ATWT Transcript Wednesday 3/6/02


As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 3/6/02

By Linda
Proofread by Ebele

Adam: Hey, did you get the money?

Abigail: Yeah.

Adam: All right.

Molly: Why don't you guys hang out with us?

Adam; aw.

Jake: Did I hear a groan there?

Abigail: Guys, come on.

Adam: Come on, that gas leak -- it was only a fluke.

Jake: Fluke? A lethal fluke -- my least favorite kind. Bye, honey.

Abigail: Jake, no -- no one knew we were in Nick's apartment. It was a complete accident. You can't lock me away in here.

Jake: Yeah, we can.

Molly: Yep, it's in the parents' handbook.

Jake: A little over-protective clause that most people miss.

Adam: Jake, come on, we're going to Al's.

Molly: Do you have your cell phone?

Abigail: Yes, it's charged and ready.

Jake: And you're going straight there?

Abigail: Yes! No side trips, I promise.

Adam: And we are meeting friends there.

Jake: Safety in numbers, I like that.

Adam: And, also, I promise, we will not be late.

Jake: All right, Molly, it sounds okay to me. What about you?

Molly: I don't know. I guess.

Abigail: Molly?

Jake: Come on, Molly. Wait, I'll get that. I'll get rid of 'em. If that's -- or not. Welcome, Tom.

Tom: I'm glad I caught you at home.

Adam: Actually, Abigail and I were just about to head out.

Tom: Yeah, well, this will only take a minute. And since there's not really an easy way to say it, I'm just going to say it. I got a call from the D.A. They've scheduled Abigail's trial.

Molly: For when?

Tom: Two weeks.

Jake: Two weeks?

Molly: What? They can't be serious.

Adam: Two weeks. That's nearly not enough time --

Abigail: Adam --

Jake: Not enough time for what? What -- what have you two got planned?

Simon: Yeah, okay. No, I appreciate you getting back to me. Thanks.

Mitzi: Not the right ambulance company? Simon, we're going about this all wrong.

Simon: How wrong? How wrong?

Mitzi: We're not thinking like crackpots, all right? If I were miss funny farm, where would I stash Jack?

Simon: Look, I wish I knew. Well, at least we got a few people working on this, including Craig.

Mitzi: Ah, I feel so much better. Look, I would rather trust Mikie "the Mook" back in Jersey.

Simon: Well, Mitzi, as much as I hate to admit it as well, we need Craig in on the search for these women. We do.

Mitzi: Well, what if Craig's not all that?

Simon: Do you know anyone else with the inside track here?

Mitzi: What if there was somebody whose ego was smaller than China who knows a little bit about what Jack was doing?

Simon: Mitzi, if you know anything that can lead us to Rose and the others, you have to tell me.

Mitzi: And put my eggs in that loser's basket? Forget it.

Julia: Rise and shine, g-man. I know how much you love a nice cold glass of orange juice in the morning.

Jack: No thanks.

Julia: Come on. I'll bet you haven't had anything fresh squeezed since Carly left. Ah, did somebody wake up on the wrong side of the harness?

Jack: Get the hell away from me, Julia.

Julia: Come on, is that any way to talk to the mother of your child? Oh. Oh, I get it. You think I spiked the orange juice. No, it's just juice. Come on, it's full of vitamins and minerals and --

Jack: Would you leave me alone!?

Julia: I hope our baby has my personality.

Jack: There is no baby!

Julia: Yes, there is. A woman knows these things.

Jack: It's too soon to tell.

Julia: No, it's not. Maybe for you. But I've had a sign, Jack. Did you know that the past few months I've had nightmare after nightmare after nightmare? No, of course not. You didn't bother to ask how I've been sleeping, because you're an inconsiderate brute. It doesn't matter. Anyway, it's always the same. I'm in this awful, dark room, and I hear a baby crying. And I stumble around, I'm trying to get to it. I say, "don't worry, baby. Don't worry. Mommy's coming." But I can't find it. And I just want to get there so that I can love the baby and I can hold it. The baby needs me. But it's dark and it's awful -- then last night, it was different. I was in a beautiful nursery. It was all colorful. And there were books and toys everywhere, everything a baby could possibly want. And in the middle of the room, there was a crib. I heard a sound, Jack. And I walked toward it. And in that crib was the most beautiful little baby that I have ever seen. And he was cooing and making all those wonderful baby noises. The room was full of light and a lullaby was playing. It was a sign.

Jack: Or maybe it was something you ate.

Julia: Go ahead, be skeptical. I don't care. All those months I was locked away, I prayed to God that he would give me something to live for.

Jack: I really don't want to hear it.

Julia: This is the happiest day of my life, Jack! Don't spoil it! Men are such sad creatures. Look at you. Scared of a little orange juice. You know what they say? They say that if men had to go through labor, that would be the end of the human race. And I believe it. I can imagine all the screaming and yelling just because of a little pain. Women, on the other hand -- women gladly suffer to create new life, because women understand, Jack, that nothing comes without paying a price. It's just like you and me, Jack. We've created a precious new life, and you're going to pay with yours. Cheers.

Intercom: Dr. Mack, extension 456.

Barbara: Paul, what are you still doing here?

Paul: I'm not leaving until he tells me where Rose is.

John: Paul, you're exhausted. You both are. Go home.

Paul: Not until I talk to James.

Ben: Okay, I have the results of your father's CT-scan and blood work. There's a small internal hemorrhage in his brain, which is why he's unresponsive. But the breathing problems from the smoke inhalation have improved, so we've taken him off the respirator.

Paul: All right, so he can come out of this? When?

Ben: Well, everybody's different. It could take a day, a week. It could be never.

Paul: James knows where Rose is!

Ben: And he's in no condition to tell you or anybody else.

Paul: Yeah, that's what he wants us to think!

Ben: Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Barbara: Paul!

[All yelling at once]

Hal: Get off of him!

Paul: Tell me where she is! I know he can hear me! Open up your eyes! Open up your eyes! Tell me where Rose is! Tell me where she is!

Paul: Let me go! John? John, you examine him this time. I don't trust the lab results. I don't trust anything when it comes to this man, and you shouldn't either!

Ben: Margo, get him out of here.

Margo: Go. Go.

Barbara: Paul! Paul, calm down, please. Even if your father was faking this somehow, he can't last for long.

John: Your father is a sick man.

Margo: Look, we'll have him under 24-hour surveillance. Even if he came out of the coma, he's not gonna slip out of here.

John: Margo is right. This place is like a prison.

And I want you both to go home and get some rest.

You're exhausted.

Paul: You don't let him out of your sight, Margo.

Margo: I will have a man posted right outside his door.

John: You don't come back here until you get some rest, you understand me? This is a hospital. You pull something like that again, I will not allow you in here. Go home, all right? Try to get some rest. Go on.

Margo: I'm sorry, Barbara, you're gonna have to come with me.

Paul: Now?

Barbara: It's okay.

Paul: No, no, it's not okay! Last night was hell for her. She was at the place where she almost lost her life. It was a living hell for her! I mean, what's wrong with you people?

Margo: I explained to you the D.A.'s position. The hearing was supposed to be hours ago. We cannot put it off any longer.

Paul: She's already confessed. She's not a flight risk, Margo.

Margo: The D.A. wants a new bail hearing. Her bail has been revoked. You have to get used to that idea.

Paul: So my mother gets hauled off to jail, and James gets five-star medical attention. What kind of justice is that?

Hal: Your mother committed a crime, Paul. She confessed to it. She has to pay like everybody else.

Jake: Well, the way I see it, the two of you have got more brewing than coffee. Perhaps going after the mystery suspect, whoever she may be?

Tom: Really? Is Jake right? You plan on doing a little detective work on your own?

Adam: No.

Jake: Good, then you're off the case.

Molly: Abigail? If this woman is still out there that you saw, she's a killer.

Jake: As in cold-blooded.

Tom: They have a point, Abigail. Besides, we should be concentrating on what we know instead of what we don't know. Now your defense is my top priority. We need to get started on that.

Abigail: Do we have to start it right this minute?

Adam: Abigail -- Abigail needs to -- she needs to get out.

Jake: Well, I don't see any problem with them going to --

Adam: Al's.

Jake: -- Al's.

Tom: All right. You guys go ahead and relax and just be careful.

Molly: And check in.

Abigail: Yes, we will. Okay, I'll see you later.

Jake: Okay, well, let's -- let's trail 'em.

Molly: Yeah.

Tom: You know, why don't we just give them the benefit of the doubt? I mean, you don't really think these two are gonna go after this mystery woman all by themselves, do you?

Abigail: Is everything set up?

Billy: She's on her way.

Abigail: Okay, we'll be right there. Okay, Billy has everything set up.

Adam: Now, are you sure you're ready to do this?

Abigail: Adam, I only have two weeks. I'm not gonna sit around and cry. We need answers, and we need them right now.

Adam: Okay.

Abigail: Okay.

Mitzi: Well, I said all I'm gonna say.

Craig: Oh, really? Usually, we can't shut you up.

Mitzi: Listen, bub, I don't need your lip.

Simon: Mitz, we need more to go on here.

Craig: Yes, we are running out of time, Mitzi. Unless you talk, and now, we may never see Rose, Carly or Emily again.

[Phone ringing]

Simon: Look, Mitz, just talk to him, please.

Craig: What do you know, Mitz?

Mitzi: Fine. But I'm doing this for Rose, not for you.

Craig: What, palmistry?

Mitzi: This is Pierre's number.

Craig: Hey, hey, not too hard.

Mitzi: He's my contact in Marseilles.

Craig: Your contact?

Mitzi: He's the guy with the info on who drove the vans that took the girls where they were heading.

Craig: All right, when was the last time you talked to this Pierre?

Mitzi: Just before Jack disappeared. Jack was -- he was waiting for Jack in Marseilles.

Craig: All right, Mitz, I could kiss you.

Mitzi: Been there, done that.

Craig: I remember. Now, listen, I'm gonna call this Pierre.

Mitzi: Listen, don't do Jack dirty, okay? You hurt him, I will hurt you. You don't want to get on a Jersey girl's bad side. Tell Simon to give me a call if he gets any news about Jack.

Simon: All right, so did Mitzi talk?

Craig: Well, yes. And unless I wash my hand, we have a lead in France. I'm gonna go to the airport.

Simon: Whoa, whoa, wait. Don't you want to know where Julia took Jack first?

Julia: Hey, Jack, look at this. I found a book of baby names on one of Carly's shelves. She can read. What do you know?

Jack: There is no baby, Julia.

Julia: Wrong again. There is no Carly. Oh, Charlotte! Mother would love that. It wouldn't hurt with the trust fund either. But I hate nicknames like Charley and Lottie. It means little and womanly. Forget it. Our child needs a strong name. If it's a boy, James. Definitely James. Listen to this -- James Lindsey Snyder. It's commanding, powerful. You like the sound of it?

Jack: No.

Julia: But James is the one who was responsible for our reunion. Jack, you want the last few minutes alive to be miserable ones?

Jack: James isn't responsible for our reunion. Julia, you are. I'm serious. I'm serious. You pulled something off that most people would have thought to be impossible. And you did it without breaking a sweat. I got to hand it to you.

Julia: Jack, that's the first nice thing you've said to me in ages. But, I mean, I can't take all the credit.

Jack: Why not? It's true. You got rid of Carly and the others.

Julia: Technically, you know, Rose and Emily were just collateral damage.

Jack: You took care of me, too, without a hitch. Hey, I'm the one who's supposed to have all the training, but, hey, no match for you.

Julia: You know, it just goes to show you what you can do if you set goals.

Jack: Was it your goal to almost kill Barbara?

Julia: I don't want to talk about Barbara.

Jack: Well, she suffered for months, Julia, physically and emotionally. I just got to know -- was destroying your best friend worth it?

Julia: Shut up, Jack!

Jack: Hey, remember that time that she and Hal took a plane to Las Vegas so she could stand up for you at our wedding?

Julia: She was so happy for me.

Jack: Well, you picked a hell of a way to pay her back.

Julia: Does she hate me, Jack?

Jack: No, no, it's worse. She hates herself. And hate is the one language that James Steinbeck understands. He gave her an outlet for all that misery, too. She turned it against Emily and Rose and Carly. And, hey, they're gone now. And so is the Barbara that you knew.

Julia: No! Barbara is my friend. Barbara is my friend. Barbara is my friend. Barbara -- you hurt Barbara, Jack. You did! You took your whore to that boathouse! How was I supposed to know Barbara would be there instead?

Jack: No, you maimed and disfigured the only friend you ever had in this town. You turned her into a shell of a human being.

Julia: I'm not hearing this! I'm a capable person. I am responsible for my own choices.

Jack: Or --

Julia: I can choose to be --

Jack: -- Was Barbara a piece of collateral damage, too?

Julia: And I'm responsible for my own choices.

Jack: I guess no pain, no gain, right?

Julia: I'm responsible for my own choices.

Jack: You did what you had to do to win, and you've won, Julia. Carly is now out of our lives forever. Congratulations! Stand up and take a bow! You pulled it off. You are responsible for your own choices!

[Julia screams]

Julia: My choices, Jack. My choices! Can you guess what I'm gonna choose now?

Brandy: Oh, if it isn't Fred and Daphne. Where's Scooby and the kids?

Adam: Brandy, we need your help.

Abigail: Yes. Nick's murderer is still out there.

Brandy: Oh, I'll get you a mirror, Abigail.

Adam: Will you just hear her out for one second, please?

Abigail: I just -- I remembered that another woman was in that room.

Brandy: Oh, nice twist. A new suspect. So original, too.

Abigail: Look, Nick used me, and he used you.

Brandy: Speak for yourself, hon. My eyes were wide open about that creep.

Adam: So you knew about this woman?

Brandy: Let's say, for the sake of argument, I know everything about her -- name, face, favorite lipstick -- everything. Why would I tell you when it's so much more fun watching you squirm?

Simon: All right. According to their log book, the gentle touch --

[Craig laughs] -- ambulance service picked up a patient and his nurse at Jack's address in Milltown and took them to Oakdale court.

Craig: The manager said the only person he saw at Carly's place was Molly.

Simon: Are you sure?

Craig: Yeah. Said she came by to check on the place, pay the rent.

Simon: And did he describe Molly?

Craig: No, not really.

Simon: Not really what? Not really her hair color? Not really her weight, her height, her shoe size, what she was wearing? What? Not really what?

Craig: Ah, so many questions. Let's get an answer.

[Phone rings]

Molly: Hello?

Craig: Molly? Hi, it's Craig Montgomery. Listen, I hate to bother you, what, with all on your plate -- Abigail and all -- but I just wondered if you needed somebody to check on Carly's place while she was gone?

Molly: Actually, Craig, that probably would be great. I'm sure the place could use some attention.

Craig: So you haven't been there at all?

Molly: No, not for months.

Craig: Okay. Well, I'll take care of it. And by the way, listen, I hope everything works out for Abigail.

Molly: Thanks. Bye.

Craig: Yeah, bye. There you go.

Simon: So the manager must have spoken to Julia. Julia must have told him that she was Molly. All right, let's go.

Craig: Yeah, fine, fine. But listen, I take care of Julia, all right? She almost bought me a seat on death row, and I think it's to repay the favor.

Julia: You really could use a close shave, Jack. The question is -- how close? Oh, well, we can answer that question right after you tell me the truth. Say it, Jack -- "Barbara's accident wasn't Julia's fault." Say it! I'm waiting. Come on. "Barbara's accident wasn't Julia's fault."

Jack: It -- it wasn't your fault.

Julia: Oh, I knew you didn't mean it, Jack. Isn't it so much better when you and I get along? It's big of you, Jack. It's big of you to admit that it was you. You and Craig hurt Barbara -- and I guess Owen does have to shoulder some of the responsibility. I mean, if he wasn't so crazy, he wouldn't have planted that bomb. Hey, how does it feel to know that some men find me irresistible? Of course, then there was Hal. If he hadn't shown up after Barbara was already on fire -- you know, Jack, I really don't know how you can still find me responsible for this, given all the facts.

Jack: Well, I guess I'm looking at a different set of facts, Julia. The fact that Carly's now out of the picture, and you're pregnant with our child. It's no wonder you didn't think stepping over Barbara was a small price --

Julia: Stop it, Jack!

Jack: What is that word that psychiatrists use when people deny things that they've done? Is it repression, or is it actually denial? Well, I guess -- I guess it really doesn't matter, hmm? They say it only makes the problems worse.

Julia: I'm not the one with the problem, Jack. You have a problem. You swore to love and honor me till death do us part, and now death is knocking at your door, Jack!

Jack: You can blame me! You can blame me! You can blame the whole world. But I'm not the one. I'm not the one who's responsible. I'm not the one who's responsible, Julia. Guilt is what's making you do this -- guilt.

Julia: Don't start that again!

Jack: Forgive yourself, Julia. Forgive yourself, and maybe all those little voices in your head will finally go away. Only you can free yourself from the pain and the guilt and start living again. It's been a long time. I bet you forgot what living is really like.

Julia: No, I haven't forgotten, Jack. Sometimes I wish I could.

John: Barbara doesn't need that attitude, Hal.

Hal: She committed a crime.

Barbara: That's right, and I have to face up to it sooner or later. Hal bent the rules enough last night. This is not his fault, Paul.

Paul: Do you want me to go with you?

Barbara: No, I want you to go home and get some rest like John said, and I want you to believe that this is all going to be all right. There's so much I have to say to you.

Paul: We'll talk later.

Barbara: I'm not afraid of jail. I'm not afraid of what the newspapers will say. I'm afraid of losing you. I'm not going to let that happen. I will make this up to you somehow, Paul.

Paul: I know you'll try.

Barbara: Just leave the door open a little. Please?

Hal: Why don't you take Barbara down to the station? I'll make sure that things are secure on this end.

Margo: All right, but we've got to go over a few things later.

Hal: Sure. I'll see you at the station.

John: I'll try to come down and see you as soon as I can.

Barbara: Thank you.

Hal: And I need to talk to you two. I need to know the layout of this floor. I need to know where all the entrances and exits are.

John: All right, I'll go get the security chief.

Hal: And I also need to know where the security elevators are -- the service elevators. I need to know where to post my people.

Ben: Back this way.

[Monitor beeping]

Paul: One syringe full of air, and this will be all over. I know you can hear me. Open up your eyes and tell me where Rose is, or this world will have one less psychopath to worry about. It's your choice, James. What's it gonna be?

[Monitor beeping]

Hal: What are you doing? You said you were going home.

Paul: I don't take orders from you, Hal.

Hal: After that stunt you pulled before, you're lucky I don't have you arrested for assault.

Paul: Assault? Assault on what? This piece of garbage? This piece of garbage we'd all be better off without?! What do you care about James?

Hal: I care about the truth.

Paul: Well, the truth is, he confessed. He has it on tape -- about the kidnappings and how he hung my mother out to dry.

Hal: Did it ever occur to you that that tape could have been blank, that the guy was yanking your chain?!

Paul: He's guilty, Hal!

Hal: And if we prove it, then he'll get what he deserves.

Paul: What, like my mother? Look, I hate what she did, but maybe a part of me understands how she got there.

Hal: Well, then you're one up on me.

Paul: Look, I understand you're wrecked about Emily. I'm the same way about Rose. But lashing out at my mom? What good is that gonna do Jennifer and Will, huh? You were with her for a long time. Doesn't that mean anything?

Hal: Kids are gonna have to deal with what Barbara did just like the rest of us.

Paul: What's going on with you, Hal?

Hal: I'm doing my job.

Paul: I don't believe it. Until I met you, I thought all fathers were like this guy -- all take and no give. You were the one who taught me what it was like to take care of people that you care about and look out for 'em. Where'd that guy go, huh? Where's that Hal!? 'Cause right now, I don't see the difference between you and this monster.

Hal: Officer, Dr. Harris says there's a storage room under this floor with unrestricted access. I want you to go down there and secure it.

Cop: But Detective Hughes ordered me to stay right here.

Hal: I outrank Detective Hughes, in case you've forgotten. Are you disobeying a direct order?

Cop: No, sir.

Hal: Then get down there now!

Cop: Yes, sir.

Hal: Mr. Steinbeck isn't going anywhere. Don't worry about it. I'll secure things up here.

Cop: Yes, sir.

Hal: Yes, sir. Everything is under control.

Barbara: Any word from Jessica?

Margo: Yes. I told her about your meeting with Steinbeck out at the boathouse. She agreed to postpone the hearing.

Barbara: How much longer?

Margo: Just 24 hours. Barbara, we went over everything that was left out at the scene.

Barbara: Did you find a tape?

Margo: You mean this? Yes. I'm sorry, Barbara. Forensics is gonna go over everything else, but I really don't think they're gonna find much of anything.

Barbara: John once told me that James' sole purpose for living was to destroy Paul and me, and this just proves how much he wants me to suffer by what happened tonight. Am I free to go until the hearing tomorrow?

Margo: Yes, I'll have an officer drive you back to Lisa's.

Barbara: I don't want to go to Lisa's. I'm going to the hospital to see James.

Margo: Oh, my God, you can't be serious.

Barbara: He can hear us. I know he can. When I was in that coma, it was Paul's voice that brought me back, Paul's voice that wanted to make me fight to live.

Margo: Yes, but you love Paul. Paul loves you. This is completely different.

Barbara: James wants to live, if only to wreak havoc on my life and make me suffer like he did tonight. I only need remind him of that and tell him how only he can deny Paul's happiness with Rose. He'll hear that, and he'll fight like the devil he is to come back.

Margo: I'm sorry. I can't. I can't allow it, not after what Paul had pulled at ICU, no.

Barbara: Then you come with me and stand guard. Margo, if James dies, any evidence that's out there dies with him, but if he lives, there is a chance, a possibility that he could be tied to these kidnappings. Now, if you won't do it for me, do it for Carly and Emily and Rose.

Julia: Make new friends, but keep the old one is silver and the other gold hey?

Hey, Jack, did I ever tell you that I got my friendship badge in scouts when I was 12?

Jack: Must be hard thinking about old friends.

Julia: What old friends?

Jack: Well, you're wondering if Barbara still thinks of you, what she thinks of you.

Julia: Does she ever mention me, Jack?

Jack: Once or twice.

Julia: What does she say? Does she remember any of the good times?

[Jack laughs]

Jack: Barbara hasn't had any good times lately.

Julia: Who has?

Jack: I do -- I do remember her once saying if she knew you were sorry -- really, really sorry -- it may help her get on with her own life.

Julia: And I am sorry, Jack. I'm so sorry that it wasn't Carly that was in that boathouse. God, Jack, you're like a dog with a bone on this repression thing.

Jack: No, no, I just thought -- I just thought that you might want to make a fresh start, you know. Especially with a baby on the way and everything.

Julia: Oh, Jack. You're right! I have to think about our baby now. Okay. Okay. I will. I'll go to Barbara, and I'll tell her how sorry I am, and I'll beg her to forgive me. Okay. The purse. Got keys. Now what am I forgetting? Oh, right. I'm supposed to kill you. Oh, that can wait until I get back. You be a very good boy while I'm gone, okay, Jack? Say, "bye-bye, Julia."

[Jack grunting]

Jack: Come on.

[Jack grunting]

[Jack grunting]

[Jack grunting]

Julia: On second thought, why --

[Julia screaming]

Jack: Say "bye-bye, Julia."

Billy: Can I get you some coffee or something?

Brandy: No strings?

Billy: I don't believe in strings, Brandy.

Brandy: I don't like being ambushed, Billy.

Billy: Well, I'm sorry.

Brandy: No, you're not.

Billy: What do you have against Abigail? She's in a real jam here.

Brandy: Yeah, I know. Isn't it great?

Billy: What do you get from this if she goes to jail for something she didn't do?

Brandy: Five minutes of satisfaction.

Billy: Well, I guess my gut was wrong about you.

Brandy: Is this the part where I prove you wrong?

Billy: Nope. This is the part when I walk away.

Brandy: Billy, I'm not a total bitch.

Adam: Hey, Billy. Thank you anyway, but I think we're gonna get out of here. All right?

Billy: Sorry it didn't work out, man.

Adam: No problem.

Brandy: You guys, wait. Look, whoever this woman was Nick was hiding -- I don't know a name or anything, but I did see her once.

Adam: Really? What did she look like?

Abigail: Did you -- can you remember her if you saw her?

Brandy: Probably not. When I saw her, it was kind of from the back. I went to the station to meet Nick, and when I snuck into the editing room, he was giving her mouth-to-mouth.

Adam: Describe her.

Brandy: She was wearing a scarf and glasses, like something out of Hitchcock. Guess she wasn't too keen on being spotted. Or maybe Nick was the one who wanted to keep her invisible. Anyway, that's all I saw.

Abigail: Well, Adam, she had to have passed the reception area. I mean, she must be on security surveillance tapes. If I watched this and saw her, maybe --

Billy: -- It'll jar your memory.

Adam: Yeah, yeah. You know, this is worth a try.

Margo: If I agree with this -- and I'm not saying that I will -- you are not to have one moment alone with James.

Barbara: Fair enough.

Margo: Then I should clear it with Hal.

Barbara: And if he says no?

Margo: Then it's no. You don't fight fair.

Barbara: Will's teacher gave that to me after he was suspended.

Margo: He actually told them that you were dead?

Barbara: They knew that it wasn't true. I've been all over the front page for weeks, and Hal is gone, but they thought that maybe, if it's possible, maybe I can get through to him. Margo, please, I can't do that without your help.

Paul: The desk sergeant said you're free to go. What's going on?

Margo: The hearing has been postponed for 24 hours.

Paul: Does Hal know? He's gonna call out the dogs.

Barbara: Don't be so hard on him.

Paul: Yeah. Hal's more interested in protecting James than he is getting to the truth.

Barbara: Paul, I wouldn't have been at the boathouse if it weren't for him. You know that.

Margo: Hal knew that you were meeting James?

Barbara: No, he didn't know that, but he knew that my son needed me, and he let me go. Paul, I wouldn't have been there -- I wouldn't have been there if it weren't for Hal.

Margo: He lied to me.

[Phone rings] Hughes.

John: Margo, it's John. We need you back here at the hospital right away.

Margo: Is it James?

John: Yeah. I'll fill you in when you get here.

Margo: I'm on my way. Something has happened.

Jack: You obviously didn't get a badge in housekeeping, Julia. You left a hell of a lot of glass lying around.

Julia: But I aced personal defense.


[Jack screaming] you never did learn to appreciate my many talents, did you, Jack?! Oh, let's see. Now, how shall I kill you? Hmm? Oh, you seem particularly fond of glass, but then, glass is messy. I know. How about a hammer? Carly must have a toolbox around here somewhere.

[Jack groaning] face it, Jack -- I am smarter, I am stronger, and I am faster than you will ever be. Gee, Jack, I wonder how many volts it takes to kill a man.

[Julia makes buzzer sound] time's up! Hmm, I guess there's only one way to find out. Any last words there, Jacky boy? Ooh, that's too bad. I was hoping you would beg. Oh, well. At least I finally figured out how to get a charge out of you. It's been fun, Jack.

Craig: Is this a private party, or can anybody join?

Margo: John, what's going on?

John: James is gone.

Paul: What do -- he died?

John: No, he just disappeared into thin air.

Barbara: That's impossible.

John: No one on the floor saw a thing. They're checking all the exits right now.

Paul: Well, how in the hell did all the equipment walk out of here?

John: I have no idea.

Margo: Where's the man I had posted at this door?

John: Well, he wasn't here when I came back to check on Steinbeck. Ben is out talking to all the nurses now. Maybe they saw something.

Barbara: This is insane.

Margo: What is going on?! I had a man stationed at every critical point on this floor at every exit, at every entrance! Where are they, John? Where the hell is Hal?!

Hal: You'll be safe here, James, I promise. You'll be safe here.

Craig: Well, I like what you've done with the place. Jack, don't get up. Julia, I see you're accessorizing this afternoon.

Julia: Uh-huh.

Craig: Looks stunning.

Julia: Oh, these little guys? They're loads of fun, at least from my end.

Craig: Kinky. Can I have a look?

Julia: Oh, sure, Craig, 'cause I'm crazy and stupid. I'll just hand it right over. I expected more out of you.

Craig: I expected the bedroom window to be locked.

Julia: What, Carly didn't leave you a key?

Craig: It's more fun breaking in. But hark! I sense two of us and one of you.

Julia: Hmm, I think that's more like 1 1/3 for your team, Craig. Poor little Jack. He fell down and broke his crown. Oh, but wait. I have an idea. You can help me.

Craig: Oh, sorry. I didn't dress for murder.

Julia: That's okay. All you've got to do is get lost.

[Jack mumbling]

Craig: Actually, Julia, I think the proper term for me this afternoon is "eyewitness."

Jack: No.

Julia: Not if nobody ever saw you come in.

Jack: Don't listen to her, Montgomery.

[Jack screams]

Julia: Think about it, Craig. No Jack, no competition. You can have Carly all to yourself. And all you have to do is crawl right back out that window the way you came in. I will handle all the rest.

Craig: Interesting.

Julia: Carly's gonna need your big, strong arms when she realizes the "G" in G-man stands for "gone."

Jack: It's murder, Montgomery. Somebody had to see you come in here. There's always a trace.

Julia: Jack, this apartment backs up into nothing. Nobody saw you coming here, Craig.

Jack: Don't listen to her, Craig!

Julia: Comfort sex is better than no sex. Just imagine -- poor, heartbroken Carly, so sad, so lost, so easy.

Jack: Don't be an idiot!

Julia: Nice guys finish last. Ask Jack.

Jack: Damn it. Do something, man! Don't just stand there. Move!

[Jack moaning]

Craig: Julia, you were saying?


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