ATWT Transcript Wednesday 4/3/02

As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 4/3/02

By Linda
Proofread by Ebele

Billy: Wow. This is awesome.

Bonnie: Mm-hmm.

Billy: People actually live here?

Bonnie: For over 14 generations. You'd think by now they'd learn how to pave the driveway. Look at my boots!

Billy: This place is Goth. You know, bats and leather.

Bonnie: It has a look. Ah! I am never traveling coach again. And that mess they called lunch!

Billy: Hey, I liked it.

Bonnie: Yes, well, sweetheart, you like cheese in a can.

Billy: Yeah, well -- speaking of a can, you better look out. Whazzup! Look at him. He said, "nothin'. Just chillin'."

Bonnie: Some of the things in this castle date back to the 16th Century.

Billy: That's old.

Bonnie: Try expensive. And uninsured. So do not touch anything you can't afford to replace. Now, I have to go find Paddington, okay?

Billy: All right. I'll be cool.

Billy: Ha, ha, ha. Oh. You want some of me? "Luke, I am your father!" Whoo, whoo!

Billy: [Laughing]: You don't phase me. That's what you get for standing there, huh? Oh, uh -- uh, listen -- look, we can talk.

Paddington: Now I've got you.

Molly: Something for you to remember -- they cannot make me say anything that I don't want to say. It's gonna be fine. Okay? You just keep your chin up, and don't worry about me.

Jake: Mm. Who says you're not a good liar?

Molly: God, Jake, what am I gonna do?

Jake: You're gonna tell the truth. You're gonna look at 'em in the eye and tell 'em the truth and dare 'em to do any different. Hmm? You're her mother. What else were you supposed to do?

Kim: Jake is right. This whole thing's gonna backfire on the prosecution. Forcing you to testify makes Evelyn look like a monster.

Molly: Kim, I am so sorry that you were pulled into this whole mess.

Kim: Oh, don't be silly. I am -- after what your family has been through, I want to testify.

Tom: So no matter what Evelyn may say about Molly, you need to stay calm.

Adam: You have to call me as a witness.

Tom: Not now.

Adam: No, no. No, I need to testify. People need to know what a predatory jerk Scudder was. I mean, he hired Brandy to break up me and Abigail --

Tom: Nick Scudder's not on trial here.

Adam: Well, he should be. He got what he deserved.

Tom: I want to talk to you over here. Lower your voice -- and I mean now -- or I'm gonna ask the bailiff to remove you. I have enough problems mitigating Molly's testimony.

Adam: But I can help you.

Tom: And how are you going to help, Adam? You lied to the Police. You confessed to a crime that you didn't commit. You ran off with Abigail. And then you impeded a Police investigation. Now you want to get on the stand with Evelyn? I don't think so.

Bailiff: All rise.

Adam: I love you.

Abigail: Thanks. I needed that.

Bailiff: The honorable court of Lee County, Illinois, is now in session. The honorable Judge Mark Chen presiding.

[Gavel pounds] you may be seated.

Judge: Ms. Hart? Are you ready to proceed?

Evelyn: Yes, your honor. The state calls Molly McKinnon to the stand.

[Simon whistling]

Katie: Ah, see? I told you my workout worked.

Simon: Ooh, yes, it does. As long as this doesn't become Katie Fraser's window busting workout.

Katie: No, this is Katie making curtains.

Simon: Oh. Oh, I'm having Bert's garage flashbacks.

Katie: Oh, no, no. These will be much better. Don't worry. You were so right.

Simon: Careful! Take an eye out.

Katie: You were so right about this cottage. With us fixing it up, it's gonna change everything. We'll look at those curtains and the walls and the floor, and we'll know that we made this happen. It's our own little love shack.

Simon: You are amazing. Do you know that?

Katie: Am I?

Simon: Yes, you are. And I am so proud of you.

Katie: Are you?

Simon: Yes. I think that kind of got lost over the last couple of weeks. You know, I was so angry at Dahlia --

Katie: Ah, ah, ah -- no. Thou shalt not say the "D" word in the love shack.

Simon: Lips are sealed. No "D" word. You are a star, Katie. And I'm sorry that I didn't say that, and I'm sorry for wrecking your party.

Katie: You're forgiven. Okay?

Simon: Oh, I have to leave.

Katie: No!

Simon: Yes. I have to go apologize to Isaac and Lisa.

Katie: No, no, no. I wanted to go get our wedding gifts. I have this desperate need to blend something.

Simon: Oh -- we'll blend something. Believe you. Later.

Katie: I'm scared. Window busting. Hey, there is no reason that Katie Fraser cannot have her own home line. Yes. No, lifestyle line. Lifestyle line -- the Katie Fraser lifestyle line. With a cookbook. A whole chapter dedicated to blenders. This is good. Okay. "Window buster." "Home buster." No. God, that sounds like "home wrecker." Um -- "fixer-upper." No. "Homebody." Yes, that's good. Okay, I can just see it now. Me, muscles, hard hats.

[Knock at door] Margo! Oh, hey, you're just in time. Okay, listen to this. Picture this -- me, cargo pants, but fitted, low on the hips. One of those belts with the hammer in it. And half a dozen construction guys, no shirts. Maybe --

Margo: Katie --

Katie: Some tank tops or something.

Margo: Katie, Katie.

Katie: Hey, wait. How'd you find me here?

Margo: Lucy told me.

Katie: Oh. I'm sorry I haven't called you yet about it. I'm going -- I was going to. We're gonna have, like, an open house as soon as we get everything fixed up, but we just don't --

Margo: Katie, it's not a social call. I came to talk to you about Simon and Dahlia Ventura -- and this.

Craig: Margo, it's me. Have we heard anything from Jack? Do we know anything about Carly? Call me back, please. Okay.

[Phone rings] that was fast.

Carly: Craig?

Craig: Carly? Is that you?

Carly: They made me call you.

Bonnie: Stop! Paddington, no, wait! It's okay! It's okay. He's with me!

Paddington: Miss Bonnie! What a lovely surprise.

Bonnie: I'm so sorry. We did not mean to spring ourselves on you.

Paddington: Nonsense. It's always wonderful to see you. And still the same beauty. I say, would you care for a cup of tea? We still have your usual blend.

Bonnie: Oh, I'd love a cup of tea.

Billy: Hello, Bonnie?

Bonnie: Oh, sorry. Paddington, this is my friend, Billy Ross. Billy, Paddington has been with the MacLaren family forever.

Paddington: My apologies, Mr. Ross. I thought you were an intruder. We do get them, you know, trying to take away the antiquities.

Billy: Oh, don't worry about it. It was worth it. Where'd you get those moves? You could cut air.

Paddington: Yes, well --

Bonnie: I'm surprised Ian didn't mention my coming. He did invite me. Well, he begged me, actually, to tell you the truth.

Paddington: As well he should. Actually, the duke did mention that you were going to be joining us. But it didn't -- I must have misunderstood. I thought it wasn't until next week.

Bonnie: Oh, I didn't tell him when I was coming, or even if. And then, well, just last minute I decided --

Paddington: Lucky for us you did.

Bonnie: Well, if I could just freshen up really quick before I --

Paddington: Well, there's no need to rush. The duke is away on a hunting trip with his uncle. And he won't be back till next week.

Lisa: Ah! Look at that. My manicurist is -- she's gonna think you're great. She's gonna love you.

Isaac: What does she look like? 'Cause I'll give her a call, and I'll apologize.

Lisa: Yeah, you don't fool me.

[Phone rings]

Isaac: Chloe. Huh? Yeah, let's do lunch on Friday. Sounds great. I'll see you then. Tamara, listen, about our thing -- how you doing'? Well, no, you're fine. I said, how you doing'? Huh? Okay, listen, our thing on Friday, can we push that back to 3:30, because something came up? All right. We will sweat. Yes, we will. I said, yes, we will. Okay. Bye.

Lisa: "I know you're fine. I said, how you doing'?"

Isaac: Hey, that just happens to be my new trainer, who, by the way, does -- she does redefine the phrase "hard body."

Lisa: It's not your body I'm worried about. It's your mind, honey. Oh, another night like last night and --

Isaac: What are you talking about? They loved us last night.

Lisa: Yeah, yeah, yeah. We got home about, what, 4:00 in the morning?

Isaac: I do have that covered. I have three more girls coming in next week.

Lisa: You still miss Bonnie.

Isaac: I didn't ask her to quit.

Lisa: You know something, Isaac Jenkins? You may be a lot of things, but I have never taken you for a stupid man.

Isaac: No, because a stupid man wouldn't read the -- writing on the wall, okay? A stupid man would go chasing after -- I don't know what, instead of looking at the hundreds of thousands of opportunities that exist.

Lisa: Yeah.

Isaac: The fine, young, ripe opportunities.

Lisa: Yeah, you just -- you keep this up. You keep this up, and I'll think Bonnie had every right to leave you.

Simon: Hey, Lisa --

Lisa: Yeah, yeah, hi.

Simon: I really wanted to -- so are you mad at me, too?

Isaac: You had yourself a night. It happens.

Simon: Look, it shouldn't have happened. And it's not going to happen again. I'm really very sorry.

Isaac: It's cool. Okay? You and Katie all right?

Simon: Yeah, we're good. We're good. And Dahlia's gone, never to return.

Isaac: How'd you manage that?

Simon: Well, let's just say that Dahlia's no longer a problem.

Katie: I've seen this before. Simon and I talked about it.

Margo: So the fact that Dahlia had it in her car --

Katie: Dahlia has issues.

Margo: What kinds of issues?

Katie: Well, how would you feel if your star, the person that you had just dumped megatons of publicity on, was married to someone who has a PR problem? She was just trying to protect me too much, and Simon didn't really like it.

Margo: Well, I could see that.

Katie: But last night, we worked everything out.

Margo: When?

Katie: At -- is there a problem, Margo? I mean, what's -- did Dahlia come to you with that? Because she promised me that she would just let this go.

Margo: Dahlia's rented car was found about a mile from here. It was abandoned on the side of the road. The door was open, keys were missing, and her purse was on the ground.

Katie: Was she in an accident?

Margo: We don't know exactly what happened. But there was signs of struggle.

Katie: What, like a car-jacking?

Margo: Well, Katie, generally, a car-jacking results in the car being stolen, not just abandoned.

Katie: You know, I told her to park in the garage. She's been staying at the Lakeview. And she keeps insisting on parking out front because she says the attendants are too slow. They probably just stole it and brought it out here to strip it.

Margo: No, probably not. Because they left her purse with a wallet full of cash and credit cards.

Katie: All right. I'm just gonna call her on her cell. I'm sure we can figure this all out. She'll answer it. She always does, even in restaurants and meetings.

Katie: I got her voice mail. I didn't even know she had voice mail. All right, I'll just call Crimson Dahlia. That's her production company. She should definitely be there. Hey, it's Katie. Listen, can I talk to Dahlia? Oh, yeah, okay. Um -- have her call me. The office hasn't heard from her.

Margo: Katie, did you or Simon see Dahlia after the party last night?

Kim: What's the matter, Mary? You don't like somebody to sneak up from behind? Neither do I.

Evelyn: Mrs. McKinnon. The night of the murder -- Nick Scudder's murder -- you were there, yes?

Molly: Well, no, I wasn't there when it actually --

Evelyn: You were not in Nick Scudder's apartment?

Molly: Yes, but not when he was --

Evelyn: Thank you, Mrs.. McKinnon --

Molly: No, you didn't let me finish. I wasn't there when he was actually --

Evelyn: Your honor, could you please instruct the witness --

Judge: Mrs. McKinnon, please restrict your answers to yes or no unless otherwise instructed.

Molly: I'm sorry, your honor.

Evelyn: Thank you, your honor. Mrs. McKinnon, would you please tell the court what you saw when you arrived at Nick Scudder's room that night.

Molly: What I saw? The door was shut. But I heard some music, so I knew somebody was there. So I started knocking on the door -- pounding, actually and calling out names. The door must have been unlatched, because it opened, and I went in, and I saw Nick lying on the floor, face down. The back of his head was wet. He was bleeding. He was dead.

Evelyn: What else did you see, Mrs.. McKinnon?

Molly: I heard someone moaning, like they were in pain. And there she was -- she was on the floor. She was crouched on the floor, curled up in a ball, and she was in shock.

Evelyn: Who was?

Molly: My daughter -- Abigail Williams.

Evelyn: I'm sure that was a difficult moment.

Molly: You have no idea.

Evelyn: Mrs. McKinnon, I'll remind you that you are still under oath.

Molly: Oh, I'm aware of that, thank you.

Evelyn: Then could you please explain to the court why your testimony here today contradicts your statements to the Police the night of the murder?

Tom: Objection, your honor. Request for sidebar.

Craig: Carly, is that you?

Carly: I hope so. It's hard to know anymore. They told me to call you. I don't know why.

Craig: Because I'm trying to help you. Now, are you all right? Are they treating you all right?

Carly: I'm tired. They keep moving me around. How's Parker?

Craig: He's fine. I just saw him just the other day. He's with John.

Carly: And Jack?

Craig: Jack is in Switzerland. He found the spa, but they'd already moved you. Now is Emily with you?

Carly: I don't know. I haven't seen her in a while -- or Rose, Craig, they -- they may be dead. And I don't want to die here all alone.

Craig: You won't. You won't, okay? Now Rose is home. She escaped.

Carly: She did?

Craig: And I'm gonna get you out of there as soon as I can. But you have to stay strong, and know that I love you and I'm coming to get you. Now can you tell me anything about where you are?

Carly: I have to go now --

Craig: Carly, promise me you'll hang in. Promise me!

Carly: I'll try.

Craig: Carly, I am gonna get you out of there, I promise. Carly?

[Dial tone]

[Cell phone rings] Carly?

James: Did you have a nice chat with Jack's girlfriend?

Craig: What do you want?

James: I want you to get me the hell out of here. That was the deal. Now, I've lived up to my end of the bargain.

Craig: I'll be there.

James: I'll be looking forward to it.

[Monitors beeping]

Craig: Maggie, it's me. Would you tell Mrs. Himmel I want her to track down a phone number.

Bonnie: Ian's gone?

Paddington: I'm so sorry, miss. If we'd have known I would have --

Bonnie: No, no, it's not your fault. It's my fault. I should have called you.

Paddington: Perhaps I could leave a message on his cellular phone. But, you know, the duke -- when he's hunting he never picks up his messages.

Bonnie: No, you're right, he disappears.

Billy: You know, I saw this guy once, on "Survivor." He took down this pig with his bare hands. It was just him and the pig, and a knife. And then he took the blood and he smeared it all over his face.

Bonnie: Ian usually rides to hounds, Billy. Or sometimes they go birding.

Billy: Yeah, you mean golf?

Bonnie: No, I mean birds.

Billy: He shoots birds?

Bonnie: Yes.

Billy: Why?

Paddington: Mr. Ross, is it?

Billy: You can call me Billy.

Paddington: Did Mr. Ross help you in with your baggage?

Bonnie: Billy lives in Oakdale with me.

Paddington: I see. I'll put your baggage in the east wing.

Bonnie: Thank you, Paddington.

Billy: It was nice meeting you too.

Paddington: And I will find -- I'll find suitable accommodation for Mr. Ross in the village. There's a charming little guest house --

Bonnie: Oh, no, that won't be necessary, Paddington. I'm sure Ian would want Billy to stay here as his guest since Billy is my guest and I'm Ian's guest.

Billy: And then you can teach me some of those Zorro moves. Or maybe not.

Bonnie: I'm sure Paddington would love to give you a lesson or two, wouldn't you, Paddington?

Paddington: I'll put Mr. Ross' baggage in the north wing.

Bonnie: Thank you. Thank you so much, Paddington. Sorry, Billy.

Billy: Why? I mean this place is off the map.

Bonnie: Off the grid is more like it. The north wing is freezing.

Billy: Don't worry about it, I'll survive. Hey, you think I could fit in this?

Bonnie: Touch it and Paddington will hurl you off a cliff.

Billy: Oh, you just wait. Wait till me and Zorro get down.

Bonnie: Okay, I'm glad you're happy, Billy. Me, I'm going to freshen up.

Billy: I'm going to freshen up. Is that attitude? Okay, listen, you better not get lost, 'cause you know these castles. They've got secret passageways and dungeons.

Bonnie: And ghosts.

Billy: Okay.

[Billy chuckles] now that's a Kodak moment.

[Billy barks]

Isaac: I'm glad that you and Katie worked things out. You've got a lot going -- the house and that video thing -- which, by the way, I think is gonna be a major hit.

Simon: Yeah, no, I hope so. But, you know, if it doesn't work out -- whatever. I mean, we still got each other, right?

Lisa: Here's a man who has his priorities in order.

Simon: Lisa, what I was trying to say -- I'm so sorry about last night --

Lisa: Oh, don't. Don't apologize. You were doing something -- taking up for the woman you love, unlike Isaac, who just let Bonnie go without a word.

Isaac: That's nice, Lisa. Just spread my business all over town --

Lisa: All right, honey, I will.

Isaac: Women -- they stick together.

Simon: Whoa, what happened?

Isaac: You know, planes? Bonnie took one, straight to Scotland, I guess. Or should I say Duchess MacLaren has returned to her roots.

Simon: What, is she marrying this guy?

Isaac: If that's what it takes. I'm definitely not going to come between a woman and her tiara. That's what she wants --

Simon: Well, what do you want?

Isaac: Me.

Simon: No, no, yeah, you. What do you want?

Isaac: What, are we on "Oprah" here or what?

Simon: It's just a question.

Isaac: That I'm not gonna answer.

Simon: Why? Oh, come on. Don't be gutless.

Isaac: Gutless? That's nice. Mr. Disrespect his lady in front of the whole town is gonna give me love life advice?

Simon: I apologized for that. We're moving on.

Isaac: Oh, that's nice.

Simon: Come on, don't be stupid, about this. If you like this girl --

Isaac: Okay, look. Now that's the second time today somebody's called me stupid --

Simon: Then maybe you start to listen. Look, all I'm saying is that if I'd let Katie walk away -- she'd be gone. Just like Bonnie.

Katie: Where did Dahlia go after the party? I don't know, you'd have to ask her.

Margo: I didn't ask about Dahlia. I asked about you and Simon.

Katie: Yeah, I told you. We slept here at the cottage last night.

Margo: Did you or Simon see Dahlia after the party last night? Katie --

Katie: No. Actually, we didn't see her.

Margo: You want to try again?

Katie: Okay, yeah, she came by the cottage to talk to Simon.

Margo: Did you see her?

Katie: No, I -- she left before I got home.

Margo: Did Simon tell you what they talked about?

Katie: Yeah, just more of the same.

Margo: So they just continued the argument that they started at the party --

Katie: You know what? It wasn't like that. Dahlia was just really resentful because I wouldn't take her side against my own husband you know, about him being a liability pr-wise. And so -- at the party she actually offered to back out of our deal. You know, she said that she would finish the launch, and I could buy her out of her contract and go on without her. So I happily agreed to that, and, obviously she wasn't too happy about it, and she expressed that to him.

Margo: Hmm, so Simon won.

Katie: Right.

Margo: Where is Simon?

Katie: Oh, he's just running errands.

Margo: What errands?

Katie: I don't know. My husband says he's gonna run errands, I don't give him the third degree.

Margo: Yes, knowing you, you do.

Katie: Well, that's just because you had him keeping secrets from me. But he's not doing that anymore.

Margo: So, Katie, where is he?

Katie: Would you like me to have him call you when he gets home?

Margo: Yes, that would be very nice.

Katie: Fabulous. Well, if you'll excuse me. I have some curtains to make.

[Margo laughs]

Mary: I don't blame you for hating me, Mrs. Hughes. It was a terrible thing that I did. But you have to understand -- I was just so scared --

Kim: Oh, please, please, just save it for the jury.

Mary: But I -- I didn't mean to hurt anyone.

Kim: You -- first you let Molly and now you let Abigail be indicted for a crime they didn't commit? And you don't want anybody to be hurt?

Mary: Are you testifying today, Mrs. Hughes?

Kim: Oh, you bet your boots I am. And I'm gonna put the blame right where it belongs -- in your lap.

Tom: Mrs. McKinnon recanted her initial statement to the Police.

Evelyn: Mrs. McKinnon is not in jeopardy here.

Tom: No? Her daughter is the defendant.

Evelyn: Mrs. McKinnon made two statements. And the jury deserves to hear them both, your honor.

Judge: I agree.

Tom: Then, your honor, I would like the fact that Mrs.. McKinnon recanted her initial statement to be included in the record.

Judge: I'll take it under advisement.

Evelyn: Mrs. McKinnon, this statement, exhibit number 14 -- was made by you to the Oakdale Police just a few hours after Nick Scudder's death. Is that correct?

Molly: This is my statement, but I'm not sure of the exact time --

Evelyn: Yes or no, Mrs.. McKinnon.

Molly: Yes.

Evelyn: Thank you. Would you please read the paragraph highlighted in yellow. Aloud, Mrs. McKinnon, so the jury can hear you.

Molly: "I went to buy some time. The door was open, and I saw Abigail's purse. Nick was there --" see, this isn't what happened. I talked to the Police --

Evelyn: Just please read the paragraph, Mrs.. McKinnon.

Molly: Your honor, I'm just trying to put it in context.

Judge: That's not your job, Mrs. McKinnon. Please, read the paragraph.

Molly: "He wanted the money, and I told him I didn't have it. We argued and I lost my temper. I told him I was wearing a wire, and that I'd let Abigail hear the whole thing. He lost it and grabbed me, trying to find the wire. I tried to fight him off but he was so strong. I grabbed the music box and hit him and he stopped."

Evelyn: The paragraph you've just read, which is the statement you made to the Police, was in fact a lie, wasn't it, Mrs. McKinnon?

Molly: Yes, but I came forward a few weeks later --

Evelyn: Yes or no, Mrs.. McKinnon.

Molly: Yes.

Evelyn: Were you coerced into making this statement?

Molly: No, my daughter was hurt --

Evelyn: Your honor --

Judge: Yes or no, Mrs.. McKinnon.

Molly: I'm sorry, your honor.

Evelyn: On the night of Nick Scudder died, when you were found at the scene, you were in fact told not to talk to the Police, to keep quiet. Isn't that true?

Molly: Yes.

Evelyn: And yet you refused to take that advice. You knowingly and deliberately confessed to a crime you didn't commit. Isn't that true, Mrs. McKinnon.

Molly: Yes.

Evelyn: Why? Why did you lie to the Police, Mrs. McKinnon? Why did you obstruct justice and hamper this investigation?

Molly: Look, I told the truth.

Evelyn: When?

Molly: Later, in my second statement --

Evelyn: Oh, your second statement. Which is more reliable because?

Molly: Because it's the truth.

Evelyn: And we know this because? No, really, Mrs. McKinnon, how do we know that your second statement is any more reliable than your first? Enlighten me. Please, Mrs. McKinnon.

Molly: I know what you're doing. You're twisting everything to make it look like I'm a liar --

Evelyn: Oh, but you are a liar, Mrs. McKinnon. And we have it all on record.

Tom: Objection!

Paddington: Was the hot water to your satisfaction, miss?

Bonnie: Oh, it was divine, Paddington. I could have stayed in the bathtub all day. Did anyone call for me?

Paddington: Oh, yes. You had a message.

Bonnie: Really?

Paddington: Your mother called. I informed her that you'd arrived safely.

Bonnie: Oh. I see. Thank you, Paddington.

Paddington: His Grace will call as soon as he knows you're here.

Bonnie: What? Oh, Ian. Oh, yes. Yes, I'm sure he will.

Paddington: Bend your knees.

Billy: Bend my knees. Oh, technique. I love it. Bend your knees. All right. Who ran over your dog?

Bonnie: I was going to be married in this room.

Billy: Well, you still can, if that's what you want.

Bonnie: I thought he would have called by now.

Billy: His Grace?

Bonnie: Isaac.

Billy: Oh, Isaac. Yeah, right. Mr. Cool dude? No, not on your life. You're gonna have to go crawling after him, Bonnie.

Bonnie: Well, forget it.

Billy: You know, I don't think plaid man's gonna play our game either.

Bonnie: Plaid man?

Billy: That's what Isaac calls him when you're not around. When he's not calling' him e-Anne.

Bonnie: Oh, what is it with you men. Why are you so impaired.

Billy: Hey, as soon as plaid man takes a look at you -- he's finished.

Simon: You remember Bruno?

Isaac: Ah, Mr. Kiss-me-I'm-Italian? Who could ever forget Bruno?

Simon: Yeah, that's the one. Katie goes away to St. Marten with him for a weekend, right? Now, I could've let it go. She wants to be with him, fine. I'm done. The thing is, Katie was only trying to provoke me into a reaction about how I felt about her.

Isaac: And that's the female way. They don't get what they want, they start playing games. I'm not playing any games.

Simon: Then you're not gonna win.

Isaac: Fine.

Simon: Is it?

Isaac: Let me tell you something, brother. They get you down on your knees, you ain't never getting up.

Simon: Look, she is down there with you. That's what it's all about. Come on, Isaac. Are you really willing to let Bonnie go?

Tom: The prosecution is badgering the witness.

Evelyn: Permission to treat the witness as hostile, your honor.

Judge: I'll allow it.

Tom: In that case, I must insist that the record reflect the statement that Mrs. McKinnon just read was recanted weeks ago. It has been amended, to the satisfaction of the Oakdale Police Department, and therefore, no charges were ever filed in this matter.

Judge: You may establish that when the case goes to the defense. Proceed, Ms. Hart.

Evelyn: Thank you, your honor. Mrs. McKinnon, you told the Police that you killed Nick Scudder in self-defense, but you aren't the one standing trial here, now are you?

Molly: You expect me to answer that?

Evelyn: Your daughter, Abigail, is standing trial. But you were there that night, weren't you, Mrs. McKinnon? You were in Nick Scudder's room, his body not more than a few feet away from you. Isn't that true?

Molly: Yes.

Evelyn: Then why did you confess to his murder? Is that a difficult question, Mrs. McKinnon? Well, let's take it from the top. You told us that when you arrived at Nick Scudder's apartment, you banged on the door -- which opened. Nick was lying on the floor, bleeding to death. Your daughter was crouched nearby -- so why did you confess to killing a man who was already dead when you got there?

Molly: Because she'd been beaten and traumatized. And I wanted to spare her. I wanted to get her to a doctor as quickly as possible.

Evelyn: So, you had a friend take her to the hospital, while you stayed behind to lie to the Police. Yes?

Molly: Yes.

Evelyn: Was she admitted into the hospital?

Molly: No.

Evelyn: So, her injuries were minor.

Molly: She'd been hit hard enough on the head to make her fall to the floor.

Evelyn: But you didn't know that yet, did you Mrs. McKinnon? Because you were unable to talk to Abigail at that point.

Molly: Because Abigail had been traumatized. That's the point --

Evelyn: You're a good mother, aren't you, Mrs. McKinnon? In fact, would it be safe to say that Abigail is the center of your life?

Molly: My family means more to me than anything in the world, yes.

Evelyn: And you would do anything to protect your child. Including getting her out of that apartment before the Police arrived --

Tom: Objection --

Evelyn: I'll rephrase. Mrs. McKinnon, when you saw your daughter crouched on the floor, what was your first thought?

Molly: I was scared. Afraid that she'd been hurt.

Evelyn: Scared of what? We've already established that her injuries were minor. So, what were you scared of?

Molly: I didn't know that then, it wasn't that logical. If you saw your child lying there on the floor --

Evelyn: You would want to protect her. To save her -- to take the blame if you could. Isn't that correct?

Molly: She didn't do it.

Evelyn: Then why not tell the Police that, Mrs.. McKinnon? Why muddy the waters by confessing to the murder yourself? I mean, admit it. You were afraid that she had killed him. And that's why you wanted to get her out of that apartment. And that's why you insisted on taking the blame yourself. Because you wanted to protect her. You thought she was guilty, didn't you, Mrs. McKinnon?

Bonnie: I'm glad you're here, Billy. If I had to sit here for a week in this freezing mausoleum with no one but Paddington to keep me company, well, I'd probably start talking to the paintings.

Paddington: Be careful, they may talk back.

Billy: Or bark back.

Bonnie: Well, you know what I mean, Paddington. With you being so busy doing what you do -- well, what would I do with myself?

Paddington: Yes, the seventh Duchess of Glasgow went stark raving mad. Oh, but that's another story. Tea is almost ready -- smoked salmon and cucumber sandwiches.

Billy: Oh, sweet! Bring it on. You know, I could eat a sheep.

Bonnie: Thank you, Paddington, that would be wonderful.

Paddington: I'll save the sheep for supper.

Billy: Baa! I told you he would warm up to me.

Bonnie: Well, I'm glad someone's warm. You'd think with all of Ian's millions, he would invest in a new boiler. Billy, what are you doing?

Billy: Look. I'm looking for the switch. You know, where the bookcase turns around and the secret passageway opens up? Ooh.

Bonnie: Okay, you've been watching way too many Abbott and Costello movies.

Billy: And how do you think they got their idea? Whoa.

Bonnie: See this is what happens when it's freezing temperatures. Everything starts creaking and contracting --

Billy: No, no. You're telling me that that bookcase, right there, shrugged that book out all by itself? What?

Bonnie: It's Ian's journal.

Isaac: Bonnie wants a fairy tale, she went to the right place. Me? I live in the real world.

Simon: In the real world, yeah right here, all by yourself.

Isaac: Not for long, friend. Not for long.

Simon: Look, if that's what you want, fine. But I kind of gathered that you wanted more out of life than that.

Isaac: It takes two.

Simon: Well, just don't count her out. That's all I'm saying.

Katie: Oh, Simon! I'm so glad I found you. We've got to go. I'm sorry, Isaac --

Simon: What's going on?

Katie: I don't have time to explain. Just trust me. You've got to get out of here. Let's go.

Molly: I -- I don't remember.

Evelyn: Well, then let me refresh your memory. Nick Scudder is lying dead from a blow to the back of his head. Your daughter was crouched nearby and you decided what, Molly? To get her out of that apartment and to take the blame yourself. Why? Because you thought she was guilty. You thought your daughter had killed Nick Scudder.

Molly: I will not sit here and let you railroad me into saying something that'll hurt my daughter because she has been hurt enough.

Judge: Order.

Evelyn: Move to strike, your honor. Non-responsive.

Judge: The witnesses' remarks will be stricken from the record.

Molly: No, your honor. I'm just telling the truth. This woman, she doesn't care who she hurts. She just wants to win her case and to hell with my daughter.

Tom: Your honor, if I might have a word with the witness.

Judge: Mrs. McKinnon, you will control yourself or I will find you in contempt --

Molly: Go ahead, judge. Go ahead, you fine me, you send me to jail, do whatever. I don't really care. I am her mother. And I will not say anything or do anything, to send my own daughter to jail. She didn't do anything wrong!

Abigail: Molly! It's okay. Just answer the question.

Brandy: Now, after our last big fun, I thought I'd hear from you. But then I'm not an easy girl to find.

Craig: I run a tabloid, it wasn't that hard.

Brandy: Yes, right. So, what do you want, handsome?

Craig: I bet you say that to all the newspaper tycoons. I want a favor. And as I recall, you owe me.

Billy: So read it.

Bonnie: I can't.

Billy: The man asks you to marry him and then he cheats on you -- you don't owe him squat, Bonnie.

Bonnie: It's not that, Billy. It's just -- I won't behave that way. I won't just go and pry into someone else's personal journal.

Billy: Okay. That's cool. But that's why I thought we were here.

Bonnie: What do you mean?

Billy: I thought you wanted to know what plaid man really feels about you. Before you disconnect Isaac for good.

Simon: Whoa.

Katie: I don't have time to explain, Simon. Let's go.

Simon: I'm not going anywhere until you tell me what's going on.

Katie: All right, fine. Dahlia is missing. Her car was found abandoned near our cottage. And Margo wants to interrogate you, now.

Simon: What?

Margo: You heard her. You know, not only should I haul you in for lying to a Police officer, but Katie -- you ran a red light at Pinewood.

Judge: One more outburst, Mrs. McKinnon, and I won't bother with the fine. I'll have you jailed for contempt. Have I made myself clear?

Molly: Yes, your honor.

Judge: You may proceed, Ms. Hart.

Evelyn: Thank you, your honor. Mrs. McKinnon, once again I'll ask you. The night Nick Scudder died, did you think that Abigail had killed him?

Molly: I didn't think. I didn't let myself think. I just took care of --

Evelyn: Yes or no, Mrs. McKinnon. Did you think that Abigail killed Nick Scudder?

Molly: Yes.

Evelyn: I'm sorry, I don't think the jury heard that. Did you think that Abigail killed Nick Scudder?

Molly: Yes. For a brief moment, yes. Okay? I might have thought that my daughter killed Nick Scudder.


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