ATWT Transcript Tuesday 2/26/02


As the World Turns Transcript Tuesday 2/26/02

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John: Your mother needs you, Paul.

Lucinda: Oh, John, were you this gullible when I married you?

John: Apparently.

Paul: John, I appreciate you coming by, and I know my mother went down to the Police station, but frankly --

John: Do you know why?

Lucinda: Yes, he knows why. He knows why, because James and Barbara are putting together this fiction of theirs. And you better watch out. Your daughter Margo may be kidnapped before the night is out, John.

Paul: Hey, shh, shh. Lucinda, please! I don't need Will hearing any more bad news about his mother. Not tonight.

John: That's why I'm here, Paul. Because this is good news. Your mother is finally telling the truth. And I think you should be there with her.

Lucinda: One teaspoon at a time when she's backed into a corner.

John: This is no small thing, Paul. She has turned a corner here. She has admitted that she was the one who went to James and asked him to kidnap Carly, Emily and Rose.

Barbara: There are thoughts, and there are actions. I may have wanted them gone, but you actually made them disappear.

James: Those are your fantasies, Barbara. You have no proof. I believe evidence is one of the basic requirements, if you want charges to stick.

Barbara: Why would I implicate myself if it weren't true?!

James: That's a question for a psychiatrist. I do urge you to get her some help. I mean, these fantasies -- flattering as they are --

Margo: "Flattering"?

James: Yes, "flattering." According to Barbara, I have more magical powers than Harry Potter. One flick of my wand and half the Oakdale population disappears. Or do you have a more rational explanation? No, I thought not. Well, in that case, I'm out of here. It's been charming, ladies.

Margo: James, sit down.

James: Margo, unless you are prepared to charge me, I'm going.

Jessica: It's a little soon to be drawing a line in sand, Mr. Steinbeck. I haven't finished questioning you.

James: By all means.

Jessica: Thank you. You never stated your official address, for the record.

James: At the moment, I'm staying at a bed and breakfast on Old Mill road. Tomorrow I might be on my yacht in Madagascar or take a suite at the Lakeview?

Barbara: Or in a coffin at Fairwinds?

James: That's your venue, Barbara. You know, she has suffered terribly and emotionally since the accident. No wonder she gets confused.

Barbara: He's been staying at Fairwinds. Jack knows all about it. It's in the record.

James: Jack. Jack Snyder? You know, I thought he'd be in on this.

Margo: Jack is in on this. In fact, I expect he'll beat you to the finish.

James: We're discussing the legal system here, Margo. Not some athletic event where you pass out prizes.

Jessica: Why are you in Oakdale, Mr. Steinbeck?

James: To visit some of my women. Barbara, Lucinda, Margo.

Jessica: To what end?

James: Pleasure. Mine. And theirs, too, if the truth be known. Confess, Barbara. Wasn't life boring before I arrived, hmm?

Jessica: And when was that, Mr. Steinbeck?

James: Well --

Sheridan: Sheridan Blake, representing James Steinbeck. Don't say another word.

Libby: Just what the doctor ordered.

Rose: Whose side are you on?

Libby: How can you even ask me that?

Rose: Oh, I'm asking you. What side are you on, huh? Mine or the doctor's?

Libby: Yours, yours.

Rose: What about the tea? Is it drugged? You take a sip of it.

Libby: I can't. Look, I'm going to get us both out of here. I'm just waiting for the right time.

Rose: You told me two days. Two days, that's today. Libby, I cannot afford to wait any longer.

Libby: Tonight, I'll get you out tonight.

Rose: How?

Libby: Just drink this tea before they see us.

Rose: And end up like Emily? Carly? So how are you getting me out of here?

Dr. Weston: No need to water the plants, Rose. We've a gardener to take care of that. Tonight's the night. No excuses this time, no more of your diversions. It's time for you to join your friends.

Lily: Simon. Hi, what a nice surprise.

Simon: Lily, hi. Good to see you.

Lily: Come in.

Simon: Thank you. Look, sorry to bother you guys. I was just wondering if I could ask you and Holden a quick question.

Lily: Sure. Come on. We just dropped the kids off at Emma's, so we have all the time in the world.

Holden: Hey, Simon.

Simon: Hey, Holden. Look, guys, have you heard from Jack?

Holden: I thought Jack was on his way to France?

Lily: Yeah, to Marseilles. He has a lead on those coffins that were used to get Rose and Emily out of the country.

Simon: Yeah, well, that was the plan. But he never actually checked in at the airport. I thought he might have called, left a message. Any suggestion to why he might be delayed?

Holden: No, no, he didn't.

Lily: So if Jack is not in France, where is he?

Jack: Hello? It's Jack. Is anybody there? Hello? Yeah, yeah, hello?! Yeah, yeah, hello?! Is anybody there? I need help. Oh, please pick up.

[Door closes] is anybody there?! I need you to get over here! I need --

Holden: Hello? It was Jack.

Simon: You're kidding.

Holden: No, no, it says right here. Maybe we had a bad connection or something.

Lily: Did he leave a message?

Holden: No.

Simon: Call him back. Can you call him back?

Holden: Sure. He's not picking up.

Simon: Damn.

Lily: What? What is it?

Simon: No, he's just a hard man to reach.

Holden: Why do you need to reach him, Simon?

Simon: It's Margo's idea. Look, they're really short-staffed with Hal out. She just wanted me to hook up with Jack, but I just can't seem to find the guy.

Lily: Did you try his house?

Simon: Margo and I went by. No one answered. I just figured he'd already taken off. Well, do you have a key or something? I'll just swing by and take a look. Nothing, no big deal.

Holden: No, we don't have a key.

Lily: Mitzi has a key. She's staying at Rose's while Jack is away. So can you call?

Holden: Yeah, I'll call.

Simon: Lily, just do me a favor. If you see Katie, I didn't stop by. Okay?

Lily: Why?

Simon: Oh, well, Margo wants me to keep helping her out under wraps. I shouldn't even be here talking to you. I just thought Holden would be my best shot at trying to track down Jack.

Lily: That's fine. You think you should be keeping things from your wife?

Simon: Look, I'll tell her, just not tonight. It's her birthday. I've already screwed up royally.

Lily: Oh, it's -- yeah, she'll forgive you, I'm sure, under the circumstances.

Simon: It's actually not that. I got a little postcard from my past.

Lily: Oh. Legal trouble?

Simon: No.

Lily: But serious.

Simon: Confronting. I'm sorry to be so mysterious about it. I just can't get into that.

Lily: Call me if you need anything.

Holden: Okay, Mitzi is gonna meet you over Jack's with the key.

Simon: Oh, that is great. Look, thank you guys so much, but please, just don't tell anyone about this. Thank you.

James: This is Margo -- Detective Hughes, and Jessica Griffin, our lady D.A.

Sheridan: Ms. Griffin.

James: And this is my -- well, to me -- still very beautiful ex-wife.

Sheridan: A pleasure. Ladies, if it were up to me, my client would be on his way home. But he's a stubborn man, and he wants to cooperate. You may question him, but only with regard to the three women who have apparently disappeared.

Jessica: Your client disavowed any knowledge of the disappearances.

Sheridan: Well, of course. He's innocent. Ground rules. No questions about my client's past. No questions about his personal life. Should you disregard these rules, I will be forced to stop these proceedings and file harassment charges against the Oakdale Police Department and the District Attorney's office on behalf of my client. Questions?

James: I think you're gonna have to get Barbara a lawyer. She's gonna need one.

Barbara: I have nothing to hide. I'm telling the truth!

Sheridan: As is my client.

Jessica: Then, let's not waste his time. Mr. Steinbeck, regarding the disappearances of the three aforementioned women -- are you acquainted with a man by the name of Philip Auster?

Barbara: Of course he is. Philip Auster was working for him.

Paul: So my mother actually confessed?

John: Hmm.

Paul: When? To you?

John: No, no, to Margo down at the station.

Lucinda: You don't know that, John.

John: I was there.

Lucinda: In the room, in the interrogation room with the door closed?

John: This happened before you arrived with Steinbeck. She confessed to everything, Paul. She said she was resentful of Carly taking her place down at BRO. She was jealous of Emily's relationship with Hal. And she hated Rose for taking you away from her.

Paul: But she didn't admit to the actual kidnappings, did she?

John: But she was admitting to her feelings as to why she went to Steinbeck.

Paul: Yeah, she told Margo all this?

John: And she asked Steinbeck to get rid of them. Not to kill them, but to get them out of town, out of her life.

Lucinda: Oh, oh, only get rid of them. She's so merciful.

John: Look, she's turning the corner here, Paul. This is a big step for her. And I think you should be down there with her. Go ahead. I'll look after Will.

Lucinda: You should be there because maybe you can shame her into a real, proper confession of what she's done with Rose.

John: Now wait a minute, wait a minute. She doesn't know what James has done with them.

Lucinda: Now, isn't that convenient? Think, darling. Darling, just think, your mother's turning herself in at the Police station at the exact moment when James is turning himself into me. They're together in this. It's a plot. It's a charade.

John: Wait a minute, wait a minute. Barbara is going to jail. She had absolutely nothing to gain by telling her very large part in all of this.

Lucinda: Oh, she sure has gotten you twisted all around her little finger.

John: You go to the station, Paul. You judge for yourself. All right? Go.

Lucinda: Go down. Go down, because then maybe you can make Margo do the right thing. And in the meantime, I'd be happy. I'll baby-sit with Will. I'll baby-sit.

Paul: All right, I'm gonna go down to the station. But I'm going down for my own reasons. And I'm gonna go tell Will I'm going out.

Lucinda: Oh, John, this guy -- he doesn't need to have his resolution undermined by you.

John: Barbara is his mother.

Lucinda: James is his father. And the fact that this boy is very nice and quite honest is a you-know-what miracle. And he needs support! He needs it.

John: That's why I'm here.

Lucinda: By pleading Barbara's case?

John: Could you just get off of Barbara for five minutes?

Lucinda: Why don't you polish your armor?! I hate Barbara! I hate Barbara because of Rose --

[Yelling over each other]

John: Shh, shh.

Paul: Hey! Will's asleep. Now if he wakes up, you tell him I went on an errand, all right? But nothing about my mother.

John: Right.

Paul: I won't be long.

Lucinda: Understood.

Paul: Hey, it's Paul. Apparently my mother and James are in custody. And I think we might finally find out where Rose is.

Lily: They're at the Police station now? Good news about Rose.

Paul: I'm headed down there now.

Lily: Well, wait for us. We'll be there soon.

Paul: Okay. You hang on, too, Rose.

Rose: I know you think I'm goldbricking' ya here, but I am sick. I have a very bad cold and my throat is very -- it's like Tara Lipinski's doing double axels on my adenoids. I couldn't even drink the tea that you gave me, there.

Dr. Weston: Yes, I saw, you poured it into the plant.

Rose: The plant was thirsty. But I appreciate the sentiment.

Dr. Weston: I see you've been pouring your tea into the plant for weeks now, Rose. My, it does look great, though, doesn't it?

Rose: Looks are one thing, but can you tell me something? You think it remembers its name?

Dr. Weston: Rose, why won't you trust me?

Rose: Oh, that's not gonna happen, doc. If you are a doctor. For all I know, you could be an interior decorator.

Dr. Weston: All right, Rose. Enough's enough. Bottom's up. It's time for you to move on to phase two.

Rose: Oh, no, I can't do that. Because I -- I have a headache. And I'm stressed. And I'm sick. And I can't. I just don't feel well, all around.

Dr. Weston: That's perfectly all right. I'll work with what I've got.

Rose: You know what? Let's just stop this right now. Let's put everything on the table right now. I know that Steinbeck put you up to this, and I know he's funding whatever's going on here. But if you let me have one phone call, just one phone call -- I'll get whatever you want, any kind of funding you want. Please?

Dr. Weston: Rose, I don't want your money. I want you -- a healthy, young, beautiful, woman to help me with my research. You are going to be a pioneer, Rose -- you and your friends.

Rose: You know what? You are one pill short of a prescription.

Dr. Weston: All right, Rose, drink up.

Rose: Oh, no, I'm not letting you drug me.


Dr. Weston: All right, all right. If you won't drink this, I'll have to administer it to you intravenously.

Rose: You know, I don't know why I'm getting so worked up about this, because this is not gonna work on me. It's not. Watch. You'll see.

Dr. Weston: Ahh. Good girl. You'll see what we're all about very soon now.

Libby: Oh, Rose. I'm so sorry.

Rose: Ahh, what're you talking about? I mean, you're looking at a girl here who drank Lewis Putowski under the table and then went out dancing afterwards. Are you kidding me? I'm not gonna let a kook like that in a white jacket like that get the jump on me. I don't care who he's working for!

Sheridan: No one asked Ms. Ryan anything. The question was directed to Mr. Steinbeck. Either Ms. Ryan restrains herself or I'm going to ask Detective Hughes to remove her from these proceedings.

Margo: Well, I'll make a note of that.

Jessica: Phillip Auster, Mr. Steinbeck?

James: Yes, Philip Auster was a part-time actor. Occasionally I would hire him to drive for me.

Jessica: Did you hire him to pick up Carly Tenney at Charles DeGaulle Airport on December 14th?

James: Well, I know that Phillip had a thing for blondes, but, I mean, to go all the way to Paris?

Jessica: Yes or no.

James: Let's see, December 14th, December 14th -- no, to the best of my recollection, I didn't see Auster the entire month of December. Perhaps he got a job playing one of Santa's elves.

Barbara: Phillip Auster came to Fairwinds looking for you because he was so upset about what you did to those women --

Sheridan: One more word and this interrogation is over!

Margo: Ms. Ryan will not interrupt again.

Jessica: After Philip Auster spoke with Ms. Ryan and her son at Fairwinds, he called Detective Jack Snyder and arranged to meet him at the Old Mill, where Detective Snyder later found his body. Do you know how Phillip Auster died?

James: Perhaps he was not much of a swimmer?

Jessica: You're not helping your case, Mr. Steinbeck.

Sheridan: There is no case, Ms. Griffin. And this interview is over. Unless you're going to charge my client, we're out of here.

Margo: Oh, yes, we can charge Mr. Steinbeck. For trespassing on private property of the detective who's investigating the case. We have a witness.

James: Oh, are you talking about the day that I went to Jack's? Well, you see, I had no choice. Lucinda Walsh had put out a $250,000 reward for my capture. I believe her exact words were "dead or alive." Strangers were accosting me on the street. I feared for my life. So, I disguised myself and I went to Detective Snyder's house to ask him for protection, but to no avail. He wasn't at home.

Jack: You were gone. I didn't know you were coming back. I didn't know you were coming back. I was starting to lose feeling in my feet.

[Jack screams] so, I thought I'd drag myself downstairs, and call my cousin for help.

Julia: You don't have any feelings! Anywhere!

[Jack screams]

Jack: No, Julia! You left, and you didn't come back.

[Jack screams]

Julia: So what, you thought you'd call Carly? Huh? Give Carly a call?

Jack: No! Carly is gone. It's just you and me!

[Julia laughs]

Julia: Yeah. When will you ever learn? Huh? You never change, do you? You just want what you can't have. And Jack, let me tell you something. That is kind of sick. Well guess what? I'm here now. I'm going to make sure that you're cured, once and for all.

Jack: I thought you wanted another baby, Julia. A little boy, to take sledding and play baseball with -- big brown eyes.

Julia: Liar, liar pants on fire! Hey. Hey, that's a pretty good idea.

Jack: Wait, wait, no! Julia, you can -- you can have what you want if you just calm down. We can be happy.

Julia: Oh, yeah.

Jack: Yeah, we can.

Julia: Sure, if you send me out to get my lucky nightgown? So you can go crawling down the stairs.

Jack: No, please. Please.

Julia: And then you can make a few phone calls?

Jack: Listen.

Julia: Well, Jack, let me tell you something. The phone is broken.

[Jack screams] and you are otherwise engaged. Hey! You know what they used to do to me when I was in the hospital, and I would get really, really angry? They would lock me up in a soft little room. Then they would turn up the heat really high. And I would get so -- so darn hot. I just wanted to take off all my clothes, go and lie out on a glacier -- are you getting mad, Jack? Mad yet? Shh!

[Julia sings] Jack is mad, Jack is mad oh, it's time we cool you down, huh? Hey, lucky it's winter, huh? That way I don't have to drag a whole ton of ice up. Oh! You called strangers to come and get me!

[Jack screams] you shut up! They're gonna find us, Jack and if they do, they will be very sorry.

[Jack screams]

Mitzi: Hey!

Simon: Hey, Mitz, thank you for coming by and letting me in. I appreciate it.

Mitzi: Anything for Jack. I've got keys to half the places in town -- so, Holden said you were helping Jack with something'?

Simon: Uh, yeah, yeah. He left an instruction for me inside.

Mitzi: Is it a letter? 'Cause I didn't see anything when I cleaned up. Here we go.

Simon: Thank you.

Mitzi: You think he left a note for you upstairs?

Simon: I'm just gonna check up here.

Mitzi: Why don't you check the desk first? Oh, and by the way, he keeps everything that he hasn't figured out what to do with in that drawer right there, which yours truly is not allowed to touch.

Simon: All right. Thanks, Mitzi.

Mitzi: Is it hot in here?

Simon: Ah, yeah. Yeah, it is, a little. Now that you say that.

Mitzi: I bet he forgot to turn off the thermostat.

Simon: "Unsolved." Steinbeck.

Mitzi: Not only did he forget to turn down the thermostat, he turned it up. You know, I better go upstairs and make sure he didn't leave the tub running.

Simon: That's a good idea. That guy has a one-track mind, which is probably what makes him such a good cop. He's always so focused, and --

Julia: It's Mitzi. Miss December. God, you're taste in women is awful, Jack. Thought it couldn't get tackier than Carly. Oh well, live and learn.

[Jack groans] shh! James told me all about her, so don't try and deny it. Although I will say this, it's very encouraging. Carly's gone, what, two weeks? You've already got a new woman in your bed? Fickle little pickle. And now I have to kill her. It's a pity. I always loved that carpet.

Sheridan: Ms. Walsh made no secret of her desire to capture my client. Her ads have been running in the paper for several days. My client had no choice but to seek Police protection.

Margo: Dressed as a meter reader?

Sheridan: Well, if you want to charge him for impersonating an employee of a public utility, be my guest. I'll have him out in 20 minutes.

James: I'll say hello to our son for you.

Paul: Hey, I'm Paul Ryan. Where's my mother? Is she here?

Harrison: Yeah, they're all inside. But you'll have to wait out here.

Paul: James Steinbeck in there with her?

Harrison: Yes, sir.

Lily: Paul! Do we know anything?

Paul: Yeah, Mom and James are in there with Margo Hughes and -- I assume -- the DA.

Holden: Has anyone been charged yet?

Paul: Well, Mom's out on bail, and whether or not the charges are gonna stick, now that she's cooperating with the D.A., I don't know. But as for James, if John Dixon's right and my mother made a full confession --

Lily: Well, then. James Steinbeck has to tell us where Rose is.

Jessica: I'd like to include Jack Snyder in this discussion.

James: You keep inviting people and I'll have to hire an orchestra.

Jessica: Detective Snyder is out of town on Police business. I'm reserving the right to call your client for further questioning when he gets back.

Sheridan: Fair enough. Home, James.

Margo: Jessica, you're letting him go?

Jessica: I'm just calling a recess, that's all.

Barbara: You let him go, you'll never see him again!

James: Missing me already? Barbara, I think you ought to increase your dosage. And you -- you look absolutely marvelous.

Jessica: Detective?

James: Thank you. Ah, the welcoming committee. Nicely done.

Sheridan: It was rather neat, wasn't it? Let me know if they give you any further trouble.

James: Yeah. Well, son, I'm sorry you missed all the excitement. I'll let your mother fill you in on the details.

Paul: Where do you think you're going?

James: Well, the D.A. realized that she didn't have a case. It's uncanny how much you look like your sister. Well, see you --

Paul: No, no, no, no, you're not going anywhere until you tell me where Rose is.

Rose: Hit me. Come on, you got to hit me. Come on, you got to hit me harder! Come on, Libby, I got to -- I got to hold on, here. That stuff that I drank made a double kamikaze feel like water. Water. I need water. That's what I need. I got to flush out the system. That's what I have to do.

[Rose hallucinating] Ms. Walsh? Oh, Ms. Walsh. I knew you wouldn't give up on me. You knew I would never leave you and worldwide in the lurch like that. Come on, give me a hug. Come on. Libby, could you please tell me that I am holding onto a force of nature in power suit?

Libby: There's no one there, Rose.

Rose: Right, I knew that. I knew that. Yes, I knew that. Yes. I'm detoxing, here. I'm detoxing. Breathing in and breathing out. I'm breathing in. I'm breathing out.

[Rose hallucinating] Paulie? Oh, please tell me that you're really here. You know that I would never run off with Vince. Because you're my guy. You know that, right? That's why you're here. Paulie? I cannot hold on much longer. Please be here. Please be real. No. No, no, no. They cannot win. Please. Libby, just hold my hand, and hold on tight. We got to fight this.

John: You know, when Rose comes back, as well as Emily and Carly, I'll expect an apology.

Lucinda: Yeah? What are we supposed to do? Are we supposed to elect you sheriff? Will that satisfy your revolting ambition?

[John laughs]

John: Well, hey, now that's a good one. I mean, you, who went to the press and offered a $250,000 reward for James Steinbeck. What are you going to do? Are you going to be mayor?

[Lucinda laughs]

Lucinda: I've already lost your vote. Yes, I have.

John: Oh, you're thinking I've chosen Barbara over you?

Lucinda: Oh, please --

John: Well, isn't that what you're angry about? You think I've jumped ship?

[Lucinda laughs]

Lucinda: Oh, to use your unfortunate metaphor, I think you've hitched your old dory to her sinking scow. And I -- you're right, I don't like it. I don't like it, John. I prefer you when you're mean. When you're blind like this, I don't like it. It's unhealthy.

John: What are you talking about?

Lucinda: Well, you know, it's like with Andy. He could pull the wool over your eyes.

John: Don't go there!

Lucinda: Well, John, you know, poor, poor, Barbara. And then poor, poor Andy. And -- it just seems to me it's your vanity or your pride. You can't admit it to yourself.

John: Listen!

Lucinda: I guess I was right.

John: Not another word, or I'll knock your teeth down your throat.

Lucinda: Take your best shot. Take it, go ahead.

Will: Where's Paul?

John: He's on an errand.

Lucinda: Um, darling, the grown-ups are playing 52 pick up. Do you know that game? It's a silly game.

Will: I heard yelling, too.

John: Yes, we got a little excited.

Lucinda: Yeah, he's got a big mouth. Well, I got a big mouth, too. Sorry we woke you up. You okay? Do you want a drink of water? Or something to eat? Or do you want me to help you with your math homework? I can do that.

John: Hey, listen. Do you know how to play crazy eights? Great. You deal. We'll play. I'm sorry.

Lucinda: I'm sorry.

Paul: Where is Rose?

James: I wish I knew.

Paul: You could do this? You could take her away and pretend you don't know how to get her back? I am in love with her. Do you know what that means?

James: I loved your mother once, very much. Now look at us.

Lily: Rose never did anything to you.

James: Nor I to her.

Margo: We will put a 24-hour tail on him.

Barbara: And you will watch him make the phone call that sentences Carly, Emily and Rose to death. Don't you understand? Now that I've turned evidence, he has to kill them.

Jessica: We have nothing to hold him, Barbara, unless we can connect him to Phillip Auster --

Barbara: I connected him!

Jessica: It's hearsay. Inadmissible.

Barbara: And what about the coffins?

Jessica: The shop owner couldn't ID him.

Barbara: So it was all for nothing.

Jessica: Barbara, you were charged with conspiracy to commit kidnapping. You pled not guilty and were released on bail based on that plea. After your statements here today -- I'm afraid that plea is contravened. My office has no choice but to request your bail be revoked and you be remanded to custody. I'll file the papers in the morning. And you should be prepared to surrender yourself to authorities tomorrow.

Margo: Barbara, are you all right?

Barbara: I'm all right.

Margo: I'll call John. He can come get you.

Barbara: He's gonna get away with this, isn't he?

Margo: No, not if I can help it.

Barbara: You scum! You slice of hell! You belong with the maggots and the worms!

Margo: All right.

Barbara: Why did you come back here?! He's gonna kill them, for God's sake! He's gonna kill 'em!

Paul: Why can't you lock him up?! Why can't you lock him up? For loitering, anything! Just lock him up!

Jessica: Mr. Steinbeck is still under investigation.

Paul: Leave me alone with him. I'll get a confession out of him.

Margo: We're on it, Paul.

Paul: How are you possibly on it, huh? With Hal gone, Jack?! You tell me how you're possibly "on it," Margo!

Margo: With all due respect, would you please shut up? And James, would you please get out of here?

James: I'll be in touch.

Barbara: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I thought I could trap him with his own net, and he trapped me.

Paul: It's all right. It's all right.

Barbara: No, son, it's going to be all right again.

Paul: Mom?

Holden: Lily? You all right?

Lily: It's Rose.

Paul: Lily, we'll find her.

Lily: No, no, no, it's not that. I just got this overwhelming feeling. I felt her.

Holden: What do you mean, you felt her?

Lily: I felt -- I can't explain it. It's just -- she's -- she's in trouble. She needs me.

Holden: Honey, I know it's very hard to see James Steinbeck walk out of here. Don't you worry about Rose, okay. I'm sure she'll be okay.

Lily: You don't understand. Something terrible has happened.

Libby: You want me to call the doctor?

Rose: More blue goo?

Libby: Lie down.

Rose: Paul. Lucinda. Pop. Lily and Holden and Luke and faith. And Mitzi.

Libby: It'll be all right, Rose. I promise.

Rose: They're waiting for me. Are they waiting for me? Or do they think I ran off with Vince?

Libby: They are waiting for you.

Rose: You've got to help me.

Libby: I'll help you, Rose. I promise. We'll get you out of here.

Rose: No! No, make him go away! Make him go away!

Libby: I don't see anything, Rose.

Simon: Mitzi? Mitzi!

Mitzi: I'll be right down.

I left a sweater here. I thought I might as well look for it. Did I leave it in the closet?

Simon: Mitz? Mitz, you ready?

Mitzi: Did you find what you were looking' for?

Simon: No. No, I didn't.

Mitzi: I can't find my sweater either. You know, if I didn't know better, I'd say this house was haunted.

Holden: How are you feeling?

Paul: You want me to call a doctor?

Lily: No, I'm okay. It's just -- this feeling, this overwhelming feeling that Rose needs me. I'm sorry. I don't -- I didn't mean to scare you.

Paul: I'm already scared, Lily. I think we all are.

Jessica: I know this is frustrating, but we are making progress.

Lily: Well, why can't they arrest him?

Holden: Doesn't his history in this town count for anything?

Margo: Paul, they're revoking your mother's bail tomorrow.

Paul: Oh, because of her testimony against my father?

Margo: Can you keep an eye on her tonight?

Paul: If she'll see me.

Margo: Call my father. She'll see him.

Lily: Well, you know, I'm sure you need this room.

Holden: You're not going anywhere, not until you feel better.

Lily: I'm sorry. Rose needs me.

Paul: If you could, please, check on my mother. All right. Thanks, John. Hey, I've got another call. Tell Will I'll be home soon. Okay. All right. This is Paul.

James: Paul, this is your father.

Paul: Go to hell.

James: I know where Rose is.

Paul: Where?

James: Not over the phone.

Paul: I'm hanging up.

James: Paul, do you want to skewer me, or do you want to find Rose? Now listen -- I'll be in touch with you and tell you where and when to meet. And don't tell anyone about this call.

'Cause if you go to the police or D.A., you'll never see Rose D'Angelo again. Understood?

Paul: Yes, dad.

James: Believe it or not, that's the only reason I'm making this call.

Libby: Be careful with her. Rose? Rose?

Rose: Lily? Oh, Lily. I'm coming home, I promise.

Libby: I'll make you a promise, too, Rose. I'll get you out of here.

Simon: Thanks again, Mitz. I really appreciate it.

Mitzi: Okay. What the -- why would he throw these out?

Simon: I don't know. He probably thought they'd die before he got back.

Mitzi: They last forever. And he said they were his favorite. He told me he loved them. Whatever.

[Car engine starts]

Julia: Bye-bye. Your girlfriend's gone, J -- Jack, please! Discipline! Discipline!

[Jack grunting] when I ask you to do something, I expect you to obey. The good news is -- I don't have to go out in the cold and dig two graves. I'm not exactly dressed for it. Ta-da! I found it. Just like my old one. We could've had so much fun. But Jack was a naughty boy, so Mommy has to sleep in the guest's room.

Jack: Ow!

Julia: Hurt?

Jack: What do you think?

Julia: All better.

Jack: I could use -- I could use an extra hand.

Julia: Not tonight, honey bunny. Now, you be a good boy. And don't make Mommy mad. Or she just might have to do this.

Jack: No, no, wait, no!

[Jack screams]

Julia: Night, night.

[Jack moaning in pain]

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