ATWT Transcript Thursday 3/7/02


As the World Turns Transcript Thursday 3/7/02

By Linda
Proofread by Ebele

Lucy: Aunt Katie, you didn't.

Katie: I know it looks bad, but truthfully? It could have been a lot worse.

Lucy: I just can't believe you did all this shopping without me.

Katie: Here's my apology.

Lucy: For me?

Katie: Mm-hmm.

Lucy: Aunt Katie! Do you know what my grandmother would say about this? "Thoroughly inappropriate."

Katie: Of course.

Lucy: Yeah, and my mother would hide it from me until I was 25. And my dad -- well, he'd burn you along with it. I love it!

Katie: I knew you would. What are you doing?

Lucy: I can't keep it.

Katie: Why not? Of course you can keep it.

Lucy: It's way too expensive.

Katie: I can afford it. Simon and I are very rich.

Lucy: How?

Katie: Well, unfortunately, someone had to die. Look at this. Is this a killer or what?

Craig: You know, Julia, I have been thinking about getting rid of Jack since the first moment I met him.

Julia: Would you settle down, Jack?! God, they say women like to talk after sex.

Craig: Well, I think I can translate, if you don't mind.

Julia: Not at all. Go ahead.

Craig: I think what Jack is trying to say is that we'll never get away with it. The noise will attract the neighbors. Getting rid of all that trace evidence will be difficult. Trying to dispose of the corpse.

Julia: You've really thought this through. Quickly, too.

Craig: Well, I would like to see Jack out of the picture.

Julia: Sounds like you're in.

Craig: Oh, getting rid of this thorn in both our sides, I think, is an eminently practical solution. So, yes, Julia. Let's make a killing.

[Both laughing]

Paul: Would somebody please tell me how the hell this happened?

Barbara: This is my worst nightmare. Even in a coma, this man disappears.

Margo: There's been an awful lot of disappearing going on around here lately.

Barbara: You don't think that I had anything to do with this, do you?!

Margo: Where the hell is Munson? And why were you not stationed outside of Steinbeck's door?

Cop #1: Lieutenant Munson ordered me to secure all the exits.

Margo: Secure exits? For a man who's in a coma?

Cop #1: Are you asking me to disregard an order from the chief?

Margo: I am asking you to find Steinbeck. It shouldn't be too difficult. You can't actually walk around when you're unconscious.

Paul: We both know he's not in any coma, Margo. He's faking it! What other explanation do you need?

Margo: Barbara, I want you to come on down to the station with me. I'll give you a lift, all right?

Barbara: I have my car. I'll meet you there.

Margo: Barbara, the car that you see in your rear-view mirror? It'll be one of my officers. No detours. Paul, we will talk later. Right now, I want to track down Hal, find out what the hell has happened here.

[Monitor beeping]

Hal: Steady now. Good. All right, you'll be safe here. Until I find a better place. Because I didn't want to move you too far until you're better. You are going to get better, James. Yes, you are.

Paul: He is not -- he's not gonna get away with this.

Barbara: Paul, you don't really think that I had anything to do with this, do you? I'm the one that attacked him at the boat house. I'm the last person in the world that wants your father on the loose!

Paul: Honestly, mom? I don't know what to think anymore.

Lily: Paul! They told me at the Police station I could find you here. What -- anything about Rose? Anything?

Paul: No. James promised to tell me where she was. He lured me and my mother down to the boat house, swearing he had information about Rose, Emily and Carly. But it was just another sick -- first he says he has evidence about where they are, and then a lantern gets knocked over. The whole place goes up in flames. All the evidence, everything goes.

Lily: Oh, you're kidding me! Is everybody all right?

Paul: I'm fine. My mom's fine. My father is in a coma.

Lily: A coma? The only person that knows anything about Rose is in a coma?!

Paul: And missing. But -- we'll find him, Lily. They've got everybody in this place, everybody in this place turning this whole place upside-down. Everything is gonna be fine. We got to tell ourselves that. Are you okay?

Lily: I'm terrified.

Paul: Hey, hey, hey. Listen -- they're gonna find James. And Rose. Here. Sit down, sit down. Come here. [Paul sighs] so why were you trying to track me down?

Lily: I just -- I can't get my mind off of Rose. I -- I just can't. I keep hearing her and then seeing her. I know it sounds crazy. But I just -- I keep seeing her, seeing her face.

Paul: Yeah, I've heard that twins could tune into each other. Want to talk about it?

Lily: It's an awful, awful image of her -- lying dead in a coffin. Every time I close my eyes, every time, I see that. And I just -- if something happens to her, I just don't know -- I don't know what I'm gonna do.

Paul: It's okay. It's okay.

Rose: Okay, D'Angelo. Just -- relax. Relax, relax. Just -- just get a grip here. Okay? All right. You're in a coffin. But you're alive. You are alive. But this is not a nightmare, is it? The good news is you are out of Dr. Frankenstein's spa and on your way home. To Paul and Lily and Holden and Lucian and -- but the bad news is, the more you talk, D'Angelo, the more you talk, the less air you got. So shut up! Okay. Look. Okay, I'm ready to get out of this place! Just knock. Okay.

[Knocking on lid] everybody! This live wire's getting a little claustrophobic, so open this thing right now! I'm ready.

[Thudding noises] what is that? Is that a -- a shovel? Is that a -- it's a shovel? No, no! No! Someone's throwing dirt on this box! No! Just don't freak out! Just don't freak out! Listen, everybody! Now, you have to understand something! You made a mistake! Instead of taking me to the airport, they took me to a graveyard! Open this up! I'm alive in here! Please! Don't bury me! Please! Please, somebody! Open this thing up!

Katie: This one's great because turquoise --

Dahlia: Knock, knock!

Katie: Hey.

Dahlia: What in the world? Did every little chic boutique explode into your lap tonight?

Katie: Well, yeah, something like that.

Dahlia: So you're spending your video earnings before they've hatched?

Katie: No, no. Cash never entered into it. Oh, don't let me forget to return Craig's charge cards.

Lucy: Oh, I didn't hear that.

Katie: No, no, don't worry. They will be paid off as soon as the deposit clears. Simon and I had a sort of windfall.

Lucy: Listen, I'd love to stay for the rest of the fashion show, but unfortunately I have to make a dent in my history homework. So, it was good to see you, Dahlia.

Dahlia: You, too, Lucy. You were talking to me about a "windfall"?

Katie: Yeah, remember that woman that I saw Simon with the other day? Turns out she was a lawyer.

Dahlia: Really?

Katie: Yep. Simon got an inheritance from one of his wives.

Dahlia: Inheritance? Oh, I always thought -- well, I just assumed, from the wedding announcement, that Simon's marriages ended in divorce.

Katie: Well, so did I. But it turns out that there was an accident, all very tragic and very long ago, so we try not to dwell.

Dahlia: I hate to interfere, but doesn't that sound a little odd?

Katie: What sounds a little odd?

Dahlia: Well, the fact that Simon never mentioned this tragic accident until he was forced to? I mean, whatever happened to the marital honesty you're always talking about? I thought your goal was "no secrets."

Katie: It is. It is.

Dahlia: Well, I don't know. Sure smells like a secret to me.

Margo: Has anyone seen Munson?

Hal: You found him. What's up?

Margo: Where the hell have you been?

Hal: I was at the hospital, doing what I had to do. And then I came back here. Why?

Margo: Steinbeck is missing.

Hal: How the hell did that happen?

Margo: Well, that's what I'd like to know. I thought you were covering security.

Hal: I was.

Margo: Then why did you tell the man that I assigned to stand guard right outside of his door to secure exits?

Hal: Because all the exits weren't secured yet. Besides, he wasn't the only uniform on that floor. We had people all over the place. There was good coverage on that floor.

Margo: Where were you?

Hal: I just took a few steps down the hall to talk to the hospital security chief. There's no way Steinbeck could've undone all those tubes and wires and escaped without somebody seeing him.

Margo: Yeah. You'd think. It's a pretty big lapse in security, Hal. Look, if I'd known you couldn't handle it, I would've --

[Hal whistles]

Hal: I've been doing this for a long time. Excuse me, I covered my bases. I did my job.

Margo: Then you explain to me how you let a dangerous criminal get away. A man who's allegedly responsible for the disappearances of three women, maybe even one of your best detectives. You explain to me how you let all of that happen, and you stand here like you lost a pair of gloves.

Hal: What do you want me to do, walk around weeping like a widow? Mistakes happen! Somebody dropped the ball! But while you're standing around pointing fingers, we could be getting some police work done around here!

Margo: Interrogation room.

Hal: Excuse me? You're giving me orders, detective?

Margo: Hal, I thought maybe you'd like a little privacy while you explain to me why you're lying.

Craig: We drive down to the boat ramp. We pull the brake and let the car roll into the river. Float away. Vikings stuff. No witnesses. No evidence. No regrets. Something wrong?

Julia: You're not the one calling all the shots here.

Craig: Hey, I'm just trying to help, Julia.

Julia: Exactly. Why would you want to help me?

Craig: Well, listen -- if somebody's gonna get rid of Jack Snyder, I want to be the one to do everything that I can. You know -- I have a lot at stake here, Julia. I can't afford to get caught. And neither can you.

Julia: You're scared that I'm gonna turn around and blame you for the murder.

[Craig chuckles]

Craig: Well -- it did cross my mind.

Julia: Now, the boat landing's a good idea. I like that. But I think that we should kill him here.

Craig: The noise would attract the neighbors.

Julia: Mm, no. No, he won't make much noise. I can do it so he barely makes a sound.

Craig: Awfully merciful, after everything he's done to you.

Julia: Well, I don't want to torture him. I mean, not much. You know, Jack and I were best of friends before Carly came back and ruined everything -- hey. Come to think of it, if not for you, Carly would never have come back from Hong Kong.

Jack: Mm-hmm.

Julia: Could almost say this is all your fault.

Jack: Mm-hmm!

Craig: Almost, but not. But please, I digress. Please.

Julia: Oh, yeah. You see, part of me -- part of me is always gonna love Jack, despite everything he's done to me. Especially now that part of him will live on forever.

Craig: In what way?

Julia: I really shouldn't be telling anybody this. But I am so happy I could scream!

Craig: Well, do tell. What is the good news?

Julia: Jack and I are gonna have a baby.

Craig: A baby? My, my.

Margo: I know when you are lying to me, Hal!

Hal: Lying about what?

Margo: You were the one who insisted on going over and picking up Barbara and bringing her in on those new charges. And against my better judgment, I allowed it.

Hal: Your judgment? Who do you think you are?

Margo: The detective who has been running this place since you vanished. The detective who relied on you to bring Barbara Ryan in. And when I went over to your house and asked you what was going on, you said that she wasn't there when you arrived.

Hal: So?

Margo: So Barbara told me herself that you two were in the house together. You had her, Hal, and you let her go. Why?

Hal: Will was in the house. And considering what my son has had to endure for the last several months, I wanted to spare him the sight of his mother being arrested and hauled out yet again. Is that good enough for you?

Margo: Why couldn't you have just told me that?

Hal: After the fire at the boat house, it seemed sort of -- irrelevant.

Margo: That's it? That's all you have to say on the subject?

Hal: What more do you want?

Margo: I want Hal Munson back, because I don't know who this is. Letting an arrest slip through your fingers? Letting another suspect escape from a hospital under your watch?

Hal: Are you having a problem with the way I'm conducting this investigation, this department, or is it my entire life?! You know what? I don't give a damn. If working for me is such a hardship, why don't you just submit your resignation?

Margo: You're firing me?!

[Pounding on lid]

Rose: Somebody! Somebody please help me! I'm alive! Please don't bury me! I'm alive in here.

Somebody, help me!

[Rose screaming] let me out! Let me out!

[Rose screaming] please! Help me, please!

Rose: Thank you! Oh, thank you! Thank you, God! Oh, oh, oh! I'm alive! Thank you! You were amazing! You were just amazing! Talk about a nightmare! Being buried alive! Talk about the biggest nightmare from hell. Thank God! Ooh, it's cold! Do you have a blanket or something? What's the matter? No, no, no. No, no, no. I'm alive. It's okay. Don't be afraid. Don't be afraid. I was just in that coffin because Libby gave me something. Libby gave me something to sleep. I was supposed to end up at the airport. Instead I ended up here. Six feet under. Ah! I would have been six feet under forever! If it wasn't for you! Oh, you, you got me out of there, you. Oh, whatever saint sent you to me, I am thanking every single one of them. Oh! 'Cause I got this thing. I got this thing about tight spaces like this. Oh, I couldn't breathe and everything. It was the only way. The coffin was the only way to get out of the spa. Don't take a steam. Whatever you do. And don't drink the drinks. Ah, and whatever you do, oh, do not take a seaweed wrap. Trust me. Oh, you don't understand anything I'm saying, do you, you poor thing? Italiano? Parla italiano? Oh, no, no, no! I'm okay. You just stay right there. I'm okay. No, no, no. I'm alive! I'm alive, trust me. Everything gonna be -- no! No, you can't leave me here! No, trust me, I'm alive! I'm not dead! No, you can't leave me stuck here! I want to go home!

Craig: A baby! Oh, well, let me be the first to congratulate the happy couple.

[Jack moaning]

Julia: I know it might seem a little soon to tell, you know, since we just started trying when I got back to Oakdale.

Craig: Well, that's how miracles happen, right out of the blue.

Julia: Mm-hmm, just like our first baby. You know, I knew the second that that happened that my life with Jack would change forever. And it did. And then I lost the baby. And I lost Jack. But this time, it's all gonna be different. Because Jack won't be around to ruin everything. And, you know, it makes sense cosmically, too. Because a lot of times, in the animal kingdom, the female disposes of the male once she's conceived.

Craig: Well, I'm impressed, Jack. Not many men would be able to rise to the occasion, under the circumstances. "Better loving through chemistry"?

Julia: Yep. Let's get him out of here!

Craig: Well, I have to unhook the harness first.

Julia: Okay, but be careful. He'll try and get away. He won't get far, though.

Craig: Why not?

Julia: See? His bum ankle never really healed. I had to hurt him all over again.

Craig: Well, then we'll have to carry him. Well, why don't I do that? I wouldn't want to strain the little mother, huh? Why don't you check outside and make sure the coast is clear?

Julia: Okay, I'll do that. Jack -- don't you try anything sneaky before I get back, or you won't live to regret it.

[Jack groaning]

[Jack breathing heavily]

Jack: You're never gonna get away with this. You know that, don't you?

Craig: Would you be quiet?! You little stud muffin. Yes, Craig is here once again to save your life.

Jack: Oh, how'd you find me?

Craig: Well, I had a hunch. And aren't you glad I had the good sense not to listen to you, when you told me --

Jack: Okay, fine, fine, fine! I'll thank you. I'll thank you. I'll thank you once you get me the hell out of here.

Craig: Aren't we gonna have a lot to tell Carly when she returns, about you and Julia's little bundle of joy?

Jack: Julia is nuts, okay?

Craig: You're telling me. Charming couple.

Julia: All clear!

Craig: All right, well, what are we waiting for then?

Julia: Here, let me help you.

Craig: Okay.

[Craig groaning]

Julia: Sorry, Craig. But let's see here. I'll be taking your car. You know --

[Julia groaning] that ought to hold you. All right, Jack. We better hurry. Not much time.

Simon: Whoa, whoa. Why don't you hold it right there?

[Julia laughs]

Julia: Oh, Jack. More company. Aren't you getting really darn popular?

Margo: I ask you a few questions, and you ask for my resignation?

Hal: You think you're confused? How do you think I feel? I'm out there for weeks, busting my butt for this department, and when I come back, I get nothing but grief!

Margo: Look, Hal, nobody's above reproach. I'm just trying to keep us honest here.

Hal: If you've lost faith in my ability to run this department, why don't you just come out and say so?

Margo: I trust your judgment more than I trust my mother, and you know that.

Hal: So what's with the third degree?

Margo: You're scaring me, Hal. Something is off. Now, I don't know what it is, but something happened out there. But I know it's not your fault. I mean, maybe you had an accident or something, and you don't remember. Or maybe you have a reaction to something. But -- I don't know. But I am telling you, I am not giving up on you until I find out what it is.

[Hal sighs]

Hal: Never could hide anything from you, could I? You're right, Margo. I'm not the man I used to be.

Katie: All I'm saying is I just don't see it the way you do. The way I see it, Simon didn't lie about his ex-wife dying.

Dahlia: Okay, call it an omission. But it's not like it's an omission about a few wild parties or some parking tickets. A person died. A life was lost in a terrible way. Doesn't that concern you?

Katie: Of course it does. But there are a lot of reasons why Simon needs to keep that tragedy in his past. It wasn't the happiest of marriages, first of all.

Dahlia: Did he happen to mention why?

Katie: Dahlia, if you think that couples dredge up every stupid little thing that ever happened in their pasts, then you don't know a lot about relationships.

Dahlia: And you don't know a lot about Simon. And to say that a death is a minor incident --

Katie: Wait, hold on a second! When did this become your business?

Dahlia: You're right. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to pry. It's just that if Simon left out something as important as the fact that one of his wives died while they were married, what else hasn't he told you? I don't know. If it was me, wild horses couldn't keep me from finding out everything.

Simon: Craig. Craig! Craig, can you hear me? Craig, you've got to wake -- Craig, wake up! Craig, you've got to wake up. Where -- where'd they go, Craig? Craig, where'd -- where did Julia take Jack?

[Julia laughing]

Julia: You know, using that stun gun on Craig -- that was the most fun I've had in months. Present company excluded, of course.

[Jack groans] you know, it's just -- it's too bad I had to use it on Simon. But hey -- it's not like he's dead, right? You know, I got to hand it to Craig. He is patronizing, condescending. He's insincere. But when it comes to diabolical schemes -- whoo-ee! Hate the man -- love his ideas. I mean, who knows where we would be if he hadn't suggested the boat landing? That's where we're going, Jack. To the river. Hey. Hey, that reminds me of that old hymn, you know? The little one about where you unburden yourself by the riverside. That's what I'm gonna do, Jack. I'm gonna unburden myself. Of you.

[Julia laughs] I'm gonna trade our miserable past for a Jack-free future. A future with my baby, my baby who's always gonna love me. Never gonna leave me or betray me. Don't you worry, Jack. I will tell our baby all about the man you used to be. By the way, I don't even want to know what Carly did to you, but you are not the lover that you used to be. You used to be exciting and passionate. Now -- it's like you've lost your will to live. Lame.

Hal: I didn't want to admit it to myself, but I know I've changed. I know I've changed, and there's nothing that I can do to stop it.

Margo: What happened?

Hal: Emily. You know, Emily. Just when I thought I would never fall for anybody else, there we were. The fearless reporter and the relentless lieutenant, crazy in love. And then she got snatched away. And when she did -- I don't know -- it just felt like everything good and worthwhile in me just went with her. And so I took off. And I swore -- I swore that I would not come back until I had her in my arms. And I came back alone. And just nothing is -- feels right. Nothing's gonna be right until Emily's back in my life.

Margo: Hal, you can't keep going through this. I mean, it's affecting you. Your work is suffering.

Hal: I know. I know. That's -- I think maybe that's why I should take you up on your suggestion.

Margo: Which one?

Hal: I think you're right. I think -- maybe I do need a break for awhile. I'm taking myself off this case.

Margo: I think that's a good idea, Hal.

Hal: In the meantime, you know what I think I'll do? You know, you know how we've been saying for years how we could use more office and storage space around here?

Margo: Yeah, boy, do I?

Hal: I'm thinking that I'm gonna renovate those old storage rooms down in the basement. Make this department more efficient. Give us someplace to store all those old files. You know what I mean?

Margo: You really want to do that? You hate doing that kind of work.

Hal: Oh -- it'll give the other side of my brain a chance to work for awhile, you know? Perfect way to avoid burnout.

Margo: If you say so, Hal, yeah. Yeah.

Hal: Thanks for being a pal.

Margo: Hey, Barbara, could I ask you a question? Could I get you to stay here at the station tonight?

Barbara: I thought I had another day until my new hearing.

Margo: Yes, you do. You do. But I'm thinking that, with Steinbeck still out there, I'd rather have you here so you're safe until we find him. It's just for your own protection.

Barbara: For better or for worse, James always returns to me. If he is out there, let him find me. Use me as bait.

Margo: No, I can't let you do that.

Barbara: I'll go back to Fairwinds, and when he arrives --

Margo: No, I can't let you go to Fairwinds. That's the last place I want you to go. It's cold out --

Barbara: I know. It's dangerous. But I have to do this. Finding James and those women is the only hope I have of getting my life back. He told Paul that he knows where Rose is, and he does. He knows where all of them are. And the only way you'll find that information now is to use me. Let me get that information from him.

Margo: I'm sorry, Barbara. I can't let you put yourself in that danger.

Barbara: And you can't force me to stay here.

[Margo sighs]

Margo: No, I can't. But do not go back to Fairwinds. You're staying at Lisa's. Go over to Lisa's, and I will contact you in the morning.

Rose: Oh, yes! Oh! I knew you'd come back! Yes, my guardian angel -- you wouldn't leave me here in a graveyard, all by myself here! And you brought a friend. Hello. Very nice to meet you. I told your friend, I'm not a zombie. I'm just some Italian American girl, semi-perfect person here. I'm okay.

Grave digger #2: Please, mademoiselle -- who are you?

[Rose gasps]

Rose: English. English! I'm Rose. I'm Rose D'Angelo. And you right there, you're my guardian angel who was sent here to help me.

Grave digger #2: He asks how you died, why you are here.

Rose: No, that's it. No, I'm not dead. I'm alive. I was just in that coffin because -- it's a very, very long story. But I need to know -- very important -- how far -- ah! How far are we from the spa?

Grave digger #2: I'm sorry. I don't know any spa.

Rose: Okay, where are we? Where -- where's here? Right here?

Grave digger #2: Oh, Hertogenbosch.

Rose: I don't know that place. I was very bad, very bad in geography. Hertogenbosch. Translates to me as a one-horse town in the middle of nowhere! Oh, look at the poor thing. I scared him half to death. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry, but I owe you my life. And right now, I need a monster of a favor.

Julia: Well, this is it. This is where we say our last good-bye. Any words of wisdom? Final thoughts you'd like to pass along to our baby?

Jack: You can't get away with this.

Julia: Oh, no? I've gotten this far.

Jack: You know the drill. You were a cop's wife long enough, Julia.

Julia: Yeah, long enough to get jerked around within an inch of my life.

Jack: You left a trail of evidence. They're gonna find you, Julia. You left a trail at my house, Carly's place. It's only a matter of time before they find Mitzi. Before Craig and Simon come to. And they are gonna point the way right to you.

Julia: No, they won't. And even if I do get locked up again, Jack, I will survive. And so will our baby.

Jack: You think a court is gonna find you competent enough to raise a child in a hospital for the criminally insane?

Julia: I am never going back to that place!

Jack: Okay, then you'll go to a criminal court! They'll find you competent to stand trial. And then everyone will learn what a pathologically evil, vindictive mess you really are.

Julia: Everything I am today, Jack, is because you made me that way.

Jack: Oh, please!

Julia: But don't you worry, Jack. I will survive, and I'm not afraid of what the future holds. Because no matter what happens to me now, nothing could be worse than the treatment that I received at your hands. But this baby makes up for all the mistakes you've made with me.

Jack: You really are crazy if you think you're gonna get away with this.

Julia: I already have, Jack.

Jack: Oh, you think so? If you're gonna kill me, you'd better kill me fast. And you better hope I don't have a chance to hunt you down, Julia. Because then you're gonna wish I really was dead. And if you are pregnant, you're never gonna get your hands on this baby. I'll make sure of that.

Julia: You won't be able to stop me. You'll be dead.

Jack: If anything happens to me, half of this town is gonna be beating the bushes for you. And when they find out that -- how this baby was conceived -- well, this baby -- this baby will never know your name.

[In sing-song voice]

Julia: You don't frighten me. You're already de-e-ead.

Jack: Oh, you think -- you think getting rid of me is the end of your problems, Julia?! The world doesn't look kindly on people who kill police officers. And wherever you go, you're never getting out. And once this child learns how it came to be, once it learns what you did to his father, do you think he's gonna love you, Julia?!

Julia: Of course.

Jack: No, he's gonna push you away!

Julia: He won't.

Jack: Just like everybody else in your life! Push you away, lock you away. Forget you ever existed! You kill me -- you're the one who dies, Julia.

Julia: Wrong again, Jack! Anything else?

Jack: Don't do this.

[Julia sighs]

Julia: I have to. And I want to. Thanks for everything, Jack. No, no, no, don't worry. You don't have to thank me, g-man. It was my pleasure.

Jack: Julia --

Julia: Bye-bye, Jack.

Jack: Julia. Please! July -- Julia! Julia!

[Water splashing]

[Jack gasping]

Lucy: Okay, do you know anything about fixing computers?

Katie: Um -- not a thing. Why? What's wrong?

Lucy: Well, my cursor's stuck, and it won't let me type in capital letters.

Katie: All right, let me take a look at it. Hmm.

Lucy: Do you have much experience in repairing computers?

Katie: None whatsoever. But there's a first time for everything. All right, expert maneuver. Don't try this at home. Ow. Oh! Look.

Lucy: Hey, you did it! Thanks, aunt Katie. You're the best. Everything all right?

Katie: Ah, you don't want to know. How's your history homework coming'?

Lucy: Oh, it's a breeze. Amazing how much information's at your fingertips with a computer and a really good search engine.

Katie: That's great. Wait. That is great. That is the best thing ever!

Lucy: It is?

Katie: Yes, can I borrow this for awhile?

Lucy: Sure, why?

Katie: I need to do a little history research of my own.

Lucy: About what?

Katie: Simon.

[Monitor beeping]

Hal: Hey. It's all settled. We can stay here until you recover. Because upstairs, every cop is gonna be looking for James Steinbeck when he's right downstairs, right under their noses. I think it's called hiding in plain sight. Right, James?

Paul: All right, I better go to the police station, see if they got any leads on where my father is.

Lily: Call me if you hear anything?

Paul: Same goes for you.

Lily: Wait. You know -- before you go. You know, we could kick ourselves from here to doomsday about what we could've done and should've done with Rose in the past. But we should concentrate on the future. And how things are going to be when she gets home. 'Cause she's coming home. She is.

Paul: It's a deal.

Lily: Good.

[Cell phone ringing] maybe it's some news about James.

Paul: Hello?

Rose: Paul! Paul! You have no idea how good it is to hear your voice!

Paul: Who is this?

Rose: You've forgotten me already?! It's Rose! Come get me, please! I want to come home!

Barbara: Who started that fire?! James?! James, I know you're in here! Come out here and finish what you started, James! Oh, my God. How did you get in here? What do you want from me?

Julia: Barbara, I really need your help.

Cop #2: Detective Hughes?

Margo: What?

Cop #2: Call for you on line two.

Margo: Detective Hughes.

Craig: I found Jack.

Margo: Craig, is that you?

Craig: Yes. Yes. I found him, Margo.

Margo: Well, where is he? Is he all right? Is he alive?

Craig: It doesn't look good. I tried to save him but -- it may be too late.

[Jack gasping]


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