ATWT Transcript Friday 4/26/02

As The World Turns Transcript Friday 4/26/02

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Nancy: I'm sorry, dear, but I thought you said that you were writing your obituary.

Katie: I am.

Nancy: Isn't it a little early to be thinking about that?

Katie: No. Actually, I should be dead in about -- oh, I gotta go.

Nancy: Don't you move from that position. I don't care what's happened to you lately. Life is too precious to toss away.

Katie: Of course it is. Why would you -- oh, no. I know what you think. You think that I was going to say that I -- no, I would never do that. Life is too precious. This is all a ploy to smoke out Dahlia.

Nancy: Dahlia?

Katie: Yeah, remember at my video release party? She was that woman that gave the really nice speech?

Nancy: Oh, the one at whom Simon threw the drink?

Katie: Right, that's her. Well, Simon is pretty sure that Dahlia is setting him up to make it look like he killed her.

Nancy: What?

Katie: Well, obviously, it's a big fat lie. But we're gonna beat her at her own game. We're gonna make it look like Simon killed me so Dahlia will come slithering out of the woodworks.

Nancy: Oh, that's, shall we say, far out?

Katie: It sure is. All right. How do I look?

Nancy: Lovely as usual.

Katie: Thanks. Simon's gonna take a picture for the newspapers, and even though I'm gonna be dead, I want to look good.

Nancy: Well, of course. Who knows who's going to see the picture?

Katie: Right. Oh, you're not gonna turn us in like you did when we were hiding Parker, are you?

Nancy: That was different. A small child was involved in that. But this -- if I wanted to turn you in, I don't know how I would explain it.

Katie: Good. All right, it looks like it's ready to go.

Nancy: Now, you two nuts are going to be very, very careful, aren't you? Because you know, these schemes of yours don't always go as smoothly as you hope.

Katie: Well, that's true. But this one should be different. Simon is going to be proven innocent. Dahlia's gonna be arrested for trying to frame him. And Simon and I are gonna be happier than ever.

Simon: Great. This is just all I need. Come on, Katie, hurry up. Let's just get this whole thing over and done with.

Craig: Well, Jack, what do you want to do? Have a contest to see which of us holds Carly in higher esteem? You've been jockeying for position ever since she disappeared.

Jack: Craig, I told you a long time ago, my only interest was bringing Carly home safely.

Craig: And what did you do? You followed James to Tennessee without telling anybody until it was too late to help.

Jack: You think I'm protecting myself by not letting you in there to see her tonight? Let me tell you how wrong you are, Craig. The only people I'm protecting tonight are Carly and you.

Craig: Me?!

[Craig laughs]

Jack: Let's say I let you go in there and visit her. What you will find is a woman suffering through the lowest moment in her life, only you won't be able to see that. You'll make some pathetic pitch, tell her how much you missed her, how empty your life was while she was away. And you know what will happen, Craig? She will turn off to you for good, right then and there. So, if I were you, Craig, I'd stop arguing with me and start thanking me!

Bob: I want you to find Lynn Michaels and tell her that Hal Munson's coming into the E.R. He needs immediate treatment. Oh, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Take this to the second floor Nurses' station on your way.

Kim: Bob?

Bob: Yeah? I thought you were picking up Will.

Kim: Oh, yeah, I'm on my way over there now. I still can't believe that Barbara's somewhere off with James Steinbeck.

Bob: Well, until she gets back, we're gonna have to take care of Will.

Kim: I know.

Paul: Kim, Bob, we have a problem.

Kim: Why? What's the matter?

Paul: I told Will that he was gonna stay with you guys for awhile, and he -- he just lost it.

Bob: What happened?

Paul: Now, he loves you guys, so it's not that. It's just he apparently thinks that I'm blowing him off. Finally, I calmed him down. I explained everything to him. He understood, and he went upstairs to pack. A half hour goes by, and he hasn't come down yet, so I go check on him. I get into his room, and his window's wide open.

Kim: Oh, no.

Paul: Apparently he got onto the roof of the garage, climbed down the tree from there. He is out there all alone. Anything could've happened to him by now.

Jake: I am asking you to stay out of this right now.

Abigail: But you haven't even given the police a chance. And now they think Mary is holding Molly at Snyder pond. Jake, you deliberately misled Margo when all she was trying to do is help.

Jake: But we don't need that kind of help right now. I mean, you know. Mary said that if she even suspected -- suspected that the police were following her, she would kill Molly. Knowing her track record, I'm gonna take her at her word.

Abigail: So what are you planning to do? Face her all by yourself?

Jake: Only two things can happen if the police follow me -- one is they can do their job, save Molly, nail Mary and we get to go home and raid the refrigerator. Or the police could see too many Clint Eastwood movies, make a mistake, and Molly gets it at close range. I'm not gonna take that kind of risk. Not with Molly's life.

Abigail: But this way, you could get hurt, too.

Jake: Maybe. I know you're scared. But you can't have fear running the show.

Abigail: I thought we agreed to let the police have a chance in helping us.

Jake: You don't forget anything. We also agreed that if I thought for one second the police were doing anything to put Molly in danger that I would handle it my way. And wait -- who was it that was gonna back -- you were gonna back me up.

Abigail: Is this the only way?

Jake: Uh-huh. Sweetheart, you're not gonna do anything foolish, like tell Margo where I'm going, are you? All right, I hate to pull this on you. Turn around and look me in the eye. Can I count on you?

Mary: Sit down there.

Molly: You're never gonna get away with this, Mary.

Mary: Did I ask you?

Molly: You know, by tomorrow, your picture's gonna be on newspapers all over the country. There's gonna be a reward for you. Someone is gonna turn you in.

Mary: Well, you know what? You'd be amazed at the changes that a million bucks can buy. You know, a little implant here, a little tweak there. You know, I might even wind up being prettier than you.

Molly: It's just not that easy to disappear when people are searching for you, Mary.

Mary: Well, do you remember how I fooled you at first? Remember the fake Irish accent? And that humble attitude? I can be anybody that I want to be, Molly. Only this time, I'm gonna make it stick.

Molly: I don't know how I let you into my house, into my life. The thought that you touched my children, that you played with them --

Mary: You know, I -- I told you to sit down. Because I could kill you right now. And then I'll just kill Jake the minute he gets here. Because either way, I get the money, so it makes no difference to me. Now, that's better. Don't move.

Molly: I want you to promise me something, Mary.

Mary: Yeah, well, you know what? Don't waste your breathe 'cause I don't care what you want.

Molly: Does your word count for nothing? We had an agreement. Jake gives you the million dollars, and the two of us go free. Is that correct?

Mary: Well, what of it?

Molly: Promise me you'll honor that, Mary. Promise me you won't go back on your word.

Bob: Now, wait a minute. Let's think about this. Have you called all of Will's friends?

Paul: Yes, and I even talked to Adam over at Tom and Margo's. Nobody has seen him.

Kim: Maybe he's hiding. Did you check the garage or backyards?

Paul: Yes, I even did a couple laps around the block, shouting his name. He is out there alone. I'll tell you, if social services gets wind of this, they're gonna yank him away from us so fast --

Kim: The baseball diamond, he loves to play there. What about that?

Paul: That's a good idea. I'll check there.

Kim: Okay, I'll go with you.

Paul: Okay. All right.

Bob: Good luck.

Kim: I'll call you later.

Craig: Now, did Carly specifically say she didn't want to see me? Or is this your interpretation of what's best?

Jack: Look, you don't get it? Outside of Parker, Carly doesn't want to see anyone.

Craig: She's been isolated for months, Jack. She's got to want some company, huh?

Jack: You wouldn't be saying that if you saw her, Craig.

Craig: That bad, huh? Is she worse than Rose?

Jack: I'm not answering any more of your questions. Carly's not looking for curiosity seekers.

Craig: Yeah, but that doesn't apply to me. Just go in there and tell her that --

Jack: I am not your errand boy, Craig! I'll tell you what -- you really want to help someone? Start with Hal.

EMT #3: Mr. Munson, can you hear me?

Hal: It's lieutenant.

EMT #3: Your doctor will be here soon. You want us to stay?

Hal: I'm okay. I'm okay. Thanks. Thanks for your help.

EMT #3: Well, let the front desk know if you need anything.

Hal: Thank you.

EMT #4: Good luck, sir.

Craig: Hey, Hal. How you doing?

Hal: Montgomery.

Craig: Yeah. Yeah, listen, you mind if I sit, huh? I hate this place.

Hal: Bryant.

Craig: The worst night of my life. And you were very kind to me, Hal. I'll never forget that. So we gotta find someplace more cheerful to meet, huh?

Hal: Yeah, I belong here now.

Craig: What do you mean?

Hal: I checked myself out too soon. I need more help.

Craig: Well, so Dr. Michaels will give you a little tune-up and you'll be back on your flat feet before you know it.

Hal: No. I cannot fix this myself. It's too hard.

Craig: No.

Hal: Everything's --

Craig: No, Hal, that's not true. You're the toughest guy I've ever met.

Hal: I failed, Montgomery. I failed everyone.

Katie: Simon? Simon, I'm here!

Simon: Blah! I've come to suck your blood!

[Katie screaming]

Katie: What the hell are you doing? You scared me. Why did you do that?

Simon: Well, I figured as long as we're doing this, we might as well keep the mood light.

Katie: Well, I'm not exactly in the mood for laughing, okay? I'm a lot more nervous than I thought I'd be.

Simon: Well, no one said dying was gonna be easy.

Katie: Well, that's nice. Did you talk to Jill?

Simon: No, she never showed up. I waited around for about an hour or so, and then I had to come over here.

Katie: What? Oh, that is great. So now I have to die without ever finding out why my life is in danger!

Simon: Look! We know that Dahlia and Jill are in this together. They're just trying to scare you, that's all.

Katie: Well, you know what? They did.

Simon: I know how nerve-wracking this must be for you. Pretty soon, it'll all be over.

Katie: I don't think I like the sound of that.

Simon: You know what I mean. Once we do this and we flush Dahlia out into the open, she's never gonna bother us ever again.

Katie: Okay. It's for a good cause, right?

Simon: Yes.

Katie: Would you just hold me for one second, please? Maybe if we kissed a little bit, I wouldn't be so nervous.

Simon: Oh, you know if we start kissing, then that's gonna lead to another thing. And we haven't got time for that. All right, here we go.

[Simon whistling]

Katie: Uh, could you not be so damn chipper about it?

Simon: Sorry. Now I know why the executioner wore a hood.

Katie: I heard that. Whoa, wait, hold on. What are you doing with the rope? I thought we decided to strangle me. That's why I wore the scarf to match.

Simon: And it's a killer fashion statement. No, I just thought the rope would add a nice little touch of realism. Come here. Hands down.

Katie: Okay. Ah! Don't make it so tight.

Simon: I'm hardly even touching you.

[Simon laughing]

Katie: Wait, hold on, it's a little bit uncomfortable. Simon --

Simon: Okay, okay!

Katie: What happened to your chest?

Simon: What? Nothing. Nothing. I tripped on the way in here and fell in some bushes. Clumsy. Come here.

Katie: But they look like -- almost looks like someone scratched you.

Simon: Can we get on with this, please? Come on.

Katie: Okay, okay.

Simon: Come on.

Katie: Ow! Simon, stop it!

Simon: Katie, I can't make it any looser, all right? We gotta do this like --

Katie: Stop it, Simon, please! I don't want to do this anymore!

Abigail: I can't promise you that I'm not gonna tell Margo. You said it yourself, Jake, Mary is a killer. She hates Molly, and she hates you. And I don't think I can let you walk into a possible trap with no backup.

Jake: Well, it's a trade-off. I just think it's safer for Molly if I go do this alone.

Abigail: You mean so much to me. And I don't think I can handle if anything happens to you.

Jake: You know, sometimes things happen, and you got to throw the rules out the window, and you've got to trust your instincts. And right now, my instincts are telling me that what I'm doing is the right thing.

Abigail: Okay.

Jake: Okay.

Abigail: I'll just be praying that your instincts don't let you down.

Jake: Try not to worry. Listen -- I'm going to bring Molly back to us safe and sound.

Abigail: And you, too, Jake.

Jack: You count on that.

Katie: I'm sorry, I thought -- I know I agreed to do this at the beginning, and I just thought it might be kind of an adventure. But I don't know, I don't feel right about it anymore. This whole thing is really creeping me out.

Simon: You can't back out now, Katie. Look! Look, everything is set. If it's about the rope, if the rope bothers you, fine, we'll lose it.

Katie: You know, it's not only the rope, it's the phone call from Jill, it's this place, it's the idea of being strangled by my husband

Simon: Pretend. Pretend strangling, Katie. It's a show, a performance. None of this is real. God, I would never hurt you.

Katie: I know. You know I know that. It's just -- did you bring the camera?

Simon: Yeah, yeah. I did. I must have left it in the car.

Katie: Well, go get it. Because the faster you take the picture, the faster you can get me out of this.

Simon: You sure you're okay with this?

Katie: Yeah, I'm fine. I mean, I guess it's like you said, we can't back out now.

Katie: Okay, Katie, just calm down. Take it easy, okay? Simon's not going to hurt you. He married you in front of God and lambs and people. A pearl. That's weird.

[Crashing sounds]

[Crashing sounds]

[Katie screams]

Craig: Why, Hal, you didn't fail anybody. You did your best. Everybody knows that.

Hal: Barbara is with Steinbeck.

Craig: I've heard that, yeah.

Hal: Emily is gone. Carly is --

Craig: I heard that, too.

Hal: Jennifer had the good sense to get out of town. And Adam has his life with Tom and Margo. But Parker and Will, oh, boy --

Craig: Now Parker's a resilient boy, Hal. He can roll with the punches.

Hal: Parker maybe, but not Will. He's had it worst of all these last couple of months. Now he's got a mother who's unavailable again, and a father who can't be out on the streets unless a shrink certifies him to go out on the streets! You think he won't notice that? You think he won't see that his father's --

Will: Dad? You made it. You're back!

Hal: Oh, son.

Mary: Do you have any idea what I've lost because of you and your family? My good name, my dignity, the love of my life. Yeah, that's right -- Nick. I know that you don't think much of him, but to me, I invested my soul in that man. And you and Abigail turned him against me.

Molly: No. Abigail and I had nothing to do with what happened between you and Nick. He was a despicable man.

Mary: Enough! Enough! I sat in that courtroom day after day, and I heard one person after the other talk about what a low-life Nick Scudder was. Well, they didn't know him the way that I did. He was gentle. And he was funny and sweet. You know, you ruined -- you ruined all of that for me, Molly. Because the minute he got around you and your daughter, all of a sudden, I was not worthy of him anymore.

Molly: Nick let me down, too, Mary. That's just who Nick was.

Mary: He had changed! He was better! We had plans! And now you want promises? You know what? I have a good mind to shoot you where you sit!

[Door slams]

Molly: Jake.

Jake: Hey, Mary, nice to -- nice to see you.

Molly: Jake.

Mary: Quiet, both of you!

Jake: You all right?

Mary: Both of you. Is that the money?

Jake: $1 million.

Jake: It wouldn't insult me if you wanted to count it.

Mary: Where are the cops?

Jake: Oh, I sent them on a wild goose chase. You've got plenty of time to go wherever it is that you want. Just take the money and give me my wife.

Mary: Oh and, see, Jake, there's been a slight change of plans. This cat... looks like an ordinary kitten, plays like an ordinary kitten, but this cat is a copy cat... a clone.

Jake: Come on, Mary. We had a deal. I stuck to my end of it, now it's your turn.

Mary: Oh, really? You know what? I've got some news for you. You're not in charge here.

Jake: No, no, no, no. This is your show.

Mary: Tell me where the cops are.

Jake: I told you, I sent them in another direction.

Mary: No, no, no. Right. You know what? I know they're out there. You did not come alone.

Jake: I did, Mary. I came alone. I did exactly what you wanted me to do.

Mary: You're lying. Because, you know, a man like you is always covered.

Jake: Ordinarily, yes. But I don't take any chances when it comes to Molly.

Mary: Oh, so what you're trying to tell me is that you don't mind if I go free after everything I've done to your family?

Jake: It's over. It happened. I don't have an ax to grind. As long as Molly doesn't get hurt.

My: Well, that's -- that's really, really, you know, delightful. It's too bad that I don't believe a word of it.

Jake: Mary, come on, I played this straight with you. Maybe you're not used to that, but it does still happen.

Mary: Well, you know what? That's all right. I'd love to have a guy just like you, Jake. Someone who worries so much about his little misses that he's willing to fork out a million bucks without thinking twice. But you know what? I don't. So I got to look out for myself. Let's go.

Molly: What are you doing?

Mary: This money is not enough to get me anywhere I wanna go. So I need a hostage. And that's you.

[Katie gasping and screaming]

Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Simon: Katie, what is it? What?

[Katie gasping] Oh my God.

Katie: It's Jill, the lawyer you were supposed to meet. Is she dead?

Simon: Yeah.

Katie: Oh my God!

Simon: We've got to get out of here. We've got to get out of here.

Katie: How did this happen? How did she --

Simon: I don't know! I don't know! We'll talk about it in the car. Come on, come on.

Katie: Shouldn't we put something over her?

Simon: Yes, we should. We should say a few prayers over her, but we haven't got any time. We have to get out of here. Come on.

[Katie whimpering] Come on! Come on, come on! Let's go, let's go!

Katie: Hold on. Just wait a second. I don't feel very good.

Simon: All right, sit down. Sit down, sit down. Sit down, please. Put your head between your knees. Put your head -- breathe deeply, breathe deeply. Okay, breathe. Better?

Katie: I can't believe this. I just talked to her an hour ago. How did this happen between now and then?

Simon: I don't think we're gonna know the answer to that. But I have a very strong feeling Dahlia is responsible for this.

Katie: Dahlia? Why?

Simon: It's all part of the same thing. She sets me up by staging her own disappearance. Now she's gonna make it look as if I murdered her own lawyer.

Katie: Okay, wait, hold on a second. Hiding her keys in your bag, that's one thing. Even the blood in the car, I can accept that. But murder? I don't think she's capable of that.

Simon: Katie, she is dangerous. She's obsessed. She's crazy! She wants to see me in jail. This is just a part of it.

Katie: Okay. What do we do now?

Simon: All right, for starters, we have got to go. We've got to get out of here. You okay? You all right?

Katie: Yeah, yeah.

Simon: Come on. Come on.

Katie: Hold on.

Simon: What are you doing? What are you doing?!

Katie: There is a dead body in there, I have got to call Margo.

Simon: I cannot let you do that.

Jack: Is there anything we can do for her until the specialist gets here?

Bob: Well, we've got to get her strength back. And once Dr. Ferguson examines Carly then we'll choose a course of treatment.

Jack: Right. Well, what if he can't come up with one?

Bob: Well, then we'll find another specialist, and then another and another, until we find one that can fix this.

Jack: It's hard seeing her like this, Bob. She was always the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen.

Bob: Hey, listen. We're gonna get Carly through this. Don't you stop believing that, Jack.

Jack: I thought you might want to know, the EMS team just brought Hal in.

Bob: Oh, thanks. Are you going to see Carly now?

Jack: Yeah, I won't be long.

Carly: I figured I'd sleep better with the curtains closed.

Jack: That's a good idea. Rest is the best thing for you.

Carly: Is it?

Jack: I don't know. I mean, isn't that something you say when you visit people in the hospital? It's kinda bright in here, isn't it? Better?

Carly: Thanks. You know, every time I hear that door open, I keep thinking it's gonna be Parker.

Jack: We'll get him over here as soon as we can.

Carly: Is he still staying with John?

Jack: As far as I know, they're doing great.

Carly: I miss him, Jack. I can't wait to hold him again, to smell that baby shampoo in his hair. How am I going to explain this to him? What if I scare him? Or worse, what if he doesn't even recognize me?

Jack: Wait a minute, slow down. You can't be expected to answer every question tonight.

Carly: Maybe it'd be better if he thought I was still lost. He's been through so much. You know, I don't want to make things worse for him.

Jack: There's no way seeing his mother could make things worse for Parker.

Carly: Maybe I can see him somehow and he couldn't see me. Like a one-way mirror thing or something. That would be enough for me for now, just so I could see with my own eyes how he's doing.

Jack: You just got back. Why don't you concentrate on getting better? The rest will fall into place.

Carly: You don't know that. I could look this way for the rest of my life.

Jack: Oh, Carly, the rest of your life? The rest of your life is too much for you to take on right now. Be grateful that you're home and you're safe. And your son is safe. And you've got people working around-the-clock to make you better. Can you do that, Carly? Huh? Can you take your first step before you worry about your next?

Carly: You always did know how to calm me down.

Jack: Not that you ever paid any attention. You know, I've been going back and forth about this, but -- Craig is out in the E. R and he wants to see you. I didn't want to make any assumptions, so I guess I gotta ask. Do you want to see him, or do you want me to ask him to go home?

Hal: I'm not going to lie to you, son. I'm not coming home with you tonight.

Will: Are you going to stay in the hospital?

Hal: Things have happened to me, Will. I'm not thinking as clearly as I should. I'm going to get better, there's no doubt about that. But for right now, this is the best place for me to be.

Will: But I can take care of you at home, like I did when you had the flu.

Hal: I sure wish I could take you up on that, but the kind of care I need, only a special doctor can give me.

Will: Does that mean I have to go with Aunt Kim and Uncle Bob?

Hal: The only place that you're gonna live is home at our house. You may be staying with them for awhile, but only as a guest.

Will: What about mom? Is she gonna be back soon? I mean, I know she doesn't live with us anymore, but it would be nice to see her sometimes.

Hal: I don't know the answer to that, Will. And I wanna tell you that I'm really sorry about everything that has happened to this family. But we're gonna get it back, you and me. It may be a little different than it was before, but we'll still be a family, Will. And it'll be strong. It'll be ours.

Will: Okay, dad. We'll do it, you and me.

Dr. Michaels: Hello, Hal.

Hal: Dr. Michaels, I want you to meet my boy. This is Will.

Dr. Michaels: Hi, Will. How are you feeling, Hal?

Hal: Hopeful.

Rosanna: Hello.

Craig: What are you doing here?

Rosanna: I'm visiting my sister, what else?

Craig: Did you bring Parker?

Rosanna: No, of course not. I stopped by your suite, and Lucy was kind enough to take care of him for me. How is she, Carly? Have you seen her?

Craig: She's been through quite an ordeal. You know, she'll probably want to sleep through the night, I think.

Rosanna: Right, well, I should speak to one of her doctors. Do you know who's taking care of her? Oh, Jack. Hello.

Jack: Rosanna, it's been a long time.

Rosanna: You're looking well.

Jack: You, too. Are you here because of Carly?

Rosanna: Well, and Parker, of course. With Carly and Hal both gone, I felt that Parker needed his family. So I petitioned the court, and they granted me temporary custody.

Jack: What?

Rosanna: Well, it's only until Carly and Hal are well again and they can take care of them. Once they're better, I'll be happy to step aside.

Jack: Are you planning on telling Carly this?

Rosanna: Well, yes, I was.

Jack: Well, no, forget it.

Rosanna: Why?

Jack: Because the last thing Carly needs right now is to learn that while she was kidnapped, her sister swiped her son out from under her.

Rosanna: I did not swipe Parker. I was simply worried about him, so I did something about it.

Jack: You really think Carly'll see it that way?

Rosanna: She might, if I get a chance to explain.

Jack: News flash, Rosanna. Carly doesn't like you. She doesn't even trust you.

Craig: Rosanna is family, Jack. And you -- are the cop that brought her back.

Jack: I'm warning you -- Carly does not know about what you've done with Parker. She doesn't even know you're in town until I say it's okay! You got that?

Craig: Jack is determined to keep everyone away from Carly. Did you even bother to ask her whether she was gonna see me?

Intercom: Dr. Valentino to the O.R., Please.

Dr. Michaels: Well, your room is ready, Hal, anytime you want to go.

Hal: Well, now is good. I just wanted to make sure my son was squared away first.

Dr. Michaels: You bet. And, Will, you know, if you ever wanna just talk to me, we can sit down in my office anytime.

Hal: Thank you.

Paul: He's here! Will, why did you leave without telling me where you were going?

Kim: Honey, we were so worried about you!

Will: I know. I'm sorry. I should've told you. But I wasn't ready to go to Uncle Bob and Aunt Kim's. I had to see dad first.

Paul: Just as long as you're okay.

Kim: Hal, are you all right?

Hal: I'm fine. Well, what do you say? Ready to go over to Uncle Bob and Aunt Kim's now? Hmm?

Will: What about tomorrow?

Kim: Tomorrow's fine with me.

Will: Can we go now? I'm kinda getting a little tired.

Paul: You and me both. Come on, pal. Let's go.

Will: Good night, dad. I hope you feel better real soon.

Hal: With medicine like you, how can I miss?

Simon: All right, before we call anyone, we have to get our stories straight.

Katie: What story? There is no story. I'm gonna tell Margo what happened.

Simon: What happened -- exactly -- was that you sent me off alone to meet Jill. Listen, an hour later, we find her body!

Katie: Okay, all right, yeah. It doesn't do much good for your case, does it?

Simon: Okay, if we bring this attention -- if we draw attention to this to Margo, then she's gonna think I not only murdered Dahlia but also Jill.

Katie: Wait, hold on a second. You told me that Margo believed you were innocent.

Simon: She's still a cop, Katie! If the evidence keeps piling against me, then -- she's gonna have to arrest me. Come on. Come on.

Katie: What are you doing?!

Simon: We have to get of here! We have to go.

Katie: I thought we were gonna get our stories straight.

Simon: All right. All right, we -- we went for a drive. We got a little romantic. We stopped here to be alone. We went in there, and that's when we found Jill's body. That's what we're gonna say. That's it.

Katie: No, I don't like it. I don't like it.

Simon: Why not? That's good!

Katie: Besides the fact that it's a whopping lie?

Simon: It's only for a short time. Once this whole mess with Dahlia clears up, we'll tell Margo the truth. I promise.

Katie: All right, just give me the phone. Should I call her, or do you want to?

Simon: You call her. You call her. I'll get the bag in the car.

Katie: God, but what if he -- what -- no. Come on, Katie, he's your husband. He would not murder anyone. It's impossible.

[Katie sighs] No, but what if he -- what if I -- oh, no, I can't go there.

Jack: I asked her, Craig. She doesn't want to see you. She thought about it for a couple of minutes. And, in the end, she decided she wanted to wait.

Craig: For how long?

Jack: Until she's ready. I'm sorry.

Rosanna: Perhaps it's for the best.

Craig: Jack Snyder's not gonna tell me what to do.

Rosanna: Well, he did say it was at Carly's request.

Craig: I don't care what he -- I don't care what anybody says. I've waited long enough.

Carly: Hey, Parker. I know I look different. But it's Mommy. Oh.

Jack: Anything I can do?

Carly: Hold me. I'm so scared, Jack.

Jack: Shh.

Carly: I'm trying so hard not to be, but I am.

Jack: Quiet. Don't you remember? You need your rest.

Simon: Did you call?

Katie: Yeah, they're -- they're sending two units.

Simon: If it's easier for you, I'll do all of the talking when they get here.

Katie: My biggest concern right now is not how we're gonna lie together. It's -- that Jill's body was found in the exact same place that you had planned to stage my murder.

Simon: I know. It bothers me, too. Just a very, very bizarre coincidence.

Katie: Are you sure it's not something else?

Simon: Like what?

Katie: Like maybe Dahlia didn't kill Jill, but someone else who didn't want her to tell me that my life was at risk.

Simon: I'm open to suggestions here. Got anyone else in mind?

Katie: You.

Margo: What do you mean, no one's at Snyder pond? Jake McKinnon told me himself -- all right, get a chopper out looking for Jake McKinnon's car. Black! I don't know. Call DMV.

Abigail: Margo?

Margo: We got a real problem, Abigail. Jake lied to me about where he was going to look for Mary Mennihan.

Abigail: I know. And I know where he is.

Mary: Any final words for your sweetheart? We're leaving, Jake.

Jake: Not one word, Mary, because -- because you're not going anywhere.

Mary: Don't be stupid. I'll let her go as soon as I'm safe.

Jake: I -- I listened to you once tonight. I'm not gonna make that mistake again.

Molly: Don't challenge her, Jake. I can handle --

Mary: You heard her, hero. Now get out of the way!

Jake: What you're looking at, you're looking at a brick wall. A brick wall that is not gonna move until you take that gun away from my wife.

Mary: I'm warning you. I'll shoot her right now.

Jake: I'm warning you. You're not leaving here with my wife, unless you want to die trying.

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