ATWT Transcript Tuesday 4/2/02

As the World Turns Transcript Tuesday 4/2/02

By Linda
Proofread by Ebele

Katie: Bonjour! Video Katie. Toutes mes felicitations!  That means "congratulations" in French. You and I are billionaires. Oh, what a beautiful color! I think I shall make a paper flower. Snickers! You're here! Oh! Snicker doodle - what's wrong, my sweet bunny? Oh. I'm sorry. You must be starving! Here. Here, try some of this. I know it's a little wilted but -- try the fennel. You might like it.

Simon: I want the real green stuff!

Katie: You're not snickers. Simon!

[Katie laughing]

Simon: Money, Katie. I want your money.

[Katie shrieks]

Katie: No! No, Simon, no! Please! Please don't. Stop it! Please, Simon, no! No, Simon!

[Katie screaming]

Simon: Hey, hey. Sweetheart --

Katie: Oh. Oh, I had the worst dream.

Jake: Well, I do believe we have the dance floor all to ourselves. So shall we?

Molly: How do you do it? How do you stay so positive?

Jake: I just look in your eyes. Voila. I got a happy heart.

Molly: Even now?

Jake: Mm-hmm. Especially now. Hope this thing doesn't take too long. Then we can go home and get a little back rub.

Molly: Sure.

Jake: Sure.

Molly: Because if Tom's come down here to rehearse my testimony for tomorrow, that should take about two minutes.

Jake: Oh. Oh. The lovely one has a plan.

Molly: You bet I do. Whatever they ask me tomorrow, no matter what they ask me tomorrow, I'm gonna answer it the same way. My daughter is innocent.

Jake: "Can you state your name for the record?"

Molly: "My daughter is innocent."

Jake: "Can you tell us what -- " "can you tell us what you saw that awful night?"

Molly: "My daughter is innocent." They want a hostile witness. I am gonna show them hostile, Jake.

Jake: I hope you have a plan "B."

Molly: Who in their right mind is gonna believe that a mother is gonna try to help to convict her own daughter?

Jake: Molly, you -- you are on the road to a contempt citation. Do you hear me?

Molly: I don't care.

Jake: Yes, you do. You're angry. You're scared. Now, you saw how mar -- you saw how Tom handled Mary. He's the best. You got to trust him.

Holden: Hey, guys.

Abigail: Hey. Where's -- where's Tom? Didn't he ask us to be here?

Molly: Hey, honey, don't worry about it. He's probably stuck in traffic. How are you holding up?

Abigail: Okay. I just can't stand the look on the jury's faces. I can't tell what they're thinking.

Holden: Don't you worry about what they're thinking. You just -- work with Tom on what you're gonna be thinking tomorrow when you face them again.

Abigail: I just wish it were all over.

Holden: It will be. It will be very soon. As soon as you tell the jury your story in your own words, they're gonna be thinking what a lovely, honest young woman you are.

Jake: And, Ab, how guilty Mary is.

Abigail: Thanks. I just still wish that it was all over and done with.

Tom: Hey. Sorry I'm late, but I was in a meeting with the Assistant District Attorney. And Evelyn has put an offer on the table.

Molly: That's great!

Abigail: Is it?

Tom: It would spare Abigail a trial and cancel Molly's testimony. However, it comes at a price.

Adam: Hi, dad.

Hal: Hi. Well, feels about 100 years since I set eyes on my number-one son.

Adam: I haven't started to go gray yet or anything.

Hal: Let me see.

Adam: Have I?

Hal: No. But you turned kind of handsome. Where'd that come from?

Margo: That came from me, Hal. How're you feeling, hmm?

Hal: Well, a little bit better. Every day, some of the cobwebs are disappearing from up here. I'm getting a little bit more in touch with what's real and what's not real.

Adam: Dad, mom told me a little about what happened to you, but she said you'd be able to explain it a little better. So -- why are you here?

Hal: 'Cause I messed up, Adam. I -- I turned my back on a very dangerous man. And -- he got me.

Craig: Rise and shine, James. Nap's over. We all have a breaking point. Even you.

James: Get that thing away from me, you jackass!

[Craig laughing]

Craig: Faking a coma. That's good, James. Very good. Not quite good enough.

James: You just proved yourself the most clever monkey in the cage. Congratulations.

Craig: Now, you miserable piece of filth, where is Carly, and what have you done with her?

James: Carly? Carly who?

Craig: All I do is make noise in here, and you're done. But you want to talk, we can talk. Somebody followed Jack Snyder to Europe. Your friend, Dr. Weston --

James: I don't know any Dr. Weston, either.

Craig: AKA George Townes. Got out of dodge just before the sheriff. I think he was tipped. And I think you're the one who tipped him.

James: Yeah, sure, from my critical care hospital bed.

Craig: I think you've been lying here, playing dead, giving orders on the sly.

James: Montgomery, you think what you like. I have a few things on my mind.

Craig: So do I. I can go get the Police, and you can tell us all what you did to Carly.

James: Not a good plan, Montgomery.

Craig: Why's that?

James: It's very simple. If you alert the Police, Carly dies.

Craig: You think you have --

James: Shh!

[Footsteps approaching] [monitors beeping]

Barbara: James, wake up. Please try. I need to talk to you.

Paul: All right, Ms. Meyers.

Paul: All right, Ms. Meyers. Thank you. Good night.

Will: You know, I'm the only kid in my class who still has a baby-sitter.

Paul: Well, you can think of her as a cop.

Will: Dad's a cop. She's a sitter.

Paul: No, she's the only thing keeping you from turning this place into party central. Hey! Catch!

Will: Chocolate chip. Cool.

Paul: Glad I got it right, buddy. Hey, why don't you go upstairs, play a couple of rounds of skate pro ii? Put your PJs on.

Will: All right. Hey, Paul?

Paul: Yeah.

Will: Are you gonna stay here when dad gets home?

Paul: Uh -- if your dad wants me hanging around, yeah -- for awhile.

Will: What about mom?

Paul: Well, I figure what mom does is between her and your dad.

Will: Oh.

Paul: I -- come here, come here. You know -- you know when you're pitching for little league, you got some catchers that'll catch anything you throw at 'em, right? And those are the guys that you want behind the plate, because you can count on 'em. They won't let you down. And then you got some out there that are a little -- a little iffy.

Will: So mom's iffy at catching the ball?

Paul: No, no. I just -- I wouldn't count on her right now.

[Knock at door] hey!

Kim: Hi, Paul. Hi, honey!

John: Hey, Will. My man! Don't forget, you said you were gonna -- you know, you promised you'd come over and hang out with Parker this weekend, right?

Will: I didn't forget.

John: Yeah, good. 'Cause I want to turn him -- spin the ball a little bit. You know? Season's right around the corner. Right?

Will: Right.

Paul: Will was just heading up to bed. Say good night, buddy.

Will: Good night.

Kim: Oh, but first I get a hug maybe. Thanks.

Will: Good night, aunt Kim. Good night, everybody!

Paul: Bye, bud.

John: Hey, listen, Paul, we wanted to go over a couple of things with you.

Paul: Not right now, okay? It's late.

Kim: About your mother.

Paul: No.

John: It'll be too late. If we don't do this now, it'll be too late to make a difference.

Kim: Paul, your mother is really trying to pull herself out of a very deep hole.

John: We think it's time that you gave her a hand.

Barbara: James, open your eyes. Please, try. Tell me how to fix this. I want the women back. I need answers for Rose, and you're the only one who has them. Paul looks at me now with such hurt in his eyes. And it is killing me knowing that I'm the one that put it there. I don't expect you to understand this, but maybe -- maybe something inside you -- maybe you remember how to be a father. And if you do, you know that I need to have him forgive me. James, please. Tell me how to undo this so Paul will look at me like his mother again. Think about it. Please. Good-bye.

[James chuckling]

James: Oh, Barbara, Barbara, Barbara. Beautiful woman. I think she was a lot sexier, though, when she was angry, had some fire about her.

Craig: You knew she was coming?

James: I'm always one step ahead, Montgomery. That's how I'm able to control these monitors. And that's how I can have Carly killed at a moment's notice.

Craig: You're bluffing.

James: Am I? You're sure about that? You see, I think it's so important to be able to communicate.

Craig: What have you done with Carly and Emily?

James: Carly and Emily are safe -- for the moment. But if certain conditions are not met, Emily dies and Carly dies. You don't want Carly dead, do you?

Craig: And you don't want the Police alerted, do you?

James: Well, I think what we have here is what they refer to as a Mexican standoff. Ole.

Craig: So what do you propose we do?

James: I propose that we work together and you get me out of Oakdale or that pretty little Carly loses her pretty little head.

Hal: And for weeks, it seemed like I was watching myself, only like from a distance. In the last few days, it feels like I'm seeing myself only from closer up. I don't know. Does that make any sense at all?

Adam: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I think so.

Hal: I mean, I'm gonna get there. It's gonna take me some time, but I'm gonna get there.

Adam: Dad, how do you know? What keeps you believing that you're gonna come back from such an awful thing?

Hal: Because I keep thinking about how much I want my family back, how much I want my whole unmanageable life back.

Adam: Speaking of which, actually I saw Will today after his practice. He said that Barbara's been at the house?

Hal: Oh, yeah?

Adam: He says she's setting up for when you come home.

Hal: Well, I really don't know what there is that I need. I mean, it's not like my legs are broke or anything. You know?

[Cell phone ringing]

Margo: Margo Hughes.

Grady: Detective, we've got trouble. At the end of route 26,

where it intersects with the Old County road.

Margo: Can't you get somebody else to handle it?

Grady: Looks like it may involve your sister.

Margo: Katie? Oh, I smell a false alarm, but, okay. I'll check into it. I'm on my way. I'm sorry, guys. But I got to get back to work. Here, Adam, why don't you take my car, huh?

Adam: What about you?

Margo: I'll call a black and white. I'll meet you at home later. You up for a pizza?

Adam: Always. Yes, yes.

Hal: I'm up for pizza.

Margo: You keep that up, Hal, and you'll get out of this joint soon. Bye.

Adam: Bye.

Hal: Bye. So, tell me what's going on with you. I feel so out of touch with your life. What's happening?

Adam: No, I've just been hanging out with Abigail lately. I mean, you know, because of the whole trial.

Hal: Trial? Abigail's trial? You'll have to forgive me. I'm not 100%. What's going' on?

Adam: No, it's okay. You know, it's gonna be nice to talk to somebody who hasn't made up his mind about the whole thing.

Hal: Well, talk to me. I'm all yours.

Tom: The D.A. is offering to reduce the charges against you to involuntary manslaughter, if you plead guilty.

Jake: No, Tom. No way we are gonna let her --

Tom: Jake, you got to hear me out. You got to hear me out on this. If she takes a plea-bargain, it's very possible, given the fact that she has no record that she'll walk away with a minimal sentence, possibly just probation.

Holden: Possible, but not guaranteed.

Tom: Well, nothing is guaranteed, but you have to understand this. There will be no trial, and Molly will not have to testify against her.

Jake: That's right. And if she takes this, she's a convicted felon. When she applies for a job, credit card, reapplies for school, she's got a sheet. She's a convicted felon, Tom, until she's old and gray.

Tom: My obligation is to explain the D.A.'s offer, not to tell you whether to take it or reject it. But I do need to know, Abigail, that you understand this.

Abigail: If I plead guilty, then we don't go to trial.

Tom: This is your life, Abigail. You're the one that's charged. You're the one that's facing the jury. And you are legally an adult, so whether or not you take this offer is totally your decision.

Abigail: Tom, can I ask you a question?

Tom: Sure.

Abigail: Off the record?

Tom: Everything between client and attorney is privileged.

Abigail: I'm asking you as a friend.

Tom: Shoot.

Abigail: If you were in my place, what would you do?

Tom: First, I think I would consider how today went.

Abigail: Which is how?

Tom: I think it went well. I was able to discredit Mary Mennihan's testimony in front of the jury. In fact, from where I sat, I don't think they believe that she actually saw you kill Nick Scudder. I think they walked away wondering, "what kind of woman doesn't call 911 to help her dying lover?"

Abigail: But the ADA questioned her again, and she stressed the point that Mary saw me kill him.

Tom: Well, let me tell you how that works. See, Evelyn knows that Mary's testimony hurt their case. That's the reason that she's offering to reduce the charges against you.

Abigail: What about what Jake said? I don't want to be known as a felon for the rest of my life. I don't want to say that I did something that I'm not sure I did.

Tom: True. And on the other side, the trial's over.

Abigail: And if the trial goes on?

[Tom sighs]

Tom: Well, nothing is settled until the jury reads its verdict. Hey. Let's not beat around the bush, Abigail. If Molly has to testify against you tomorrow, it's gonna be very difficult for her, and I know you'll understand that because Evelyn's gonna hammer her on her original claim that she is the one that killed Nick.

Abigail: She's gonna make Molly say she confessed because she thought I was guilty.

Molly: Well, I won't! I won't say it, and nobody can force me to say it, Tom!

Tom: Hold on, hold on.

Abigail: Tom, you haven't answered my first question. If you were me, what would you do?

Tom: As your friend and not as your attorney?

Abigail: Yes.

Tom: I wouldn't take it. If I was innocent, I would want a verdict of not guilty, free and clear. However, it doesn't mean that that is what you should do.

Abigail: Okay.

Molly: Sweetheart, whatever you choose, I am with you 100%.

Holden: Right beside you here, honey.

Jake: Got your back.

Abigail: Then let's go on with the trial.

Cop: Detective --

Margo: What'd you drag me down here for? This is just a car hits a ditch, and the driver takes a hike for help.

Cop: That's what we thought, too, until we saw the tracks.

Margo: What tracks?

Cop: Looks like somebody was dragged out of here. A woman's purse and credit cards was on the seat.

Margo: Okay, bag 'em. Car keys?

Cop: No.

Margo: All right, you're off the hook for dragging me away from a hospital visit. Got a car registration? Fairway car rental. Dahlia Ventura?

Cop: I remember the name. That's why I thought you might want to come down here personally. Am I right?

Margo: You're right. You're right. You're right on the money.

Katie: I had tons of money, and you were there, except for you were snickers.

Simon: Snickers? What, I was some randy rabbit?

Katie: Well, no, you were you, but only after I yanked your head off.

Simon: Ouch. So what happened after you beheaded me?

Katie: I'm not sure.

Simon: Baby, listen to me. Look at me. Something made you yell out.

Katie: Well, I'm sure you didn't mean to hurt me. You weren't choking me. You were choking the cardboard cutout of me. And you didn't get to me or my money --

Simon: Money. So I wanted your money?

Katie: I was cutting out a paper flower. I was gonna autograph it or something. And it -- it was this red, very deep, like, wine, crimson color --

Simon: Crimson color. Ah, and what's the name of the video production company?

Katie: Crimson Dahlia.

Simon: Crimson Dahlia.

Katie: Oh. Weird.

Simon: She got to you, Katie. Dahlia got right into your subconscious. And -- and no wonder, after the way I blew up at the party the other night. And again, I'm sorry I freaked out. But don't you see? In your dream, Dahlia was right. She said that somehow I would hurt you for your money.

Katie: No, don't say that, Simon. Don't ever say that again. I love you so much, and I am not afraid that you will hurt me. Okay? I don't care about the stupid party. I care about you and us. Nothing else matters. Thank goodness Dahlia is leaving town. And if I would've known the lengths that she would go to hurt you, I would've had her go out of town when she first got here.

Simon: Forget about Dahlia. Let's forget about Dahlia. What matters is us. What matters is this. And what matters is this.

Craig: I know liars, James, and you're lying. You won't kill Carly. She's too valuable alive.

James: And you're sure about that?

Craig: For all I know, she and Emily have managed to escape, and the first thing they do is nail you.

James: And they nail you right along with me.

Craig: Only if I help, which I haven't agreed to.

James: But you see, Montgomery, you should, 'cause I'm a man of my word.

[Craig laughs]

Craig: You'd step on your mother to get a cab.

James: I'm telling you the truth. I'll exchange that pouty little blonde for my freedom. Now, I have a meeting set up with Townes. You get me safely to that rendezvous, and I will deliver you Carly on a silver platter. Now you can't say no to that.

If I am not in the presence of George Townes -- that's Dr. Weston to you -- in 48 hours, both Emily and Carly will die. That order is locked into place. You don't talk to the Police. You don't confess it to your priest. You don't even whisper it to little Lucy at some paternal fireside chat.

Craig: If you mention my daughter's name one more time, you're done.

James: What's it gonna be?

Craig: I'll work with you.

James: Wise decision.

Craig: First, I talk to Carly.

James: I can't do that.

Craig: Then I call Margo.

James: So you're willing to sacrifice Carly so easily?

Craig: How do I know you haven't sacrificed them already? How do I know Carly and Emily are still alive?

James: What do you want?

Craig: You have Carly, call me on my cell phone. And I will get you out of here undetected and to the rendezvous. But if I don't hear from her by tomorrow, I call the cops.

Paul: Hey, look, I understand that you two care about my mother, and it's great that she has loyal friends like you. But don't come here pushing some agenda on me.

Kim: Wait a minute. Your mom has no idea that we're here.

Paul: Good, 'cause I don't have any spare sympathy lying around.

John: That's too bad.

Paul: No, it's self-preservation, John.

John: No, it isn't. It's too bad, because you see, you're a very big part of the reason that your mother is where she is.

Paul: Did I let James Steinbeck back in her life? Did I plot the kidnapping of three innocent women?

John: You know, she's been through an ordeal. There aren't many people who survive the kind of pain that Barbara's been through.

Paul: I was there, remember? I was the one who sat by her bed holding her hand when she was scared of everything from daylight to candlelight. Where were you? Pretending everything was okay, ignoring her insanity!

John: I wasn't lying to her. At least I know that much. I never lied to her about B.R.O. I never used Carly Tenney to replace her!

Paul: I saved her company, John! And if she hadn't been so bitter, she would have realized that her designs weren't good enough, and she would have helped me find somebody to ghost her. But what did she do instead? She made me go behind her back, and I hated that. But you know what I would have hated more? Having to look in her eyes and tell her I lost her company. But you know what? That was months ago and makes absolutely no difference right now, because even after she told me she understood what I did and why I did it, she turned to James. She turned to the man who spent years of his life torturing us, and then she turns around and helps him torture Rose. And I'm supposed to overlook that and pretend like it didn't happen? You're out of your damn mind.

Hal: All right, now, you stop by the house. You let Will know I'm okay, all right?

Adam: Yeah, yeah, no problem. Actually, I already promised him I'd stop by today, so --

Hal: Okay. And you know, I really don't need whatever special food or care or whatever it is that Barbara's got planned. You know?

Barbara: It's just a little intercom, Hal.

Hal: Barbara.

Barbara: Hi, Adam.

Adam: Hi. You know what? I'll see you later, okay?

Hal: Yeah. It better be soon. Got this? See you. What's this about an intercom?

Barbara: It's good to see you up and about again. You look good, Hal. An intercom -- I just set it up so you could rest in bed and call down into the kitchen for whatever it is you want.

Hal: Barbara, when I get home, I'm not gonna be lying around all day, you know? I mean, it's not like I'm an invalid or something like that.

Barbara: You'll need to rest.

Hal: What I want to do is get back to work. I'm sorry. I don't mean to put you off, but -- why don't you have a seat? So -- what's on your mind?

Barbara: You could always do that, couldn't you? Read my mind. I need advice. And I know I shouldn't be asking you after everything that you've been through, but -- I'll go in just a minute. I promise.

Hal: Why don't you just tell me what it is you want, Barbara?

Barbara: It's Paul. He hates me. I've destroyed our relationship. I want him to love me again, and I could apologize to him a million times, and it wouldn't make up for what I've put him through.

Hal: Barbara, I don't understand what you want from me.

Barbara: Maybe just a little reassurance.

Hal: Barbara, I --

Barbara: Please, Hal. Tell me you don't hate me, too.

Molly: Okay. All right. Now that we're gonna go ahead with this trial, I have a question.

Tom: That is why we're all here.

Molly: How do I answer the prosecutor and not incriminate my own daughter? How do I get a few choice words in about what a slime ball Nick Scudder was?

Tom: Well, what is it exactly that you want the jury to know about Nick Scudder?

Molly: That he was a criminal and that he's been a criminal since he messed up my life all those years ago, and his sole purpose for coming back to Oakdale was to extort money from Jake and me. And above all, the main thing I want to get out is that Mary was part of that plan.

Holden: Tom, would it be a good idea if Molly told the jury that the night Nick died, Jake and Molly were about to give him $500,000 to stay away from Abigail?

Molly: Right, exactly. And then when I showed up there, my daughter was hurt, and Nick was lying on the floor, and my only instinct, my only thought, was to get my daughter as far away from him as possible.

Tom: You know -- whoa, whoa. I see where you're going here, and you cannot bring up your past with Nick Scudder.

Jake: You -- you're kidding us, right?

Tom: No. It would speak of motive and premeditation.

Abigail: How?

Tom: Well, the jury could decide that Abigail planned to kill Nick because of what he did to Molly all those years ago.

Molly: Are there any of Evelyn's questions that I can avoid?

Tom: No, you're not going to avoid anything. You are under oath, and you are gonna tell the truth.

Molly: Sure. Piece of cake.

Holden: But you're gonna have another chance at Mary Mennihan, right, Tom?

Molly: Right. I know that you can break her down and make her confess. I know you can.

Tom: I will get to speak with her at a later time, but here's the deal. This is all on you.

[Molly sighs]

Katie: I have a feeling about this cottage. Remember when I told you that objects hold a certain vibration to them or a feeling?

Simon: So our cottage is experiencing some kind of karmic transmutation?

Katie: You remembered that?

Simon: Yeah. I remember every ridiculous, crazy, messed up thing you've ever said.

Katie: Really?

Simon: Yes.

Katie: Well, I think our little cottage would be lonely if we left it, so let's stay here tonight.

Simon: Stay here?

Katie: Yeah.

Simon: On the floor all night?

Katie: Hey, it was good enough for --

Simon: Yeah.

Katie: It'll be fine. I have some extra blankets in the car, and I think maybe even a pillow or two. Come on. I want our cottage to know that we belong to it, to know that it's our home, and it's our safe place where nothing bad can happen, and we don't have to worry about a thing.

Simon: Yeah, well, I worry that the ceiling's going to fall in, and the windows are going to fall out.

Katie: Oh, come on. You just have to know how to open them right. They're fine.

[Katie yells]

Simon: Katie -- be careful. I do not want you getting hurt.

Katie: I know. I know.

Margo: Okay, let's get this thing out of here before it causes a real accident and somebody gets hurt. Um, you know, as long as I'm here, I'm gonna have forensics go over the whole thing just in case. By that time, Ms. Ventura I'm sure, will be at the station whining that the cops have stolen her car. Grady, will you be a buddy and check through the woods one more time?

Cop: The tow truck's on the way. How do you want me to report this?

Margo: Um, log it as an abandoned car. Nothing more for right now. I'll take care of it in the morning. Oh, Katie, Katie, Katie -- please don't let any of this have anything to do with you.

Simon: A little bit of atmosphere.

Katie: Hmm. Oh, I love it here.

Simon: I'm going to make this cottage a real home, Katie -- something solid.

Katie: Like you.

Simon: Like my love for you.

Katie: Aw. And I'm going to make it so beautiful.

Simon: Like you.

Katie: Good one.

Simon: Well, if anyone can do that, you can. You know, you were saying before about this house having feelings --

Katie: Mm-hmm.

Simon: I think it's saying to us that we're going to be okay, and by staying here, we're like bonding with it, letting it know that it belongs to us.

Katie: Do you feel how enchanted it is?

[Katie sighs] this is our safe place -- where nothing bad can happen. Our very own safe place.

Abigail: I'm just so worried about Molly testifying tomorrow.

Holden: I don't think she has a problem with it, so don't you worry about it. You just worry about getting through this thing. Let her help. That's it.

Abigail: Thanks.

Jake: You nervous?

Molly: Like I'm being served my last supper, and it's my own head.

Jake: You remember when Abigail came back here, and we found the twins, and -- you would wonder if you had what it took to be a mother? I think you're batting 1,000. I think you're a mommy from your head to your toes.

Molly: Jake?

Jake: Hmm?

Molly: I know I told Abigail that everything was gonna be okay --

Jake: But?

Molly: You know, when I try to picture the last day, and the foreman reading the verdict "not guilty," I just had this thing right here, right inside here that keeps telling me that something terrible's going to make that not happen. Hold me. Hold me, okay? Forever.

Jake: Mm-hmm.

Molly: Don't let go, ever.

John: A gesture, Paul, that's all I'm asking -- a small gesture. Perhaps you could call her and tell her maybe you've made a couple of mistakes along the way yourself!

Paul: I've already had that conversation with her.

John: Well, then you can have it again!

Kim: Wait! Wait just a minute! Paul, hasn't there ever been any time in your life when you've let somebody down, somebody you really loved? You didn't trust them when you should have, or you shut them out when all you really wanted to do was to say I love you? I mean, you knew you were hurting them, but maybe you were so full of pain yourself, maybe you couldn't stop yourself from wanting to hurt them, too? Doesn't that even sound familiar to you? I mean, we've all been there. It's a very cold and lonely place to be, Paul. But the catch is, the only way out of that is for the person you've hurt to open their heart and invite you back in. I don't know if anyone's ever done that for you, Paul -- invited you back in when they could have just as easily let you stay out in the cold. But if they have, then you know how important it is for you to do that for your mother. There could be a miracle that would bring her back to us.

Hal: You're the mother of my children, Barbara, so hate doesn't enter into the equation, but neither does love -- not in the way that you need it.

Barbara: Hal, I was a different person. I was lost when I let those women be taken away.

Hal: I understand that Steinbeck used you, and you feel bad about that. And he used me, too. But you know what the difference is, Barbara? I fought it. I fought it hard. You, on the other hand, invited him in, and you cannot expect people, especially people like Paul, to forget about that.

Barbara: How do I convince the people I've hurt that I regret what I've done? How do I get them to hear me when I tell them that I want to make things right again? I'd spend the rest of my life in chains if I had to.

Hal: Everybody knows you regret what's happened, Barbara.

Barbara: Do they? Do you?

Hal: Yes, and I don't think that you're sorry just because the people you love are angry with you, and that hurts. I think that it's coming from someplace real. But beyond that, I don't think you should expect too much, okay?

James: I underestimated you, Montgomery. You're not easily bluffed.

Craig: We can play cards some day.

James: I'll have Carly call you. In the meantime, you keep your mouth shut.

Craig: I don't know where your rendezvous is with Townes yet, but I will have a gun to your head till we get there. And when we get there, if there's no Carly and no Emily, I will blow your brains out.

James: You certainly have a flair for the dramatic.

Craig: Carly calls me tomorrow. If not, enjoy death row.

[Door slams]


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