ATWT Transcript Monday 4/29/02

As The World Turns Transcript Monday 4/29/02

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Simon: Katie, you can't believe I killed this woman.

Katie: I don't want to believe it. I want to believe you. I want to believe that someone else is responsible for all of this, but I could really use your help right now.

Simon: And I need yours, too, right now. The cops are gonna be here very soon. I need to be able to count on you.

Katie: I was about to stage my own death so we could smoke Dahlia out. I think that qualifies as supportive.

Simon: Listen, listen, listen. I know things are piling up right now, but all I can say is what I've been saying since Dahlia disappeared - she is the one behind this. Katie, she's trying to make me look bad in front of the cops and in front of you. Please -- please, don't play into her hands.

Katie: This is not easy for me. I hate this. I am so confused. I know that you were the only other person who knew where Jill was, and Jill ends up dead. If you didn't kill her -- who did?

Bob: Well, Dr. Ferguson is one of the finest dermatologists in the country. We wanted him to treat Rose, but he was in Central America. But now that he's back, we've discussed the situation, and he's anxious to examine both cases.

Jack: Oh, that's great. When can he get here?

Bob: Well, he's cleared his schedule, and he'll be here for a preliminary examination of Carly tomorrow.

Jack: I know you pulled some strings. Doctor, thank you.

Bob: Well, listen -- I mean, if you're chief of staff, there are times when you can lean on people. Anything else I can do for you?

Carly: No, you've been wonderful. Everybody here has been so good to me.

Bob: We're very glad that you were found -- especially this guy. Maybe now he'll take a day off, huh?

[Jack laughs]

Jack: Thanks, Bob. This Dr. Ferguson sounds amazing. He's going to be up on all the latest technology, and I bet he finds a way to reverse whatever happened to you.

Carly: Don't Jack.

Jack: What?

Carly: Don't get your hopes up. Okay? You don't know what this doctor is gonna say after he looks at me. Maybe he'll be just as stymied as everybody else who's never seen anything like this before.

Jack: Or maybe he'll find a way to make you well.

Carly: Oh, Jack.

Jack: Carly, what is it?

Carly: You don't know what it was like. For weeks -- for months, I woke up with a smile on my face every day, because I was drugged, Jack, chemically programmed to ignore that little voice in my head that kept telling me that something was very, very, very wrong. It's like I was in this dream world. And when I woke up -- this -- this is all I had to show for it. Well, I'm not gonna live in that dream world again, Jack. So if this doctor can help me, then fine, that's great. And if he can't, if I'm gonna be stuck like this for the rest of my life, then I'll just have to face that head on.

Craig: We've got to find some way to get around Carly's self-appointed watch dog -- Jack. Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack. Who does he think he is?

Rosanna: Well, perhaps Jack just doesn't want anything to upset her.

Craig: Well, you're her sister!

Rosanna: There are sisters and there are sisters, Craig. I've told you about Carly and me.

Craig: What about me? I risked my life repeatedly trying to save her. I'm sure Jack told her about that.

Rosanna: I understand that you're frustrated, but I think we should just trust Jack right now. He's the only one who knows what condition she's in.

Craig: Because he elected himself hall monitor.

Rosanna: And who were you in high school? Class clown or homecoming king?

Lucy: I'm so glad you guys are back. I can't get Parker to sleep.

Craig: Hey, hombre, what's wrong? Here, come here. Too much excitement -- up here? I know it is crazy up here in this suite, isn't it? But, you know, I think I know what you and I both need. And you know what else? I think you are our ticket to get there. Yeah. Yeah.

Margo: Wait a minute. I thought that Jake was working with us on this, not against us. When did he decide to lie about the location of the drop?

Abigail: Well, he's trying to protect Molly. Mary threatened that she would hurt her if Jake didn't promise to come alone.

Margo: God, why do all the people in this town -- this is Hughes. I want all personnel pulled from the Snyder pond location and sent to -- hold on. Where is Jake meeting Mary?

Abigail: I promised -- I promised that I wouldn't tell.

Margo: Abigail, this is not an ethics class. This is real life with real people who are in danger unless you give me the information I need to keep them safe!

Abigail: I don't know what I'm supposed to do.

Margo: You're supposed to protect your family! Molly and Jake are meeting with a woman who has killed once. They're meeting alone.

Mary: Get out of my way.

Jake: Want to know what you're looking at, Mary? You're looking at a brick wall -- a brick wall that is not gonna move unless you take that gun off my wife.

Mary: I'm warning you. I'll shoot her right now.

Jake: You're not leaving with my wife unless you're willing to die first.

Mary: I've got the gun. I've got the money. I can do whatever I want to. And what I want right now is a shield, just in case you brought along some people for, you know, target practice.

Jake: I came alone, I brought you the money, I lost the cops, just like I promised. Now give me my wife like you promised.

Molly: Mary, I understand why you're having a hard time trusting us. You trusted Nick and he let you down. And now you think everybody in the world is going to treat you the same way, but -- I know what you're feeling, because I trusted Nick, too.

Mary: I -- I don't need a grief counselor. I need a one-way ticket out of this miserable place, and you just got the job.

Jake: You don't need -- Molly for protection. Mary, no one knows you're here. I mean, you're going to get a couple hours lead time at least.

Mary: I worked for you, Jake. Don't you remember? I know your habits, like how you use the cell phone every five minutes. "Mary, it looks it's going to rain. You'll cover up the girls. Mary, take the girls to the park. Uh, Mary, did you remember to give Bridget her medicine?" I know how you think, Jake McKinnon. And right now, you're thinking about calling the cops the minute I go down that stairs.

Jake: Okay. Satisfied?

Mary: Oh, aren't you the impulsive one? Well, I guess I'll just have to dial your home number to tell you where to pick up your bride.

Molly: Jake, no, no, no. Stay where you are. I'm gonna be fine.

Jake: I've got a better idea. Why don't you take me instead? Captioning sponsored by Procter & Gamble productions, inc. And CBS

Simon: If I killed this woman, would I bring you here? Would I let you call the cops?

Katie: I don't know!

Simon: But you have to know! You have to know! The cops are gonna be here very soon asking lots of questions. I can't have you doubting my innocence.

Katie: You used to tell me things, and I could believe you. But then came the first lie when you were working for Margo, and ever since then, you have kept a lot of things from me. So is it any wonder that I don't know what's true anymore?

Simon: We are. We are, you and me, our love that we have for each other. That is true, Katie. You have to believe in us. Believe in the life we are trying to build. Believe in the child that we are going to have one day. Believe in that -- a little you, a little miniature you playing outside of our cottage. That is true, Katie. That is true. You've got to have faith in us, not in this nightmare that Dahlia's created.

Katie: You're making it sound so easy! But it's not -- not when there's a dead face staring at us.

[Sirens wail]

Simon: Oh, God, what are you going to do when the cops get here, Katie? What are you going to do?! I have to know now!

Katie: I don't know! I don't know what to do!

Simon: Are you going to go with our story or not?

Katie: I don't know! Dahlia killing Jill just does not make sense to me.

Simon: Sure it does. It does. Think about it. Jill calls you to tell you that your life is in danger. And then she could -- before she can tell you anything, she turns up dead. I think Jill knew what Dahlia was up to, and then Dahlia kills her to just shut her up.

Katie: Okay. Or there's that other possibility -- that when Jill warned me that my life was in danger, she was warning me about you.

[Door squeaks]

Rosanna: Excuse me. Parker is not your ticket around Jack Snyder. I think I will take him back now.

Craig: This is -- this isn't about getting around Jack. This is about exercising our rights. And Parker deserves a chance to see --

Lucy: Dad, don't say it. He's already upset enough as it is. It's all my fault. I started talking about -- about her being back. And that's when he started to cry, 'cause he wants to see her. I'm sorry, I thought he knew.

Rosanna: I just wasn't going to say anything until I knew what condition that she was in, and if she wanted any visitors.

Lucy: I didn't think. I'm really sorry.

Craig: Hey, hey, hey. It's not your fault, sweetness. Parker deserves a chance to see her.

Rosanna: Jack said she wasn't ready even to see her son.

Craig: Let me tell you about Jack's sense of women. His last wife was clinically homicidal.

Rosanna: We don't know what shape she's in. Her condition might upset a small child, Craig.

Craig: But doesn't he deserve a chance to see his mother? He hasn't seen her in months. You know, are you going to make him wait another day? Come on, Rosanna.

Rosanna: You want your mommy? You want to give her a kiss, have her kiss you good night? Yeah? I will call the hospital, and I will talk to Carly.

Craig: Why?

Rosanna: In case she says --

Craig: No, but why even give her a chance, you know? If Parker's there, she can't refuse. Come on.

Rosanna: I'll get his jacket.

Lucy: I'm so glad Parker's gonna get to see his mom.

Parker: Mommy. Mommy!

Craig: Yeah. It looks like we're both gonna get a chance to see mommy. Aren't we, hombre? Huh? Yeah.

Margo: Abigail, please trust me. Do not let Molly and Jake try to handle this killer on their own.

Abigail: What if Jake is right? What if Mary hears someone coming and she panics?

Margo: Obviously we've done this before. We will keep it silent. All sirens will be turned off. The units will stop a safe distance from the targeted location.

Abigail: Yeah, but still -- Mary may look down and see the lights?

Margo: Look down from where? Look down from where?! We don't have time, Abigail. We are running out of time. Please -- please, do not let Molly and Jake walk into this alone.

Abigail: They're on the rooftop. They're on the rooftop of an old warehouse. You know when you came to arrest me that time? That's the place.

Margo: I want all units dispatched to the old warehouse building on Fifth Street. Abigail, do you want to wait outside?

Abigail: No, this is my family. I got them into this. I need to know that they're going to get out of it.

Margo: I want the area sealed and silenced -- no sirens, no lights. The perp is on the rooftop. Mary Mennihan, you have the description. She is armed and she is dangerous. She has two hostages -- unarmed? Two unarmed hostages. Use extreme caution. I want a sharpshooter positioned across the street from the warehouse with a clean line to the rooftop. Mennihan will be taken out on my signal. I want a paramedic sent to the same address.

Abigail: What, we need an ambulance?

Margo: This is strictly standard procedure. It's just a precaution. Hopefully, we won't have to use it.

Abigail: I'm coming with you.

Margo: No, you're not!

Abigail: This is my family!

Margo: No, you are to go home, and you are to sit by the phone, Abigail.

Abigail: Please, Margo, please.

Margo: No!

[Abigail cries]

Mary: Use you as a shield instead of Molly? Why you, Jake?

Jake: What difference does it make? As long as you end up with a hostage.

Molly: Stop it, Jake. Don't do this.

Mary: Oh, he can't help it. He's the original alpha male. Jake McKinnon, born protector. Well, you know what? I'm just like that. I'd do anything to protect someone I love, too.

Jake: Either one of us will get you out of Oakdale.

Mary: No, no, you see, I can leave you behind, because I know that you won't do anything to risk Molly's life. But her? She'd drop the dime on me the second we were down the --

Molly: You know, you're wrong, Mary. I wouldn't do anything that might hurt Jake.

Mary: That's right, you won't! Because you're coming with me. Now, blow a kiss bye-bye! Don't be stupid.

Molly: Don't hurt him!

Mary: Well, you know what? Your devotion to each other is truly touching.

Molly: Mary, you've got the money. Just please let me stay with Jake.

Jake: Don't take Molly away from me.

Mary: Just shut up! Shut up! I am so sick of your stupid love songs to each other! No, wait a minute. I just had a great idea -- a way that you guys can stay together for eternity.

Willis: Check the trail leading down to this place. If you find any footprints, make a cast for forensics. It shouldn't be too tough, ground's pretty soft out there.

Police officer: You think this woman was killed somewhere else and then carried here?

Willis: And if I'm right, our killer was most likely a man. The weapon's probably not here, but keep a lookout for something blunt. If you find any hairs, bag 'em.

Katie: Maybe we should just go.

Willis: Detective Willis, homicide, Milltown P.D.

Katie: Hi, detective, I'm Katie Frasier. This is my husband, Simon.

Simon: Hey.

Willis: I've got a couple of questions.

Katie: Well, actually, my sister is Margo Hughes. She works for the Oakdale Police Department. I think we should just talk to her.

Willis: Well, she may catch this case eventually, but I'm the first on the scene, so for now, you're stuck with me.

Simon: Sure, absolutely. Fire away.

Willis: You're the folks who found the body? Is that right? Mind my asking what you all were doing way out here?

Simon: Well, my wife and I are newlyweds. And we're staying at her brother's place until we get our own fixed up. We just came down for a bit of, you know, romantic alone time.

Willis: Didn't get alone, did you?

Police officer: Willis? The M.E. needs you to sign something.

Willis: I'll be back.

Simon: Katie, Jill was not calling you to warn you about me.

Katie: That was sure easy for you. You lied to a cop. And it seemed like no big deal.

Simon: What was I supposed to do? Tell him that we came down here to stage your own death?

Katie: But if you just would have started at the beginning -- tell them all the stuff about Dahlia and what we think she's doing, they would be after her right now.

Simon: Katie, any lawyer's going to tell you -- do not volunteer information to police during questioning. It usually backfires.

Katie: I didn't realize you were an expert on handling police.

Simon: I'm an expert on survival. And trust me, we are going to survive this.

Willis: Mr. and Mrs. Frasier -- I'm ready to take your statements.

Simon: You will back me up, won't you?

Jack: Hey, I am all for facing reality, but it sounds like you're giving up. You do that and Steinbeck wins.

Carly: I'm not giving up, Jack. I'm just not ready to believe that some specialist is going to walk in here and perform miracles. Do I have to see the guy right away? Can't we wait until I get my strength back?

Jack: The clock is ticking on this one, Carly. Rose's condition got worse after she arrived. I'm not saying that's going to happen to you, but, come on, do we really want to take a chance here?

Carly: What is he going to do? Take skin biopsies to see what Dr. Weston did to me?

Jack: Well, with any luck, we'll get Weston to tell us himself what he did. The feds are going after Steinbeck. He'll lead us to Weston. I'm sure of that.

Carly: You really believe that we're going to find out what this man did to Rose, Emily and me?

Jack: As soon as Dr. Ferguson gets the particulars, he'll start reversing the process.

Carly: Now how do you do that? You sound so sure of everything.

Jack: Nobody gives up until I say so. And I never quit.

Carly: I know. That's why you found me. And I knew you would. Are you sorry you did?

Jack: How can you say that?

Carly: Look at me.

Jack: I am. And you're beautiful.

John: Carly. Listen, I've been consulting on Rose D'Angelo's case, and I was hoping that we might arrange some diagnostic tests for you in the morning.

Jack: Oh, John --

John: No, strictly non-invasive.

Jack: Carly's tired. Can't this wait?

Carly: No, Jack. You were right. I have to do this. Yeah, I'll be your guinea pig, John.

John: No, no, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make it sound that way. These tests are simply to help us on what the hell is going on here. That's all. I have no intention of turning your case over to a medical journal or anything.

Carly: I don't mean to sound ungrateful. Really, any help you can give, I accept.

John: Have you seen Parker since you've been back? You know, he was staying with me when Hal disappeared.

Carly: Yeah, Jack filled me in. And, John, I'm glad that he was with somebody who loves him so much.

John: My pleasure. He's a good little boy.

Carly: Yes, he is. But he also rises with the sun and doesn't get tired until everybody else around him just about drops. It's a lot to take on. Especially when things between us haven't always been easy. Most men would have passed on it altogether.

John: Yeah, but then I would have missed out this. Here's some pictures of what he was doing while you were gone.

Carly: Oh, Parker.

John: Well, now Jack deserves credit for this because he showed up at my door one day with about ten disposable cameras and said "shoot now, develop later." There you are.

Carly: Look at him. Oh, he's gotten so big. And that haircut --

John: Yeah, he gave that haircut to himself.

[Laughter] There he is at the barber shop the next day getting it straightened out.

Carly: His birthday.

John: And that's his birthday, yes. You know, for the whole month of January he said every day, "now is gonna be my birthday." So we woke up every day singing happy birthday to you. Strange behavior, eh?

Carly: No, not really. It makes sense. Right before I left for France, I promised him that I'd be back for his birthday. He must have been waiting and waiting. What have I done to my little boy?

Craig: Your little boy is here, Carly. He's right down the hall, getting spoiled by some nurses. I'll go get him.

Mary: I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner. Two shots and no chatty witnesses left behind.

Jake: You better pick one of us, Mary. 'Cause you'll never get a chance to get us both.

Molly: You go for Jake, and I will send you flying off the side of the building.

Jake: You go for Molly, and I'll do the same.

Mary: Oh, well, what a feisty little dynamic duo.

Jake: Mary, if you kill us. You'll be making a big mistake.

Mary: Let's go.

Molly: You're being stupid, Mary.

Mary: Oh, little miss stupid here just got herself a million bucks!

Jake: You take -- you take Molly, the cops will send the FBI after you.

Mary: And I'll get through every roadblock they set up. 'Cause little Miss Molly here is going to make it possible.

Margo: Okay, bring me up to date.

Cop: Elevator's busted. We're using the stairs to access the roof.

Margo: Sharpshooter in position?

Cop: Yeah, but he can't get a clean shot.

Margo: Why?

Cop: The perp has a shield, it's Mrs. McKinnon.

Margo: No. We either make an arrest or we take her out.

Jake: Mary, Mary, Mary, this is -- this is a mistake.

Mary: No!

Molly: Jake! Jake, be careful, you're getting too close to the edge, you're going to fall! Jake!


[Molly screams] this cat... looks like an ordinary kitten, plays like an ordinary kitten, but this cat is a copy cat... a clone.

Margo: I heard a shot.

Cop: The perp's dead. I saw her go off the roof.

Margo: Sharpshooter got her?

Cop: No, the fall got her.

Margo: Then who was shot? Get EMS up there right now. I'm going up!

Molly: Is it over, Jake? Is she really gone?

Jake: Yeah. Yeah, it's over. It's done. She -- she can't hurt you anymore.

Molly: Oh, God. You -- you, McKinnon, you are the stuff that heroes are made of. I wish I had a medal, because I would pin it right here.

Jake: You gotta take care of your family.

Molly: Are you all right?

Jake: Yeah, I'm just tired.

Molly: Honey -- come here. I want you to come sit right here. Oh, God. Oh, God. Jake --

[Sobbing] You've been shot. Help! Help! Somebody, help!

Jack: What do you think you're doing? She's not ready for this.

Craig: This little boy has spent the entire night crying for his mother. I'm here to make sure that he sees her.

John: I think Parker has survived all this because he's believed everyone here when they told him that his mommy was coming back. So, if you turn away from him now, you may hurt him in a way that your absence didn't.

Carly: But what if he's scared? What if my face scares him, John?

John: You pick him up and you hold him, and you tell him everything is okay. Right? It's up to you to make him feel safe, not the other way around. You're the adult here. Haven't you been alone long enough?

Jack: You are so lucky you're holding this little one.

Craig: Why? This little boy wants his mother.

Jack: You're not taking another step towards that door until someone says it's okay.

John: Parker, I think your mom would like to see you.

Jack: Great, I'll take him in.

Craig: No, he's comfortable with me.

Jack: You're using a little boy.

Craig: You're trying to.

Jack: If this doesn't work out, if this ends up hurting Parker or Carly --

John: I think both of them will do just fine.

Jack: Please, Craig, don't mention anything about Rosanna or the court order. I'm begging you, please.

Craig: Welcome home, Carly. Parker and I have really missed you.

Carly: Would you -- would you bring him over here, Craig?

Craig: Here we go. Here we go. There we go. Right there.

Carly: Hi. Hi, Parker.

Parker: Mommy.

Carly: Oh. Oh, sweetie, I should have known everything would be all right.

Simon: So, detective, you had some questions?

Willis: The victim didn't have any I.D. on her. Either of you recognize her?

Simon: As a matter of fact, yeah. Yeah, I do.

Willis: I don't recall you mentioning that before.

Simon: I didn't get a good look at her earlier.

Willis: Who was she?

Simon: Jill. Her name was Jill. Jill Scully. Jill Scully, she was a lawyer.

Willis: How'd you come across her?

Simon: She came into town a few weeks ago and hand-delivered me a check.

Willis: Some kind of claims settlement?

Simon: Actually, it was an inheritance.

Willis: And where'd it come from?

Simon: My former wife, who died in an accident.

Willis: My condolences. You happen to know if Ms. Scully was a local?

Simon: No, she -- the address on the check, actually, was from a law firm in California.

Willis: And how about you? Did you ever meet the deceased?

Katie: Just once when she came by the apartment looking for Simon.

Willis: That's one heck of a coincidence.

Katie: What is?

Willis: The only two people this poor woman ever met in Oakdale are the same ones who later find her body.

Katie: I never expected to see Ms. Scully again.

Willis: Especially not dead.

Katie: Definitely not dead.

Willis: One more question. Have you two been together all evening before you got here?

Simon: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, absolutely.

Willis: And how'd your husband get those scratches?

Katie: He -- sorry, he fell when we were on the path down here.

Simon: Yeah, I can be -- a real klutz sometimes.

Willis: You got to watch out for the undergrowth in these woods, especially at night.

Simon: Tell me about it.

Willis: Need a flashlight to get back to your car?

Katie: No, no, I think we'll be fine. So, that's it? We're finished?

Willis: You can go. But I need to ask Mr. Frasier some more questions. In fact, why don't you leave your car out. I can have one of my men drive you home.

Simon: That's fine. That's fine, Katie. You take the car, I'll -- I'll hitch a ride back later.

Willis: Whatever works.

Katie: Okay.

Willis: We got an I.D. on the body. Let me give you the rundown. Don't go away.

Simon: Thanks.

Katie: You're good. You tell just enough of the truth to make it work.

Simon: There's no reason to tell them any more.

Katie: Simon, the guy may seem like some hick cop, but he's not stupid. He's gonna look until he finds everything.

Simon: Katie -- just go back and wait for me at the cottage. Please, try not to worry.

Willis: Mr. Frasier?

Katie: I wouldn't have to worry, Simon, if you would just stop lying to me.

Jack: Why aren't you in there making points?

Craig: This is Parker's time, Jack. He and Carly need to be alone I think.

Jack: She kicked you out, huh?

Craig: No, Jack, she did not kick me out. Now, since I have reunited mother with child, I would appreciate it if you brought Parker back to Rosanna's suite. I have to get home to Lucy.

Jack: No, no, I'd be happy to. You're in a hurry to leave?

Craig: Yes.

Jack: You saw her face, didn't you? Couldn't handle it?

Craig: Is that what you've deduced, Jack?

Jack: I got your number, Montgomery. And you don't like it.

Molly: Fifth Street. We're on the roof, okay? Please hurry, my husband's losing so much blood. It's going to be okay, honey. You're going to be okay. They're on their way. Okay? Just hang on, all right?

Jake: Molly, listen to me.

Molly: Okay.

Jake: I want you to make sure that the girls grow up strong just like you.

Molly: No, we'll make sure, honey. We. We. We have to do it together. I can't do it alone. I'm their mommy, but you're our rock.

Jake: I want you to make sure that they stay close to Abigail and they don't drift apart.

[Molly crying]

Molly: No drifting -- no, not you, me, the girls, nobody. We're a family, sweetheart, remember? The family that Nick and Mary couldn't tear apart.

Jake: Tell -- you tell my babies that I love them --

Molly: No!

Jake: -- Every night -- and, no, listen -- and what a miracle I thought they were.

Molly: You tell them, Jake. Please, you tell them. I love you so much. We all love you so much.

Margo: Molly?

Molly: Oh, he's been shot.

Margo: The EMTs are on their way up.

Molly: You hear that, sweetie?

Jake: Mm-hmm.

Molly: Help is on the way.

Margo: We need EMS now. Gunshot wound, close range. The victim's losing a lot of blood. Call Memorial. Have Dr. John Dixon waiting at emergency.

Molly: We're gonna have you at the hospital really soon, and they're gonna fix you all up.

Jake: Do you remember when you were in the hospital? I would go and look at you, and you were drop-dead gorgeous. And I would ask myself, "why hasn't anyone come to see her?" 'Cause I didn't think that you were being loved the way that you deserved to -- deserved to be.

[Molly crying]
Molly: You changed that, didn't ya? You have loved me so well, honey, that -- I can't live without you.

Jake: You won't have to. You're not gonna have to live without me, honey. 'Cause when you love someone, they never die.

Molly: No, you're not gonna die!

Jake: When you're driving home from work, I'll be sitting right next to you, listening to how your day went.

Molly: You're so cold. You're so cold.

Jake: When you're looking at our little girls, I'll be right over your shoulder looking at 'em, too.

Molly: You're gonna be with me, with your arms around my shoulders.

Jake: You know, when you look in the mirror right before you go out -- watch over -- I'll be there, right beside you whispering in your ear, telling you how beautiful you are.

Molly: I love you so much.

Jake: And one day, you'll meet someone who will tell you those same things, someone you can trust and love --

Molly: No, sweetie, no! Listen to me. I don't want anybody else, okay? I just want you. Please stop it. Stop talking like this. Okay?

Jake: One more thing. I got to tell you one more thing.

Molly: What? Okay, what?

Jake: Do you know what the best thing is about you? You made it possible to meet the love of my life twice.

[Molly crying]

Molly: Abigail's wedding -- wedding day. You promised me that you were gonna dance with me at Abigail's wedding. And you never go back on a promise.

Jake: I'll be right -- dancing right beside you.

Molly: No, not beside me, with me. With me, Jake. You are the only reason that I ever danced again. Do remember at Mabel's? That night I knew that there was nobody else for me -- nobody. And I'm gonna save the last dance for you, okay? Do you hear me? Can you hear me?

Jake: I can hear -- I hear --

[Molly crying]
Molly: Don't leave me!

Margo: Let's go. Get to work.

EMT #1: Excuse me, ma'am. Can I get in here, please?

Margo: Molly, let them help him.
[Molly crying hysterically] Molly?! Let them do their work, Molly. Let them do their work.

Molly: Jake, don't leave me! Don't leave me!

Henry: I love the fixer-upper.

Katie: Henry?!

Henry: You've got a lot of explaining to do, Peretti.

Lucy: I didn't realize you were still here.

Rosanna: Oh, yes, I'm waiting for my nephew. Your dad is gonna bring him back.

Lucy: So, is Parker gonna keep staying with you even though his mom's back?

Rosanna: That's something Carly and I have to work out.

Lucy: You know, it's weird. I've never even met her, but I've been so worried that she wouldn't make it back okay. I guess it's just because my dad's been so crazed.

Rosanna: Hey, where's Parker?

Craig: He's -- he's with his mom. He and Carly were so happy, I left them together. Jack is going to bring him back later.

Lucy: Well, did you see Carly? How is she?

Craig: Shouldn't you be asleep, baby? Come on. Doesn't Oakdale Latin start at the crack of 8:00? Come on, we can talk about it in the morning, all right? I'm beat. Huh? I love you.

Lucy: Okay.

Craig: Good night.

Rosanna: How come you didn't answer Lucy's question?

Craig: Huh?

Rosanna: How's Carly?

Craig: Fine. Happy, thrilled to be back. I -- I couldn't handle it.

Rosanna: Couldn't handle what?

Craig: She's old, Rosanna. She's an old woman. I knew what to expect, but I -- I couldn't even look at her.

Rosanna: Well, I'm sure it's a shock. I'm sure anybody in your position would feel the same way.

Craig: No, I love her. I love a woman, and I can't even look at her. What kind of man am I?

Carly: It can't be easy for you either, Jack. Looking at me used to be your favorite pastime. And now --

Jack: Hey. Those eyes didn't change. You're still the same Carly. Right, partner?

Carly: Jack -- just so you know, I never stopped loving you.

Jack: Nor I you. I got a funny feeling we're gonna make it this time.

Molly: He's so pale. Is he all right? Is he okay?

EMT #1: He's gonna need surgery.

Molly: Then he's gonna be fine?

EMT #1: I can't say, ma'am.

Molly: But he's still alive, right?

EMT #2: Yes, he's still alive. Watch it.

Abigail: Molly -- is Jake okay? What happened?

Molly: What happened is that Jake McKinnon is the bravest man, and he loves you and me and the girls more than anything in the world. And he saved our family, honey. Let's get to the hospital so we'll be there when he wakes up. Okay?

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