ATWT Transcript Monday 4/15/02

As The World Turns Transcript Monday 4/15/02

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Abigail: I'm just a little nervous about what's going on tonight.

Holden: I understand. And I don't blame you. But Dr. Michaels said that she's got a lot of confidence in this technique.

Abigail: Yeah. That's why I'm nervous. If it works, then I find out what happened the night that Nick died.

Holden: You didn't do it. I knew that the day all this started. And I'm even more sure of it today.

Abigail: Thanks.

Holden: And yourself?

Abigail: Well, it depends on when you ask. It's wonderful that you and the rest of the family insist I'm innocent. And sometimes, I -- I buy into that. But, you know, every once in a while, in a deep dark corner of my mind, I think that it's possible I could've done it.

Holden: Listen, honey, we all have doubts. But you can't let those doubts take over.

Abigail I'm trying. I'm trying, Holden. But it's like a roller coaster that never ends. You know, one day I think that there's no possible way I could've murdered another human being. And then, the next day, I'm totally sure I did it. I just want to be able to get on that witness stand and for that roller coaster to be over. To say that I didn't kill Nick and be certain that that's the truth.

Holden: Well, I want that, too. And hopefully, this session with Dr. Michaels will provide you with that.

Abigail: Well, I've tried everything else. Why not this?

Holden: Have I told you lately how proud I am of you?

Abigail: Yeah. Say it about everyday for the past month. But you know what, every time you say it, it still makes me feel good.

Holden: Well, good. But I'm just gonna keep on saying it.

Abigail: Okay.

Holden: Now, I'm gonna go get a doughnut. I'm gonna get you one, too. Okay, I'll be right back. Hey, Aaron. How you doing'? What's up?

Aaron: I was -- on my way out.

Holden: Come here. Come here, come here.

Here's someone I wan to introduce you to. Aaron Snyder, this is your sister, your half-sister -- although I never much cared for that -- Abigail Williams.

Aaron: Hey.

Abigail: Hi, it's nice to meet you.

Holden: You guys gonna be all right? Because I need to go make a phone call. I got to call out to the farm, see how the kids are doing.

Abigail: Yeah. We're fine. Go ahead.

Holden: You know, I always wondered what it was gonna be like to have my kids under one roof. I have to tell ya -- feels pretty good. See you in a bit.

Abigail: So, you live with Caleb and Julie in Seattle, right?

Aaron: Yeah.

Abigail: It's kind of different here. How do you like it?

Aaron: It's okay.

Abigail: Well, that's -- that's good.

Aaron: I heard about the trouble you're in.

Abigail: From Holden?

Aaron: He mentioned something. Then I heard the news on the radio. Sounds like a bad deal.

Abigail: Yeah. It is.

Aaron: Sorry.

Abigail: Thanks.

Aaron: Can I ask you a question?

Abigail: About the trial?

Aaron: About Holden. Is he always that full of it, or was that rap about his children just for me?

Craig: Reynolds, is Jack in?

Cop #3: He's in the field tonight, Mr. Montgomery. Would you care to leave a message?

Craig: In the field?! Doing what, planting cotton? He's supposed to be looking for Carly Tenney.

Cop #3: Detective Snyder knows what he's supposed to be doing.

Craig: Reynolds, I've been on this case since the very beginning. If there have been any developments, I want to know what they are.

Cop #3: Sorry, I'm not at liberty to discuss that.

Craig: All right, you can be by the book. But if anything --

Margo: Stop, stop, stop! Stop harassing my officers. I'll take care of him from here.

Cop #3: Thanks, boss.

Margo: What is it gonna take to get through to you?!

Craig: I am going out of my mind here. Will you tell me what is going on?

Margo: No.

Craig: If you tell me, I'll go home.

Margo: No, you won't.

Craig: I promise. Please?

[Margo sighs]

Margo: All right. We've agreed to Steinbeck's demands. Jack is on his way to meet him now.

Craig: Barbara went along with this? In exchange for Carly and Emily?

Margo: Barbara was willing, but we weren't. So Jack got an undercover officer to pose as Barbara for the exchange.

Craig: And then what?

Margo: And then, when Carly and Emily are safe, Jack and the decoy will arrest Steinbeck.

Craig: You're kidding.

Margo: Craig, it's all we've got! It might be our last chance to grab Steinbeck.

Craig: Do you honestly believe that this guy is gonna go for a decoy Barbara? The naiveté of that is --

[rattling metal] what was that

Margo I have no idea. Sounded like it came from in here. Officer Greene, are you all right?

Marilyn: Something must've been in the tea. I -- I passed out. I just woke up.

Craig: Who are you?

Margo: His is Barbara's decoy.

[Craig chuckles]

Craig: I see. So if this is decoy Barbara, where, oh, where, could the real Barbara be?

Jack: Keep the veil on. Steinbeck could be watching . Okay, let's run down the plan one more time. Once Steinbeck shows, we make the exchange for Emily and Carly. You keep quiet. Let me do all the talking. And once we make sure that Emily and Carly are safe, we draw our weapons, and we close in. Now, this is gonna have to happen quickly. Chances are Steinbeck will open fire once he realizes that we set him up. Problem? Good. So tell me, how's Will doing'? Sorry I haven't been by lately. Maybe I'll take him to a cubs game once the weather warms up.

Barbara: You knew?

Jack: Where is she, Barbara? How the hell did you manage to pull this one off?

Barbara: I have to be here, Jack. Please. Please don't tell me l have.

John: "Parker, what about your bath?" No answer. So I asked him again. "Parker, what about your bath?" Still no answer. So I said, "now, Parker, do you hear what I said to you? What about your bath?" He looks up from the puzzle he's working on -- a very serious look on his face -- and he said, "I'm sorry. I'm busy."

[Laughing] do you remember that? You see? Nothing, nothing. He's a nodder.

Kim: Oh, I noticed. I noticed. So you've been having a lot of fun with your uncle John, Park? Hmm?

John: See, there he goes again.

Kim: A semi nod.

John: He is the most even-tempered kid I've ever met in my life.

Kim: Well, I think it's rubbing off. Everybody's talking about how much less grumpy you are since Parker's been staying with you.

John: Who is?

Kim: Me.

Rosanna: Hello, John. Oh, sorry. Nice to see you again.

John: Rosanna.

Rosanna: Hello.

John: Hello. When did you get to town?

Rosanna: Oh, just a few days ago.

John: Oh.

Rosanna: You've been well, I trust?

John: Yeah, I've been fine. Do you remember Rosanna?

Kim: Of course. She's Carly's sister. How are you?

Rosanna: Yes, well, I've been fine. It's been a long time.

Kim: It has. I assume you're back because of Carly.

Rosanna: Of course. Hello, Parker. Nice to see you again. Hi, I'm your aunt Rosanna. You don't remember me, do you?

[Laughing] that's okay. I'm sure we'll be good friends before you know it.

John: Yes, well, now that you're in town, we'll have to arrange time where you can get together.

Rosanna: Oh, well, that's very nice of you, John. But -- it won't be necessary. You see, I'll be leaving in a few days, and I'll be taking Parker with me.

Jack: Barbara, where is officer Greene?

Barbara: Probably still in the Interrogation room. I slipped a sleeping pill into her tea.

Jack: You drugged a Police officer? People do time for that, Barbara!

Barbara: I know it was extreme. But I have to be here, Jack. I have to help you get Carly and Emily back from James.

Jack: We talked about this. You can't make things rough by sacrificing yourself to Steinbeck. Come on. Come on. Let's go.

Barbara: Where to ?

Jack: We don't have much time. Back to the station. If we hurry, we can get Marilyn back before --

Barbara no. No, Jack. You said so yourself that James could be watching us. If he sees us leave, he'll know that something is off. I can do this. I'm not afraid.

[Jack sighs]

Jack: I hope to hell I don't live to regret this. No heroics, Barbara. You play this one by the book.

Barbara: I will do everything you tell me to do. Thank you for giving me this chance.

Jack: A chance to risk your life. But, hey, you wanted it, you got it.

Marilyn: One second I was changing, and the next thing I know, she brings me in a cup of tea. And after a few sips, I was out.

Margo: Okay. Well, you just stay here and relax. I'm gonna call Jack. Get me Snyder on the phone, now.

Cop #3: Right away.

Craig: Tell me where they are, Margo.

Margo: Why? So you can show up and ruin everything?

Craig: So I can go and help.

Margo: The only place you're gonna go is home.

Craig: Margo, this deal is outta control.

Margo: Oh, and you're gonna fix it?

Craig: Like I fixed about a hundred other things for you people.

Margo: May I remind you you're the one who let Steinbeck escape?

Craig: I did not let Steinbeck escape. I almost risked my bloody life, in case you've forgotten, in the line of duty.

Margo: The only duty you've got, Craig -- you have no line of duty!

Craig: Okay. Carly's gonna be rescued in a couple of hours. And if I'm not there to help, Jack -- will --

Margo: That's it. Jack will get all the credit.

Craig: Exactly.

Margo: Oh, my God! That's really none of my concern, is it, Craig? And another thing, I think that --

Cop #3: He's on line O.

Margo: Thank you. Hey, Jack. It's me. Are you aware that your decoy Barbara is the actual Barbara?

Jack: It's been handled, Margo. I'm on top of it.

Craig: Jack! Where are you?

Jack: No way, Craig. One amateur on this job is enough.

Craig: Jack? Jack? Here, get him back on the phone. I want to talk to him.

Margo: Will you get a hold of yourself? What are you trying to do?

Craig: I don't want Carly thinking I was resting on my snide back in the suite while Jack was riding

the rescue to help her here, you know? It's a guy thing, Margo. Pride.

Margo: Get outta here! Now. Go home.

Craig: Give me one good reason.

Margo: It's a girl thing. Common sense.

Abigail: You don't know Holden very well, do you?

Aaron: I know enough.

Abigail: Well, he doesn't just say stuff to impress people. When he says something, he means it.

Aaron: Maybe. Sometimes.

Abigail: No, you're wrong. Holden's very real all the time. No exceptions.

Aaron: Okay. Forget it. Nice meeting you.

Abigail: Wait. Aaron, wait. Look, I wasn't raised by Holden, either. But ever since I came to Oakdale, he has been everything a father could be. Loving and supportive, protective.

Aaron: Good for him. Good for both of you.

Abigail: I don't -- I don't get it. What's your problem?

Aaron: Nothing. Did I say I have a problem?

Abigail: I'm sure it must be difficult for you, coming into a situation like this. All these people and all this stuff going on.

Aaron: It doesn't bother me.

Abigail: Okay, well, if you ever want someone to talk --

Aaron: You're gonna say, "go"

Holden," right"

Abigail: No. Come to me. I think we have a lot in common.

Aaron: Thanks. I'll keep that in mind.

[Doorbell rings]

Holden: I'll get it! Hi. Come on in.

Dr. Michaels: Hi, how are you?

Holden: She's inside and ready to go.

Jake: Let's roll.

Aaron: Catch you later, Abigail.

Holden: H, Aaron, I --

Molly: He's really grown up.

Holden: Yeah.

Dr. Michaels: Well, Abigail, how are you feeling?

Abigail: Um -- well, strange. I don't really have a word for it.

Molly: I know. Don't worry about it, honey. I've got butterflies about this, too.

Jake: Tom says he's very happy with the way Mary's testifying. I mean, every time she opens her mouth, she looks like she's got something to hide.

Abigail: Yeah, I suppose. But, you know, it still doesn't help us unless we know the truth.

Dr. Michaels: Well, we're gonna try to get there tonight. So, any last-minute questions?

Abigail: No.

Dr. Michaels: Anyone?

Holden: Dr. Michaels, this can't hurt her in any way, can it?

Dr. Michaels: It certainly can't . How are you doing over there, Jake?

Jake: Almost ready to go here.

>> Dr. Michaels: So all I would ask of the rest of you is that you just remain sidle during the procedure. And, Abigail, why don't you have a seat right here? Are you ready to remember what happened the night Nick Scudder was killed?

Abigail: Yes, I am. I've never been more ready for anything in my entire life.

John: Excellent. And don't eat the crayons.

[Laughing] thank you very much.

Rosanna: Yes. Do you remember the last time we saw each other, John?

John: Yes, I do. It was at Barbara and Hal's engagement party. It was the night Parker was taken away from me.

Rosanna: I remember how devastated you were.

John: What's your point?

Kim: Rosanna, maybe you don't realize that Parker's been

through a very difficult time recently. And John's wonderful with him. He's really helped him get through it.

Rosanna: Well, I never doubted that John would continue to be a part of Parker's life. But the boy is getting older, and he needs stability. This is a court order granting me temporary custody of Parker.

John: Temporary custody? What are you doing?

Rosanna: What I feel is necessary. I read the papers. I've been worried about my nephew ever since I found out that neither his mother nor his father is really able to take care of him. Now, I'm his family, and I want to help. I need to help. Parker will stay with me until his parents can appear in court and be judged whether they're fit to raise him.

Kim: Wait a minute. Whatever else Carly may have done, she did not leave Parker of her own free will.

Rosanna: That doesn't matter.

John: You know, Hal Munson is under the weather right now. I mean, it's a temporary thing. We expect him to come around again. And Carly, God willing, will be back.

Rosanna: I hope so. I really do. But what happens to Parker while we're waiting?

John: He stays with me.

Rosanna: You're not a relative, John. Or a guardian. I'm just trying do what's best for Parker.

Kim: Well, does Hal know about this?

Rosanna: Hal is under psychiatric care at Oakdale Memorial. I didn't think it would be appropriate to discuss it with him.

Kim: John, what do you think? Should we --

John: No, no. It's the kind of thing that Hal just can't deal with right now. You know, Rosanna, I wish you would've talked to somebody here before you acted so drastically.

Rosanna: Well, I can see this comes as a shock. But the only reason I acted so quickly was because I felt a long, drawn-out process would not be good for Parker.

John: I think you probably acted the way you did so that no one would challenge you on this.

Rosanna: I'm not going to argue with you, John. This document is legal. I don't have to defend it

to you. Hey! Do you want to come with aunt Rosanna, hmm? I've got this lovely suit at the Lakeview with a separate room just for you.

John: Don't worry, Parker. You don't have to go anywhere.

Rosanna: That's not gonna help.

John: Neither are those papers.

Rosanna: Look, John, here's your choice, as I see it. You can turn Parker over to me voluntarily. If you want, you can come to the Lakeview with us and help him settle in. That's fine with me. Or we can take this order to the Police and let them handle it.

John: Pack it up, Parker! We're moving out!

Rosanna: You're making a mistake.

John: You want to come to the Police station with me?

Kim: Yes. Yes.

John: I think you are, too.

Kim: I'm gonna call Tom. I'll have him meet us there.

John: Good idea.

Rosanna: Look, John, you're not gonna win this. Parker belongs with his family, and that happens to be me.

John: I'll see you at the Police station.

Kim: Hi, Tom --

Dr. Michaels: So, as you know, this is called rapid-eye technology. And it re-creates REM sleep so that things in your subconscious that you might have suppressed are able to come to the surface freely.

Abigail: I'm not gonna hallucinate or anything, am I?

Dr. Michaels: Highly unlikely. But if you're willing to be an associate and really let your mind go, you might be surprised what comes into your head.

Abigail: Okay. So what do I do?

Dr. Michaels: You follow these lights with your eyes. Just your eyes. Not your head. Okay? And sometimes, I will tap your hands like this. But don't look down. Just keep following the light . Are you ready?

Abigail: You sure this thing is not gonna make my brain explode?

Dr. Michaels: I hope not. No, of course not. I told your parents it was safe, and I would never have recommended it otherwise. So -- you're ready?

Abigail: Yes.

Dr. Michaels: You're comfortable?

Abigail: Mm-hmm.

Dr. Michaels: Would you hit the lights, please, for me? Okay, I want you to tell me what

the safest place is that you have ever been.

Abigail: My bedroom.

Dr. Michaels: Picture it.

Abigail: I am.

Dr. Michaels: What makes you feel safe there?

Abigail: I don't know.

Dr. Michaels: Maybe your bed? Do you have stuffed animals? Something like that?

Abigail: The sounds. And Bridget and Michele in the hallway. Bare feet. Jake and Molly laughing.

Dr. Michaels: The sounds of home.

Abigail: Yes. That makes me feel safe.

Dr. Michaels: Very good. Okay, I want you to think of a place where you feel vulnerable.

Abigail: Math class, right before a test.

Dr. Michaels: Is there another place where you feel anxious, or even threatened?

Abigail: Nick's room.

Dr. Michaels: Picture it.

Abigail: I am.

Dr. Michaels: What makes you feel unsafe there?

Abigail: I don' know. Nick.

Dr. Michaels: So Nick makes you feel unsafe in that place. Can you -- can you see him in your mind? Can you hear his voice?

Abigail: No. Not right now.

Dr. Michaels: Try. Try to see his face.

Abigail: Sorry, I don't know why, but I can't.

Dr. Michaels: It's perfectly okay. Any answer that you give is the right answer.

Abigail: Wait, now I -- now I see him.

Dr. Michaels: Is he standing? Sitting? What is he doing?

Abigail: No, he's dead.

Dr. Michaels: Does that still scare you?

Abigail: Yes. There's blood all over the floor.

Mary: Why did you do it, Abigail?!

Why did you kill Nick?!

[Abigail screams]

Craig: Okay, you asked for it.

Margo: Oh, where are you going?

Craig: I'm gonna buy a police scanner and drive around till I find out where this fiasco is taking place.

Margo: Would you please listen to reason just once in your life? Look, I know how much you care about Carly --

Craig: No, no, no, you don't. No, you don't, Margo. You've been in a domestic cocoon with Tom for so long, you don't know what the other side is like. I'm tired of getting into an empty bed every night, Margo. I am tired of eating room service alone in front of World War II documentaries. I want a life that is shared, and Carly is a chance for me to have that. Is that too much? Hmm?

John: Margo, we have a problem.

Craig: Parker! What'd they get you for, impersonating a minor? Deny it! Deny it.

John: Rosanna Cabot -- you know, Carly's sister -- is in town. She's got a court order giving her custody of Parker.

Rosanna: Margo, hi. Good to see you again.

Margo: Oh, yes. Hello, Rosanna. Good to see you, too. John says you have a court order?

Rosanna: Yes, I'm sorry for wasting your time with this, but bringing it to your attention was John's decision, not mine.

Margo: Well, could I look at the papers?

Rosanna: Of course.

Craig: Rosanna, I'm Craig Montgomery. Remember?

Rosanna: Oh, yes. Of course.

Craig: You're gonna take the boy? That's not necessary.

Rosanna: R ally? Why not

Craig: Well, Carly's gonna be back in Oakdale before you know it.

Margo: Well, she's right. These papers give her immediate temporary custody of Parker. The only stipulation is that you cannot leave the state.

John: Isn't there anything we can do about it?

Margo: I'm sorry, John. The only thing to do is to give her the boy. You don't have a choice.

Barbara: I'll do whatever you tell me to do, Jack, even if it means leaving with James.

Jack: You're bait, Barbara. That's all. Now give me Marilyn's gun.

Barbara: Why?

Jack: Because I don't want you shooting me by mistake. Now, here's what I want you to do. Once James has handed over Emily and Carly, I will draw my weapon and place him under arrest. You believe that. I want you to get aside. I want you on the ground. And I don't want you to move until I tell you to get up.

Barbara: And what if he resists or runs?

Jack: Then I shoot or pursue. One of the two. You hear that? Footsteps. Let's go. What the hell are you doing here, Hal?

Barbara: You should be at home!

Hal: I want to be a part of this.

Jack: No way. We don't need another person.

Hal: Maybe not. But I have to be here, Jack. For Emily.

Jack: I understand how badly you want to see Emily safe. I understand that because I feel the same way about Carly. But your presence here? It's not gonna help!

Hal: Why? Because my mind has gone soft on me, Jack?

Jack: Hey, man, you're the one who said that, not me.

Hal: You can trust me, Jack. I think I still have enough left to handle this.

Jack: Yeah, I'm sure you do. But Steinbeck made us an offer. And you weren't part of that equation. And I don't know what Steinbeck will do if he finds you here, Hal.

Hal: You don't know what he'll do, regardless! You see? You've already lost sight of that. You've had too much to deal with, Jack. Him, Barbara, worrying about Carly and Emily. It's more than one man can deal with.

Jack: I have had plenty of support, and I still have it.

Hal: Well, you need more than that, Jack. You need a partner.

Jack: No. No, not tonight.

Hal: Oh, no? And what happens if this sting of yours goes bad? What happens to Carly? What happens to Emily?

Jack: When they let you out of the hospital, I'm sure they didn't intend for you to go right back into active duty or anywhere near Steinbeck, for that matter!

Barbara: He's absolutely right. It's too dangerous, Hal.

Hal: The mother of my child and the woman that I love are in danger. I have to help them. And don't either one of you tell me that I am not good enough to do that.

[Craig chuckling]

Craig: Hey.

John: You know, I've never thought of you as an unreasonable per on. I suppose you think you're doing the right thing. But I'm telling you that you're not. You see, this little boy has been deprived of his mother and father just too long. He needs to be with people that he knows. And, unfortunately, he just doesn't know you.

Rosanna: Well, I am his aunt. I'm sure we'll bond in no time.

Kim: Tom is on his way. Can't you at least wait till he gets here?

Rosanna: You asked me to come to the Police station, and I have. And Margo has reviewed the papers and found them in good order. There's no reason for me to wait for an attorney.

Kim: Margo?

Margo: I'm sorry. I have no authority to delay this.

Rosanna: Parker? Hey. Hello. You ready to come home with your aunt Rosanna? I've got some nice toys waiting for you at my place. Hmm?

Margo: Come on, Craig. Let's not make a scene.

Craig: A scene, me? Look, Rosanna, I don't know how much experience you have with children of this age.

Rosanna: Can you do something about this? Honestly, all this stalling is just gonna upset the child more in the long run.

Margo: Craig --

Craig: In a minute. You know, Rosanna, Carly is an extraordinary mother to this boy. I don't know whether you realize that.

Rosanna: It's irrelevant, Craig. She's not here. Now, come on, sweetie. It's time to go.

Tom: I got here as quickly as I could. What's going on?

Margo: Rosanna Cabot has secured a court order giving her immediate temporary custody of Parker. John doesn't want to relinquish him, but I told him he has no choice.

Tom: Rosanna, hello. It's been a while.

Kim: Court order aside, shouldn't we consider what's best for the boy?

Tom: Yes, that is true. And if you'd like me to file a motion in family court, I can do that in the morning. But for the time being, these papers prove that Rosanna is Parker's legal guardian.

John: Now, wait a minute. You mean, you can just walk in here and disrupt this little boy's life like this?

Rosanna: I'm not doing this, John, to hurt you. But I can see that it does, and I am truly sorry for that.

John: I don't want your sympathy. Look, this is far from over.

Rosanna: You do what you must, John. So will I. Come on, honey.

Craig: Oh, can I -- can I have a moment to say good-bye to my old pal here? Huh?

[Rosanna sighs]

Craig: Cowboy monster, can you believe all the fuss they're making over you? You must be some kind of special, huh?

Margo: Craig, please. Let's not draw this out.

Craig: You know, do you have a minute, Rosanna? There's something I'd like to talk to you about.

Rosanna: Why don't you call me, okay? I'll give you my card.

Craig: Well, you know, this cowboy monster here in his room used to bunk with me. He's got a special horsy ride, and since I won't be around, maybe we ought to give you a little demonstration.

Rosanna: Parker's not the first child I've taken care of. I know how to give a horsy ride.

Craig: I'm sure you do. But an old cowpoke like cowboy monster here gets kind of particular. Right? First thing you got to do, you got to get him on your back nice and secure. You ready, cowboy monster? Here, let's mount up. Mount on up. Hey! That's it.

Rosanna: I've been more than cooperative about this, Margo.

Margo: Craig.

Craig: Just a minute here. But you got to get the whole horse here. You got to get the --

[making horse noises] it's not as easy as it looks. You want to give it a try?

Rosanna: No, actually, I don't.

Craig: Come on. It's easy. You got to get all the gaits. You got to get all the gaits. And the presentation, you know? And the most important thing of all is the legendary call of the cowboy. Right, cowboy monster?

Andale, caballo!

Rosanna: Margo?

Margo: Oh -- Craig! Craig! Stop!

Molly: What did you see that frightened you?

Mary: Why did you do it, Abigail?!

Why did you kill Nick?!

Abigail: No! Turn it off, turn it off!

Dr. Michaels: Yes, would you get the lights, please?

Molly: Abigail, honey, are you okay?

Abigail: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Molly. I can't do this. I can't do this.

Dr. Michaels: It's all right , Abigail. I don' want you to be uncomfortable.

Abigail: I saw Mary. I -- I can't say it. I can't say it.

Dr. Michaels: Don't worry about it. You know what? If you feel like talking later, you can call me, any time.

Molly: Is it normal for a patient to respond like this?

Dr. Michaels: It's nothing to be worried about. Abigail remembered something, and she reacted to it. Many times, this signals a breakthrough. It's possible that you may start to remember more in a few days. This treatment often has residual effect.

Jake: I just -- I wish she could say what she saw out loud. I mean, maybe if she did that, she -- well, it wouldn't scare her.

Dr. Michaels: I know. But in the end, it's up to Abigail.

Molly: Right. Honey, there's no pressure . None whatever. You handle it however you want.

Abigail: I saw Mary. She was screaming at me, "why did you do it, Abigail? Why did you kill Nick?"

Molly: That doesn't have to mean anything.

Abigail: Yes. Yes, it does. Can't you see? All these weeks, we've been waiting for the truth to come out. I killed Nick! All this time, it was me.

Molly: Is it possible that what she saw wasn't a memory? She said she saw a face, and that sounds more like a dream, doesn't it?

Dr. Michaels: Anything's possible. But this technique is really designed to stimulate memories of actual events.

[Molly sighs]

Molly: If Mary did say that -- if she did, Abigail, she was lying. She was just saying that to cover her own guilt.

Abigail: How do you know that? You don't know that for sure.

Jake: Well -- what we do know is that everything that Mary has said and done is a lie. She's all about protecting herself, and what you remembered is just part of that.

Holden: Jake's right. Maybe Mary saw you lying on the ground and wanted to plant that idea in your mind.

Molly: Absolutely, Abigail.

Think about this -- in everything you've remembered, have you once remembered hitting Nick over the head with that music box?

Abigail: No. He took it out of my hand before I could do anything.

Jake: And if you would have picked it up and used it as a weapon, don't you think you'd have remembered that by now?

Abigail: Maybe. I don't know.

Dr. Michaels: Listen, Abigail's had a difficult evening. Why don't we just let her rest for awhile? She might remember something later.

Holden: I agree. And she's got a very big day tomorrow.

Abigail: Thanks.

Dr. Michaels: This is a new technique, and it is not foolproof. But whatever happens, you showed a lot of courage to try it.

Abigail: Thanks for coming. Bye.

Dr. Michaels: Sure.

Jake: I'll help you get this in the car.

Molly: Yeah, I'll help you, too.

Holden: You okay?

Abigail: No, I'm far from okay.

Holden: Tell you what -- I'm gonna give you a couple minutes by yourself. We'll be right out front if you need us, okay?

Abigail: Okay.

Aaron: Hey. How did it -- sorry.

Abigail: No, no. Don't go. I'm -- I'm all right.

Aaron: It doesn't look that way.

Abigail: The session with my therapist didn't go very well.

Aaron: What happened? You still couldn't remember anything?

Abigail: No, I -- I remembered. It just scared me half to death.

Aaron: Yeah, but you still went through it, anyway. That took guts. You know, it's a funny thing. You're doing everything you can to try to remember stuff that's happened to you. And me? Mostly, I'd like to forget.

Rosanna: I am sure he heard you order for him to stop. But he kept going.

Margo: You know, we're gonna -- we're gonna find Parker, and we'll bring him back. And when we do, I will personally break every bone in my brother's body.

Tom: Any idea where he was headed?

Margo: North. But he could have doubled back. But I -- what was he thinking? He's not gonna get away with this.

Tom: Is there anything at all that you need from me? Because I need to go over to the Snyder's and talk to Abigail.

Margo: Oh, I need everything from you. But 90% of it's gonna have to take place at home.

Tom: Okay. Kim, John, why don't we talk in the morning? We'll decide how you want to proceed.

John: Fine, fine. Thanks for coming out on such short notice.

Tom: Don't mention it. Good night.

Kim: Good night, dear.

John: Yeah, we should be going, too. It's getting late. We'll keep our eye peeled for Craig's car when I drop Kim off.

John: It is getting late. You know, right about now, I would have Parker home. I would be putting him to bed but I can't. Think about that.

Margo: Yeah, it's Hughes. Put out an APB for Craig Montgomery. You know the particulars. This time, he'll be traveling with a young boy, Parker Munson. There's really no need to arrest him. Just gather him up and bring him back here to the station. You know what, you really shouldn't worry. Craig may be crazy, but he is crazy in a really good way for Parker.

Rosanna: He ignored a court order and absconded with a 3-year-old. Forgive me if I don't find that comforting.

Margo: Relax. We'll find Parker. We'll bring him back. And when we do, he'll be all yours.

Rosanna: I'm afraid that's not good enough, Margo.

Margo: Then what is?

Rosanna: I want Craig Montgomery charged with kidnapping.

Hal: He stole from me, Jack! And not just Emily. He tried to steal my soul. And I fought like hell to try to get it back, and I want to be here when he goes down.

Jack: No. No, it can't be about revenge, Hal!

Hal: Oh, no? Then wasn't that in the back of your mind when you loaded your gun tonight?

[When Steinbeck shows up here, I'm gonna be facing the same danger as you and Barbara. Are you telling me that she is better prepared to be here than I am?

Jack: I didn't invite her, either.

Hal: Well, so, but here we are. Three people with everything on the line tonight. Does any one of us have the right to say to the other, "you do not have the right to be here"? Can you tell me, Jack, is that fair?

Jack: Fair, Hal? Fair? You know better than anyone how ugly this can get! Steinbeck's not gonna go down without a fight!

Hal: Which is why you need somebody watching your back, Jack. You know, there was a time when I wouldn't have to beg for such a thing. There was a time when covering each other was something that we just did.

[Cell phone ringing]

Jack: Snyder.

James: Good evening, my old dear friend, watchdog Jack. I hope I'm not catching you at a bad time.

Jack: Where are you, James? I thought you'd be here by now.

James: Oh, slight change of plans, Jack. We won't be meeting in Oakdale Night.

Jack: Where then?

James: Is Barbara with you?

Jack: Of course. That was the deal, wasn't it? Are Emily and Carly with you?

James: of course.

Jack: Then there should be no problem.

James: Right. As long as there are no shenanigans. You won't bring the helicopters. No backups, no

FBI. Right , Jack?

Jack: No. No, James.

James: Good. Good, good. You cross me, Carly and Emily won't see the sunrise.

Jack: Same goes for you. Anything happens, I will bring you down where you stand.

James: Excellent. We understand each other. Ready for your instructions?

Jack: Go.

Molly: We shouldn't have let her do this.

Holden: It was her decision, Molly. We have to stop treating her like a child.

Tom: I'm sorry I'm late. It's been a long night.

Holden: It's okay. We just wrapped up with Abigail.

Tom: How did that go?

Molly: Fair.

Jake: Well, Abigail remembered some things that troubled her. But Dr. Michaels said there's a ripple effect when using this technique. She could remember any -- you know, anything new tomorrow.

Holden: Any word on the con nuance?

Tom: I asked the judge to give us 24 hours. He won't even consider it.

Molly: We can't let her testify yet. She has to remember what happened.

Tom: Well, Molly, I think we're out of options. Abigail's going on the stand tomorrow, whether she remembers who killed Nick Scudder or not.

James: Do you have all the numbers and highways and byways written down properly?

Jack: Yeah. I do.

James: Good, then you and Barbara better start driving. You drive through the night. You only stop for gas. Okay? By afternoon, you should arrive at a small town called Jollop, Tennessee.

Jack: Tennessee? Why there?

James: Yours is not the reason why, Jack.

Jack: Fine, James. I'll be there. You better be there, too, with both women.

James: Once you arrive, look for an abandoned carnival on the south side of town.

That's where I'll be. I'll be waiting at twilight.

Jack: Twilight

James: Twilight, Jack. Neither day nor night. Twilight. At a time when anything

can happen, and most surely will.

Barbara: What'd he say?

Jack: Typical Steinbeck. Nothing ever happens in a straight line.

Hal: He wants you to meet him in Tennessee?

Jack: That's right. Obviously, he would want us in unfamiliar territory. Is your weapon loaded, Hal?

There's a possibility you might just need it.

Hal: Then I'm in?

Jack: You really haven't given me a choice, have you? Let's get rolling.

Margo: You can't arrest Craig. Trust me -- we've tried. It doesn't work. Look, Craig is very upset about Carly's abduction. I mean, obviously, he's not himself.

Rosanna: Would you like me to speak to someone else about this, Margo? Because I can.

Margo: Just let it go. We'll get Parker back, and you can all move on, huh?

Rosanna: Craig Montgomery kidnapped my nephew. You want me to let it go?

[Margo sighs]

Margo: All right, Rosanna. We'll do it your way. Reynolds? Would you get Evelyn over at the D.A.'s office on the line? Tell her to send over a warrant for Craig Montgomery's arrest. The charge is kidnapping. Are you satisfied?

Rosanna: Unless Parker is found, your brother is behind bars.

Craig: You know, we're supposed to be sharing those, right? Actually, you'll have to keep a couple for me. All right, you go ahead and eat. I've got to get this police scanner hooked up.

That way, we can stay one step ahead of the Oakdale PD. And that'll be fun, don't you think? Beating the fuzz at their own game? Now, listen -- don't forget. Who saved you from Aunt Rosanna?

Parker: Craig.

Craig: Uncle Craig?

Parker: Uncle Craig.

Craig: Nice. Nice. All right, Jacko. You may have gotten to Carly first, but guess who saved her son.

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