ATWT Transcript Wednesday 2/27/02


As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 2/27/02

By Linda
Proofread by Ebele

Katie: Simon?

Simon: Hey. Good morning.

Katie: You okay?

Simon: Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.

Katie: You don't look fine. What's going on?

Jessica: Black coffee, ten sugars.

Margo: Ah, you are my savior. You are, you are.

Jessica: How many hours have you put in the past two days?

Margo: All of them. What day is it, anyway?

Jessica: Our day of reckoning. The state's attorney's office wants us to put the Scudder case on the fast track.

Margo: You mean they want little Abigail Williams indicted and convicted so we can get that menace to society packed away in a federal penitentiary.

Jessica: I don't want to be pushy, but the paperwork has to be in today.

Margo: Well, why don't you just let me solve the kidnapping case of Carly, Emily and Rose, and then I will commit myself to all the so-called "breaks" in the Scudder case. Of course, I might want a minute to try and track down Hal, because he is missing, and Jack, as well. And then I thought, well, I'd do my own taxes this year.

Jessica: I know you're swamped.

Margo: You tell your office they'll have movement on the Scudder case as soon as I finish this beautiful cup of coffee you so lovingly prepared for me. Jessica, you said there's sugar in there.

Jessica: There is sugar in there.

Bonnie: There you are. Why aren't you ever at home when I need you?

Jessica: Bonnie, remember that cord-cutting thing we did several years back?

Bonnie: We need to talk.

Margo: Morning, Bonnie.

Bonnie: Oh, I'm sorry about my bad manners. I'm just so, so stressed. Good morning, Margo. How are you? Mom?

Margo: Why don't you use the interrogation room? Everybody else does.

Jessica: Children.

Margo: Oh, they're the light of our lives.

Jessica: Yeah. All right. You're on the state's time. What's up?

Bonnie: Isaac told me that he's in love with me.

Jessica: Oh, my God. Are you all right? Should we call the doctor?

Bonnie: You got to work on that sense of humor, mom.

Jessica: Something tells me that Isaac didn't just wake up one morning and decide to profess his love. Somebody had to drag it out of him. So what'd you do?

Bonnie: Believe it or not, I'm innocent.

Jessica: Then what?

Bonnie: Ian's in town.

Jessica: Ian? Ian? The duke Ian?

Bonnie: The unadulterated gall of that man! First, he shows up at Java underground. Then Isaac tried to throw him out, and then they had a few words, and before I knew it, probably in a fit of desperation, Isaac declares his love for me.

Jessica: And what did you say?

Bonnie: Well, that's the worst part. I really couldn't seem to say much at all.

Margo: Lucy! And Craig. I'm almost afraid to ask why you're here.

Craig: We're on our way to the Snyder farm for a pony ride.

Lucy: Dad --

Craig: Well, actually, a level-four equestrian experience. Anyway, we thought we'd drop by, since you don't get a chance to see your niece very often.

Margo: No, I'm sorry, baby. We don't get to visit at all, do we?

Lucy: Dad tells me you're working on all these major cases. Is it just like "Charlie's Angels"?

Margo: Yeah, yeah. It's just like that.

Lucy: Well, you get to carry a gun and a badge, right?

Margo: Honey, I use my badge, not my gun.

Craig: Listen, is Charlie around? Because I know Lucy would love a tour of the nerve center. Huh?

Margo: Well, that's kind of surprising after your brush with the law for underage driving.

Lucy: Well, I decided to give it another chance under different circumstances. But hey, if you're too busy --

Margo: No, no, no, no, no. Schroeder? Schroeder, come here. This is my niece, Lucy. Why don't you give her the ten-cent tour?

Schroeder: Right this way.

Craig: I'll wait right here.

Margo: Oh, pony rides. That's taking bonding to new heights.

Craig: About 15 hands at the whither. Do I detect a hint of pride?

Margo: No, no. I think it's great that you're more involved in her life. Fatherly commitment looks good on you.

Craig: Oh, stop. You'll make me blush.

Margo: Oh, really? You have been missing from that girl's life for far too long. It's time that changed.

Craig: I agree. And speaking of missing, what do you hear from Jack?

Julia: Rise and shine, lover. Hello there. I hope you still like the nighty. Oh, come on, Jack. Don't hold a grudge. Look at me. Notice anything different, hmm? Nothing? Come on, Jack. You were always kind of a dog, right? Aren't your senses tingling with all the pheromones flying through the air?

Jack: What are you talking about?

Julia: I'm ovulating.

Julia: Good thing I remembered to take my temperature this morning, hmm? Do you have any idea how early I had to get up to get oysters from the market? It is so hard to get fresh shellfish this time of year.

Jack: You smashed my cast with a hammer last night, Julia. It didn't do much for my appetite. I'm in a lot of pain. I need help.

Julia: Well, stop wiggling around, would you? I got these from the health food store yesterday. It is called goat weed, guaranteed to make you frisky, if you know what I mean. Have some of these and a couple oysters, and we will be in business, not that you ever needed any chemical --

Jack: Are you hearing what I'm saying?! I need something for the pain.

Julia: I have got everything that you need right here, baby. Come on. Open wide. I said open!

[Jack screams] good boy, Jack. Good boy. That's right. Don't waste any of it. Good. That's a good -- oh! That was a big mistake.

Jack: Then kill me already! Anything would be better than spending one more conscious moment with you.

Simon: I didn't want to wake you. You looked so peaceful.

Katie: Peaceful, huh? After spending half the night up waiting for you?

Simon: I had to work. I didn't want to call you, because I didn't want to wake you.

Katie: But I was having such a rip-roaring time by myself on my birthday. Who could sleep?

Simon: Come on, Katie. Give me a break.

Katie: I'm sorry. I just thought that once we got together, our birthdays would be something special. And here I was last night, alone with my rabbit.

Simon: Not much of a party animal, I guess. I'm sorry, okay? I promise I will make it up to you.

Katie: When?

Simon: If I could, I'd do it right now, but I just don't know when I'm gonna get called away again.

Katie: Where you going now, Borneo? Or perhaps maybe just one of those hotels by the highway that rent out by the hour.

Simon: What is that supposed to mean?

Katie: Oh, don't tell me that you're asking the questions now, huh? Because I'm not the one who needs to explain my weird behavior lately. You flat-out lied to me last night. You told me you were at the airport when you were clearly at Java underground.

Simon: Listen, listen. I thought I explained that to you.

Katie: Well, I'm not very convinced. That whole conversation was so weird. All that -- whole thing about the secret mission from Margo that's all of a sudden fallen through, and then you come home just to tell me that you're out the door again? And now you tell me that there's more to come?

Simon: Katie, we have the rest of our lives to spend together. Listen, listen. I know I am asking a lot of you to put up with me just for right now, but this is not gonna be the rest of our lives.

Katie: I know, but I'm looking at what's right in front of me, and it scares me. The fact that you could just blow me off like that and then the very next day make light of it -- okay. I know better. I mean, I -- I think I do, but I -- I got to ask you something. There's not someone else, is there?

Jessica: Do you love Isaac?

Bonnie: I have a lot of feelings for him, but --

Jessica: But something's stopping you from -- an international Romeo with a title? I thought you were beyond being impressed by that.

Bonnie: I am. That superficial, jet-setting air-head, that's not me anymore.

Jessica: That's what I thought. But Ian was your first love. I'm sure seeing him stirred up some feelings.

Bonnie: Sort of.

Jessica: But on the other hand, if you say you're a different woman now --

Bonnie: Ian's got to go.

Jessica: Whatever you decide, you don't have to be the same woman you used to be.

Bonnie: Ian begged to meet me at the Lakeview for breakfast this morning. The woman I used to be was wondering if I should go.

Jessica: I'm not gonna tell you what to do.

Bonnie: A first.

Jessica: I'm just pointing out that my little girl has become a strong woman now, and you know what's in your heart. Trust that.

Bonnie: Then I should go to the Lakeview, if for nothing else but to cut Ian out of my life for good without regret. You really aren't gonna tell me what to do, are you? I love that you're my mom. Thanks.

Jessica: Glad I could help.

Bonnie: Bye.

Jessica: Isaac? It's Jessica. My day's a little crazy, but I was just wondering if I could have five minutes of your time?

Margo: Now, did I say that you were a good parent? I think I meant you were transparent.

Craig: Clear, clear. My motives are clear.

Margo: Oh, please. The only reason you came by the station is 'cause you're fishing for information about Jack and Carly.

Craig: That's not true. Simply multitasking. Lucy wanted to see you as we drove by, and I had a few questions.

Margo: Guess what? You don't have to go by the station to get to the Snyder farm.

Craig: So we were touring a little, and I was curious whether Jack made it to France following that lead we got from the charter pilot.

Margo: "We"?

Craig: All right, I got it. Listen, Jack realizes I'm a great asset to this case. When are you gonna see the light?

Margo: Craig, the last time Jack talked to you, he was gonna throw you in jail.

Craig: So our techniques differ a little bit. It's just a little misunderstanding. We cleared that up.

Margo: You did? You did talk to Jack? When did you talk to him?

Craig: Now who's fishing?

Margo: Come on. Jack didn't get on that flight that he booked to Paris yesterday.

Craig: Why?

Margo: Well, nobody knows, Craig, because he's missing.

Julia: You wasted some good juice, Jack, after I went to the trouble of squeezing all those oranges myself.

Jack: Oh, to hell with your oranges! Just put a bullet in my head and get it over with! I'm not drinking this libido juice! I'm not choking down a single oyster! And I'm not making a baby with someone whose idea of foreplay is to tie me up and give me a compound fracture!

Julia: But I'm peaking, Jack! If we don't make love within 36 hours, then we are going to have to wait until next month!

Jack: Every time I think I get how crazy you are, you up the ante. You are possessed.

Julia: Why are you so mean to me?!

Jack: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Julia, I'm in a lot of pain. And I'm not thinking straight. If I was to give you what you want, how are we supposed to conceive with me in a straightjacket?

Julia: I'm not stupid, Jack. If you're trying to pull the con you pulled yesterday --

Jack: No, no. It wasn't a con, Julia! I panicked 'cause you were gone, and I wasn't thinking straight. But I'm thinking now. I know I need you. You have to feed me, keep me warm, deal with my injuries. You're my lifeline. I can't risk running a game on you.

Julia: So -- so you want to make a baby after all?

Jack: I could do that.

Julia: A total conversion? I'm skeptical.

Jack: You know I've always wanted a baby, Julia. But maybe I've been fighting you 'cause --

Julia: What?

Jack: Maybe I've convinced myself that I wasn't meant to be a father.

Julia: Oh, Jack. Jack, you would be the best daddy in the whole wide world.

Jack: It's always been a dream of mine, but I will admit, it almost scares me to want to try again, especially with you. I remember Dr. Michaels once saying that you needed to open your mind to all the possibilities of who a new Julia could be.

Julia: She meant who I could be without you in my life.

Jack: Yes, but now that you have me, maybe this is one of those moments where everything could change for the better, where everything you ever wanted could actually happen.

Julia: Oh, Jack, if I could believe that --

Jack: If we were going to try to grab this moment, maybe we could start by holding each other.

Julia: Here? Jack, you're really getting to me -- but not so much that I forgot all the lies that you told me -- Carly's prize, you got me to drop that gun. You're smooth.

Jack: Why would I lie about something as sacred as having a baby?

Julia: We'll see. Maybe -- maybe I could come up with another way to keep you honest.

Jack: What's so funny?

Julia: I was just thinking about what a stud you used to be, and what I need right now is stud service, so maybe --

Jack: Yeah?

Julia: Maybe I could get you a harness.

Jack: A harness?

Julia: Too kinky? Just 'cause you said you wanted to hold me.

Jack: Yeah, yeah, I did.

Julia: Okay, okay. So you sit tight, and I will not be gone very long. But if you should move so much as six inches while I'm gone, I will track down that little tramp friend of yours, Mitzi. And instead of OJ and orange juice for breakfast, I will serve you her eyeballs for lunch.

Mitzi: Excuse me, Detective Hughes? Do you have a minute?

Craig: Actually, Mitzi, we're kind of involved here.

Mitzi: Do you hear a dog barking? Craig, listen. Fido, go sniff a fire hydrant, chase a car, bury a bone. Scram. I got business to attend to.

Lucy: Thanks for the tour. It was fun. Dad, are you ready to go?

Craig: Mitzi, good to see you have your tongue back in your mouth. Margo, I'll find you later.

Margo: Yeah, you always know where to find me, right here. Mitzi, we're a little busy right now, so could you make it quick?

Mitzi: Sure. Round up every cop you got in this place and send them over to Jack's with the sirens blaring, and I mean pronto.

Simon: Another woman? Look. Listen, Katie, I don't make light of missing your birthday. I feel terrible. I screwed up. It is a huge jump from a missed birthday to accusing me of having an affair with another woman.

Katie: I know. I know. I just -- when you lied to me, it really threw me for a loop. I felt like I didn't know you anymore, like you were some other guy, some guy who thinks lying and making me feel awful are no big deal.

Simon: Everything about you, to me, is a big deal. I want to show you how much of a -- come and join me in the shower, and I'll show you a big deal.

Katie: I'll meet you back under the covers.

Simon: Look. I'm not looking for anyone else in my life to complete me. I have found more with you than I could ever hope for.

Katie: Are you sure? Maybe you just forced yourself to love me, and now you feel like you've settled.

Simon: Look. I haven't settled. With you, I'm -- I'm rewarded, and I'm never gonna feel this way about any other living soul. Well -- unless of course we have kids. Then I'll have to find a way to love them as much as I love you.

Katie: You go get in that shower and come back.

Simon: Are you sure you don't want to join me?

Katie: You go ahead. Come back.

Simon: Okay. Whoa. Katie?

Katie: Yes?

Simon: Are we out of soap?

Katie: No, it's under the sink.

Simon: Oh, yeah, thanks.

Katie: Pay to the order of Simon Fra -- oh, my -- oh, my God. This is a lot of zeroes.

Maitre'd: The duke is already waiting for you, Ms. McKechnie.

Bonnie: Pretty.

Ian: Your favorite, if I remember correctly.

Bonnie: You don't forget much, except for maybe how to keep your pants on, if I remember correctly.

Ian: And she comes out swinging in round two.

Bonnie: Listen, I have something to say.

Ian: So do I. I've taken the liberty of ordering another one of your favorites, if you don't mind. Peach Bellini?

Bonnie: Ian --

Ian: I won't assume much. So let me just say -- to happiness in your life. Whatever that entails, I just pray that it may still include me.

Jessica: I just want to know how serious you are about my daughter. The truth, okay, not what you think I want to hear.

Isaac: Well, we get along when we want to. She's turned into a very loyal employee, also.

Jessica: "Employee"? I see. Right now, Bonnie is down at the Lakeview, listening to repentant proclamations of love from the man she was gonna marry. And let me tell you something -- he's smooth.

Isaac: It's always the ones with accents.

Jessica: Now, Bonnie may go for it, or at least decide that she's got nothing to lose, unless you go over there and speak your peace. Either that, or risk losing your "loyal employee" forever.

Mitzi: Do you want to find Jack?

Margo: You know, I was under the impression that you and Simon checked Jack's place and it was clean.

Mitzi: Yeah, well, that's the problem, okay. It was too clean. You know, something was wrong, and I didn't understand what until now. See, I gave Jack a bouquet of flowers. All right? When I went over there, they were in the trash, and they weren't even dead yet.

Margo: Well, I'm real sorry about your flowers and everything, that he threw them out, but he was leaving town and he probably wanted to clean up before he left.

Mitzi: No, see, that's just it. Margo, Margo, listen. Everything that's been going on has Jack spinning like a top to keep up. Okay, he wouldn't have even given those flowers a second thought. I mean, believe you me, I cleaned the guy's house. He would not have noticed them until they were stinking up the joint. Yet there they were, fresh as could be, sitting in the trash!

Margo: I'm sorry about your flowers! But why don't you leave this to the Police?!

Mitzi: Because the Police have been getting bamboozled lately, if you ask me.

Margo: I didn't ask you! Excuse me.

Mitzi: I knew this was gonna be up to me anyway. Now it is. Hang on, Jack. I'll do my best.

[Horse neighs]

Lucy: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know anyone else was here. I'm looking for a saddle, and Holden said all the English tack were back here.

Julia: I didn't mean to startle you. If you're looking for a saddle, I think that one should probably fit you.

Lucy: Great, thanks.

Craig: Lucy?

Lucy: Dad, you scared the life out of me. What?

Craig: Come here.

Lucy: This woman said all the saddles were back here and we could get one for --

Craig: Lucy, come here.

Jessica: Isaac, Bonnie cares for you deeply. She really does, even if she hasn't found the words to say it.

Isaac: Then why is she having breakfast with the duke?

Jessica: Because she was in love with the man. He was her first love and he broke her heart, and she needs -- for lack of a better word -- closure.

Isaac: "Closure"?

Jessica: Isaac, the man came all the way from Scotland to make his case. He knows he has to prove himself to Bonnie, and that's what he's doing right now while you're standing here wallowing in wounded pride.

Isaac: I wasn't wallowing in wounded whatever until Ian showed up last night. In fact, Bonnie and I were gonna have a romantic evening together. I was gonna give her this.

Isaac: It's one week's salary, kind of belated Valentine's Day present.

Jessica: Isaac, these are exquisite.

Isaac: Whoever said I didn't have good taste? Besides Bonnie. You got to love her.

Jessica: I think you should give them to her. Let her know what's in your heart.

Isaac: Even though she might be throwing me over for a guy in a tartan?

Jessica: He hasn't won yet. Whether he does or not is up to you.

Ian: After the way I've treated you, it's more than gracious of you to consent to have breakfast with me. And I want you to know, Bonnie, that I respect this new life that you've made for yourself.

Bonnie: You do?

Ian: Of course I do. I don't intend any upheaval of it. It's just, I had to see you once more.

Bonnie: So what is next on the agenda? A groveling apology before a quick exit?

Ian: Not until I plead my case.

Bonnie: Which I would find flattering, if I actually cared.

Ian: I hate that I've hurt you, Bonnie.

Bonnie: That's not what I'd call insight, Ian.

Ian: I've fantasized about flying in here and sweeping my fair maiden off her feet again. But I know that's not going to work now.

Bonnie: So you're giving up?

Ian: No, but I realize now I wouldn't want things to happen that way, even if they could.

[Knock at the door]

Katie: Dahlia.

Dahlia: I'm sorry to drop by without calling. I was gonna give the designer the okay for the video cover, but I thought you might want to take a look, no?

Katie: Oh, yeah, come on in. Oh, actually, you know, Simon's getting ready, so can we make this kind of quick?

Dahlia: Oh, everything's okay? He came home last night and everything's --

Katie: Oh, yes. He explained everything. Totally fine. Thank you.

Dahlia: Oh, what's that?

Katie: Oh, it's just a check -- certified check. Actually, do you know how to find out who wrote a certified check?

Dahlia: Well, I suppose you could call the bank that issued the check. Why?

Katie: Oh, it's no big deal. Actually, I just -- I was going through our finances -- getting ready for the video -- and someone had given Simon a certified check, and I just wanted to know who it was.

Dahlia: Well, maybe it's a surprise.

Katie: Maybe. You know, Simon, though, he's not a big surprise guy.

Dahlia: Well, why don't you just ask him? I mean, you have that kind of relationship, right?

Katie: Absolutely. Yeah, I'll probably just do that. Well, great. Thank you for bringing this by. It looks fantastic.

Dahlia: Sure, any time.

Katie: Okay.

Dahlia: Bye-bye.

Katie: Preston, Drysdale and Lang. Beverly Hills?

Lucy: Dad, what's going on?

Craig: There's been a change of plan.

Lucy: Since when?

Craig: There's too much ice on the ground. We'll go another time.

Lucy: We can just stick to the road.

Craig: No, this is not up for discussion. Why don't you go up to the house? I think Emma's making something cinnamon-y. I know she'd like to see you.

Lucy: Whatever. You owe me for this one.

Craig: I know. I know. Julia.

Julia: Craig.

Craig: You look well.

Julia: You mean all those little tweety birds flying circles around my head are gone?

Craig: I don't see them.

Julia: Good.

Craig: I didn't know you'd been released.

Julia: Mm-hmm. It was handled without a lot of fanfare.

Craig: Pity. Staying out this way, are we?

Julia: I'm not really sure where I'll be staying. Oakdale's full of so many sad memories. But I always loved this barn.

Craig: Well, we all need a place to love. Seen Jack yet?

Katie: No, no, I'm Mrs.. Frasier. Yes, Katie Frasier. Anyway, I do the books in the house, and we were getting ready for taxes -- thanks. I just need to know who that check came from. Monique Ferrari? That's who I thought. Thank you so much. Monique Ferrari? I know that name.

Simon: I missed you in the shower. Anything happen while I was gone?

Ian: What I should've said right from the start, what's been gnawing at me ever since you gave me the boot -- is what a bloody fool I was to risk the once-in-a-lifetime love of a woman as precious as you.

Bonnie: I did sort of wonder about that.

Ian: We had something very special. What I said to Jennifer was that I hadn't progressed as a species. I'm somewhere on the evolutionary scale between monkey and worm.

Bonnie: And I paid the price for that, Ian. Catching you in the closet with all those tarts.

Ian: It was lower than low, Bonnie, and I'm so sorry.

Bonnie: And now you're asking me to come back to a life with you, after humiliating me like that!

Ian: I took responsibility for the whole thing. Everybody knows that it's my shame and not yours. And I'm prepared not to let you go, if that's what you want. I won't be the cause of any more pain in your life.

Bonnie: Thank you for that, at least. But you're right. It doesn't change anything because I did come here to say good-bye.

Ian: And as I've told you, I'm ready to accept that. But I do want to have something first.

Bonnie: Ian, I can't accept any more gifts from you.

Ian: It's not a gift. It's something that rightfully belongs to you.

Julia: Jack and I are definitely in the past. Our relationship caused so many problems in my life.

Craig: I can understand you wanting to move on.

Julia: And a bright future awaits me, one that I couldn't have imagined a year ago. But hopefully a better one.

Craig: Considering all you've been through.

Julia: Hmm. I've been reading about you. Seems you've had some tough times recently.

Craig: Well, you know, if it's not one thing, it's another. And who are we if not creatures of infinite possibility?

Julia: I read about your son. I know how painful it is to lose a child. Well, fortunately, you have a daughter.

Craig: Yes.

Julia: You know, most people would do anything for a second chance. It's such a blessing when life presents us with these opportunities.

Craig: Yes.

Julia: Well, don't blow it this time around.

Craig: That's what I tell myself every morning.

Julia: She seems like a very sweet girl. You take care of each other. Oh, and Craig, I'd appreciate it if you didn't mention running into me. I don't want everybody talking about me, newspapers calling.

Craig: I know.

Julia: Thanks. You know, it was really nice seeing you. I can say that now and mean it.

Mitzi: Hello? Anyone in here?! Something's not right about this. I just know it. I know it. Jack?!

Hey, Jack? Jack, are you down there?!

[Jack groaning] I'm freaking myself out here.

[Jack groaning]

[Mitzi screams]

[Jack groaning]

Katie: I'm so sorry that I freaked out before. I know you're working on something major. And I know that you can't talk about it. I just wish you could.

Simon: Can't you wish for something else?

Katie: What if I say no?

Simon: Look, the less people that know what I'm doing right now, the better. It's just safer that way.

Katie: Is it dangerous?

Simon: Let's just change the subject altogether. You know, it's boring. A lot more boring than this.

Katie: We can ask each other anything, right? Even if we know it's gonna make the other person mad?

Simon: Oh, no. Do I have to get ready to get mad?

Katie: No, no, I was talking about me getting mad, not you. Do you have something that you need to tell me?

Simon: Yeah. Yeah, I do have a confession to make.

Katie: You do? Oh, I knew it. Okay. All right, go for it.

Simon: Oh, boy. Okay. Katie, I am madly, insatiably and hopelessly in love with you.

Katie: I love you, too.

Ian: The family cornet. I want you to have it.

Bonnie: Aren't we supposed to be married before I --

Ian: We were to have been married, Bonnie. You were to have been by my side at all royal functions. When I think about the rest of my life, I can't picture anyone but you wearing this.

Bonnie: Ian, please --

Ian: I've grown up, Bonnie, and the more I find myself accepting the responsibilities of my title, the more I realize I need you by my side.

Bonnie: You don't need me.

Ian: You can say that all you like, but without you, everything I'm called upon to do means nothing. All my obligations, which could have been magical things that we would've shared, they all become chores. Come with me, or stay. You will always be my duchess. I'm flying out at midnight. You know where to reach me if you change your mind.

Craig: Margo!?

Margo: What?

Craig: Margo?

Margo: What? What?

Craig: Want to guess who I just saw at the Snyder farm?

Margo: Where's Lucy? What happened to the big father/daughter day.

Craig: I took her home. You want to guess or not?

Margo: No, I don't like guessing. I've never liked that game. I didn't like it when we were little. I don't like it now. I'm telling you, I don't like guessing games.

Craig: All right. Listen, I just had a very polite conversation at the barn with Julia Snyder.

Margo: Julia Snyder? Julia Snyder is supposed to be locked away in a facility for the criminally insane.

Craig: Well, she's out on the streets now. And Jack is missing. Kind of strange, don't you think? I am good, Margo. Awful good. I ought to print out some business cards.

Margo: Psychiatric services, please. Don't you even think about it. Don't you even think -- yes, Detective Margo Hughes, Oakdale PD. I need to talk to Dr. Lynn Michaels, please.

Mitzi: Jack! Oh, my God!

[Jack groaning]

Jack: Oh, Mitzi! Mitzi, we don't have much time. Come on, get me out of this thing! Let's go, come on, hurry! Hurry!

Julia: You have been a bad boy, Jack -- a bad, bad boy. Whatever you're doing up there, I am not gonna like it. For red...

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