ATWT Transcript Thursday 3/28/02


As the World Turns Transcript Thursday 3/28/02

By Linda
Proofread by Ebele

Dupree: On a lovely night in March, is this where you would come?

Jack: I wish I never had to come here. No offense. So tell me, why are you guys having such a tough time locating all the spas in the area? They're licensed, right? Don't they have to register with the Health Department?

Dupree: Some of them, yes. And some of them, no.

Jack: So is it manpower? 'Cause we could always call Interpol.

Dupree: That I would not advise.

Jack: I've got two women missing, inspector!

Dupree: In your department, detective, does the efficiency increase when the feds arrive? Taking Mademoiselle D'Angelo's charges quite seriously.

Jack: What about the coffin? Any idea who brought it here? How it came here?

Dupree: We know the coffin was delivered by a truck with Swiss license plates.

Jack: So we should be honing in on all the spas in Switzerland.

Dupree: We're making inquiries about it. But you have to understand the Swiss and their love of every single detail and regulation. I mean, it's a nightmare of obstruction. Perhaps in a month or two --

Jack: No, I don't have a month or two. Whoa. Yeah, thanks.

Dupree: Not at all.

Jack: So obviously someone is being buried right here.

Dupree: Yeah.

Jack: When? Tonight?

Dupree: It would appear so.

Jack: Who?

Dupree: There usually is a marker around. The caretaker would have a schedule for internments. We can ask.

Jack: No. No, no, no, no. I'm not going anywhere. Unmarked grave, nighttime burial. Looks like the mountain is about to come to Mohammed.

Lucinda: Um -- where's Lily? Hmm? Darling? Lily should be here, you know. I mean, you shouldn't be moping around in the house all by yourself, even though the -- the alarm system is formidable, but -- no lights, darling? That's better.

Rose: Lily is at the trial.

Lucinda: Oh! Of course she's at the trial. Well, why didn't -- why didn't you go with her?

Rose: Oh, well, you know, someone had to hold down the fort. Why don't you go?

Lucinda: I don't want to go. Anyway, why would I want to go? I'd much rather have a nice chat with you, anyway. Oh, sweetheart! Guess what? News flash of the day! Wilson has lost the Kenmore account. Now I -- I know he's cute, but he's really an idiot. And I should never have let him anywhere near -- anywhere near Greg Kenmore. But you'll fix it. You'll fix it for me, won't you, darling? You'll call him up. Call your old friend Greg and take him out to lunch and --

Rose: No.

Lucinda: -- Make him laugh.

Rose: No, I can't do that.

Lucinda: Sweetheart, you have to do it, because I need you.

Rose: You can't count on me anymore.

Lucinda: Why not?

Rose: Well -- I'm not up to it.

Lucinda: Rose, you've had a nasty experience. It's just -- it's ghastly, and it's nasty. But holing yourself up in this place here is not going to change anything.

Rose: That's right. Nothing can change this. That is the problem.

Lucinda: Well, possibly I have a solution.

Katie: Thing is, I'm good at this. If the tape wasn't any good, those college kids wouldn't have loved it.

Simon: Well, I never said you weren't good. Katie, you're a natural.

Katie: Yeah, but that's why you did a background check on Dahlia in the first place, 'cause you couldn't believe that she would actually be interested in me enough to invest in me.

Simon: No. No, what I couldn't believe was that someone who has invested in you would turn around and try and hit on your husband. Look, now that we know that she's Monique's sister --

Katie: But that doesn't change the fact, Simon, that you never told me you were accused of murder.

Simon: So what? You're never gonna trust me again?

Katie: I didn't say that.

Simon: Then what?

Katie: I don't know! This whole situation has just made me look at certain things and question them.

Simon: But you're not gonna question Dahlia?

Katie: I called her. She's -- on her way over.

Simon: Oh, great. And you were gonna tell me this when? When? What, after the two of you had a little heart-to-heart? Is that why you've been avoiding me?

Katie: Yes, all right? She is my business partner --

Simon: Fine! No, do it your way!

Katie: No, Simon, don't leave!

Simon: No, Katie, I have tried. You knew what I was and why I didn't want to marry you. I warned you.

Katie: Yeah, you told me that you were a gold-digger and that you were married like 800 times, not that you had been accused of murder!

Simon: Doesn't it matter to you that I was wrongly accused?! I didn't murder anyone, okay?!

Lily: Oh, we're here for you. Just be strong, okay?

Holden: And remember, the prosecution has to make its case. So you're gonna hear a lot of stuff that Tom will refute when it's our turn.

Abigail: Okay.

Adam: You know what? Don't even look at her.

Abigail: Even when she's on the stand?

Jake: You look her right in the eye and show her what you're made of.

Tom: All right, I think we're ready to start.

Molly: Hey, sweetie, we'll be right behind you.

Bailiff: All rise. The honorable court of Lee County, Illinois, is now in session. The Honorable Judge Mark Chen presiding.

Judge: How does the defendant plead?

Abigail: Not guilty, your honor.

Judge: So noted.

Tom: The defense requests a continuance until tomorrow morning. Some new evidence has come to my attention -- a statement made by the prosecution's witness, Mary Mennihan. I'd like some time to analyze that.

Evelyn: With all due respect, your honor, counsel was well aware of prosecution's intent to proceed with this witness. In fact, counsel was present when she made her original statement.

Tom: I received written notification two hours ago, your honor.

Judge: As it appears that you were duly notified, Mr. Hughes, your request is denied. However, I'll allow you to recall this witness at a later date. We'll proceed with opening statements.

Abigail: Tom, what just happened?

Tom: Well, I didn't expect them to honor the request. But you want it on the record in case there's an appeal.

Abigail: Appeal?

Tom: It's pro forma, kind of the way we do things.

[Abigail sighs]

Abigail: But we're gonna win.

Evelyn: Your honor, move to sequester.

Judge: Granted. Bailiff?

Bailiff: All parties and witnesses in the state of Illinois versus Abigail Williams are hereby instructed to leave the room.

Molly: What?

Bailiff: You will remain in the outside waiting room and refrain from discussing your testimony with anyone.

Molly: I have to leave?

Adam: I'm not going anywhere.

Tom: It's customary. You'll come back in the room after you testify.

Jake: Hey. We'll be here for you.

Tom: Sorry. Nothing I can do.

Holden: It's gonna be okay, honey.

Bailiff: Ma'am?

Molly: Yeah. I'll be right outside.

Holden: Hey. Keep your head up. They're watching.

Barbara: Commander mom calling agent Will. Come in, agent Will. Over.

Will: Hey, it works! Cool!

Barbara: Yes! Let's hear it for technology. Over. Paul, I didn't hear you come in.

Paul: What's that?

Will: It's even got a plug for headphones.

Paul: Hey, buddy.

Will: Hey. Mom got these cool intercoms for dad when he comes home from the hospital. So that, when he can talk through 'em, she can hear him all the way down here. So if he wants, like, you know, a video or food, he can just talk to her. Isn't that cool?

Paul: Yeah. It's pretty cool.

Katie: Don't touch her! Don't touch it.

Simon: Is she okay?

Katie: No, she's not. Do you know how horrible it feels not to be able to trust you?

Simon: Okay.

Katie: For months and months, I trusted you when no one else would have. For instance, when we first met, you were in love with a married woman. Who would trust that? Me. Who would trust a guy who says, "I'll never love you"? "I don't love you now. I'm never going to." Lets you run off to a desert island. And then when he finally rescues you, just yells at you? Me. Who would trust in some guy who goes off to Malta with his ex, stays in the same room with her? Me. I know how to trust.

Simon: So why don't you trust me now?

Katie: Because -- I'm about to be famous, and we're gonna live in this beautiful cottage. And you and me and snickers can live there forever, if we want to. And we'll be happy. And we'll have money. And it's all so way too good to be true. And you know what they say about if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. What if you don't really love me? What if this is just some fantasy?

Simon: Is that what you think? That I don't love you? Ah. Katie -- who would put up with you if they didn't love you?

[Simon sighs] look -- Dahlia is trying to break us up. She's angry, she wants revenge.

[Knock at door]

Katie: And she's here.

Simon: All right, before you get that, before you -- are you with me on this? Okay? Are we gonna confront Dahlia together?

Katie: Just let me break it to her on my own terms, okay? Dahlia! Great. Thanks for coming right over.

Dahlia: Well, I figured we'd need to brainstorm before the release party tonight. Have you looked at the clothes I sent over?

Katie: Not yet.

Dahlia: Well, I vote for the blue. It photographs really well.

Katie: So, when were you gonna tell me you were Monique's sister, Dolly?

Molly: What's going on?

Adam: Well, it looks like they just finished their opening statements. Yeah, yeah. Tom's sitting down.

Judge: You may call your first witness, Ms. Hart.

Evelyn: The state calls Mary Eleanor Mennihan.

Jack: This truck with the Swiss plates -- has it been back since it dropped off Rose?

Dupree: Not that I know of. And the staff at the cemetery is under strict orders to contact us if it's spotted.

Jack: Are they reliable?

Dupree: If not, I have one of my own people checking the grounds, as well.

Jack: Well, are they gonna be contacting you tonight about the festivities?

Dupree: Well, I haven't checked with my office since meeting you at the airport. So perhaps in the interim --

Jack: No. No. I tell you what -- since that truck is our only lead, I am staying put until I find out what's going in this hole.

Dupree: As you wish. And I'll go and check with the caretaker. Is there anything else I can do for you?

Jack: Yeah, as a matter of fact.

Dupree: I see. Well --

Jack: Yeah, you check that out, and you get back to me.

Dupree: Sure.

Paul: You didn't waste any time.

Barbara: Can we table this, Paul?

Paul: Hal's in the hospital one day, and you're already insinuating yourself.

Will: What does "insinuating" mean?

Barbara: It means your brother owes your mother an apology. The walkie talkies were Will's idea, and I think they're terrific.

Paul: The walkie talkies were a great idea, buddy. It's gonna make things a lot easier for your dad when he gets home.

Will: So then why were you upset about it?

Paul: I'm -- I'm upset about a lot of things, pal. You know, your dad being in the hospital is one of 'em. But we're gonna make it through this, promise.

Barbara: You know what, honey? Why don't you go upstairs and hook up the rest of the walkie talkies and the monitors and everything, okay? Put one in your room so you can talk to your dad when he gets home.

Will: Okay.

Barbara: All right. Happy?

Paul: Actually, I'm not. But you are, aren't you? And why not? Unlike everybody else in this town, you're getting exactly what you wanted. Aren't you?

Lucinda: This is vitamin E. I mean, that's the natural way, the natural ticket. Now, I had sent in from Budapest -- it's an exfoliating cream. This is magic. And what else? What else? This -- this is for the hair to make it silky and as manageable as Greg Kenmore is gonna be after you speak with him.

Rose: You think these beauty products are gonna make me go out that door?

Lucinda: Well, they might. Give it a try. Or maybe get some new clothes.

Rose: My life is over. Do you get that? At all?

Lucinda: Dear -- none of us look as young as we'd like to look.

Rose: Yeah, life. You worked hard. You worked hard to get where you are today. I was -- I was normal. I looked fine. Everything was great. I had this great job. I had this great guy. And then poof! It's gone! They greased the skids, and I am heading down faster than a corporate bankruptcy!

Lucinda: Well, you'll be happy to know worldwide divested in plenty of time.

Rose: I don't care. I don't care. Do you understand? I don't care. Rose D'Angelo always had good timing. Leave 'em wanting more. This is it. I can't do it. I'm done. You got to find another girl. This girl cannot give you what you want.

Lucinda: Rose, that's a crock. You heard me.

Rose: I'm trying to tell you what's going on in my life here.

Lucinda: That's a crock. You go and you tell that to somebody who doesn't know you. Poor girl, poor me and all that. And it's wrong on you! It's boring.

Rose: I'm boring? This is boring to you? My pain is not exciting enough for you?

Lucinda: I'm not talking about the pain. I'm talking about self-indulgence, dear.

Rose: Self-indulgence?

Lucinda: I see it. I see it!

Rose: No, this here -- this is self-indulgence! You want to moisturize me, take me to Greg Kenmore. You tell him first to fire his son-in-law and get a real new CEO. Tell him that his campaign stinks. Sell the southeast Asia plants before someone else gets 'em! You go to him! You'll come to me crying about how horrible it was! See if I care.

[Lucinda laughs]

Rose: What? Why are you smiling?

Lucinda: Welcome back, Rose.

Dahlia: It's true. I'm Monique's sister.

Simon: I told you she had an agenda. To hound us until we gave back the money.

Dahlia: I don't care about the money. I have my own fortune, unlike you.

Simon: Oh, why is it so difficult for you to believe that I never wanted that money?

Dahlia: Oh, yeah, and there it sits in your bank account.

Katie: So, wait a minute. The whole reason you're here, the whole reason that you tracked me down to put me in that video was to get back at Simon?

Dahlia: No, Katie. I'm here to save your life.

Evelyn: Mary, you were hired by the McKinnon's to look after their twin daughters. Is that correct?

Mary: Yes. Michele and Bridget. I was their nanny.

Evelyn: But the real reason you took the job, the real reason you came to Oakdale to work for the McKinnon's and not some other family was because you had a plan.

Mary: Well, it wasn't my plan. It was Nick Scudder's and -- I'm sorry that I ever agreed to it.

Evelyn: But you did agree to it, Mary. So please tell us what your part of the plan was.

Mary: I was to help Nick, feed him information about the McKinnon's, help him set up Abigail.

Evelyn: So that he could seduce her?

Mary: Yes.

Evelyn: Could you describe your relationship with Nick Scudder?

Mary: I loved him. He wasn't a perfect person. And I hated what he did to Abigail.

Evelyn: But you two were in love? You and Nick?

Mary: Yes. We were planning to go away together when all this was over.

Evelyn: Mary, you've already admitted to an assault charge, to lying on numerous occasions. Why should we believe you now when you say you saw Abigail Williams kill Nick Scudder?

Mary: Because it's the truth. I'm no saint. I'm gonna go to jail for what I did. But it's worth it. I just couldn't live with myself anymore.

Evelyn: So you've received no consideration for your testimony here today?

Mary: No.

Evelyn: Mary, could you please describe what happened when you arrived at Nick Scudder's apartment the night of December 31, 2001?

Mary: Yes, ma'am. I'm so sorry, Abigail.

Tom: Objection.

Judge: Sustained. Ms. Mennihan, please refrain from addressing the defendant.

Mary: I'm sorry, your honor.

Evelyn: On the night of December 31, 2001, what did you see, Mary?

Mary: I arrived at his door.

Evelyn: Nick Scudder's door?

Mary: Yes. Which was closed. I was just about to knock when I heard some shouting from inside the apartment. Nick screaming, and then a thud.

Nick, let me in! And then I pounded on the door. Nick opened the door.

Nick: What are you doing here?!

Mary: Let me in. What's going on - oh, my God!

Abigail! Abigail was lying on the floor. He'd knocked her down, and she was crying. So, I -- I told her I would take care of her and not to worry and --

Abigail: Please don't hurt me.

Mary: What did you do to her?!

Nick: This has nothing to do with you, okay? Just go and wait for

me at the airport.

Mary: Oh, honey. Hang tight. Got to go. He's not gonna hit you

again. I'll take care of it. Okay?

All right? I helped her up. But Abigail was really scared. And she tried to run. And Nick stopped her.

Nick: Ah, ah, ah! I don't think so.

[Abigail screaming]

Nick: All right, another move like that, and I swear to God, I am

gonna kill you!

Mary: Stop it! Don't touch her! I tried to pull him off her and begged him to let her go. But he had been drinking. And -- when he got like that, he could be really mean and stubborn. Um -- he said some really terrible things to her. He said that - you weren't supposed to hurt Abigail! He said that she didn't mean anything and that she was just a meal ticket and that he didn't care about her.

Nick: She is just a meal ticket, okay?

Once we get our money -- and then she hit him with the music box. And he sank down to the floor, and there was blood everywhere. And I panicked. I mean, I had been in trouble before -- shoplifting and things like this. But this was murder. So I ran.

Evelyn: Thank you, Mary. Your witness.

Jack: Hey. Thanks. Dupree send you?

Gravedigger #1: It's a cold night.

Jack: Yeah, and he is, no doubt, back in his warm office. Well, I guess we're all much better off than this guy, huh?

[Jack groans] hey!

Gravedigger #1: Don't move.

Jack: Who are you? And what do you want?

Hilda: I will ask all the questions, detective. Why are you here?

Jack: Well, since you know who I am, you know why I'm here. I'm looking for Emily Stewart and Carly Tenney. And since this is where you like to hide all the bodies --

Hilda: And you have proof of this?

Jack: Steinbeck told me where to look. He said Weston liked to use this cemetery.

Hilda: That's a lie.

Jack: Then why are you here? You obviously work for Weston.

Hilda: I never heard of this Dr. Weston.

Jack: And yet somehow you knew he was a doctor.

Hilda: You're a very smart man, detective. And for that, you'll have to die.

Jack: Whoa, whoa. Let's slow down here before somebody gets hurt. How about you tell me where Carly Tenney and Emily Stewart are being held? Huh? Can you at least tell me if they're still alive?!

Hilda: I'm sorry, detective. That is one secret you won't take to your grave.

Jack: There is no way I'm letting you bury me alive.

Hilda: Alive or dead, it makes no difference to me.

Simon: Oh, this is good. This is -- so what are -- what are you trying to say? That, what, I would hurt Katie?

Katie: No, wait. Stop, Simon. Let's just hear what she has to say. Why do you think my life's in danger?

Dahlia: Because Simon goes after wealthy women --

Katie: Well, you can stop right there. I'm not a wealthy woman. In fact, our whole first year of marriage, we lived next to a garage.

Dahlia: Yes, while he pursued Lily Snyder, who is rich.

Katie: Yes, but Lily would be the first person to tell you what an amazing person he is.

Dahlia: You know what? My sister said the same thing, up till the day she died.

Katie: I am sure you miss your sister, and I'm sorry about that. But if you're trying to connect the dots here, I don't fit the pattern. I didn't have a penny until you rolled into town.

Dahlia: Look, don't be naive, Katie. Look around you! Your brother's a multimillionaire who's letting you share his penthouse.

Katie: Yeah, but he doesn't let us share his millions. In fact, we're moving out of the penthouse into a little cottage that we have to fix up.

Dahlia: With the money that Simon inherited from my sister.

Katie: No, he won't even touch that money. In fact, it would've gone to charity if I didn't stop him.

Dahlia: Katie, don't you see? He knew you would stop him.

Katie: No, I don't see. And I don't understand why you would come here and make me rich if making me rich would put me in danger.

Dahlia: Listen -- before I came here, I didn't really know you, how strong you are, how resilient. I figured the best way to protect you would be to jump-start your career, give you a nest egg, so that you can walk away free and clear.

Simon: Oh, please! What, like you're doing this out of the goodness of your heart? Yeah, right. What's your cut, Dahlia?

Dahlia: After tonight, there doesn't have to be one. Let me launch you, and then you can be on your own, if that's what you want. You buy me out of the contract. I don't care.

Simon: Oh, of course you care. Of course you care. And that's what's driving you nuts. You thought you had it all figured out, didn't you? Monique died because of me. Oh, yeah. Oh, it had nothing to do with the fact that her whole family abandoned her. You want to know the reason why I never met Dahlia, Katie? Because she was nowhere to be found. Monique hadn't heard from her in years. She was lucky if Dolly here even returned her e-mails.

Katie: Okay, listen, Dahlia, whatever issues you have to work out, you're gonna have to work them out without us. Simon had nothing to do with Monique's death.

Dahlia: He was charged with murder.

Katie: And the charges were dropped because of insufficient evidence.

Dahlia: Is that what he told you?

Simon: Oh, now what?

Dahlia: There was plenty of evidence. The charges were dropped on a technicality. Your husband got away with murder.

Tom: You say you loved Nick Scudder?

Mary: I do. I did.

Tom: I'm referring to a music box entered into evidence and marked "exhibit C." You gave this to Nick Scudder as a gift?

Mary: Yes, I did.

Tom: And the inscription on this box, "M.E."?

Mary: Nick called me Mary Eleanor -- M.E.

Tom: So a pet name, something private between lovers.

Mary: We were lovers, yes.

Tom: So this music box was a lover's gift?

Evelyn: Asked and answered, your honor. Prosecution would be happy to stipulate as to the bonds of affection between the witness and the deceased.

Judge: Move on, Mr. Hughes.

Tom: Could you explain to us why, after watching your lover bludgeoned to death by a gift that you had given him, you would decide to turn and flee the scene?

Evelyn: Objection. Irrelevant. The witness's actions after the fact have no bearing on this case.

Tom: On the contrary, your honor. The prosecution is contending that Nick Scudder was killed by a spurned lover. Whereas the defense is indicating that there were two spurned lovers in the room that night -- my client and this witness.

Evelyn: You have no basis for establishing any rupture in the relationship between this witness and the deceased!

Judge: I'll allow the question. Mr. Hughes?

Tom: Thank you, your honor. If you loved Nick Scudder the way you say and he loved you, then why was your first instinct to run out of the room after seeing him savagely beaten down?

Mary: I was scared. I told you, I was already in trouble. I was afraid.

Tom: And you didn't want to be involved in a murder, right? You said so.

Mary: I panicked. I'm not proud of it, but it's the truth.

Tom: So you ran?

Mary: Yes.

Tom: After you checked his pulse? I mean, you did check for his vital signs. The man you love is lying on the floor in a pool of his own blood, so you knelt down beside him to make sure that he had a heartbeat, yes? Because you loved him so much?

Evelyn: Objection!

Judge: Quiet in the courtroom! The objection is overruled. Answer the question, Ms. Mennihan.

Evelyn: Was there a question, your honor?

Tom: Oh, I can restate that for you. Did you do anything at all to help your beloved Nick Scudder before you ran out of the room?

Mary: He was dead.

Tom: Well, how would you know that? Even a physician is reduced to checking a patient's pulse.

Evelyn: The witness is not a doctor.

Tom: All the more reason for her to do something, anything, to make some kind of an effort to find out if he's alive or dead. But you didn't do that, did you, Mary? Did you? Only one call came in to 911 30 minutes later. And that call was made by Molly McKinnon. Now, you could have called a doctor. You could have even done that anonymously. But you didn't, did you?

Mary: I -- I didn't -- I didn't think. I was afraid. I told you that.

Tom: So you left the man you loved dying in a pool of his own blood. Is that it? Your honor?

Mary: Yes.

Tom: Well, perhaps you didn't love him at all. Perhaps you found out that he was using you the same way he used Abigail. So maybe you wanted him dead.

Evelyn: Objection! Counsel has no factual basis --

Tom: Withdrawn. I have no further questions for this witness, your honor.

Evelyn: Redirect, your honor?

Judge: Go ahead, Ms. Hart. Sit down, Ms. Mennihan.

Evelyn: Mary, are you deeply ashamed of the fact that you ran out without helping Nick Scudder?

Mary: That's why I'm here.

Evelyn: And did you see Abigail Williams kill Nick Scudder?

Mary: Yes. With the music box.

Evelyn: Thank you.

Judge: You may step down, Ms. Mennihan.

Rose: It's not about me getting even or getting mad or fighting back. This is nothing that I can change.

Lucinda: Who says?

Rose: John Dixon, your friend.

Lucinda: Oh, John. Forget about John. John doesn't believe! He doesn't believe in his feet, except that he finds them in his shoes every morning. Come on, Rose! Rose! You would never have come to Oakdale -- you would never have come to this town if you didn't believe in miracles. Because you believed, now look at you.

Rose: Yeah. My life is over.

Lucinda: Well, I don't know about that, my dear. You have a job. You're ambulatory. You're up and about. You know, you got a family, and they love you.

Rose: And Paul?

Lucinda: And Paul loves you.

Rose: Since when are you a fan of Paul Ryan's? Tell me this.

Lucinda: Since when do you give a damn what I think?

Rose: You don't understand.

Lucinda: Oh, I don't understand? Of course I don't understand. I don't understand what it's like getting older, do I? How would I know? You know? You look in the mirror in the morning, and you think, "oh, my heavens. I got to get a little help here."

[Lucinda laughs] honey, that's what life is. So you get up. You do a little something. And you pull yourself together. And you start.

Rose: I just don't want Paul to stay with me because he feels sorry for me.

Lucinda: Well, would you please not instruct him, then, in how to be like that? Just go out and show this guy. Show him you, the you that he fell in love with who's strong, who's funny. She's very funny. And smart. And would never treat herself -- I mean, she wouldn't let anybody else treat her the way you're treating yourself right now, honey. And another thing, while you're at it, get on the phone and call up Greg Kenmore and chat him up on the phone. 'Cause it might make you feel better.

Barbara: Will is just fine.

Paul: Well, I'm glad one of us is.

Barbara: This isn't about me, I know. This is about Rose. Have you talked to her, Paul?

Paul: She won't even let me get near her.

Barbara: Do you remember when you came back to town? I was in the hospital. I was so wrapped up in gauze, I don't even know how you recognized me. But you did. And you did something miraculous. Do you remember, Paul?

Paul: No.

Barbara: You took my hand, and you kissed my face. And you made me feel like a human being, a person, again. Have you kissed Rose?

Paul: I had to ask if I could hold her hand.

Barbara: Don't ask her. Just do it. Do it. Make her feel the way you made me feel -- that you love her no matter what she looks like.

Jack: All right. Hey, hey! How about you back it up a minute, okay? How about you tell me where Weston is? Hmm? I'll pay you whatever you want.

Hilda: You Americans, you're all alike. You think money is the answer to everything. No. You have nothing I want.

Jack: Hey, give me a chance. Whatever it is, I can make it happen. But this Weston -- he's playing with people's lives. He's got to be stopped.

Hilda: You know nothing about his work! Dr. Weston is a genius, a pioneer! I will do anything to help him succeed.

Jack: Do you have any idea how many people he's murdered? You really want to be a part of that?

Hilda: Put him in the casket.

Jack: Stay where you are, guys! If I need your help, I'll ask for it.

Hilda: Bury him. Now!

Dupree: Arretez, immediatement!

Hilda: You'll never stop us! Dr. Weston will be famous! He'll show the world!

[Hilda screaming] get off!

Dupree: Mon dieu. You were right. Are you injured?

Jack: If I can survive my ex-wife, I can survive you being late. Where the hell were you, inspector?

[Doorbell rings]

Rose: Round two, where Lucinda Walsh eats the face cream.

Katie: Your case got thrown out on a technicality?

Simon: The lawyers said it would have been thrown out, anyway. Because there was never any real evidence. Remember? Which is why they couldn't reinstate the charges.

Dahlia: To answer your question, Katie, the case was dismissed because he was never read his rights.

Katie: The thing is, Dahlia, I know you must miss your sister. But Simon didn't kill her. And we love each other. So just give it up!

Dahlia: You sound just like Monique. And despite what Simon seems to think, Monique and I talked all the time. Or I should say that she talked about Simon, and I listened. She talked about how he seduced her, then walked away knowing that she would run after him. But he would tell her how he was no good, and he would prove it by spending time with other women. And he played the guitar for her. Did he ever sing the blues for you, Katie? That's what he does best. He's a pro. He steals your heart, and then he --

Simon: All right, that's enough. All right? Get out! And don't you come near my wife again!

Dahlia: Or what, Simon? You'll kill me?

Simon: Oh, tell me you don't believe her.

Adam: What's going on?

Molly: Looks like they've adjourned for the day.

Jake: Hey! Now is that any way to greet the man you love?

Molly: I'm not letting her get away with this, Jake. Look, I knew you were a lowlife, but to pin this murder on my daughter --

Mary: I know what I saw.

Molly: Guess what? You're not the only one that saw what happened. Yeah, I thought that would get your goat.

Evelyn: Come on. Let's go.

Molly: She's lying, Evelyn!

Jake: What's that supposed to mean, someone else saw what happened?

Molly: Abigail. She's gonna remember, Jake.

Mary: What did you do to her?!

Holden: Honey -- I didn't believe it. I didn't believe a word she said.

Tom: And I don't think the jury did, either.

[Abigail sobbing]

Holden: It's okay. It's okay. It's gonna be okay.


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