ATWT Transcript Tuesday 3/12/02


As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 3/12/02

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Jack: Craig has gone to - gone to Belgium to look for Carly?

Margo: Yeah. He's on the Worldwide jet en route to Brussels with Lucinda and Lily, and he will debrief Rose, and then he will -

Jack: This - this is great. Yeah, I should have known. He's the one who told Julia to dump me in the lake. Anything to get me out of commission, right? So he can be the first one to Carly!

Margo: I -

Jack: Yeah, I know. It just burns me. He gets there first, you know he's going to make a play.

Margo: Can we just get them home first, all right?

Jack: Believe me, if he finds Carly and Emily, I'll be the first one in line to shake his hand. Then I'll break it over his head.

Margo: Look, I'm going to question Rose as soon as she gets here. You can do it, too, and after that, you can function however you want. But first, can I get you to go home and get some rest? I'll drive you myself.

Jack: I've got a lot of work to do, Margo.

Margo: Jack, you have been kidnapped, beaten, drugged, assaulted. You were hit with a stun gun. You were - you were almost drowned.

Jack: I survived all that. I can survive another few more hours at my desk.

Margo: Excuse me. When was the last time you slept? When was the last time you ate?

Jack: I grabbed a shower at the hospital.

Margo: Why don't you just come with me? I'll get you a burger at Al's, okay?

Jack: And who's going to mind the shop, huh?

Margo: Slocum. Slocum, have you gotten ahold of Lieutenant Munson yet?

Slocum: Not yet, Detective.

Margo: Well, when you do, would you tell him to get down here right now? I need some help. Thank you. Jack, you have no idea what it's been like here the past couple of weeks. The Scudder case changes direction every two minutes. I've got five - count them, five-people missing. I need you. I need you fit and functioning so that you can help me out. Now if that means burgers every hour on the hour --

Jack: Did I say I didn't want a burger?

Margo: And a nap.

Jack: Well, I like fries with my burgers, but you go ahead.

[Monitor beeping]

John: Did you just threaten me?

Hal: I just can't have Stenbeck leaving protective custody.

John: "Protective"? Need I remind you to take a look around this room? It's filthy! It's cold! It's damp! If we don't get this man back to ICU, he doesn't stand a chance.

Hal: "Stand a chance"? I disagree. The hospital where half the world can get to him?! They swipe a lab coat, they grab a body bag, they put him on a gurney, and we never see him again.

John: Is that how you did it? Oh, come on, Hal. Give hospital security a chance. Meet with them, talk with them, and this patient will be safer than he is here.

Hal: Safer? I disagree. When Barbara was in the hospital, they got to her. Do you remember that? With me and Jack and Margo on board. They almost killed her. And Stenbeck - I have to protect Stenbeck at all costs. I must protect James.

John: Okay, listen. Hal - Hal, listen to me. I'll make a deal with you, all right? You stay here. You monitor his temperature and his heart rate, and I will go. I will be back with some medication in a couple of hours, all right?

Hal: And you tell no one.

John: I'm going to do this your way.

Hal: Was he telling the truth?

Dupree: I'm terribly sorry, but Ms. Rose D'Angelo - if that indeed is her name - will not be allowed to board this aircraft.

Craig: But we have to talk to her.

Lucinda: No - I'll handle this. This is my plane, all right?

Dupree: Inspector Dupree of the Brussels police.

[Speaking French]

Lucinda: Police. Well, I'm delighted to meet you, and you speak perfect English. Now, I am Lucinda Walsh of Worldwide International. This is my plane, and I am not going to leave this airport until Rose D'Angelo is delivered right here.

Dupree: Ah - well, therein lies the rub, Madame. Is she indeed "Rose"? I have talked to the woman myself, and she has no passport, no driver's license, no -

Lily: I know, because she was kidnapped and taken against her will out of the country.

Dupree: All the more reason for us to detain her. I will investigate all the allegations and -

Lily: You can call the Oakdale, Illinois Police Department. They will tell you that she was abducted. They will confirm that.

Dupree: Well, perhaps you will talk to them on your return. And if you would be kind enough to leave a message with my desk clerk, I will take all their findings into considerations. Naturellement.

Lucinda: This is absolutely ridiculous. I'll identify her.

Dupree: And we should believe you why?

Lucinda: I beg your pardon!

Dupree: This is my job, Madame.

Lucinda: Well, Mr. Dupree, I spent a lot of money in this town in particular and all over the continent. This is my company –Worldwide - and I'm one of the 50 richest ladies in America, you know? And if Rose D'Angelo is not delivered to my plane, I will spend all those dollars making your life personally, Mr. Dupree, a living hell.

Dupree: I do not care who this woman thinks she is.

Lily: Oh, this is just a woman who loves Rose, that's all. And we know there's got to be a way to work this out.

Craig: Inspector Dupree, a word? Ladies?

Lily: Go ahead.

Craig: Thank you. Entré nous - Lucinda can be a little - larger than life, huh?

Dupree: Mon dieu.

Craig: So imagine being her son-in-law.

Dupree: You?

[Craig laughs]

Craig: Once upon a time.

Dupree: Well, you have my condolences, monsieur.

Craig: Merci. So imagine, we take off without Rose? I'd rather swim in shark-infested waters.

Dupree: Well, I would be more than happy to make arrangements for you to board on a commercial flight.

Craig: As long as Rose is sitting next to me, I'll fly carrier pigeon.

Dupree: Oh, I'm sorry, but that, monsieur, is not within my power.

Craig: Okay, I believe you. But that still leaves us with a problem. You see, Rose was not the only woman kidnapped. There are two other women still unaccounted for, and we have to question Rose as to their whereabouts. After that, you can hang her on the wall and throw darts at her for all I care. Huh?

Dupree: Well, "Rose," if that is who she is, is in our holding area, and detainees are not permitted unauthorized visitors.

Craig: So authorize me. I'll make it worth your while. Huh?

Dupree: I think, monsieur, I will leave you to swim. Au revoir.

Lily: No. No, I won't let you leave.

Dupree: Remove yourself, please.

Lily: I will not leave you without my sister.

Dupree: I have already explained to you -

Lily: I know. You said Rose could not leave the country without a passport, so she has one. Here.

Hal: Where is Detective Hughes?

Slocum: She and Detective Snyder are looking for you, sir.

Hal: I didn't ask you what she was doing. I asked you where she was.

Slocum: She went out, Lieutenant.

Hal: And left you in charge? Well, that's reassuring. Back to work, Officer, or is that too much to ask? Would you know Dr. John Dixon if he came in here?

Slocum: Yes, sir. He's Detective Hughes' father.

Hal: Yes. Yes, he is, isn't he? Is something wrong with my face, officer?

Hal: Moving in?

Barbara: They're all out looking for you.

Hal: Yes, so I've heard. Since when did the Interrogation Room become a dormitory?

Barbara: It was Jack's idea, until they find Julia.

Hal: Julia?

Barbara: Julia took me hostage today. Haven't you heard that?

Hal: Oh, of course I've heard. Yes, she took you hostage. But here you are, and she's - still at large? Are you all right?

Barbara: Oh, I'm just ducky. It's every Detective's ex-wife's dream to have her own bedroom down at the station house. Are you all right?

Hal: If one more person asks me that, I swear I'm gonna to write it over my head. "I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm fine."

Barbara: All right, all right.

Hal: Nobody's fine. I mean, are you fine? So there you have it.

Barbara: Well, at least they've found Rose. She'll be able to shed some light on all this mess.

Hal: Found her where?

Barbara: Rose escaped from wherever James was holding her and called Paul, and Lucinda and Lily are on their way to get her.

Hal: So she's not here yet?

Barbara: No. No, but she'll be back soon. Tomorrow she'll be back.

Hal: So Rose is coming back tomorrow. Okay.

Barbara: Hal? Aren't you going to ask me about Emily? Hal? Hal? Hal, sit down. Sit down, Hal.

Hal: No, I'm fine. I'm fine.

Barbara: I understand.

Hal: You do?

Barbara: Yes, of course I do. You love Emily. You've been terribly worried about her. And then, when you find out that there might some kind of news --

Hal: No news. There can't be any news.

Barbara: Why? Have your feelings for her changed?

Margo: Okay. That's great, honey. Thanks. I love you, too. Bye.

Jack: I don't know how you do it.

Margo: What? Maintain my girlish figure even though I eat like a hog?

Jack: Well, that, too. No. You're hip deep in unsolved cases, and you find the time to know every little tiny thing there is to know about your kids - what books they're reading. "To Kill a Mockingbird"? I remember reading that.

Margo: Well, I don't do it alone. Have an excellent partner in my husband. Oh, thank you.

Jack: That's what kids need - parents who devote the time. I don't think Julia's mom knew what grade she was in, let alone what book she was reading.

Margo: I don't believe in excuses anymore. Your life is what you make it.

Jack: Now, Margo, I am not giving Julia excuses. I'm just trying to understand. I loved her, I married her, but she is so frighteningly not the woman I thought I once knew -

Margo: Hey, can we just talk for a minute about all the people that this woman has hurt, huh?

Jack: Barbara?

Margo: You.

Jack: I'll - I'll mend. Margo, it was my own damn fault. I let my guard down, okay? The cast didn't help me much. Besides, I was supposed to be halfway to Marseilles.

Margo: All right, Jack. Jack, I know how you feel. I've been there. I mean, I know how you think you're past it, but suddenly it creeps up behind you and bang! There it is. You don't sleep at night. You start avoiding your friends, your family, your lover - anybody who might get close. You're not thinking straight. Something's missing. It's just - it seems as if your feet don't hit the ground the same way anymore.

Jack: I appreciate the concern, Margo, but I am fine.

Margo: You are not fine, Jack. Julia Snyder made you a prisoner, tied you up, drugged you, sexually assaulted you. Now, if you were the arresting officer, what would you call that? So can we both agree that you're not fine?

Margo: Jack, I've been there. I know how you feel.

Jack: No, you see, the thing - the thing with Julia is, I always felt responsible. Even when she tried to kill Carly, somehow I was to blame. I hurt her, I let her down, I pushed her to it, whatever - it was my fault. But now, Margo, she had taken this so far over the line that something just snapped. It's like I feel this tremendous sense of calm. Like I feel free of her for the very first time, believe me.

Margo: All right. I understand all that. I understand you were married, you wanted to take the vows seriously-

Jack: Right, but now they're completely broken. We're done. It's over.

Margo: All right. I got it, but, Jack, what cost is that for you? You're going to be paying it the rest of your life.

Jack: No. My priority right now is to find Carly and make that right.

Margo: If that's really what you want to do, you're going to have to deal with this, Jack. It doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman. Something like this happens to you, you're going to have to deal with it for the rest of your life, because you're gonna always have this anger inside of you even whether you want to admit it or not. I mean, you were shaken up and -

[Cell phone rings]

Margo: Oh, Jack. Detective Hughes.

Slocum: Lieutenant Munson is in the Squad Room, Detective Hughes.

Margo: Oh, all right. I'll be right there. Thank you.

Jack: What?

Margo: Hal's back.

Jack: I'll go. I'll go. You finish your food.

Margo: What, are you sure?

Jack: Yeah. Believe me, Hal and I have plenty to say to each other.

Margo: Listen, Jack, I hope I didn't step over the line by bringing all this up.

Jack: I'll be fine once I find Carly.

Hal: I'm not allowed to think about Emily.

Barbara: Because it's too difficult?

Hal: Yes, that's it. See, I have my work.

Barbara: Because if you think about her, you can't function.

Hal: How did you know?

Barbara: Because that's how you used to feel about me.

Hal: We can't talk about this.

Barbara: I know, and I'm not going to get maudlin. It's just that earlier Jack asked me what I needed to feel safe, and all I could think of was you, Hal.

Hal: I can't keep you safe anymore either, Barbara.

Barbara: I keep thinking about if only I had called you instead of Jack when I found out that Craig was stealing from me. If only I had allowed you in after my accident.

Hal: We can only go forward, Barbara. We can't go back. Never back.

Barbara: Have you had dinner? Have you had anything to eat today?

Hal: I'm not hungry anymore. I haven't got time. I have to find Jack and Margo.

Jack: You found him. It's been a while.

Hal: Did she hurt you?

Jack: She tried. You settling in, Barbara?

Barbara: I just need a mint on my pillow.

Jack: I'll let you know as soon as we get some news.

Barbara: Thank you.

Jack: Hal, a word?

Hal: Get some rest.

Barbara: You, too.

Hal: Barbara tells me Rose D'Angelo has been located.

Jack: Yeah. Yeah, I would have told you myself if I could have found you.

Hal: Good to know.

Jack: Oh, so that's it? Where were you, Hal?

Hal: I had some things I had to take care of.

Jack: Well, you call in, Hal. You leave your phone on.

Hal: You don't tell me what to do, detective.

Jack: No, you're right. You're right. I shouldn't have to, not with cases breaking left and right. Julia on a rampage, Rose coming home, Stenbeck escaped, and you go AWOL?! What the hell is going on, Hal?! Where were you?!

Dupree: This passport, it belongs to you, if I'm not mistaken. "Lily Snyder"?

Lily: Yes. And you see my sister. You've spoken to her, correct? I told you, I interviewed the young woman in question.

Lily: Yes, so you know she looks like that.

Dupree: But that is because you are identical twins.

Lily: Mother, mother, please. You see, Rose and I, we didn't grow up together. We just met up a few years ago, and it wasn't love at first sight, believe me. But we've grown very close, and I can feel her thoughts, and I know that she's exhausted and homesick and scared. And I cannot leave her here, so I'm going to get off the plane and do everything I can to bring her home.

Dupree: As you wish.

Lily: I'm doing it as a sister and as a mother and wife, because I have a son and a daughter who need me very much at home. So please, can't you just bend the rules just this once? No one will know that isn't Rose's passport. Please, please, please, can't she come home?

Lucinda: Honey, you can't risk giving him your passport. He may use it to arrest you, too.

Craig: If he was going to arrest anybody, it would have been you for impersonating a wolverine. Lily got through to him.

Lucinda: Oh, Craig, if you want to swim with sharks -

Lily: Would you please just stop it! Just stop! You're both going home in the water, okay?

Rose: You tell 'em, girl.

Lily: Rose! Oh -

[Lily hugs Rose]

Lily: Oh, Rose, it's okay. It's okay. You're okay. We've got you.

Rose: I was so worried about everybody - Holden and Pop - Pop, Emma. I mean, she was worried with Luciano and Holden were missing. She was out of her mind.

Lily: I called your father from the airport and told him we were coming to get you.

Lucinda: My turn. Hey. Oh, honey.

Rose: I kept seeing your face. I knew you wouldn't leave me here.

Lucinda: No, poor child. I put out a big reward leading to your kidnapper.

Rose: You did that for me?

Lucinda: I did. I'd do anything for you, dear.

Rose: Oh! I was so afraid. Oh, I was so afraid they weren't gonna let me go! 'Cause I had no I.D. They didn't know who I was. And this guy comes up with your passport. I could've kissed him!

Lucinda: I wasn't gonna let that guy stand in my way!

Rose: Oh.

Craig: Fortunately, after Lucinda expressed herself, Lily was here to calm him down.

Lucinda: This guy - this guy was gonna barter you.

Lily: Oh. We used every tactic we could. But I think it was the passport - the passport that really did it. He had to do this.

Rose: Ooh!

Lily: Sorry.

Rose: Oh. It's okay. It just stings a little.

Lily: Come on. Won't you sit down? You look exhausted.

Rose: I cannot remember the last time I had a good night's sleep. I didn't wanna sleep, you know? I was so afraid they'd do something to me. So - where is he? Where's my Paul?

Lily: He was on the plane. He was ready to come up here and -

Lucinda: He was, darling. And he was just crazed with worry about you.

Rose: Where is he?

Lily: The police tracked him down. There was a family crisis.

Craig: You know Paul's mother, don't you?

Lily: Paul did not stay because of Barbara. He stayed because of Will. The police said he should stay there to protect his brother. Believe me, there is no reason other than that that he would miss this. I promised him that you would understand.

Rose: Yeah. Family's first, right?

Lily: I brought some of your things. I thought you might be more comfortable in your own clothes.

Lucinda: Oh, she looks surprisingly well considering what you've been through.

Rose: A very nice secretary out there got me a shower, got me something to wear here. When I got to the airport, I was in a robe. 'Cause it was covered in mud. 'Cause I was buried alive. Did you know that? I was buried alive? Yes. And I had to dig out. I had to dig out of there. And I'm - look at my hands. My nails, ugh.

Lucinda: Oh, honey, your hands - we can take care of that in an hour. I'll call ahead, and I'll get someone sent over from the spa, okay? To fix --

Rose: Don't. Please don't say that word.

Lucinda: What? Spa?

Lily: I cannot believe that you were in a coffin. It was like my dream. Rose -

Rose: I don't recommend that.

Lily: You must have been terrified.

Rose: I was screamin'. And I was scratchin'. And I was bangin' on that top lid there. And thank God that grave digger was there and got me out. And I've alive, right? I'm alive. Am I alive? I'm alive and well. I'm all right. I don't know how long I was in the box, though. I'm a little dehydrated. My skin doesn't feel so good.

Craig: So how'd you end up in a box?

Rose: It was the only way to escape. I had a very nice lady. This lady Libby got me on this list to get out of there. But I had to - I had to - pretend. I had to pretend that I was dead.

Lucinda: Good grief.

Rose: I didn't have a choice. 'Cause they were gonna put me on the next level they talk about. And Carly and Emily were -

Craig: What about Carly?

Rose: Well, she was further along than I was, 'cause she'd been there longer. You know what I mean?

Craig: No, I don't know what you mean.

Rose: The steam. This woo-woo steam. It makes you nuts. Emily was like halfway gone when I got there. Got away from the steam, she was all right. Emily and I were gonna leave. But they took Carly to the next level and gave Emily a blue drink --

Craig: What next level? What blue drink?

Rose: It's a room in the back. And they wrap you up. They wrap you up like a mummy. Emily and I were gonna get Carly out, but then they took Emily away -

Craig: Just tell us where we can find them.

Lucinda: Back off, Craig, will you?

Lily: I'm sure Rose will tell you all the details, it's just very overwhelming right now.

Rose: See, that's just it. There was nothing to tell.

Craig: Can you just tell us where they are?

Rose: See, I have no idea. That's the problem. When we got there, they drugged us up. And they would not tell us where we were. When I woke up there, I was in this chaise lounge in a robe and my toenails were done. And I don't know - I guess I got out of there the same I got in there. They drugged me and then put me in a coffin and - I woke up in a graveyard, out cold. I woke up there. And I had to ask a grave digger what country we were in. So that spa they were keeping us in, for all I know, it could be on the other side of the continent.

Hal: I don't like your tone, Jack.

Jack: I don't like you disappearin' on me and Margo in the middle of a case without an explanation.

Hal: I've told you what you need to know.

Jack: That's not good enough!

Hal: That's not your call. I'm your superior officer.

Jack: You're my best friend! All that time Julia had me tied up, I kept thinkin' to myself, "If only Hal were around. He'd track me down. He'd fix this."

Hal: Jack, I had my mission.

Jack: What mission?

Hal: I can't tell you that.

Jack: So it's not over?

Hal: No.

Jack: Is that why you keep disappearing?

Hal: I can't - I'm not allowed. I have responsibilities that you cannot begin to understand.

Jack: Try me.

Hal: I'm not allowed.

Jack: So what? So what are you sayin', you don't trust me?

Hal: No, Jack, if it was up to me, I would. I'm not allowed. I did call you. I did call you. Before I left, I called you.

Jack: I know, I know, I know. You called me, Hal. You called me. You called me, and you told me-you told me not to go to France. Why, Hal? Why did you make that call?

Hal: Because it wasn't safe.

Jack: Why? Because of Stenbeck? He came to my house. Did you know that? The same night you called me. Right before, in fact. Stenbeck pays a visit to my house, and Mitzi tells him that I'm on my way to France. And then you call me and warn me off. No, no, I'm sorry. You order me to stay put. Next thing I know, Julia's all over me. Guess who springs Julia from the hospital? Stenbeck. You see a pattern here, Hal?

Hal: No.

Jack: Did you set me up?

Margo: Okay, well, I will get right on it.

John: Tom told me I'd find you here. Listen - we have a problem.

Margo: Why? What's going on?

John: I just found James Stenbeck.

Margo: Really - oh, my good - that's great! Did somebody at the hospital move him to another room?

John: He is in the basement of the precinct house.

[Margo laughs]

Margo: Right. Did Tom tell you I needed cheering up?

John: No, no, I'm serious. I just saw him. I just treated him. The man is in severe shock.

Margo: Well, I should think so. A man in a coma checking himself into the basement.

John: He didn't get himself there on his own.

Margo: So James Stenbeck is in the basement of the precinct house?

John: That's right.

Margo: So somebody took him out of ICU and took him to the precinct basement, where the place is crawling with lawyers and cops and judges and -

John: That's - that's absolutely right. And you guess who that somebody was. Hal Munson.

Hal: Are you accusing me of something, Jack?

Jack: Add it up for me, Hal. Explain to me how Stenbeck finds out that I'm about to bust his operation wide open, and then you call to stop me, giving Stenbeck plenty of time to sic Julia on me.

Hal: Do you have proof of all this?

Jack: It's pretty clear to me.

Hal: Oh. Well, then what you should do is arrest me. You should call the D.A.

Jack: No, that's not what I want.

Hal: What do you want?

Jack: To help you. Something's wrong, Hal. Ever since you got back, you're not the same. Even Barbara's noticed it.

Hal: You been takin' a poll?

Jack: No, I've been around long enough to notice a stress disorder when I see one. Hell, Hal, I just got over one myself! You're skittish. You can't account for your time. You're not there. Margo's even noticed it. It's obvious that you have been through something traumatic.

Hal: Mm-hmm. Other than my friends and co-workers tearing me down behind my back?!

Jack: We're not tearin' you down, Hal.

Hal: Oh, you're being my friends. Is that what it is, Jack? You're helping me by being my friend?

Jack: We're worried about you.

Hal: Based on the fact that I didn't bail you out, that I disappointed you, that I didn't help you.

Jack: You disappeared, Hal. And you're acting strange.

Hal: Strange? Well, actually that's very good news, you know? Because here I thought you and Margo were so short-handed, so understaffed. And yet I find out that now you've had time to go to med school. And now that you've had a chance to examine me, you've come up with this brilliant diagnosis - I'm strange.

Jack: No, we are not saying that we know what's wrong with you, just that something is. You're not yourself, Hal. And now that you mentioned it, yeah, we think you should see someone.

Hal: A shrink.

Jack: Go see Ben, get checked out. If it is post-traumatic stress, he'll give you something to help you. If not, he'll refer you. But you need treatment. You're not yourself!

Hal: I'm exactly the same person that I have always been, and I will not stand here and be interrogated by a subordinate!

Barbara: Hal!

Hal: You stay out of this, Barbara. This is none of your concern.

Jack: I'm not goin' anywhere, Hal. If you don't deal with this, I will go to the commissioner.

Hal: You will. You do that, Jack, and this friendship that you're so concerned about, this friendship where you tear into me without any consideration - this friendship -

Jack: Hal -

Hal: Don't touch me. You leave me alone. I know who my friends are. And you are not my –

John: Hal assures me that everything is on the up and up, that these orders come from above.

Margo: What? The FBI? The FBI ordered him to take an unconscious man, a prime suspect and hide him in a basement?

John: I'm just telling you what he told me.

Margo: Is Stenbeck still alive?

John: Barely. He was ice-cold when I found him, which is not too surprising since the basement is an unheated room. Also, his iv had almost run out. That doesn't make things any better. So I gave him an antibiotic. Hal brought in a space heater and some blankets. But that's not gonna do the trick forever. We gotta get him out of the basement and back to the hospital.

Margo: And did you tell this to Hal?

John: Yes, I told him. But he refused to let me move him. Now he says that Stenbeck is more vulnerable in the hospital, that they can get to him there the same way they got to Barbara.

Margo: They? There's no they. Owen Dever attacked Barbara.

John: I don't - it doesn't make any sense to me.

Margo: Listen, I can guarantee you there were no orders from above.

John: Yeah, I wish you could've seen him. I mean, he was like a St. Bernard guarding a body. It's like instinctual.

Margo: It doesn't matter what his motives are. If Stenbeck dies while in Hal's care, he's gonna be looking at charges.

John: He is going to die unless we get him back to the hospital.

Margo: How did you leave it?

John: Well, he made me promise that I wouldn't tell anyone. And then I got the distinct impression that he would've kept me right there in that basement if I didn't agree with him.

Margo: Do you think, John, that he would've gotten violent?

John: I do. I do. Anyway, I told him I would be back in a couple of hours when it was time for Stenbeck's next treatment.

Margo: Well, how long ago was that?

John: About 30 minutes.

Margo: Okay. Let's go.

John: All right.

Rose: You ask that Stenbeck character where that spa is. He's the one who put me there.

Lucinda: Yeah, honey, we kinda knew that right from the start.

Craig: It doesn't tell us how to find Carly. Especially now that Stenbeck's in a coma, and we don't know where he is.

Rose: Wait, he's missing, too?

Lucinda: Yes, darling, he is vanished. I think we should fire the entire Oakdale police department.

Lily: Here you go, Rose. You have to eat something.

Craig: So, Rose, you don't remember anything - a letterhead, a license plate, a flag?

Lily: I remember what Holden told me when he and Luke were trapped in that prison. They realized they were in Malta by looking out the window. They recognized trees that Luke had saw pictures of from a book report that he was doing on Malta.

Rose: Yes, the window. Yes, I looked out the window, and there was a lot of snow and mountains. "Heidi."

Lucinda: Switzerland. The Italian Alps. Austria.

Lily: Did they speak French, German, Italian?

Rose: Strict - that's the only language they spoke.

Craig: So a spa in the mountains.

Rose: I'm not saying it was a real spa. I'm saying they wanted us to think it was. Rigged it all up. The lab rats were human beings.

Lily: Who's they?

Rose: Stenbeck and this doctor they had workin' for him.

Craig: Does he have a name?

Rose: Weston. One of those guys who has a tan all year round, funky glasses with the orange-tinted lenses. Very strange man.

Lucinda: Sounds like a dermatologist I once met at a convention in Palm Springs.

Rose: Skin. He was interested in skin. Very interested.

Lily: Doesn't look like he did much for yours. Do you want me to find some moisturizer?

Rose: I think I need a hot bath. I'm starting to get a little itchy all over.

Craig: So what about this doctor guy?

Rose: He was the guy. He was the go-to guy. He decided-you get the steam. You get the blue drink. You go to the next level. You go to the Transition room. But you don't want that.

Lucinda: Why not, dear?

Rose: Because they're all dead.

Craig: Are you saying Carly and Emily -

Rose: There was more. I mean, there was a lot of us, you know? I mean, we couldn't have all been there because of Stenbeck.

Lucinda: I mean, don't underestimate the man.

Craig: Are Carly and Emily dead or alive?

Rose: See, this is what happened - see, when I got there, I told them, "Girls, keep it together, you know? Concentrate, so we can get outta there." But Carly was already too far gone.

Craig: What does that mean?

Rose: On drugs - the drugs. The steam - it makes you all limp and happy, and then you fall asleep. You ask a question, they don't like that. They put something in your tea, and you forget the question you asked in the first place. Then there's the blue drink that makes you see things. And then they take you away.

Craig: Oh, okay. Okay. Okay. So they took Carly away?

Rose: I broke into the back, and I saw Carly there all wrapped up in these bandages like a mummy. And then they took Emily. And then they took me. And then when I woke up, I couldn't move. I was, like, all wrapped up. And my arms were tied to my side. And there was somethin' over my face.

Lucinda: Darling, I don't know how you survived that.

Rose: Well, I wouldn't have survived if it wasn't for that lovely, lovely woman, Libby. She got me on this list and told the guy there - the caretaker guy - that I was dead, so I could get out.

Craig: So the last time you saw Carly, she was all wrapped up like that?

Rose: But she wasn't dead. No, she was alive. I could hear her. She was just - she was moaning.

Craig: And you did nothing? You just left her like that?

Lucinda: Enough! Enough! Rose is not responsible for the other two!

Craig: She left Carly and Emily there to rot! And she can't even tell us where they are! It's not Stenbeck. That's Rose. What a hero.

Barbara: You did the right thing.

Jack: I hope so. You okay?

Barbara: Yeah, I'm all settled in.

Jack: We'll let you know as soon as we get word on Julia.

Barbara: Julia. Oh, I completely forgot in all the chaos. Jack, Julia asked me to give this to you.

[Barbara gets a package out of her purse] Maybe you should have it checked out by the bomb squad.

Jack: I seriously doubt Julia has any more bombs to drop.

Barbara: That looks like one of those home pregnancy testers.

Jack: No, that - that is impossible.

Barbara: Well, Jack, that's exactly what it is. That's what it is. And it looks - it even has a positive -

Jack: No, it's a lie, Barbara. It's a damn lie.

Julia: It was really nice of you folks to pick me up.

Hippie #1: We do our part. Lady like yourself, alone on the road -

Hippie #2: Not good.

Julia: Oh. Oh, I'm not alone. I'm with my baby.

Hippie #2: Oh. Cool.

Julia: Yeah. I just thought, you know, we needed a fresh start, you know? Someplace new, someplace fresh.

Hippie #1: We're headed south to Santa Fe, real sweet commune.

Julia: They still have those places? I thought they all got turned into bed and breakfasts.

Hippie #2: Oh, not this one. This one's run by the Navajo.

Hippie #1: No phone, no TV. It's the real thing.

Hippie #2: Your kid wouldn't have to wear clothes till he felt like it.

Julia: Really? Why not? Sounds like a great place to raise a child. You - you think they'd like me?

Hippie #1: What's not to like?

John: He's gone. No, wait a minute. He was here! He was right here, had him right laid out on these cabinets.

Margo: Right. Well, here's our souvenir.

[Margo picks up an IV bag]

John: You doubt me?

Margo: No. Come on, John. No. This is bigger than me. I mean, this is gonna hit all the way up to the commissioner, and they're gonna want proof. I just - so I guess Hal had to have taken him out here, right? I mean, Stenbeck -

John: What, he's gonna come to? Come to and walk out under his own steam?

Margo: No. Could he have regained consciousness just long enough to -

John: No, no way. No way.

Margo: All right, all right. I just can't believe Hal has taken it this far.

John: I don't like the idea of him walking around with Stenbeck either. But he's the only one who knew he was down here.

[Margo sighs]

Margo: I'm gonna have to put out an APB on the Chief of Detectives.

John: I don't think he's responsible for his actions. He needs help. The sooner we find him, the better.

Margo: All right. Toting a prime suspect in a coma, if he's still alive. And if Stenbeck dies, then every answer we've needed to this investigation dies with him. And Hal's life as we know it is just -

John: You're right. So we better find him fast.

Margo: Okay, let's go.

John: Let's go.

Lily: You know, Craig, the only reason you are here is because I asked my mother to be kind to allow you to come with us. If you start accusing Rose of anything, that's it!

Craig: Lily, we are helpless here. Carly and Emily are still up there. We don't know if they're dead or alive. And she's sitting her having a cup of tea and a sandwich!

Rose: Let me tell you somethin'. Let me tell you somethin'. If I could've taken them with me, I would have! But I didn't, because I failed, okay? Are you happy to hear me say that I failed? Thank you to Stenbeck and his sadists for that. Yes, I ran. And Emily and Carly, they would've run, too, if they had the chance. But now I'm out. And they have a chance to get out of there, because we have a name. We have a doctor. We have a place. We can track them down. Don't you think I want that more than anything?

Lucinda: Honey, don't you waste your breath on him. You have been very courageous, and I'm so proud of you.

Lily: And Craig is going to apologize.

Lucinda: And that I'd pay to see!

[Intercom buzzes] Oh, what now? What now?

Craig: Look, I'm sorry if I offended anybody. But if Carly had been the one to escape and Rose and Emily were still up there, we'd be pumping Carly for information.

Rose: If I had it to give, I would. This is not a rinky-dink operation we're talking about here. This is Stenbeck. Employees all over the world, apparently. I mean, he's a genius. He's not gonna put it on monogrammed towels and his business cards, for crying out loud.

Lucinda: Give it to him, honey. Give it to him.

Lily: What was that all about?

Lucinda: That was the pilot. Okay, we're refueled. We're cleared to go. We can take off.

Craig: Take off? We don't even know where we're going.

Lucinda: We're goin' home.

Craig: Back to Oakdale?

Lucinda: We ought to be there for breakfast, dear.

Craig: You would leave Carly and Emily?

Lucinda: You're welcome to deplane.

Lily: We're not abandoning Carly or Emily. We'll get back, and Rose will feel better. She will talk to the police and the FBI.

Craig: About what? She's got nothin'! What if she disappears into the sunset with Paul?

Lily: Why are you being - you're being obnoxious!

Rose: Lily?

Lily: Don't listen to him, Rose.

Rose: I don't know what's goin' on. I'm burnin' up.

[Rose faints into the chair]

Lucinda: Oh, heavens. Now see what you've done. See what you've done! Rose?

Craig: Me?!

Lily: Rose, wake up! Wake up!

[Rose wakes up] Oh, thank God.

Lucinda: All right.

Lily: She's burning up.

Lucinda: I feel that. Okay, that does it! We're goin' home!

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