ATWT Transcript Monday 3/25/02

As The World Turns Transcript Monday 3/25/02

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Katie: Wait, you think Simon -- my Simon -- was suspected of killing his third wife?

Kathy: I'm sorry. I thought you knew.

Katie: I do. You must have your facts wrong. Because Monique Ferrara died in an accident.

Kathy: I assure you that "Self" magazine is a highly respected publication, and we do our research.

Katie: Well, you should do it again, 'cause it's wrong.

Kathy: Katie, I know this must be confusing --

Katie: Wait, wait. Is this one of those games that journalists play in a celebrity interview to get a reaction out of us? To see what we'll say? Well, that is the most disgusting, underhanded thing I have ever heard of.

Kathy: Obviously, this interview was a mistake. I'm gonna go.

Katie: No. You know what? You said you had "research," right? Is this your research? Oh, no, no. There's me. Yeah -- oh, I see nothing here -- nothing to speak of. Wait a second. Where did you get these? Is this some kind of joke?

Kathy: They're all in the public domain. I'm not surprised Simon didn't advertise this part of his life. Go ahead and keep the folder. Some of the articles are pretty thought-provoking.

Katie: I don't care. None of it's true, all right? It's not true!

Simon: Get out of my house. Get out!

Dahlia: You still haven't answered my question.

Simon: You know what? I'm not going to. Get out!

Dahlia: Once Katie's made millions with her video, do you plan on killing her the way you murdered Monique Ferrara?

Simon: Check your facts, Dahlia. I'm not a murderer.

Dahlia: You've been saying that for so long. You've really convinced yourself, haven't you?

Simon: Listen, I did not kill Monique and --

Dahlia: Really? Well, the Sacramento Police Department -- that's not what they thought. In fact, you're still murder suspect number one in their eyes, and probably in the eyes of Ms. Ferrara's family.

Simon: What the hell do you care about all this anyway?

Dahlia: They knew the type of so-called "man" that you really were. They saw the dollar signs in your eyes, didn't they? But Monique trusted you. She loved you -- until the end. And that's when she woke up. She finally started to see the heartless, cruel man that you really are. She knew that the only thing you loved about her was her money. She knew that she wasn't the first and would most definitely not be your last. She wanted a divorce. And you found out. So before she could have you removed from her life or erased from her will, you murdered Monique Ferrara. You drowned your wife, tried to make it look like an accident and became the heir to her will. I know all about it, Simon. I know who you are.

Simon: Are you done?

Dahlia: Yes.

Simon: Well, good. So why don't you tell me something, Dahlia? Just who the hell are you?

Lisa: He thinks that he has the whole world fooled. Well, he doesn't have me fooled. You know, he just wants everyone to believe that, oh, he's such a ladies' man. He's got women just oozing out of the woodwork -- that's so wrong.

Billy: Oh, so you mean the legend of Isaac is a manmade fantasy?

Lisa: Man, Bonnie -- Bonnie was the only woman who even came near to being his girlfriend since I've known him.

Isaac: Lisa -- I can hear you guys loud and clear.

Lisa: Oh, good. Good. Then I want you to hear this. Isaac, you've got to go out and you've got to go find Bonnie, and tell her that this whole incident with the flight attendant was just a big, silly mix-up. Okay, admit that you asked her for a date, but that was out of sheer stupidity, male insecurity and -- throw in some flowers, then you'll really be golden.

Isaac: I made the date with Chloe because I told Bonnie that I love her. And what did she do? Nothing.

Lisa: Oh, so you show Bonnie just how desirable you are and how worthy of her love you are by just being a totally spoiled brat?

Isaac: I'm spoiled?

Billy: I'm staying out of it.

Isaac: I canceled the date with Chloe. But you try getting in contact with someone who cruises at 30,000 feet.

Lisa: Well, why don't you try to get in contact with Bonnie?

Isaac: I've already apologized. What else can I say to her?

Billy: You better think of something real quick. Look who's here.

Tom: Evelyn, I'm not asking for the world. I just need time.

Evelyn: A commodity we cannot afford.

Tom: So then give me a week. I guarantee in two days, you'll be talking to a different defendant.

Evelyn: Tom, tell it to the judge. But at this point, I doubt even he would listen.

Tom: And why not?

Evelyn: Because there's absolutely no basis for it.

Jake: No basis for what?

Evelyn: For granting Abigail a postponement.

Molly: What about the fact there's another suspect on the loose -- Mary Manahan. She was the other woman in Nick's apartment that night.

Evelyn: But we have no confirmation of that as yet.

Molly: Well, we have reasonable doubt, don't we? Abigail remembered seeing Mary that night. She's been panicking trying not to be discovered. Why? Because she's the one that killed Nick. She attempted to kill Adam and Abigail, and she almost killed Kim Hughes just to try to keep herself from being I.D.'d.

Evelyn: Look, the Police are doing everything they can to find this Mary person, but it's going to be more difficult than you can imagine. Mary never had a permanent address in town. And even if we find her and bring her in for questioning, there still may not be enough probable cause to make an arrest.

Molly: She showed up at Holden's house tonight. God only knows what would've happened if I hadn't warned Abigail. And if it weren't for my daughter's quick thinking, you would be singing a different tune right now!

Evelyn: Did you knowingly and willingly admit Mary into the house?

Abigail: Yes. But I --

Evelyn: And did she threaten you or harm you in any way?

Abigail: No, but --

Jake: What about the toy? The one that Scudder's landlady found -- I mean, the one that belonged to our twins? Doesn't that prove anything?

Margo: Well, I've got some news. Unfortunately, it's not good.

Jake: Well, we're getting used to that. So why don't you just let us have it?

Margo: That toy you wanted checked out, the one you thought was one of a kind, purchased at a craft's fair?

Molly: Bought by their grandmother? It looked handmade.

Margo: Well, it wasn't. Turns out there were 700 of those toys made. There is no way to establish it's the same one in Nick's room.

Jake: So there's still no way to connect Scudder and Mary.

Evelyn: Especially since the landlady's description was inconclusive. We've just lost some important supporting evidence that Mary was the person that Abigail says was in that room.

Molly: "Abigail says"?! Abigail knows there was another woman in that room that night.

Evelyn: Can you swear that you remember seeing Mary murder Nick?

Abigail: Well -- no. But --

Tom: The McKinnons and I would like to have a few minutes with you to discuss some details about Mary.

Evelyn: Well, if we can expect more outbursts from your clients --

Tom: She doesn't have to worry about that. She doesn't have to, right?

Jake: No. No, she doesn't. Listen, why don't you -- why don't you take Abigail over to Lily's and get yourselves some rest, okay? I'll handle this.

Molly: Call me as soon as you hear anything.

Jake: I'll talk to you soon.

Tom: Jake --

Adam: Abigail, Abigail -- hi, I got your message. You got some good news for me?

Molly: It's not good enough yet. But I think it can be with the right help.

Abigail: Oh, Molly, what's that look in your eye?

Molly: Can I trust you two to go someplace out of sight, completely safe?

Abigail: Yeah.

Adam: Of course.

Molly: Good. Go there and stay there. And no more junior gumshoe shenanigans, right?

Abigail: Molly, what are you gonna do?

Molly: The Police may not be able to connect Nick's murder to Mary. But I can, and I will.

Lisa: How ya feeling, Bonnie?

Bonnie: I'm fine, Lisa, thanks. Hey, Billy.

Billy: How's it going, Bonnie?

Bonnie: Oh, all right, I suppose. Is there a bag somewhere around here I could borrow?

Billy: Yeah, let me check in the back. I'll get one for you.

Lisa: Move! Move, move.

Isaac: Bonnie --

Bonnie: Thanks, Billy.

Isaac: Bonnie, I'm glad you came back. Truth is, if you hadn't come back, I'd have probably tracked you down because I know you want to talk about our little misunderstanding as much as I do.

Bonnie: Oh, no, I think we understood each other, Isaac. That's not why I came back.

Isaac: Then what?

Bonnie: I came to collect my belongings.

Isaac: For what? What's wrong?

Bonnie: Isaac, I quit.

Dahlia: Who am I? You already know the answer to that. I'm Katie's friend.

[Simon scoffs]

Simon: A friend? Oh, and this is why you're digging up all these stories from my past? What, to make your friend unhappy? Afraid? Or is this what happens to Dahlia when she doesn't get her way? I tell Katie about you crawling all over me, and what is this? Your pitiful payback?

Dahlia: Oh, get over yourself, Simon. I'm just doing what you should've done a long time ago.

Simon: Get the hell out of my personal life.

Dahlia: I thought I already explained this. Not only is Katie my friend, but she is my business partner. We stand to make bundles on these videos. It's my job to protect that investment. But that would be difficult if Katie should turn up dead.

Simon: Well, no one is going to end up dead -- except possibly you if you don't leave. And if you dare confront Katie about these insane speculations before I get a chance --

Dahlia: Don't you think you've had enough time?! I mean, how many years do you need to tell the truth?

Simon: Oh, get out! I'm not discussing this with you.

Dahlia: What, you think I'm the only one out there who knows what you did? If you don't tell Katie the truth about the past, someone else will. I guarantee it.

[Simon scoffs]

Simon: What, are you -- are you actually blackmailing me?

Dahlia: No. I'm just giving you fair warning. 'Cause I am gonna be watching every move you make. And if Katie ends up in some kind of "accident" the way Monique did --

Simon: Why don't you get this into your thick head?! I did not murder Monique! Katie -- hey, how was your interview?

Katie: I know all about Monique, Simon. What I want to know now is how long were you planning on keeping me in the dark?

Adam: And so Mary showed up at Holden's house? Just like that, out of the blue? You must have been terrified.

Abigail: But the strange part was, I wasn't as scared as you might think. She was very sympathetic to the fact that I was involved with someone who wasn't good for me. She said she had come off a bad relationship, too.

Adam: Nick.

Abigail: Definitely Nick.

Adam: That must've been one screwed-up relationship if she was willing to murder him and then lay the blame on you. You know, I guess that saying, "hell hath no fury" is no joke.

Abigail: You see, Adam, I know how it feels to be that angry -- to be angry enough to want to hit a man and not be concerned about the consequences.

Adam: No, Abigail. I still refuse to believe that you are capable of hurting anyone.

Abigail: But you did once. And so did I. And until proven otherwise, there's gonna be this small part of me that will always believe that -- until this case is solved.

Molly: Belva, hey.

Belva: Oh, not again. Come on --

Molly: This'll only take a second -- just look at this picture. It's a picture of my twins with their nanny Mary. Is this the woman you saw with Nick? The woman that paid you to keep quiet? She's got reddish hair, Irish accent?

Belva: She didn't have any accent, the lady I dealt with.

Molly: But this is the woman, right?

Belva: I told you, I can't be for sure. She had hats, gloves, sunglasses on at night --

Molly: Okay, okay, but just tell me. Could the woman in the picture be the woman from the boarding house?

Belva: Yeah, I guess. Yeah, sure.

Molly: Thank God. No, wait, wait, wait -- I just want to let you know to expect a call in the next couple days from my lawyer.

Belva: Lawyer? Call about what?

Molly: About testifying. All we need is your testimony about Mary.

Belva: Shh, shh. Let's get something straight. I am not testifying about nothing.

Molly: But you just said --

Belva: If anybody finds out that I took money from that lady -- come on, she started a gas leak. Anyone makes it out that I knew what she was doing, I could lose this place!

Molly: Belva, you could lose a hell of a lot more than this place if you don't help us.

Belva: What are you saying?

Molly: I will do whatever it takes to keep my daughter from going to prison for the rest of her life.

So you will be testifying. That's what I'm saying.

Belva: Are you threatening me?

Molly: You're damn right I am.

Dahlia: Katie, I'm really sorry --

Katie: Dahlia, would you mind leaving me alone with my husband?

Dahlia: Of course. Call me if you need me.

Simon: So what did you hear?

Katie: Plenty. Although, lucky me, I already heard the whole story from the reporter that you met at Al's diner. Seems like the wife is the last to know.

Simon: That's not the way I wanted you to find out.

Katie: How long were you gonna keep it a secret? That I'm married to someone who -- I can't even say it.

Simon: It's not like I was actually trying to keep it a secret. You know, it just never came up. What, I'm gonna lie in bed at night and say, "'night, babe, sweet dreams. And by the way, once upon a time, I was accused of murdering my wife!"

Katie: You should have told me before now!

Simon: When? When? When we were first married? I had no reason to! We weren't even together then.

Katie: What about when we finally fell in love?

Simon: Because we were happy then, remember? And I didn't want my past to get in the way. And I didn't want you to go obsessing about it and creating insane scenarios in your head the way that --

Katie: You should have told me anyway!

Simon: Okay!

Katie: When people tell me the facts, I don't have to obsess or conjure up stories!

Simon: All right, Katie. Okay, I'm telling you now!

Katie: That's too late.

Simon: Oh, God!

Katie: When you told me about Monique's death before, you just happened to leave out the fact that you were accused of drowning her. How could you do that to me? What about the vows we took? What about being honest with each other?

Simon: Okay. All right? All right. I should have trusted us. I should have put more trust in us. Ask me. Fine -- ask me anything you want.

Katie: You don't mean ask you anything. Because the one question I need to ask you--

Simon: Is if I -- if I killed her? Come on, Katie --

Katie: No -- I'm sorry. I'm sorry, but I just can't seem to come to terms with the fact that you would keep something like that from me. Not unless you had a good reason. I mean, you're obviously guilty about something, so -- Simon, are you? Are you guilty?

Simon: Yeah, it's true. I am guilty. I am responsible for Monique's death.

Adam: Do you think you can ever forgive me?

Abigail: What? For thinking I'm a murderer?

Adam: Yeah, I was completely stupid. I was so dumb and short-sighted. You know, I know you better than that.

Abigail: Adam, for the millionth time, I forgive you.

Adam: Good. So what is it gonna take for you to forgive yourself?

Abigail: The verdict, I guess. "Abigail Williams, we find you not guilty."

Adam: You know what? I don't even think that the case is gonna make it that far.

Abigail: You really think so?

Adam: I think that the cops, they're gonna find Mary, and then she'll confess. And then, when this whole thing is over, you and I -- we'll celebrate, just the two of us.

Abigail: What if, Adam -- what if things just aren't okay? What if --

Adam: They're going to be okay. They have to be.

Belva: You're scared for your kid. I get that. But it doesn't look good for the mother of the accused to go around threatening people.

Molly: You're right. I'm sorry. Okay? But I'm angry and I'm confused 24 hours a day because my daughter might be going to jail for something that I know she didn't do. So I don't sleep much, I don't eat much. And I constantly yell at the wrong people. And I'm always trying to wrack my brain, trying to think, "what can I do to save my baby? What wall do I have to knock down to make sure that my daughter stays free?"

Belva: I feel for you, Mrs.. McKinnon --

Molly: I'm not asking for a kidney, Belva. Just your testimony.

Belva: Oh, all right, enough with the guilt!

Molly: You'll testify?

Belva: If I have to, okay. Push comes to shove, I'll be your last resort. But like I told you, I can't

be 100% sure the lady in that picture is the same one that comes in and out

of Scudder's place. And I won't commit whatever -- perjury.

Molly: I understand.

Belva: Good.

Molly: No, really. I do. It's good to know that you will accept a bribe from a murderer, that you will disobey Police orders and put children's lives in jeopardy, but God forbid you help an innocent child stay out of jail.

Belva: Listen --

Molly: Fine. Okay, all right. Whatever you can do is fine.

Belva: Well, I guess I'd better lock up.

Molly: I'd like to stay here for a few minutes, to see if the Police missed anything that could connect Nick and Mary.

Belva: Lady, they've been through this place a million -- take as much time as you need.

Mary: Hello, Molly. I thought I might find you here.

Molly: Do you have any idea what you did to my daughter -- to my entire family?

Mary: I'm so sorry --

Molly: Sorry for which part, Mary? For sneaking up on me right now? For tricking us? For using that entire phony Irish accent? Or for talking Abigail into letting you into the house so you could kidnap her?

Mary: I never --

Molly: We took you in as family! We made you part of our family, Mary! We trusted our children with you! And this is how you repay us?

Mary: Please! No more! I never hurt your children!

Molly: What about Abigail?

Mary: I just wanted to talk to her. Kidnapping -- never! I love all your girls, all of them. And I know I've done horrible things, I know that. But I can explain. I can make you understand. I mean, a woman who has had to endure as much as you've had to.

Molly: Look, whatever you have to say, you're gonna say it to the cops, on the record so this nightmare can be ended. You got me?

Mary: I understand.

Molly: You're gonna talk to the police?

Mary: Your family and I have been through so much. You're right. It's time that the truth was told. And I am so tired of running. You think you could drive us?

Molly: What's your game this time, Mary?

Mary: No game, I promise. No. It's time I made a full confession and find some peace.

Katie: You killed Monique?

Simon: Not in the way the cops and the D.A. say I did.

Katie: Were you with her that night on the boat?

Simon: No. No.

Katie: All right. I need for you to just tell me everything that happened that night. Please.

Simon: I've told you before. The night that Monique died, we had a terrible fight. The private detective that she'd hired to spy on me had told her the type of man that I was, how I made my money. She was frantic, okay? She started drinking. All night, she just kept on drinking. And then she tells me she wants to go for a sail, which I thought was sheer insanity. It was dark. She was drunk. And sailing by yourself at the best of times is dangerous, but when you're drunk it's just -- so I let her go. You know, things were over between us. She now despised me as much as she'd once loved me. And you know, quite frankly, I didn't care anymore. So I went for a swim to try and clear my head. A huge storm started rolling in. I started to get worried about Monique, so I went down to the dock to try and find her. There was nothing. Katie, her family, the Ferraras, they knew everyone who was anyone -- lawyers, media, cops. So there was an inquest.

Katie: And you were accused. What did they say?

Simon: What did they say? The D.A. and the cops said that I had motive, the opportunity and the means to swim out to Monique's boat, to push her overboard and then swim all the way back to shore.

Katie: Well, how far was the boat from the dock?

Simon: Two miles. Now, I'm a strong swimmer, but I'm not that strong. And there was a storm, huge rumbling. I couldn't do it!

Katie: Okay, so then, why were the charges thrown out?

Simon: The case never went to trial. The prosecutor knew that he didn't have enough evidence to prove that I was guilty. Now I did not kill Monique, but I still -- I didn't feel like an innocent man. Katie, if I could have saved her, I would have saved her. But her family didn't believe me. And they especially didn't believe me when they took a look at the will. They contested that in court for years. And, you know, I didn't care! I just wanted the whole thing gone, out of my head!

Katie: Okay, but -- you told me that you found out about the accident from the newspapers.

Simon: I know. I know. I was just so ashamed to look into your eyes and tell you that an innocent woman died because of me. Katie, Katie, honey, she drowned, okay? She drowned -- the way that my sister drowned. Now, I didn't want to think about it again. I didn't want to bring it up. I wanted those memories gone, okay?

Katie: All right.

Simon: I am sorry.

Katie: All right. I'm glad you told me. And I don't hold you responsible for what happened to Monique.

Simon: Good.

Katie: But when you told me there were no secrets between us -- you lied again. You lied about the way you found out about how Monique died. How am I ever gonna know that there aren't other things that you lied to me about?

Bonnie: It's time to move on. We all know I wasn't trying to make cocktail waitressing my new career goal. I took the job to prove to my parents that I could be a responsible adult and stick to one thing for more than a week. Well, okay, I passed. And all good things must come to an end. And so do jobs like this.

Lisa: Oh, honey, I just wish you wouldn't leave.

Bonnie: Wish me luck instead.

Isaac: Come on, Bonnie. Admit it. You're upset because I made a date with you and with Chloe at the same time. That was a misunderstanding. It's not a reason for leaving.

Bonnie: This isn't about Chloe, Isaac.

Isaac: Then what is it about?

Bonnie: Me. You said I didn't want to sleep with you because I may still have feelings for Ian.

Isaac: That was a mistake. I regretted those words as soon as they came out of mouth.

Bonnie: Well, what if you were right? What if I still have feelings for Ian?

Isaac: Do you?

Bonnie: That's the problem. I don't know anymore.

Isaac: You don't know? Well, I don't know what I can do to help you. I mean, I told you how I felt. Anytime you question that, you can go to your journal, right to the page where you wrote, "Isaac said he loved me today." And maybe one day you can tell me why it took you so long to respond.

Bonnie: I never expected to be in this situation, Isaac. I never dreamed that I would ever grow so fond of you.

Isaac: Fond?

Bonnie: More than fond. And if I would have known that Ian was going to walk back into my life the way that he did --

Isaac: So here we are.

Bonnie: Yes. With everyone expecting me to make up my mind.

Isaac: What are you waiting on? A sign from above? Some sign telling you want to do?

Bonnie: Well, that would certainly simplify matters.

Courier: Bonnie McKechnie?

Bonnie: Yes?

Isaac: Don't tell me. More competition.

Courier: Just sign right here.

Bonnie: Thank you. Thanks.

Isaac: What is it?

Bonnie: It's from Ian. Incredible.

Isaac: I should've known that any sign from above would come from the duke. What is it?

Bonnie: A one-way ticket to Scotland. And a note.

Isaac: Good news?

Bonnie: He wants me back. He wants me to forgive him, and he still loves me.

Isaac: So you're going to accept an apology from the duke, but not from me. I mean, I make one small, little mistake and I lose not only my best waitress, but my best friend. The duke can be with a whole cheerleading squad full of women, and as long as he sends a one-way ticket, has a tiara and a title, all is forgiven. Is that what you're saying?

Bonnie: Isaac, I didn't come here to argue.

Isaac: Then why did you come here? To say good-bye?

Bonnie: No, I came --

Isaac: Let me help you. Go marry the duke. Go have a great life. Live happily ever after. It was nice knowing you, Bonnie.

[Bonnie sighs]

Simon: Katie, be angry at me, be disappointed in me, but don't doubt us. That will let Dahlia win. She's been trying to break us up from the beginning. Do not give her the satisfaction, please!

Katie: What are you talking about? Dahlia was not the one who told me that you were a murder suspect! It was the reporter!

Simon: The reporter would have found out off Dahlia.

Katie: Oh, right, okay. No, she came with clippings from the Sacramento papers.

Simon: Oh, yeah. At the same time that Dahlia shows up here, so damned happy that she knows about my past, so pleased that she knows something that you don't. Katie, she is ruthless! Do you know what she said? She made a comment, a hideous comment about me murdering you for your money. Yeah, if you believe that --

Katie: I don't know what to believe anymore.

Simon: All right, then believe this -- if you continue to confide in Dahlia, then you're only giving her ammunition for her to pit us against each other.

Katie: Wait, you're saying this is my fault? You lied to me about something so -- I mean, like, huge, and you're saying that this is my fault?

Simon: That's not what I said, no.

Katie: Okay. You said that I was giving Dahlia ammunition, as if there's some kind of war here that I started.

Simon: I am not angry with you. I'm angry with Dahlia, okay? I'm just saying that you shouldn't trust her. I mean, if you hadn't told Dahlia about my inheritance from Monique, then she wouldn't have got all curious about my past.

Katie: Yeah, I'm pretty curious about your past, too.

Simon: And I told you everything there is to know. Word for word, you got to take my word on this, all right? Now I need yours on something.

Katie: On what?

Simon: That our private and personal lives stay strictly between us, okay?

Katie: You're issuing orders now?

Abigail: Are you all right?

Molly: I'll be a lot better once we hear her confession.

Mary: I didn't know there'd be such a big audience.

Margo: Evelyn, I'll handle it from here. Let the record show that there are no charges filed against you at this point. You have come here of your own free will, correct?

Mary: Yes.

Margo: What is it of special importance you would like to say to these people present in the room? But I must inform you, if you wish this interview to be private, you have that right.

Mary: I think the McKinnon's have a right to hear what I have to say. It's time for the truth to be told.

Evelyn: I'm assistant D.A. Evelyn Hart. This is Tom Hughes, attorney for the defendant, Abigail Williams. And you know the rest of the crowd.

Mary: Hello.

Evelyn: State your name, please.

Mary: Mary Manahan.

Evelyn: You can begin whenever you like.

Mary: I'm ready.

Evelyn: Tell us how you met Nick Scudder.

Mary: Nick and I met at a halfway house. I'd had some minor scrapes with the law. Kid stuff, really. But I was being rehabilitated. I was being returned to the community. Nick introduced himself. And almost instantly, I felt less afraid, more in control. More powerful, actually. We became fast friends. And then closer than friends. I got released, and he got released shortly afterwards, and we lost touch. And then he just reappeared after a few years out of nowhere. And we picked up from where we left off. It was like no time had passed. He said he was in love with me. He wanted to know everything that I'd done for every minute that we'd been apart. And when he learned that I had done another petty crime that could put me back in prison, he used it. He said he wouldn't give me away if I took part in another scheme.

Evelyn: And what scheme was that?

Mary: He said he had an old girlfriend who was a big TV star. He said she was just about to marry a big newspaper guy who was worth millions.

Evelyn: And who arranged for you to work for the McKinnon's as their nanny?

Mary: Nick put me in touch with an employment agency. But I knew I had a pretty good chance of landing the job 'cause I have years of experience. And I loved those two adorable little girls like they were my own.

Tom: So, what was your intention? I mean, once you got your foot in the door?

Mary: I was to learn everything I could about Jake and Molly and find their weak spot.

Margo: And what was that?

Mary: Abigail. I put those mug shots on the internet so Abigail would find them. And Nick solved the mystery. He went from being a pariah to a hero in the blink of an eye. You let him into your lives. You trusted him, and that's exactly what he wanted. Next step, he started seducing Abigail.

Abigail: Is that what you meant earlier when you said we had more in common?

Mary: He was a real charmer when he wanted to be. He had a way about him. I'd have done anything for Nick -- anything.

Tom: What happened the night Nick died?

Mary: That night -- that night, he went too far.

[Isaac sighs]

Isaac: Women.

Billy: Yeah, you had a great one, but you let her walk right out the door, didn't you? Okay, it's none of my business.

Isaac: You're right.

Billy: But she was asking. I mean, she practically begged you to tell her if you still felt the same way about her. And, kid, what did you do? Nothing.

Isaac: She'll come back.

Billy: Yeah, and if she's not, I don't blame her. You know, I used to have a lot of respect for you, Isaac. But if you don't go out that door right now and go find her --

Isaac: Hold, hold, hold -- you're losing respect for me for not chasing after some female? Is that what I'm hearing? Fine. You just lost your job.

[Billy laughs] get out! You're fired!

Billy: For just speaking up?

Isaac: Because I said so. Go.

Simon: I'm sorry, that came out all wrong. It's been a hell of a day.

Katie: For both of us. You know, I knew that I didn't know every little detail about your past, but I feel like I'm just learning too many things about you.

Simon: And all I'm saying is that I think that our private lives should be kept between us. Dahlia doesn't need to know every little detail that goes on.

Katie: She doesn't know every little detail. We work together. We talk.

Simon: Do you know much about her private life, Katie? Didn't think so.

Katie: So now I can't have any friends?

Simon: You can have friends. I'm not trying to drive a wedge between you and Dahlia or ruin your career before it starts.

Katie: Well, if any of your secrets come to life, then I'm not gonna have a career. So, please, just tell me if you're neglecting to tell me anything else.

Simon: Yes, okay, I am. There's one more thing. Do not bring Dahlia anywhere near me. I do not want anything more to do with her.

Katie: Is that another order?

Simon: No. It's a heartfelt request.

Katie: She has to know a couple things about us for business purposes.

Simon: Oh, yeah, well, I've heard that one before, haven't I? Dahlia's interest in us, in me, is a little bit deeper than a professional interest. She's got something -- something more personal in this.

Katie: Oh, fascinating.

Simon: What?

Katie: How you have managed to turn this discussion or argument or whatever it is from being about us to being about her. You're the one that lied to me, Simon.

Simon: And I explained all that just here before!

Katie: All right, is this because you don't trust me?

Simon: No, this -- no. This is about --

Katie: All right, there was one answer to that question. "Of course I trust you." Well, you know what? Maybe I don't trust you anymore, either.

Simon: What, you don't trust me? You trust Dahlia -- you trust Dahlia more than you trust me?

Katie: I don't know. Maybe I should.

Simon: You don't know the slightest thing about her!

Katie: And I don't know anything about you anymore, either.

Dahlia: I haven't heard from you in a few days. I was getting worried.

Jill: Oh, I know, I've been pulling a killer schedule.

Dahlia: Well, you said when there were developments regarding Simon Fraser, that you would be in touch.

Jill: Precisely.

Dahlia: Well, that can't be. You gave him the check from Monique's estate.

Jill: The check was deposited and that's all I can find out without a warrant.

Dahlia: He's got to be spending it on something. He didn't invest in real estate. That I'm sure of. The man inherits a small fortune and then he doesn't use it. What's he waiting for?

Jill: Why are you so sure he'll use it at all?

Dahlia: Because I know Simon Fraser. He's waiting until it's safe, till the next best thing comes along. You know, maybe it's seed money to start a new life, snag his next wife.

Jill: It's his money to spend, Dahlia. You have no say in this.

Dahlia: But he'll waste it. The last thing that Monique would have wanted is for some gigolo who never even loved her to fritter away her fortune. That money rightly belongs to the Ferraras. You know it, and I know it!

Jill: Dahlia, you're angry.

Dahlia: Simon gave me the right to be angry! Monique was my sister! He didn't just destroy her life. He destroyed us all. He got that inheritance. Now it's time for him to pay.

Jill: You're not threatening a man's life in front of a lawyer.

Dahlia: Let me just put it this way. Hypothetically, of course. If something catastrophic were to happen to Simon, and if the plans for such an event were in the works as we speak -- well, I may finally see some justice.

Mary: Well, that's just the kind of guy Nick was. He'd find himself an attractive target, figure out what he could get from a woman, seduce her, and leave her with nothing. He did the same thing to Abigail that he did to Molly.

Margo: Could you please just tell us about that night?

Mary: Nick had already made his demands for the money, and he was waiting for Jake to arrive. He would then break up with Abigail, and we would drive off into the sunset together. But when I got there, he was still with Abigail.

Molly: Is that why you did it? Jealousy? Is that why you killed Nick?

Mary: What did you say?

Molly: I said, "did you kill Nick out of jealousy?"

Mary: There's some -- been some big misunderstanding here.

Tom: You said you were making a confession.

Mary: I am. I'm confessing to my part in conning the McKinnon's out of their money. But I didn't murder Nick!

Molly: If you didn't murder Nick, then who did?

Mary: We already know the answer to that. Abigail killed Nick, and I saw her do it.

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