ATWT Transcript Monday 3/18/02


As The World Turns Transcript Monday 3/18/02

By Suzanne
Proofread by Ebele

Bonnie: Okay, you handle the bar, and I'll surprise Isaac with a birthday cake, okay?

Billy: As long as it's chocolate, and I get a piece. Here, you have some mail, and since the return address is a coat of arms, I'm betting it's from the duke.

Bonnie: And I'm betting I don't care. Lisa, my favorite, favorite person. I need a favor.

Lisa: Oh, yes, darling. I will close up for you tonight.

Bonnie: You truly are my fairy godmother.

Lisa: Yes, I am. I am a three-hankie romantic. Isn't tonight the night for you and Isaac?

Bonnie: Oh, well, Cinderella did not tell her fairy godmother what she did with the prince.

Lisa: Oh, yes, and I'm sorry, but I cannot give you a glass slipper. But I can give you some wonderful advice -- do everything that I would do and enjoy it while you do.

Isaac: Do you happen to remember what today is?

Bonnie: Um -- Arbor Day? Flag Day? St. Patrick's Day? Happy birthday.

Isaac: Ah, so you did remember? Did you also happen to remember what I want for my birthday?

Bonnie: Yes, and I want it, too. But because it's right, not just because of some date on the calendar. I mean, I want to make sure that we're ready, both of us. Don't you think?

Isaac: Sure. Whatever -- whatever you think is best.

Bonnie: And after work tonight, I'll be ready. What about you, Isaac?

Tom: All right, we'll have more privacy in here. Besides, I've got news on Abigail's trial. You are being subpoenaed as a witness.

Molly: Fine. That's one of the things that's been keeping me together, knowing that I am going to testify for my daughter.

Jake: Tom said "subpoena." That's not -- that's not good news for team Abigail.

Tom: You're being called as a witness for the prosecution.

[Doorbell rings]

Paul: Rose?! Rose?!

Rose: I cannot let Paul see my face like this.

Lily: No, it's not so bad. It's -- it's probably a reaction from stress. It will be gone in a few days. So let me just let Paul in, okay?

Rose: No! No, this -- this is not a case of nerves! This is a parting gift from that Dr. Weston creep! With his potions and his gels and his racks and his -- oh! Oh, at first it was all hot and bothering me, and then I'm sweating! I mean -- I mean, how bad is this gonna get?!

[Doorbell rings]

Paul: Rose? Am I gonna have to break down this door or what?

Rose: No, I can't see him! I -- I can't see him! Tell him -- tell him something! Tell him anything!

Lily: You want me to send him away? I can't do that. He's been worried about you for months. I can't just send him away.

Rose: You know who's gonna love this? Barbara Ryan. She's gonna love it, 'cause she didn't want me near her son, and now, I can't because of Dr. Evil! I'm telling you right now, I cannot handle this! Now please, I can't deal with Paul right now!

Lily: Hey, I'm sorry it took me so long, but -- no, no, no!

Paul: Hey, where are you, sweetheart?

Lily: I forgot to tell you. See, Rose is -- she's lying down because she's not feeling well right now.

Paul: What? It's nothing serious, is it?

Lily: No, it's -- I'm sure everything's fine. She just doesn't want to see you until she's feeling better.

Paul: Well, maybe she can wait, but I can't. Rose? It's Paul. Where are you? I want to kiss that beautiful face of yours.

Hal: I'm in trouble.

Barbara: I knew there was something wrong. Margo was worried about you, too.

Hal: Why should she think that? I'm fine.

Barbara: You just said you were in trouble, Hal.

Hal: It's not supposed to be this way.

Barbara: What way? What are you talking about?

Hal: I'm supposed to know what to do.

Barbara: Okay. You're here now, all right? Let me help you. What do you need?

Hal: I need to protect James.

Barbara: You've found James?

Hal: His life is in my hands.

Barbara: What are you talking about?

Hal: I need to protect James. I need to take care of James. He got sick, and I moved him. I did my best, but he kept on getting sicker. He could die. I can't let him die. Please help me, Barbara. Please help me save James.

Isaac: You take my breath away.

Bonnie: I do?

Isaac: Yeah, and I know this isn't a casual thing we're talking about.

Bonnie: No. No, it's not. It's because I love you, and I've only done this with one other person.

Isaac: Are you sure that you're ready?

Bonnie: I'm over the duke, if that's what you're asking. But now, I have a question for you. Are you sure you're ready -- for a commitment, I mean.

Isaac: Well, if you're asking if I'm ready to be your man, yeah. I'm ready.

Bonnie: I should -- I'm going back to work.

Isaac: Wait till quitting time.

Lisa: Don't they look adorable in love?

Billy: Better now than they will when it's over.

Lisa: Billy, bite your tongue! Isaac and Bonnie are my biggest success story.

Billy: I don't know about this whole love against all odds thing. I don't think it will ever work out, Lisa.

Lisa: What in the world is wrong with you? Have you never read one of those wonderful romances where the beautiful girl dumps the duke and goes off with the wonderfully romantic working hero?

Billy: Sorry, I just read the one where the beautiful girl dumps the hard-working carpenter.

Lisa: Oh, that's just terrible to think of such a thing as that. Oh, no.

Billy: Whoa. Who's that?

Lisa: Uh, you've heard about the serpent in the garden of Eden? Kissing cousin.

Chloe: Is Isaac Jenkins still here, or has he already left?

Bonnie: Um, he's in the back. Shall I get him?

Chloe: I'll find him. He didn't look angry, did he?

Bonnie: Why would he be?

Chloe: Because I'm late for our date.

Lily: Please try not to be upset. I'm sure when Rose is feeling better, she will call you.

Paul: She already called me, Lily. She couldn't wait to see me. Now what happened? She's not sick, is she?

Lily: You know, I cannot give you much more information right now. I can't give you any details, but please just know this has absolutely nothing to do with you.

Paul: All I've wanted to do since she's been missing is ask her to forgive me for everything I did before she left. Now, I love her, Lily, and I can't wait any longer.

Lily: I know you love her. You have to love her enough to be patient.

Paul: Rose?!

Lily: No, don't!

Paul: All right. Just tell her I -- just give her the flowers for me, will you?

Rose: He always brings me roses. He says the petals remind him of my skin. How did it change? How did it change -- so fast? I'm scared. I'm so scared.

Lily: That's why you should tell Paul to stay -- to help you get through this. You need him right now.

Rose: No, not like this! Until I find out what is wrong with me and if anybody can fix it, I cannot face him! I don't think I can face anybody!

Molly: No way. I won't testify against Abigail, okay? I'll take the fifth.

Jake: Honey, you can only take the fifth if you're trying to protect yourself.

Tom: You try stonewalling on the stand, and the judge will slap you with contempt of court, and the jury will wonder what you're hiding.

Molly: Don't give me a lesson in law, Tom, okay? Just help me save my daughter. I can't be a part of anything that's gonna send my daughter to prison.

[Phone rings]

Jake: You two work this out. Hey, it's Jake here.

Kim: Hi. Jake, it's Kim Hughes. Do you by any chance know where Abigail and Adam are? They called and said they wanted the surveillance tapes from Woak. I'm supposed to meet them at Al's diner. I'm here, and they're not.

Jake: What do they want the tapes for?

Kim: Wait a minute. Here they are. Here they are. Sorry to bother you.

Molly: Was that about Abigail?

Jake: She and Adam are ignoring our advice again. They're meeting Kim to look at the surveillance tapes from Woak.

Tom: Well, I'm not liking this.

Jake: I cannot believe that they would try to conduct their own investigation, especially after the gas leak.

Tom: I mean, exactly. If they're on the trail of this mystery woman, but if they blunder onto something that the cops should come across first, they're gonna jeopardize Abigail's chance for acquittal.

Jake: Not if I get there first. I'm going over there. You can handle the other meeting?

Molly: Absolutely. I'll call you afterwards, okay?

Tom: Excuse me, what was that about?

Molly: Nothing. So are we finished?

Tom: Sure. By the way, do you think I should fire the P.I. that's working on Abigail's case?

Molly: Why would you do that?

Tom: Well, we've got you and Jake and Abigail and Adam investigating every possible lead that pops up. I mean, why pay a pro if we have so many competent, you know, amateurs in the field? Hey, it's not just about Abigail. My son is involved.

Molly: I know. And I love him almost as much as you do, Tom. He's been great, and he's never doubted Abigail's innocence for a second.

Tom: No one believes that Abigail killed Scudder, but whoever did might do it again. So you and Jake better fill me in.

Molly: Look, I promise, okay? But if I don't leave right now, I'm gonna miss the one lead that I've got.

Tom: Then you call me soon -- with the whole story, or Abigail's gonna be short one lawyer. I mean it, Molly. I will quit.

Adam: Thank you so much for helping us out with this.

Kim: It's my pleasure, but I'm curious. What makes you think that this woman would have been at Woak?

Adam: Well, there was this girl in our film class. You might know her -- Brandy Taylor?

Kim: Brandy Tay -- oh, wait a minute. She applied for an internship at the station, didn't she? Made quite an impression, as I recall.

Adam: Yeah. Anyway, Brandy said that the same person that Abigail remembers seeing the night Nick died was at Woak on the date that I gave you, which is why it's so important we get a look at those security tapes.

Kim: Well, I've already had one of the techs at the station go through the tapes and pull up a still photo of every woman who was in the building that day, so there you go.

Adam: Wow.

Kim: Yeah, wow. It's a very busy place, but I thought maybe what we could do is divvy this pile up and throw out all the pictures of the people that we know, and then whatever is left, Abigail, you can go through and maybe you'll solve the mystery.

Abigail: Yeah, I just didn't know there would be that many. I don't know how we're gonna find the right one.

Kim: Well, you know, maybe we'll just get lucky.

Jake: Well, you better hope so, because if Abigail keeps taking risks with her life -- she's gonna need all the luck she can get.

Barbara: Hal, if James is sick, why did you move him out of the hospital? Why are you taking care of him?

Hal: When I see the king of spades, I know what to do.

Barbara: What are you doing with that card, Hal? Hal -- Hal, where is James?

Hal: Ha! Typical Steinbeck. Disappeared again, hmm?

Barbara: You're staying right here. I'm worried about you. You're staying here.

Hal: I have to protect James.

Barbara: We will protect James together, right?

Hal: I have to protect James.

Barbara: We will call someone. I will call John, all right?

Hal: John -- John said that James might die. I have to protect James. Why don't I know what to do? Why don't I know what to do? I have to see the king of spades, then I'll know what to do.

Barbara: No, no, no, no. You need more help than the card can give you. Isn't that why you came here, so I can help you? Is that why you came here, Hal?

Hal: I need to protect James, be his good boy.

Barbara: Is that what James said -- to be his good boy?

Hal: Yes, that's what he said, be his good boy. You know what else he said? He said when all this is over that I can get a job in a dog act jumping through hoops on a little bicycle. That's what he said. I'll be James' good boy. And when I see the king of spades --

[Hal sighs] I know what to do.

Bonnie: Take two stingers to table six. I'm going on break. And I'd love to spend it with you. We can just chat about Isaac.

Chloe: Oh, honey, I don't think that's a very good idea.

Bonnie: Why? So where are you and Isaac going on your date?

Chloe: I don't know. He always picks some incredible place. Tonight ought to be really special. Did you know it's his birthday?

Bonnie: I heard something like that.

Chloe: I got him this outrageous present at the airport in -- Isaac! Happy birthday, lover.

Jake: Abigail and Adam almost died once pursuing this mystery woman, so you can understand why Molly and I are a little anxious about them pursuing it any further.

Kim: Of course I understand. I'm sorry. I had no idea.

Jake: Oh, Kim, no. No, we're not blaming you.

Abigail: No, you're blaming me.

Jake: Yes.

Abigail: I'm going on trial for murder, Jake, and I just can't expect a jury to think I'm innocent. I have to prove it.

Kim: Honey, it's just that you should have told me that this could be so dangerous. I mean, think how I would have felt if these pictures had led to somebody hurting you or even worse.

Abigail: Kim, I'm very sorry. If you want to take the pictures back, that's fine. But, Jake, we know that the woman who was involved with Nick was at Woak, and if we find out who she is, we can tell the Police.

Adam: And how is that gonna hurt anything?

Jake: Well, it depends on Kim if she still wants to release the pictures.

Kim: Oh, well, of course. Of course we'll go on looking, but we're gonna have a deal about this. If we find the woman we're looking for, then we're moving ahead in a way that doesn't endanger anybody, okay? That means full, complete disclosure to all interested parties.

Jake: Which means you and Adam will not pursue this alone anymore.

Adam: You got it.

Abigail: Okay. Just stay and help us, Jake. There are a lot of pictures here. I just wish they were in color. Red nails are very hard to see in black and white.

Bartender: Hey. What can I get you to drink?

Molly: I'll have whatever she's having. And back her up. You don't mind if I buy you a drink, do you? So anyway, how is that gas leak in your apartment building? You get that fixed?

Belva: I don't know what you're talking about.

Molly: Okay, well, let me refresh your memory. You took a bribe from my daughter and her boyfriend to go into a dead man's room. They went in, and they almost didn't come out.

Belva: I don't want any trouble.

Molly: I bet you don't because you already have enough trouble, don't you, Belva? I know about your little gambling debts, okay? And I also know that you borrowed from some pretty scary people.

Belva: I don't have to listen to this.

Molly: Yeah, you do. After all, the cops find out that you tampered with a crime scene, that's jail time.

Belva: I didn't touch anything in that bum's place.

Molly: But there was another bribe, Belva, that you took before you took the bribe from my daughter.

Belva: No!

Molly: Yes -- from a woman. She came up to you, you recognized her from being with Nick, you let her into that room for a little money, and you know what she did when she got in that room, Belva? She set that gas leak to kill my kid, and if her plan worked out, you would be an accessory.

Belva: You can't prove anything!

Molly: Maybe not, but I've got lots of money. And what I do with this money is up to you, Belva. Either I give you some of it to reward you for letting me know everything you know about this other woman, or I use every last red cent of it to make your life a living hell.

Belva: You wouldn't dare.

Molly: I would do whatever it takes to keep my daughter from going to prison for the rest of her life. You think you got troubles now, Belva -- you just see what happens if you call my bluff.

Lily: Oh.

Mitzi: That Rose of mine, I missed her so much. How is she? Is she okay?

Lily: Jack, you look terrible. Are you okay?

Jack: It's been a rough couple of days. I need to get Rose's statement.

Lily: Well, she can't -- she's sleeping. You can't.

Mitzi: Well, that's what he should be doing, too. When he says he had a rough couple of days --

Jack: You've got to wake her, Lily. We've got to get her statement so we can find Emily and Carly before it's too late.

Rose: Jack? Jack, is that you?

Mitzi: Rose, she's awake. I'm here, too, hon. Come on over here so I can take a look at ya.

Rose: I will, I will. But first, Lily, can you help me with something?

Lily: Yes. Excuse me. Jack Snyder is down here. He wants to interview you.

Rose: Oh, good. Good, because I gotta talk to him about this Dr. Weston so we can help save Emily and Carly. I mean, we've got to find this spa so Weston doesn't do the same thing to them so we all end up like this forever.

Mitzi: Yoo-hoo. Rosie -- what happened to your beautiful face?

Barbara: Hal, James told me that you're his good boy, too.

Hal: He told you that?

Barbara: Yes, he did. And he said that if you ever get confused that I should put my arms around you, and everything will be all better.

Hal: No! No, give me back that king of spades! What are you doing?!

Barbara: You don't need it! You don't need it!

Hal: No, Barbara, no, no! I can't be a good boy anymore! Now I can't protect James! No!

Barbara: Detective Hughes, please.

Hal: Wait. Hey, hey! What are you doing?!

Barbara: You don't know what you're saying, Hal.

Hal: You said you'd protect me. I know -- I know I have to protect James!

[Barbara screams] what are you doing?!

Barbara: Oh, my God!

Hal: What are you doing?!

Barbara: Oh!

Abigail: That's her! Those nails -- they're dark -- and the boots. I've seen those boots. Look.

Jake: It's still grainy. You can't see her face. We're going to need the surveillance tape that this was pulled from, Kim.

Kim: Okay, well, that's no problem. There's a time stamp and tape number on the front of it. I know exactly where to look.

Adam: Then let's go! What are we waiting --

Kim: No, no, no -- not so fast, pal. I'll go. If we all pile into the studio looking for surveillance tapes, you might alert somebody that you don't want to alert. All right? So we'll go back to the old-fashioned, unexciting, safe way. I'll go. I'll bring it back.

Jake: Kim, be careful. This lady doesn't play nice.

Kim: I don't really think it's a problem. I'm just going to quietly go over there, get the tape and leave. Who's gonna question me? I own the station.

Adam: Thank you so much for helping Abigail.

Kim: Now what makes you think I'm just helping Abigail? Be back soon.

Adam: Okay. Take care.

Belva: Scudder's lady friend told me that she wanted to be in the room with only his memory. I knew she was lying, but I needed the money.

Molly: So, what -- was she tall, short, blonde, what?

Belva: She was covered up -- hat, sunglasses. It was obvious she didn't want to be recognized.

Molly: Okay, Belva, if that's the way you want to play it.

Belva: Now wait a minute! I swear that's the truth. Every time she came and went, it was like she was in disguise.

Molly: Hey, Belva -- don't blame me if the cops come around.

Belva: But wait! There is something that might be able to help find her. She had a kid. The lady had a kid.

Jack: I appreciate the statement. I know you're under a lot of stress.

Rose: I just wanted to tell you everything that I could to help save Carly and Emily. Take a long hard look here, all right, Mitz? Stop trying to be so subtle. You're not very good at it!

Mitzi: I'm sorry, Rose. Does it hurt?

Rose: At first, it was very dry, you know, and hot. But now, it feels like my skin is so tight, it just -- it just cracks.

Lily: Dr. Dixon's on his way.

Jack: Rose needs a dermatologist, not a surgeon.

Rose: No, it's good. It's good, because these last few months have made me shy of new doctors.

Lily: Dr. Dixon will figure something out.

Rose: Yeah, I hope so. I mean, 'cause you gotta -- you gotta find Carly and Emily, and you've gotta save them.

Jack: Well, you gave us some good leads, Rose. With any luck, we'll be able to raid Weston's place in the next 24 hours and bring Emily and Carly home.

Mitzi: And that lousy doctor, too, so we can fix whatever he did to Rose's face.

Jack: Believe me, Dr. Weston will be flying the friendly skies handcuffed to me.

Lily: What about James Steinbeck?

Rose: Yeah. I didn't realize this guy wanted me away from his son so bad he'd turn me into a frog.

Mitzi: Don't you know, Rose, that Steinbeck guy didn't do this alone. He had help from somebody else who wanted you out of Paul's life.

Rose: Barbara? Barbara Ryan did this to me?

Barbara: Are you gonna hurt me, Hal?! Are you gonna hurt me if I don't let you go?!

Hal: No. No, no, no, no. I wouldn't -- I can't hurt you, Barbara.

Barbara: No.

Hal: No, no.

Barbara: I know, Hal. You just lost your way. I wish I could help you back.

Hal: You tore up my card. Now I - now I won't know what to do. I won't know what to do. I have to protect James, and I won't know what to do. You tore up my card.

Barbara: I can replace your card. Maybe I can replace your card. Hal, look.

Hal: You tore up my card.

Barbara: Hal, Hal -- look, it's Adam when he won the photo essay contest. Look, look, look, look. Will and Parker. Look -- and Jennifer. So beautiful. You see, you see, you don't need to be a good boy because you're a good father. These are your children.

Hal: I love them. I love my kids.

Barbara: Yes, yes, yes. And they love you, Hal. They love you, Hal. Please, you have to help me.

Hal: I love my kids.

Molly: Are you sure? The woman that tried to kill my daughter is a mother herself?

Belva: One day, I heard her lugging the stroller out of the building. We have a rule -- no kids, no dogs. So I went after her. She was gone, but she dropped one of the kid's toys. It looked like it cost a couple of bucks, so I kept it, and I figured that I can pawn it one day if I needed to.

Molly: Do you still have the toy?

Belva: For a rainy day, you know?

Molly: Well, I've got news for you, Belva. It's raining. You get that toy, and I will give you a lot of money.

Belva: Do you want to come with me up to my place?

Molly: Yes, I'd love to.

[Phone rings] hello?

Jake: Hey there. We may be onto something. Abigail was looking at some of the photos pulled from the surveillance tapes at Woak, and she i.d.'d somebody.

Molly: What?

Jake: She can't make out a face, so Kim's over at the station pulling the original tape. I've got to tell you something. If this doesn't pan out, she's gonna need you -- bad.

Molly: I'll be right there, okay? All right, Belva, listen -- you get that toy, and you call me, all right? And I will be very generous -- very, very generous.

Isaac: So that's the story, Chloe. I mean, it's good to see you, but my birthday plans have changed.

Chloe: Okay, what's your game this time?

Isaac: It's no game.

Chloe: You think I'm really gonna forget how much you like to tease me? And I always fall for it, don't I, handsome?

Bonnie: Lisa, you know that break I'm on? It's permanent!

Isaac: Duchess, give me a chance to explain.

Chloe: "Duchess"? How about "waitress"? What's up with you and the cocktail jockey?

Bonnie: Who are you calling a "cocktail jockey"?

Isaac: Okay, everybody. Just -- just breathe. Now, ladies, just give me a chance to clear everything up.

Bonnie: There's nothing to clear up!

Chloe: You made a date with me. We made a date for your birthday.

Bonnie: Is that true?

Isaac: Well, technically, but --

Bonnie: Don't give me technical, Isaac. Just give me honest.

Isaac: Yes, I made a date with Chloe, but --

Chloe: Hmm, what did I tell you? Now, how about getting me that drink after all?

Isaac: Okay, duchess, now I forgot. I made a date with Chloe, but it completely skipped my mind.

Chloe: Forgot?! I traded schedules with two other flight attendants, and you forgot?! I'll bet you didn't forget the last time we were together.

Bonnie: I'm sure he didn't, and since you already have a date for your birthday --

Isaac: You're not my date. You're my girlfriend.

Chloe: You must be kidding!

Bonnie: Are you crazy?

Chloe: Where was this girlfriend on February 22nd when you called me and asked me to spend tonight with you?

Bonnie: February 22nd? That was the day you told the duke you loved me. I know. I wrote it in my journal.

Isaac: Let me explain.

Bonnie: So when did you call Chloe, Isaac? After declaring your love for me or before buying me those diamond earrings?

Chloe: You bought her diamond earrings? All you ever bought me was this -- a pen that has "compliments of Java underground" stamped on it! Consider it returned.

Isaac: Chloe, it's like this, all right --

Chloe: No, Isaac! It's like this -- I'm outta here!

Isaac: All right --

Bonnie: No need.

Billy: Scotch, straight up.

Rose: Of course Barbara Ryan did this to me. I should have known the second I saw my face. That broad lost her looks, and now she's taking me, Carly and Emily along for the ride!

[Doorbell rings]

Mitzi: That must be Dr. Dixon. He'll fix everything.

Rose: Please tell me -- please tell me she's been arrested. Please tell me she's making license plates somewhere.

Jack: She has been charged and is awaiting trial. But unfortunately, she's back at Fairwinds. She made bail. The D.A. was gonna have it revoked, but then Steinbeck went missing and she got her hearing postponed.

Rose: Oh, she's out there walking around free, huh? It's unbelievable.

John: Welcome back, Rose.

Rose: That bad, huh?

John: I don't know about that.

Jack: Well, I'd better get moving on this information. Call me if you remember anything else, okay?

Mitzi: I'm gonna let the doctor take over, but I'll be back. Everything's gonna be okay. It always is.

Rose: Thanks.

Mitzi: Poor Rose. Didn't she look pitiful? Oh, so do you. Oh, I'm sorry. There I am going on and on about Rose's skin when you're probably worried sick about Carly. Listen, don't be. It's amazing what these plastic surgeons can do these days. I mean, taking away wrinkles --

Jack: No, I'm not worried -- I'm not worried about Carly's skin.

Mitzi: Then why do you look like you swallowed your gum?

Jack: The coffin. Rose escaped in a coffin that was meant for someone else. Carly had been there the longest, and Rose said she hadn't seen Carly in weeks. It may be too late.

Mitzi: No. It's only too late if you stand here thinking that you're too late, all right? So move it, Jack, because Carly's gonna be really ticked. Let's go.

Rose: At least my blood's not wrinkled.

John: Rose, I'm gonna have to do a few more tests on this tissue sample. It'd make it much better if you come to the hospital.

Rose: No, no, I can't do that, 'cause Dr. Weston gave me the heebie-jeebies about all these clinical things. I'm gonna have my babies at home, 'cause I don't want to go near the hospital, you know? I'm not going to have any babies, am I? I'm like 102. What's gonna happen to me?

John: I don't know. I don't know. But we're gonna try to figure the whole thing out. Whatever it is, it's changed the quality of your skin. It's as if in the past couple of months you've aged years.

Lily: How do you reverse that?

John: I don't know, but I'm gonna talk to the best people I can find, all right? Don't you worry about it. I'll stay in touch, huh?

Rose: Oh, forget it! I'm not sticking around here watching myself get old!

Lily: Where are you going?

Rose: I'm going to see the woman who made all this possible!

Hal: I remember -- Jennifer, second grade, thanksgiving play, she had to be a carrot. She hated it.

Barbara: Oh, tall and red-headed. Didn't have a chance. It feels good to remember, doesn't it?

Hal: Hmm?

Barbara: You have to remember that your children need you, Hal. Promise me that you will never let them down.

Hal: I have to go. Where's my card?

Barbara: You don't need your card. Remember, Hal? You don't need it. How do I get through to you?

Hal: Okay, I -- I have to go protect James.

Barbara: No, no, no, no. You have to protect and find Emily!

Hal: What did you say?

Barbara: She needs you, Hal. She's all alone. You have to find her and protect her.

Hal: Emily. I remember. I spoke to Emily. I spoke to Emily before Steinbeck. He did this.

He did this.

Paul: Hey, hey.

[Mitzi screams]

Mitzi: Hi.

Paul: Sorry.

Mitzi: Don't surprise a girl like that.

Paul: I was just leaving a note.

Mitzi: Jack's at the station.

Paul: Well, actually, the note's not for Jack. It's for you. I need your help, Mitzi. Have you seen Rose?

Mitzi: Have you?

Paul: Well, I tried, but she wouldn't let me near her.

Mitzi: That makes sense.

Paul: I know. I know. Even I can't understand why I believed the things that my mother and James planted about Vince O'malley. I mean, Rose swore to me she wasn't cheating on me, but I didn't listen.

Mitzi: Nobody thinks too clear when they've been hit below the belt.

Paul: I love her, Mitzi. You've gotta help me.

Mitzi: What can I do?

Paul: Talk to her. Convince her to see me again.

Bonnie: Listen, thank you for everything, Lisa. Bye.

Isaac: Just hear me out, and then you can stay or go or whatever you think is best.

Bonnie: You have 30 seconds. One, two --

Isaac: On February 22nd, I told the duke that I loved you, right?

Bonnie: Seven, eight --

Isaac: But you didn't say it back.

Bonnie: 11, 12 --

Isaac: I got mad and called Chloe and made a date for tonight, which I shouldn't have. It was a mistake. I swear to you, Bonnie, I called her the very next morning, and I canceled. I haven't been with anybody except you since then. Now, do you see how a misunderstanding like that could happen?

Bonnie: Time is up. Good-bye, Mr. Jenkins.

Isaac: You are a cold-hearted, hard-headed woman, Ms. Mckechnie.

Bonnie: Well, if that's what it takes to avoid becoming another notch on your bedpost, I'm glad that I am. I was not put on this earth to be seduced and then thrown away, not by a duke, and certainly not by a bartender.

Isaac: So that's what this is about, isn't it? You're making such a big deal out of a little mistake because you weren't ready to commit to the commitment we discussed earlier.

Bonnie: So this is my fault now? Just because I no longer want to sleep with you, all of a sudden I'm the one to blame?

Isaac: You didn't have a problem sleeping with the duke. Maybe if I had a royal crest printed on my bed sheets, you wouldn't have a problem sleeping with me, either.

Bonnie: I have to go.

Isaac: Bonnie, wait. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say that. I was mad, and I -- Bonnie -- Bonnie, come back! I didn't mean it.

Molly: Hey, thank God you're okay. Don't you ever go off and follow a lead on your own ever again. You got me? Look, we're not hunting down a woman that steals people's newspapers. We're looking for a killer.

Abigail: It's just Brandy's tip was so important.

Molly: I know, I know. Jake told me that you found a photo of the woman that you saw in Nick's apartment, but the face wasn't clear.

Abigail: Right, and you know, I'm not getting my hopes up. I know even if the surveillance tapes reveal what she looks like, it's still not gonna prove I didn't kill Nick.

Jake: No, but it will give the Police someone new to question.

Adam: I wish my grandmother would get back here.

Hal: Emily -- she had called. I spoke to her. Jack was on his way over so we could go find Emily. I went to the door.

[Knock at door] who's there? James -- I've gotta go protect James.

Barbara: No, no, no, no, no. You have to stay right here. You have to protect Emily, okay? You have to find Emily. She's counting on you, Hal. She's counting on you.

[Knocking continues] I'm coming, I'm coming! You stay here. You stay here. You go up there, all right? Go up there where you came in, all right? I'll be back in a second, all right?

Hal: Jennifer -- Will --

Barbara: I'm not trying to run away from you, Rose.

Rose: Oh, no? What would you call it then, huh?

Barbara: I know that you found out that I'm implicated in the whole kidnapping -- I'm very sorry about all that.

Rose: You don't have to worry. I just want to show you something.

Barbara: What happened, Rose?

Rose: Just a little gift from James Steinbeck, but I have you to thank you for it.

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