ATWT Transcript Wednesday 4/17/02

As the World Turns Transcript Wednesday 4/17/02

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Holden: Thanks, Adam. Do me a favor. If you see them, send them home.

Lily: What's wrong? And where's Emma?

Holden: Mama went home. Aaron took off with his motorcycle with Abigail.

Lily: Isn't she due in court?

Holden: In an hour. And I specifically told her in front of Aaron that she needed to stay put. She wanted to go out to the farm. She wanted to take her horse out for a ride, but I told her she wasn't allowed to do it. So what's Aaron's response? To take her on a motorcycle ride to who knows where!

Lily: You're a wonderful father. You're a wonderful father.

Holden: So wonderful that one of my kids is on trial for murder and the other one --

Lily: Is taking your daughter for a ride on a motorcycle to make her feel better.

Holden: I told them no.

Lily: If we've learned anything from Abigail it's that these kids are old enough to make their own decisions.

Holden: That's not good enough.

Lily: Weren't you supposed to talk to him this morning?

Holden: Yeah. I talked. He mumbled.

[Holden sighs]

Holden: Caleb called. He said that he was coming out at the end of the week to take Aaron back to Seattle. Aaron expected me to stick up for him, which I would've done if I'd known what was going on. I guess I'm just supposed to take his side no matter what or risk having him take Abigail off on some motorcycle ride.

Lily: You know, maybe from Aaron's point of view, you won't help him, but you're helping Abigail, and he's trying to get in the middle of that.

Holden: So I'm just supposed to ignore Abigail's situation?

Lily: No, of course not.

Holden: I don't mind him getting mad at me, but when he involves Abigail in the middle of this, that's when I draw the line.

Lily: They'll be back.

Abigail: Nothin' like sugar shock. Always cheers me up. Another place you should go is Al's. Have you been there? It has the best breakfast in town. Doughnuts, cake, everything to die for.

Aaron: What made you change your mind about going to the farm?

Abigail: I just didn't think I had a lot of time to go riding. Besides, I really like the chocolate cake.

[Abigail laughs]

Aaron: Yeah, I can see that.

Abigail: You should stick with me. I'll show you all the hottest places to go in town. And that motorcycle, it's really fun - almost as fun as my horse.

Aaron: What is it about girls and horses?

Abigail: They love you back. Isn't that what we all want? Even if we go looking for it in the wrong place.

Aaron: Think of it this way - if we didn't, we'd all be married by 15.

Abigail: You know, we should - we should just head out.

Aaron: We've got time.

Abigail: I just don't want Holden to be more upset than he already is.

Aaron: Maybe he should learn to ease up.

Abigail: You're gonna teach him that?

Paul: So where's the engaged couple section in this place?

Rose: Mm, somewhere private, like under the table maybe?

Paul: Here. What're you afraid of?

Rose: I'm afraid of you takin' this face for a walk.

Paul: Oh, come here. Sit here. Sit here. Sweetheart, I love your face. Sit down.

Rose: You, my friend, may have a little bit of a problem. It's just no piece of cake, you know? Running into people who knew me then, like that pizza guy who thought I was your mother, lookin' at me like, "What happened to you?"

Paul: Yeah, and then they get over it, because they're so happy to see you.

Rose: St. Paul. That's what I'm gonna call you. St. Paul, Patron Saint of the Vain and Vainer.

Paul: It's not vanity. It's more serious than that, but it doesn't disqualify you from living your life. And which reminds me, you have some work to do.

Rose: Oh, no. No more working. Right now I'm just gonna be a drain on society.

Paul: Okay. Well, first you have to make a choice. They were all so great, I couldn't choose, so -

Rose: As long as it's not a mirror, I'll be all right. What did you do?

Paul: For an engaged woman, your ring finger was a little empty, so I - I went shopping.

Craig: You're not gonna find any small children in my bedroom. There's only one child here, and she's in school. That's Lucy's room. Don't mess it up!

Margo: Craig, you should've thought about Lucy before you kidnapped Parker.

Craig: I didn't kidnap Parker. He came with me willingly.

Margo: Oh, come on. He's a minor. And Rosanna has a court order to take custody of him. So would you just hand him over?

Craig: My hands are otherwise engaged.

[Margo sighs]

Margo: I'll arrange for your whole life to be "otherwise engaged" if you don't start co-operating.

Craig: Does this - does this work when you talk to perps? 'Cause I gotta tell you, this whole --

Margo: All right, all right, all right. I'm far too tired, and I know you too well. Let's just get back to the problem at hand, which appears to be that Rosanna Cabot doesn't find you at all charming. In fact, she wants us to prosecute, and I'm doing my level best to avoid that, but you're not helping!

Craig: Listen, when Carly comes home, and when Stenbeck gets his hands on Barbara - he will.

Margo: If and when Carly comes -

Craig: She will, which means this whole custody thing is moot.

Margo: Craig, it's not your decision, and Parker is not your son, and the law is not up for your interpretation.

Cop #3: No sign of the boy.

Margo: All right. I am going to count, and when I reach three, you tell us where we can find Parker, or you're going to jail. One.

Craig: One, Parker is fine.

Margo: Two.

Craig: Two, once Rosanna gets her hands on that boy, she will not let him go.

Margo: Three?

Craig: Three, I owe it to Carly to take care of her son.

Margo: That's it! Book him.

Craig: I'm not talking.

Margo: Oh, at any other time in my life, that would be music to my ears, Craig.

[Craig laughs]

[Margo laughs] Hey, hey, Harrison, come here. I got a hunch where we might be able to find the boy. I want you to follow up on it - after we book Mr. Montgomery.

Simon: That one there? That goes back and forth, all right? When we get it in the middle - right there, right there, right there - that means the house ain't gonna fall down.

Katie: Unless, of course, the only thing holding it up is the mortgage.

Simon: Okay. Here, here. You continue to play with this. Try and get that bubble in the middle. I'm sure you can do it.

Katie: All right, the coast is clear. Nobody followed us.

Simon: Katie, this is crazy. I've got Dahlia trying to frame me for a crime I didn't commit, and then I go and commit one!

Katie: What crime? Parker and I are practically related.

Simon: Oh, yeah, yeah? How?

Katie: Well, if Craig marries Carly -

Simon: Kidnapping, Katie. Kidnapping.

Katie: Okay, okay, okay. Margo. Margo is my half-sister, and she happened to once be married to Hal, who is his father. No, see? It's fine. She would never arrest me for something like this, particularly when she sees how cute you guys are together. Oh, I just don't wanna think. You and this house and this little one in your lap - and he doesn't have to be a boy. It could be a girl. You'd love a girl just as much, right?

[Katie sighs] It just all seems so perfect. It's what I've always wanted.

Simon: And I will give you everything you want. In time, we will work it out. Just give us some time to work it out.

Katie: Not if I keep finding things like this, we won't.

[Simon whistles]

Simon: Nice watch.

Katie: It's Dahlia's. She was wearing it the night she disappeared.

Simon: Well, I see you wiped all the blood off it.

Katie: What blood?

Simon: Well, wasn't it lying in a pool of blood by the wood chipper?

Katie: Do we even have a wood chipper?

Simon: No. No, we don't. And even if we did, I wouldn't puree your producer. I wouldn't puree anyone. So where'd you find it?

Katie: Uh - on the floor.

Simon: And why didn't you tell me about it?

Katie: I wanted to, but then Margo called -

Simon: And then you couldn't face me, and so you hid out at your brother's.

Katie: No, Snickers had to be fed -

Simon: God.

Katie: All right, fine. Yeah, I - I hid out.

Simon: Katie, this is exactly what I'm saying. Dahlia wants you to believe that I killed her. That's why the car, that's why the bloodstains, that's why the car keys, the watch! It's a campaign to make it look as though a crime was committed and that I committed it, all right? And you've gotta ask yourself, all right, if I did kill Dahlia, why would I keep her car keys, huh? Why would I keep her watch? Why would I leave the car ditched near our house? I mean, I'm pretty thick, but that doesn't make sense!

Katie: Okay, you think that I don't see this. I see it. It's just - oh, I don't know.

Simon: I didn't kill Monique. Katie, I did not kill Dahlia. But if you do not believe me, then you know, I don't know what we're doing here.

[Holden sighs]

Holden: You know, I'm his father. That's why he's here. He's here because he needs me.

Lily: Just because you need each other doesn't mean this is gonna work out right now. It's hard. The clashing, it's difficult. But that doesn't mean either one of you is doing anything wrong. You don't know each other.

Holden: Lily, it's all my fault.

Lily: Would you please not use that word?

Holden: Lily - I was drunk the night he was conceived. It's my fault. Aaron was an accident.

Lily: You never treated him that way.

Holden: I let his mother and Caleb raise him.

Lily: That was the best thing at the time. Remember?

Holden: Was it? Look at him now.

Lily: You know, what happened with Julie, it almost derailed our relationship. You remember that? Look at us now. We are happy. We're in love. We're expecting another baby. We have a great family, and we will fix this with Aaron. It's just gonna take some time.

Holden: He won't talk to me, and he keeps breaking the rules. If he would just meet me halfway --

Lily: He drove all the way from Seattle.

Holden: That's because he wore out his welcome where he was. There's something going on here. He's not just here to get to know his dad. He's in some kind of trouble. I know it.

Lily: What kinda trouble?

Paul: Oh, no. No, don't touch. Not yet.

Rose: Oh!

[Paul lays down a small piece of velvet on the table]

Paul: Here we go.

Rose: Look at that. A little display. Very nice. Like that home shopping network thingie.

Paul: Yeah, like I could possibly pick a ring for the Shopping Queen of Hoboken, New Jersey.

Rose: Oh, at least it'd have taste.

Paul: Well, taste is not the point. We wanna knock their socks off.

Rose: Now you're talkin' my language. Show me the shiny stuff, preppie.

Paul: All right. But first, remember - this is a very important moment, a very important decision. So take your time, okay?

Rose: No pressure.

Paul: Just so we're clear.

Rose: I feel like I'm starrin' in a show I never rehearsed for.

Paul: Butterflies are good. This is a very important moment, after all.

[Paul takes a ring out of the case] Decoder ring, circa 1954. This is, of course, a copy. But it has all the standard features.

Rose: A decoder ring?

Paul: You have no idea how difficult it was to find this particular model.

Rose: Oh, really? Go through a lot of cereal?

Paul: Some very happy squirrels in my neighborhood. Okay. Item number two -

Rose: Mm-hmm.

Paul: Mood ring.

Rose: Oh, of course.

Paul: Vintage item, late '60s, early '70s.

Rose: You are too much over there.

Paul: You wanna try it on?

Rose: Well, no. I don't need a mood ring to tell me how I feel. You're just -

Paul: No, hey, hey, hey. No, no. Keep your lips over there. No kissing. Item number three -

[Rose gasps] The disco dazzler.

Rose: Oh, yes.

Paul: Battery operated.

[Paul turns it on and it starts flashing]

Rose: I know! I loved that thing when I was in high school. Oh, my God. I had that - my girlfriends and I, we had one, you know? And we'd signal each other across the gym, you know?

[Rose laughs]

Abigail: I think my Aunt Rose is about to be asked a major league question.

Aaron: Rose and Lily are twins, huh?

Abigail: Yeah. I know she looks a little older. But it's because she was kidnapped, and a doctor aged her somehow. Haven't you guys met? Have you met?

Aaron: Not yet.

Abigail: Oh. Well, she's great. I'm really happy for her. You know, this is - this is weird. Here I am, on trial for murder, and I'm gonna testify by the end of the day. It could all be over. But everything just keeps going.

Aaron: Isn't that what you wanted? To step outta this picture?

Abigail: Yeah. I guess. At least I'll have something nice to remember this day by. Aunt Rose getting engaged.

Aaron: I know what it's like to be accused of doing somethin' you didn't do. And everybody thinks you did. But it'll work out.

Abigail: Really? Even if I don't remember what happened?

Aaron: You will.

Abigail: How do you know that?

Aaron: Do you have a choice?

Margo: Thank you! I'll take it from here.

Craig: You might wanna have a word with those boys. Nice enough, but they broke a bunch of laws on the way over. Speeding through a school zone, failure to indicate before a turn, no seat belts.

Margo: Well, Craig, they're cops, unlike you.

Craig: So they can break the law? Huh? By the way, do you mind? Sometimes you are so hard to love.

[Margo laughs]

Margo: And you're a piece of cake.

Craig: I'm a snap. Cuddly. I'm adaptable. I'm willing to sacrifice myself to save a child.

Margo: Please. Just - please.

Craig: Carly would not want Parker going with Rosanna, and you know it.

Margo: There's nothing I can do about it. The court has upheld her bid for custody.

Craig: And have you lost the ability to think for yourself, Margo? This is not a good idea. I don't care what the court thinks.

Margo: You know what your problem is, Craig? You never think through a situation. You just leap immediately to cow tipping. Sacred cow tipping. The court, me, the entire police force. Why don't you just get a job, save us all a headache? Please.

Craig: I'm a father. I run a tabloid. I manage investments. Is that enough for you?

Margo: Oh, you're a saint.

Craig: Listen, when Carly comes home -

Margo: If Carly comes home.

Craig: She is coming home.

Margo: If Jack gets there in time and Hal doesn't crumble on us and Stenbeck makes a mistake and Barbara doesn't turn on us. If, then his mother will come home to him. But until then, he's to stay with Rosanna.

Craig: Now, what does Hal have to do with this? And what about Jack and Barbara? Where are they?

Margo: I'm gonna get a cup of coffee.

Craig: Margo –

[Craig forgets he is handcuffed to the desk and tries to go after her]

[Margo laughs]

Craig: What, this is funny?

Margo: This is funny.

Craig: This is not funny.

Margo: Yes, it is!

Craig: Listen, unless you tell me what is going on here -

Margo: What are you gonna do, throw a shoe at me?

Craig: Carly's life is at stake! I wanna know what's going on!

Margo: Okay. Carly. Parker. You tell me where Parker is, and then I'll tell you where Hal and Jack and Barbara have gone.

Craig: You would use a little boy?

Margo: Yeah, just like you are. The only reason you glommed onto that little boy is to make points with Carly.

Craig: I care about that little boy. I lived with him for months. We have a very close relationship. And I love with his mother. Which - doesn't that count for something?

Margo: At this point, Craig, no, it doesn't.

Craig: You're a mother. Would you hand over a 3-year-old to Rosanna? He hardly knows her.

Rosanna: I'm not the issue here, Craig. Parker is. Which is why I'm gonna take him as far away from you as possible.

Abigail: So what exactly were you accused of?

Aaron: I was caught in a neighbor's house.

Abigail: Doing what?

Aaron: They said I was stealing. I wasn't.

Abigail: So what were you doing?

Aaron: Looks like he's about to do the deed.

Rose: I want them all!

Paul: You have to choose.

Rose: Well, I can't choose.

Paul: Well, you ha - okay. You know what, if that's how you feel, I think I might have one more.

Rose: Oh!

[Paul throws a small paper bag on the table]

Paul: Here. Just see -

Rose: Is it - is it a mesmo ring? My friend Nicole had one of those in high school. Yep, remember those? Like, the rings would go round and round and –

[Rose pulls out a large diamond ring from the bag]

[Rose gasps]

Paul: Breathe.

Rose: I - I can't.

Paul: When you look down at this ring, I don't want you to think, "Did I make a mistake? Should I have picked the disco dazzler?"

Rose: You mean I can't have the disco dazzler, too?

Paul: You can have anything you want. But - but first, you gotta - please sit down. All right. Here goes. The whole nine yards.

Craig: You want to take Parker away from me, you're gonna have to find him first.

Rosanna: I still can't believe this man is your brother.

Margo: As per your request, he's under arrest for kidnapping.

Craig: Doesn't matter. I'm not talking.

Rosanna: So you still haven't found Parker?

Margo: Well, no, haven't found him, no. But I do have an idea where he might be. He'll be here by the end of the day. This much I do know - he is safe.

Rosanna: Well, I appreciate you making the arrest. I'm sure that must have been - complicated.

Margo: No. I'm used to it.

Craig: Margo, you mind unlocking - she has trouble expressing her feelings.

Rosanna: What do you hope to accomplish here, Craig? Margo's obviously gonna find Parker. I'm going to take him home. What is this all about?

Craig: Do you love Parker?

Rosanna: He's my nephew!

Craig: That's not what I asked.

Rosanna: I feel a tremendous responsibility.

Craig: Yes, but do you love him? Do you have that fist inside your chest that suddenly melts and you're speechless and warm all over. Have you ever loved a child? Have you ever had a child?

Rosanna: I am not the issue.

Craig: That's what you keep saying. You know? You keep taking Park away and trying to woo him with this responsibility thing.

Rosanna: No, no, no. I am not trying to "woo" Parker. My goal here is simply to take care of him.

Craig: But why you? Why not somebody who loves him, like me or John?

Rosanna: No, no, no. No one is stopping anyone from loving Parker. I am simply trying to bring him some consistency and stability in his life.

Craig: John has round-the-clock help for Parker. His house runs like a clock.

Rosanna: Well, unfortunately, the court didn't agree.

Craig: No wonder Carly hates you. Let me ask you something. Would you be able to even recognize Parker on a playground? Could you even have picked him out from a crowd of kids?

Rosanna: You know, you have obviously formed an opinion of me based on second-hand information. If you were honest, you would have to admit that you know nothing about me.

Craig: And you've formed an opinion of me. Hmm? I'm a kidnapper. I'm a felon.

Rosanna: Aren't you?

Craig: Tell me one thing about Parker.

Rosanna: He's short.

Craig: Very astute. And you're female. No, something specific. Something unique. He likes French fries.

Rosanna: Well, what kid doesn't?

Craig: No, he likes them more than candy. He likes them more than macaroni and cheese. And he likes them a very special way. He can't have anything on top of them. He has to have his own special dipping place. And nothing can touch them until he's ready to dip them himself.

Rosanna: Well, that's fascinating. I'll make a note.

Craig: Do you know what that means?

Rosanna: He's opinionated?

Craig: It means he thinks for himself. And as my kid would say, that is awesome.

Rosanna: You have a child? This is a trick question?

Craig: I have a daughter. Who adores him.

Rosanna: Well, the whole town adores Parker.

Craig: Because Parker is a terrific little boy. Who can find joy in anything - a straw, a French fry, a felt-tip pen. He always has a smile in his pocket. You know, even on his birthday, when his mother didn't show up. Because he knows his mother loves him. And he knows she's coming back. Now, you take him out of Oakdale, you take him away from his school, his friends, his family - you're gonna scare him. You know, he's gonna realize that we've given up hope, that suddenly we're making arrangements. Other arrangements. Don't do that to him.

Rosanna: Don't do that to him? Or don't do that to you?

Katie: You just sit here and keep putting that one in the middle, okay? He loves that level.

Simon: He's a boy.

Katie: Okay, honey - it's not that I don't believe you. All right? It's just okay, do I think that you took Dahlia into the woods and murdered her? And then came back here and sprinkled her stuff everywhere? No. It's obviously Dahlia, trying to break us up and get you arrested. She hates you. And she's had it out for me from day one. So-you know what? The joke's on her. The video's doing just great.

Simon: So if you realize all that, why did you hide out at Craig's?

Katie: All right. Okay, just imagine that someone comes to you, and they tell you that I am the kind of girl who-I don't know, something bad. Steals canes from old people. What would you say?

Simon: I can't believe it.

Katie: Come on, I'm being serious.

Simon: I would say Katie's not that kinda girl.

Katie: Exactly. Then all of a sudden, one day you go out to the car, and you find one under the seat. And then there's one under the bed. And then you find another one and another one, out of the blue. And then the police come to me, asking me questions. And all I can say is, "Canes? What canes? The AARP must be conspiring against me."

Simon: Wait, wait. Who's the AARP?

Katie: The American Association of Retired People. I did a thing on them in W.O.A.K. It's nothing to worry about. You don't wanna mess with them.

Simon: Okay, are you asking if I would believe you?

Katie: Of course you would believe me.

Simon: Yes.

Katie: But think about this - wouldn't it be a little unnerving if, all of a sudden, canes were flying at you from everywhere? You found one in the shower. And then one in the refrigerator. And then all of a sudden, you just started finding them in the tiniest, weirdest little places. And then it gets worse. Walkers. Wheelchairs. Prosthetic legs are flying at you. What then?

Simon: Fake arms? Fake arms.

Katie: Come on. I'm trying to make a point here.

Simon: All right. At the first sign of the first fake leg, I would divorce you, and I would get custody of Snickers.

Katie: I rest my case.

Simon: All right, then promise me this. Please -

[Simon groans] Next time you find a fake leg, tell me.

Katie: Okay.

Simon: Good. Hey, Parker! Come here, big fella. Do you feel like a pretzel? Huh? Do you feel like a pretzel? No, you feel like a Parker. He feels like a Parker. And what's that? Sure she isn't a dog?

[Simon barking]

Katie: Um, Simon - there was actually something else I forgot to show you. Well, I just didn't show 'cause I was kinda freaked out. It's from Crimson Dahlia productions. Arrived yesterday. My first check. My first share of the profits.

Simon: Wow. Whoa.

Katie: Actually, I thought for a while that Dahlia had been trying to cheat me. And that's why she made it look like you tried to murder her, so that I would be worried about that and not checking the numbers. But what she doesn't know is that I always check the numbers. So she didn't win. It wasn't true. But she did make me a very rich woman.

Simon: Wow, that video must be selling really well.

Katie: Yeah, people seem to like it.

Simon: Congratulations.

Katie: Thanks. It's just unfair because I should be so happy right now. And I am happy. I'm happy about you and me and about this house. And about the fact that we have enough money to fix it up. It's just this Dahlia thing really gets to me. I don't know why. She just knows how to push my buttons. And I can't stop it.

Simon: Maybe we gotta start pushing back.

Katie: How?

Simon: First, we've gotta get some help.

Katie: What is that?

Simon: Ah, man. It's the cops. They're coming around from the highway.

Katie: Oh, no. Here, Parker, honey, you come with me. We'll go out the back road.

Simon: Wait, you cannot go. They're just gonna follow you, Katie.

Katie: That's okay. You will keep them here. Just – just - just distract them for a minute. Come on. Hey, we're going in the car.

Simon: Katie – Katie - Katie!

Katie: I love you!

Paul: If ever a man knew what he wanted, I am that man. Rose, you make me happy.

Rose: I think you're makin' this whole restaurant happy.

Paul: Good. Let 'em smile.

Rose: I don't want word to get back to Lily before I had a chance to tell her. And Abigail's right over there.

Paul: Well, there's not gonna be anything to tell them if you don't let me finish.

Rose: You can finish. I'll let you finish. Just a second.

Paul: Wha -

Rose: Hi, Abigail.

Abigail: Aunt Rose, hi. This is Aaron. This is Holden's son.

Rose: Oh! Look at you. You look just like your father. Oh, so nice to meet you!

Aaron: Nice ring.

Rose: Thank you. It's pretty great, isn't it?

Abigail: We don't mean to intrude.

Rose: No! Don't mind Paul. He gets a little carried away in public places, in restaurants.

Abigail: I think it's great.

Rose: Thank you. So do I. But I'd really like to be the first person to tell Lily about it, so -

Abigail: Oh, yeah. My lips are sealed.

Aaron: Hey, me, you'll have to pay.

Rose: Look out for this one. Sharp as a tack. He reminds me of me when I was a kid.

Abigail: He's all right. He's got a great motorcycle, though.

Rose: Does he? Hmm. You'll have to give me a ride sometime.

Aaron: Anytime.

Rose: Thanks.

Aaron: We should get going. Abigail's got a lot of stuff to do.

Rose: That's right! Today is the trial, the big day, right?

Abigail: Yeah. I testify today.

Rose: Oh, you knock 'em dead, all right? And you wear a helmet.

Aaron: We got it covered.

Rose: Okay.

Abigail: Congratulations.

[Abigail hugs Rose]

Rose: Oh, thank you so much. Oh, just - I'll be thinking about you, and I'll check in later, okay? Okay. Helmets! Helmets, all around. Okay!

Rose: Our secret is safe!

Paul: What secret?

Rose: Assume the position, boyfriend. Your status is about to change.

Paul: Oh.

Rose: I make you happy -- ?

Paul: Oh. The happy stu - yeah. Um - Rose, will you do me the great honor of becoming my wife?

Holden: Where are they?

Lily: They'll be here.

Holden: We should be leaving for the courthouse right now.

Lily: We have plenty of time to get to the courthouse, Holden.

Holden: You know what? I'm gonna go look for them.

Lily: And then you'll leave, and they'll be here. Please. Just relax. Please.

Holden: This is all Aaron. Abigail would never have done this --

Lily: Would you just give Abigail a little credit? She knows exactly what time she has to be at the courthouse.

Holden: All right, well, what if the bike breaks down? Or what if they've gone too far, and they can't get back in enough time? I wouldn't put it past him. This is all aimed at me. And if Abigail gets hurt in the process, too bad.

Lily: So what're you going to do?

Holden: I'm gonna get mad. I'm gonna tell him that he better learn the rules, or else I'm not gonna let him stick around.

Lily: Think that'll work?

Holden: No.

Lily: I know you feel like you can't find the way right now. But eventually, you will. You just gotta give you and Aaron some time.

Rosanna: You obviously care about Parker, which is good. I wish we'd had a chance to talk a little bit more before you ran off with him.

Craig: Have you ever heard of James Stenbeck?

Rosanna: Well -

Craig: Clinical psychopath. He's the one who abducted Carly and those two other women.

Rosanna: Yes, I have read all about it -

Craig: He had shipped them out, drugged, comatose, in coffins for medical experimentation. Now, we are one inch away from negotiating their release. Hal is out there now doing the exchange.

Rosanna: Hal is out of the hospital?

Craig: He was put there by Stenbeck. This is not Parker's parents dropping out. They were been victimized by an expert. All right? But luckily for Parker, they'd left a secure support system so he could be happy and healthy.

Rosanna: You know this talent of Parker's that you're so proud of? His ready smile, his easy nature. Did it ever occur to you that he might have had to be adaptable based on the kind of lifestyle his mother leads?

Craig: This is not Carly's fault.

Rosanna: The point is Parker needs protecting.

Craig: He's got me. John Dixon lives in a fortress.

Rosanna: And he's at the hospital all day.

Craig: It's not every day. And when he is, Parker's in the hospital day care center. John can drop in anytime he wants. Huh? When Carly comes home, she's gonna want to hug her child, not fight you for custody.

Rosanna: If she comes home. And if she is in any shape to parent, we will have a reasonable discussion.

Craig: You hate Carly that much?

Rosanna: How I feel about Carly isn't the point. I'm here for Parker. I'm not interested in making anybody suffer.

Craig: I've offended you. Carly would do anything to protect her son.

Rosanna: Even give him to me? You know, for what it's worth, I may have misjudged you a little. I made a few assumptions about you based on the kind of man Carly used to attract. You're an improvement on the type.

Craig: May I ask you something?

Rosanna: Only if you haven't said it five or six times before.

Margo: Okay, I've got good news and bad news.

Rosanna: Oh. Have you found Parker?

Margo: No, but we do know who has him. Little Katie Frasier.

Rosanna: Is that good news or bad news?

Craig: That's good news.

Margo: Good news because I know Katie.

Craig: Our sister.

Margo: And she has this really wonderful talent for messing things up.

Katie: Hi, Mrs. Hughes. Hi.

Nancy: Katie!

Katie: Yes. I'm so sorry. I didn't want to frighten you while you were pulling out.

Nancy: Is that Parker Munson?

Katie: Yes, it is. Parker, why don't you say hi to Mrs. Hughes? We're having an adventure, huh?

Nancy: Apparently, so am I.

Katie: Oh, good. I'm glad you said that. I'm glad you feel that way.

Nancy: If I may be so bold, may I ask why you're in my car? I don't find you here every day.

Katie: That is true. It's just that Parker and I were having an adventure -

Nancy: That's what you said.

Katie: His folks are, you know, gone right now. And so we were hanging out together, having a fun day. And we decided to surprise you, right?

Nancy: I see.

Katie: Listen, can you do me a really big favor?

Nancy: A favor? Pass it by me.

Rose: Mrs. Paul Ryan.

Paul: We'll pick out the stationery tomorrow.

Rose: Oh. You know that I want this more than anything.

Paul: All right, well, so give my knee a break and say yes.

Rose: Can you just tell your knee to take a break for one second because this is a special moment that only happens once in a lifetime, and I wanna savor it. You and me have - we've been through hell and back. And you're right. Let's grab life by the throat. We deserve to be happy. And you're terrific. And I love you. And - yes! Yes, yes, I'll be Mrs. Paul Ryan.

Paul: Thank you, Rose D'Angelo.

Rose: No. No, you just call me Mrs. Ryan.

[Rose jumps into Paul’s arms and kisses him]

Paul: I'll call you - all right, my leg - okay. Mm. Okay.


Holden: So what do I do? If I read him the riot act, I'll just sound like Caleb and he'll write me off. If I do nothing, then he'll just do something worse.

Lily: Why don't you just tell him how you feel?

Holden: Well, I could do that, but knowing Aaron, he'll thank me for sharing and then he'll just go on doing exactly what he's been doing all along.

Lily: How about military school? I'm kidding.

Holden: Oh, he's a good kid. He's a very good kid. He just -

Abigail: Hi. Um, we - we just took a little ride.

Holden: We're running late.

Abigail: It's my fault. I just needed to clear my head, Holden. I had to have a few minutes to get out of here. I had to. Aaron was nice enough to give me a ride.

Aaron: We went to the Java for coffee. No big thing.

Holden: The point here is you knew that I asked Abigail to stick around.

Aaron: Here we go.

Abigail: I - Holden, it was my idea for coffee -

Holden: This is not about coffee! And I'll deal with you in a moment. You're not a child. You're a young man. And you know your sister's in a lot of trouble, and you just added to that trouble. I'm disappointed in you. And as for you, young lady, you've got a lot on your plate today, so I'm not gonna add to it. But I want you to go upstairs. I want you to put the outfit on that Lily has laid out for you. And then I want you to sit down and collect yourself. Are we clear?

Abigail: Yes, sir.

Aaron: We're clear.

Holden: Okay. Let's go.

Simon: Loose floorboards. Old house. Hey, but what you gonna do? We love the place. Did you find anything? Hey, did I tell you my wife was an aerobics instructor? She teaches aerobics down at the gym. Aerobics, hey? You know, bunch of guys, twits, running around in their underwear. But it sells. Hey, have a copy. We've got thousands.

Cop #2: Was Parker Munson here today with Mrs. Frasier?

Simon: A kid at a construction site? Are you nuts?! The ceiling's already fallen down twice! You know, I was gonna brace it - I don't know - with a 3 x 1, but I'm not even sure whether that's gonna hold. You know, we can't even get insurance on this place. You don't know anyone that I can call about --

Cop #3: When you see your wife, ask her to call her sister down at the station.

Simon: Absolutely. Will do. Guys be careful of that door on the way out. It's loose on those hinges. Take it easy.

[Simon makes a call] Yeah, it's Simon. Katie's gone. Can you come over?

Katie: Half an hour, tops. In fact, you're gonna want to keep him all day. He's such a sweetheart.

Nancy: I don't know, Katie. It seems to me if Parker has been left in your care, that's where he should stay.

Katie: And he will. If you can't look after him, then it's me and the kid - no problem. It's just that you're so good at this. I don't think anyone would object to you watching him. You're Mrs. Mom.

Nancy: Well, be that as it may -

Katie: I wouldn't ask you if these errands weren't so important.

Nancy: Where did you get that face? From a starving kitten? Look at her, Parker. She's hilarious.

Katie: So you'll do it? You'll watch him?

Nancy: I'll take him home for awhile. I will take him home for awhile, Katie.

Katie: Okay.

Nancy: And only because I have Daniel's car seat in the trunk.

Katie: Oh, thank you so much, Mrs. H. Guess what, Parker Joe? You get to hang out with the coolest woman on the planet for the rest of the day.

Nancy: And he's going to need supper and a bath and a bed before long.

Katie: I won't be gone that long. I'm just gonna get some toys and your favorite PJ’s.

Nancy: Not long, Katie.

Katie: I promise. Thank you.

Nancy: Well, that and fifty cents used to get me on the bus. Parker, I think you and I have a situation on our hands. What do you say we try to find out what exactly is happening?

Rosanna: Well, I canceled our reservations. I'll be here until you find Parker.

Margo: Well, it's just a matter of time. He'll be found.

Rosanna: I appreciate your efforts, Margo.

Craig: You're doin' a bang-up job, Margo. Now would you mind unlocking me?

Margo: I will unlock you when I can spare somebody to book you. And then you're going in a cell.

Craig: She can be worse.

Rosanna: I must say, you're determined.

Craig: Well, I have my agenda. You have yours.

Rosanna: They may not be that different. I'm not in love with Carly, but I am concerned about her son. I think you are, too.

Craig: And was I wrong about you?

Rosanna: Yes.

Craig: Hmm. Maybe I made a mistake. If I did, I apologize.

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