ATWT Transcript Wednesday 4/24/02

As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 4/24/02

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Bonnie: Oh.

[Bonnie laughs]

Ian: You, Bonnie, are the most beautiful flower of all. You put these to shame.

Bonnie: I hope you brought another vase.

Ian: We'll just order them by the caseload because I intend to lavish you with flowers every day for the rest of your life. You've made me the happiest man in Scotland. I canít wait till you're my bride. Oh, were your parents excited when you told them?

Bonnie: Uh -- I havenít told them yet.

Ian: Is there a problem?

Bonnie: No. No, no problem at all. Itís just that, with the time difference and everything, well, I just --

Ian: Yeah.

Bonnie: Whatís wrong?

Ian: If I didnít know better, I'd say you were ashamed to tell them.

Bonnie: Ashamed? Because I didnít run to the phone in the middle of the night? Ian, thereís plenty of time --

Ian: No, there isnít. I want us to be married. Right away.

Rose: But doesn't everybody have cold feet when they're thinking about getting married? You know, I came here for a pep talk, not a parachute!

Lucinda: Well, if I'm supposed to say, you know, "go ahead and do it. Everything is just going to be moonlight and roses," well, I can't. I'm just trying to get you to listen to the nagging voice inside your own head. And if you choose not to, I am praying that your stint with the Steinbeck son will not be as awful as mine was with the father.

Dawson: Dawson, FBI. Somebody said there was something in here I should see?

Hal: Yeah. That thing.

Dawson: I'll bag it. They'll want to go over it in the lab.

Jack: You're gonna be okay. Just hang in there. Hold on a second. What's with the suits?

Hal: FBI. I called 'em before.

Jack: Was that Dawson? I know him. Listen, look after Carly for a minute. I'm gonna go pick Dawson's brain. Hey, you gonna be okay? I'll be right back.

Hal: Carly --

Carly: He did this to me, Hal. Steinbeck did this.

Hal: And I helped him.

Carly: No, you helped get me out of there.

Hal: No. Before. He did something. He did something to me, and I protected him. Oh, Carly, what's happened to you -- it's -- it's my fault, too.

Craig: Rosanna -- Parker! Hombre! Come on in. Come on in. She said what? Would you tell Margo to back off the caffeine? Thank you. So I thought it was a little late for a visit. Your aunt somehow thinks you should be in bed.

Rosanna: Well, Parker wanted to see you. Had to see you, actually.

Craig: I'm flattered.

Rosanna: He's been --

Craig: Hey!

Rosanna: He's been asking for jelly fries.

Craig: What?

Rosanna: I know. It sounded odd to me, too. But sometimes children want odd things. So I ordered up some french-fried potatoes with some raspberry preserves. Well, he didn't spit them out, exactly, but he -- he's much too polite for that. But he wants the kind of fries he has with his uncle Craig.

Craig: Hombre, your aunt Rosanna's a smart lady. Kind of cute, too. But I think she has a lot to learn about jungle beasts.

Jake: Now you listen to me -- you so much as touch a hair on her head, it'll be the last thing you ever do.

Molly: Jake! Jake, can you hear me? Stay away from her. We don't know what she's capable of. Jake -- I love you, honey. I love you so much.

Mary: That is enough out of you.

Abigail: Is she doing something to Molly? What's going on?

Jake: Mary, are you there?

Mary: Well, of course I'm here. But now the big question is, do we understand each other? A million bucks and you get your pretty little wife back. And, Jake -- no Police. Otherwise, she dies.

I think I've already proven I'm quite a killer.

Jake: You'll get it. Don't hurt her.

Mary: Another thing, Jake -- don't ever cross me. And don't ever threaten me again. Or Molly's gonna pay the price. You got it?

Jake: Don't hurt her.

Abigail: I don't believe it. Mary has Molly?

Bonnie: Ian, my head is spinning right now. How can you just demand that we get married right away? You haven't even been back a day. You took your sweet time returning from your hunting trip, but I don't get at least that long to prepare for the rest of my life?

Ian: No, of course you should prepare, Bonnie, but --

Bonnie: It isn't bad enough you humiliated me during our last engagement. And now you just want to rush into marriage like someone has a shotgun to your head. Well, I will not be pushed, pulled or manipulated or rushed into marrying you.

[Ian chuckling]

Ian: You know, I've missed you so much.

Bonnie: What?

Ian: That fire in your eyes, Bonnie. That passion. I've missed how everything you feel comes rushing to the surface in one beautiful release. When we were together, I loved that about you. I still do. Look, of course you have every reason to be cautious. But what happened last time --

Bonnie: You mean what you did last time.

Ian: -- Is precisely the reason why I want you to be my bride sooner rather than later.

Bonnie: You don't trust yourself with a longer engagement? I need to know this time, Ian. I need to know that you really, really mean it. I will not let you take my heart and walk on it all over again.

Ian: I know. I have a long way to go until I've earned your complete trust again. But maybe that's why I'm so anxious. When you already have my heart, my soul, why would I wait any longer? I know that I want a life with you. I want to prove to you, day to day, hour to hour, how much I love you.

Bonnie: Oh, Ian.

Ian: I wish that I could promise you that I won't press you. But that would be like asking me not to breathe. I'm -- I'm consumed, Bonnie. I'm obsessed. I admit it. So I'm going to do everything in my power to get you to change your mind and put me out of my sweet, sweet misery. Just -- promise me you'll think about it.

Bonnie: I promise.

Billy: Who are you, and what have you done with my friend Bonnie's brain?

Craig: Hey, looks like Parker and I are gonna have to educate you on kid speak and the fine art of bachelor dining.

Rosanna: Ah.

Craig: Jelly fries, huh?

Rosanna: Yes.

Craig: Yeah. All right, now, Parker -- what's crunchy, made out of potatoes and comes in a bag?

Parker: Jips.

Craig: Jips, that's right. What's red, sweet and delicious, comes in a pie? Jerries?

Parker: Jerries.

Craig: Jerries. We getting the picture here?

Rosanna: Jips, Jerries, jelly -- jelly fries. Chili fries.

Craig: Chili fries. That's right.

Rosanna: French-fried potatoes smothered in chili con carne and topped with a melted cheese food product.

Craig: You're aware of this gastronomical delight?

Rosanna: I was engaged to an auto mechanic long ago. You thought you had me pegged, didn't you?

Craig: No.

Rosanna: Be careful. I might surprise you. I've been known to hang out at Mabel's late into the evening. It's just the -- how did you put it? -- Kid speak that got to me, you know?

Craig: Jelly fries. Room service? Hey, Gladys, it's Craig. Listen, could you send up one "Parker special" pronto? And load it up, will you? Thanks a lot. You know you have your own place on the menu here? That's pretty special.

Rosanna: I hope we didn't interrupt your phone call earlier. I'm sorry about that.

Craig: No, no. That's all right. You'd think having a sister on the Police Force would yield a few perks.

Rosanna: Leaning on Margo again? She only just got rid of you.

Craig: Well, I had to try. I have got some information about Carly, and nobody's talking.

Rosanna: Perhaps you could enlighten me as to what it is about my sister that makes men fall all over themselves?

Craig: Well, she's -- she's quite a woman.

Rosanna: Yes, for a user.

Craig: Yes.

Rosanna: That doesn't bother you?

Craig: No, actually, it's a relief.

Carly: What is that, Hal? What are you holding?

Hal: It's a note from Steinbeck. It's about Emily.

Carly: May I see? "Monkeys can learn amazing tricks. Thanks, Hal. Regards, James. P.S. Emily's gone."

Hal: I blew it, Carly. When Steinbeck tried to make it look like Emily had taken off with Daniel, I didn't believe her. I didn't believe her. I doubted her when she needed me the most.

Carly: Hal, Hal -- Emily knew how much you loved her. You and Daniel were all she could talk about when she first got to the spa. She knew how much you loved her, Hal.

Hal: And after you were there for awhile?

Carly: They -- they gave us so many drugs, we hardly knew our names. But there were a few times when we managed to fight back. And in those times, Hal, Emily fought because of you.

Hal: She called me from that place. I could've found her. I would have searched the world for her. But now she's gone.

Carly: Hal -- I heard that she escaped. And I believe it. She's strong, and she's smart. If anybody is capable of living by her wits, it's Emily, right?

Hal: I know Emily can get out of some pretty narrow scrapes.

Carly: Right. Right. That's why we have to have hope. That's why we have to believe in her now.

Hal: I want to, Carly. I want to so much.

Carly: Then don't you give up. Emily will find her way back, Hal. And she will need every ounce of faith you have to help get her here.

Rose: He is not James Steinbeck.

Lucinda: Well, will you stop with the indignation, then, darling? Paul is fine. He's noble, he's young, he's a prince among --

Rose: So you do like him.

Lucinda: Darling, I'm quite fond of Paul. That is not the point.

Rose: What is your point? I'm very confused.

Lucinda: Sweetheart, Rosie, dear, if you are really over the moon about this engagement, I would already be on the telephone with the wedding planners. But no. You were restrained. Rose D'Angelo was restrained?

Rose: What? Smiling. Didn't you see that smile? I had teeth from ear to ear.

Lucinda: Normally, dear, you'd be shrieking. Okay? You've already admitted it, that you're uncertain.

Rose: So no pep talk. Just gonna ring my bell.

Lucinda: No, I'm not, darling. I'm listening to your bell. That's what I'm doing. Waiting for you to hear the warning.

Rose: I don't hear anything right now. I'm --

Lucinda: Darling, the doubts that you're having haven't got anything to do with Paul. They're doubts about you.

Rose: You're good. And you're a tough broad.

Lucinda: Thank you. All right, dear? Marriage is a big thing, you know? It's a commitment. And disengaging yourself from it can be very messy and very expensive. So do yourself a favor, a big favor. If there's any nagging doubt, you just give him back the ring or you keep the ring, and you say, "later."

Rose: Later. I got to go.

Lucinda: No, no, no. Don't you do that. Don't you duck out. Come on, honey. You asked for my opinion. I've given it to you. You just sit down and deal with it.

[Molly trying to speak]

Mary: What's wrong? You got to go to the bathroom? I'm warning you, Molly -- if you don't keep it down, the tape is going right back where it was. You got it?

Mary: Now what do you want?

Molly: I want to make a deal with you.

Jake: Just all boils down to money.

Abigail: Did she let Molly say anything?

Jake: No, Molly -- Molly called out to me, but I couldn't --

Abigail: Jake, we have to tell Margo.

Jake: Absolutely not.

Abigail: No, if Molly's been kidnapped, we have to tell them.

Jake: The rules do not apply.

Abigail: Why?

Jake: She made it very clear that if I crossed her, she would hurt Molly for sure.

Abigail: Hurt her? Hurt her, or kill her?

Abigail: If Mary has threatened Molly's life, then we definitely have to call the Police.

Jake: No. We can't take that risk.

Abigail: Jake, what about the risk of not calling? Look, I know --

Jake: Abigail --

Abigail: -- How much you care for her. But I have a stake in this, too. She's my mother. She has done everything for me. She's put her life on the line for me.

Jake: I shouldn't have let this happen to either one of you. I was the one who let that psycho into our home in the first place.

Abigail: You're thinking this is your fault?

Jake: I invited Mary Mennihan into our lives.

Abigail: You hired a nanny, Jake. Someone you thought was loving and caring. You didn't know this was an act. You didn't know what she was gonna do.

Jake: You are so much like your mother.

Abigail: Jake, I know what Mary said, but if we let her call the shots --

Jake: No, she has pushed us far enough. She has terrorized this family long enough.

Abigail: Jake, you're scaring me. You have that look in your eye, the one that tells me that we should call Margo. Now. Do it.

Jake: I said -- no.

Abigail: If you don't, then I will.

Mary: A deal? You don't have any leverage.

Molly: I won't do anything wrong. I won't put up a fight or anything.

Mary: Well, that's really nice, but so what?

Molly: You say that you know everything that's going on with Bridget and Michele. You said you know where they are, what they're doing.

Mary: That's right. And if you or Jake decide to get heroic, I'll just head over to Bay City.

Molly: You promise me -- promise me that you will leave my family out of it, and you will get my full and total cooperation.

Mary: Well, that is just too precious for words. You could be facing what could be your final hour, and all you can think about is your perfect little family.

Molly: I love them so much. Surely you remember that, Mary. You know, there was a time when I thought you loved them, too.

Mary: Love? You thought I loved kids that weren't mine? Your perfect, perky little Abigail. And your whiny little twins? You know what? Your family wasn't as special as you thought, Molly. You're just people, just like everybody else. And if anything was to happen to one of you, any of you, the world would not just come grinding to a halt. Believe me.

Molly: You know what? If you touch my family, if you hurt any of my family, I will --

Mary: You'll kill me? What, do you and Jake rehearse together? Do you know that he threatened me, too? As if he could do anything.

Molly: Oh, I would take him very seriously, Mary. Jake will not let you get away with this.

Mary: That's right. I forgot. Jake's a real risk-taker, isn't he? You like a hero, don't you, Molly? Well, let's just hope that your hero is not so stupid as to run into a bullet.

Jack: How are you two holding up?

Hal: Any word about Emily?

Jack: No.

Hal: They didn't say anything, Jack? You would tell me, would you? She's not dead, is she?

Jack: The officer said no one's found anything, Hal. We don't know where she is.

Carly: I told Hal that Emily escaped. Show him the note from Steinbeck.

Jack: More sick games.

Hal: Jack, the -- the gun -- I'm so sorry. I don't know how that happened. I could have killed you.

Jack: No, but you didn't. Steinbeck lost that round, Hal. And he's not gonna get another crack at you. We're gonna get you all the help you need.

Hal: But Emily --

Jack: We will find her, Hal. And, Hal, I got all the backup I need now. No one's giving up. Two down, one to go. Right?

Jack: Carly, what --

Carly: My head, Jack.

Jack: What is it, honey? What's wrong?

Carly: I don't know. It hurts, Jack.

Jack: What?

Carly: I can't -- I can't breathe. I can't breathe.

Jack: Hey, hey, hey, you're okay.

Carly: I can't breathe.

Jack: All right, all right. Medic. I need a medic in here right now. No -- come on, Carly. Come on.

[Carly gasping for air] no.

EMT #1: Her heart's racing. 140.

EMT #2: Administering fluids. Is the head pain any better, ma'am?

Jack: She doesn't even remember the last time she had anything to eat or drink.

Hal: Well, the emits will get her to the local hospital. They'll keep pushing the fluids until the morning. She's got to be dehydrated.

Jack: I know that's best, man, but -- I wish we could do anything to get her home tonight. Listen, look out for Carly a minute, will you? I've got to make sure whatever we do is best for her.

Rosanna: How is it that you don't mind that Carly is a user? What did you say? It's a relief?

Craig: It's like looking in a mirror and liking what you see.

Rosanna: Well, I don't know what's more charming, your arrogance or your honesty.

Craig: Well, Carly and I understand each other. We don't have to pretend. I don't have to be gallant. I don't want to be gallant all of the time. I don't have to put on a face for her. I can just be myself. You know? It doesn't hurt that she's got a terrific kid. I love this guy.

Rosanna: You sure it has nothing to do with his $50 million trust fund?

Craig: Parker? Have you been holding out on me? Who was it who left you this tidy little sum? Santa Claus?

Rosanna: No, Craig. I did.

Lucy: So you're not gonna call off the wedding?

Rose: Can you answer me a question? I mean, why does a sweet young girl like you -- why do you care about my silly love life?

Lucy: I don't know. Maybe it's everything that's happened to me in the past couple of years. My mom and dad splitting up. Losing Bryant. I don't know. I guess I'm just always hoping for a happy ending.

Rose: There's a name for people like you -- romantic. You are a romantic.

Lucy: When Paul and Lily came to tell grandmother that you were okay, you should have seen the look on his face. I mean, he was so excited. Actually, all he needed was a white stallion to ride off to your rescue.

Rose: I am lacking a bit in the damsel department. I hate to burst your bubble, Lucy, but life isn't always roses and stallion rides, you know? It's more like crabgrass and a blowout on 1-95. Remember that.

Lucy: It doesn't have to be like that. I mean, think about it. You made it back. You still love Paul. And he is more certain than ever that he wants to marry you. How can you say no?

Billy: Well, have you talked to Isaac recently?

Bonnie: How can I when he's not reachable? That's right. I tried to call Isaac before I even accepted Ian's proposal. And where was he? Off doing God-knows-what with one of his little black-book hotties. Why are we even talking about him? I'm marrying Ian. Okay?

Billy: Wait. How come this guy's got you all out of whack already? I mean, did you forget that we heard Paddington saying that he wanted to get you out of here? What, you don't want to hear anything about that?

Bonnie: We're not quite sure what we heard or what we didn't hear. Honestly, creeping behind walls, eavesdropping, jumping at the smallest, what, sounds? Maybe it's you who's got me all turned around, Billy.

Billy: You're joking, right?

Bonnie: As soon as I have a moment, I'm gonna tell Ian about everything that's going on around here.

Billy: No, Bon, you can't. Not yet.

Bonnie: Why not? It was you who said I should get the scoop on Paddington.

Billy: Yeah, but if we tell on him, he may lose his gig. And you even said yourself he's been working here for, like, ever.

Bonnie: Yeah, but if he's plotting and planning with the little Morlin guy, then I --

Billy: Bonnie -- you can't say anything, not yet.

[Bonnie sighs]

Bonnie: Okay. All of this has got me a little confused. I just want the he-say, she-say stuff with the servants to stop.

Billy: The servants?

Bonnie: That's what they are.

Billy: Bonnie, do you hear yourself? You and me met being "servants" back in Oakdale. Or did you forget?

Bonnie: Toto, if you can't understand that we are no longer in Oakdale, then maybe you should get on a plane and go back.

Billy: Is that what you want?

Bonnie: No. No, but why all of a sudden are you coming down so hard on Ian? You were the one that said he'd be a fool to not want me back.

Billy: Well, that was before I got an earful of his bull.

Bonnie: You were listening to us? What is with all the eavesdropping around here?

Billy: Look, I'm sorry, Bonnie. You know, the guy's slick as ice. And he was rushing you down the altar. It was his fault. And at this point, everything should be about you.

Bonnie: So, what? I'm supposed to make him just jump through hoops because I can?

Billy: Okay, all right. This is none of my business. Why don't we just get out of here, go have a good time and just kick it?

Bonnie: Billy, I thought you cared about what's going on in my life. But instead, you want to go out into the city, see sights and "kick it." Well, go ahead. Don't let me stand in your way, Mr. Travelogue.

Billy: Look, don't -- Bonnie. You know I didn't mean it like that. Well -- surprise, surprise, surprise.

Jake: If you call the Police, you're putting Molly's life in danger. Mary said so flat out.

Abigail: Of course she would say that. But think about it, all right? Molly's life is in Mary's hands. It's as dangerous as it can get. If we try to handle this ourselves, things are only gonna get worse. I know that.

Jake: Not if we give her what she wants. I'll give her the ransom.

Abigail: No, Jake, there are a million ways that this could go wrong. Mary is unpredictable. She has already proven that. Look, if she can kill Nick, someone that she thought she loved, just think about what she would do to someone she hates.

Jake: I got to do it her way. I'll take her the money. I'll handle the transfer. And when I get -- when I get Molly back, then I'll handle Mary.

Abigail: "Handle her"? What does that mean? Jake, it sounds like you're planning to kill her.

Mary: "Oh, please, Mary. Please don't hurt Jake." You know, between the two of you, it's enough to make me want to lose my lunch.

Molly: You lived in our house. You shared in our lives --

Mary: I shared nothing. Do you hear me? Nothing. You were all so bloody full of yourselves that you just -- I just wanted no part of it.

Molly: So hate me. Hate Jake. Hate the life that we've made together. If you think that a pile of money is gonna keep you warm at night, fine. But don't you dare sit there and act like this is just any other ordinary day, Mary, because people's lives are at stake. Not just mine, but innocent children and the man who loves all of us. You are trafficking in flesh and blood, and I won't let you sit there and say that it means nothing. You -- you might have a pathetic little life with nobody to care about you, but I don't. So if you want to torture me -- torture me till I die, Mary -- you know what? Do it. But I will not let you belittle the life that I've built with the people I love. I will shout you down. I will scream. I will make our time together hell. You will end up killing me and wind up with nothing.

Billy: What's going on, man? I thought you cared about Bonnie.

Paddington: I do. That's why I wanted her out of here before the duke and his uncle returned.

Billy: Why? Is there some kind of trouble?

Paddington: Miss Bonnie is absolutely right. I've completely out-stepped my boundaries. I'm afraid I can't talk to you about it anymore.

Billy: What do you mean? What's going on with Bonnie and the duke?

Paddington: Whatever transpires between the duke and Miss Bonnie is none of our concern. Please excuse me.

Garrick: There's trouble afoot. That brash American has been questioning the servants about you. Something must be done.

Ian: I don't think Billy will be a problem.

Garrick: We cannot afford a mistake now. Not when we're this close.

Ian: Relax. I have a plan which will ensure Bonnie sees things my way. My, my. It appears the walls have ears.

Craig: And this little piggy is $25,000. And this little piggy is $10,000. I think the most impressive thing I ever got him was a stuffed giraffe. Large -- but not 50 mill.

Rosanna: Well, you wouldn't be the first to be impressed by wealth.

Craig: Impressed? No. But I respect the ingenuity and perseverance it usually takes to acquire it. This little guy's got plenty of both already.

Rosanna: He looks a little, um -- s-l-e-e-p-y.

Craig: Oh, I can put him in the bedroom. He can dream.

Rosanna: Well, that won't be necessary. I'll take him back to my suite. Come on, darling.

Craig: Okay, hombre. Here you go.

Rosanna: Well, thank you very much for everything.

Craig: Don't forget sparkly.

Rosanna: Craig, tonight was -- illuminating.

Craig: Nothing like good lighting.

Rosanna: Hmm.

Craig: You sure you don't want the fries?

Rosanna: No, I know where to find them if I need them.

Craig: Okay.

Rosanna: Oh, listen, what you said earlier about not wanting to be gallant -- you're awfully good at it in spite of yourself. Good night.

Craig: There you go. Okay, tiger boy.

Rosanna: Gonna keep this.

Lucinda: I thought we might have some coffee with the brandy -- hello, darling.

Lucy: Good evening, grandmother.

Lucinda: Everything finished? The paper, the Latin?

Lucy: All done. Amo, amas -- amat? Well, I'm almost all done.

Lucinda: Amamos.

Lucy: I'd better go back upstairs. You know, my aunt Katie says that, when it comes to weddings, it's never too early to start the guest list. I could help you.

Rose: Thanks.

[Phone ringing]

Lucy: Oh. I'll get it.

Lucinda: Okay. So we're gonna forge ahead, huh?

Lucy: I'm sorry, grandmother?

Lucinda: Yeah?

Lucy: It's Jack Snyder, for you.

Lucinda: Jack. Where are you?

Jack: In the Tennessee valley.

Lucinda: Hanging James to the highest tree, I hope.

Jack: He got away, Lucinda, and he took Barbara with him. Listen, you have to keep quiet about this. I don't want anyone finding out about it until I get back. You understand?

Lucinda: What happened?

Jack: We found Carly.

Lucinda: He found Carly.

Rose: Is -- is she all right?

Lucinda: Is she all right?

[Static] Jack? Jack -- oh, I can barely hear him.

Jack: Listen, reception here is really bad. I'm gonna have to give you the details later. But I need you to do me a favor.

Lucinda: Sure, anything.

Jack: Have your jet meet us in Knoxville and fly us back tomorrow morning?

Lucinda: Well, I'll do better than that, darling. I will send the jet right now.

Jack: No, it'll have to wait till tomorrow. Carly's being rushed to the local hospital. She has to stay there overnight.

Lucinda: Why? What's happened?

Rose: Is it Carly? Is she all right?

Jack: She's got the same could stay alive.

Mary: Look at her. Righteous anger. Defiance in the face of death. You do your family proud.

Molly: Do we have a deal or not?

Mary: Not. Though that was quite an impressive speech, I'm still calling the shots here. I guess you've realized by now that I can premeditate with the best of 'em.

Molly: Premeditate? What -- what the hell are you talking about?

Mary: Mm, ask Nick's landlady. I forgot. You can't. She's dead.

Molly: The cops said that she had a heart attack.

Mary: Mm-hmm, whatever. I wonder what other accidents I could just conjure up.

Molly: Look, you're gonna get your money, damn it. You just leave my family alone.

Mary: What? And take all the fun out of it?

Bonnie: Ian, you're gonna have to stop or there are not gonna be any more flowers left in the garden.

Ian: Okay, I'll stop, I'll stop, Bonnie. But only if you allow me to give you something else.

Bonnie: Oh. Do you want to know why?

Ian: Before my mother married my father, her family lived a very simple life. And she taught me to never forget that, to never forget that joy cannot be bought with money or titles. Joy is a product of honesty. And love. That's why I want to give the ring to you, Bonnie. Because I forgot those things once before, and I lost you. And I look at you now, and I understand my mother's words. Let's find our joy together, Bonnie. Marry me soon.

Bonnie: It's extraordinary. Not because it's so beautiful but because of the meaning behind it. Ah, Billy. Billy, I have to find him and tell him how wrong he was.

Ian: Oh, no, Billy -- oh, I'm so sorry. I forgot to tell you, Bonnie. Billy -- Billy's packed up and gone.

Lucinda: I'll fax you the details, and when you file the flight plan, you call me back. Thanks, Wesley.

[Lucinda sighs] Rose D'Angelo, will you meet me at Memorial Hospital tomorrow morning?

Rose: Wild horses couldn't keep me away.

Lucinda: All right, darling.

Rose: There's something else that I wanted to share with you.

Lucinda: What? About the engagement?

Rose: I must have been out of my mind not to want to marry the best guy in the world.

Lucinda: You're just having legitimate doubts.

Rose: Doubts, no. Carly and Emily and I -- we used to think about, dream about coming home to the people that we loved, that kept us alive. And poor Emily's out there missing somewhere and -- and Carly's coming back by the skin of her teeth. And here I am crying in my soup over the thing we dreamed about. I must be nuts.

Lucinda: Now don't do this because of Emily. Don't do that.

Rose: No, I came here for your advice, but now I'm retracting that request. I'm going for the happy ending.

[Lucinda sighs]

Lucy: You're not the only one getting a happy ending, Rose.

[Phone ringing]

Craig: Hello.

Lucy: Hello, daddy?

Craig: Lullaby, how are you? What is up?

Lucy: I have the best news for you. Carly's coming back tomorrow morning.

Craig: She what? How do you know this?

Lucy: I overheard grandmother on the phone.

Craig: Well, where is she? I should get there.

Lucy: I don't know where she is exactly. But that doesn't matter. Grandmother's already sending a jet to pick her up and bring her to Memorial Hospital.

Craig: Memorial? Why? Is there something wrong?

Lucy: Grandmother didn't say anything about Carly not being okay. But I'd still be there tomorrow morning at the hospital.

Craig: Yeah, well, just let anybody try to stop me.

Jack: Hang on there, baby. We're getting you to a hospital.

Carly: No. No, no hospital. No more doctors.

Jack: Oh, don't you worry. I'm gonna be with you the whole way. And then tomorrow morning, we're flying to Oakdale.

Carly: Home. You have to do me a favor. Okay?

Jack: I'll do anything for you.

Carly: When we get back, don't let anybody see me like this, okay?

Jack: Don't you worry about it.

Carly: Not even Parker.

Jack: Don't you worry about that. Lucinda's flying us home. And I've arranged for her to keep everything quiet. Bob Hughes is gonna meet us at Memorial. You can trust him, right?

Carly: What about the airport?

Jack: I'll call Margo, get someone to escort us.

Carly: Okay. Hal -- how -- how's Hal? He's so torn up about Emily.

Jack: I know that. He's being checked out. He's gonna pull through this. We're all gonna get through this together.

Carly: What's gonna happen to me, Jack?

Jack: Oh, you're gonna get better. That's what. And then I'm gonna hold you in my arms for about 50 years.

[Both sobbing]

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