ATWT Transcript Tuesday 3/5/02


As the World Turns Transcript Tuesday 3/5/02

By Linda
Proofread by Ebele

Katie: I cannot stay mad at you. I love you, and so when I see you I just -- want to --

Simon: Me, too.

Katie: And then I lose my grip, but I can't lose my grip.

Simon: Lose your grip. Lose your grip.

Katie: Really?

Simon: Absolutely.

Katie: So you don't need your space?

Simon: I need you.

Katie: Okay. Why did Monique Ferrara give you that check?

Simon: How do you know about the ch -- don't answer. Why do I even wonder?

Katie: Well, I saw you hiding something. So can you blame me for letting my curiosity get the best of me?

Simon: What, so you went snooping through my pockets?

Katie: Well, listen, if I can't trust you to be honest, then how am I supposed to be?

Simon: Listen, you already know that you can trust me. And this isn't about honesty. This is about -- I am asking you to be direct.

Katie: Okay, direct, in exchange for -- ?

Simon: Why does everything have to have a price? Be direct because -- I don't know. It's the right thing to do.

Katie: Oh, yeah, right. Where did that ever get anyone?

Simon: Oh, pardon me. Who did I think I was talking to?

Katie: Okay, now you're making fun of me.

Simon: I'm not. I'm not making fun of you. Well, maybe I am. But in my best and most affectionate way. Let's just forget about it.

Katie: Okay, Simon, tell me something.

Simon: Absolutely. Anything.

Katie: Why is it that you think my attention span is so unbelievably short? The check?

Simon: All right. Listen, I wanted to tell you about the check. I just -- I didn't know how.

Katie: Why not, Mr. "Be direct and everything will be hunky-dory"?

Simon: I never asked for this money, Katie.

Katie: So that big check just fell into your lap? Wow. I wish I had that kind of bad luck.

Simon: I'm telling you, I never wanted it.

Katie: Why not? Maybe because it's from one of your ex-wives?

Simon: That's not really a question, is it?

Katie: No, not really. But you know that I had Henry dig up all that information about you and your ex-wives last year. What, you think I just threw that stuff away?

Simon: What, you have a file on me?

Katie: Yeah. Well, it's more of a scrapbook. Anyway, when I called that law firm that was listed on the check to find out where it came from, they told me it was from the estate of Monique Ferrari. Why is Monique giving you money?

Simon: She isn't. She isn't, no. No. Well, not really.

Katie: Okay, forget about being direct. We'll try my tactic. See this neck? It's all yours for the price of one straight answer.

Simon: The truth is, Katie, the check is an inheritance. Monique is dead.

Margo: Yes, commissioner, I have finished the report. And all I need to do is print it out and sign it, and then I will have a uniform bring it down to your office right away. What?! How could he -- he was just here! Oh!

Public defender: If my client isn't arraigned immediately, I think we have grounds to sue for unlawful --

Margo: Could you give me five minutes? Could you please just give me five -- no, not you, commissioner. No, sorry. Yes, I realize that the report is late, but I am working on it as fast as I can.

Cop: Detective Hughes?

Margo: What?

Cop: The D.A.'s office is screaming at me about when Barbara Ryan's gonna be picked up. What do you want me to tell 'em?

Margo: I'm sorry, commissioner. Could I call you back, please? No, I swear I will. I -- thank you.

Public defender: Well, detective?

Margo: Look, you -- you go downstairs and you tell your client to keep his britches because he hasn't even been on ice for 24 hours. Thank you. Lieutenant Munson is handling Barbara Ryan. As far as I know, he has done that. You tell the D.A.'s office to call his house!

Cop: They have. Nobody answers.

Margo: Well, obviously they're not calling the right number! Do I have to do everything around here myself?

[Phone rings] oh, come on, Hal. Please let me know that I can still count on you.

[Phone ringing]

Jennifer: Dad? Dad, you're back! Oh! I was so worried about you! I had no idea what happened to you, and I thought I'd never see you again!

Hal: Hey, are you kidding me? Nothing in the universe could keep me away from you.

Jennifer: Now you sound like yourself.

Hal: What do you mean?

Jennifer: Oh, I don't know. Maybe it was just me, but when I first came in, well, you had this look like you'd never seen me before.

James: Don't be afraid, Barbara. I just want to get a closer look. It's marvelous to see you two together again. It really warms my heart.

Paul: I told her I didn't want her coming down here. I wanted to meet with you alone.

James: Yes. And what, spoil this joy of a family reunion?

Paul: You should have listened to me.

Barbara: I'm up to my neck in this whole sordid business. I have to be here.

James: That's right. This is your first visit back to the boat house since your "accident," isn't it, Barbara?

Barbara: Yes, it is. And don't think your choice of location is lost on me, James. But I can face it. If I can face you, I can face anything.

James: I've never doubted your strength. You know, these old structures are absolutely amazing to me. You know, I'm surprised that this one's still standing. You would think one little spark and it would drop right to the ground!

Paul: All right, all right, knock it off! Knock it off! All right, one way or the other, the game's gonna end tonight. Now, let's get down to business. Where is Rose?

Rose: Help me. Help me, somebody.

Katie: I guess you weren't such a bad husband after all.

Simon: I was lousy, believe me.

Katie: Well, obviously not. Monique kept you in her will after you got divorced.

Simon: We never got divorced.

Katie: All right. Are you gonna tell me what happened?

Simon: Are you sure you really want to sit here and hear about me and one of -- one of my ex-wives?

Katie: No, Simon, I'm really not sure that I want to sit here and hear about that, but I'm gonna have to because, otherwise, I'm gonna start snooping again, and then you're gonna hate me, and I'm gonna feel guilty about it. So --

Simon: Or you could just trust me -- trust me, and let this whole thing go.

Katie: I miss us. I miss how it was after we got married. Everything was so perfect, and there were no secrets. It was just us. And I need that back. I need us. So you might as well just start from the beginning.

Simon: All right. All right, I met Monique in L.A. She'd just moved there, and so had I. She was lonely.

Katie: And rich.

Simon: Yep. And I was broke.

Katie: Broke? Well, how did -- what happened to all the money from what's-her-name -- wifey number two?

Simon: I'd completely blown it. Spent every single penny. I owed money, too. So it was either marry Monique or face some pretty ruthless creditors.

Katie: So how long did you guys go out before you got married?

Simon: In total? About three weeks.

Katie: Wow, she was an easy one.

Simon: We married in Vegas on a whim. Well, she thought it was a whim, anyway.

Katie: Yeah, right. All part of your plan.

Simon: Yeah. The thing is, Monique was a lot smarter than I gave her credit for. She hired a detective after we got back from our honeymoon.

Katie: What, did he dig up your past?

Simon: In all its gold-digging glory.

Katie: Did she confront you?

Simon: Yeah. Yeah, it was awful. She had this list, kind of like what Henry dug up for you, cataloging all of my dirty deeds. She -- she was crying and shaking and cursing me out saying, "how could you have been so sincere?" What was worse was that she was saying how stupid e was, how blind she was. I just stood there listening to her, seeing myself the way that she saw me. This lowlife creep who had trashed her heart. I felt about that big. I didn't have the stomach to tell her any more lies.

Katie: Did she call the police?

Simon: No. No, that's the thing. I don't know why she didn't, either. I just -- she came from a pretty well-to-do family. I guess she didn't want to make them endure some sort of scandal. She told me to get out. And I'd hurt her so much already, I didn't want to put her through anything more and drag things out, so I just packed my stuff and left. A few days later, I read in the paper that Monique had died in a boating accident. Well, Monique loved to sail. She was really good at it, too. The morning that she went out, there was a terrible storm -- ten-foot seas, 30-knot winds.

Katie: How scary.

Simon: Must've been terrifying.

Katie: Simon, I'm sorry. I really am. I just still don't understand the inheritance.

Simon: Monique never had a chance to change her will.

Katie: Why not?

Simon: Because the day that I packed up and left was the day that Monique got onto that boat and died.

Rose: Help me. Help me, please!

Libby: Shh! You must be quiet. Otherwise you'll have the whole staff down here.

Rose: What'd that maniac Weston do to me? I can't -- I can't move anything.

Libby: You're in a wrap. You know, like a seaweed wrap you get in a real spa? You know, you've had one of those before.

Rose: No, I didn't like my arms being tied down. It makes me crazy.

Libby: I'll loosen them a little, and then you can move your arms a little.

Rose: Why go halfway? Take these things off of me!

Libby: I can't do that. You know. You have to calm down, Rose.

Rose: I've tried being calm. Look what it got me. All trussed up like a thanksgiving bird.

Libby: And lucky for you there was a problem upstairs. Everybody else who's come this far has gone up to the next level. You'll be all right.

Rose: I thought I could fight it, you know? The blue drink. You know, mind over matter, but I haven't been able to do that.

Libby: It's strong medicine. You couldn't help giving in to it.

Rose: I didn't think they were gonna wrap me up. You shouldn't have let them do that to me!

Libby: I had to. I didn't want to, but Weston already had his eye on me. So if I tried to stop them from what they were doing, he would have gotten even more suspicious.

Rose: You're supposed to be my friend.

Libby: Oh, I am. Do you have any idea how much trouble I had to go to, talking and talking, to make sure that I would be your special attendant? Anyway, the wrapping's looser now. You're basically going to be okay. The good news is I've been keeping you from getting any more blue drinks. And then that's a little bit looser now. You'll be fine. But you must remember to stay quiet. Otherwise they go back to their original plan, and then they'll send you up to the next level, and I won't be able to help you, and I won't even be able to see you anymore.

Rose: What did they do to me when I was out? What did they do to me?

Libby: I'm not sure. They don't let me in on that part.

Rose: On the playground when I was a kid, I was so tough. They used to call me Rosie the rock. I really loved that name. I tried to live up to it my whole time in St. Gregory's, you know. Got in some scraps with the best of 'em. Came home with a couple of shiners. And when the nuns came down on me for fighting, nothing. Not even a tear. And I could eat. Let me tell you. Sausage, eggs, onions. Wash it down with a gallon of cream soda. I was tough. So when I came here, I thought this was nothing. You know, I thought I could take on this place. I thought I could take it on better than Carly or Emily. I thought I could take on the mad scientist, you know. I thought he wasn't a match for me. But you know what, Libby? I was wrong. I don't think I'm getting out of this place.

[Rose sobs]

Libby: Shh, shh, shh.

Hilda: Why are this patient's wrappings undone? What's going on here?

Hal: Are you kidding me? You think I wouldn't know the prettiest girl this side of the Atlantic?

Jennifer: Well, like I said, I was probably just being sensitive.

Hal: No, it's not me, it's you. I've been away, but you've changed. I know what it is. You've become more mature, or something.

Jennifer: I am. I am different. Well, I feel that way inside, anyway. When I first came back, no one really noticed, except for you. And then you left. I missed you so much, dad. So, what happened? Why did you just disappear like that all of a sudden?

Hal: I had to get some answers to some questions, and I had to do it in secret.

Jennifer: So, you have news about Carly, Emily and Rose?

Hal: Oh, let's talk about all that some other time. I want to hear about you. I want to hear about you. So, tell me. What about your modeling career? How's it going?

Jennifer: You really want to know about it?

Hal: Yes, tell me.

Jennifer: Wow, thanks. It's nice to have you take it so seriously. Because it is getting pretty serious. Something big happened, dad. Something really big.

Hal: A modeling cover?

Jennifer: Bigger. My agency called me with this job in Tokyo. And at first I thought they were only talking about one commercial, but it turns out that this huge client wants me for the whole campaign.

Hal: As pretty as you are, I am not surprised.

Jennifer: Yeah. Yeah, it could be fun.

Hal: So where's that million-dollar smile, huh?

Jennifer: I'd have to leave Oakdale immediately, and I'll be gone for months.

Hal: So, why aren't you more excited?

Jennifer: Well, Paul said that he could handle things here, but I don't know if I want to go. You got so upset when I took that job in Rome.

Hal: And wasn't I happy for you when you came back?

Jennifer: Yeah, you were the best.

Hal: Yeah, because you'd shown that you had grown up, that you were old enough to handle a high-powered career.

Jennifer: I just -- I feel like I'm deserting you guys, leaving when everything here is so messed up.

Hal: But you don't have to worry about that, honey. Because I'm here. I'm here now.

James: Why, Paul, I'm impressed. You haven't a single card in your hand, and yet you're huffing and puffing like a man with four aces. You did learn something on daddy's knee, didn't you?

Paul: You said you'd give me information about where Rose, Emily and Carly are being held. Now, that's the only reason why I'm here.

James: Please, please. I mean, why can't we savor this moment? I mean, here's my son and his mother, the most important people in my world. And now they need me.

Barbara: Stop torturing us, James. Tell us where Rose is!

James: Well, now that I have the two of you here, I'm kind of puzzling through why I should do that.

Barbara: As twisted as your promises always have been, you have always done exactly as you've said you would do.

James: Yes, you say, I always keep my word. Tell us, Barbara, what else do you know about me?

Barbara: That you always exact a price. I will go to the Police. I will tell them that you were right. I will tell them that I was behind the abductions, that I arranged everything. I will go to prison. Just tell Paul where Rose is.

James: Barbara, I like you so much better when you have some passion, when you were trying to level your enemies who were out to destroy you. You had a fire in your eyes, and that fire -- that fire set a flame in my soul. Oh, I'm very sorry. That was a poor choice of words under the circumstance. I mean, but we were close, Barbara. We were closer than we've ever been.

Barbara: I was in a very dark place. I let you feed on my pain. But no more. And I'm sorry if you think that I have turned my back on you, but I am trying to do the right thing, finally.

James: Right by whom?

Barbara: Throw me to the wolves if you hate me so much. Just don't take it out on Rose!

Paul: Hey, hey, he's wasting our time. I could be out looking for Rose right now, but instead, he's got us down here playing his little mind games. Let's get out of here.

James: Whoa, whoa, wait. You haven't seen these. You might want to rethink your departure.

Katie: Simon, that check was for a lot of money.

Simon: Yep. It was Monique's entire estate.

Katie: What about her family? I'm sure they didn't want to let that will stand?

Simon: No, of course not. They fought it tooth and nail. You can imagine how much they hated me. And quite frankly, no, I don't blame them. They must have spent a fortune trying to get it thrown out in court. And I guess they didn't succeed.

Katie: Wait, you took them to court?

Simon: No. No, when I found out how Monique died, I didn't want a cent of that money. Know what I used to say to myself? I used to say, I gave lonely women a few good months, and only took the money that they could afford to lose. But when Monique died, it was a reality check, you know? A wake-up call to what a lowlife I'd really become.

Katie: Come here. Come here, baby -- I know that was so hard to tell me.

Simon: Yeah, I'm glad I did.

Katie: Me, too.

Simon: You know what you were saying before, about missing us? I do, too.

Katie: So don't ever be afraid to tell me anything again, okay? We're in this together.

Simon: Yes, we are. Yes, we are. And now that you know about the money, we can give it away, huh?

Katie: What? Are you crazy?

Libby: I was told to change her dressings. That's what I'm doing.

Hilda: By whose order?

Libby: Dr. Weston. He told me directly.

Hilda: I don't understand why this one isn't up with the others.

Libby: There's overcrowding upstairs, don't you remember? We've never sent so many people in there at the same time.

Hilda: The situation has changed. Ms. Marable is being moved to the transition room. So get moving.

Libby: I don't understand.

Hilda: Dr. Weston wants Rose sedated and moved to the next level as soon as possible.

Hal: Margo.

Margo: Hal, what is going on? The D.A. is breathing down my neck! You said you were going to pick up Barbara and bring her in.

Hal: I know what I said.

Margo: Well?

Hal: I got here. Barbara wasn't here. I had to stay with Will.

Margo: Barbara left Will alone? I don't care what's happened. That just doesn't sound like Barbara. Why isn't your answering machine picking up?

Hal: I don't know. Maybe Barbara forgot to turn it on when she left.

Margo: Hal, I called here about 20 times. If the machine was off, why didn't you answer?

Hal: Because I was too busy looking after my son and waiting for Barbara to return. Is there something about that you don't understand?

Margo: Yeah, I don't understand why you didn't call me!

Hal: I just told you why I didn't call you.

Margo: Hal, should you and I talk about you taking a leave of absence?

Hal: Leave? I just got back.

Margo: So you keep saying. And so I keep telling everybody. The problem is, someone is back, but it's not the Hal that I know.

James: Here are two items that I think you two will find very fascinating. This tape contains a detailed confession of everything I've done since I've been back in Oakdale. This document lays out the precise location where Rose and the other ladies are being taken care of. Now, isn't it amazing that I hold in one hand the two things that each of you want more than anything else in the entire world?

Paul: Is there a point to this?

James: Oh, you should see your faces now. It's absolutely priceless. "What is he going to do? Is he going to make us choose? Choose between Rose's life and Barbara's freedom?" Barbara, who turned your back on me. You turned your back on me. You turned my son against me! And I thought I was going to die! But now you're standing there salivating. And it's so satisfying.

Barbara: James, please --

James: You know, Paul, I know your mother here told you that I'm a man of my word. But perhaps I'm not. Perhaps I have grown weary of being so predictably honorable!

Barbara: Oh, no! No, no! Don't!

Paul: Mom!

[Barbara screams]

Paul: Mom! The paper! Rose! We got to get out of here! We got to get out of here!

Barbara: Oh, no, it's burning! It's burning! Everything's burning!

Paul: We've got to get out! Get out! Get out!

Barbara: What about your father?!

Paul: To hell with him! Go, go, go!

Paul: The old boat house about a mile from the route 38 turnoff south of Rock river. Yeah, I think everybody's okay. But send an ambulance, anyway. There's someone still inside.

Barbara: Where are you going?! Where are you going?!

Paul: I'm going to do something my father wouldn't do for me. I'm gonna save his sorry life.

Barbara: Be careful!


[Barbara screaming]

Hal: I'm just a little off my game, Margo, okay? Give me a break. I mean, I've been gone for weeks. I'm out of the loop, and I'm tired.

Margo: Too tired to ask about our son?

Hal: I told you, just give me a chance. I've got a lot on my mind.

Margo: Hal, the last time I saw you, Adam was taking a lie detector test. Now, you don't have the time to ask how that came out?

Hal: Oh, c'mon, Margo, you're exaggerating.

Margo: Just like you haven't had a chance to ask where is Parker?

Hal: I told you, one thing at a time! Right now I am concerned about Will!

Margo: Would you please just listen to yourself? You're concerned about Will? What about that 3-year-old boy whose mother has been kidnapped? Do you even know that he is living with John now?

Hal: I've got a lot on my mind, okay?! And I'm sorry if I'm not doing everything exactly the way that you would like me to do things, but I am not gonna stand here and listen to you tell me that I don't know how to take care of my kids!

Margo: All right, Hal, all right. All right, I know that I can push sometimes --

[cell phone rings] Hughes. Um, yeah, I'll be right there. Paul Ryan just called 911. There's been another fire at the boat house. Hal? Hal?! Hal?! Hal?!

Libby: Stop! Dr. Weston already gave Ms. D'Angelo that injection!

Hilda: I don't understand why he didn't say anything about it to me.

Libby: Well, check the chart. Maybe he wrote it down.

Hilda: Nothing.

Libby: He gave it to her. I was standing right next to Ms. D'Angelo when he administered it.

Hilda: Well, I'll have to talk to the doctor about this and see what he has to say.

Libby: Fine. I'll stay with the patient.

Rose: Hurry up! Come on, get these bandages off of me! I need my arms and legs.

Libby: We don't have much time to waste.

Rose: That doctor, he didn't give me that injection, did he? No. When he finds out, your goose is gonna be cooked. Not to mention the fact I'm going up to "the next level."

Libby: You're gonna be okay. Listen to me, Rose. You're not going up to the next level.

Rose: Oh, yeah, did you hear what the old battle-ax said?

Libby: I am telling you you're not going up to the next level because you're getting out of here. Now!

Simon: There is no way that I am keeping that money!

Katie: Why not?

Simon: Because I will not profit from that woman's death! Kat -- didn't you just listen? The only reason she got on that boat was because she was upset with me and what I'd done to her.

Katie: How do you know that? You don't know that for sure.

Simon: What you and I have is special. Let's just forget -- I'm done talking about it. Let's just talk about how amazing you and I are together.

Katie: Yes, but everything that's wonderful between us could be so much more wonderful with that cushion.

Simon: I am not gonna let the only marriage that means anything to me be tainted by money from what I used to do.

Katie: Tainted? You don't have to look at it that way. At the ashram, I learned about this little thing called the law -- listen to me! It's important! The law of karmic transmutation. It's like, if an object has a negative vibe to it, you can change the energy of it by doing something positive with it. So if we do something good, then it'll take away the taint.

Simon: Yeah, put it to good use. Is that what you're saying?

Katie: Right.

Simon: That's what I'm saying. The burn unit at the hospital.

Katie: No, no, no.

Simon: That is good use.

Katie: Honey -- let's put it to good use for us. Remember that house that I told you about, the one that I've always dreamed of?

Simon: Buying a house is not exactly a charitable act.

Katie: Okay, okay, okay. Come here. Then we'll go to Tuscany. And we will help the peasants.

[Simon laughs] all right, fine. I'm talking about doing all the things that we said we were gonna do someday. So let's just make someday now.

Simon: Katie, you are incredible. You are the most amazing person. I would do anything to make you happy. But taking that money? No -- I don't know.

Katie: You don't have to say yes. Just promise me you'll think about it.

Simon: All right. I'll think about it.

Katie: But not now. Right now, I want you to think of nothing but me.

Simon: That's the easiest thing I could ever do.

Barbara: How did I push him so hard?

Paul: He brought this on himself, mom.

Barbara: I was just so very angry.

Paul: He baited us. He got a sick thrill watching us twist in the wind. I saw my father so clearly tonight. I could see how he could have driven you to do the things you did.

Barbara: Paul --

Margo: What happened here?

Paul: James said he had information for us to meet him here, so we did. He had an oil lamp -- it fell over. And his whole place went up like a tinderbox.

Barbara: And Paul went into the flames to save his father. Otherwise, James would be dead now.

Margo: You ran into a burning building to save a man who's made your life hell?

Paul: I had to. He's the only one who knows where Rose is.

Barbara: No. It's more than that. My son is not the kind of man who will stand by and watch another person die. Even when that life belongs to James Steinbeck.

Spa aide #4: This is Mrs.. Marable, right?

Libby: Yes, it is. Poor thing. I was just starting to like her.

Spa aide #4: Funny. Huh. This one doesn't look like the others.

Libby: Well, how so?

Spa aide #4: She's so young.

Libby: Dr. Weston has many, many projects, you know. He's a genius. Who are we to question what he does? All you need to do is get Mrs.. Marable's shipping orders.

Spa aide #4: You're right. I apologize.

[Rose coughing]

Rose: Oh! I haven't held my breath that long since camp.

Libby: We have to work fast. We don't have much time.

Rose: Yeah, yeah, okay. So we're getting out of this house of horrors for me, huh? How am I getting out, a wheelchair or something, or -- ?

Libby: The only way you're gonna get out of here is if you leave as Mrs.. Marable.

Rose: Yeah, but she's d -- dead? Oh, no. No. No! Absolutely not.

Katie: Sometimes after we make love -- I don't know where you end and I begin. I've never felt this close to anyone.

Simon: And tonight's different?

Katie: I just feel like I know everything about you now.

Simon: 'Cause I told you about Monique?

Katie: Well, I just think that both of us have done some sort of awful things.

Simon: Yeah.

[Both chuckling]

Katie: Okay, maybe some very, very awful things.

Simon: Yeah, like you trying to take Molly's job, and moving in on your boss's marriage --

Katie: Hey, hey, hey! You and your ex-wives. But hey, stop, stop. No, no. I'm talking about something serious here. After all that horribleness, you and I found each other. We made something so beautiful.

Simon: This is beautiful. I'd almost go so far as to say it's nirvana.

Katie: You know about nirvana?

Simon: Yeah. Just because I didn't spend 24 hours in an ashram -- yes, I do. Yes. To me, being in love -- it's nirvana.

Katie: That's exactly what we're experiencing. And no big, stupid, old check can get in the way.

Simon: Oh, you just don't -- you don't know how to let up, do you?

Katie: No. Not on you.

Simon: You really know how to wear a guy down.

Katie: Speaking of -- you want to join me in the shower?

Simon: Yes, I do. Go get it started, and I'll be right in.

Katie: All right. Don't you leave me waiting, mister.

Simon: Katie, if only you knew the whole story.

Paul: James admitted everything. He said he had his detailed confession on the tape he had. And then he put it on the lantern, and then the --

Margo: Well, I'll see if I can use that to get the D.A.'s office to back down. But quite honestly, if no one else heard the accusation, then they're gonna be pretty slow to believe the accused and her son.

Paul: Are they gonna believe James when they question him?

Margo: Maybe. But right now, it doesn't look like he's gonna be talking to anybody.

Hal: What's his condition?

Paramedic #1: It's critical. Looks like we move him or lose him.

Paramedic #2: It's now or never.

Paramedic #1: Come on, on my count. One, two, three!

Hal: You have to keep him alive.

Paramedic #1: We're trying, sir.

Hal: He's a principal in a very important case.

Paramedic #1: Yeah, I figured. A big-time gambler, right?

Hal: Why do you say that?

Paramedic #1: Well, he had this in his hand when we found him. Sir? Sir? We got to move out.

Hal: You -- keep Mr. Steinbeck alive. Or you'll answer to me. You got that?

Rose: No. There's no way I'm getting into one of those mummy boxes! I'll go crazy!

Libby: You could do it, Rose.

Rose: You know something about me that I don't?

Libby: Yes. You were shipped in one of these when you arrived at the institute.

Rose: What? In a coffin? Oh, my goodness. All I remember is waking up in that steam room.

Libby: That's because they gave you an injection before they put you in the coffin.

Rose: What kind of injection?

Libby: The same kind that Hilda was about to give you just a little while ago. Now, I'll administer this. And it's gonna put you out for several hours. And when you come to, you'll most likely wake up at the airport, ready to be shipped along.

Rose: "Most likely"?

Libby: Well, give or take a few minutes.

Rose: Oh.

Libby: Listen, it's simple, Rose. All you have to do is bang on the coffin lid, and somebody will let you out.

Rose: Ooh. Can I breathe in this thing?

Libby: Everybody arrives in excellent shape.

Rose: You've seen 'em?

Libby: Well, not coming but going.

Rose: Oh.

Libby: It's the only way they ship here. I know that. So how about it?

Rose: What about you? I mean, what about you? Isn't there one for you? Too? So you can go, too?

Libby: I can't make this trip, Rose. I have to be honest with myself. My time has come and gone. But you, this is your chance.

Rose: I'll never forget you, Libby. I promise I'll come back with my cavalry to get my friends, and you're one of those people.

Libby: Thank you.

Rose: All right. Well, this is it! Come on, give me your best shot with that needle.

Libby: You better climb in first. The sedative works fast.

Rose: Oh. Ai yi yi. I can do this. This is -- right? I can do this.

Libby: Sure. Sure you can, Rose. You can do it.

Rose: All right. Oh, my God.

Libby: Good. Good girl.

Rose: Oh. How do I look? Do I look like my aunt Irma? 'Cause she wasn't very pretty at the end there, in that coffin. But this isn't a time for jokes, Rose. No joking. No joking. Okay. Okay. Do not close that thing until I'm completely out! Got it?

Libby: Whatever you want, Rose.

Rose: I know -- I know how much you're risking to do this for me, and I will never forget. I will never ever --

Libby: Just relax, Rose. When you wake up, you'll be on your way home.

Rose: Home. Paul.

Spa aide #4: Where's Mrs. Marable?

Libby: Already in.

Spa aide #5: How did you lift her in all by yourself?

Libby: Oh, at that stage, they're not very heavy, you know.

Spa aide #5: This one's going to the airport to be shipped home?

Libby: Yes.

Spa aide #4: No, not this one. This one's marked for immediate burial. It's there on the papers.

Spa aide #5: Oh, I didn't notice that.

Spa aide #4: Always have to look for special instructions. Yeah. This lady's headed for six feet of Grade-A dirt.


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