ATWT Transcript Friday 3/8/02

As The World Turns Transcript Friday 3/29/02

By Linda
Proofread by Ebele

Simon: She said what she said, right? Look, she's out for revenge, Katie. She feels guilty that she wasn't around when her sister died, so she's lashing out at me. Oh, come on. Will you please just say something?

Katie: What do you want to hear, Simon?

Simon: It's not what I want to hear, Katie. I want you to look me in the eye and tell me that you trust me.

Katie: I got to go get ready. Tonight is the biggest night for me ever, professionally -- since the Endicott awards.

Simon: That party's being thrown by a woman who accused me of murder and you're still gonna go? Listen, Katie, if you go to that party --

Katie: What? I'm choosing her over you? What if I'm choosing me over both of you tonight? It's my night.

Simon: Right, I know it is, okay? And you deserve it. I also deserve an answer. Do you believe me? Do you believe Dahlia? You better tell me, Katie, because, believe me -- I mean, I think our future depends on it.

Katie: Okay, put yourself in my position for a second. I have a husband who has lived by his wits and off his women his entire life. And you've made a mess of things. But that's okay. I can handle that. I've made a few messes of my own. It's just, right now, I don't understand where any of this is coming from. All of the sudden, you're keeping things secret and you're telling little white lies and you're covering your tracks. I don't even know what to believe anymore. And you have the audacity to stand there and issue me an ultimatum? Who are you?

Jack: Why don't you have a seat. Something about being buried alive really rubs me the wrong way.

Dupree: Lucky for you, it wasn't a permanent arrangement. "Watch my back. I'm being followed." Wow. Quick thinking.

Jack: Well, for a few minutes there, I was afraid you hadn't taken that seriously.

Dupree: On the contrary. Even though I instructed the Police car to leave the graveyard, my men and I were close by at all times. We watched you being attacked, and then disarmed, and then stuffed into that coffin.

Jack: Oh, you saw all of that, did you? I'm glad it was so entertaining for you.

Dupree: Your attackers are being pursued as we speak. We're going to find them.

Jack: Good. I want to talk to them when you do. In the meantime, do you mind if I have a little chat with Hilda Schmidt?

Dupree: Be my guest.

Jack: I'm gonna make this short and sweet, Hilda. I know that you've been trailing me ever since I landed in Brussels. But when did this all start? Oakdale? Have you been following me since Oakdale? Ah, the silent type. You know, I'd just check out the stamp on your passport, but you know what? I really don't even have to do that, 'cause I know your story. You've made it quite clear that your job is protecting Dr. Weston. But my question is -- why? Why would you want to cover for a guy who obviously doesn't give a damn about you?

Hilda: We all have our right to privacy.

Jack: She talks. Hallelujah! How long have you been following me?

Hilda: Yes, I was in Oakdale.

Jack: Why?

Hilda: One of doctor's subjects went missing and he wanted to see that she was not going to disrupt his research.

Jack: Subjects? As in experimental subjects? This is Rose D'Angelo we're talking about, isn't it?

Hilda: I was dispatched to stop all intruders.

Jack: Yeah, stop them dead. Where is Weston? Where is he keeping the other two?

[Doorbell rings]

Rose: Round two -- where Ms. Walsh eats her face cream. Listen --

Paul: Hey, Rose.

Rose: Did you forget something from before?

Paul: Oh, you mean when we were talking about how much we missed each other? I think -- I don't think I quite got my point across, but if you'll let me in, I think I can do a better job this time.

Rose: I don't think that's really a good idea.

Paul: Well, if I get out of line -- if I get out of line you can always throw me out again.

Rose: I don't quite remember things that way, but --

Paul: Oh, I see. You must be forgetting about the part where you said, "walk out of that door and promise to never come back again."

Rose: It must have slipped my mind. That's one of the things about getting old that's good -- you know, people tell you horrible things, but then you forget 'em.

Paul: Still got the same old knack for putting a guy back in his place, so at least you've got that going for you. Five minutes? Ten for good behavior?

Rose: You don't know good behavior.

Paul: I'll do my best.

Rose: All right.

Paul: I see you still got the rose I gave you? I thought you would have plucked off all the petals by now.

Rose: Oh, come on. Me? No, I would never hurt anything from the plant kingdom. It's defenseless. It's starting to open up.

Paul: Yeah, she looks beautiful. Let's hope she keeps it up.

Rose: Here, take a closer look.

Paul: The closer the better.

Barbara: Agent Will, commander mom does not think that super agent Paul will make it to the store in time to pick up one's favorite chocolate chip cookies. So guess what, dude? You're getting homemade -- humongous ones. Over and out. Okey dokey, let's see --

Craig: Barbara.

Barbara: What are you doing here?

Craig: I see you're busy trying to make yourself indispensable. I have a lead on the man who helped you dispose of Carly and the others. Let's get to work.

Barbara: Craig, you can leave on your own or you can wait for the Police escort. It's up to you.

Craig: This lead concerns a Dr. Weston, Barbara.

Barbara: I don't know him.

Craig: No, of course not. Maybe James referred to him by another name. T. Owens? W. Stone?

Barbara: You're wasting my time.

Craig: You see, Weston's an anagram, Barbara. Scrambled letters which somehow spell the doctor's real name. I have it on very good authority that --

Barbara: If your authorities are of the same breed as you, then you should not be taking too much stock in what they have to say, Craig.

Craig: My authority is Hal Munson.

Barbara: Hal told you this?

Craig: He came up with the anagram. John Dixon's doing some follow-up. Call him yourself. He'll verify every thing I'm saying. Or you can stop wasting my time and tell me what the man's name is. Townes? Barbara? What will it take for you to care enough about your victims that you would risk saving their lives?

Jack: Well, welcome back, boys! Say hello to Hilda here. How much is she paying you, by the way? What? What's that? They don't seem to want to talk either. What is it with you people? You should really reconsider. You help me find Emily Stewart, Carly Tenney and the rest of Dr. Weston's prisoners, you may be just saving yourself.

Hilda: Dr. Weston has no prisoners. He is a revolutionary scientist. His patients are privileged to be part of his groundbreaking research.

Jack: Yeah? What kind of ground is he breaking?

Hilda: Do your worst. I will never betray him.

Jack: Oh, that's just great. You stick with Dr. Boyfriend. I'm charging her on three counts of conspiracy to kidnap, aiding and abetting a kidnapping, and, on a more personal note, attempted murder. I'll get the ball rolling on her extradition to the States.

Dupree: I'll do what I can to assist. Once we've finished with her locally, we'll act globally, yes?

Jack: And that's just for starters.

Hilda: I hear "prison" and I should feel fear? Hardly. I've been there. I've survived.

Jack: I doubt you've done time in an American federal penitentiary for assisting a serial murderer.

Hilda: I don't know what you're talking about.

Jack: No? I bet these graves could tell me everything I need to know. Hmm? We'll exhume a few graves, look at the bodies -- and they'll do the talking for me. So, hey, you guys want to help me out with that before you leave? No? Huh? What's that? Get them out of here.

Dupree: Allez, allez.

Jack: No, wait. Wait a second. That one -- stop that one right there.

Dupree: Marcel, wait.

Jack: Do you mind if I borrow his sweater, his hat and jacket, everything? Thanks.

Dupree: You have something specific in mind for the gravedigger's clothing?

Jack: I'm gonna hang out here for a few minutes longer, if you don't mind -- with your permission, of course.

Dupree: May I know why?

Jack: Something big is going down here, Dupree. I want to be here.

Dupree: I'd rest easier with you safe in a hotel room in town.

Jack: Hilda wanted me in that coffin because they're expecting another delivery. And when it shows, I can trace it back to the spa. Hopefully, I'll be able to find the two missing women before daybreak.

Dupree: Well, what if this delivery isn't coming from the spa?

Jack: That's a chance I'll have to take. Look, I know I'm overstepping my jurisdiction --

Dupree: To say the very least.

Jack: Then I'm relieving you of all responsibility. Forget you ever saw me here. 'Cause there's no way in hell I'm backing out now.

Ben: Hey, bro.

Isaac: Hey.

Ben: This place looks great.

Isaac: Yeah. Yeah, it does. It just -- it doesn't run too late.

Ben: You feeling all right?

Isaac: Fine. Why?

Ben: Because when the original Mr. Late night starts talking about turning in early, something's up.

Isaac: Nothing's up. And no, I don't want to talk about it.

Ben: Hey, a big media event like this has got to be great for business, am I right?

Lisa: Oh, yes, you certainly are. Oh, you'll be happy to know that Vivian has agreed to stay on and help with the cleanup tonight.

Ben: And Vivian is -- ?

Isaac: New bartender.

Ben: Really?

Lisa: Yes, yes. Yes, Isaac hired Vivian, you know, to shut me up, 'cause he felt like I was hounding him too much about really not begging Bonnie to stay. And so he hired Vivian. And now here I am, supposed to believe that he's very happy, that he's ready to move on with his life, he's over Bonnie and he doesn't care that he drove the poor girl all the way to Scotland. Oh, poor darling. We both know that he's just so in love he doesn't know what to do with himself.

Isaac: Do you want to stop with the mind reading?

Lisa: Why? I'm so good at it. The precious -- oh, he just doesn't know. He misses Bonnie so much he doesn't know what to do.

Ben: Well, don't hold your breath. My brother's too hard-headed to ever admit that he's in love.

Dahlia: Hello.

Lisa: Hi.

Dahlia: How is everyone tonight?

Lisa: Oh, fine. How are you?

Dahlia: Well, the only thing that could make me happier is a bigger crowd. But I have no doubt that we'll make enough noise for Katie's butt-busting celebration.

Ben: Ooh, that sounds painful.

Dahlia: Well, no pain, no gain. Listen, I want everyone at Java underground to party right along with us. The champagne is on me. I want tonight to be --

Lucy: Unforgettable?

Dahlia: Precisely. Oakdale will be buzzing about this night for years to come. Excuse me. Hi. Dahlia Ventura.

Photographer: Good to meet you.

Dahlia: I just wanted to make sure that you're ready to capture that very special moment that we spoke about earlier.

Photographer: And when is this special moment gonna be, exactly?

Dahlia: Well, you'll know it when you see it.

Photographer: I could use a little more to go on than that.

Dahlia: Don't worry. It will be unmistakably dramatic, I promise. One might even say explosive.

Katie: I adore you. And I do believe in you. And you are mine, I am yours till the end of time. Please commit that to memory. It's just right now, I'm a little bit -- no, you know what? Scratch that. I am furious. I am being forced to digest the fact that your dead wife, Monique, just happens to be Dahlia's dead sister. And no one's denying the fact that there are some pretty weird circumstances surrounding her death. So, I'm gonna go smile for the cameras and meet my backers and greet my fans.

Simon: Listen, Dahlia just stood here -- Dahlia stood here and admitted that she tricked you into this entire thing to save you from your wife-killing husband.

Katie: She also said that she would back out of this whole thing after tonight. I'll buy her out of her contract, and you and I will go back to feathering our little nest.

Simon: Really? Really?

Katie: Yeah, really. That is what I want. It's what I need. But I also need this video. You know how much sweat and energy I've put into it.

Simon: I know you have, but --

Katie: So, I'm not gonna boycott my own release party. I won't do it. Just because Dahlia's no angel? Who cares? So what? Who is? I want tonight. I want people whispering about me for all the right reasons. I want champagne and photographers and, most of all, I want you there -- by my side. Please, just say you'll come with me tonight. Suit yourself. I'll go alone. You know, Simon, I am learning so many things about you -- things I wish I'd never known.

Simon: No, you're wrong, Katie. You don't want me there -- unless you want to see me with my hands around Dahlia's throat.

Isaac: Mrs. Hughes!

Nancy: Call me Nancy, please.

Isaac: After your performance at the talent show, I have to resist the urge not to call you "Aretha."

Nancy: Aha! Flattery will get you everywhere, Isaac.

Isaac: Ah, thank you. I'm glad you could join us for the party.

Nancy: It looks like fun, but truly, I just stopped by to return a book. So if you will point me in the direction of Bonnie McKechnie, I will be right out of your way.

Isaac: In Bonnie's direction? Which way is Scotland?

Nancy: That's a surprise. Is she visiting her father?

Isaac: To be quite honest with you, I'm not sure what Bonnie's up to these days.

Lucy: Hi, Mrs.. Hughes.

Nancy: Oh, Lucy. How nice to see you. How are you, dear?

Lucy: Oh, I'm great. I'm so glad you could come.

Nancy: Well, actually --

Isaac: I've got to run. So, you have fun.

Lucy: Have you met the guys from her video? They're firefighters who came all the way from New York. This is Lee, this is Jeff and this is Daniel.

Nancy: Oh, I'm so please to meet all of you. I'm Nancy Hughes.

Firefighter #1: Very nice to meet you, too.

Firefighter #2: Likewise. Can we get some champagne or something here?

Lucy: Well, actually, she was saying that she --

Nancy: Oh, no, no. Nonsense. A little champagne never hurt anyone. Let's help ourselves, gentlemen.

Dahlia: Please, tell me that you have seen our guest of honor and her husband around here tonight?

Isaac: No, I haven't. But try Scotland. It's a very popular destination.

Firefighter #3: Hey.

Katie: Hey, how are you?

Firefighter #3: You look gorgeous.

Katie: Well, thank you, Daniel. That's just 'cause you usually see me in my workout clothes. Where are the other guys?

Firefighter #3: I don't know. I guess flirting with all the girls.

Katie: I'm sure of it. I'll see you in a minute.

Dahlia: All right, everyone. Let's welcome our guest of honor -- Katie Fraser!


Lucy: You look terrific!

Katie: Thank you. So do you.

Dahlia: Doesn't she? Listen, I want to introduce you to one of our producers, Herb Wolfson. He was just over here. Oh, he's right over there. The one with the blue tie.

Katie: Okay.

Dahlia: Herb is gonna be one of the major investors in your follow-up video.

Katie: My what? I don't have a follow-up video.

Dahlia: You do now.

Nancy: Congratulations, Katie, on your video.

Katie: Oh, thank you so much. Did you get a chance to see it?

Nancy: Oh, yes, of course. One can get a full cardiovascular workout just looking at these marvelous men.

Katie: Oh, I'll bet.

Nancy: Come on, men, let's go over here.

Katie: You look great.

Firefighter #1: Thank you.

Dahlia: I just want to say that I'm really glad that you're here.

Katie: What? You thought I wouldn't make it to my own party?

Dahlia: Well, after the things that were said earlier -- I didn't want to upset you, but I know that I did.

Katie: What were your intentions, Dahlia?

Dahlia: Listen, I just really loved my sister very much, and it just drives me crazy --

Katie: You know what? I'm not going there tonight. I am here to have a good time, to work, and to greet my fans.

Dahlia: You know what? You're right. And I just wanted to apologize to you and to Simon. Where is he?

Katie: He's not here tonight, thanks to you.

Dahlia: Simon 'll be here, all right. We'll make sure of that.

[Cell phone ringing]

Simon: Yeah, hello?

Dahlia: Katie, don't be silly. This is a time for celebration! Not for making phone calls.

Simon: Katie?

Dahlia: Look, sweetie -- if you need a doormat for that charming little cottage of yours, I'll be happy to buy it for you. But listen, I don't want you to volunteer for the job. Listen, you're a star. This is your night to shine. No. Please, just forget about Simon. Cut him loose. He made it perfectly clear that that's exactly what he's doing to you. That's how it all begins.

Simon: Katie. Katie, can you hear me? Ka --

Paul: I always liked roses. By far the most beautiful flower. In fact, they're so desirable that they had to grow thorns, just so people would leave them in peace. Of course, if you really, truly love a rose, a few little thorns aren't gonna keep you away.

Rose: It's sad about flowers, though. You know, they bloom so fast. The beauty fades and the petals fall off and you're left with nothing but a mess -- because nothing lasts forever.

Paul: The important stuff does.

Rose: Maybe you're right. I still feel like me on the inside, you know? I can see myself shopping for bikinis, and working out, and kicking up my heels on a Saturday night with Mitzi -- and my future and the years of my life --

Paul: When they reverse this thing, you're gonna be just fine.

Rose: What are you talking about? What if they can't? What if they can't fix it? I got to have a plan.

Paul: What kind of plan are you talking about?

Rose: I've got to -- maybe cover up all my mirrors -- never look at my reflection again -- never, ever look at Lily anymore -- go to a place where nobody knew me before, and -- oh, that'll keep my mind off my hardening arteries, wouldn't it?

Paul: You said you still feel like the same ol' Rose on inside, right? Nothing's changed? Even the way you feel about me?

Rose: Especially that. Do you know the kicker? I might love you a million times more than I did before. But I can't -- it doesn't matter, you see? Because on the outside, I am, like, 100 years older than you!

Paul: No. Is that what you think? Is that really what you see, Rose?

Rose: What do you see?

Paul: I see you! Not an age or a condition. Just you -- a beautiful, sensitive, terrified woman -- the woman who makes me laugh until my sides hurt -- the woman who is my guardian angel, my lucky charm -- the woman I'm dying to put my arms around and take to bed and hold!

Rose: Wait! If you say anything else, you're gonna have to go!

Paul: Okay, all right. I'll just stand here. I'll just stand here and you can look at me. Look me in the eye. You look me in the eye and you tell me what you see.

Rose: I don't see anything.

Paul: Oh. Must be too far away. The whole world is gonna see you the way I do. Just give it some time.

[Doorbell rings]

Rose: Who's that?

Paul: That would be the pizza.

Rose: Pizza?

Paul: I ordered it on the way over here.

Rose: Pizza? Pizza, you got me pizza! Oh, you must have read my mind! I haven't had it in months, and --

Paul: Perfect timing.

Rose: Oh, did you get me anchovies!? I love anchovies.

Delivery guy: Yes, ma'am.

Rose: Maybe we do belong together.

Delivery guy: Now, who's buying tonight? You or your mom?

Barbara: If my son were not upstairs, I tell you what -- I would find a 1,001 things to do with this rolling pin! Craig Montgomery, the man who derailed my life, tells me that I should care about my victims? You find someone else to help you with your anagram. I wouldn't help you avoid a train wreck!

Craig: How about doing it because you owe it --

Barbara: I owe you pain and suffering, Craig.

Craig: No, we lived together. You're all paid up on that. How about doing it because you owe it to the children of the women you've disposed of?

Barbara: Don't you preach to me. I feel worse about those children than you could possibly imagine.

Craig: Barbara! You sound almost noble! But we know better don't we? You won't help me figure out Weston's name because you want Weston to continue what he's doing. Hmm? You are all cozy and comfy in Hal's home sweet home. Emily's out of sight and out of mind. That's what you want, anyways, isn't it? For Emily to be gone permanently?

Trucker #1: Who are you? Where is René? Can't you speak? Ah, simple-minded. Those are the papers. The money, for your boss. Be careful with it. We'll get the worm food. This one's light as a feather. Good thing -- my aching back. Keep digging, Einstein. We'll be back.

Jack: This can't be Carly. No way this is Carly. Please.

Jack: This isn't Carly. You wouldn't be that cruel. If she's died alone, a world away from everyone she loved, I'd know. I would have felt it. I would have known. I loved her too long. I'd know. Please, God, let me be right. Oh, God. Oh, God. Wait a minute. You're the woman who helped Rose escape from the spa. Libby. You're the girl in Rose's locket. How can you still be a young woman? And how can I break Rose's heart when I tell her I didn't get here in time to save you?

Trucker #1: Wait! What do you think you're doing, you simple-minded fool? Stealing from the dead, are you? Huh? It's against the law, my friend. Besides, they take all the valuables at the spa. Don't desecrate the dead. No touch! Hey! Hey! Hey, get back here!

Rose: Just what I always wanted, somebody thinking that I'm your mother.

Paul: Don't listen to some punk delivery boy.

Rose: Who else is he going to think that I am? I mean, I'm too old to be -- anybody else.

Paul: Rose, you got to stop looking at that locket.

Rose: I can't help it. I mean, Libby, oh, just a few years ago she was a young, beautiful girl. Now, she's -- she's on her last legs. Oh, how long before that happens to me?

Paul: We're going to get you help, okay? The kind of help your friend Libby didn't have.

Rose: How?! Some miracle doc with some wonderful cure? I'm a medical freak show here. You think some dermatologist is gonna win the lottery before my time is up?! I just wanted to do so much before I died.

Paul: Hey, hey, none -- no, stop! You're gonna -- you're gonna have plenty of time to do those things. And whatever you want to do. And I refuse to accept any other possibility.

Rose: Now, don't you be sad.

Paul: I'm not.

Rose: I don't need you to be sad.

Paul: I'm not sad.

Rose: It makes it worse for me.

Paul: I'm not sad. I'm trying to keep you from being sad, sweetheart.

Rose: I'm fine. I'm thinking -- I'm being very positive here. I'm thinking on the good end.

Paul: What good end?

Rose: I'm getting close to retirement. That means -- right -- I'm going to get a gold watch of it maybe. And then, you know, maybe I don't have time to enjoy it. I won't have kids or a husband, but if I'm going to be in the pits, I'm going to be alone. That's better off.

Paul: No, you're not alone. Rose, that's what I'm trying to tell you.

Rose: Would you go? Please?

Paul: No. Not on your life.

Photographer: A big smile.

Producer: Her smile could light up the universe.

Katie: Thank you, Mr. Wolfson.

Producer: Herb, please. You know, I like your angle on exercise.

Katie: Really?

Producer: I like all your angles. If you're free after this, there's a quiet club --

Katie: Actually, you know what, we should meet at the gym. We'll do a couple laps. And then we'll have a breakfast meeting. It'll be fun. Call Dahlia and set it up.

Photographer: Miss Fraser?

Katie: Mrs.! If Mr. Wolfson comes looking for me, just tell him that I got food poisoning or something.

Lucy: Where's uncle Simon?

Katie: He's at home, sulking, hating me.

Lucy: No, he doesn't hate you. What's wrong? He -- he didn't want to get dressed up?

Katie: Unfortunately it's a little more complicated than that.

Lucy: This is the most important night of your life. And the man you adore isn't here? Take your phone, call your husband.

Katie: Well --

Dahlia: Katie? I need a moment.

Katie: Oh, no, what now? What is it?

Dahlia: Oh, how would you like to feast your eyes on a thing of true beauty?

Katie: What is it?

Dahlia: Just a few faxes, some of the early sales reports. They can't keep the video on the shelves.

Lisa: Let's hear it for the butt buster! And all these hard working guys, the best in the business.


Katie: Yes, thank you so much, everyone. And to my boys, I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you.

Dahlia: Listen -- listen to this one actually. "Katie Fraser, for all your hard work in the fitness industry and charitable donations to the New York Fire department, the New York Sports Club has officially begun a butt busting class in your honor."

Katie: You're kidding me?

Dahlia: We did it!

Katie: That is so amazing.

Dahlia: Yes!

Lucy: This has got to be like the best night of your life.

Katie: It is, definitely, it's just -- oh, you know what they say, I guess it's true.

Lucy: What?

Katie: Success is nothing without someone to share it with.

Lucy: Simon's just a phone call away.

Katie: No, he's not, he's right here. I knew you wouldn't miss this. Hey?

Simon: So, what's going on?

Katie: This is so amazing. It's the best night of my life. And it's even better now that you're here.

Simon: So why didn't you just say that to me when you called earlier?

Katie: When I called? I didn't call you.

Simon: When you called earlier, I heard party noise in the background, you and Dahlia were --

Katie: Were? What were we doing? I didn't -- what did I say?

Simon: Come to think of it, Dahlia was doing most of the talking. Hello, Dolly.

Dahlia: Oh, glad you could join us, Simon.

Simon: Oh, yeah, keep pushing me, keep pushing me. You'll get a reaction you never bargained for.

Dahlia: I -- I don't know what you're talking about.

Katie: Simon --

Simon: Just stay away from me, or I swear to God you will be very sorry!

More of the same when you get a chance, thanks.

Isaac: I got it, Vivian.

Vivian: Okay.

Isaac: You better slow down there, mate. The last time you were drinking this hard, you turned the Walsh estate into a drive-thru.

Simon: Oh, yeah, good times.

Isaac: Please tell me you're not looking to settle any scores tonight.

Simon: Only one.

Isaac: Shouldn't you be with your wife?

Simon: Yeah, yeah, I should, should. You know, some things just don't work out the way they should sometimes.

Isaac: You're telling me.

Simon: Yeah, exactly. Take you for example. You've got a beautiful girlfriend, but you're always fighting with her.

Isaac: Bonnie and I don't fight anymore.

Simon: Since when?

Isaac: Since she left the country.

Simon: I rest my case.

Isaac: No more for him.

Vivian: Okay.

Ben: Hey, what's wrong now?

Isaac: Every time I turn around, someone else is bringing up Bonnie. What should I do?

Ben: Go to Scotland, tell her you love her.

Isaac: See, that -- that question there was rhetorical.

Ben: Come on, man, people are asking about Bonnie because they like her. They like the two of you together.

Isaac: Well, then, they're crazy. Because she is a big pain --

Ben: I know. But she's funny, she's irreverent, she's got a good heart, man. People see that. I see that.

Isaac: Now you tell me, after you chased her away.

Ben: Hey, hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, no. You are not going to put that on me, my brother.

You did that.

Lisa: Yes, and he also fired Billy. And that -- Billy looked up to him, thought he was his friend. Isn't that a shame?

Ben: Yeah.

Isaac: Thank you again, Lisa. Okay, bartenders and waitrons, they come and they go. Forgive me for not wanting to put my life on hold to fly across the Atlantic for a woman who can't even get her head on straight. You want to get mad at someone, get mad at Simon. He won't even walk 20 feet to say hello to his wife. And he's drinking.

Dahlia: Guest of honor, please. I want you to stand right here. I'm going to be making a presentation, and I'm going to be speaking straight from my heart. So I want you to hear every word.

Katie: Oh, no, no need for speeches tonight.

Dahlia: Here we go.

Katie: Dahlia --

Dahlia: Hello. Everybody, hi. I just want to thank you. I'm Dahlia Ventura. I want to thank you for your attention, and for joining Crimson Dahlia Productions in the kickoff of our newest and most popular video, "Katie Fraser's butt-busting workout"!

[Cheers and applause] now that it's taking the country by wildfire, it's time for me to say good-bye. That's right. Most of you probably don't know this yet, but tonight is going to be my last night in this wonderful little town. I wish I could stay. But I've actually written a little something to illustrate just how much Katie has meant to me. I hope that you'll indulge me. "Here's to the woman who makes dreams come true, who made me believe in miracles. I thought I had so much to teach her, but I had so much to learn. She's taught me what it means to give, to risk, to succeed, and to live. I look at her, and I see the future. A long, happy future filled with memories we'll cherish forever. Here's to the one who made it happen."

Rose: I don't want you here. I can't do this.

Paul: So what? What are you going to do? You going to get somebody over here to kick me out? Go ahead. You be sure you tell them that you want me gone because I'm crazy about you. Have them drag me out of here, but you better tell them they're going to have to do it again, and again, and again, because I'm not going anywhere. I'm going to keep coming back. You know what I did when you were gone? I told whoever would listen to me that no matter what happened to you, I'd handle it, I'd take care of you. That if you were sick, I would nurse you back to health. If you were -- if you were afraid, I would make sure that you felt safe.

Rose: You can't -- you can't do that. Nobody can do that.

Paul: What are you afraid of? That I'm going to pity you? That I'm going to stick around because I feel guilty?

Rose: There is an ounce of truth in that, yes, pity and guilt. I have enough to deal with alone here, thank you.

Paul: Nobody knows what's going to happen to them. But the only thing I know that will last forever is the way I feel about you.

Rose: Yeah, now. What about when my teeth start falling out?

Paul: I'll puree your food.

Rose: Oh, come on. What about the next pizza guy who calls me your grandmother?

Paul: He won't get a tip from me.

Rose: Oh, come on. This is the reality. This is gonna happen. Some day, I'm gonna have to pick up my support hose and look at the things that are going to happen to me, all the surprises for this fantastic body. I can't have a witness for that. I'm so sorry!

Paul: Too bad.

Rose: I know how this ends. You get -- you tell me I'm breaking your heart -- I'm hurting your feelings --

Paul: No, no, no! I'm telling you that I love you, Rose! I love you.

Trucker #2: Where have you been?

Trucker #1: Chasing down that idiot gravedigger. I was trying to teach him a lesson, and he ran off. I don't trust that one. He's up to something.

Trucker #2: Oh, he's harmless, let him be. Let's go, I don't want to be late.

Trucker #1: What are you standing around for? Get in the truck.

Dahlia: "This isn't just a partnership, this is destiny. This woman changed my life. The first time I saw her, I knew that we would do great things together. She inspires me, makes me want to do better, be better. I know one day down the line, when we're both old and gray" --

Simon: Shut up! For God's sake, why don't you just shut your mouth!

Dahlia: I thought you'd like my toast, Simon. They are your words, after all. The same words you used to toast my sister on your wedding night. What about the promises you made to Monique? Before you murdered her?

Katie: Simon, what are you doing?!

Simon: Getting you out of here, Dahlia.

Dahlia: What did I say? What did I say? Simon?!

Simon: What the hell are you trying to do to us!

Katie: You're hurting her! You're --

Simon: Hurting her?! I barely even touched her!

Isaac: Calm down, just breath.

Dahlia: You keep him away from me!

Katie: What is going on with you?

Simon: She knows exactly what she's doing. And I just came here to stop her.

Paul: What? What, what, what's wrong?

Rose: I just never thought we'd do that again.

Paul: Well, I'd like to see you try to stop me.

Barbara: What in God's name compelled me to leave all of this for you?

Craig: Room service.

Barbara: There it is -- the smirk, the sneer, the thinly veiled hostility, the self-serving comments -- so like our marriage.

Craig: No, nothing is like our marriage. But I digress. You know I can help you here. You want to wrap Hal around your little finger, I can help you win big brownie points. Just help us with this anagram.

Barbara: Even if I believed this anagram garbage, even if I believed that Hal and John deigned to give you the time of day, there is no way in hell that I would tell you what I do or do not know. You are a liar, and a thief, and whatever it is you're after, you will not get it from me.

Craig: I want Carly safe from Dr. Weston.

Barbara: Carly loves Jack. They belong together, Craig.

Craig: No they don't. But why not let Carly live long enough to find out who'd she want.

[Knock on door]

Barbara: Better leave before the Police get here, Craig.

John: Don't you have anything better to do? No, no, don't, don't, don't tell me. Don't tell me. Okay, don't tell me. You may as well hear this, too. I have some good news and some bad news, which can be summed up in one sentence. I know who Dr. Weston is.

Jack: I'm on my way, Carly. Hang in there, baby. Just a little while longer.


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