ATWT Transcript Tuesday 4/9/02

As the World Turns Transcript Tuesday 4/9/02

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Ben: On what?

Isaac: On me.

Ben: I came by for a cup of coffee on my way to the hospital.

Isaac: Uh-huh. Lisa didn't send you by here to pick up where she left off? Sorry, just -- she left early, and this is the first ten minutes I've had tonight without somebody saying, "get over yourself. Go after Bonnie."

Ben: Well, like I said, I came by for the coffee. But if you'd rather talk about how much you're missing Bonnie --

Isaac: I'm not missing her! In fact, I'm halfway to forgetting her. I've already found someone to replace her professionally. And soon, very soon, I will -- correction -- now I will find someone to replace her personally. Excuse me. Can I buy you a drink?

Woman: A chocolate martini would be nice.

Isaac: That is an excellent choice. We're talking strong. Chocolate goes straight to your head. Not a bad drink choice, either.

Woman: If I didn't know you were the owner, I would think you're flirting.

Isaac: What if I am?

Woman: I've been here before. I know all about that pretty waitress you're always paying attention to. How come I don't see her here tonight?

Isaac: She moved on to bigger things.

Woman: But surely not better. And you? What have you moved on to?

Isaac: Martinis. Baby

Bonnie: Java underground. Oakdale, Illinois.

[Bonnie sighs] I do not miss you, Isaac Jenkins. Not one tiny bit. Adorable Ian adores me. And now let me count the ways. Paddington?

Billy: Bonnie, we're going home.

Bonnie: Isaac called?

Billy: No.

Bonnie: Then I am staying exactly where I am. Listen to how he describes me, Billy. "The most precious gift ever bestowed upon a humble duke."

Billy: Oh, wow. Kilt boy can talk the talk. Listen -- Isaac's for real. You need to go back to him -- now.

Bonnie: If Isaac is so "real," Billy, why doesn't he call on a real phone? Why doesn't he get on a real plane? I'm sure Chloe would be happy to help him make reservations.

Billy: Maybe he's shy.

Bonnie: As a bedbug. Isaac's feelings for me could fit on a postcard, granted. But Ian has filled a whole volume.

Billy: Bonnie, we need to get out of here. I saw something.

Bonnie: You saw something? How many cups of tea did Paddington give you, Billy?

Billy: Bonnie, it's not the tea. I saw something. I saw the thing! The thing, the thing outside!


Bonnie: What is that?

Billy: Oh, my gosh. Oh, mama. Don't you know a ghost when you hear one?

Holden: Is Aaron getting dressed?

Lily: Yeah. Maybe it'll give you guys some time to cool off.

Holden: Only if he puts his clothes on really slow.

[Holden sighs] how come I don't know what to say to my own kid? I've been as good a dad as I could be under the circumstances --

Lily: You're a wonderful father, Holden.

Holden: Lily, he's 17. He drops out of school. He rides a motorcycle across country. He won't go home to Caleb and Julie. And I can't even find out why.

Lily: Why don't you call Caleb? Call him. All right? And find out what's going on, to get some real answers about what's going on with Aaron.

Aaron: It doesn't matter what he says. I'm not going back to Seattle.

Holden: Well, where are you going?

Aaron: If I can't stay here, I'll find another place to crash.

Holden: What's so wrong with going back to your mother's? Talk to me. You're making some pretty lousy choices here, and I'd like to try and understand why. You could have been killed out there on the highway.

Aaron: But I wasn't. I can take care of myself.

Lily: Are there problems at home?

Aaron: Is it okay if I stay here tonight at least? I'll take off in the morning.

Holden: Not alone, you won't.

Lily: You know, Holden, why don't you fly back to Seattle with Aaron?

Aaron: What am I, 9?

Lily: No, I just thought maybe there's something that Holden would be able to do.

Aaron: I don't need daddy to fly me back to my mommy.

Lily: I know that. I'm saying, if there are problems back at home, maybe Holden could help with them.

Aaron: That's what it's all about, isn't it? Getting me back home as soon as possible. I know you don't want me here 'cause I'm not your kid. Fine, Lily. I'm out of here. I'll never hassle you again.

Holden: Hold it right there! You're not going anywhere, not until you apologize to my wife. Now.

Margo: Jack, this is serious. I mean, there's no room for mistakes. There's no room for grudges.

Jack: This isn't either one! Craig did spring James from the hospital. Brandy's overnight bag was the tip-off. I had seen it in his suite earlier, Margo. They were in this together. There's no doubt about that.

Margo: All right. I can believe that Craig would use this little harpy to cause a distraction, but why on earth would he get involved with James Steinbeck? James Steinbeck! What if James did something to hurt him, like he did to Hal?

Jack: Well, James needs him right now. And as long as that lasts, Craig will be safe.

Margo: So you're pretty sure they're still together?

Jack: Are you kidding me? Until James delivers Carly and Emily, Craig will stick to him like gum on a shoe.

Margo: But how is Lucinda involved in this? I mean, what was she doing over at Craig's suite?

Jack: I don't know. My guess -- Steinbeck promised to deliver that doctor that did a number on Rose. For something in exchange. I only wish I knew what that was.

[Phone rings] Snyder here. What -- did she board the plane? Yeah, okay, stay with her. Lucinda just arranged for her jet to be cleared for takeoff. Only she's not on it.

Margo: But Craig and James are.

Jack: They have to be. Margo, I know how badly you want in on this.

Margo: No, no, listen -- you go, you go. I'll take care of it from here.

Jack: Have them wait for orders from me. Steinbeck can't get away this time.

Margo: Yeah, get me airport security.

James: Why, Rose! You look absolutely marvelous. No, I lie. You -- you look pretty bad, as a matter of fact.

Rose: You -- oh, you!

James: What happened? They shrivel up your tongue? You used to have quite a way with words.

Rose: Oh! There are words blowing up for you, you human piece of garbage! I could kill you for what you did to my friends! Oh, I could kill you!

James: Are you insane?

Rose: If I am, it's because you put me there, you --

Craig: Rose, calm down!

Rose: What did you do with Lucinda, you big bum?

Craig: Calm down. Lucinda is fine.

Rose: Oh, please. Gimme a break. Look at you, scum and scummier.

Craig: Lucinda agreed to this.

Rose: Oh, baloney! I'm calling the cops.

Craig: No, I can't let you call the cops.

Rose: Oh, no?

Craig: Ow!

Rose: You come near me, I swear you'll see more stars than a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills.

Craig: I am on your side here.

Rose: Oh, please!

Craig: We made a deal with Steinbeck. Carly and Emily come back, and he goes free.

Rose: Free?!

Craig: We have no choice here.

Rose: What -- but Carly and Emily could be dead or -- turned into old ladies, like Libby. Libby. That name ring a bell? She's that lovely lady that helped me get out of there, and he had her -- his friend -- kill her. Killers do not go free. No, no, not in my book.

[Rose shouts]

Craig: No, no, no, no, no. I can't let you do that. So you call the cops. So what? Maybe Jack comes. Maybe he arrests Steinbeck. So what? The clock runs out on Carly and Emily. We can't do that. The deal is the only chance they have to stay alive. Huh?

Rose: All right.

Craig: Okay?

Rose: All right! I won't get in your way.

Craig: Thank you.

Rose: 'Cause I'm coming along for the ride.

[Thunder rumbling]

Billy: All right, do you hear anything?

Bonnie: Not anymore. Okay, you said you saw a ghost. What did it look like?

Billy: Filmy, milky. I don't know -- weird!

Bonnie: Well, this is actually quite exciting.

Billy: Exciting?

Bonnie: Well, anyone who's anyone has at least one ghost in their castle. Well, come on, Billy. We have to welcome it.

Billy: Well, I'm sorry, Bonnie, if I left my casserole dish back in America, where people know to leave their ghosts at home.

Bonnie: Wrong. You have to welcome it. Otherwise, the ghost will go on rattling its chains, and no one will sleep.

Billy: Bonnie, listen -- have you seen horror films? Oh, gosh. Because if you knew, this is the part where the ghost kills the good-looking jock.

Bonnie: In which case, you're totally fine. Now, come on. Are you coming? Or do you want to stay here, alone?

Billy: Nah. I think you could use some company.

Bonnie: Uh-huh. Come on.

Billy: Bonnie, wait.

Isaac: So, what's your name?

Woman: It's a family name. Some people think it's funny. Some think it's strange. But if you want to stay on my good side --

Isaac: Oh, they all look good to me.

Woman: -- You can't say "Gesundheit."

Isaac: Oh, now you've got me curious.

Woman: Ready? No laughing.

Bartender: Isaac? A chocolate martini?

Woman: My name is Bonnie. "Bonnie": Well? What do you think?

Isaac: It's -- beautiful.

Woman: You think my name's beautiful? That's a first. I may fall in love with you.

Aaron: I'm not saying I'm sorry. Lily doesn't want me here. All I said was the truth.

Holden: Lily suggested that I fly back to Seattle with you because she was trying to help.

Aaron: Whatever.

Lily: Aaron, wait, wait. Just -- you're a brave guy. You drove halfway across the country on a motorcycle. I mean, I'm not that scary. Could you please tell me what I said that was so offensive?

Aaron: How about the offense of wishing I'd stay out of your lives?

Lily: I never said that.

Aaron: It was all over your face when I showed up. "What's he doing here?"

Lily: I never -- I was surprised. That's all.

Aaron: You were angry.

Lily: You scared Emma and the children half to death with the motorcycle. And -- you were peering in our window, looking at us. And you don't call to tell us why you're coming here in the first place.

Aaron: I'm supposed to warn my own father that I'm coming to see him?

Holden: Hey, hey. She asked for an answer, not an attitude. Lily and I are always glad to see you. But you are upset, and we're just trying to find out why. That's it.

Lily: You know what? Maybe Aaron would be more comfortable if I wasn't in the room at all right now.

Holden: No, no. Lily, no. Look -- I believe you still owe her that apology.

Aaron: I'm sorry. I'm sorry I ever came here.

Holden: Aaron -- Aaron. Aaron, where are you going?

Billy: I bet all the servants have split.

[Thunder rumbling] look around. No one's here.

Bonnie: They're sleeping.

Billy: Whoa.

Bonnie: What?

Billy: That picture wasn't here before.

Bonnie: Of course it was.

Billy: No, it -- it was in the other room.

Bonnie: The great hall?

Billy: Yeah. 'Cause I remember that guy and that dog when we came here.

Bonnie: Oh, come on, Billy. There's a dog in every picture in this place.

Billy: His eyes, they moved!

Bonnie: No, they didn't. There's no one here, Billy. It's just you and me and --

[ghostly wail]

Billy: A ghost. Great. Just you, me and a ghost!

Ghost: Get out. Get out now.

Billy: All right, I'm out of here. I'm leaving. Let's go. Bonnie, come on, let's go!

Woman: But he was a jerk, and we broke up. It was time for a change. So I left Chicago. I wanted to see what life was like living in a smaller city. And if I can find a deep-dish pizza, I think I may stick around. Why are you looking at me like that?

"Bonnie": Do I have spinach in my teeth or something?

Isaac: You always say that when you catch me staring at you.

Woman: Always? I hardly know you. Of course, that could change if I end up staying in Oakdale.

Isaac: So this move might just be temporary? You're not really here.

"Bonnie": That's right. I'm still miles away. All because I broke up with this guy.

Isaac: This guy. Was it serious? What happened?

"Bonnie": I wish I knew.

Woman: I also wish I knew what you put in these drinks. I'm telling you all my secrets. I'd better go powder my nose. But I still have more secrets left. Order me another?

Isaac: Right away.

Isaac: You got to help me. That woman that I'm talking to?

Ben: Yeah, looked like you two were having a good time.

Isaac: Yeah, she's smart. She's funny. She's good-looking.

Ben: Then what's the problem?

Isaac: She keeps turning into Bonnie.

Waitress: I hope that wasn't your Harley I heard pulling up.

Aaron: Why?

Waitress: You need a new muffler.

Aaron: I need a new everything.

Waitress: I feel that way sometimes myself. What'll you have?

Aaron: Uh, whatever doesn't cost more than -- 85 cents. Got anything for 85 cents? I don't have my wallet with me.

Waitress: You left it at home?

Aaron: Home? Wouldn't call it that. What can I get for 85 big ones?

Waitress: Coffee?

Adam: Thank you.

Abigail: I'm gonna order something sweet and gooey and really bad for me.

Adam: You know what? You deserve to splurge. And besides, we have to celebrate because of that airline ticket.

Abigail: I know. Holden was saying today that he -- that he thinks it's gonna be major, and I hope he's right.

Adam: He's right. Do you realize how long it's been since we've had a chance to just sit down and hang out like this?

Abigail: That must be why, when I called to say I was going to get ice cream, Lily was really excited and literally made me promise not to talk to you about anything serious.

Adam: Yeah, this must be really hard for her and Holden to just sit back and watch what you've been going through.

Abigail: Yeah, but I like living with them, though. Sometimes -- sometimes just playing a stupid game with Luke and Faith can just take my mind off of everything.

Adam: Yeah. Little kids, man, they're cool like that, you know?

Abigail: And Holden and Lily are always there whenever I need to talk to them. It's like they've been in my life from the beginning. I mean, all these years, I didn't even know Holden. I can't even imagine my life without him.

Adam: Sometimes I almost feel bad for kids with only one set of parents.

[Both laughing]

Abigail: We're pretty lucky. Aren't we?

Adam: Yeah. I mean, I admit, sometimes I just want to scream at all four of 'em, but -- I mean, we just -- we sit down, and we talk it, and we just work --

Abigail: Communication.

Adam: Mm.

Abigail: Most important thing, right?

Adam: Yes.

Abigail: That, and a triple-frosted vanilla shake with a warm chocolate chip cookie on the side.

Adam: Mm.

Aaron: Thanks, anyway. I got to be somewhere.

Holden: Thanks, mama. I appreciate it.

Lily: Chamomile tea with honey, honey?

Holden: What happened to hot chocolate with a shot of peppermint schnapps?

Lily: Well -- actually, now that you --

Holden: I talked to mama, and she said she's gonna keep an eye out for Aaron. I just hope he heads out to the farm, not the road.

Lily: Oh, he's not going anywhere. He left everything he owns here. Including his wallet. I just wish this wasn't happening right now.

Holden: I'm sorry. I know that he was kind of hard on you.

Lily: No, you don't owe me an apology. Neither does he. Maybe he was right. Maybe he saw an unwelcome look in my eye. But it wasn't what he thought. It was because --

Holden: Ah, it's because, you know, we're overwhelmed. Abigail's here. The trial. Luke and Faith.

Lily: And Rose. I'm pulled in a million different directions.

Holden: An angry teenager -- that's the last thing we need in this house right now.

[Holden sighs] tell you what, though -- I look in the kid's eyes and --

Lily: I know. He has the same look that you had in your eyes at his age. He's more hurt than angry, and we owe him to help him. But there's a lot more going on right now than you really know, and I should have said something before. I just --

Holden: You know what? You're right. And I know exactly where you're gonna go with this.

Lily: You do?

Holden: We can't just send the kid away. We have to rethink this.

Lily: Well, why don't we just talk about one thing? Listen to what I have --

Holden: No, why don't we talk about this later? We'll talk about it later. I want to go see if I can find him before he gets too far, Lily.

Lily: Okay.

Holden: You're the best. After all, what's one more kid in this house, right? Just one more to love.

Lily: That's all right.

John: Have you seen Detective Hughes?

Margo: Right here.

John: Ah. I heard about Steinbeck's latest escape from the hospital. Has he been found yet?

Margo: No.

John: All right, I have some information. It may not be connected to him. It may be nothing at all.

Margo: Oh, man, it seems like everything in the world at this point is connected to James Steinbeck.

John: There are some drugs missing from the hospital, a dangerous amount. You ask me? I think Steinbeck stole them.

Rose: That is my final offer. I don't tell the cops what you two have planned --

Craig: And Lucinda.

Rose: And I get to go along.

James: The clock is ticking. My offer to deliver these ladies runs out very soon.

Craig: Rose, I can't let you come with us. You'd be risking your life.

Rose: I've been doing that since I met this freak. You think I'm not man enough for this? I'm more man than you two combined, you wimps.

James: Montgomery, are you gonna stop this, or are you gonna let her blather on?

Craig: Shut up! What about Lily? What about Paul? What about the people who care about you?

Rose: What about Margo and Lucy? You're not thinking about them right now. You think a plan with this guy, you think that this psycho -- that's really helping them right now?

James: Hey, wait. I got feelings, too, you know?

Rose: I am not leaving this plane voluntarily. If you don't let me go there, I'm gonna run out on that tarmac, yell, "Security! Security!" You know how fast they're gonna show up when they find out you're taking this felon out of the country? They'll be on you so fast, even before we hit the runway.

Craig: Far be it from me to try and keep you alive. But if you interfere here, you may be costing Carly and Emily their lives.

Rose: I'm trying to save their lives, Carly and Emily. I know what Weston looks like. You think this guy's gonna tip you off? You're blonder than I thought.

Craig: Well, give me a description of him, and get off the plane.

Rose: No. I have to go and help Carly and Emily. Please! I have to be there.

James: Oh, let her stay. I hate to see little old ladies cry.

Wesley: The plane is ready, sir, following Mrs. Walsh's instructions. The tower just needs to know our destination.

James: Tell you what, captain. You pick any destination you like. The choice is yours.

Wesley: Sir?

Craig: We have a deal. We have a very specific destination. You tell him.

James: Montgomery, I forgot to tell you our deal has a little hidden clause.

Billy: As soon as daylight hits, we take a plane back to the States. And we're home by tomorrow night.

Bonnie: I'll find someone to drive you to the airport.

Billy: Bonnie, you can't stay here. The ghost said we had to get out.

Bonnie: If that voice did belong to a ghost -- which I doubt.

Billy: Then what was it?

Bonnie: One of the staff members maybe watching television or something. I don't know, but even if it was a real ghost, I am not going anywhere until Ian comes home.

[Knock at door]

Billy: Uh, she was just kidding. We're leaving tomorrow.

[Knock at door]

Bonnie: Come in.

Paddington: Your hot water bottle, Miss Bonnie. Is there anything else you require?

Billy: Yeah. Can you please tell her that she needs a reality check? And tell her the ghost I saw meant business.

Paddington: Oh. So you've seen our apparition. She makes quite an impression, doesn't she?

[Thunder rumbling]

Isaac: It's like I'm channeling Bonnie. I'm talking to this other woman, but I keep seeing and hearing the duchess.

Ben: That's a problem.

Isaac: Like what? Like something neurological?

Ben: No, no, no. I wouldn't say that. If you asked me, I'd say it's more of a heart thing. I think you've got a serious case of the love Jones, Mr. Jenkins.

Isaac: No, not even. Erase that thought. I thought -- I thought I was in love. But it was just deep like. And I'm over that, and I'm over the duchess.

Ben: Yeah, right. If you say so.

Isaac: I really have a shot with this new woman. You know, I just got to buy her a drink somewhere where everything doesn't remind me of Bonnie.

Ben: Yeah, well, good luck finding that place.

Isaac: Whoa. Whoa, wait. Hold on, hold on. Hold on. I need your help. I don't know her name.

Ben: So ask her.

Isaac: I did. It's -- something unusual. All right, I was talking to her, and then Bonnie popped up. And she said her actual name, and I missed it.

Ben: You missed it. All right, so you're not obsessed, but everywhere you turn, you see Bonnie, right? Come on.

Isaac: Look, I'm not thinking about Bonnie. I'm thinking about -- what's-her-name. This is not funny.

Ben: Just -- ask her.

Woman: Ask her what?

Isaac: About our grandmother's birthday -- present.

Woman: You two handsome men are in the same family?

Ben: Yeah, I'm Isaac's brother.

Woman: Well, so, aren't you going to introduce me?

Lily: Did you find Aaron?

Holden: No. So we'll just have to wait till he comes back for his stuff. What's the matter with you?

Lily: Oh. I know this is gonna sound really selfish, but --

[Lily sighs] I don't know if I can handle him in this house right now. When I saw who it was getting off the motorcycle, I wanted to cry. And he picked up on it.

Holden: We're not gonna be one big happy family overnight. It's gonna take a little time --

Lily: Yes, time. And it's very complicated. And he needs you, Holden. And I can't -- I just can't --

Holden: You can't what? You okay?

Lily: I've been wanting to tell you this all day.

Holden: Tell me what? Are you sick?

Lily: In the morning. I'm pregnant, Holden.

[Lily laughing]

Jack: It's over, Steinbeck! Craig! Are you all right? Steinbeck do this to you? Yeah? Where is he?

Wesley: How the hell would I know that?

Jack: Man, I am not in the mood for games.

Wesley: I'm not playing any. Look -- we were ready to take off, and then suddenly, Steinbeck says they're changing planes without me.

Jack: How long ago did they leave?

Wesley: Couldn't have been more than a few minutes.

Jack: All right, radio the tower. Tell 'em we got an escaped felon who's armed and extremely dangerous. You know Craig Montgomery?

Wesley: Yeah, I flew him to Belgium with Ms. Walsh and Lily Snyder. You know, Steinbeck has him and Miss D'Angelo with him.

Jack: Ro -- Rose was here? How the hell did she get on the plane?

Wesley: She showed up at the last minute. Sounded to me like Mr. Montgomery was trying his best to talk her out of going with them, but she --

Jack: Go. Go, go. Radio the tower. Radio the tower.

[Cell phone ringing] Snyder.

Margo: Okay, Jack, my dad is here.

John: Yes, and I hope I'm wrong about this.

Jack: Margo, Steinbeck got away, with Craig and Rose. I'm sorry.

Margo: No! Oh --

Jack: They can't have gotten far. I'm gonna try to catch up with them.

Margo: Jack, wait! My father told me that there has been a theft at the hospital. It's ether, Jack. We think that James Steinbeck has a large quantity of ether.

[Wind rushing]

James: Nothing like flying through the wild blue yonder.

Rose: Would you quit it with the loop-de-loops?! If I hurl, it'll be all over you.

Craig: Well, why don't you go lie down in the back? You might feel better.

Rose: Are you kidding me? And leave him here by himself? No, thank you. I will watch the controls, try to figure out where we're going.

Craig: You never intended to use Lucinda's jet, did you? Just used it to throw the cops off?

James: Yes, and by now, the determined Detective Snyder will be banging his head on the controls of Lucinda's jet. May take him awhile to figure out which plane we've taken. By then, we will have landed.

Craig: And where will that be?

James: Oh, just a little place south of here. Something very special. Quiet, serene. A little inlet surrounded by wetlands.

Rose: Wetlands? Sounds like a swamp.

James: Yes, and this one's fantastic if you like snakes. Of course you probably did a little snake dance at one time, didn't you, Rose? You can handle snakes.

Rose: I'm sitting here with the two of you, aren't I?

Craig: And will Dr. Strangelove be waiting for us?

James: All will be explained in due time. Why don't you two just relax? I'll wake you when we're about to land.

Rose: Oh, no, thank you. I have an in-flight policy -- never take a nap while a reptile's at the controls.

James: Rose, like I told you, I have feelings. I have feelings, now. Come on. Don't hurt them. But seriously, it's so easy to sleep when you're flying through the wild blue. And, fortunately for the two of you, I have lots of little lullabies.

Clorox keeps whites

White with a new glow

Ben: Isaac and I are brothers. My name is Ben Harris, and Isaac was just telling me that you have a very unusual name. How do you spell that?

Isaac: Good save -- good question.

"Bonnie": B-o-n-n-i-e.

Isaac: No.

Ben: That's a very beautiful name.

"Bonnie": Thank you, and you're very kind. Well, I need to be going.

Isaac: Stay.

"Bonnie": I can't. But -- here's my number. Call me sometime. You won't forget me?

Isaac: Not in a million years. So --

Ben: Yeah, man, she's very sweet, attractive, funny.

Isaac: Not her. I'm talking about Bonnie. Didn't you see Bonnie?

Ben: No. Because Bonnie was not here.

Isaac: I was afraid that you were going to say that. Did you at least get her name?

Ben: D'peshu.

Isaac: Seriously. Did you get her name?

[Ben laughing]

Ben: I'm serious, man. I just told you -- D'peshu.

Isaac: Gesundheit.

Billy: So you've seen the ghost, too. Bonnie, if the ghost is for real, and the ghost says we have to leave, I think we need to get ourselves out of here!

Bonnie: No, we don't. So this ghost -- it's a she? The ghost is a woman? Well, tell us about her.

Paddington: We're very, very proud of Lady Finoula. She's been with us for centuries. But I'm quite disturbed because normally, she doesn't talk to anybody. She just moves things around.

Billy: Well, what's up with her feet? I mean, when she walks it's -- it's like this.

[Billy pounding]

Bonnie: Yes. Yes, that's the sound that was outside my door. Does Lady Finoula have a peg leg?

Paddington: Perhaps the storm has woken up other ghosts.

Billy: There's another one?

Paddington: Maybe -- well, there was an old chap with a -- lost a leg in the war with Mary, Queen of Scots. Perhaps it's him. But there are so many. So many.

Bonnie: Really? Well, what other ghosts are there?

Paddington: Strictly confidentially -- the real Ian Maclaren.

Billy: So her Ian's not the real duke?

Paddington: Legend has it that the real duke was murdered by a warrior tribe who stole his land. People say that the present Maclaren is not related to the royal Maclaren but to the warrior tribe.

[Thunder rumbling]

Billy: So what do you think?

Paddington: Well, I think I have worked for this family for many years. And if His Grace says that he's the duke, then that's good enough for me. If there's nothing else you require -- ? Then I bid you good night.

Bonnie: Good night.

Billy: Pack it up. You're going back to Isaac.

Holden: You're pregnant? We're gonna have a baby?

Lily: I know the timing isn't great --

Holden: No. No, no, no. This is fantastic! We're gonna have a baby! Oh, what am I doing? What am I doing? We're gonna have a baby here. Here, come on. Put your feet up.

Lily: Oh, that's not necessary.

Holden: Just relax. How about the doctor? Have you been to the doctor?

Lily: Well, actually --

Holden: Can I get you something to eat? Are you hungry? Uh, no, you're not. Because you're not feeling so well.

Lily: Well, I --

Holden: Well, are you okay? I mean, that morning sickness -- that's -- it's all normal, right?

Lily: Enough, okay? I did go to the doctor. I did go to the doctor. And, yes, I'm 100% pregnant. No question. And, no, I'm not hungry. And morning sickness is normal.

Holden: But the doctor said everything's okay?

Lily: Yes. I have to take it easy because of the past history. But I just have to take it easy.

Holden: Okay, okay. Well, you'll take it easy. You can do that.

Lily: See, that's why I was so thrown by Aaron's visit. I -- I didn't mean to make him feel unwelcome, but I'm just thinking about this news and --

Holden: Hey. You were taking care of this little guy. Or girl. I can't believe it. We're gonna have a baby.

John: Yes, James definitely has enough ether on him to incapacitate several people.

Jack: Well, no matter what he does, he can't get away. We'll find his plane. We'll track it down. When he lands, we'll take him into custody.

John: Yeah, be careful, Jack, because James always has a contingency plan.

Jack: Thank you, John. I got to go.

Wesley: The tower spotted them in a private plane heading south.

Jack: Patch them through -- now!

James: Just keep your eye on the horizon, Rose. It'll help ease the motion sickness.

Rose: Mm. Shouldn't you be sitting here, driving this thing?

James: No, no, we're perfectly safe. It's on autopilot. But look -- buckle up your seat belt. Buckle up your seat belt. I mean, we might have hit an air pocket, and I don't want you flying out of the window. Here you go. I think I'll stretch my legs a little bit. Being in a coma has cramped their style.

Craig: Hey, don't go anywhere we can't see you.

James: Oh. I wouldn't dream of it. And you, too. I wouldn't want to deprive myself of your company. Yes, look, I can still touch my toes. Pretty good shape. Still in pretty good shape.

Jack: It's Jack, Craig.

Answer me!

Craig: Jack. It's me, buddy. Listen, I know you're wondering why I did this, but --

Jack: Forget about that. Steinbeck has drugs with him.

Ether. You and Rose are in danger.

Craig: Ow!

Rose: Oh!

Jack: Craig?

Rose: Let him go! Let him go!

Jack: Pick up!

Rose: Why is this stuck? The seat belt is stuck. What did you do?!

Jack: Are you all right? Rose, answer me! Come on! Answer me!

Bonnie: Billy -- Billy, stop. I don't care what he says. I am not going anywhere until I see Ian first.

Billy: Even if old peg leg, who hasn't said "boo" in a couple hundred years, says we need to get out or else?

Bonnie: Well, ghosts will be ghosts. You heard what Paddington said -- this kind of stuff has been going on for centuries.

Billy: Yeah, he also said your duke may be a phony. Which means, if you marry him, you'll be a fake duchess. And stealing people's lands -- that's bad karma, and you don't want to be a part of that, Bonnie.

Bonnie: Don't put too much stock in that. Paddington probably made the whole thing up.

Billy: Somebody moved those pictures and made those noises. It wasn't a happy camper. Human or not, it wants us out of here. And we need to make it happy.

Bonnie: Look, Billy, if you want to go home, go. No hard feelings -- I promise.

Billy: Bonnie, you can't stay here. I came here to look out for you, and that's what I'm gonna do.

Bonnie: Then stay. If Ian is my destiny, I have to know. Billy, I can't go through life wondering what I missed out on. Or dreaming of something that may never be. Could you?

Billy: No.

[Billy sighs] all right. All right, I'll stay.

Bonnie: Good. I promise -- no ghost will attack you.

Billy: Yeah, but if you're wrong, don't bury me in Scotland. 'Cause I'll come back to haunt you. All right. Good night. I'll see ya in the morning.

Bonnie: Good night.

[Thunder rumbling]

[Bonnie sighs]

[thunder rumbling]

Ghost: Get out!

Ben: Okay, yeah. Okay, great. Yes, both of your pupils are dilating. Neurologically, you're fine. All right, I got to go. I was supposed to be at the hospital five minutes ago.

Isaac: Whoa, whoa. Where are you going? I'm hallucinating. I need medical advice.

Ben: Look, you want my advice? Go to Scotland. You love Bonnie, man. Just stop trying to ignore it.

Isaac: You were supposed to say, "Call D'peshu."

Ben: Gesundheit.

[Ben laughing] I'm sorry. I couldn't resist.

Isaac: That's fine, make fun. But I'm gonna call that woman. More importantly than that, I'm gonna learn to love her name. I don't need Bonnie McKechnie in my life.

Ben: Whatever you say. Good luck. D'peshu!

Aaron: Who's there?

Emma: It's me. I heard you drive up.

Aaron: I'll leave if you want.

Emma: Wish you wouldn't. You're my grandson. You're always welcomed here. Holden was worried about you. I called him to let him know you were all right.

Aaron: Did he say he was coming over?

Emma: Maybe later. Are you thinking about taking off already?

Aaron: I shouldn't have come back here.

Emma: Why did you?

Aaron: My carburetor was acting up.

Emma: Well, lucky for me. Why did you leave Holden's in the first place?

Aaron: Too much going on there.

Emma: Is that all?

Aaron: I don't want to talk about it.

Emma: Okay. Are you too angry to eat?

Aaron: I could do with a sandwich.

Emma: Oh, good! Come on inside. The kitchen's warm.

Aaron: Uh -- I like it better out here.

Emma: How about if I kind of find a nice little piece of pie to go with that sandwich? Is apple still your favorite?

Aaron: I have to fix my bike.

Emma: Aaron -- Aaron. You know, I've raised a few teenagers. And I know how this works. Hmm? We'll just talk about carburetors. Okay?

Aaron: Promise?

Emma: I'll promise. Come on. Let's go! Come on.

Lily: So Aaron's okay?

Holden: Mm-hmm. Safe and sound at mama's. She said that I should give her some time alone with him. She's gonna try and get him into the kitchen and fatten him up.

[Lily laughing] at least, that's her cover story.

Lily: Yeah, that's her form of interrogation, you know?

Holden: I just hope she can understand that boy, because I sure don't.

Lily: You know, one of the reasons I was so thrilled to find out I was pregnant is because you're such a wonderful father. Maybe Aaron needs that in his life right now. Maybe he should stay permanently.

Holden: I just -- I can't take Caleb and Julie out of the equation. They've provided him with a good home for a very long time.

Lily: I know that. But maybe he needs something else.

Holden: No, he needs to go back to Seattle. He needs to try and work things out with Caleb and Julie. And I think that's best for us, too. Especially with this baby on the way.

Lily: I don't know. Just doesn't seem fair. Hurting one person to protect another.

Jack: Craig! Rose! Somebody pick up and talk to me!

James: Jack?

Jack: What have you done with them, James?

James: Ah. I'm very well, thank you. How are you, hmm? 22, Mississippi.

23, Mississippi.

Jack: What are you doing?

James: Just putting my guests to bed. Got a flying bed and breakfast here.

Jack: What have you done with them, James?

James: Oh, nothing, Jack. Nothing. Of course, I won't be here to have coffee with them in the morning.

Jack: That's right. You'll be in jail. We are tracking your plane. When you land, you're gonna be met by one hell of a welcoming committee.

James: Who said anything about landing?

Jack: Sooner or later, you're gonna run out of fuel, man.

James: I don't plan to be here. Bye-bye!

Jack: James? What are you doing? What about Rose and Craig?! James, what -- what are you doing?!


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