ATWT Transcript Friday 4/19/02

As The World Turns Transcript Friday 4/19/02

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Bonnie: It's a castle, of course, there are bugs.

Billy: No, listening devices.

Bonnie: I wonder when Ian will get here.

Billy: Yeah, me too. You know, this whole setup is so weird -- especially half pint. You ever realize how every slasher movie always has that one guy that comes up to your ankles? What I don't understand is, what's in it for him? And how come they're trying to get rid of you?

Bonnie: I hope his hunting went well. It must be quail season this time of year.

Billy: You know what? Money -- it's always about money.

Bonnie: Oh, God, he's gonna have so many questions about why I'm here. But I will not tell him about that diary.

Billy: You know what? I think we should force the issue. Get Paddington and tie him up until he confesses.

Bonnie: What time is it? Oh no, he could be here any minute, Billy! He can't see me like this.

Billy: What's wrong with the way you look?

Bonnie: We have to get ready! You too! You're about to be presented.

Billy: I'm about to be what?

Bonnie: Come on. Miracles take time.

Billy: Wait, where are we going?

Bonnie: Come on. I have to get a good look at those knees.

Isaac: You're my sugar plum. What are you wearing? Really? That's just -- I've, I've got to go. Okay. I'll talk to you soon. Bye.

Ben: Your broker?

Isaac: For your information, that was D'peshu.

Ben: Oh, yeah, the girl with the name like an allergy attack -- D'peshu.

Isaac: With d'perfect body to match.

Ben: Really, you have a date?

Isaac: Saturday night. Life just hit fast-forward.

Ben: Oh, come on, man. Don't you mean rewind?

Isaac: No, I do not. I've got plans with Ms. Jones.

Ben: Big plans.

Isaac: You can say that, my brother.

Ben: Sounds serious.

Isaac: No, I don't do serious. I do fun. I do magic. I do what I do, and I do it again.

Ben: Okay. So you're over Bonnie?

Isaac: Like a bad rash.

Ben: Oh, come on, man. See, you used to be a much better liar than this.

Lisa: I cannot stand to see young people look so miserable.

Bob: Yeah, Isaac looks awful.

Lisa: That's all an act. Bob, he should be over in Scotland trying to win Bonnie back.

Bob: Is that your opinion or his?

Lisa: Well, you know I'm right. I mean, he should listen to what I have to say. I'm an expert in the love department. Maybe I just should be more creative. Maybe I should say that I've heard from Bonnie.

Bob: I've got a better idea.

Lisa: You do? Oh, tell me. What?

Bob: Why don't you leave the young man alone. Hi.

Dr. Michaels: Hi, Bob, thanks for meeting me on such short notice.

Bob: No problem.

Lisa: Hi, Lynn, good to see you. May I get you something?

Dr. Michaels: No, thanks, Lisa, I'm fine.

Lisa: Oh. All right. Let me know if you need anything.

Dr. Michaels: Thanks. I've got to find Hal Munson. I have tried his home, I have tried his cell phone.

Bob: And obviously, you called the Police station?

Dr. Michaels: Several times, I've left messages.

Bob: What's going on?

Dr. Michaels: I think Hal was released from the hospital too early. We've got to find him as soon as possible.

Jack: Real Steinbeck kind of place.

Barbara: It's grotesque.

Hal: I don't like it, Jack. It's too wide open.

Jack: It's obviously what he wants. My guess is, he's tracked us since we left Oakdale.

Barbara: Do you think that Carly and Emily are in there?

Jack: I hope so.

Hal: Are you ready?

Barbara: I am.

Jack: All right. I'll go in first. I'll make contact with James, set up the terms of the switch.

Barbara: No. No, no. I'm coming with you. I'm the one he wants.

Jack: No, not yet. I told you, we're not putting you in the line of fire until we're sure we can get you out safely. You stay here with Hal. I'll be right back.

Hal: Be careful, Jack.

Jack: I will.

Hal: Don't worry. Jack knows what he's doing.

Barbara: I meant what I said, Hal. I'm ready to take Emily's place.

Hal: Don't worry. It's not gonna come to that.

Barbara: You really love her, don't you?

Hal: Every second she's with that monster, it's like a knife going through me. She's coming home, Barbara. No matter what happens today, I'm bringing Emily home.

Bonnie: Okay.

Paddington: Ms. Bonnie --

Bonnie: Has the duke arrived?

Paddington: I'm afraid not. It's about your companion -- Mr. Ross.

Bonnie: Now, what's he done?

Paddington: I took the kilts!

Paddington: -- Kilts.

Billy: Whatever. This thing has more ventilation than any man ever wants or needs.

Bonnie: You look very handsome.

Billy: Yeah, as a cross-dresser.

Paddington: Will there be anything else, madam?

Bonnie: No, thank you, Paddington. You've been wonderful, as usual.

Paddington: As always, I'm your loyal servant.

Billy: Then why can't I get this in a 34 regular?

Bonnie: Never mind him, Paddington. Please alert us when the duke arrives.

Paddington: Very well.

Bonnie: Thank you.

Billy: Why are you kissing up to this traitor?

Bonnie: Never mind. I cannot be sidetracked by the hired help when -- oh --

Billy: Oh, great. So what am I supposed to do, huh? Stand around here when the duke comes and be the lady-in-waiting?

Bonnie: Come on, Billy, turn around. Come on, turn around. You really do look so wonderful. Even Prince Charles has to wear a kilt.

Billy: Didn't you just tell me -- am I gonna be the boyfriend, the pal, the buddy, what?

Bonnie: It depends on if the occasion warrants your ardor.

Billy: Can you speak real English? 'Cause I don't want to end up on the other side of the duke's jealousy streak without my bulletproof skirt on.

Paddington: Ms. Bonnie, the duke is approaching the castle.

Bonnie: Ah, thank you. Thank you, Paddington.

Bonnie: Okay, just stay calm. Stay calm. Everything's gonna be under control.

Billy: Bonnie, Bonnie -- this guy's been gone for a week alone in the woods with a gun. I don't think I'm gonna look nice mounted on that wall with the elks and the antelopes. But then again, it's worth taking the risk.

Bonnie: Do you like it?

Billy: You look -- you look --

Ian: Like a princess. But I hope life as a duchess will suffice.

Isaac: These hospital emergencies never stop, do they? Sorry you got to go.

Ben: Well, actually, the page wasn't from the hospital. It was from Curtis.

Isaac: Curtis, okay. Well, give him my best and go do the daddy thing.

Ben: No, it was to let me know that he arrived safely from his overnight field trip. And I have all the time in the world.

Isaac: You do?

Ben: Mm-hmm.

Isaac: You sure there isn't someone who needs a brain surgery.

Ben: Somebody besides you?

Isaac: Funny. No. I'm healthy, I'm red-blooded. I'm fine.

Ben: You claim to be in love.

Isaac: What's love got to do with this?

Ben: Oh, come on. Look, Isaac, you can drown yourself in a sea of fine women.

Isaac: And what a way to go.

Ben: It won't get Bonnie out of your system.

Isaac: I'll let you know.

Ben: Oh, yeah. So you loved Bonnie one week, and the next week she's totally replaceable?

Isaac: Now you're catching on.

Ben: You loved her as long as she's geographically convenient?

Isaac: It didn't hurt.

Ben: But as soon as there's a problem --

Isaac: You know, the problem is with Bonnie. She's the one who can't decide which side of the world she wants to live on. Like the song goes, Ben, "if you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with."

Ben: That's exactly why I came here tonight to try and convince you to pull out all the stops and fight for the one that you say you love. Maybe she's better off with some two-timing duke than a fickle chump like you.

Bartender: Isaac, I got a problem with this guy's plastic.

Isaac: I'll take care of it.

Ben: What, you want to me to wait? You're going to ban me from the premises for life?

Isaac: It depends. Can you keep your advice to yourself for five minutes?

Dr. Michaels: See, I approved Hal's release under certain conditions. Everyone assigned to his case agreed that if he submitted to aggressive outpatient therapy, he could adjust to life in the home environment. But he missed an appointment today. And I am very, very concerned that we can't reach him to find out why.

Bob: Well, maybe he and Will are at Wrigley watching the cubs play.

Dr. Michaels: Without his cell phone turned on? I don't think so. You know, Bob, I have a very bad feeling that he missed that appointment on purpose. We found this in his hospital room after he left. The janitor found it buried under a mattress. I don't know how much you know about the circumstances that led to Hal being admitted. But this could be proof that he's still a very sick man, and probably a very dangerous one.

Margo: You know, Craig, one of these days you're really gonna have to point out that lucky star that you were born under.

Craig: You talked to that cook at Java?

Margo: Yes. He confirmed that you bought the car.

Craig: Yeah, 200 bucks I did.

Katie: All right. Are we ready to go?

Simon: Katie -- Katie, are you all right?

Craig: Simon, join us. Margo's showing us handcuff tricks.

Simon: You weren't arrested, were you?

Katie: Only for like five minutes, but I'm cool now. Why are you here?

Simon: To give a statement about Dahlia to Margo.

Margo: Ah, well, actually, this is gonna take awhile. You can wait in the interrogation room, Simon.

Katie: I'll go with you.

Margo: Oh, Katie, really, it's gonna be awhile. Maybe you should --

Craig: Save your breath.

Katie: I'm standing by my man. Let's go.

Craig: Sierra once had a little yorkie almost as loyal.

Rosanna: May I take Parker home now?

Margo: Yes, please do. Yes.

Craig: Oh, just one thing. Shouldn't we let Hal know where Parker is? Rosanna asked if I knew when Hal was released from the hospital. I told her he was already out.

Margo: Well, Craig is just a fountain of information, isn't he? Unfortunately, Hal can't be reached. He's on special assignment.

Rosanna: He's back at work so soon?

Craig: He and jumping Jack Snyder are trying to find Carly. I say "trying" because I don't think they could find their way to Chicago with a bus ticket.

Rosanna: Well, isn't that a little strange that he would be released and then just take off back to work without even making any special arrangements for Parker?

Margo: He assumed that John was still looking after Parker.

Craig: Margo, Rosanna's come all this way to care for Parker. Shouldn't she know exactly where his father is and why?

Barbara: Shouldn't Jack have found James by now?

Hal: He's probably just staking things out first.

Barbara: You shouldn't be here, Hal.

Hal: Don't start, Barbara.

Barbara: I know what James did to you. I was there when you collapsed.

Hal: I am not collapsing now, am I? I'm fine.

Barbara: But I was there. Hal -- we've been through too much together to start pretending. I saw you looking at that card, at the king of spades, as if your life depended on it.

Hal: That's over!

Barbara: But don't you see I understand? I've been James' victim, too. I know what the fear does. It stays with you. It changes you.

Hal: It won't, because I won't let it. I will not live my life like that! I'm sorry. It's just -- James broke me, Barbara. And if that wasn't enough, he rewired my brain. He took Jen and Parker and Will and Emily, and he made them nothing to me. They didn't exist, so I didn't exist. I was just -- a good boy. A good boy.

Barbara: Hal? Are you all right?

Hal: I'm sorry.

Barbara: Hal, you're scaring me.

Hal: It's just --

Barbara: Where'd you go?

Hal: It's just so hard to admit that you've failed all the people that you love. You know?

Barbara: You haven't failed your family.

Hal: Oh -- yes, I have. But I -- will kill James Steinbeck before I ever let him hurt me or anyone that I love again.

Ian: Bonnie, you recall my uncle, Lord Garrick Maclaren?

Bonnie: Of course. I trust you're well, my lord.

Garrick: Very well. Thank you, my dear.

Bonnie: And this is my very good friend, Billy Ross.

Ian: The chap from the pub.

Bonnie: That's right.

Billy: What's up, guys? How you doing'?

Ian: Quite well. If memory serves, he pours a generous three-fingers.

Garrick: A handy man to have around.

Ian: Aye. Are you in Scotland on business?

Billy: Yeah, I guess.

Bonnie: Billy has vast interests throughout the continent.

Billy: But I'm mostly here for Bonnie.

Ian: Oh, I see. Then perhaps I've misunderstood.

Garrick: Where are your manners, Ian? Thank your young lady's escort for seeing her safely home.

Ian: You're quite right. I'm indebted to you, Mr. Ross.

Billy: It's Billy.

Ian: And now that my Bonnie has been safely returned to me, you're welcome to return to your vast interests as soon as you like.

Billy: What are you talking about?

Ian: You're free to go, sir. Your presence at Castle Maclaren is no longer required.

Lisa: Not so fast there, honey. Your brother was talking to you about Bonnie. Isn't that right?

Isaac: Yes, he was. So, trust me, I've already heard the sermon.

Lisa: No, not this chapter or verse.

Isaac: Listen, I'll check into Lisa's little chapel later. Right now, I've got work to do.

Lisa: Isaac, wait a minute. No, wait a minute. I'm trying to tell you that I'm really sorry. I know you're not a 16-year-old anymore. Good heavens, you probably know what's -- I'm sure you know that if you and Bonnie are not right for each other, who am I to disagree with that? I just -- I want you to be happy.

Isaac: So do I, gorgeous. So do I. Thank you.

Ben: Okay. I'm ready. You can let me have it for being a self-righteous jerk.

Isaac: I wish I could. But, unfortunately, I've got to let you have it for being right. I love Bonnie. I miss Bonnie. And I'll probably always love her. And I'm miserable. And are you happy now?

Lisa: Look, Barbara is not answering her cell phone, so I called home, and there's no -- there's no answer there, either. Is -- is Hal all right?

Bob: We're not sure. You keep trying Barbara. And if she knows where Hal is, have Hal call Lynn right away.

Lisa: Oh, I can do that. Anything else I can do?

Bob: Well, Kim is at Hal's in case he comes home. And in the meantime, we're going to the Police.

Lisa: Oh, it's that serious?

Bob: It's that serious.

Margo: Craig, I cannot divulge details of the investigation.

Craig: I'm not asking for myself.

Margo: Yes, you are! I got to go take Simon's statement. Craig, why don't you be gone before a house falls on you?

Rosanna: You weren't asking about Hal for Parker's sake, were you?

Craig: I need to know where Hal is because he needs my help. He and Jack aren't any match for James Steinbeck.

Rosanna: And you are?

Craig: Jack has delusions of adequacy. He and everybody else bought into James' coma, but I knew he was faking.

Rosanna: Must be a wonderful feeling being so much smarter than everyone else. It's getting late. I should get Parker.

Craig: Listen, since you're staying at the Lakeview, why don't you bring him over for a visit later?

Rosanna: So you can tell Carly all about it?

Craig: Well, of course, and because Parker likes it there, and because I can fill a room with toys faster than Santa Claus, and because that little hombre just makes this whole mess easier.

Rosanna: How's that?

Craig: He's got Carly's eyes.

Aaron: From what I hear, the guy got what he deserved.

Abigail: Nobody deserves that.

Aaron: He was knocking you around!

Abigail: He's dead, Aaron. Do you think this is crazy?

Aaron: I don't have a problem with crazy. It's better than boring.

[Abigail sighs]

Abigail: I guess I just want Nick to tell me that I'm wrong and that I didn't do it.

Aaron: So ask him. He's not going nowhere. If the dude talks, we're making a break for it.

Abigail: Deal.

Aaron: I'm gonna go hang out by my bike. You know where I am if you need me to kill you. So let's make a deal, all right? If it was me, then just help me remember it. And what good is it for you if I can't get on that stand and tell the world why and how I hit you with that music box? But if it wasn't me, then your whole con was for nothing. The real murderer goes free, and Nick Scudder has nothing to show for it. Not even the satisfaction of seeing that monster rot in jail. Just -- help me remember. Okay? Just -- just help me remember it. So the world can know what a fool I was to throw my life away on a loser like you.

Mary: "And, if God chooses, I shall but love thee better after death." Poor Abigail, still mourning that love that you never had -- the love that you killed with your own hands.

Ben: Isaac, if you admit that you love this woman, how can you let her be miserable with some -- some knucklehead whose title won't even buy him a cup of coffee in this place?

Isaac: Nobody lets Bonnie do anything. It's her call. But -- maybe I shouldn't make it so easy on her.

Ben: Ah, see? See, see, see? Now, you're talking. Welcome back, man.

Isaac: What's your schedule like? Can you help out around here in case of an emergency?

Ben: Sure. Why?

Isaac: Because I'm going to Scotland for awhile.

Ben: Oh, yeah.

Ian: I'm sorry, Mr. Ross. I didn't mean to offend you.

Billy: It's okay. I don't get offended that easy.

Bonnie: Well, I do. Billy is my guest. He's not to be dismissed.

Billy: Bonnie, it's okay.

Ian: No, I merely assumed that since you --

Garrick: Perhaps, young William, we should give Ian and Bonnie their privacy. They need to talk.

Billy: Well, that's up to Bonnie.

Bonnie: It's okay, Billy.

Billy: Are you sure?

Bonnie: Garrick's right.

Garrick: There's a delightful single malt I've been saving for our return. Perhaps you'd care to join me.

Billy: Okay. Why not?

Ian: So you and this bartender are involved?

Bonnie: You have no right to ask that question.

Ian: No, I don't. But -- you flew all the way from the States. You've come to my home. I can't help but hope that it means we still have a future together.

Bonnie: She was at the cotillion the night of our engagement, Ian. An honored guest, because your families summered together. Yes, as I recall, you were like a brother to her.

Ian: I just -- I don't see how this can bring either of us any happiness.

Bonnie: She giggled when I saw you two in bed together. It was the strangest reaction.

Ian: She meant nothing to me, Bonnie.

Bonnie: She meant the end of everything to me, Ian! She wrapped herself in our sheets and smiled as she sauntered off into the shower, as if I wasn't even there.

Ian: Bonnie, I -- I hate to see you in so much pain. I -- if only you could understand I was raised in a certain way that, regrettably, certain things were overlooked, if not almost expected.

Bonnie: You were expected to lie and cheat on the woman you love?

Ian: I was expected to indulge myself, to never deny my impulses. If I knew what it would cost us, how much it would hurt us both -- Bonnie, please, don't let one foolish mistake haunt us for the rest of our lives.

Bonnie: 1 or 100, Ian?

Ian: Is that my journal? How did this get here?

Bonnie: It practically fell into my lap.

Ian: And did you practically happen to read it?

Margo: Well, when did this show up? Oh, my, it's Swiss and still ticking. Isn't that amazing?

Katie: I found it yesterday.

Margo: Where?

Katie: Uh --

Simon: It's okay. Go ahead.

Katie: Okay. Well, we've been working on the cottage. And I found it near some trash.

Margo: And you just told me about it now. Simon, at the cottage, when Dahlia told you that she was going to send the clippings of Monique's death to Katie, could you maybe have grabbed her then, and the watch fell off?

Simon: No. No, I told her to give me the clippings, and she ran out.

Margo: Is there any way that maybe you scratched her or she brushed up against something on her way out?

Simon: Absolutely not. I never laid a hand on her.

Margo: Great. Then we have no explanation for the traces of Dahlia's blood found in her car.

Simon: Look, all I can tell you is the truth. Margo, I never laid a hand on that woman. All the evidence that you have found so far has been planted -- even the blood.

Margo: We have the fight at Java. You grabbed Dahlia in front of witnesses. We have the argument at the cottage. We have the watch. We have the keys. You have to get yourself a good lawyer. And do not answer any more questions.

Katie: Wait. Hold on. Margo, this is the guy that you trusted to help you look for three kidnapped women. This is Simon. You know him!

Margo: You know what, Katie? My opinion counts for zero. I'm simply here to gather details, information and put together a case.

Katie: Against your brother-in-law? What a fantastic family.

Margo: Oh, you know, every single morning I wake up, and I ask myself that same question -- "what a fantastic family."

Katie: So much for family loyalty.

Simon: It's not her loyalty I'm worried about, Katie. I'm still wondering why you didn't come home last night.

Katie: I thought I explained that.

Simon: It was the watch, wasn't it? You're afraid to be alone with me. Katie, don't you see Dahlia's winning? Every second that you doubt me is a victory for her.

Katie: No --

Simon: Look, but we can end this. All we have to do is be on the same team, rock solid, no room for doubt.

Katie: I know. I can do that. I swear, I can. I will be the bBonnie to your Clyde. I'll be the Cleopatra to your -- what's that guy's name? The salad guy? Caesar!

Simon: Will you be Monique to my Simon? It's simple, Katie. All I have to do is kill you.

Ian: You must think I'm a romantic fool. I never dreamed anyone would read those words.

Bonnie: They're beautiful, Ian.

Ian: If desperate.

Bonnie: No, your words -- it was as if I could hear your voice and see your face, like it was right in front of me.

Ian: I was so afraid that you'd just laugh.

Bonnie: No, I know it was totally private, and I had no right. But your words, they were like music. And I wanted to believe them. I wanted to believe that there hasn't been anyone else since --

Ian: There hasn't been!

Bonnie: Because once we were through, you had every right to see other women.

Ian: Who could take your place? Bonnie, you have my sacred word of honor that there has been nobody in my heart or my bed since the day you left Scotland. I plead for your forgiveness. I beg for your understanding. And I ask, my beautiful love, for your hand in marriage.

Bonnie: Ian, you just got home. We haven't had any time together. I don't know. I --

Ian: I know. I know for both of us. I know -- I know how it feels to sleep with empty arms. I know the unbearable loneliness and heartbreak that comes from having brought it on myself. End my misery, Bonnie. Marry me. Just be my duchess -- now and forever.

Bonnie: I'm so sorry. I just don't have an answer for you right at this very second.

Ian: No, of course. I'll give you time to get used to the idea.

[Bonnie giggling]

Ian: I should go change for dinner. Look, I'll try to be patient. "Yes" is such a little word, Bonnie. But hearing it from your lips would bring me a lifetime of happiness.

Bonnie: Oh, Isaac, this is all your fault. Now what am I supposed to do?

Ben: We have to stop by your place to get your passport.

Isaac: And some clothes would be nice.

Lisa: Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Good luck.

Isaac: Thank you.

Lisa: Oh, yes.

Isaac: All right?

Lisa: Yes.

Isaac: I'll call you.

Lisa: Good-bye, good-bye! Hurry! Go!

Bartender: Is Isaac going somewhere?

Lisa: Yes, yes, he is. He's going on a romantic adventure with the girl of his dreams.

Bartender: Some guys have all the luck.

[Phone ringing] Java underground.

Bonnie: Yes, Isaac, please?

Bartender: Sorry, Isaac just took off on a vacation with his girlfriend.

Bonnie: Really?

Bartender: Can I help you?

Bonnie: No. No, I guess nobody can.

Simon: Look, I didn't mean it literally.

Katie: Yeah, well, I really don't feel like dying literally or illiterally.

Simon: Don't you want to beat Dahlia at her own game?

Katie: Games are supposed to be fun.

Simon: Look, at the moment, Dahlia is off somewhere watching us fall apart, and she's loving every minute of it.

Katie: And what am I supposed to do when I'm dead?

Simon: Well, it depends on how we set up the murder.

Katie: Ah, this is so sick.

Simon: No, it's not! It's not sicker than letting Dahlia get away with this. Come on. We can do it.

Katie: I'm not gonna roll over and play dead for you or anyone else.

Simon: Katie -- come here, come here. Listen. We can set this up --

Rosanna: I see you got your personal belongings back.

Craig: Yeah, after filling out five forms in triplicate. Cabarello! Que pasa? You want some help with the booster seat?

Rosanna: No, I can handle it. Thank you.

Craig: It has a tricky strap.

Rosanna: How do I know I can trust you?

Craig: You don't. But I think you do. Shall we? Hey, hombre.

Nancy: Margo. I hate to bother you. Oh, darling, you look exhausted.

Margo: Oh, thank -- you know, nothing a week's sleep and a new family wouldn't cure.

Nancy: I wish you would call me a cab, please? I came with John, but he had to leave.

Margo: Absolutely not. I'll drive you home myself.

Nancy: Oh, no, dear, you don't have to do that.

Margo: It's not a problem. It's my pleasure. It gives me a moment away from this --

Bob: Margo, I'm glad you're still here.

Dr. Michaels: I think Hal Munson is in serious trouble.

Jack: I went through every inch of that place. There's not a trace of Steinbeck.

Hal: It's all part of the game, Jack. He's just trying to get to us.

Barbara: What do we do?

Jack: We wait.

Barbara: No. I'm not going to wait. I'm going to go in there, and if James wants me, he can show his face.

[Jack sighs]

Jack: You sure?

Barbara: I'm sure.

Jack: How about you, Hal?

Hal: You just take care of Barbara. I'll watch your back.

Jack: I got a funny feeling about this.

Hal: I'm not gonna let anything happen in there, Jack. I've got too much at stake.

Jack: Okay. We'll do it.

Lisa: Looking for this?

Isaac: Ah. I got all the way home before I realized it was in the safe.

Lisa: Yes, yes. Oh, and Tim answered the phone. It was for you. It was some girl. He didn't get her name, so --

Isaac: Ah, d'peshu.

Lisa: God bless you.

Isaac: Forget it. I'll call her from the car. I got to go. Ben's outside.

Lisa: Just remember -- Bonnie has impeccable taste. Just like her godmother.

Isaac: At the very least, I'm gonna let her know how much I love her.

Lisa: Yeah, well, the duke doesn't stand a chance.

Isaac: All right. See ya.

Lisa: Bye.

Garrick: A problem?

Ian: I thought perhaps Bonnie was calling the States again from her room. I listened in upstairs in the extension earlier. She was trying to call Jenkins.

Garrick: And?

Ian: No, he wasn't in. In fact, it appears Jenkins and I have a bit in common.

Garrick: How did things go with Bonnie?

Ian: Ah, she fell for the diary. She couldn't resist reading every last word.

Garrick: A brilliant stroke, Ian.

Ian: She was this close to accepting my proposal.

Garrick: Then what is she calling this man Jenkins for?

Ian: Patience, uncle. Patience.

Garrick: Perhaps you should have been here when she arrived instead of shacking up with Cynthia.

Ian: How crudely put.

Garrick: She's not worth wasting everything for.

Ian: I deserve a little fun. After all, I have to behave myself from now on, at least till I get Bonnie down the aisle.

Garrick: At least --

Ian: Darling, there you are. I was starting to worry. You haven't been crying, have you?

Bonnie: No. No, just a little emotional. That's all.

Ian: I know exactly how you feel.

Billy: It was professor plum in the library.

Paddington: Master William. Whatever must you think of me?

Billy: Cut the bull, and just tell me why you have it in for Bonnie.

Paddington: I adore Ms. Bonnie.

Billy: Is that why you want her gone?

Paddington: I have Ms. Bonnie's very best interests at heart. I beg you, please, keep an eye on her all the time. Stay close to her all the time, especially now that the duke has returned.

Billy: Don't worry, I will. Now get outta here before I tell on you.

Paddington: Yes, sir.

Billy: "Yes, sir"? Hmm.

Ian: Billy! Your timing is perfect.

Garrick: You are about to witness a bit of Maclaren family history.

Ian: I've asked Bonnie to marry me. And, unfortunately, we're still waiting for her answer.

[Bonnie sighs] there is no other love for me but yours, Bonnie. Say you'll be my wife.

Bonnie: Yes, Ian. I'll marry you.

Mary: I heard it was a big day in court today. A real mental minefield.

Abigail: I remembered more.

Mary: Hmm. Did you finally remember splitting Nick's head open with that music box? I mean, everybody on the jury knows. They know already. So why don't you just come clean? I mean, what will you get? A couple years in a minimum security country club? A crack at few college courses? Look, you'll be lucky to make page three when you get released. People forget. Before you know it, they've moved on to the next freak show.

Abigail: Oh, my God.

Nick -- you killed him.

You killed Nick. Oh, my God. Oh, my God! It was you. You murdered Nick!

Bob: Has Hal checked in since we called you?

Margo: No, he hasn't. What's the matter, Bob?

Bob: It has to do with Hal's treatment and the condition he was in when he was released from the hospital.

Margo: All right, but this goes no further. Jack set up a meeting with James Steinbeck. Hal showed up at the last minute to give him backup. They should be meeting with Steinbeck now.

Dr. Michaels: That's the last thing I want to hear. Hal shouldn't be nowhere near James Steinbeck.

Margo: Wait a minute. Now, I thought he was allowed to go home because he had worked through all of this?

Bob: We found this in Hal's hospital room. He drew this. And then hid it in his mattress.

Dr. Michaels: That's the trigger, Margo. That's the card James used to control Hal.

Jack: We all set? I went over the layout with Barbara. I don't think she'll take any unnecessary chances.

Hal: I hope not. Are you sure you want to do this?

Barbara: I have to.

[Carnival music playing]

Jack: She's here, Steinbeck! I brought Barbara. I know you can see us. Show me Emily and Carly now. Now, Steinbeck!

Marah: I'm fine. Dad?

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