ATWT Transcript Monday 2/25/02


As The World Turns Transcript Monday 2/25/02

By Linda
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Jill: I was told to expect wild protests of innocence.

Simon: I'm done -- done trying to prove anything to you and your partners. I never wanted this money.

Jill: If it offends you so much, why not donate it to charity?

Simon: Maybe I will.

Jill: And maybe I'll sprout wings and fly away, but that isn't likely. Look into my eyes, Mr. Frasier. They're not desperate like the eyes of the women you've conned. And they're not innocent, like your wife's.

Simon: You leave Katie out of this.

Jill: Scared I'll tell her just how sordid your past really is?

Simon: I am not guilty of what you think.

Jill: But you're bloody well going to keep the money, aren't you?

Simon: If I do -- if I do, consider it payment for the hell that you and your cronies have put me through.

Jill: Payment? Sounds like an ending. But you can't outrun your past, Mr. Frasier. Sooner or later, it catches up to you.

Katie: You said you were at -- what is going on?

Jill: I was just leaving.

Simon: Please, please, listen, listen. Before you say anything, there is a really good reason why I told you I was at the airport --

Katie: That was the same woman that came by the Lakeview looking for you. What did she want?

Ian: I think I'm getting your message, sir. Have you fallen in love with my Bonnie?

Isaac: Yeah. Yeah, I have.

Bonnie: You -- love --

Ian: We need a few minutes to clear up this confusion.

Bonnie: Me?

Ian: A few minutes alone.

Isaac: No, sir, Mr. Duke. I saw how you said hello. I can only guess how you clear up confusion. No alone time with Bonnie.

Ian: You have my word as a gentleman, sir. I shall confine myself to conversation only. But we do have things to talk about. Don't you say we don't. Not after what just happened.

Bonnie: We are finished, Ian.

Ian: I know when you're fibbing, Bonnie. Remember? Remember that time when we walked over the moors? When they were covered in so much heather it was like a travel poster, "see Scotland and die." Remember that day, Bonnie? What we had? What we promised each other?

Isaac: A promise is only good if it's kept -- by both people.

Bonnie: Yes, and you've broken way too many, Ian. You know, the thing about walking down memory lane is that you get to see everything with new eyes. I've made my choice.

Ian: Out of anger. Bonnie, you've made your choice out of anger. I'm sorry if I've hurt you. But don't let my boorish attitude stand in the way of your destiny.

Bonnie: My destiny?

Ian: To shine, to dazzle the world, to be the woman little girls dream of becoming. If you insist on leaving me, then go. But marry a king. Turn your back on my castle if you must, but find yourself a palace. I beg of you, my love, don't settle for this. Not when you were born for so much more.

Julia: Are you sleeping, are you sleeping husband Jack, husband Jack.

My biological clock is ringing ding, dong, ding

Julia: Did I tell you? I want to have another baby, Jack. And when he's sleeping, he'll look just like you.

[Julia chuckles] without the straitjacket, of course. You're warm. I'd better turn the heat down.

Reporter: Breaking news from the Oakdale Police Department. Suspected kidnapper, James Steinbeck has turned himself in. There are also reports that Barbara Ryan -- an alleged co-conspirator in the disappearances of Carly Tenney, Emily Stewart and Rose D'Angelo -- is cooperating with the police in gathering evidence against Mr. Steinbeck. Our News 9 reporter is on the scene. Let's see if we can get some further details for you.

[Talking over each other]

Reporter #1: Was Mr. Steinbeck formally charged? And if so, what are the charges?

Reporter #2: Any information on the whereabouts of the victims?

Margo: We have no information yet. Mr. Steinbeck has barely been in custody --

[talking over each other]

Photographer #2: Can we get a picture of you and Mr. Steinbeck together?

[Talking over each other]

Lucinda: -- Turned himself over personally. He turned himself over to me. Because as you know, I had offered a substantial award. That attracted Mr. Steinbeck himself.

[Talking over each other]

John: Margo, can't you do something about these people? For crying out loud --

[Margo whistles loudly]

Margo: Everybody out. The Press is no longer welcome --

[talking over each other]

Will: When's dinner gonna be ready?

Paul: Right now.

Will: Can we turn on the TV?

Paul: No. Not tonight.

Will: Is Jen coming home?

Paul: No, she's hanging out with a friend. So it's just me and you and a can of spaghetti, which is better hot than cold, so go and -- go and dig in.

[Talking over each other]

Reporter #1: It's the D.A.

Jessica: -- With a statement.

Margo: You know, you couldn't have picked a worse time.

Jessica: Earlier today, Barbara Ryan volunteered to help the Police Department with their investigation.

Barbara: You're right. This is going to be very difficult.

John: Don't worry. I'm not going anywhere.

[Talking over each other]

Lucinda: Darling, our readers don't want pictures of the D.A. making a statement. We want a picture of that. Get something good that we can blow up and feature.

Photographer #1: Heads up, Ms. Ryan.

John: Hey now, listen. You. You, out. Come on. Let's go. Come on.

Lucinda: Don't you do that. That's my photographer.

John: All the more reason. Let's go.

Lucinda: John.

John: Come on. Out of here.

Lucinda: Don't you hurt her.

James: Scared?

Barbara: You wish.

James: You should be scared, Barbara. If you can't take a few flashes from the camera, imagine what will happen when you try to stand up to me.

Barbara: I'm still nervous about explosions near my face. But after 20 years, I am no longer scared of you. I've changed.

James: You certainly have. Those clothes. Those eyes --

Barbara: What about my eyes?

James: They're full of passion again. And I've put it there. I brought you back, Barbara.

Barbara: I brought me back. And if I am myself again, it is in spite of you and required all the strength that I could bring to bear.

James: Oh. So you're the old Barbara again. Well, that is a pity. Because I was hoping for a fair fight. But even on your very best day, you were never a match for me.

Margo: Man, I would give my left leg for Jack or Hal to walk in that door right now.

Mathis: I'll throw in my arch supports.

Margo: I'll see you do that and I'll raise you more. Did you inform Steinbeck of his rights?

Barbara: You know and I both know that all the leg work, all the machinations behind the disappearances of those three women were yours. It was all you. And then you didn't stop. It was Hal and now Jack. Do you expect me just to stand by and do nothing?

James: Barbara, I thought you were smart enough to look at the situation from every angle. And the angle, my dear, is blood. And you are drenched in it from the tip of your head, to the tip of your lovely little fingers. Turning me in means turning yourself in.

Barbara: You think I don't know that? Well, it seems, James, that you've miscalculated. I no longer care about myself.

James: Three counts of kidnapping. That means you'll spend the rest of your life in prison.

Barbara: Yes. But then -- so will you.

Simon: Here we go. One grande mocha latte with the skim milk. Thanks for understanding about the airport thing. When I thought I was working for Margo, my cover was I was supposed to be out of town. But now that it's fallen through --

Katie: I didn't say I understood about the airport, Simon. I said I wanted an answer to this other thing first.

Simon: Okay, first can I ask you something? Can I ask you a question?

Katie: Maybe.

Simon: How did everything work out with Dahlia?

Katie: Great. I'm going ahead with the video.

Simon: That's great news. Congratulations. There's an old Aussie custom -- you have to kiss the one you're congratulating.

Katie: These lips are off limits until you tell me what that woman wanted. Who was she?

Simon: She was a lawyer.

Katie: Oh. Great. I knew it. As soon as we start to make money, someone is gonna want to sue us. Is it Craig?

Simon: No. No one is suing anyone, okay? In fact, quite the opposite. She offered me a very large check.

Katie: What for?

Simon: It doesn't matter. She got the wrong guy. Look, let's not let this custom go to waste, okay?

Katie: Listen --

[Katie sighs] that clears up question one. Now onto question two. Why did you lie to me?

Bonnie: Isaac, wait. Wait. There is nothing left for us to talk about, because I am with Isaac now. I care about him. I have traded royal for loyal and it's nice, Ian. I've found a certain amount of self-respect with him that I never had with you. I don't need a walk on the moor or a trip to Loch Lomond. What I need is a man who can keep his lomond unlocked and his kilt closed when I'm not around.

Ian: What a woman. You were just a lass the last time I saw you. But now you're full of fire. I like it.

Bonnie: Ian, stop it!

Isaac: Okay, hot shot. That's about had enough out of you.

Bonnie: Wait, Isaac -- don't. Do not attack him.

Isaac: No, no. This was a photo of you. Bonnie and I burned it in our own little ceremony. So give it up. It's over.

Ian: Bonnie -- is that -- is that true?

Isaac: Say good-night, Gracie. I'm walking you out.

Ian: Bonnie -- look, Bonnie. Take a chance, lass. Take a stroll down that lane of memories again, but this time, linger a little. Stop at all the spots, not just the unhappy ones. I wager you'll find more good than bad. Too much to just let go.

Isaac: Don't you worry about Bonnie. She'll be just fine here.

Ian: So it seems. You're a fine man, Mr. Jenkins and a worthy rival. The way you declared your love for Bonnie, it was a thing of beauty. A pity she didn't offer hers in return.

Harrison: What do you want done with Ms. Ryan?

Margo: Would you take Ms. Ryan down to a holding cell?

Barbara: I thought you were going to take my statement.

Margo: You know what? Later. This will give you more time to think about it.

John: Wait a minute. She's posted bail. She is out on bail.

Margo: I think bail's a bit of a technicality now that she's confessed. Let's consider bail in the process of being revoked.

John: Until it's officially revoked, she's not your prisoner.

Barbara: It's okay. It's just that I wanted to come down here and tell the truth. I wanted to be able to help the Police in any way that I can.

Lucinda: Oh, spare us. Come on, Barbara. If you're going to play the martyr, muster up some style.

Margo: Would you please take her to a holding cell while we're questioning Mr. Steinbeck?

John: Now, wait a minute, Margo --

Barbara: It's okay. John. I'll go.

Lucinda: Pathetic.

John: It is. It is. I'm glad we agree on something.

Lucinda: No, that's not what I am talking about. I'm talking about you. Are you really so oblivious to the games she's playing?

John: It's not a game. The woman is upset. She's vulnerable.

Lucinda: Oh, yeah? You know, the man you are and the life you've led, this sudden naiveté is coming as an awful shock to me. Why do you think that she picked you to bring her down here to the Police station?

John: Because I'm her friend.

Lucinda: Lisa is her best friend, isn't she? Or Kim is her best friend, or somebody. She picked you.

John: Because she can depend on me. And I'm honored that she feels she can depend on me at a time like this.

Lucinda: Darling, it's more than just depend. She's counting on you. She's counting on the -- on the bonds of the lost baby that you two had together. You're gonna save her face.

John: Don't be silly. Just stop it. There's no way I can save her from the law.

Lucinda: Of course you can. Your daughter is the law right here. You can put pressure on Margo if things don't go well for Barbara, and she knows that.

John: You print one word like that -- that's slander. I'll sue you from --

Lucinda: Why did she not bring her lawyer?

John: Because she wants to make a statement that she's -- she's going to be completely forthcoming.

Lucinda: No, darling. No, she doesn't want the lawyer, because if things don't go the way she wants them to go -- then she's got a loophole. Legal -- right, right? That's what she needs, because she is guilty as hell.

John: She is guilty of being Steinbeck's victim. You ought to know all about that. You've been his victim for --

[Lucinda laughs] listen -- listen to me. You should be standing by her the same way she stood by you when you were losing worldwide.

Lucinda: Oh, she did not stand by me. She did what she did in order to blackmail poor Rose. And when that didn't work, then she had her kidnapped.

Margo: Why don't you go home now, both of you, okay?

Lucinda: Why?

John: I'm waiting for Barbara. She needs me.

Lucinda: And I'm waiting, because I want to hear what James and Barbara have to say about poor Rose.

Margo: If you two don't leave right now, I will put you in a cell together. I mean it. I do. Oh, I do.

Jessica: I recognize that look.

Margo: I want to kill him.

Jessica: Then stay out of the interrogation room.

Margo: Jack and Hal are my friends. They are my partners, and Steinbeck snaps them up like that --

Jessica: That's supposition, Margo. You go in with that attitude, you're gonna make mistakes.

Margo: Yeah, but I'd walk out with the truth.

Jessica: It won't matter. Steinbeck will hire some high-priced lawyer, the judge will throw it out, and you'll be lucky if the department doesn't get sued. You cannot interview him.

Margo: Well, then who else, Jessica? I don't have any backup. Who else? How are we gonna do this? How are we gonna find out what happened to Hal and Jack and those three women?

Jessica: By using the one weapon you've got.

Margo: Barbara.

Jessica: Barbara.

Julia: I made meatloaf with -- oh, oh, you're choking. Okay, nothing can go wrong here. Why did you make me tape your mouth? Hmm? Hmm?

[Jack gasps for air] [Jack coughs] there. All right, there we go. There we go.

[Jack coughs] back up here. Wow. Wow. You shouldn't scare me like that.

Jack: It's cold, Julia. It's so cold.

Julia: You're covered with sweat. Okay, okay, you must be running a little fever. Everything's gonna be okay. You're just a little sick right now, but I'm gonna get you all better -- all better. Here we go.

Jack: Where am I? Where am I? Am I in the hospital?

Julia: You're home. You're in our little house in Milltown. You're okay. You're just a little delirious from the fever.

Jack: My arms. I can't move my arms. I can't move my arms.

Julia: Okay. It's okay. They're just tied down so you won't hurt yourself. Shh.

Jack: Are you gonna hurt me?

Julia: Or course not, silly Billy. Oh, I'm gonna take care of you.

Jack: You promise?

Julia: Cross my heart. Cross my heart.

Jack: You take care of me, Julia. Please -- please don't leave me, okay? Don't ever leave.

Julia: Oh, Jack. I'm gonna be with you forever, don't you know that? Forever and ever and ever.

Lucinda: Oh, here you are. For heaven's sake. Darling, your mom is at the Police station with James --

Paul: Yeah, I know. I saw the news.

Lucinda: Well, what --

Paul: Shh. Be quiet. I don't want Will to hear about this.

Lucinda: Oh. What are you planning to do?

Paul: What am I planning to do? I'm gonna load the dishwasher, fold some laundry, catch up on some paperwork, maybe play some video games with Will --

Lucinda: I'm gonna wring your neck. I'm gonna wring your neck if you don't take this seriously. Now Margo maneuvered me out of the Police station. She cannot do that to you because you are the son. She can't be so cavalier. So you got to get down there and find out what on earth they are saying.

Paul: Nothing they can say could possibly interest me.

Lucinda: Darling, somebody has to make sure that at least one of your parents tells the truth, or else we'll never find out what happened to Rose.

James: I wonder why the delay. Perhaps Detective Hughes has misplaced her rubber hose.

Jessica: We're waiting for someone else.

James: Oh. Three investigators just for me. You people must think I'm a very dangerous man.

Jessica: Who said anything about another investigator? Of course you know Ms. Ryan.

James: What are you doing here?

Margo: Barbara has made some very serious charges against you. It would save us all time if you could address them directly. Of course, if you have a problem with that --

James: No, no. On the contrary -- I can't think of anything that I would enjoy more. Shall we begin?

Margo: This interview is being taped as part of an official investigation. Please state your name.

James: Which I intend to clear. James Steinbeck.

Margo: And state your name.

Barbara: Barbara Ryan.

Margo: And you have both been read your rights?

James: Yes.

Barbara: Yes.

Margo: And what is the evidence that you have against Mr. Steinbeck?

Barbara: The disappearances of Carly Tenney, Emily Stewart and Rose D'Angelo were conceived, engineered and carried out by James Steinbeck.

James: What?

Jessica: How do you know Mr. Steinbeck was responsible?

Barbara: Because I ordered him to do it. I can't explain why in any way that anyone can understand. But I thought these three women were stealing my life.

Margo: Could you please be a bit more specific?

Barbara: I thought that Emily was stealing Hal from me. And Rose was stealing my son. And Carly was stealing my career. And these thoughts became obsessions in my mind -- and still do, if I'm not careful.

Jessica: And what was Mr. Steinbeck's role in this?

Barbara: He agreed with me. I had already lost my face, and I thought I was losing my identity. And he goaded me on, and he --

Jessica: He what?

Barbara: He made me feel attractive and wanted. He made me think that he cared about me.

Jessica: What exactly did you ask Mr. Steinbeck to do?

Barbara: I wasn't specific. I just told him that I wanted the women gone.

Margo: Dead?

Barbara: No, and I hope that they're not. Just gone away -- and like my very own genie, he made my three wishes happen.

James: Any proof of that, Barbara?

Barbara: I have a complete record of every phone call, every conversation, every meeting that we ever had.

Margo: If you have a journal, we'll need to see it. Is it at Fairwinds?

Barbara: No. I've kept it where James will never find it.

Jessica: And where exactly is that?

Barbara: Right here. I have every detail locked inside my head.

Isaac: I told him that I love you.

Bonnie: I know. And it was great. Did you see the look on his face? You were amazing. You took my breath away.

Isaac: Is that why you didn't say, "and I love you too, Isaac" -- because you were out of breath?

Bonnie: Huh?

Isaac: Bonnie, I went to the line for you with Ian, the Duke of Glasgow. I mean, I looked him straight in his face and said "I love you." And what did you say?

Bonnie: That I am with you now, and I am, Isaac.

Isaac: You said that you "cared about me."

Bonnie: And I do, very deeply.

Isaac: And then you said I was "loyal."

Bonnie: And you are.

Isaac: Woman, I tell the world that I love you, and you make me sound like Rin Tin Tin.

Simon: Look, don't -- don't call it lying. It wasn't --

Katie: You said that you couldn't spend my birthday with me because you had to go out of town, and then when I called you, you said you were at the airport. So if Dahlia hadn't come over then --

Simon: Wait, wait, wait. What has Dahlia got to do with any of this?

Katie: Never mind. She doesn't have anything to do with it. I just need to know why you said you were at the airport when you were really here.

Simon: I told you, Katie. It was a work thing.

Katie: Yeah, but if Margo told you to tell the whole entire world that you were out of town, fine. But she wouldn't tell you to lie to me.

Simon: Well, it doesn't matter now that the whole thing has fallen through anyway.

Katie: And why has it fallen through?

Simon: Listen, Katie -- honey, I really need you to trust me right now, please. I need that very badly. Can you do that?

Katie: How can I do that when it feels like you're lying to me? You know, I'm sorry. I got to go.

Simon: Sweetheart, please don't. Listen to me.

Katie: No, if you didn't want to spend my birthday with me, you could have just told me.

[Cell phone rings]

Simon: I wanted to spend every single second with you.

Katie: I'll leave and give you a little privacy.

Simon: Katie, please -- hello. Wait up, Katie. Look, listen, listen, I'm really in the middle of something -- what? You're sure? So you're saying that Jack Snyder never actually left Oakdale?

Julia: Nurse Julia's here. She brought you some aspirin. Jack? Hey, Jack -- I've got something to bring the fever down.

Jack: You're so beautiful. I love you, Julia. You're so incredibly beautiful.

Julia: I think I like you feverish, Jack.

Jack: My lips are dry. Do something.

Julia: Oh, well, I got some water. Here.

Jack: No, I don't want water, Julia. I want you.

Julia: Me? Is that better?

Jack: More.

Julia: Really? You want me to kiss you?

Jack: That's why I married you, so I could kiss you forever and ever and ever.

Margo: Let's start with the first time you and Mr. Steinbeck discussed kidnapping the three women.

Jessica: Be sure to include anything that can be compared against phone records.

James: That won't be necessary. I intend to confess.

Barbara: Well, what do you know.

James: You see, during that time, I lived on the dark side.

Jessica: Does this have anything to do with today's charges?

James: It's not an apology. It's a fact. I took Barbara Ryan for my wife, and life with me proved very stressful on her, very emotionally stressful. Would you say that's a fair assessment?

Barbara: I would say it was emotionally stressful when you drugged me for months and then had me committed to Dr. Mahler's psychiatric zoo.

James: Tell them why I did that so that they can understand what you've been through.

Barbara: You were trying to gas light me, trying to drive me insane.

James: And it looks like at last I have succeeded.

Barbara: I'm not crazy. This is about you. This is about you.

James: No. No, no, no, no. She is obsessed with me, and it's all my fault for the wretched way I treated her years and years ago. So please, take my confession as a plea for mercy on Ms. Ryan's behalf.

Barbara: How dare you try to deny what you've done to those women.

James: Whoa. Barbara, Barbara, easy now. You know, when you get wrought up, and when you get this close to the edge, it's very easy for you to go on way out into Never Never Land.

Barbara: You liar. You lying bastard. You tell the truth. You tell them what you've done to them.

James: Margo, Margo, Margo. Margo, get her some help. This woman needs help, please.

Margo: Could you just control yourself, or we'll finish this conversation in your cell. And you, stop playing games and answer the questions.

Jessica: Did you or did you not have anything to do with the disappearances of Carly Tenney, Rose D'Angelo and Emily Stewart?

James: No, I did not.

Barbara: You are lying.

James: Prove it.

Barbara: I will. I told you, I have all the dates.

James: Yes, in your head. Barbara, by your own admission, you get confused. You have shown very well that you cannot be trusted.

Lucinda: James Steinbeck is under arrest at the station thanks to me. Now, what we need is for you to go down there and push things along.

Paul: The only thing I'm pushing along is Will, and I've got to check his homework.

Lucinda: Darling, no. You've got to go down there. Margo and Jessica, they're not experts in Steinbeck, not the way we are. They're not. They need somebody who knows to point out when the guy is lying.

Paul: My mother can do that.

Lucinda: I'm sorry. Your mother is otherwise occupied with saving her own neck. It's just you and me -- just you and me, Paul. That's all Rose has got, and she's a good girl. She was happy in New Jersey. She comes here, this happens to her. It's not fair. You go down there, and you find out what your parents have done to your girl.

[Knock at door]

John: Your mother is at the Police station with James -- what the hell are you doing here?

Jack: I'm freezing.

Julia: Oh? Well, I'll get you some more blankets.

Jack: No, no. No more blankets. I want you. Make me warm, Julia. Make me hot. Make love to me.

Julia: Later. I think all you're capable of doing right now is just lying here and shivering.

Jack: Listen. You remember the sled?

Julia: The sled you made for our baby?

Jack: Yeah. Yeah, our baby, our baby. Where's our baby?

Julia: He's gone, Jack.

Jack: Where did he go?

Julia: I lost him.

Jack: Oh, no. No, no.

Julia: Yes, yes.

Jack: No, no.

Julia: Don't you remember that?

Jack: No. We can make another baby, Julia. We can make another baby. I want to make a baby with you.

Julia: Jack -- I want that, too.

Jack: We can make it happen, just like we planned, and we can make our baby. Do you have the lucky nightgown, hmm? Yeah?

Julia: Oh, you do remember some things.

Jack: No, of course I remember the nightgown. You've got to get out the nightgown. It's our lucky nightgown.

Julia: But it's gone. I don't have it anymore.

Jack: No, no, no. It's not gone. You just had it last night. You had it last night. What day is this? What day is this?

Julia: Yes, I had it last night. Jack, you just -- you just rest here, and I'll get the nightgown.

Jack: Get the nightgown. Get the nightgown, and then we can make our baby.

Julia: Yes, my angel. We'll make our baby. Oh, you sleep now, okay? I will not be gone long.

Jack: Okay.

Julia: Jack, everything is going to be perfect, just like I always knew it could be.

Harrison: Sorry to interrupt, but it's your brother-in-law. He said it was a family emergency.

Margo: So, Katie get her pigtail caught in a door, huh?

Simon: Now, Margo, not now. It's her birthday.

Margo: You interrupted me.

Simon: I need you to sign her birthday card, okay?

Margo: Jack's passport was never used?

Simon: He never left the states.

Margo: What did Steinbeck do? Did he put him in a coffin and ship him out like Emily or Rose?

Simon: I already checked that out. My feeling is that he's still in the country, maybe still even in Oakdale.

Margo: Where? Where? Where could he be?

Simon: I don't know. Look, I'll follow it up in the morning.

Margo: No, no, Simon. Tonight.

Simon: Tonight? I can't. Look, Katie's already caught me in one lie. I need to go home and make it up to her.

Margo: No. You've got to do it tonight. We can't let Jack's trail get any colder. Steinbeck probably did this. Listen to me. I don't know how much longer I can hold him.

Simon: Just keep him overnight.

Margo: But I can't. He's winning in there. This is our only window. We've got to find Jack tonight.

Simon: All right.

Margo: Before Steinbeck gets out on the streets.

Simon: Okay. I'll go home, see Katie, then follow up as many leads as I can.

Margo: Okay. Tonight.

Simon: Yes.

Margo: Thanks.

Simon: All right. Thanks, Margo. Appreciate it.

Margo: Yeah, yeah.

Harrison: I'm really sorry, Detective Hughes. I didn't know it was about a birthday card.

Margo: Perfectly all right, you know? Family comes first, and Simon is family.

Bonnie: Isaac, I hadn't seen Ian in months. I was going to marry the man. I can't help what I said or didn't say. I was so thrown, I was lucky to even talk at all.

Isaac: If you had said something like, "and I love Isaac," and I had said in response, "Bonnie's a lovely girl." You would have cut my head off and put it in one of those olive jars.

Bonnie: You're hurt.

Isaac: No, I'm just a trustworthy guy who's loyal who's trying to figure out where I fit in with you. I mean, we're an item, we're not an item, we're crazy about each other, then we want to kill each other. I'm practically going nuts trying to figure this thing out. I make a leap of faith, and guess who yanks the net out from under me.

Bonnie: Back up. Let's not pretend that this "I love you, Bonnie" is some sort of sonnet. It didn't come so much from your heart as it did from a place where you carry your pride. Ian was on your turf, and you used those three words to tell him so.

Isaac: Trust me. Guys don't use those three little words unless they mean them.

Bonnie: You meant them? Wow.

Isaac: Wow what?

Bonnie: Wow -- I -- I don't know.

Isaac: Later.

Bonnie: Wait, what do you want me to say?

Isaac: How about the truth? You didn't tell Ian that you love me because you don't.

Bonnie: Don't tell me how I feel, Isaac. You're angry with Ian, and you're taking it out on me.

Isaac: You're right. But I still want to know where we stand.

Bonnie: I'll call Ian right now and tell him that I love you.

Isaac: You don't have to tell him. You can tell me. That will do just fine.

Simon: I know you're probably awake, but please, just don't say anything, okay? Because I have to leave again, and all I want to do is lie down next to you. Katie, look, I shouldn't have lied to you about being at the airport today. I took the coward's way out because I just didn't want to put either one of us through another good-bye. So be angry with me. You have every single right. But if you never believe another word I say, please believe this -- I wanted to be with you today and every single day for the rest of my life, and I always will, and I love you more than -- more than my own life.

Katie: Happy birthday to me.

Bonnie: I -- I -- I can't just say "I love you" on demand.

Isaac: Are you sure?

Bonnie: Isaac --

Isaac: That's a good start.

Bonnie: I -- I've never met anyone like you before.

Isaac: And?

Bonnie: And I think you're amazing, and you're great with friends and strangers and everyone, and it is because of that that I love being in your arms, because every time you touch me, I just want to go pitter-patter, and my heart does this, my heart just does this flippy-flop thing.

Isaac: It's okay. It's okay. You tried.

Bonnie: I feel it, I do. I just can't --

Isaac: I know. I've got to get back to work.

Barbara: Then he gave me a telephone listing with the name "Vincent O'Malley" circled. He said that it was Rose D'Angelo's ex-boyfriend.

James: Look, how much longer are we going to listen to these ramblings? Where is this listing, Barbara? Did you write it all down? Did you put it on a little piece of paper, fold it up --

Barbara: He's a known criminal. My word should be more than enough to convict him.

James: Barbara, they're beginning to have their doubts, and why shouldn't they? By your own account, you are a liar and a blackmailer.

Barbara: I am not lying now. I'm telling the truth. What would I implicate myself in something like this if I didn't want to get rid of you? I am taking you down with me, James.

James: Barbara, you can point your finger at me as much as you like, and that's all you can do, because, my dear, you can't prove anything. Now, you two are very charming, but to be quite honest, I'm getting a bit bored. So if you have evidence that I kidnapped these three ladies, please put it on the table. Other than that, I'm going to say my farewells.

[Heavy breathing]

Jack: Hello? It's jack. Is anybody there?

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