wall.

Isaac: Okay, okay. If we can't tell her the truth, we've got to find some proof that she shouldn't be mixed up with this family.

Billy: What kind of proof?

Isaac: I don't know. There's gotta be something around here. What's that?

Billy: I don't know. Bonnie and I found some old vault back there when we first came upon this place.

Isaac: So, she knows about this?

Billy: We didn't have time to investigate. Morlin scared us off.

Morlin: No offense, sir. Or to you either, sir, but you can't open this vault.

Isaac: Why not?

Morlin: It's sacred.

Isaac: What's this lion/moon thing?

Morlin: That's the family seal.

Isaac: Check this out. Here's what it says -- "Herein lies MacLaren's bones. He met his death by 100 stones. He'll return again with the crescent moon to claim his stake where these bones are strewn." Okay. My sense of humor is officially gone. Now, you're gonna tell me what the hell this is about?

Craig: Don't make any assumptions about me, Ms. Cabot. You are exceedingly attractive, but I will not follow you like a lap dog. I will not be some obsequious sycophant with my lips raw from kissing your rear. No. A nibble or two couldn't hurt.

Rosanna: You quite finished? Good. You can kiss this girl good-bye. Never make any assumptions about me either, Mr. Montgomery.

Molly: Bridget and Michele need to be where they belong -- here at home. And don't act like it's not stable or safe compared to yours because, I told you, the trial is over.

Donna: Before there was any trial, you had hired a nanny. She was a psychopath.

Marley: You could barely keep them safe when there wasn't a clear and present danger.

Molly: Jake paid with his life to make sure we wouldn't live in fear.

Donna: And Jake did the right thing by sending them to me.

Molly: Jake and I -- we made that decision together. But if we had any idea that you would try to keep them --

Donna: Molly, if the circumstances haven't changed, I wouldn't feel compelled.

Molly: Compelled? Unbelievable. When Jake and I got together, I was so afraid that I wouldn't be good enough for you people, that you would never accept me. Who knew all I had to do was wait till the day after Jake was murdered for the ugly truth to come out?

Donna: We just simply don't have a choice.

Molly: If that's the way you feel --

Molly: Hello, it's Molly McKinnon. I need to speak to Tom Hughes. Tell him it's an emergency.

Jessica: I think that you are still very idealistic about life and love. And, yes, I'd rather you be an overworked cocktail waitress with real friends and a man who seems to bring out the best in you, than for you to be caught up in all of this.

Bonnie: This? This is what I am, Mother. And if marrying Ian makes you just think less of me or not believe in me anymore, well, then I'm so sorry.

Jessica: Bonnie, you know I love you more than anything in this world. But it's time you asked yourself, is this really what you want?

[Knock at door]

Ian: Everyone ready for tea? Bonnie? Is everything all right?

Bonnie: Everything is perfect, Ian. I've made a decision, that will change our lives.

Jessica: I'll give you two some privacy.

Bonnie: No, no, please stay. Ian, I've decided that -- we should marry, right away.

Ian: Oh, Bonnie.

Bonnie: Yes.

Ian: You've made me so happy! Right away it shall be!

[Both laughing]

Isaac: How does this thing open?

Morlin: It won't. It's been locked for centuries.

Billy: Oh, snap --

Isaac: What do you know?

[Creaking sounds]

Isaac: What?

Billy: What is that? Do you freaking believe that?

Isaac: What kind of place is this anyway?

Jack: Carly?

[Knocking at door]

Rosanna: This is round two, my friend, the gloves are coming off.

[Knocking at door]

Carly: That's right, sis. I'm back. Now, hand over my son before I really get ugly.

Kim: Darling, I hate to leave, but I've got to go pick Will up. I'm so sorry.

Molly: It's okay. I'll call you. Thank you.

Kim: You're welcome.

Molly: So, now I guess my lawyer calls your lawyer. Is that how you want to play it? Because, you know, Bridget and Michele are just as much a part of my family as they are yours regardless of whose blood is running through their veins. And if you don't know that, I really don't know how to convince you.

Abigail: Come on. Come on in.

Molly: Oh, my babies. Hi.

Donna: Hi.

Molly: Oh gosh, I love you. Did you miss Mommy? Did you? Yes. I missed you, too, so much. So much.

Donna: What do you think you're doing?

Abigail: I'm making my mother smile again. You should've heard Bridget and Michele when they heard me tell the babysitter that I was taking them home. It was better than Christmas. Molly is the only mother that they've known or will ever know. They have lost so much and you want to separate them when they need each other most?

Molly: And here comes the tickle-monster. Roar!

[Children giggling]

Molly: I love you so much. I love you so much.

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