ATWT Transcript Thursday 2/28/02


As the World Turns Transcript Thursday 2/28/02

By Linda
Proofread by Ebele

Landlady: If anyone asks, you didn't see me today. You didn't talk to me today, you just have some Houdini-type talent with the locks. If the cops ever find out I let anybody inside when they didn't give their --

Adam: I can keep a secret if you can.

Landlady: You've got 15 minutes.

[Abigail sighs]

Adam: Abigail, we don't have to do this if you're not ready.

Abigail: No. I have to remember who was here that night. Right here, I have to relive everything. The DA is building her case against me, and time is running out. It's now or never.

Molly: Jake! What are they doing here?

Jake: Wait -- listen to me. You tore this place all apart once. What's this all about?

Molly: Tom! Thank God you're here.

Cop #1: Check the warrant, sir.

Jake: You know anything about this search warrant?

Tom: Yes. I got a warning from the D.A.'s office. I was hoping I could break it to you face-to-face.

Molly: What are they looking for? They're not going to find anything they didn't find the last time they were here.

Tom: Well, the last time they were building a case against you, Molly. This time, they're concentrating on Abigail.

Jake: What can we do about this?

Tom: Not a thing.

Margo: Okay, guys. Listen up. Listen up. I am putting all units on the lookout for Julia Snyder -- A.K.A. Julia Lindsey.

Cop #5: You mean Jack's ex-wife?

Margo: Yes, exactly. I'm having her mug shot printed up as we speak. Those of you who are not familiar, get your hands on this picture. Memorize it. She is to be considered armed and dangerous. If you do find her, I want you to follow her. Call me right away. Do not pick her up.

Cop #5: You don't want us to bring her in?

Margo: I do not. I do not want you making eye contact. I do not want you engaging in conversation with her. Follow her. Call me. That's it.

Craig: Why don't we just arrest her on sight? She's a danger to herself. She's a danger to the public. She's a suspect in serious crimes, Margo.

Margo: The suspect has serious mental problems. She requires special handling. We don't want her just dragged in here.

Cop #5: So we follow her, we find you, and then what?

Margo: I will make a decision as to how to proceed after I speak to her psychiatrist. Hopefully, she'll give us some insights. That's it.

Craig: We're not too late.

Margo: Do you really think it helps making these little comments while I'm briefing my guys?

Craig: Well, I'll try to remember my place.

Margo: And since when is it so important to you whether or not we find Julia Snyder?

Craig: Since if Jack is in the kind of trouble that he can't get out of, I may never see Carly again.

Julia: You've been a bad boy, Jack. You've been a bad, bad boy. Whatever you're doing up there, I am not going to like it.

[Jack panting and grunting]

Jack: Quick! You've got to get me out of this thing and out of this place before she gets back.

Julia: You think so, Jack? Well, think again.

Mitzi: All those times I fantasized about getting your clothes off, I never once imagined this.

Jack: Okay, Matzo, please -- she could come back any second. Just hurry up, okay?

Mitzi: I'm going as fast as I can.

Jack: Wait, wait. Wait a minute. Did you hear something?

Mitzi: Besides my heartbeat?

Jack: How much longer?

Mitzi: Just a couple more buckles and I got it.

Julia: I can't leave you alone for one minute, can I, Jack?! And you -- you are going to wish you never heard of me, honey.

Jack: No, no. Come on. Come on, Julia. She saw I was in pain and she was just trying to help. Don't do something you might regret.

Julia: I'm not going to regret this, Jack.

Mitzi: Regret what, exactly?

Julia: Shut up! Tell her to shut up, Jack. And why don't you tell her the truth? Tell her this is going to hurt her a hell of a lot more than it's going to hurt either one of us.

Mitzi: What are those things for?

Julia: Are you scared -- of little old me? She is, isn't she? That's all your fault, Jack. You know better than to have guests here while I'm away.

Jack: She just stopped by, okay? She's not going to make any more trouble. Let her go. All right? Just let her go.

Mitzi: I'll go get help, Jack!

Julia: You will go nowhere!

[All yelling and screaming]

Jack: Wait, wait! Don't do it!

Mitzi: Somebody help!

Julia: Your voice! I am so sick of it!

Jack: Mitzi? What the hell did you do to her, Julia?!

Julia: I just shut her up, Jack. That mouth is like fingernails scratching on a chalkboard.

Jack: Leave her alone! You said it yourself, this is all my fault! Why make her pay for my mistake?

Julia: Don't you worry, Jack. You're going to get to pay. I've got plans for you.

Jack: What kind of plans?

Julia: You think I owe you an explanation? After you brought this -- this woman into our bed?! How could you do that, Jack? You know how important it is for us to be faithful to each other -- to be exclusive!

Jack: She didn't come here to jump in my bed! She came here to try to help me, okay?

Julia: Well, she didn't do a very good job, did she?

Jack: She doesn't deserve this, Julia.

Julia: Aww, Jack! Are you trying to protect one of your colorful little sluts? Huh? I hoped that with Carly gone, I wouldn't have to compete with street trash for your attention. Well, you have become a real tramp-magnet.

Jack: You've got it all wrong. She's a nice girl.

Julia: I'm sure she is. I was a nice girl, Jack. Remember, that? Do you? But it just doesn't pay.

Adam: Okay, so you've just found the music box and Nick is walking back into the room.

Abigail: And we argue.

[Abigail gasps]

Adam: Hey! Hey, Abigail. Hey! I know this is hard, but I need you to stay with me, okay? Now, he hit you and you fell. Where did you fall?

Abigail: I fell right there.

Adam: Okay. So you're on the floor, right? And Nick is standing right about here.

Abigail: Right. And I was so afraid. I thought that he was going to hit me again or worse and that I'd have to stop him.

Adam: So what do you do?

Abigail: I'm reaching for the music box. And then I hear a knock at the door. And I thought, "Thank God. Someone's come to save me."

Adam: So Nick opens the door now? What happens next?

Abigail: I see the boots.

Adam: What? What do you see?

Abigail: The boots -- they're coming -- they're coming at me --

Adam: What? What is it? Tell me! What? What do you see?

Abigail: Adam! [Abigail gasps] it was a woman! The person in those boots, it was a woman! I saw her nails! She had nail polish on! There was a woman in this room that night!

Molly: It just seems doubly unfair that they're running around trying to convict Abigail when she's not even here to defend herself!

Tom: You know what? That's my job.

Molly: Great. So can you do something before we go to court?

Tom: You know, the warrant is a nuisance, but it's perfectly legal.

Molly: So what are they looking for, anyway?

Jake: There's nothing to hide, so don't worry about it.

Molly: Jake --

Jake: Don't worry about it.

Molly: What are you doing with that?

Cop #3: Does this diary belong to you or your daughter?

Molly: You can't take that.

Cop #4: Mrs. McKinnon, we don't want any trouble --

Molly: Well, if you don't want trouble, then why are you picking through people's lives like you're at a garage sale?!

Jake: Because I don't think they have any other choice.

Molly: Well, I do. And they're not getting their hands on this journal! I'll burn it first!

Tom: And you know what? And you're going to get yourself arrested.

Molly: Then arrest me! But I am not letting you or anybody else destroy the last bit of privacy that we have in our lives!

Dr. Michaels: When Julia was transferred to Fairfield Benedict house, she was officially out of my care. But when I got your call today, I thought I would call the institute and check on her progress.

Margo: Well, good. What did they say?

Dr. Michaels: They said she'd been released. She was freed on a court order signed by a judge and a psychiatrist in New Rochelle. I asked them to fax me some of the paperwork.

Craig: Well, now doctor, if she was found criminally insane then freed from a shrink wrap after a few months, what kind of judge authorizes that?

Margo: And what kind of psychiatrist? Dr. Lloyd Apperson. Dr. Michaels, we have to get in contact with these gentlemen right away.

Dr. Michaels: That's just it. You can't.

Margo: Why not?

Dr. Michaels: These two men have been dead for over ten years. Someone obviously had these documents forged.

Craig: Well, who would go to all that trouble to free a mental patient -- and why?

Julia: There we go! How are you doing, girlfriend? Hmm? Are you going to get in my way?! Oh, dead to the world. Don't you worry, Jack. That's just a figure of speech. Your little Mitzi's still breathing.

Jack: She may need a doctor, though, Julia. She might have a concussion.

Julia: Should've thought of that earlier, huh?

Jack: Why don't you bring her to an emergency room? You wouldn't have to go inside. Just put her in a place where she can get some help, and then you and I can --

Julia: What? You and I can what , Jack?! Are you trying to con me again? You think I don't see that?

Jack: No, Julia! Nothing's changed. We're still together. You're still in charge of the whole situation. Is there any harm in forgiving Mitzi?

Julia: Why should I do that? Has anybody forgiven me, Jack? Have you?

Jack: Of course. Of course I've forgiven you, Julia. Maybe I'm the one who should be asking for forgiveness. I guess that's a little too late for that, isn't it?

Julia: Oh, that's nice, Jack. That's a nice try. Your mouth, you know all the things I want to hear. But those eyes -- those pretty little puppy-dog eyes -- you're lying to me. Seems to happen a lot these days. Even when I ran into Craig Montgomery today.

Jack: You saw Craig? Where?

Julia: Where is not important. What's important is I that got away. I used my wit and my charm and I got away. And I come back here and what do I find? I find this piece of trash all over you. This place isn't safe anymore. If she can find you here, what is to stop every little streetwalker in town from dropping in --

Jack: Fine. You don't think this place is safe anymore?! Let's go someplace else. Someplace no one can find us. Just the two of us. And who knows, maybe you can just tie up Mitzi, leave her here --

Julia: And go where? Shall we grab a suite at the Lakeview? Or maybe we can go to Emma's for a few days. There is nowhere to go, Jack, because no place is safe! It's ruined! It is all ruined!

Mitzi: Somebody must have slipped something in my drink, because --

Jack: Mitzi --

Julia: Wow. Isn't it funny, Jack, how all the women in your life end up damaged and in a worse place than where they were when they started? Hey! Hey, you! You awake, or what? Because if you are, we're going to have to find a way of putting you back to sleep again.

Jack: No, Julia, don't! Please!

Julia: Aww, you want to save your little stray's life, Jack? You better come up with a plan real fast. Five, four, three --

Jack: No, wait! Wait! I've got the perfect place! Don't shoot her. Please.

Julia: Start talking, Jack. And it better be good. Start talking, Jack. Or your little Matzo is history. Where is this perfect place?

Jack: Carly's place.

Julia: Is that supposed to be funny? Is that your idea of a joke?

Jack: No!

Julia: Jack, I already heard that Carly is missing. I know she was kidnapped! And I know that her apartment will be swarming with cops!

Jack: No, no, no! No. That case is old now. We finished that search weeks ago.

Julia: Oh, sure. It's deserted.

Jack: You want someplace safe to go, Carly's apartment is the place to go after we tie up Matzo and leave her here.

Julia: Alive?

Jack: You kill Matzo, they'll be looking for a murderer. And after Craig tells Margo, "hey, guess who I saw today," they'll be looking for you. Mitzi -- Matzo is so out of it, she's not going to know where we went, Julia. If and when someone finds her, she's -- she's not going to hurt us at all. Come on! We don't have any time here.

Julia: I'm thinking! I'm thinking.

Jack: Think about us together in Carly's bed.

Julia: Carly's bed?

Jack: What better revenge on the woman who ruined our marriage? Think about all those times we thought about all the things we were going to do when we got reunited.

Julia: In Carly's bed --

Jack: That's right, Julia. It's the chance of a lifetime. [Julia laughs and squeals] what do you say we move this party to Oakdale court?

Dr. Michaels: There were two constants in my sessions with Julia. One was the marital home in Milltown, the other was her marriage to Jack Snyder. This time and place occupied a very special space in Julia's mind because it was the last time she was happy -- when she was in love and married to the man of her dreams, when she was pregnant, when, for a time, all things seemed possible.

Craig: We got to go to Milltown.

Margo: "We," Craig? We have already checked out Jack's house. We found no one there.

Craig: Well, what if she moved Jack out of the way until she thought you were off the scent?

Margo: You know, we don't have time for that now.

Craig: Listen, she already knows you searched the place. She knows the chances are slim you'd be coming back.

Margo: That's a lot of ifs and maybes to justify a full-out search of a house.

Dr. Michaels: I don't want to tell you your job, Margo. But Julia is a very calculating, controlling individual --

[Craig chuckles] with an obsession for details. This scenario your brother is describing might not be as far-fetched as it sounds.

Craig: So what do you say, Margo? Want to go crash a party? Thank you, doctor.

[Margo sighs]

Molly: Don't let them. Don't let them do this, Jake because Abigail will never forgive us. And I will never forgive myself if we let this journal leave this apartment. You know that.

Tom: Unfortunately, there's nothing in your power to stop them right now.

Molly: Jake! You know how devastated Abigail is going to be if she knows that a herd of cops barged in here and took her diary! That her private thoughts are being made a matter of public record. Don't let them do this.

Jake: Do we really have no recourse at all?

Tom: Short of defying a court order and having yourselves both arrested -- in which case they'll have the evidence that they want anyway. You just need to -- you need to turn it over.

Cop #2: I'm sorry.

Jake: Right.

Tom: Guys, guys, hey. It's just a matter of procedure.

Molly: No, it's not. It's more than that, Tom. They're going to use her own words and they're going to take them out of context.

Tom: What words? Molly? I mean, have you read what's written in Abigail's diary? Because -- if you've been reading something that I need to know about, now is the time to tell me.

Molly: When Abigail and Adam -- when they ran away, we went looking for some clues as to where they might have been.

Tom: What did you read, Molly?

Molly: When you write in a diary, it's private! It's supposed to be a safe place to write. You don't tell --

Tom: And I need to know what they might find out because it's the only way that I can defend her.

Molly: I don't remember -- I don't remember her words exactly, but she said something like that if she found out that Nick were lying to her, that he was using her that she didn't know what she'd do, but she would be mad enough to kill. That's right. That is why the prosecution cannot get their hands on that journal, Tom. Because it'll be their smoking gun. They'll use Abigail's own words to convict her!

Abigail: Painted fingernails! I saw painted fingernails! The person that Nick let in the room that night was a woman!

Adam: This is so terrific!

Abigail: Adam, do you know what this means -- that there's a shadow of a doubt! I mean, someone else could have killed Nick. And I won't have to go to prison!

Adam: And you know what? If you remember the woman's face, then we can find her and we can put her on the witness stand.

Abigail: Yes. That's an if -- that's a big if.

Adam: Oh. Oh, I'm sorry. Did I say "if"? 'Cause I meant "when". When you remember her face. Now, come on. Let's get to this. Let's do it.

Abigail: I don't know if I can.

Adam: You -- you okay? You look a little dizzy. Wow, wow, I feel a little weird, too. I don't know. Power of suggestion, you know? Okay. You know what? Let's just get out of here. Okay?

Abigail: Okay.

Adam: All right. Okay. Let's go.

Abigail: Adam, something's weird.

Adam: What's going on? You okay?

Abigail: It's the stove. I smell gas.

Adam: Gas? The pilot light is out. There's a gas leak. Abigail? Open the window, quick! Come on! What the Hell is going on here? Abigail? Abigail? Abigail, open your eyes. Come on. Get up. Get -- help! Help! Please! Somebody! We're trapped in here! Help! Please! There's a gas leak! We're suffocating! Please! Open the door! Somebody help! Please! Come on, please! Somebody, help!

Margo: Unit five, back entrance secured?

Cop #5: Roger that.

Margo: Stand by for my go, move on my command.

Cop #5: Roger that, detective.

Margo: I hope for both our sakes that your hunch pays off. We're moving in. Let's go. Police! Stop and drop! We're coming in! Police! Put down your weapons! Check the cellar. Julia! [Mitzi groaning] I heard something.

Cop #6: Right here, detective.

Craig: And me?

Margo: Oh, Craig, stay out of the way! Let's go! Freeze! We've got someone here!

Craig: Jack?

Margo: Keep looking out there. Mitzi.

Mitzi: Oh, thank God you're here! I thought she was going to -- oh, man that hurt.

Craig: Mitz, you all right?

Mitzi: I think so --

Margo: Yeah, you're all right. You're going to be fine. You're safe now.

Craig: Where's Jack?

Mitzi: What do you mean, "where's Jack?" He's not with you? My God, that means Julia's still got him.

Margo: Where did she take him?

Craig: Where did they go?

Mitzi: Brother, I wish I could answer that question. But, I'm sorry. I have no idea.

Julia: You just wheel the patient right in here, and I'll get him into the bed later.

Orderly: You sure about that? He's pretty sedated.

Julia: Trust me, he's much easier to manage that way. My favorite patient, but he can be quite a handful. Plus, I'm stronger than I look. Thanks so much.

Orderly: My pleasure, ma'am.

Julia: Okay. Wow. This is going to be so much fun. Ah, ah, ah! Easy now. We don't want you to get hurt, do we? Now, let's see here, get rid of this. What can I get for my impatient little patient? Hmm?

Jack: I'm thirsty.

Julia: Oh, of course, that's because of the sedative. But don't worry, it'll wear off. All right. Jack, you were right about this place. It is so quiet and safe. It's perfect.

Jack: Perfect for what?

Julia: For us. For tonight. You do know what tonight is, don't you? Tonight's the night we make that baby that we talked about in the shadow of your once-beloved whore, where you cheated on me for so many months. We can turn all of those bad memories into something beautiful, something pure.

Jack: Julia, please, no. No, no more.

Julia: Oh, Jack. Just a little something to take the fight out of you. You don't want to fight me, do ya? Especially not today. Today, we have a date with destiny.

Molly: That means Abigail's words, that she never wanted anybody else to hear are going to be spoken out loud in open court. "The Intruder" is going to have a field day with her. Jake, come on, do something.

Jake: Come on, Molly, those words are not going to mean a thing. Abigail is a teenager. I challenge you to find me ten girls who haven't wished somebody dead a dozen times in the last week, most of which are family members. Their life is drama, nothing but drama.

Tom: But this time the object of her hatred wound up murdered.

Jake: Abigail is not a murderer!

Molly: You know that. Tom knows that. I know that. What about the jury? Because it's their opinion that matters, Jake. Not ours, not what we think about our daughter, it's what they think. If they think that she was mad enough and she hated Nick enough to write those things, then why wouldn't she be mad enough to end his life?

Tom: Then we will make them understand that you cannot convict a young girl on her private thoughts.

Jake: See?

Molly: You know her. You love her. I love her. Boy, I hate to admit this, but if I was on that jury, and if she wasn't my daughter, and she was a complete stranger to me and I heard those passages read aloud, you know what I might think? I might think that that was a confession, a confession before the fact. That she was a young girl who was very angry, and she had a blueprint for a crime, and she was letting the world know, Jake. Wouldn't you be capable of thinking that? Come on. Tell the truth. Wouldn't you think that Abigail was guilty?

[Heavy breathing]

Adam: Somebody locked us in here. There's got to be a way. Abigail? Abigail, wake up. Wake up. Abigail. Come on, you've got to hang in there. Wake up for me please. Do this for me. Abigail!

[Heavy breathing] okay, Abigail? Come on. Let's get out of here. All right, come on. There you go. Here we are. You're safe, come on, breathe. Breathe. [Abigail choking] it's okay now. Breathe. It's okay. You're going to be safe now. It's okay.

Mitzi: She comes in here with fire in her eyes, and she goes totally nuts. I mean, you put her in the ring with Mike Tyson, and my money is on Julia Snyder, all right? She knocked me out so cold I thought 20 years from now you'd come in here, you'd find a red-headed skeleton sporting a straitjacket and pumps.

Margo: All right. All right, Matzo! I think that we should get you to the emergency room because you were knocked unconscious. You could have a concussion. Just do it for me, please. [Cell phone rings] Hold on. Hughes.

Craig: So how's Jack holding up?

Mitzi: Fantastic for a guy who's been beaten, drugged, held hostage and --

Craig: But he's alive, right? And lucid? Well, alive?

Mitzi: Like you care. I mean, listen, for all I know, you and that cockamamie nut job are in cahoots to destroy Jack's life.

Craig: How can you say such a thing? I am very concerned about Jack.

Mitzi: Concerned? Concerned like you were the day you came over here asking me to seduce him so you could have Carly all to yourself? That kind of concerned?

Margo: I'm sorry. I got to take off. You going to be okay?

Craig: What's wrong?

Margo: Uh, gas leak at Scudder's former boarding house and Adam and Abigail are involved.

Craig: Are they all right?

Margo: Yeah, yeah. Make sure that Ms. Matters gets to the emergency room, and get her statement afterwards, all right? Thank you so much.

Craig: So, Margo, don't I get a begrudging -- "thank you"?

Margo: Craig Montgomery, you should thank your lucky stars that this hunch paid off, because if you ever get involved in Police investigating again, you may find yourself in a straightjacket just like Ms. Matters there. Thank you.

Craig: Okay. So I want to apologize, Mitzi, for coming over the other day and trying to --

Mitzi : Getting me to prostitute myself? Listen --

Craig: Well --

Mitzi: You're not winning me over with some lame-o apology. Concussion or no concussion, I'm still a good judge of character.

Craig: Well, and I am still concerned about Jack. So any detail you can think of, anything Julia's said, anything would be a help.

Mitzi: She said she saw you, I remember that. And that there was no safe place for them to go. She thought that Jack and I were an item now, and she wanted to kill me. Carly first, then me, she said. But then Jack convinced her that there was a safe place they could go.

Craig: A safe place?

Mitzi: You know what? It's a good thing Carly's out of town, because if that woman got her hands on her she would --

Craig: I got to go. You'll be okay with the Police?

Mitzi: Never okay-er. Where are you going?

Craig: You can't guess? You just gave me the idea, Mitz. You're the best!

Molly: It's a simple question, Jake. If you didn't know and love Abigail, if she wasn't our daughter and you were on that jury --

Jake: Would I rush to convict a young girl on a few lines she wrote in a journal?

Molly: Yes.

Jake: Absolutely not and neither will that jury.

Molly: How can you be so sure of that?

Jake: Because we are going to have the best lawyer in town show everyone what a slime ball Scudder really was, how he used you both, lied to you, blackmailed you -- a few scribbled words are going to mean nothing, Molly. Everyone is going to know who the real victim is. It's going to be a young, beautiful girl who never did anything in her life to hurt a soul versus a convicted felon who manipulated everybody he got his hands on. Now, I'm telling you, that is the definition of a no-brainer.

Molly: Oh, boy. I really hope you're right, Jake.

Jake: I'm always right.

[Cell phone ringing] sit -- down.

Tom: Hey, I know things don't look good right now. But if a court case is a series of battles, and it is, then this journal winding up in the D.A.'s hands will probably be just a minor skirmish. We can still win the war.

Molly: I just think it would be a lot easier to win if we hadn't just given the opposite side the ammunition to destroy us with.

Tom: Then we will use that to our advantage.

Molly: How, Tom?

Tom: You know, let me figure that out, because there's a reason why I make the highest rates in town.

Jake: It's Margo.

Tom: What's up?

Jake: Adam and Abigail went to Scudder's boarding house. There was a leak, gas leak, while they were on the premises.

Molly: Oh, my God.

Tom: What?

Molly: Are they okay?

Tom: We'd better get going.

Jake: Yeah, we'll be on our way, okay?

Margo: So how are they doing?

EMT #1: Looks like they'll survive.

Margo: Yeah, at least until I get through with them. What were you thinking?!

Adam: Abigail remembered something really important, okay? Tell her about the fingernails.

Margo: Just save it for your lawyer, Abigail.

Maintenance man: Detective, that pilot light is brand new. Couldn't find anything wrong.

Margo: Then how could something like this happen? I mean, do pilot lights just go off?

Maintenance man: Nah. Something has to make it happen, you know, mechanical error, human error, something of that nature.

Margo: A breeze.

Maintenance man: Well, yeah -- except the windows are sealed shut.

Margo: Okay, so it wasn't the wind and it wasn't a mechanical error. Someone meant for this to happen. Someone wanted them dead.

Julia: Time to take your vitamins and minerals. Oh, come on, sweetie. You got to keep your strength up.

Jack: No.

Julia: Jack, come on! You still don't trust me, Silly Billy? Look. First I'll have some. Mmm. Delicious. Now, you. Okay. Oh, there we go. That's my love. See? See, you could trust me. Not everything has to be a battle between us. [Knock at door] j -- just a minute! Coming! Just one minute. Yes?

Manager: Eugene Carr, new manager here at Oakdale Court?

Julia: Oh, nice to meet you.

Manager: I saw the light on. I was hoping I might speak with Ms. Tenney about that back rent if she's home again, that is.

Julia: Uh, no, actually she's not, I'm -- I'm Carly's cousin, Molly. Just here picking up a few things for her. [Crashing sound] I don't know what's going on in there. Just a -- I'm sorry about --

Manager: Is everything all right?

Julia: Bad cat! Bad kitty! Always getting into things.

Manager: Sounds like a mess.

Julia: Yeah, well, it'll be just fine. So I wasn't aware that we owed you back rent. How much did you say?

Manager: Well, I didn't.

Julia: Okay, well, let me just see what I have here. All right, well, why don't I just give you this and if you need anything else, then you just leave me a little note, and I'll take care of it for you. Okay?

Manager: Oh.

Julia: Yeah, I'd better get back in there, all right? I don't want my little wild thing getting into anything else.

Manager: Thank you. This should do nicely.

Julia: Okay, bye-bye. Jack! I tried to be nice to you! I tried very hard! But you never learn, do you? You have to learn!

Jack: Agh! I will! Okay, okay. Really, it's this harness, Julia, and the drugs. I hear a voice, I go a little nuts. I forget where I am sometimes. Can you understand?

Julia: Of course, Jack. Of course I can understand, because I've been there.

Jack: But you still won't let me go.

Julia: Oh, Jack. I would love to let you go, but I can't.

Jack: Julia -- Julia, we can get help, for me and for you.

Julia: Help? I don't need any help, Jack! I have had doctors and therapists and pills, pills, pills! But now I'm all better. And you're going to get all better, too, aren't you, Jacky? You trust me, don't you, G-man? Yes. That's a good boy! Now -- we're just going to get you nice and comfortable here. Oh, yeah. And then I'm going to go back there and I'm going to get myself a little more comfortable. Oh, I know -- I know you want to watch. But me, I like a little mystery, Jack. And when I get back, you better be in the mood, mister. Oh, you'll be in the mood. I know you will. This is what we've always wanted.

Molly: Abigail, honey, I was so worried. Are you two okay?

Abigail: Yeah.

Adam: Yeah. We're fine.

Tom: I'll call you guys later. Come on, Adam.

Jake: Thank you, Tom.

Tom: Sure.

Adam: Call me.

Abigail: Okay.

Molly: Honey, why? Why do you feel the need to keep coming back to this place?

Abigail: I just wanted to remember everything, and it worked, Molly. I remembered that there was another woman here. And it wasn't me, and it wasn't you, and it wasn't Brandy.

Molly: Who?

Abigail: I don't have a face yet. But before, I didn't even know if it was a man or a woman, and now I know that. That should help in the long run, right?

Jake: We'll get a hold of Tom as soon as we get out of here.

Molly: Right, but before we get out of here, you need to know something, honey. The Police came by with a search warrant, and they had to take some of your things.

Abigail: What things?

Molly: Your computer, your notebooks. Your journal.

Abigail: My journal?

Molly: It's going to be okay.

Abigail: No.

Molly: No, it's going to be okay.

Abigail: You have no idea how many stupid things I wrote about Nick in there.

Jake: Abigail, Tom is doing everything he can to keep it from being admitted as evidence.

Molly: Right. He's going to try to turn it to our advantage, okay?

Abigail: The only thing that's going to work for me right now is if we find that woman. Because once we find her, I'm free. You'll help me do that? Please? You'll help me, right?

Molly: Of course, honey. We're going to do everything and anything we can.

Abigail: Okay. Thank you.

[Knock at door]

Manager: You're looking for Ms. Tenney?

Craig: Yes, yes. We're good friends, actually.

Manager: If you're such a good friend, then you know Ms. Tenney's still out of town.

Craig: Oh. Well, I was hoping she'd snuck in when my radar was down.

Manager: Sorry.

Craig: Well, has anybody been by to check the mail, water the plant?

Manager: As a matter of fact, yes. Pretty girl, dark hair. Her cousin, Molly, dropped by earlier today, picking up a few things. Paid the rent.

[Craig laughs]

Craig: All right, well, Molly, great. Thank you very much. She'd have to be crazy to bring Jack here.

Julia: I thought you said this place would be safe, Jack! Carly's apartment is busier than Grand Central Station. She's got men waltzing through here all day long. Probably all night, too. Like I should be surprised. But you know what that means. That means that you and I should get busy before our next interruption.

Jack: Julia, what -- what are you trying to do?

Julia: Come on, Jack. I realize I'm a little out of practice here, but --

Jack: No, there's no possible way I can do this, Julia. Especially after all the drugs you've given me.

Julia: Oh, don't be silly. Of course you can. You don't have any other choice.

Jack: I'm in a lot of pain, and I'm exhausted. I can't.

Julia: That is why I crushed up enough Viagra into your juice to make a dead man walk. Don't you worry, Jacky. I've taken care of every little detail. You just put yourself in my hands.

Margo: Get the DA's office on the line. Tell Jessica Griffin I need an arrest warrant issued for Julia Lindsey Snyder.

Cop #9: What are the charges?

Margo: Kidnapping, torture, attempted murder. That's just the beginning.

Cop #10: Detective Hughes, I need your signature.

Margo: Later.

Cop #10: These calls came for you while you were out.

Margo: I said later!

[Margo sighs heavily] I can do this. I've got to do this. Oh, man, somebody give me the strength to do this. Oh, what the hell do you want?

Hal: Helluva day, huh, detective? How you doing, Margo?

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