ATWT Transcript Tuesday 4/23/02

As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 4/23/02

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Abigail: It's okay.

Adam: Mary strangled you. I mean, she could've killed you.

Abigail: But she didnít. I'm sorry. I'm just really antsy. All right? Maybe itís the adrenaline, maybe itís the relief. I just want all this to be over. I'm just hoping that they believe Aaron. But with my luck --

Adam: No, no, they'll believe him. He -- heís believable, right?

Abigail: Heís great.

Adam: So you said.

Abigail: Adam, you donít have to hang out with me. You can just go home.

Adam: I want to hang out. I always want to hang out with you. This is not the time nor the night to have that conversation. And I'm just stupid for bringing it up.

Abigail: No.

Adam: No, no. Yeah. I mean, you're hurt, and I'm all about me.

Abigail: I'm not that hurt. You can ask me anything. You know that.

Adam: Maybe sometimes I just don't want to know. Did you ever think of that?

Bob: So, there you are. Adam, are you taking care of our most beautiful patient?

Adam: I'm trying to.

Bob: Mm-hmm. So, we'll have you out of here pretty soon. Just have some paperwork to finish. How's the neck?

Abigail: Ow.

Bob: Hurts, huh? Well, listen, it's gonna be tender. But this ice pack should help with the swelling.

Abigail: Ice packs. I hate ice packs. They're always so cold.

Bob: Ice packs, cold? You learn something every day. Adam, would you get a blanket and put it over her shoulders?

Adam: Yeah, sure.

Bob: Listen, don't hold it on the same side for too long, because the carotid artery goes right up to the brain. You ever have an ice cream headache?

Abigail: All the time.

Bob: That's what we want to avoid. So, Adam? Five minutes on, two minutes off. Alternate sides.

Adam: Okay.

Bob: I'll see you later.

Abigail: Thank you, Dr. Hughes. Thanks.

Adam: Whenever I get this close to you, all I want to do is kiss you. And, of course, I realize you don't feel that way.

Abigail: It's just, after all that happened, everything is so scattered -- I don't know what I feel.

Adam: I -- I don't know what to do. I don't know what you want -- I don't know if you want it from me or not. Do you want me to go away? I'll -- I'll go away. You know?

Jake: Guys, it's over.

Abigail: What's over?

Jake: It's over. I just talked to Tom. Evelyn agreed to drop the charges. The judge threw the case out and issued a warrant for Mary's arrest.

[With Irish accent]

Mary: Begging your pardon. Did I give you a start, Mrs. McKinnon? My bad. Shall we?

Molly: Mary -- I'm going to do you a favor. I'm not gonna scream. And you do realize there are cops just a few feet from this courtroom. I'm going to let you walk out of here -- far away. But so help me, you come near me or my family ever again and your life will never be the same.

Mary: Yeah, well, "far away" was definitely in the plan. But not yet.

Molly: Abigail remembers everything. She gave her statement to the Police. They're dropping charges against her as we speak. And who are they coming for next, Mary? You confessed. There was a witness.

Mary: Yeah, who was that boy?

Molly: Aaron Snyder, a friend. Something you no longer have.

Mary: Hey, I'll have lots of friends when I get to where I'm going. Don't you worry.

Molly: I once thought of us as friends, Mary. I trusted you with my children. How could you do this to us? What you did to Nick -- I don't condone it, but I get it. I've been there. But to set us up like this -- to blame it on Abigail. Why? What did we ever do to you?

Mary: You've got money. Oh! Oh, you thought it was personal? Oh, no, no, no. You're not that special, Molly. Now, let's go.

Molly: I'm not going anywhere with you.

Mary: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yes, you are. Because coming with me is the only thing that's gonna keep your family alive.

Paul: Hey, doc. What's going on? You changing careers on me?

Ben: Not likely. What can I do for you?

Paul: Well, actually, I'm looking for your brother. I need to book this place for a party.

Ben: Well, I'm the man you need to talk to. Isaac is in Scotland, doing battle with a man in a kilt.

Paul: Okay.

Ben: There's a woman involved.

Paul: Ah, all right. Well, good for him.

Ben: So what kind of party are we talking?

Paul: Well, it's about a woman, but no kilts are involved. It's an engagement party.

Ben: You and Rose?

Paul: Yeah.

Ben: All right, man! Congratulations. Great news.

Paul: Well, it's not news yet. Not yet. She's still in the process of telling her family and friends, so if you could, keep it on the down low.

Mitzi: Yo, groom! I saw your car and guess what? I heard wedding bells.

Ben: I won't tell a soul.

Paul: Thanks.

Mitzi: Secrets? You're not even married yet.

Paul: The wedding was the secret.

Mitzi: Oh. Well, the cat's been out of the bag for hours already, all right? Because Rose told me, and then Lily came in, and whoops -- I mean, you can't plan a major league event like this and not have people find out.

Ben: So, who's coming to this party besides Mitzi?

Mitzi: Ooh, I'm coming to a party?

Paul: An engagement party I'm throwing for Rose, yes. I'll have to talk to Rose and get back to you with a list.

Mitzi: An engagement party. You mean, like a big announcement in front of everybody and their brother?

Paul: Yes, in front of the whole world, right here.

Mitzi: Hey, are you sure that Rose is gonna want a big hoo-hah in a restaurant, with people coming in and out?

Ben: Hey, man. That's easy enough to get around. Book the whole place, make it a private party.

Paul: No, no, no. That's not necessary. If there's one thing I know about Rose, she loves a party. She loves an audience.

Mitzi: Yes, you're right. The old Rose loved to work a room. But, ever since all this stuff happened, I've noticed she's kind of sensitive and shy lately.

Paul: I proposed to her in the middle of a huge crowd -- right upstairs, as a matter of fact. And she loved it. My wife-to-be is in the mood for a celebration.

Rose: Hello!

Lucinda: Hello.

Rose: Hi, I didn't want to interrupt your lesson. It was great.

Lucy: Prufrock will just have to wait. What's up?

Rose: I got news.

Lucinda: Bad news?

Rose: Oh, I don't think so. Paul popped the question.

Lucinda: And you said yes!

[Foreboding music]

[Distant screams]

Jack: Carly. Oh -- oh, my God!

Carly: Jack? Is that you? Jack?

Carly: It's you.

Jack: It's me.

Carly: Where's Steinbeck? Jack, you have to watch out for him.

Jack: Steinbeck's long gone. Come on, let me get you out of here. Oh, Carly --

Carly: You found me, Jack. I almost gave up.

Jack: No, no, don't do that. Don't you ever do that.

Carly: Jack -- Parker?

Jack: He's fine. Don't worry about that. He's just fine.

Carly: Is it true? Rose -- she got away? Is she okay?

Jack: She's home.

Carly: And Emily? Somebody told me, a long time ago -- Libby -- that Emily -- she got away, too. Is she home, Jack? Is she with Hal?

Jack: Not yet. But we're gonna find her. We're gonna bring everybody home.

Hal: Jack? Is that Carly? You found her?

Jack: Yeah, I got her, Hal. She's -- she's still a little shaky. I'm gonna give her some time to rest before I bring her out. You okay?

Hal: Yeah. I'm gonna have another look around. And call the FBI, let 'em know that Steinbeck's got Barbara.

Jack: Yeah. Yeah, all right.

Hal: Carly.

Carly: Steinbeck has Barbara?

Jack: Yeah. Don't worry about that. You're safe. That's all that matters.

Carly: You don't have to go, do you? Jack, please don't leave me.

Jack: I'm never leaving you ever again.

Carly: You look just the same.

Jack: That's because I love you just the same. And I am always gonna love you, no matter what.

Hal: Right. Steinbeck gave up Carly Tenney. Now he's en route out of here with Barbara Ryan. No. No sign of Emily Stewart. We need a team out here to tear this place apart. See what you can find. You know the drill. Right. Where are you, Emily? No. Hello, Bob? It's Hal Munson. Bob, I'm in serious trouble. And I need your help.

Lucy: Congratulations, Rose.

Rose: Thank you!

Lucinda: You don't say congratulations to a lady. You say -- best wishes, sweetheart.

Rose: Thank you. And you say, "yes, ma'am," to Ms. Walsh always.

Lucy: Oh, well, thanks for helping me with my homework, Grandmother.

Lucinda: Anytime, darling. It's a pleasure. I love it. But maybe you ought to go upstairs and finish -- [Imitating typewriter] while the brain is still --

Lucy: Okay.

Lucinda: -- Buzzing.

Lucy: Be sure to say good-bye before you leave, though, okay?

Rose: Oh, I will, I will. I will come by to see you. Okay.

Lucinda: So! Miss Rose is engaged.

Rose: Yes. Looks that way.

Lucinda: So what's the problem?

Rose: No! I said yes twice. Twice! And I love him. There is no doubt about that. I got to ask you a question. Do you think that I'm doing the right thing?

Paul: I'll take my cue from Rose. Whatever works for her.

Mitzi: Great. I'm sure she'll have a million ideas. So have you picked a date?

Paul: As soon as possible. Why?

Mitzi: Well, it's just that Rose has never been married before, you know, and this is it -- her one and only wedding. And everything's got to be just right. And to do that, you need time. Most weddings, you allow about a year. Which will be perfect because then, the doctors will have figured out what's wrong with her face and they'll have fixed it --

Paul: Now see, Mitzi, that's exactly the point. There's nothing wrong with Rose's face.

Mitzi: You love her just the way she is, and that's so great.

Paul: Yes.

Mitzi: But what about Rose? I mean, this is her wedding, too, right? I mean, she's got to feel good about herself, okay? And let me tell you, that's a hard enough thing even before this all happened. She's very sensitive about her looks.

Paul: Look, I appreciate you being concerned, Mitzi. And I understand that Rose is a sensitive person. But -- and that's why I think we need do this thing now. So that she knows she can count on me.

Mitzi: Now?

Paul: As soon as possible.

Mitzi: Well, then have one of those boutique-type weddings, you know? Just family and one or two close friends. At Ms. Walsh's, you know, someplace private where she feels like she can be herself.

Paul: Whatever Rose wants to do is what I will do.

Mitzi: Great.

Lucinda: Hey. What's wrong? Please? The guy is -- he's cute, he's successful. He's got money. Why aren't you happy?

Rose: I'm happy. I was over the moon when he proposed, twice. And this ring -- if I brought this back to Atlantic City, I'd be mugged on the boardwalk.

Lucinda: Oh, there's no problem then.

Rose: There is something that Lily said. Well, she loves Paul, you know? She thinks he's great, but she thinks that I'm rushing into things maybe, and I'm not fully recovered, you know?

Lucinda: To get married?

Rose: Or engaged, even, she said.

Lucinda: Because?

Rose: I mean, it's not the face. I mean, don't get me wrong. I mean, I'd like to look beautiful on my wedding day like any girl, especially this girl. She's talking about, like, on the inside, emotionally healed, you know? Like, I'm not 100%.

Rose, how -- how are the nightmares?

Rose: Horrible. And I'm jumpy. I mean, this plate of manicotti ended up on the ceiling when Faith came in, and she scared me, and I'm still picking it out of the tile.

Lucinda: Sweetheart, that's natural. I mean, you know, you'd be sensitive, and you're still traumatized.

Rose: But I am -- I am over that.

Lucinda: So what's the problem?

Rose: Why does it matter what Lily thinks, you know? I mean, would I be feeling like this if she jumped up and down and congratulated me like Mitzi and Lucy?

Lucinda: Honey, it seems to me that all Lily was saying to you was just cautioning you -- cautioning you that maybe you're chewing off too much too soon. Isn't that right?

Rose: Well, why do I feel like she thinks I'm making a mistake?

Lucinda: Do you think you're making a mistake?

Rose: It's what every girl dreams about, you know? Walking down the aisle and seeing that right guy standing there with a flower in his lapel. So why do I feel like this?

Lucinda: Maybe Paul's not the right guy.

Abigail: So I don't have to make an appearance or a statement?

Jake: You are done. Your record has been wiped clean as if it -- as if it never happened. You see, Holden brought Aaron to the station. He gave a statement, and Evelyn was there. She called Dr. Hughes, and Dr. Hughes in turn --

Abigail: What -- what did Dr. Hughes say?

Jake: Well, he was just confirming your injuries. You're free. You've got your whole life ahead of you, unencumbered.

Adam: Well, I guess Aaron really did save the day, huh?

Jake: He's the man. Are you kidding me? Once he gave his statement, they put an APB out on Mary. With any luck, she'll be behind bars tonight.

Abigail: I don't know -- I don't know what to feel. I just feel so -- I feel so light.

[Abigail laughs] you might have to take care of me. I may float away.

Adam: So what now?

Jake: Anything she wants.

Abigail: I -- I never thought about life after the trial. I didn't think I had one.

Jake: There's time for that, for anything that you want.

Adam: You know what? Um, I'm gonna get out of here, so just give me a call if you want to. Remember, five minutes on, two minutes off.

Jake: Is he okay?

Abigail: I don't -- I don't know. He's probably just dazed like I am. Oh, I don't have to go to court, do I?

Jake: No.

Abigail: I don't have to testify?

Jake: Hmm-mm.

Abigail: I don't have to be cross-examined? My -- my face won't be in the newspaper under some -- reporters won't be knocking down the door. All I have to do is --

Jake: Breathe.

Abigail: Just breathe.

Jake: Breathe.

Abigail: I was so sure that I was going to go to prison. Jake, I was --

Jake: Well, young lady, you can unpack that bag.

Abigail: I was so sure that I was going to be convicted. I was so stupid for getting involved with Nick, for getting everyone involved. I was sure I deserved it.

Jake: You know what you deserve, hmm?

Mary: -- and behave yourself while I call your husband and find out exactly how much you're worth to him. I'm not greedy. As long as I get the million, I can buy my own high life, right?

Molly: You think that Jake's just gonna hand over $1 million to you?

Mary: If he loves you.

Molly: Oh, he loves me, but he's also no fool, and he's not gonna let you terrorize us.

Mary: Well, then he'll pay up.

Molly: Mary, think. The Police already know you're guilty. They're gonna come at you with everything they've got. But if you turn yourself in now --

Mary: Yeah. I'll spend the rest of my life behind bars.

Molly: Yeah, and if you kidnap me, or if you hurt any member of my family, it's just gonna be a hell of a lot worse. You are never gonna get away with it.

Mary: I hate the way you always think you're right, how you think you're so much smarter than everybody else, how you learned from your mistakes. Well, have you wondered what I've been doing for the last couple weeks? Think, Molly. What could I have been up to while you were wiping Abigail's nose, hmm? How about a hint -- ballet pink. That's the color that Donna's painting the girls' bedroom in Bay City. Well, when they're not at the park, they are picking out dust ruffles and lamp shades. Young and rich, and they don't even know it. You know, maybe I should tell them, hmm? I don't think there's anything they'd like better than to go off with their favorite nanny to get an ice cream soda.

Molly: Oh, you are so much sicker than I even thought!

Mary: No, not sick. Just thorough. Ask Nick. Now, shall we go? And remember -- smile. Oh, no, no. No. If you make me use this, Molly, I won't stop with you. There's Abigail, and there's Michelle and Bridget, and last but not least, Jake.

Molly: Okay.

Mary: Walk.

Carly: Emily has to be alive, Jack. She's strong, and she loves Hal so much. Where did Hal go?

Jack: He's talking to the feds.

Carly: Does he still suck his thumb when he thinks nobody's looking?

[Jack laughs]

Jack: Hal?

Carly: Parker. I bet he does -- at night, when I thought of Parker, how much boy -- unless he's grown. I'm sure he must be taller now.

Jack: You'll recognize him.

Carly: I want to talk to Hal. I want to ask him about Parker.

Jack: No. Listen, honey, Hal -- Hal hasn't spent all that much time with Parker. Parker's mostly been at John's.

Carly: Why? He always stays with Hal. Hal is great at taking care of him.

Jack: Yeah, he was -- until Steinbeck got to him.

Carly: No. What did he do?

Jack: No, no. He's gonna be okay. It's just -- it's gonna take a little time for all of you. I want you to remember that. You have been through some stuff that I -- I can't possibly imagine. I've been to that place they call a "spa." It's more like a prison.

Carly: Emily and Rose, they tried to help me, but I was so weak from the drugs --

Jack: Yeah, yeah. You are gonna be fine. You'll get your strength back, recover, but it's gonna take time. But I promise you --

Carly: I want to go home. I want to hug my little boy, okay?

Jack: Next stop -- Oakdale. Right there.

Carly: Wait!

Jack: No, Carly, don't look at that.

Carly: Jack! Put me down, Jack! I have to -- oh!

[Carly screams]

Carly: What did he do to me?

Jack: It's gonna be okay.  He did the same thing to Rose.  The doctors are working on it.

Carly: I'm -- I'm old.

Jack: No, no.  Carly, you're not.  He just did something to your skin.  Carly: I knew they were doing something, Jack.  They would give me these injections and wrap me up, and my face would burn and itch, and they wouldn't let me see it.

Jack: No, the doctors are working on it.

Carly: Did he infect me?

Jack: No.

Carly: Am I sick?

Jack: No, no.  They checked out Rose.  They did a complete workup.  She's fine.  It's just her skin.

Carly: "Just her skin."

Jack: Carly, they'll fix it.

Carly: How?  I'm -- I'm a freak.

Jack: No, you're not.  You're the same as you always were.  It's -- it's like you've got a bad burn.  They'll fix it.

Carly: He should have killed us.  We'd be better off.

Jack: No.  Carly, look at me.  Look in my eyes.  Do you feel that?  That's me seeing you and you seeing me.  Nothing's changed.  And I know you're shaken up.  Hell, I would be, too.  But I promise you --

Carly: I can't let Parker see me like this, Jack.  Look at me.  It'll scare him.

Jack: No.

Carly: Yes!  Jack, look at me!  Stenbeck!  Why did he do this to me!

[Carly sobs]

Paul: I know Mother had decided to take part in the attempt to capture my father, but I had no idea she would volunteer to go with him.  She was just supposed to be bait.

Kim: Well, you underestimated her need to make up for what she's done.

Paul: What else did Hal say?

Bob: Well, he's going to readmit himself to the psych ward when he gets back.  The contact with Stenbeck did trigger some of the programming, but he was able to control himself.  But he does know that he needs more help.

Kim: I think he's terribly worried about Will, and the last year has been one disaster after the other as far as the child is concerned.

Bob: Right.  And, you know, luckily, you were around to pick up the pieces, but now with his mother gone and his father back in the hospital --

Kim: Will needs some stability and some security, and Bob and I thought maybe we could be of some help there.

Paul: Oh, I'd love for you guys to come around and hang out with Will. He loves you guys.

Kim: Well, we love him, too.

Bob: But we were hoping that maybe Will could come and stay with us as long as he needs to.

Kim: Obviously, you're the most important person in will's life at this point, but with all your responsibilities at B.R.O.  And now this commitment to Rose --

Bob: So let us pitch in.

Paul: I -- I appreciate your offer, I really do, but I -- I promised will that I would be there for him, and I'm not gonna let him down.

Rose: Ah, Paul is definitely the right guy.  You just said it.  He's wonderful, he's classy, and he's loving.  He doesn't mind the face.  He understands me.

Lucinda: I know, and that's why you love him.  You love him, but you know, love and marriage are not the same thing.  Marriage is a contract, okay?  You're a businesswoman, so you know about contracts.  You peruse them, the pros and the cons.  What do I want?  Am I going to get it?  Rose: Pros and cons.

Lucinda: Yeah.

Rose: Okay.  Pros, we just talked about the pros.  Cons?  Nothing.  The guy is, like, perfect.

Lucinda: He's still a Stenbeck no matter what his last name is.

Rose: I could do without the father and the --

Lucinda: Right.

Rose: -- Crazy mother.  That's not his fault.

Lucinda: No, but it is a fact.  It's a fact, and it's going to have importance in your future and in your children's future.

Rose: No.  He would never let anything happen to his kids.

Lucinda: Look what happened to you, darling, and he couldn't do anything about that.  Honey, I mean, for my sins, I was married -- I was married to the father, and there's some mental instability there.  He wanted to kill Holden.  He got me instead.  I cannot give a reference to a Stenbeck. Why don't you just love him?  Honey, why do you need to get married?  Why do you need to get married at all?  You know, why don't you -- don't spoil it.  Why don't you just live with him?  Live with him.  You can start out by living in a nice, little -- little vacation home and keep your freedom.

Rose: Hmm.  No.  You're talking to the wrong girl.  Babies out of wedlock, my pop would be on the next plane to strangle me.  No.  You love somebody, you want to have kids, you make a commitment.

Lucinda: So what's stopping you, Rose?

Abigail: You sure we shouldn't call Molly?

Jake: She'll be here.  Now how's your ice pack?

Abigail: It's cold.

Jake: Let me see.  Colorful.

Abigail: Really?

Jake: Really.  You look all right.

Abigail: We're so Lucky to have you -- me, Molly and the girls.  All through the trial, I kept thinking about what you said after Nick died -- that I was your daughter or at least that you thought of me that way.  That made me feel safe, and I -- and I know it does the same for Molly.  She depends on you.

Jake: Well, you know, I depend on her more than you know.

Abigail: I'm so glad you guys are married.

Jake: Oh, that reminds me.  On our honeymoon we were having such a great time missing you girls we decided that -- that we should have a vacation of our own, some place that's tropical and totally expensive where they have the little umbrellas in the drinks, and you girls can get your hair braided, and I can get a tattoo.

Abigail: Oh, get out!

Jake: Oh, you don't want to go to Hawaii?  Fine.

Abigail: No, no.  Are you kidding?

Jake: As soon as Evelyn says it's okay, we're -- we're outta here.  We're gonna say Hello to the Aloha State.

Abigail: You're the best, you're the best, you're the best, you're the best!  Jake: Now, I think it's about time the McKinnons have some fun.

Nurse: Jake McKinnon?

Jake: Yeah?

Nurse: There's a call for you on the hospital line.

Abigail: Molly.

Jake: Yeah, that's Molly.  I -- I told her I couldn't -- I had to shut my cell phone off while we were in E.R.

Nurse: Um, she said her name was Mary, that it was urgent.

Jake: Mary?

Abigail: Jake --

Jake: No, it's okay.  Uh, which -- which phone?

Nurse: Line 5.

Jake: Hello?

Mary: Hello, Jake.  Remember me?

Carly: It's like a trick.  It's like I'm looking at somebody else, 'cause that - - that's not me, Jack.  That's not Carly Tenney.  That's not Parker's mom, Molly's cuz, B.R.O.'s designer.  It's Halloween, like somebody knocked me out and made me up like Grandma Moses, only I can't get it off.  I can't -- Jack: Stop, stop, stop.  We'll fix it.

Carly: How?!

Jack: We'll get a doctor.

Carly: No.  A doctor did this to me, Jack!

Jack: Listen, John Dixon has a whole team of specialists working to help Rose.  Carly, you're safe.  You're going home.  You still have Parker, and you'll always have me.

Carly: You?  Look at me, Jack.  I'd be arrested in seven states for robbing the cradle.

Jack: Six states.  I always wanted to be the younger man.

Carly: You look like my grandson.

Jack: No.  No, not when you look close.  Look in your eyes.

Carly: I can't see them, Jack.  They're buried in wrinkles.

Jack: Look closer.  It's you, Carly.  He couldn't touch that.  You're still you.

Carly: When people see me --

Jack: What do you care about that?  You're Carly Tenney.  You stared down the whole town!  Hey, you stared down all of New York City for crying out loud!  You -- you designed a collection for B.R.O. that put them on the map.

Carly: Just wait till the fashion press gets a load of this.

Jack: It's just skin.  That's all.  It's on the surface, Carly.  It's not you.

Carly: Keep telling me that.

Jack: It'll be okay.

Bob: You can't stay at home every night with Will.

Kim: After everything that you and Rose have been through, you need some time together, some private time.  Actually, you could look at this as kind of an early wedding present.

Bob: You know, when Kim and I aren't out getting our tongues pierced -- Kim: Honey, that's your mother.  We're into break dancing.

Bob: Yeah, my breaks keep locking.  Listen, if we're not off doing the fandango, we're at home sitting on the couch watching a ball game.

Kim: Oh, yeah.  Well, we would love to have Will with us.

Bob: Why don't you ask him how he feels about it?

Kim: I mean, he might feel really good about it, especially if he knew that his big brother is going to come to dinner once or twice a week.

Paul: You're offering my brother a stable, happy home, and here I am fighting you.

Bob: Well, then don't.

Kim: At least give it a thought, honey.

Paul: I'll talk to Will.  And thank you.

Lucinda: I'm not talking about butterflies.  I'm talking about doubts.  You are -- you're waving a red flag in front of your face.

Rose: But why?  That's what I can't figure out!

Lucinda: Let's go through the thing all over again.  We got the father and the mother.  And your face.  And the trauma.

Rose: If I truly, truly loved him, would any of the things we just said -- would they matter at all?

Lucinda: Honey, I don't know anything about true love.  It's a marriage.  It's a contract.  You can think, even though you're passionate.  Unlike your sister.  That's another story.

Rose: I do one thing better than Lily?

Lucinda: Well -- Lily isn't a Vice President at Worldwide.

Rose: She didn't wanna be a Vice President at Worldwide.

Lucinda: The feeling was mutual.  But don't tell her I said so.  Now -- let's get back to you, hard head.  What do you really want?  Do you want to commit yourself?  Do you want to live with Paul for the rest of your life?

Rose: Today?  No.

Lucinda: Keep the ring.  And don't do it.

Jake: Mary, it's over.  Okay?  Now, the police know the truth.  There's a warrant out for your arrest.

Mary: Yeah, so I've heard.  Well, listen up, big fella.  You've got work to do.  Tomorrow morning, when the banks open, I want you to withdraw a million dollars, small bills.  Put it in a briefcase and take it home.  I'll call you around noon to tell you where to bring it.

Jake: You don't know when to quit, do you?

Mary: Why would I quit when I'm just about to score big?  Look, Nick was right -- you're good for it, Jake.  And now that Nick is outta the picture, well, there's more for me.

Jake: Why should I pay you a million dollars?

Mary: Well, because I've got something that you want.

Molly: Jake, she's crazy!  She's crazy.  Stay away from her!  She's gonna hurt the children, Jake!  She knows where they are.  She knows they're in Bay City.  Get them out of there, Jake.

Mary: Okay, well, Jake, now if you want her back -- you pay up.

Molly: Jake, I love you!

Jake: You hurt Mol -- Molly, and I'll kill you.

[Cymbals crash]

Hal: Police!

Hal: "Monkeys can learn amazing tricks.  Thanks, Hal.  Regards, James.  P.S. -- Emily's gone."

Jack: Did you hear what I said?  Whatever it takes, we'll fix it.

Carly: What if you can't?  What if nobody can?

Jack: Oh, it's not gonna be easy.  It's gonna take time.  I'm not goin' anywhere, Carly.  I am gonna be right here, right with you, the whole way. 

Carly: You won't be ashamed?

Jack: Well, I --

Carly: --  To be seen with me?

Jack: Are you kidding me?!  Carly, I love you.  Whatever the package!  Blonde, brunette, fat, bald, skinny, wrinkled, smooth.  It doesn't matter.  It's you.  It's you I love.

Carly: Take me home, G-man.

Jack: You don't have any idea how long I've waited to hear that. 

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