ATWT Transcript Friday 4/12/02

As The World Turns Transcript Friday 4/12/02

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Thinking of that would help Abigail remember. You bring it on. ah, I'm at the courthouse, looks like the court's about to reconvene.

Abigail: But if we know the airline ticket was --

Molly: But Tom still has to connect the ticket to Mary and he has to make the jury see that she was expecting to go away with Nick, but that he'd disappointed her. No, worse, that he made her angry.

Abigail: Angry enough to kill him.

Molly: Yeah.

Abigail: Just why can't I remember what happens next? I saw Mary, I saw the ticket --

Mary: Ms. Hart?

Evelyn: Oh, Mary, I'm sorry. I'm due in court.

Mary: The Police were at my house last night. They had a search warrant.

Evelyn: That's just the defense doing their job. I wouldn't worry about it. You don't have anything to hide, do you?

Mary: No! no, no, of course not. It's just -- you know -- it's hard watching people go through your things.

Evelyn: Well, this will all be over soon.

Mary: Nick, you would have loved this.

Jake: Made of brass.

Molly: Yeah, well, she'll get hers, sooner than she thinks.

Rose: I'm fine, Ms. Walsh. Craig Montgomery landed the plane.

[doorbell rings] look, I got to go. Somebody's at the door. I will check to make sure it's not James Steinbeck. I promise. Paul Ryan, not James, so don't worry, I'm safe. ah, Ms. Walsh says hello.

Paul: Hey, she'll call you back.

Rose: You just hung up on Ms. Walsh. You got to teach me how to do that.

Paul: And you got to teach me how to land a plane while I'm unconscious.

Rose: I was not unconscious. And Craig landed the plane. And how did you know?

Paul: Margo.

Rose: Are you mad?

Paul: Do not go anywhere near my father again, you hear me? You could have died. James called Jack last night, offered to make a deal -- trade Emily and Carly for my mother.

Rose: Ah, well, you told him what you thought of that plan.

Paul: Yeah, I approved it. She got herself into this mess, she can get herself out. I'm through running interference for her. My future is with you.

Simon: What're you doing?

Margo: Oh, Simon. Well, my, my, my, if it isn't the man who set Steinbeck free. Hey, you here to turn yourself in? because I'd be glad to do the paperwork.

Craig: No time, sister. Now, where's Jack? Is he waiting for Steinbeck's call in the interrogation room?

Margo: No.

Craig: No?

Margo: Not a word you're used to. You'll adjust.

Craig: Margo, I don't like taking advantage of our relationship.

Margo: What relationship would that be, Craig? oh, arresting officer and perp, huh?

Craig: Barbara come for the deal?

Margo: What deal?

Craig: Barbara for Carly -- and Emily, of course.

Margo: Ha, man, I wonder how that would make Emily feel, being a mere footnote.

Craig: Hey, you're the one with the axe to grind with Emily. I miss Emily, not as much as Carly, but I would be happy to have her back at "The Intruder."

Margo: That's big of you.

Craig: Margo, we are on the same page here.

Margo: Craig, that's only because I haven't arrested you yet.

Craig: And you won't, because you need me -- you and Jack are all constrained here with rules and everything, and I make things happen. why, just last night, I approached Barbara and intimated that it would be in her best interest, morally speaking, to make herself available to the Police Department.

Margo: Did you really? good work, little buddy, 'cause we were all wondering where you scampered off to. So now, I'll just add harassment to the list.

Craig: The list?

Margo: The list of charges against you, Craig. Let's see, there's conspiracy, obstruction of justice --

Craig: What -- you're not going to do anything to me. I am too valuable. After all the work I have done for Jack? I even have a tap on my phone.

Margo: You know, of course, if Jack weren't a cop, you'd be wearing a little toe tag in the morgue.

Craig: I am telling you, you need me, at least until you find Carly, which could be today. So, will you please tell me where I can find Jack?

[knock on door]

Jack: Hey, Barbara. Hal awake?

Barbara: No, no, but I'm sure he will be soon. Dr. Michaels prescribed sleeping pills for him, and of course, he only took half a dosage.

Jack: Some things never change.

Barbara: Some things do. I was going to stay and make pancakes for will, and then I realized that maybe I would be in the way. I heard some stirring upstairs, and -- I'm -- I'm sure he'll be up soon if you want to wait for him, jack.

Jack: Actually, I came to see you. you are aware that James Steinbeck escaped from the hospital.

Barbara: Yes, that's why I stayed here last night. I -- heard about it. I appreciate the warning. And no, he has not contacted me.

Jack: He contacted me. He wants to make a deal -- you for Carly and Emily.

Barbara: I suppose I should be flattered. Two supple blondes for one burned up brunette.

Jack: So you've heard?

Barbara: I heard last night. And I've thought about it and the answer's yes. Make the deal.

Jack: I can't let you do that, Barbara.

Barbara: Then you'll never see Carly again. Is that what you want, Jack?

Jack: What I want is to bring Steinbeck down, permanently. And we will do that. But not by trading one human being for another. Look, I've got cops all around here. I've got tails on you, Will, Paul. I am not letting Steinbeck anywhere near this family.

Barbara: And I appreciate that. I really do. But James is not going to stop until he gets what he wants. and what he wants is me. I can't stand the way that Hal looks at me, or Paul. or you. You all hate me and maybe if I can do something to bring Carly and Emily back and, in the process, find this doctor for Rose, maybe then you'll forgive me.

Jack: I can't speak for Hal, or Paul, but I don't put all this at your feet, Barbara. Steinbeck had you in his sights. Look at what he did to Hal. He made Hal turn against the department. What kind of chance did you have?

Barbara: You're not gonna convince me. I know what I did, Jack. I wanted those women gone, and maybe James took advantage of me. This is between James and me. No one knows him like I do and no one else is as angry or has less to lose.

Jack: Your family --

Barbara: Hates me.

Jack: No.

Barbara: They do. Besides, you need me. I'm not afraid. I can bring him down.

Jack: I do. I do need your help, Barbara, but we do this my way. Steinbeck is due to call this morning for my answer. Now, he's not expecting me to hand you over. He's expecting me to give him some kind of counter offer. We put you on the phone. That'll throw him. You set up a meeting. You set the whole thing up, and we throw in a decoy, officer Marilyn Greene. Have you met her? she's your height, your weight.

Barbara: She could be my clone! He would smell it. And then he would run, and you would never see Carly.

Jack: That's my offer, Barbara.

Barbara: All right. We'll do it your way. But I want to go to Fairwinds and find something for her to wear, so she'll look more like me.

Jack: All right, let's get going.

Barbara: May I write a note to my son first?

Jack: I'll wait for you in the car.

Rose: Wait. Paul, hold the phone here. You're telling me that you're okay with Barbara being traded for Carly and Emily?

Paul: Jack would never allow for an actual trade. He'll just use her as bait. Besides, it's about time she took some responsibility.

Rose: Wow. Wow. Where did this come from?

Paul: I've done all I can, and then some. I have my own life to manage, and people I care about.

Rose: Look, I don't want you to think you have to choose.

Paul: I'm choosing me. I have to. I got so caught up in my mother's problems.

Rose: She's your mother! Of course!

Paul: Yeah, and she was hurt, and me running interference for her was the right thing to do at the time. But I got caught up. It became a bad habit. She's on her own.

Rose: No more package deal?

Paul: Just me.

Rose: Hmm. Well, I don't know about this. I mean, Barbara was the one thing that made you mortal, you being so gorgeous and smart and perfect and all.

Paul: I'm not perfect, you know that. I'm just hoping you'll look past my flaws and see someone who's humbly asking you to forgive him.

Rose: For what?

Paul: For not letting you know how important you are to me. You're what it's all about, Rose.

Katie: Behind every man with a saw, there's a woman with a dustpan and enough trash to fill her own landfill. So, anyway, what do we need a landfill for? We live in the middle of the woods. And why would you want to take trash to the landfill if you can just fill 'em in the woods. and, you know, you could put it there, and no one would even know what we were doing, right? We could dump anything out there, and no one would even know. but that's not very ecological, I guess.

Simon: Katie, Katie, Katie, are you okay?

Katie: Yeah, fine. Why?

Simon: Well, you're doing that thing where you talk too fast and you can't breathe.

Katie: Oh, you know what? It's probably all this dust. I probably just need a mask or something.

[phone ringing]

Simon: Excuse me. hello?

Margo: Hey, Simon, it's Margo. I -- I --

[Margo sighs] look, I need to ask you a few more questions about the night Dahlia Ventura disappeared.

Simon: Yeah, sure. Okay.

Margo: There've been a few developments. The case is now considered a possible homicide.

Simon: What?! why?

Margo: Why don't you meet me at Java, and I'll fill you in on everything I know, okay?

Simon: Yeah, sure, sure. I'll be right there. That was Margo. I've got to go. I've got to go to meet her. it's about Dahlia's car. They -- found some new evidence or something.

Katie: What? What kind of evidence?

Simon: I don't know. They just want me to go and identify something.

Katie: Why would -- I know way more about her stuff than you do.

Simon: Yeah, well, they're gonna probably ask you next. Look, look, I'm not gonna be long. I'll -- I'll see you soon. You gonna be okay?

Katie: Yeah, fine. I'll just finish clearing up here.

Simon: Sure. hey, no more glue guns.

Katie: No more glue guns. Okay. I'm gonna trust him. I'm gonna stay here. And I'm gonna sweep. And -- follow him.

Margo: I'm -- I'm gonna go meet Simon over at Java.

Craig: Whatever makes you happy, Margo. I'll just hold down the fort here until Jack gets back, see what kind of help he needs.

Margo: Craig, I hate to burst your bubble, but I really don't think Jack's gonna want your help.

Craig: Too late. I'm involved in this, whether you like it or not.

Margo: I'm sorry you feel that way, Craig, 'cause the truth of the matter is neither one of us likes it very much. I'm gonna have you come along to Java with me. If you're really good, I'll let you sit at your own table.

Craig: No, I don't think so.

Margo: No? All right, then. I guess I'll just have to cuff you to one of the chairs until we can get a cell ready for ya. All right? your choice, little brother. Good. Java it is. Come on, it'll be fun. I'll let you watch how it's done.

Evelyn: The state rests its case, your honor.

Judge: Is counsel ready to proceed?

Tom: Yes, your honor. The defense calls Mary Mennihan to the stand.

Judge: You may take the stand, Ms. Mennihan. May I remind you, Ms. Mennihan, you're still under oath?

Mary: Yes, sir.

Tom: So -- Ms. Mennihan, you testified that you and the murder victim, Nick Scudder, were lovers. You planned to extort a great deal of money from the McKinnons and then run off together? Is that correct?

Evelyn: Asked and answered, your honor. And as counsel himself has already said, this is all part of the record.

Judge: Is there a point to this line of inquiry, Mr. Hughes?

Tom: Yes, your honor, it speaks to motive and my client's lack of same.

Judge: I'll allow it.

Tom: Thank you. So were you and Nick Scudder planning on running away together?

Mary: Well, yes. We loved each other.

Tom: And which one of you purchased the airline tickets?

Mary: I don't know.

Tom: Well, did you buy them?

Mary: No.

Tom: Then Nick must have purchased them. And -- hmm -- first class. but you intended to have a great deal of money, didn't you? Enough for a world of first-class tickets, a life of leisure?

Evelyn: Is there a question in there somewhere?

Tom: Sure, I can restate. How did you feel when you found out that Nick had canceled your reservation, that he wasn't planning on taking you anywhere?

Margo: Okay, it'll just be a minute. Why don't you have a seat?

Craig: Are you gonna trust me to drink a coffee all by myself?

Margo: And if you don't spill any on you, you're getting your own donut, copper.

[Craig chuckles]

Margo: Okay, thanks for coming in.

Simon: So did you find her? is she dead?

Margo: No.

Simon: So she's still missing.

Margo: Yes, until we find her, she is missing.

Simon: Okay, so what's this about a possible homicide?

Margo: The lab found traces of blood under the car mats.

Simon: Blood -- whose blood? Margo, it's a rental car, okay? it could be anybody's blood.

Margo: No, the lab said that it was fresh blood, and it was AB positive. And according to the donor card in Dahlia's wallet, so is she. So, Simon, I need you to give me an official statement, as you were the last person to see Dahlia alive.

Simon: Yeah, fine, whatever you need. Look, I should tell you that I found Dahlia's -- Katie found Dahlia's keys amongst my stuff.

Margo: And you're just telling me this now?

Simon: I just figured it was games that Dahlia was playing. You know, she'd reappear and offer some excuse to Katie. I should've known. Anyone harboring this much bitterness over so this long! Margo, do you have any idea how much time and money she has spent making Katie a star? and why? Why? so that Katie becomes rich enough so that she can leave me and she can put me in jail for something I didn't do. She's a psychopath!

Jill: Dahlia's no psychopath. She's just a woman who loved her sister, and you couldn't stand that, could you? That she knew the truth. so you killed her.

Craig: What is it with the women in this family? So high maintenance.

Rose: Paul, we've talked about this. We were -- we're gonna be friends.

Paul: And that was a mistake.

Rose: What?

Paul: My mistake. I was so happy to have you back that I didn't realize how you felt. You told me, but I didn't listen and that's why it went wrong.

Rose: No, this is not your fault!

Paul: Yes, it is! I was so set on what I wanted, on convincing you that it didn't matter what you looked like, that I still felt the same way, that I pushed you. And it drove you further away and made me push harder.

Rose: It's okay --

Paul: No, it's not! You were right. We can't go back to the way things were.

Rose: I want to go back. I want to go back to my life before this, Paul. when all I could think about was you and me and room service.

Paul: You're not that same person anymore, Rose. And neither am I. We're not the jolly little couple going on dates anymore. So if we're gonna do this, we're gonna have to do this together. We're gonna have to grow up and make a commitment and face this thing together. I just need to know if you're willing.

Rose: I don't understand.

Paul: Marry me. Marry me. Let's fight this thing -- this family thing, the medical thing, everything, the world. I want to fight it with you, Rose and I want to have some kids. I want to have lots -- lots and lots of little Pauls and Roses running around so I can tell them one day about the day that I met their mother in an airport. She walked up to me and saved my life.

Jack: James is gonna call any minute now.

Barbara: What do you want me to say to him, Jack?

Jack: It doesn't much matter, as long as you keep saying it. He's gonna want to arrange a meeting once he realizes we're willing to deal. so we're gonna need to know when and where. The longer you can keep him on the line, the better chance we have of pinning down his location and maybe cutting this thing off sooner rather than later.

Barbara: So I'm to find out where he wants to meet me And when?

Jack: And we will take it from there. Did you get the trace set up?

[phone ringing]

Barbara: You have a lot of nerve.

James: Oh, the dulcet tones of my beautiful wife.

Barbara: Ex-wife. What exactly do you want, James?

James: What I've always wanted, darling.

Barbara: I don't have time for innuendo, and I don't appreciate being dragged into this mess. And don't pretend this was all my idea, because you know that it wasn't. I made mistakes -- I admit it, but Machiavelli has nothing on you.

James: Oh, so we now have the new, noble Barbara doing the far, far better thing.

Barbara: I am not doing anything until you tell me what you want.

James: Oh, so strict. Tell me, Barbara, what are you wearing? Leather? black leather with those stiletto high heels that make the little boys cry?

Barbara: I'm hanging up, James.

James: No, no, no. Don't do that. Don't do that. But I do love it when you're angry, but you're right. You're right, Barbara. Getting our kicks can wait. We have so much to discuss and so little time.

Barbara: What do you want?

James: You. I want you to come to me, willingly and eagerly.

Barbara: Make me.

James: I know you, Barbara. I know what makes you tick - money, luxury,

the best people. And I have it for you, in a sunny little port of call well out of the reach of the Oakdale Police.

Barbara: Casablanca? It's been done.

James: No, no, a place much more interesting, exclusive.

Barbara: Just you and me on a garbage scow in the south seas? I don't think so.

James: No, no, Barbara. I'd never do that to you.

Your skin is so delicate. A place much more civilized.

Barbara: I would need my own villa, from which you would be permanently barred.

James: Ah, good. A challenge.

I love a challenge. I'll bet you all the seashells on our beach that I'll leap over your castle wall, right into your arms. You tell Snyder you have to be at the Old Mill off route 26 in exactly one hour.

Barbara: I don't take orders from you, James. James?

[dial tone] he hung up before I realized it, Jack.

Jack: Find that location. You -- you did great.

Barbara: I know how to handle him. which is why you don't need a decoy.

Jack: No, the decoy is the play, Barbara. As a matter of fact, Barbara Ryan, meet Marilyn Greene. She is our best undercover cop. Marilyn, you'll be impersonating Barbara. She's set to meet Steinbeck in an hour.

Barbara: You have any qualms about this?

Marilyn: Dressing up as a top designer? gee, I need hazard pay for this assignment, Jack.

Jack: You can get changed in the Interrogation room. Is there anything else you'll need?

Marilyn: Just a cup of hot tea, extra sugar.

Jack: It'll be waiting for you in the car. What'd we get?

Cop #3: We were 30 seconds short.

Jack: So we still have no idea where he was calling from.

[Jack sighs] Barbara, I'm gonna have to ask you to stay at the station until we pick James up. We have no idea where he is. He could be across the street for all we know. And if he sees you leave --

Barbara: I understand, Jack.

[knock at door]

Marilyn: Come in. The clothes will work.

Jack: Good. Wear the vest, and be careful. Steinbeck's a sociopath. He doesn't care who he hurts. So you'll need to be armed and ready for anything. You got that? You're tough, Marilyn.

[knock at door]

Marilyn: Come in.

Barbara: Hi.

Marilyn: Oh.

Barbara: Maybe I can help you with that scarf, so you can look a little bit more like me.

Marilyn: Thanks. I was wondering what to do with this.

Barbara: Your tea.

Simon: Margo, this is Jill Scully, Dahlia's attorney.

Jill: He drowned his wife, detective.

Margo: Now, as I understand it, those charges were dismissed.

Jill: On a technicality. Yeah, he got away with it but Dahlia wouldn't let it go. She was determined to prove he murdered Monique, which gives him motive.

Simon: Ah, please, will you just give it a rest?

Jill: Not till I find my client's body and you're convicted of her murder. He's a brilliant liar, detective. Be careful.

Margo: Come here!

Simon: She knows where Dahlia is.

Margo: Sit. Sit.

Simon: Don't tell me -- do not tell me that you believe her.

Margo: I believe that she is very angry. Would you just sit? You're giving me a little crick in my neck. Sit. Sit. Thanks. oh, man.

Simon: Her whole family's angry. They tried to overturn Monique's will, okay? Jill was furious when she had to settle that estate on me.

Margo: All right, I can see that everybody was angry. So -- you and Dahlia had it out the night of the party.

Simon: So she makes this toast to Katie, all right? word for word, the same speech that I gave Monique when we got married.

Margo: She provoked you.

Simon: The whole thing, Margo, is a provocation.

Margo: But why'd you fall for it, Simon? I mean, for God's sakes, you're a smart man. You must've known what she was up to.

Simon: Yes, after the fact, I knew. After the -- I don't know why I fell -- Katie was upset, so I got upset. And the whole thing just --

Margo: So you say Dahlia came to town to set you up?

Simon: Yes. She admitted it. Ask Katie. The video, Margo -- it was to make Katie rich enough so that she would leave me okay? But then, what she says to me, makes some comment, that then I would murder Katie for her money. But Katie wouldn't have this money unless Dahlia --

Margo: -- Dahlia had provided it.

Simon: She is possessed. She's come to town to ruin my marriage.

Margo: And you hate her.

Simon: Yes. I might not -- but, yes, I hate her and I got angry, and I threatened her. But I did not hurt her. Oh. So when I have to make a statement, should I what? Should I bring a lawyer?

Katie: According to Simon -- who didn't kill her sister no matter what people say -- Dahlia has disappeared. They found her car, and I found her keys -- in Simon's bag.

Craig: Simon's bag.

Katie: Shh! Craig! don't you -- ugh! nobody knows, except for Simon. I told him but we decided not to tell the Police because of the way it looks. But now I found her watch. what do I do?

Craig: So -- forgive me. You think Simon murdered Dahlia and took her watch and keys?

Katie: No! No, of course not!

Craig: Well, then what's the problem? Either you trust him or you don't.

Katie: Of course I trust him, Craig! he's my husband. I love him, and I --

Craig: And what?

Katie: Oh, no.

Craig: What?

Katie: You're right. If I trusted him, then I wouldn't worry about the keys and the watch. Simon says that she planted the keys in his bag, and -- I don't know. Do you think she planted the watch, too? I found it on the ground in some sawdust.

Craig: Either that or he dragged it in on his blood-stained shoe.

Katie: Oh, Craig, come on! what am I gonna do?

Craig: Well, as far as I see -- you have one choice.

Katie: Trust him.

Craig: Hire a private detective.

Craig: You want the guy Sierra hired to tail me? He was good. Caught me with my hand jammed in the cookie jar.

Katie: Simon is not jamming any cookies.

Craig: Well, you want the truth, or am I just a cheap therapist?

Katie: I can afford any therapist I want, Craig, thanks to Dahlia. In fact, business-wise, she's been great to me. Financial-wise, she's been fantastic -- unless -- you're a genius.

Craig: Well, I'm gifted.

Katie: No, listen. if your partner suddenly started making a lot of money, what would you do? You would make her believe that her husband was trying to kill her. Freak her out so she's not noticing that you're taking all the profits! This is great. Thank you so much! I knew Simon didn't do it. I knew it!

Craig: I wonder if I could get paid for that. huh? "Craig Montgomery -- life facilitator." I get things done. I change lives. Ah, me. Margo! Rain check on that jail thing. I got lives to save.

Dr. Michaels: Dr. Lynn Michaels. Abigail Williams is my patient.

Guard #3: Court's in session, ma'am.

Dr. Michaels: Well, this pertains to her case. It's urgent that I see her.

Guard #3: Look, I'll let you in, but then you're on your own.

Dr. Michaels: Okay.

Tom: So you sacrificed your job with the McKinnons -- Your integrity and dignity -- for Nick. You'd lied to your friends, intentionally hurt and betrayed the people that trusted you. And now, Nick was leaving you. No warning. No explanation. and that didn't make you feel hurt, angry?

Mary: I told you, I don't remember.

Tom: But he wasn't even gonna tell you, was he? But you found the ticket -- the only one -- and confronted him.

Mary: It wasn't about the tickets.

Tom: Then what was it about?!

Mary: It was about her! She killed him! I saw her kill Nick with the music box!

[crowd murmuring]

Judge: Order! Ms. Mennihan, I must ask you to control yourself.

Tom: No further questions, your honor.

Judge: We'll take a recess until tomorrow.

Bailiff: All rise.

Abigail: Thank you.

Molly: Tom, that was terrific.

Tom: I think we may have scored a few points.

Jake: More than that. I think you established reasonable doubt.

Tom: Maybe.

Jake: Hey, it only takes one. Juror number five was very sympathetic.

Molly: I hope you're right, but, Jake, Dr. Michaels is --

Jake: She said she'd come by if she had something.

Molly: So do you think Evelyn's gonna redirect?

Tom: She's gonna want to reestablish what Mary saw in a clearer framework, yeah.

Abigail: Molly, why is Dr. Michaels here?

Molly: Because, sweetie, Jake called her to see if there was anything else she could come up with to help trigger your memory. Maybe she has some ideas. Okay? Let's go find out.

Jake: You're sure there are no risks?

Dr. Michaels: There are always risks that the therapy will fail.

Abigail: What therapy?

Dr. Michaels: This is new, a technique that we would use once --

Abigail: And I would get my memory back?

Dr. Michaels: I think there's a chance.

Rose: Paul --

Paul: Shh. No, let me see if I can read your mind. You're thinking -- among other things -- that right now is the worst time to get married. That finding Emily and Carly and finding out what's wrong with you is the most important thing.

Rose: Yeah, but --

Paul: But consider for a minute -- not another word out of you -- that maybe I want the exact same thing, that finding Emily and Carly is important to me and I want you to recover. I want answers. Is that too impossible to imagine?

Rose: No --

Paul: Oh, shh. so -- why don't we find these answers together? We can't go back in time, Rose. We can't pretend like we're not connected. If you pull us apart, all you're gonna have are two lonely, miserable people right?

Rose: Yeah.

Paul: Do you love me?

Rose: You know I do.

Paul: Okay, all right. So life is short. Let's make the most of it -- together. Marry me.

Dr. Michaels: Abigail would be fully awake. But her brain would think that she was in a deep sleep.

Abigail: Because of the devices that you use?

Dr. Michaels: Yes, they simulate REM sleep. I'm sure you all know that that's the period of the sleep cycle where the brain dreams, but it's also the period where the brain can more easily retrieve memories.

Abigail: Right. Is it still really important that I remember what happened?

Tom: If you can remember safely, yes.

Abigail: Even after Mary just freaked out on the stand? This ticket you used was really great.

Tom: Well, as far as it went. If we would've had the real ticket to introduce into evidence, I could've probably provoked a confession.

Abigail: What was that that you showed her?

Tom: Oh, that. Yeah, I'm -- I'm going to Cleveland this week.

Jake: The old ticket to Cleveland routine.

Molly: Shh. What they don't know can't hurt us.

Tom: But what we don't can. So I'm gonna need to put you on the stand, Abigail.

Molly: No!

Abigail: No, it's okay.

Tom: I can postpone it for a day or two, but the jury needs to hear Abigail tell them that she's innocent.

Abigail: And Ms. Hart to ask me whatever she wants.

Tom: She will cross-examine you.

Abigail: You're right. I need to remember everything, and fast. Let's schedule that session.

Margo: Simon, you know, you're not just family. We've worked together and I called you down here because I need help all right? Anything you got on Dahlia or the night in question -- I'm simply here to listen, not to accuse.

Simon: All right, thanks. Here are Dahlia's keys. I know I should've turned them in straight away. I just figured that Dahlia wouldn't take it this far.

Margo: Thanks. Any ideas on the blood on the floor mats?

Simon: Blood stains, yeah. Those, the oldest trick in the -- something else that she planted.

Margo: Okay. You feel it was deliberate. She cut her hand or --

Simon: Margo, she's creating evidence of a crime. She's building a case against me, which tells me one thing -- that she's alive and she's lethal. This is just the beginning. All right? She's out for blood. I just hope Katie and I can survive it.

Katie: You think you are so clever, don't you, Dahlia? Well, I've got news for you. I'm on to you. And your time's up. You think that you could get me upset about my husband so that I wouldn't notice what you were doing? You picked the wrong girl, sweetheart. I count my money. I always have. So if you think you can --

Mailman: Katie Fraser? express mail.

Katie: Oh. Wow, you found us all the way out here.

Mailman: You know -- neither rain nor sleet nor cottage in the middle of nowhere --

Katie: Well, thank you very much. You have a good day, all right? Crimson Dahlia Productions, huh? wonder what this is about. Better not have anything to do with Simon, or that woman is -- "Congratulations. We're a hit. Full market penetration. Attached please, an accounting statement and first payment." Well, here you go, babe. Here's my proof. What? oh, my God. I'm rich. It's all here. every single penny. Well, there goes the cheating theory.

[Katie sighs]

Rose: Uh, can I -- say something? Good, 'cause a lot of things that you said make total sense. You know, not that I don't disagree with -- like the fact that we make a lot of assumptions and that we both want the same things and that we love each other, and I don't want you to think for one second that my old -- this talk I had about cutting you loose had anything to do with the way that I feel about you. Because I do love you.

Paul: I know you do. And I love --

Rose: But you're coming in here and turning my life upside-down. I'm just not ready for it. I mean, my knees, right? I'm not trusting the knees and when a dancer's knees go south, you're just -- you're in serious trouble.

Paul: All right, then let it go. Okay, just take a deep breath and let go, because I promise you, I am going to make you the happiest --

Rose: No, you can't promise me. You can't promise me a happy ending or a cure for what's going on here or finding Carly and Emily. All you can say is what you're saying and you're saying that you want me and the truth of the matter is I'm dying for you too. What's happened to me? I mean, it's not that I like it. It's awful. but I want to put my arms around you and if I put my arms around you, everything else in my life will be fine, and I'll be happy and -- what am I saying?

Paul: That I'm right. Admit it, D'Angelo. I'm right, and you are wrong.

Rose: That's not fair, making me laugh.

Paul: Yeah, I make you laugh. I make you think. And I want to tell the whole world how great you make me feel because I love you. I'm not giving you up.

Rose: Okay.

Paul: Okay what?

Rose: You win.

Paul: You'll marry me?

Rose: Yeah. Well, I mean, what choice do I have? You'll --

[Knock at door]

Jack: Marilyn, we got to go. Let's roll! hey, great. You armed? good. Steinbeck won't know what hit him.

Jack: Let's go.

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