ATWT Transcript Thursday 3/21/02

As the World Turns Transcript Thursday 3/21/02

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Molly: Jake, the answer's been staring us right in the face.

Jake: Okay, all right, I'm just trying to wrap my head around this, okay?

Molly: There's nothing to wrap your head around. Jake -- the landlady at Nick's apartment, she gave us our child's toys.

Jake: A toy -- a toy -- there's a million toys like that.

Molly: And she also saw the mystery woman walk into the apartment building with twins. Twins carrying the same toy that Donna gave our twins, Jake. It has to be Mary Menahan.

Jake: First of all, don't you think Mary hightailed it as soon as she got busted? I mean, she's -- her nannying days were over. Second, we had nothing, nothing, nothing at all to connect her to Scudder or to murder.

Molly: It's circumstantial, okay, all right. But it's the best theory we've got. And we have ample proof that Mary was a very troubled person.

Jake: You are talking -- you are talking about first-degree murder. Now that's a far cry -- far cry from posting your picture on the internet or trying to steal your husband.

Molly: All right, okay. Please tell me this is your reporter's skepticism kicking in.

Jake: What do you think the chances are that this woman, fresh off the boat from Ireland, even gets involved with Nick Scudder? She's a sad, misguided person.

Molly: Nick loves his women misguided. I don't know, okay? All right, maybe it's my desperate mother point of view, but this is the first piece of evidence that I've got that can clear Abigail's name. So it's something, Jake.

Jake: Wait, who are you calling?

Molly: I'm gonna call Jessica Griffin, 'cause the D.A.'s office needs to know about this.

Jake: No, hold on there, Miss Marbles. Oh, no, no, no. You call her with this theory, and she's gonna do nothing but shoot holes in it.

Molly: So help me plug them.

Jake: I will. I just don't want us to get our hopes up out of desperation.

Molly: Holden, hey! We figured it out.

Holden: Figured out what?

Molly: We know who killed Nick Scudder. Our daughter is vindicated. Abigail is free.

Mary: Really, Abigail. I'll only take a moment of your time.

Abigail: Mary, it's really late.

Mary: I wouldn't ask if it wasn't important. I won't stay long. Promise.

Abigail: So you're back in Oakdale. I never would have called that one.

Mary: You mean how could I show my face after making such a fool of myself. There's an irony in my coming back, actually. I've come back for a job interview.

Abigail: Not for a nanny, I hope.

Mary: No. Not after the way my employment ended with Mr. Mckinnon and your mother. I still turn red with the shame. How are the twins?

Abigail: They're okay. What's this job?

Mary: A fresh start, among other things. This is why I was really hoping that I could clear the air with your parents.

Abigail: Mary, I think asking Molly for a reference would be professional suicide at this point.

Mary: Well, I was hoping maybe that you could help me with that.

Abigail: And how?

Mary: Would it be too much to ask for you to have a word with Molly on my behalf?

Abigail: Why me?

Mary: Well, I thought maybe you could muster up a little, you know, compassion. I read about your case in "The Intruder."

Abigail: Yes, you and most of the world.

Mary: I'm sorry. I know how it feels.

Abigail: You've been accused of murder before?

Mary: No. But I thought because of the difficult time that you've been having that you might be able to understand what I've been going through. We have a lot more in common than you know.

Ticket agent: Is New York your final destination?

Craig: No, actually that would be Brussels. There's a connection out of Kennedy in a few hours. It's a matter of life and death here, I gotta make that connection.

Ticket agent: We'll find you something.

Craig: Okay, thank you.

Jack: Don't try too hard, miss. This gentleman isn't going anywhere.

Craig: Jack. What are you, part cockroach? Every time I get you squashed, you pop again like a broken leg.

Jack: Back away from the counter.

Craig: Am I under arrest again?

Jack: You know, that's not a bad idea.

Paul: I want -- I want to touch you.

Rose: Okay.

Paul: I'm sorry, did I hurt you?

Rose: No, it's just nerves or something -- I don't know. Do you know how long I begged for this?

Paul: A lifetime.

Rose: Thank you for looking at me like you're not looking at a horror movie.

Paul: Shh, don't say that.

Rose: You don't see what I see.

Paul: I see the woman that I'd give my life for if it meant saving you from all this.

Rose: And I see Rose under mama's skin. I used to look at my mom sitting there at her vanity table in the mirror and sometimes she'd have a sad look on her face. I'd say, "why are you so sad?" And she'd have tears in her eyes, and she'd say, "I'm looking for the girl that I used to be." And I didn't get that. All this time I never thought about it, but now, I get it. I understand. Please say something.

Paul: Why were you hiding from me?

Rose: Oh, Paul.

Paul: Is this it? Is this all there is? 'Cause if it is, I shouldn't have to wait one more minute to hold you.

Barbara: Hal, I want you to stop and listen to me.

Margo: Barbara, don't do this.

Hal: All I have to is raise this gun and it's over. That's all I have to --

Barbara: Hal --

Hal: What do you want, Barbara?

Barbara: Put the gun down.

Hal: I don't know if I can. Or if I want to.

Margo: Hal, whatever is pulling you away from yourself, you gotta fight it. You gotta remember who you are, what you believe in. What you are trained to do. You're a Police officer, Hal. You're on the side that fights for the good people, and nobody's better at it than you.

Hal: I'm a Police officer. My shield. Does anyone know what happened to my badge?

Margo: We've got it, Hal.

Hal: Those words on it -- "to serve and protect." I haven't done that, have I?

Margo: Yeah, but you can change that.

Hal: It's too late!

Barbara: It's only too late if you hurt yourself.

Hal: I just want it to stop!

Barbara: I know. I know. I know, Hal. I know. Look at me. Look. There is nothing you're feeling that I haven't felt -- the desperation, the hopelessness. James has pushed you beyond endurance. And then he pushed you further. He pushed you over the edge.

Hal: My badge, I remember now. I lost my badge.

Margo: You dropped your badge, Hal. And Steinbeck knocked you out and dragged you off.

Hal: I've never been without it before. I don't know where to go from here. Everything's black. I can't stop falling.

Barbara: We can catch you, Hal. It's not too late. We can call an ambulance. We can get James to the hospital. We can get you some help.

Hal: Some shrink? Some shrink's gonna get inside my head and unravel all the knots in there? No. What's done is done. One way or another, I gotta cut the cord to this devil. One way or another. It's a bullet in him, or it's a bullet in me. And he's half-dead, so --

Margo: Don't do it.

Barbara: Don't let him do it. What do you say? If you want to go, Hal, then go. Be the cop who eats the gun. But it will be the last image that anyone in this world sees of you. Is that what you want?

Barbara: Is this how you want your children to remember you?

Simon: I don't know about you, but I'm not sure Barbara can pull this off.

Margo: I think you're right. He may just call her bluff. I'm gonna circle around --

Simon: No, no, no. I'll do it. Keep talking.

Barbara: What are you waiting for, Hal?

Hal: I can't remember the last time I fired my weapon.

Barbara: That's right. Because you are your badge.

Hal: To protect and serve.

Barbara: Yes. But if that's not enough for you anymore, I can handle that. I can call Nikki and tell her that her father won't be there for her college graduation. I'll write to Jennifer overseas and explain why her father won't be bragging about her latest magazine layout at the squad room.

Hal: Why are you saying this to me?

Barbara: Because you're about to take your own life, Hal. But you see, I have to deal with the life you leave behind. They're my children, too.

Margo: And mine.

Barbara: Margo will be there for Adam. He's in college. He can take care of himself. And Will? Will will be with me. He'll have a picture of his father in his dress blues on his bedroom wall. Would you like them to have your badge, something to remember you by?

Hal: I don't want -- I never wanted --

Barbara: It doesn't matter what you want anymore, Hal, because you won't be here. You'll just be a memory, a headstone. Oh, and Parker. Parker won't have any memory of you at all.

Margo: If Carly doesn't make it back, I'm sure that John can adopt Parker.

Barbara: That's right. Parker will be calling John "daddy" from now on. So there you go, Hal. All the loose ends are all tied up. You can die with a clear conscience now.

Hal: Do you think this is easy?!

Barbara: It's the easy way out, if that's what you mean.

[Monitor beeping] aren't they beautiful? When I was in pain, I made myself forget. I made myself forget how glorious they are. Are you going to make the same mistake, Hal?

Hal: Jennifer.

Barbara: In eighth grade. Look at those teeth. She thought she was the ugliest girl in the class.

Hal: I remember.

Barbara: From ugly duckling to super model before we knew what had happened to her. Will --

Hal: Hey, Will.

Barbara: Will. The most beautiful little baby boy. We knew he was a good person the moment he was born, remember?

Hal: Yeah.

Barbara: And look -- all of them. All of them. Adam, on the night he discovered that you're his father. He was so happy, Hal. Are you going to deprive these children of a father for the rest of their lives, or are you gonna stick around to see everything yet to come?

[Monitor beeping]

Barbara: It's gonna be all right. It's gonna be all right, Hal. You're gonna be fine.

Rose: You have no idea how much I missed you.

Paul: It's okay.

Rose: No, every night, I'd look -- I'd see your face, and I'd see your smile. And the only thing that got me through was remembering what it felt like to have you -- have your arms around me. It felt so real, like you were there with me.

Paul: Because I was there. Listen, you were in my thoughts and my dreams, my love. I never gave up on seeing you again.

Rose: You never imagined seeing me like this.

Paul: A few lines --

Rose: Oh, a freeway of lines.

Paul: It doesn't matter.

Rose: Yes, it does matter. Yes, it matters to me. When I was on Lucinda's jet, I didn't look like this. Next thing I know, I'm 20 years older in one day.

Paul: Well, you're with me now. And we're gonna get through whatever happens here, and we're gonna do it together. We've wasted so much time being apart, and that's something we should never do again.

Rose: This is very serious. We have to admit that. It's scary as hell.

Paul: And you're not gonna be scared alone. I won't let you. I mean, if I'd had more faith in you, then you -- you wouldn't have been kidnapped by James, and none of this would've happened.

Rose: "None of this"? You mean the way I look. See, it does matter. Doesn't it?

Jake: Listen, let's take a look at the Mary that we know. I'm not saying that she wasn't unbalanced, but was she the type to get herself involved with an ex-con? I mean -- who was going to commit cold-blooded murder.

Molly: Mary probably lied to us about her entire life.

Especially if she was involved with Nick.

Holden: The woman that Abigail remembers was wearing boots and had some serious red nails.

Jake: Mary didn't have those.

Lily: Maybe she gets manicures.

Molly: Yeah, and they'd probably like that.

Jake: Yeah, thinking out loud here. Now, Scudder is the one who figured out that Mary was posting this stuff about you on the internet. Tells us. We confront her. She gets canned. What are you saying? That's all a set up?

Molly: Why not? They were in on it together to make Nick save the day.

Holden: Because if he sounds like the hero, not only does he get you guys --

Molly: Right, but he gets Abigail believing he can walk on water, which is the way she needs to feel if he's going to have any control over her. And then control over Molly.

Jake: And my checkbook.

Holden: Perfect blackmail scheme.

Jake: So back to Mary and her explanation on why she wrote the nasty things to you. Do you think she really didn't have the hots for me?

Why is it every man's fantasy to be irresistible to all women, even those who are murderers?

Jake: Well, don't -- that's why I just said I was thinking out loud. I mean, didn't we do a thorough background check? I mean, I checked everything I could about her at the paper. She came up clean.

Lily: Maybe until she met Nick she was clean.

Molly: Right, I didn't have a Police record till I met Nick.

Holden: Yeah, well, I can just see Nick now in prison, the whole time he's there, figuring out a way to score.

Lily: That's right. He sees you on tv, Molly. You're doing well. You have two kids. You get married. And maybe she was a real nanny, and she got tired of working for a living. Hooks up with her boyfriend. Cashes in.

Molly: They probably kicked up their heels when they saw us advertising for a nanny.

Holden: I'm sold. Jake?

Jake: I -- have no more questions. I mean, the whole thing has a certain symmetry to it.

Molly: Great. So now can I call Jessica Griffin?

Holden: I already spoke to Jessica. She wants proof, not theories.

Molly: What about the murder weapon?

Lily: The music box.

Molly: Yeah. It was engraved. It said, "to Nick. With all my love, me."

Jake: Me. Me, who me?

Molly: Me. M.E. Me. Love -- M.E. Mary Eleanor Menahan.

Jake: What, you think like Nick called her, "hey, Mary Eleanor."

Molly: Yeah, why not? You guys, this music box, it could be key to prove that Mary was there at Nick's apartment that night.

Mary: I wouldn't have fallen so hard for Mr. Mckinnon if I hadn't had my heart broken just before I took the job with him and Ms. Conlan.

Abigail: Mrs. Mckinnon. You know?

Mary: Of course. It's just that the man that I was with before -- he did horrible things to me. And Mr. Mckinnon was so sweet.

Abigail: You fell for the wrong guy twice. That could definitely ruin your life. It only took one to ruin mine.

Mary: I knew we had something in common.

Abigail: No, I was a stupid, naive little girl who thought she knew everything.

Mary: I wasn't much better.

Abigail: But you're not on trial for loving the wrong man.

Mary: Isn't there anything that you can do to keep the law from coming down on you so hard?

Abigail: Molly and Jake are trying to do everything they can.

Mary: They're very resourceful people.

Abigail: I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Mary: Do you mind if I ask you what they intend to do?

Craig: Well done, Jacko. You're gonna make me miss my flight.

Jack: Do we have to play these games, Montgomery?

Craig: No, no, no. You could leave. Or you could waste more time trying to baby-sit me.

Jack: Flying to Brussels, flashing your platinum card around and playing cowboy -- that gets us nothing. And it certainly won't help Carly.

Craig: Well, sitting on your butt at the station house wringing your hands is paying huge dividends.

Jack: We found Steinbeck.

Craig: You're kidding? Alive?

Jack: Still comatose. But as soon as he regains consciousness, we'll be able to force him to tell us where this --

[Craig laughs]

Jack: -- Institute Rose was talking about is. What?

Craig: And the cow will jump over the moon!

Jack: Since when do you know all the answers?

Craig: How long has Steinbeck been in a coma? What are his chances for recovery, Jack?

Jack: We don't know that yet.

Craig: So he's getting sponge baths and dinner through a tube for the foreseeable future. And what are you doing? Have you seen Rose? She's not doing very well, either. Maybe you'd noticed that. So pardon me for acting on the urgency of Carly's situation.

Jack: I am sick and tired of this righteous attitude, thinking that you're the only one who truly gives a damn about Carly. You're in my way, Montgomery. If you don't back off, I will make your life a living hell. I promise you that. I've got investigators in Brussels. They know what they're doing, and they keep a low profile. Going over there will just mess this whole thing up. So go home! Get some sleep.

Craig: Your way is too slow, Jack.

Jack: Craig, I know you're an operator. I know this. And I know you're used to getting your way all the time. But barging into this thing could get someone killed. Maybe yourself. Maybe Carly.

Craig: Wouldn't you trade my life for Carly's?

Jack: Why won't you listen to reason?

Craig: Because -- I'm in love. I know you don't think I am capable of such things. And there was a time I would've agreed with you. But then Carly happened, Jack. I do love her. And I'm not gonna step aside, and I'm not going to stop until she is found.

Rose: Look at you. Pity is coming off you like radiation.

Paul: It's not pity, Rose. I could never look at you with pity.

Rose: Oh, no? Listen to yourself. You sound so guilty.

Paul: Well, of course I feel guilty. My mother wanted you out of my life, so my father arranged it.

Rose: What happened to me, Paul, had nothing to do with you. This is not your fault! I knew Barbara hated me and wanted me out of your life. But did I listen? No.

Paul: Well, if I'd listened to you when you told me the truth about Vince.

Rose: Yes, if I had told you everything. If I'd been up front about everything, we could have trumped your mother and father right from the start. But we didn't. We can't cry over that now. I just know one thing -- I am not gonna make the same mistakes that your mother did, you know. After that explosion, she used those scars on her face to manipulate people's lives. And I'm not gonna do that. Being at Fairwinds with this wrapped around my head -- it's just a little weird for me. And I'm not gonna use this face to make you stick around and feel guilty.

Paul: Would you get over it?

Rose: Excuse me?

Paul: Can't you see how desperate I am? How much I love you? I want to stick around, and not because I feel guilty. You are the best thing that's ever happened to me. And that's why I was such a jerk when it came to Vince O'malley. 'Cause I couldn't stand the thought of losing you to anyone. Or anything. And I still can't. What?

Rose: These brown spots -- they weren't there before. It's not stopping. It's getting worse. It's getting worse!

Margo: That's right. The Old Mill off of Route 26. And radio Dr. John Dixon of Oakdale Memorial. Tell him to meet us in emergency. Tell him the patient's name is James Steinbeck.

Hal: What will they do when they get here? What will they do to James?

Barbara: They're not gonna hurt him. They're gonna take care of him, all right? Why don't you not look at him? Focus on me, Hal. Focus on me.

Margo: The paramedics are on their way.

Simon: Margo? Can you come here for a moment, please?

Hal: What's wrong?

Margo: It's okay. Nothing's wrong with James. He's gonna be all right. He's gonna be all right.

Simon: I'm not so sure about that. He hasn't got a pulse.

Abigail: My lawyer thinks it's best if I don't reveal much to anyone outside of the case. I should be careful about testimony that could be used against me.

Mary: Well, I can understand you wouldn't want to discuss particulars, but -- may I ask you, what drew you to this man in the first place? The one who died.

Abigail: Well, he made me feel like I was someone special. Someone better and smarter and prettier than anyone he had ever met.

Mary: Well, isn't that something? He must've told you that his life would've been so different, if only he'd met you sooner.

Abigail: That's exactly what he said.

[Phone ringing] I should get that. Hello?

Molly: Abigail.

Abigail: Molly. You'll never guess.

Molly: Listen to me very carefully. Okay? I'm with Jake and Lily and Holden at Al's diner.

Abigail: Why the big meeting?

Molly: Something came up. Something very important came up. Listen, do not step one foot outside that door until we get home.

Abigail: I'm not planning on it. I actually have company.

Molly: Is Adam there?

Abigail: No. Mary Menahan.

Molly: Is she still there?

Abigail: Yeah. She's helping.

Molly: Listen, Abigail, just stay calm, and act like we're having a normal conversation, okay?

Abigail: What's going on?

Molly: Abigail, she can't know that anything's wrong, but you've got to get her out of that house.

Abigail: Molly, why?

Molly: Because, honey, we think she's the one that murdered Nick.

Abigail: Okay, Molly. Are you guys on your way?

Molly: Sweetie, sweetie, just stay calm, okay? And don't let on about anything. And we're on our way right now. We're leaving right now.

Abigail: I can do that.

Molly: She knows we're coming, so she's probably nervous, and she might leave on her own. But if she doesn't, you gotta figure some way to get her out of that house, okay?

Abigail: That sounds like a great idea.

Molly: We're coming, baby. We're coming, okay? Oh, my God. Oh, my God. After what that maniac did to Kim --

Jake: That's okay. We'll break a sound barrier.

Holden: I'll call the Police from the car, all right?

Abigail: I don't know how you feel about seeing everyone right now, but I couldn't lie about you being here.

Mary: Oh, well, I understand, but I think it's best if I make myself scarce before they all get here.

Abigail: Yeah.

Mary: You -- you will still put in a good word for me?

Abigail: I don't know, Mary. Maybe you should just write a letter.

Mary: Do you know -- you know what I would really like? If we could have like a dry run, a rehearsal.

Abigail: They're all gonna be here any second.

Mary: Well, we could go somewhere. I've got my car outside. And we could go for a ride. Please. I'll buy a soda and --

Abigail: I should really be here when they get back.

Mary: It would mean so much to me, Abigail.

Abigail: I -- can you have me back in 20 minutes?

Mary: Of course.

Abigail: Then I guess it's okay. Oh, shoot. I almost forgot. I have to set the alarm before I leave.

Mary: Abigail? [Pounding on door]

Abigail! What are you doing? Abigail!

Abigail: Hi. This is Abigail Williams, Holden Snyder's daughter. There's a prowler outside our house. A woman, red hair, average height. She was pounding on the door, but now she stopped. Yes, Holden and Lily are on their way. Thank you.

Simon: Nothing. None. There's nothing there.

Barbara: I am not losing him before he tells us where Carly and Emily are.

Hal: Simon, make a fist. Hit him right here, just to the left of the breastbone.

Simon: I don't know, Hal. That only works in movies.

Hal: You need to shock the heart! Do it. Hit him.

Barbara: Do it!

Simon: All right, all right, all right. All right. Here goes.

[Simon grunting] I think I cracked something, but --

Margo: He's got a pulse. He's got a pulse.

Simon: All right, now what?

Margo: We wait until the paramedics show up. They'll take over. Oh, Hal. You were always better at this first aid thing than I was. I really missed you, Hal. Until you are your grouchy, irascible self again, I am not giving up on you.

Rose: These are age spots, aren't they?

Paul: Are we gonna find someone that can help you? A scientist? A doctor? There's gotta be someone out there that can help you.

Rose: I mean, I just -- it's not stopping. I mean, if I could just know that it was gonna stop, then I'd know how I was gonna end up --

Paul: Don't, don't. I'm not gonna let you say it.

Rose: I don't know what's worse, thinking that I'm gonna die or living like this the rest of my life. I don't know the answer to that.

Paul: Rose, you're gonna be fine. You're gonna be better.

Rose: I know in my life I didn't have any class. If I knew it was like that up until this point -- at least I had my face and my body. I mean, a person can get through life pretty well with a decent face and some curves in the right place.

Paul: Rose -- you are still beautiful. And more importantly, you're strong. And I'm not gonna let you forget that.

Rose: Then why -- why'd you have that look on your face when you saw the spots?

Paul: All I was thinking about was how much I love you. And how angry and sad I am that this is happening --

Rose: Please, no, look at -- can you just admit it, that it's hard to accept the fact that this is happening and it's a horrible thing?

Paul: Have you heard a word I've said, Rose?

Rose: Yes. I've heard every syllable. But you're still not admitting something to me.

Paul: What?

Rose: You have pity. Okay? And I don't want pity. Going through this alone is hard enough. Having you there watching me -- I can't take it.

Paul: Rose, Rose, don't. Don't --

Rose: Can you imagine what it'll be like waking up next to me every single morning? It'll be like sleeping with your grandmother. Oh, God. It makes me sick, even the thought of it. I can't help it.

Paul: We're gonna take this day by day, hour by hour. The only thing that matters is what's in our hearts. I see you with my soul, not with my eyes.

Rose: Honey, if you can make love to this, then there is a part of you that -- this quirky part I don't know anything about. Either that, or you're a saint.

Paul: If you don't feel like being held or making love, then it's okay.

Rose: There is not one part of you that doesn't make me feel completely alive. I cannot see myself with you like this. I just --

Paul: Rose --

Rose: I can't.

Paul: Just give yourself some time.

Rose: Yeah, I need time. I need time. Alone.

Paul: Rose, you know --

Rose: I'm sorry. But this is something that I have to do alone. And that's the way that it has to be.

Jack: I care about Carly's safety, too.

Craig: Then why don't you go back to your chair in the squad room and let me do what I have to do?

Jack: This isn't personal, Craig. This is my job. I'm a cop. And I don't like amateurs in the mix. It complicates things. I constantly have to worry about what your next move's gonna be.

Craig: Well, then let me in on everything.

Jack: Meaning?

Craig: We're partners.

Jack: Oh, didn't we already try that once?

Craig: Yeah, and so far I've saved your life a couple of times. Huh?

Jack: Okay. Okay. You forget about this plan to fly to Brussels on your own, and I'll fill you in on everything I know.

Craig: I could put off my travel plans for 12 hours.

Jack: Come by the station about 9:00 tomorrow morning for a briefing.

Craig: Well, pardon my stunned expression.

Jack: You did save my life, Craig. I owe you something.

Craig: So pay up.

Jack: Just don't tell anybody about this, okay?

Craig: Okay.

Jack: You need a ride?

Craig: No, that's okay.

Jack: Who knows? Maybe we were destined to do this together from the start.

Craig: Well, don't get all teary-eyed on me, partner. So long. Sucker.

Paul: You're crazy if you think I'm letting you go.

Rose: A little time. That's all I need just to get my head on straight.

Paul: What, so I have no choice in the matter?

Rose: Not if you wanna make me happy.

Paul: Some illusion of what you think will make you happy.

Rose: Maybe. This is what I need, right now.

Paul: All right. I'll take you back to Lily's.

Rose: No. No, I don't wanna go back there.

Paul: Why not? You'll be safe. You'll be surrounded by family.

Rose: No, because then I see Lily, and I think about the way I used to look. I can't do that. No, I can't. I can't do it. Please go. Please, now. Go.

Paul: Why am I doing this, huh? Why am I agreeing to this? To protect your sense of vanity?

Rose: No! No, it's not that. It's just that I've been terr -- I was just terrified in that nightmare for months! All I wanted to do was get out of there. You know how I got of there? In a coffin! Buried alive! Next thing I know, the posse from Oakdale shows up, and I'm okay. I'm back here in Oakdale. And then this happens to me. Can't you understand how much I have to let this sink in. I just need a second.

Paul: I'm sorry. I --

Rose: And I love you for being sorry. I just need some -- I need some air.

Paul: Okay. If you need me -- anytime, day or night --

Rose: I will call.

Paul: I'm not giving up on you.

Rose: You will.

Jack: Rose, I didn't expect you to still be here. We got a phone call. Steinbeck's been found.

Rose: Is he alive?

Jack: He's in a coma. Hopefully, when he comes to, he'll be able to answer some questions.

Rose: Never thought I'd say this, but I'm glad he is alive. You can talk to him, maybe get some information before Carly -- just -- just do it.

Jack: I will, Rose.

Ticket agent: Mr. Montgomery, right?

Craig: Back for more.

Ticket agent: Sorry you missed that earlier flight to New York. Should I book you on the next one?

Craig: Just point the way.

Holden: Oh, honey. Thank God you're okay.

Molly: Honey. You okay?

Abigail: Yeah, I basically made a run for it. She wanted me to take a ride in her car. But we were halfway out through the door, and I ran back in and locked her out.

Jake: Smart, smart. She didn't try to hurt you?

Abigail: No, but I wasn't very subtle. So if she's in any way connected to Nick, she knows we're on to her.

Lily: We already called the Police.

Abigail: Yes, and I notified the security company. I told them that Mary is out there. And they saw her car on the monitors. They gave her license plate and her description to the Police.

Jake: Well I think you handled this beautifully.

Abigail: I just -- I couldn't stop shaking after you called.

Molly: And did she say why she was here?

Abigail: Yes, she said she had a job interview, and she needed references. That she wanted to clear the air with you. And the reason she asked me to go in the car with her is so she could rehearse what she was gonna say.

Molly: If you had gotten in that car --

Abigail: Yes, I know. I'd be as dead as Nick.

Molly: Did she say anything that would help with that?

Abigail: All she kept saying was that she was sorry for what happened between you and Jake.

Jake: Yeah, but nothing to clue you in on a connection with Nick?

Abigail: She said that she knew how I felt, going and waiting for the trial, that she'd been involved with rotten men before. And it messed with her head. And she said that's why she did what she did when she was working for you. That she saw Jake as her chance to be with someone decent for once in her life.

Lily: The only truth in that is that she fell in love with a rotten man.

Molly: I have no doubt that she was hooked up with Nick.

Abigail: Maybe she was trying to clue me in on that.

Jake: Why? She said something else?

Abigail: I never thought about it until now. But Mary said she wanted to talk to me because we had more in common than I knew.

Mary: Damn that girl and her parents! I should've just grabbed her by the hair and dragged her out.

Paramedic: This guy's lucky to be alive.

Margo: Make sure he stays that way.

[Phone ringing]

Simon: Sorry. Hello? Hey, honey, your timing's impeccable, as usual. What's up? Look, I'll do my best, but I'm kinda tied up right now. Okay, okay. Shh. Calm down. I'll see what I can do. Yeah, I love you. Bye.

Margo: Little miss is nipping at your heels there?

Simon: She's got something big planned at Al's diner. Don't know whether to go or run for the hills.

Margo: Okay. I'll see you soon, Simon. And, Simon? I couldn't have hoped for a better partner than I had tonight. Thank you. Make sure that he's admitted to Dr. John Dixon. I'll be there as soon as I can.

Paramedic: Is that other guy okay?

Paramedic: We can send another unit down here.

Margo: No, no. I'll handle it. Hal, Hal, Hal, Hal. I wanna take you to Memorial. I want someone to check you out there. Someone who can help you.

Hal: Aren't you gonna book me first?

Margo: No, that can wait. Come on.

Barbara: I'll be with you, Hal.

Margo: Barbara -- look, although I'm very grateful for everything that you've done, going with Hal at this point -- I'm not sure that's a good idea.

Barbara: Margo, I have hurt a lot of people. I have a lot to make up for. And I have hurt Hal most of all. I have to fix this.

Margo: I understand that, but there's really nothing more you can do. He's in love with another woman, a woman that you had kidnapped, Barbara.

Barbara: I'm not delusional. Please, let me be there for him.

Margo: I'll drive you.

Barbara: Thank you.

Ticket agent: Mr. Montgomery? The flight is getting ready to board now. If your passport is in order.

Craig: Yes, of course.

Ticket agent: Sir?

Craig: Just a moment. I seem to have -- misplaced -- that miserable son of a --

Jack: Ah, you should be figuring this out right about now. Ah, should keep you out of everybody's hair for awhile. Doing' everything I can, Carly.

[Phone ringing] Detective Snyder. Hello?

Carly: Jack.

Jack: Carly?

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