ATWT Transcript Tuesday 3/26/02


As the World Turns Transcript Tuesday 3/26/02

By Linda
Proofread by Ebele

Craig: Hey, hey, I thought you were asleep.

Lucy: I was just getting a glass of water and I saw the light on out here. It's kind of late, isn't it?

Craig: Well, I don't sleep very well these days.

Lucy: I know. You're worried about Carly.

Craig: Jack should have been in Belgium by now. I thought he'd call, but there's still no word.

Lucy: No, I'm sure he's just stuck in Customs, or he's catching a nap at some hotel.

Craig: Yeah. No, don't be too sure. Because Jack is in love with Carly, so calling me with updates about her means keeping me in the picture, which is not where Jack wants me to be.

Lucy: Because you're in love with her, too.

Craig: Well, hmm. Let's just say that I can't imagine my life without her in it.

Lucy: Are you gonna marry her when she comes back?

[Craig laughs]

Craig: Marry? Oh, well, now, there's quite a few obstacles to overcome.

Lucy: Like Jack?

Craig: Well, yes, like Jack and the fact that when she left town, she decided she couldn't stand me.

Lucy: Wait, wait, wait, slow down. You left my mother, who loved you, and fell in love with a woman who can't stand you? Did I miss something? I'm sorry, but it just doesn't seem like this makes a whole lot of sense.

Craig: Well, love doesn't always make a lot of sense. But when it's right, you know it.

Katie: I saw you following me as I left the cottage. I didn't want to talk to you then, and I don't want to talk to you now.

Simon: Yeah, well, you're gonna have to because we cannot leave things the way they are.

Katie: Yeah, and you can't fix them, either, especially not with a few well-chosen words.

Simon: Okay. I should have told you the whole story, all right? I wanted to. But now, thanks to Dahlia, I don't even get a chance to do this on my own time.

Katie: Oh, stop blaming it on Dahlia. It's your fault.

Simon: Why are you trying to defend her? Do you not see what she's trying to do to us?

Katie: I just don't want you to be right about her.

Simon: Why?

Katie: Because, if she's just after you, then that means she didn't pick me out specially. It means that the video didn't go because I'm talented. It went because I'm your wife.

Simon: It doesn't matter why it happened.

Katie: Yes, it does. It does to me. You know what I lost tonight, Simon? I lost faith -- in you and in myself.

Billy: Oh, I was gonna give up. I thought you got lost. You wanted a private place, this is pretty good, huh?

Bonnie: I have to make this fast. I have a cab waiting downstairs.

Billy: Where are you going?

Bonnie: To the airport. And I need to get there before my mother realizes I'm leaving town.

Billy: That's what this meeting's about? Getting out of town?

Bonnie: More like if I should get out of town.

Billy: What do you want me for?

Bonnie: Well, I don't know. I've been thinking. Maybe I was too hard on Isaac. Is he okay? What happened after I left Java?

Billy: Look, I have a rule that I live by -- you don't bust a guy's chops behind his back.

Bonnie: Billy, my plane leaves tonight. I need to know that going to Scotland is the right thing to do. I still don't know if I can trust Ian --

Billy: No, let me finish, Bon, because tonight I'm gonna break that rule because I think you're giving Isaac what he deserves.

Mary: There's been a big misunderstanding.

Tom: You said you wanted to make a confession.

Mary: Well, I do. I want to confess to my part in the plan to con the McKinnon's out of their money, but I didn't murder Nick!

Molly: If you didn't, then who did?

Mary: Well, we already know the answer to that. Abigail killed Nick. And I saw her do it.

Molly: That's a lie!

Mary: I'm not saying that she planned to kill him, but she was scared --

Molly: Stop it, all right? Just stop lying about my daughter!

Tom: Molly, control yourself or you're gonna have to leave.

Jake: Molly -- come on, Molly.

Molly: -- And allow this lying slut to pin a murder on my innocent daughter!

Mary: I am just trying to tell the truth.

Jake: You wouldn't know the truth if it bit you in the --

Evelyn: Okay, quiet! Enough! Mr. And Mrs.. McKinnon, you may not like what you're hearing right now, but to me, it sounds like eyewitness testimony. In fact, you've brought us the kind of testimony that makes for an open-and-shut case.

Margo: Beautiful. Just beautiful.

Mary: I was gonna tell you what I know tonight, but you locked me out of the house before I could.

Molly: Yeah, of course she did because she knows you're a killer!

Margo: Molly, would you just get a grip, please?

Jake: She will get a grip when her daughter is cleared. Now, I think she's been through enough, so I'm gonna call Holden and tell him we're taking you home.

Abigail: No. No, I can't go home yet. I have to hear what Mary has to say.

Molly: Why, honey? It's just garbage. She's trying to save her own neck, and you don't have to sit here and listen to that.

Abigail: No, I think that I do, because Mary was there. So whatever she has to say just might be the truth.

Billy: Lisa told Isaac he was making a big mistake.

Bonnie: Bet he didn't like that.

Billy: No, he said she was sticking with you because you're both women.

Bonnie: You see, it's just like him to think something like that. He believes all the myths about women. To have such a thick black book, he can be so naive.

Billy: Yeah, well, I was sick of hearing his bull, so I told him that Lisa was right. I told Isaac he should have said what you needed to hear.

Bonnie: Billy, that's so sweet of you, but I know he didn't like that.

Billy: Yeah, I guess not. He fired me.

Bonnie: You're -- you're kidding -- because you stood up for me.

Billy: I guess that's what friends are for.

Bonnie: Friends, huh?

Billy: Well, maybe not at first, but, you know, you've changed. So, yeah, buddies.

Bonnie: I like that. So, what are you gonna do with all of your free time now?

Billy: I have no clue.

Bonnie: Got a passport?

Billy: Yeah, why?

Bonnie: Come to Scotland with me -- buddy.

Isaac: Aren't you here awfully late?

Lisa: Well, I thought I'd help you close up.

Isaac: Go home. Billy can do that.

Lisa: Well, yes, he could, if you hadn't fired him.

Isaac: I didn't fire him.

Lisa: Oh, is that true?

Isaac: I was just blowing off some steam. He knows that.

Lisa: Then that's why he called me a little while ago?

Isaac: You see? I forgot to tell him which shift I wanted him to work for Katie Fraser's launch video tomorrow. I will simply call him, apologize and tell him --

Lisa: Isaac, he called me to ask me to please take his things that he left here and send them over to Tom and Margo's.

Isaac: And don't give me that look.

Lisa: What look?

Isaac: That "it's your own fault for trying to get every woman in the Oakdale phonebook" look. I simply called an ex-girlfriend, made a date, which I later called and canceled.

Lisa: I just hate to point out the obvious.

Isaac: Then don't!

Lisa: But you have managed to get rid of -- to chase away Bonnie and Billy all at one time tonight. And I am covering for them tonight, but I do not intend to do this. I don't want to make a habit of it.

Isaac: I can cover the place myself, okay? To hell with all of you!

Lisa: Oh, well. Well, well. May I remind you of that old phrase, cutting off your nose to spite your face. Honey, I'm your nose, and you need me, as much as you need Billy and Bonnie.

Isaac: Thank you for the advice.

Lisa: Oh, darling, I'm not -- the advice is not what I'm interested in. It's just the privilege of being able to tell you when I think you're acting like a jerk. Isaac, right now, that's exactly how you're acting.

Margo: Harrison, I need a pad.

Harrison: Will do.

Molly: Tom, she's sacrificing my daughter to save herself. Can't we just let them stop this?

Tom: Yes, there were ways of preventing it from getting to this point, but they all involved you trusting me. If you and Jake had allowed me to speak to Mary before you brought her down here, we might have some control of the situation.

Molly: I was so sure, Tom. I was so sure that she was going to confess and this whole thing was going to be over.

Jake: What can we expect to face in court tomorrow?

Tom: I can't say. Let's meet over at Holden's later on, and we'll talk strategy. I've got to get going. See you when you get home.

Margo: It could be a long night.

Tom: I'll wait up.

Margo: Molly, a word with you, please? I would like to say that I'm really sorry that this whole thing had to blow up in our faces tonight, but since you went vigilante -- what in the hell were you thinking?

Molly: I don't know. Maybe I was just trying too hard, Margo. But what am I supposed to do? My daughter is being forced to grow up at warp speed, and no one seems to care what it's doing to her. I mean, it seems to me like Holden and Jake and I are the only ones that really believe she's innocent.

Margo: And Adam.

Molly: And Adam. Look, when you're in there in that room getting that "eyewitness" report that my daughter killed Nick Scudder, please keep one thing in mind -- that wide-eyed little Mary is the same person that tried to kill Kim Hughes. She's the same person that set that gas leak and almost killed both of our kids, Margo.

Margo: Molly, we do not have any evidence of that.

Molly: Yes, we do. We do. Nick's landlady. She took a bribe from Mary to go in that apartment the same day that Adam and Abigail got locked in there. She didn't want to talk about it at first, but now she's willing to I.D. Mary.

Margo: I'll interview her myself.

Evelyn: Margo, I'm going to take Ms. Manahan's statement now. You want to be there?

Margo: Oh, yeah. Yeah. I wouldn't miss this for the world.

Simon: Look, I'm sorry that I hurt you, okay, in any way, Katie. But you have to listen to me.

Waitress: One coffee, black.

Katie: Thanks.

Simon: Black? You only like sugar with extra cream.

Katie: Well, I'm depressed, and it's your fault.

Simon: Look, I know I'm not easy sometimes, okay? But you know how I feel about you. And that is the only reason that I didn't tell you that I was accused of killing Monique. Because I -- I don't know. I guess I didn't want you to kick me out because you knew something like that about me.

Katie: You never back down because you're scared.

Simon: I know. I know. I guess I told myself that it didn't really matter whether you knew or not because nothing ever came of the accusation. Katie, look at me. Listen to me, please. I'm going to tell you once more for the record, okay? I did not kill Monique. The Police couldn't even build a case against me. The only thing leftover is bad publicity, and that is what Dahlia is trying to capitalize on. You've got to ignore her.

Katie: I can't ignore her. She's important to me.

Simon: As a business partner. That is all. Do not let her get personal.

Katie: Hello, Simon. Have you seen my calendar anytime lately? It's blank. No lunches with the ladies, no hanging out with the girls, going to movies. Nothing. Women don't exactly like me. So you can't just tell me to ignore her and not talk to her.

Simon: Dahlia is not your friend, okay?

Katie: Oh, right, I forgot. How could she like me? How could she believe in me? No one else does. I'm not that special.

Simon: That is -- sit down. That is not what I'm saying! Katie, you know that. Of course you are special. The only reason that this workout video is going to be any good is because of you, okay? And Dahlia knows that. That is why she is trying to insure your loyalty, okay? She's trying to get me out of the picture, to push me away because she wants you to become dependent on her, and she'll be able to use you for that much longer.

Katie: You really think she's trying to tear us apart?

Simon: Yes. Yes. And I can prove it to you.

Katie: No, don't. You're gonna ruin everything for me!

Simon: I'm not -- I'm not trying to ruin anything! I'm trying to save us. And for some reason I thought that would be important to you as well.

Katie: Oh, hey, don't twist my words around. You know, I love you more than anything, but I -- I have to think of myself. I'm not like your other wives. They're desperate. I have self-respect.

Evelyn: Okay, we've already covered what happened the night of the murder. What about the attack on Kim Hughes outside of Al's diner?

Mary: I followed Mrs.. Hughes there.

Evelyn: Why?

Mary: She had surveillance tapes from her television station.

Evelyn: What was on those tapes?

Mary: I had reason to believe that Nick and I were on one of those tapes in what you might call a compromising position. I didn't want her to share those tapes with the McKinnon's.

Evelyn: And how did you stop Mrs.. Hughes?

Mary: I hit her. I knocked her down and I grabbed the tapes and ran. I'm so sorry for what I did to that poor woman.

Margo: You know, we're really not that concerned about your emotional state here. We'd really rather know why you were afraid of those tapes being seen.

Mary: I thought the McKinnon's would use them against me.

Evelyn: In what way?

Mary: They had to help poor Abigail. And I was afraid that when they found out that Nick and I were lovers that -- that they would convince everyone that I was his murderer.

Evelyn: Who's "everyone"?

Mary: They're newspaper people. I was terrified of being tried by public opinion. I mean, I'm willing to pay for what I did do wrong, but -- I hurt Mrs.. Hughes and I helped Nick con Molly and Jake. But I'm not a killer.

Evelyn: I guess that wraps it up for tonight. Detective Hughes, any questions?

Margo: No. You know, wait a minute. Yeah, Mary, actually, one more question. Where were you on February 28th?

Mary: February 28th? I'm not sure.

Margo: Were you in Oakdale?

Mary: At the end of February, I was staying with a friend in Rockford.

Margo: Oh, and that friend's name?

Mary: I don't want this poor girl dragged into this mess.

Margo: All that "poor girl" has to do is testify, under oath, as to your whereabouts that day.

Evelyn: What are you getting at?

Margo: The gas leak at Scudder's -- Abigail and my son were in the room that day.

Mary: I swear, I left Oakdale the night that Nick was killed! I ran as far as I could, and I stayed gone until today. I couldn't have set a gas leak. I'm not a plumber or whatever you have to be to do something like that.

Margo: You know, that's a good try, but I'm going to talk to the lady who runs the boarding house, so, Mary, you better be telling the truth.

Mary: I don't care what the old bat has to say. I wasn't there that day. But I was there the night that Nick was murdered, and I saw what happened.

Holden: I don't want you to believe a word that woman says. She's been lying ever since Jake and Molly met her, and she's still lying.

Abigail: But she didn't sound like she was lying, Holden. Mary seemed pretty sure of what she said.

[Doorbell rings]

Holden: Must be Tom.

Jake: I think that's because she's doing everything she can to keep herself out of jail on a murder charge. I mean, Mary's pouring it all into this performance.

Molly: Hey, Tom. What's going on with Mary?

Tom: Margo's still at the station, so I presume that interview's still going on. I think we need to prepare ourselves for the fact the D.A.'s probably gonna use Mary Manahan as her star witness.

Molly: There's got to be something we can do.

Tom: I can dispute her testimony on the cross-examination. It's not like an unimpeachable witness. However, if she's trying to draw this whole pose that she is just a con artist and not a killer, the jury might believe her. It's gonna be a tricky witness, at best.

Jake: Well, she may have lost the Irish accent, but she hasn't lost the blarney. It's possible that she could make herself look to the jury like she's a good woman who got involved with the wrong guy.

Molly: Yeah, like that happened. Tom, you have to completely discredit her. What if we can prove that she tried to kill Adam and Abigail by trapping them in Nick's room?

Tom: Well, I think we're gonna need a witness to do that, and since court convenes tomorrow morning, I think we're almost out of time.

Molly: Not necessarily. I'll tell you about it on the way out. Honey, you got a big day tomorrow, so Jake and I should let you get some sleep. Okay?

Abigail: Bye. Thank you for believing in me and for trying everything that you can do.

Jake: See you in the morning.

Holden: Ready for bed?

Abigail: No.

Holden: All right. How about a cup of hot chocolate?

Abigail: With lots of tiny marshmallows maybe? Molly got me hooked on that.

Holden: You bet.

Abigail: Okay.

Tom: The landlady sounds promising, but have her at my office by 8:00 a.m. I need to talk to her before we go to court.

Jake: All right. She'll be there. She'll be there.

Tom: All right.

Jake: Okay, I'll see you.

Molly: Bye.

Jake: You're in a big hurry to leave. I'd thought you'd want to stay and hold Abigail's hand.

Molly: Holding her hand's not gonna help her, Jake. I need to fight for her.

Jake: We're not going home, no? No, we're going to Nick's, to talk to Belva.

Molly: She said that she was gonna talk to the cops about Mary. But this time, Jake, I'm not taking any chances.

Lisa: Okay, Isaac, since you feel that you can handle everything here by your lonesome, I am on my way home.

Isaac: You're out pretty late for a single daddy.

Ben: Well, since your birthday party got canceled, I figured I'd take some time, swing by, see how you're holding up.

Lisa: Well, that's a good thing. You can help Isaac here clean up. I mean, there's nobody else here to do that.

Ben: What's going on?

Isaac: What's going on is that a couple of months ago, I was fool enough to listen to Lisa and hire Bonnie.

Ben: "Fool enough"? Well, man, I thought Bonnie was your one-woman powerhouse. Got the hospital to hold their big benefit here.

Isaac: That's just what I'm talking about. When she first got here, she couldn't organize three lemon slices on a cocktail napkin. Then I trained her -- all that time and energy -- and she was able to pull off the benefit. How does she thank me? She quits. Tonight. No notice, no nothing.

Ben: She must've given some reason.

Isaac: Yeah! That duke she was engaged to sent her a one-way ticket to Scotland.

Ben: So she's going back to Scotland?

Isaac: She's not gonna use it. She'll be back, but her job will be gone.

Ben: Oh, so this is just about finding good help? Bonnie is more than just an employee to you, man. Man, will you stop?

Isaac: Someone has to do this. And I don't need you to analyze me. I'm fine.

Ben: You're doing a whole lot better than Bonnie is. I ran into her at Al's diner after the birthday celebration fell apart.

Isaac: How was she?

Ben: Hurt -- and confused. And she was reading a letter. I'll give you one guess who it was from.

Isaac: His royal pain in the butt.

Ben: Let me tell you something, the duke spent a whole lot of paper telling her how much he wanted her back.

Isaac: Did she seem to want to go back?

Ben: She seemed to need some advice, and I gave her some.

Isaac: What kind?

Ben: I told her that it's not easy for you to give your heart to a woman, but once you do, it's for keeps.

Isaac: You said what?

Ben: And I told her that if she didn't think you were good enough for her, that she should just leave. That'd be a whole lot fairer to you than spending the rest of her life looking over your shoulder for something better.

Isaac: So she came in here with a head full of steam after talking to you?

Ben: Look, I understand if you're angry with me for butting in, but, man, I was just trying to help here.

Isaac: No, no, I'm not mad. I'm not mad. I'm just starting to get the picture, though. This reaction she had was to you and not to me. You showed her the error of her ways, and that always gives her a little temper tantrum. But I also know that it won't be long before she regrets it. She'll be back here driving me crazy in no time.

Bonnie: That first-class ticket Ian sent me can be traded in for two coach seats, which means you get a trip to Scotland and we can both stay at Ian's father's castle.

Billy: A castle? You got to be kidding.

Bonnie: Come on, Billy. You don't have anything going on. Come with me, please. Please, and I promise I will not make you wear a kilt, unless you really want to.

Billy: Let me ask one question, for real. Why do you want me to come along?

Bonnie: I'm nervous. Ian's always throwing me curve balls. And well, I thought if I showed up with you, I can throw him a curve ball of my own.

Billy: And who are you gonna say I am? The valet?

Bonnie: Well, if things go well with Ian and me, I'll tell him the truth -- that you're a friend. But if they don't, well then, I'll tell him that you're more than that. If that's okay with you.

Billy: All right. I'll be your excuse to bail out from the duke, but that's only if you need me.

Bonnie: Thank you. Thank you.

Billy: But of course, that's only plan B. Suppose you don't need to be bailed out at all. I mean, you just said things might go well with you and Ian. Does that mean there's no hope for you and Isaac?

Evelyn: Be in court tomorrow on time. I may want to call you as the state's first witness.

Mary: I'll be there. Can we go now?

Margo: "Can I go now?" Can I remind you that you just copped to assault and battery and fraud and a host of other little goodies in your statement there? You might want to be asking about the kind of time you're looking at.

Mary: Well, I knew what I was getting into when I came forward. How bad does this look for me?

Evelyn: Well, you are cooperating in the case against Abigail, so we might be able to plead you down.

Mary: No.

Margo: What?

Mary: No. Believe me, I really appreciate the gesture, but I don't want to be making bargains where the law's concerned.

Evelyn: Why?

Mary: 'Cause I want to start over, and not just from Nick. From how I lived my life before he came along. No more lying. No more running from consequences. It's time that I paid for what I've done wrong.

Margo: Say, have you ever seen the inside of a woman's penitentiary? You might want to reconsider that high road thing.

Evelyn: Look, if you take my offer, you will pay your debt to society. It just won't be for as long.

Mary: I don't want my words compromised by some "deal." You know, Nick Scudder was a lousy guy, but I loved him. And if I take the stand, I want everyone to know exactly what happened. And I want to tell the truth and not just what I have to.

Margo: Can somebody please book her before I go into a diabetic coma?

Cop #1: Let's go.

Evelyn: When Jessica got busy and handed me this case, I've got to tell you, I was worried. But I'm not worried anymore.

Margo: I guess, along came Mary, just in the "nick" of time.

Evelyn: Margo, keep your day job, okay? See you in court.

Margo: Uh-huh.

[Phone rings] hey, baby, believe it or not, I am actually on my way home. Yeah, I love you, too. Bye-bye.

Simon, Margo, great, I'm glad you're still here.

Margo: Great, I'm not.

Simon: All right, before you go, I need -- I need a favor from you.

Margo: Well, it's really -- it's gonna have to wait until tomorrow. Okay?

Simon: No. No, it can't. Because my marriage may not last that long.

Craig: Katie? Who's your friend? Cute, kind of shallow. Don't you think?

Katie: Can I stay here tonight?

Craig: Yeah. I'm still paying for that room on the other side of the suite.

Katie: Well, there's no way I'm sleeping there tonight.

Craig: What is that? Your new teddy bear?

Lucy: Hi, aunt Katie.

Katie: Hey.

Craig: So something wrong in Loveland?

Katie: Simon's keeping secrets from me.

Lucy: He isn't being unfaithful, is he?

Katie: No. No, some men know instinctively that being unfaithful isn't cool.

Craig: It isn't? Joking.

Katie: No jokes right now, please. I'm in the middle of a nightmare. I just want to wake up from it.

Lucy: Why, what happened?

Katie: A long time ago, Simon was accused of murdering one of his former wives.

Lucy: Murder? Simon?

Craig: Well, Katie, talk is cheap. I've been accused of growing horns up here, but look at this. Nothing but professional grooming. Huh? So how about it, you think he's innocent?

Katie: Yeah. The Police arrested him, but they ended up letting him go 'cause there wasn't any proof. But the point is, he didn't tell me. And he should have, don't you think? Don't you think a wife should know if her husband's been accused of murder?

Craig: Well, Katie, let me give you a little lesson in the ways of men.

Katie: Oh, no, please don't.

Craig: The reason we don't like to give bad news to our women is because there are only three possible reactions, none of which we want to enjoy. The first is the lecture. The second is the screaming match. And the third, my personal favorite, is the weeping breakdown.

Katie: Yeah, well, I've had all of those in the past couple hours.

Craig: Oh, poor Simon. I rest my case.

Katie: But none of it -- not tears, not the yelling, nothing could fix it. And that's the problem. Nothing can change the fact that Simon didn't trust me. And from now on, nothing's ever gonna be the same.

Craig: Well, do you think your husband is a murderer?

Katie: Of course not.

Craig: Well, golly gee, Katie, what is the problem here?

Bonnie: When I came to Oakdale, I was frustrated because I thought I knew what I wanted in life. And this place was definitely not it. Then my mom forced me to take that job with Isaac, and I learned that I didn't really know myself at all.

Billy: Well, do you know yourself now?

Bonnie: I'm getting there. But I can't expect guarantees from someone else if I don't even know my own mind. Which is why I have to see Ian again.

Billy: Well, wouldn't it be more fun just to stay at home and bang your head against the wall?

Bonnie: Maybe. But that's exactly why I don't want to do this alone. Please? Please, please come with me.

Billy: Well -- all right, I'll go.

Bonnie: Yes! You are going to love Scotland.

Isaac: I can't believe this. I have you to thank for this, bro? That little fit that Bonnie pitched tonight was all because you set her straight.

Ben: Maybe, I don't know. I'm just hoping my tendency to play counselor didn't get away from me on this one.

Isaac: What are you talking about?

Ben: I'm trying to say that I hope I didn't screw up your life.

Isaac: Like I told you, that's the way Bonnie is. She goes crazy, then she comes to her senses.

Ben: Why don't you give her a call?

Isaac: Why would I want to do that?

Ben: To let her know how important she is to you.

Isaac: I'll do that. Okay? Tomorrow.

Ben: Tomorrow is too late!

Isaac: Ben, please. Okay, I know women. Everything is gonna be just fine.

Katie: Stop confusing me. There is a problem, and I need time to figure it out. So, what's your answer? Can I stay here?

Craig: Oh, sure. Why not?

Katie: Thank you. I know where the extra blankets are, so I'll just make up the couch.

Craig: That couch isn't that comfortable.

Katie: Oh, I'll throw some extra pillows on it. You'll be fine.

Craig: I'll be fine?

Katie: Yeah, if I sleep there, I might hurt my back. And I can't risk that.

Craig: And I can?

Katie: Craig, my launch party, tomorrow night. I can't walk in there all bent. I'll ruin my career as a fun and fabulous fitness instructor. So, sorry. Celebrity is so fragile.

Craig: Well, Katie the catastrophe has gone to bed. How about you? You ready to turn in?

Lucy: Yes.

Craig: All right.

Lucy: Actually -- dad, how could uncle Simon keep such a big secret from aunt Katie? They love each other so much.

Craig: Well, I think most people have secrets they don't want to share. Even with someone they love.

Lucy: Everything you say about love makes it seem like something that just messes up your life.

Craig: It does.

Lucy: Maybe I'd be better off if I just don't go there.

Craig: Hey, hey, it doesn't work that way. Sweetness, love finds you. Someday, some boy will come along, and he'll make you realize you have a Saul. He'll make you laugh, cry and make you feel more alive than you ever have.

Lucy: Really? That will happen to me?

Craig: Oh, I can guarantee it. And when it does, I will hate that boy with every fiber of my being.

Lucy: Promise?

Craig: Oh, I promise.

Margo: Well, we're in luck, Simon. My contact to the FBI was working at his desk late tonight, so he's gonna run a check on Dahlia Ventura. And when he finds out anything, he'll fax us here.

Simon: Thanks, Margo. I really -- I really appreciate it.

Margo: So you said that Katie had a big surprise for you tonight. What was it?

Simon: Yeah. She was being interviewed by a reporter for "Self" magazine.

Margo: Well, a magazine. Man, she must've loved that.

Simon: Yeah, she did. Until the reporter clued her into something in my past, something that I hadn't even told her.

Margo: You mean that you were arrested on suspicion of murder?

Simon: You know about that?

Margo: Of course I know about that, Simon. I ran a security check on you when I deputized you. But since I saw no conviction, I thought, "why dwell on it?"

Simon: Well, thanks. Look, I had nothing to do with killing my ex-wife, Margo. She died in an accident, and for some reason, Dahlia wants Katie to know all about it. She's out to destroy us. I have no idea why.

Margo: Man, you are just falling more and more in love with Katie, aren't you?

Simon: Yeah, yeah, I am.

[Fax machine rings] she just seems to make sense out of my life.

Margo: Well, that's good, because she makes chaos out of everybody else's.

[Fax machine beeps] this could be us. Wow, Simon, a whole lot of things are gonna make sense after you read this.

Molly: Belva better not be asleep.

Jake: Who could sleep with that ambulance down there? I just wish I knew what was going on. Excuse me, what's going on here?

Paramedic #the 1: Lady that runs this building -- there's been an accident.

Molly: What happened?! Jake, it's Mary. Mary got a hold of her and did something to her. I know it!

[Craig sighing]

[knock at the door]

Simon: Hey. Katie isn't in our room and I really need to talk to her.

Craig: Katie?!

Craig: Come in, Simon. You bring your jammies?

Simon: No, I sleep in the buff. Look, I really need to talk to you, Katie. But privately. Thanks, Craig.

Craig: Oh, don't mind me. I can go sleep in the bathtub, unless anyone would like to take a bath. No? Well, nighty-night, then.

Katie: So, did you think of more secrets you didn't tell me?

Simon: Yeah, I did, but it's not one of mine. Look, I just did another check on Dahlia. Okay? And I thought the name Ventura sounded made up and was ridiculous. It's because it's her business name. All right? Her real name is Dahlia Ferrara.

Katie: "Ferrara"?

Simon: She's Monique's sister.

Katie: And you didn't recognize her?

Simon: Well, I never met her. She was in Europe the whole time that Monique and I were together.

Katie: Well, I'm sure Monique must've mentioned her.

Simon: She did. She did. She did. She mentioned her by her nickname, Katie -- Dolly. Dahlia has obviously come back into town to get at me for what happened to Monique. And, I'm sorry, but she's using you to do it. Look, I know this must hurt, all right. But at least, we're dealing with the truth now. Look, Katie, listen to me. We can stop Dahlia, but we have to do it together. All right, we cannot let her turn us against each other.

Katie: All right, maybe you're right. Can we talk about this in the morning?

Simon: Yeah, sure. If you please, just come back to our bed where we can sleep together.

Katie: I'm too sad.

Simon: Okay. You are the one person that I never, ever wanted to make sad. Not for a single second.

Molly: We're too late, Jake.

Jake: Come on, Molly. He said she had an accident. He didn't say she was --

Molly: Oh, my God. I knew it. I knew it! Is this Belva in here? The landlady?

Paramedic #1: Yes, ma'am.

Jake: What happened?

Paramedic #2: Freak accident. She fell into a bathtub full of water, died either from hitting her head or drowning.

Jake: Wait, do you know -- do you know when it happened?

Paramedic #1: Well, she's been under the water awhile.

Paramedic #2: Yeah, the downstairs flooded. The guy who lived there called it in.

Molly: I don't care what anyone says, Jake, that was no accident. Mary killed her. So that she couldn't testify that Mary tried to kill Abigail and Adam.

Jake: If -- if Mary did that, then she's crossed some kind of line. And we need to back off and let the Police in on this.

Molly: Jake, I'm talking about my baby here.

Jake: I know that. I know that, Molly.

Molly: But what if the Police don't handle it? What if Mary gets away with this? She will put Abigail away, Jake.

Margo: Yes, I just got a call that a body is being brought into you -- a Belva Mason. And she had died under mysterious circumstances? That's right. Are you doing the postmortem on her? That's great. Would you get me a copy of that report ASAP? Thank you. I heard that. What are you doing here?

Tom: Well, let me see -- you said you were coming home, and then you didn't show up. So I was about to call 911, and then I realized, you're 911.

Margo: I'm sorry, baby.

Tom: Yeah, yeah.

Margo: I was on my way, and then Simon showed up and he needed help with something.

Tom: Oh, is "something" our new code word for Katie?

Margo: Yeah. And then as I was about to leave, I got a call that Nick Scudder's landlady was found dead.

Tom: Are you serious?

Margo: Mm-hmm. At first, the report said it was an accidental drowning. I don't think so. So, we'll know more about it after the coroner gets through with her.

Tom: Whoa. So if I could prove that Mary killed her to keep her from testifying against her, then Abigail would be off the hook. You know, Detective Hughes, I wouldn't mind getting a look at that coroner's report.

Margo: I'll give you a peek at that coroner's report if you give me a back rub.

Tom: Oh! When we get home.

Holden: Tired?

Abigail: No.

Holden: Honey, I do not want you to worry about Mary. It's like Jake said -- she's a born liar.

Abigail: But she has more credibility than I do. How sad is that?

Holden: She has a record.

Abigail: She has a story. And when the prosecutor asks Mary what happened at Nick's place that night, she'll be able to tell them. When they ask me, I'm gonna have to say that I don't remember.

Holden: There are not 12 men and women in the world who are gonna believe a word that she says.

Abigail: Holden, if you were in that jury, what would you believe? Would you believe someone who had an answer or someone who didn't?


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