ATWT Transcript Friday 2/22/02


As The World Turns Transcript Friday 2/22/02

By Linda
Proofread by Ebele

Katie: Well, it looks like it's just you and me, Snickers, for my birthday celebration. What should we get from room service? Maybe a couple of garden salads?

[Knock on door] who could that -- oh, Snickers, I bet it's Simon! Yeah, right, business trip. Oh, so excited, he probably planned a surprise from the very beginning. See how we look? How's my hair? Oh, thank you so much. Not so bad yourself.

Jill: Is Simon Frasier here?

Katie: Uh, no. Actually, he's away on business.

Jill: Business? If you say so.

Katie: Is there something that I can help you with?

Jill: I seriously doubt it.

Katie: Well, anything you need from him, you can get from me. I'm Mrs.. Frasier.

Jill: At least that explains part of it.

Katie: What is this about?

Jill: I'll wait to speak to Mr. Frasier. When will he be back?

Katie: I -- I'm not sure.

Jill: Wonderful.

Katie: Who was that? Oh, Snickers -- I wish Simon were here.

Dahlia: How long for a birthday cake?

Waitress: Depends what kind.

Dahlia: Carrot. And I want it to say, "Happy Birthday, Katie."

Waitress: With a "y"?

Dahlia: "I-E." And I need it yesterday. Thank you.

Margo: Hi.

Simon: Hi. Margo, hi. So why did you want to meet me here?

Margo: Well, I don't know any self-respecting cop who'd be found dead ordering a double mocha latte, do you?

Simon: No. Besides, no one knows I'm working for you, right?

Margo: That's right. And that's the way I want to keep it. Now here's the deal. I went to headquarters, I told the commissioner that I didn't find anybody over at Jack's.

Simon: What about the car?

Margo: My boys found it in long-term parking at the airport.

Simon: For a three-day trip? Okay, why would it even be there when Jack never got on that plane to France?

Margo: Exactly, Simon. I wish I had a clue for you.

Simon: Okay, so what do you want me to do now?

Margo: I want you to find out what happened to Jack. But, this time, there's a condition.

Simon: What's that?

Margo: Katie. She can't know that you're working for me.

Ian: Ah, Bonnie, you take my breath away! It was making me crazy to think I might never again see those big, brown, beautiful eyes.

Bonnie: Remind me to cross you off the list of people I call my friends.

Jennifer: I am to your friend!

Bonnie: Not when you spring someone like -- like him on me with no warning!

Ian: Be assured, the indiscretion was mine alone. Don't blame your friend. As soon as I found out you were staying in this charming little hamlet, I knew I had to come here as soon as I could.

Bonnie: Because she called you and gave you a shortcut right to the front door.

Jennifer: Great. Kill me because I want you to be with the man that you love.

Ian: I was an idiot. As soon as you left me, I realized it.

Bonnie: Cried your eyes out, I'm sure.

Ian: That's right.

Bonnie: After I left, Ian? Come on, what timing.

Ian: I've never stopped loving you.

Bonnie: Funny how you never bothered to tell me.

Ian: How could I when I thought I'd lost you for good? But Jennifer has given us a ray of hope. Tell me I didn't come here in vain. Tell me there's still a chance for us.

Barbara: For the last few months, I feel like I haven't been thinking clearly. But now, it's like a veil has been lifted from my eyes.

Paul: And what do you see?

Barbara: A little boy needing his mother so badly, grieving for her. Other people grieving for their children -- their lovers. Something was wrong with me, Paul. The only suffering that I could see was my own. But I'm free now.

Paul: Free to do what?

Barbara: I've got to call John.

Paul: I told you, mom, I'd call him for you.

Barbara: No. I've got to do it myself. He'll want to know what I'm going to do.

Paul: Well, I'd like to know, too.

Barbara: I'm going back to the Police. I have to fix this. I have to tell them everything.

Paul: Everything?

Barbara: Everything. I have to. I have to pay for what I've done.

James: The universe is in a constant state of flux. Change is nature's law. It seems that Lucinda Walsh has upped the ante. Which means everyone within 30 miles of Oakdale who doesn't have a job, including a few that do, are going to want to bring her my head on a platter. Shall I have some fun? What do you think? Should I put in an appearance?

Hal: Is that wise?

James: Perhaps. Perhaps not. You know, the truth is, Hal, it really doesn't matter. 'Cause if my ploy fails, I can count on you. Can't I?

Hal: Yes. You can count on me.

James: I've always felt a kinship with this card. The king has power. The spade is a sword, strong, steadfast. Like you Hal, it can handle anything. Keep it in mind. It means the difference between life and death for me. My life, your hands.

Hal: I won't fail you.

James: No. I don't think you will.

Hal: Should I wait?

James: Oh, I won't be long. And then you can return to your job, your family, all those satisfying little activities that make your life so worth living. Won't that be nice?

Bonnie: This just turned into a nightmare. Isaac just walked in.

Jennifer: So?

Bonnie: So?! I'm supposed to be meeting him at his place. We have a date tonight.

Ian: A date? Who is this Isaac?

Bonnie: Someone who will clean your clock if he finds you here. Okay, Jen, I need for you to find a way -- a nice way -- to get Isaac out of here so that this person and I can talk.

Jennifer: What do you expect me to do here?

Bonnie: Jen, you're the one brimming with ideas today, I'm sure you'll figure something out.

Jennifer: Okay.

Bonnie: Thank you.

Jennifer: And for true love's sake, I will even lie.

Isaac: Hey, Jennifer. What's up? Have you seen Bonnie?

Jennifer: All the time. It's a joke.

[Forced laughter] okay, so what's up?

Isaac: Well, we have a date. She was going to meet me at my place. But I was hoping to catch her before she left.

Jennifer: Left for --

Isaac: Our date. Our date. It's the real thing.

Jennifer: So what are you doing here? Why don't you go get ready?

Isaac: Well, Billy called in sick, so I've got to stay here until the sub gets here. Maybe she went to her place to change. I can call her before she gets there.

Jennifer: You know what? Do you know anything about cars?

Isaac: Some.

Jennifer: Well, mine broke down right down the road. And I was gonna use my jumper cables, but then I realized it's probably not the battery. And when I was getting desperate, I thought, "hey, Java underground is right down the road. I'll go see if Isaac's working today."

Isaac: Right. And I thought you were here for the hot music.

Jennifer: No. So would you mind playing mechanic for me for just a few moments?

Isaac: I don't know. I don't want to leave Bonnie hanging. I should really call her.

Jennifer: You know, she knows how things are around here, I'm sure she won't mind waiting. And I really wouldn't ask you, but I've got to get home to take Will so Paul can go out. Please?

Isaac: Okay. All right. I'll check it out. But if it's gonna take longer than a couple of minutes, I'm gonna have to hook you up with a tow truck. Okay?

Jennifer: Cool. Thank you.

Isaac: All right.

Bonnie: So, the truth. Why are you here, Ian?

Ian: I'm trying desperately to persuade the love of my life to come back to Scotland with me and be my duchess.

Bonnie: Well, spring's around the corner. The salmon will be jumping, you and your buddies will be fishing, and you will hardly remember my name.

Ian: I've thought of nothing else. Bonnie when I open my eyes in the morning, Bonnie when I close my eyes at night. You're my constant companion. And no wonder. Don't be angry with me, Bonnie.

Bonnie: Actually, angry is a recent development. I was only able to curse you on a daily basis after you ripped my heart out and tore it into tiny little pieces.

Ian: I was a cad.

Bonnie: "Cad's" too short of a word for what you were.

Ian: I know I hurt you.

Bonnie: Yeah.

Ian: Bonnie, but, look, I've had time now. Not just to see the error of my ways, but to live with the consequences. It's been hell.

Bonnie: I've been there thanks to you.

Ian: Bonnie, forgive me.

Bonnie: Ian, really, why are you here?

Ian: I told you. I've had -- I had to see you. I've changed.

Bonnie: Or maybe you can't stand the idea that one woman, out of the hordes of eager candidates, managed to walk away from you.

Ian: Or maybe I still am truly in love with you -- and you with me.

Barbara: John?

John: Listen, I'm concerned about your decision --

Barbara: You are such a dear friend for coming so quickly. Thank you. Do you like what I'm wearing?

John: What you're wearing?

Barbara: It's from last year before the explosion, kind of a symbolic gesture of the woman I used to be, the one I want to be again.

John: You seem different.

Barbara: I am different. Our last long talk started something in me -- what you said about being honest. I know what I have to do. I have to tell the Police.

John: Tell them what exactly?

Barbara: About my role in this terrible thing that's happened to Carly and Emily and Paul's Rose. I can't blame other people. I was there. I knew things. And I have to take my punishment like an adult.

John: Owning up is all right. And I'm all for personal responsibility. But, Barbara, what I was talking about is honesty with oneself. And going down to the Police and talking to them without a lawyer, without any kind of strategy is an entirely different matter.

Barbara: I can't do this halfway. I have to tell the complete truth.

John: Obviously, you do, but you should have a lawyer present when you do.

Barbara: I can't.

John: Why not?

Barbara: Because it will undermine what I am trying to do.

Paul: Which is what, exactly?

Barbara: Show everyone -- including you, Paul -- that I want to change. Show them the woman and the mother and the human being that I want to be again.

John: And you can't do that with representation?

Barbara: I tried letting someone talk for me, and all it made me was scared -- scared of what I had done, scared of having to pay the price for that mistake. I have lied, I have -- if I walk into that Police station on the arm of some high-priced lawyer, they're gonna think it's just all the same again. I have to be honest. I have to tell the truth. Otherwise, they'll think I'm gonna try to play the victim card once again.

Paul: I've known that for months.

Barbara: Well, then, it's time that other people know it too, Paul.

John: Barbara, you're in enough hot water as it is. And while I admire your desire to do the right thing, you know what they say about being your own lawyer -- you'll have a fool for a client. Now, whatever you did, you didn't do on your own. Don't give the justice system an opportunity to indulge in overkill. They will run away with this.

Barbara: I don't care what happens to me. But, please, be with me. Please go down with me and be my counsel. You've kind of been like that in the last few months anyway --

John: Barbara, I will go wherever you want, but I'm hardly a lawyer --

Barbara: John, you've been unwavering. And I don't deserve it. And I don't understand it.

John: I think you do. I told you, Barbara, there will always be a part of me that loves you very much. You know that.

Barbara: I'm ready.

John: Are you sure?

Barbara: I need to stop by Lisa's first and pack an overnight bag.

John: Why?

Barbara: Because I'm facing reality straight in the eye. And the reality is, I will probably spend tonight in a jail cell.

John: You don't know that.

Barbara: Dear John -- you don't need to protect me. It's gonna be all right. In fact, it's gonna be more than that. It's gonna be a relief.

John: To be thrown in jail?

Barbara: For the last six months, the only life that I've had has been inside this head. And, believe me, there's been no lonelier prison.

Simon: I'm sorry, Margo, but Katie already knows I took this job for you.

Margo: I just asked you this morning. Man, she's fast.

Simon: No, no. It was me. I had to give her some kind of explanation why I was leaving her high and dry on her birthday.

Margo: It is her birthday!

Simon: It is her birthday.

Margo: I knew it. I haven't had a moment to go get her anything.

Simon: It's all right. She understands how busy you are.

Margo: What happened to my life? First Hal vanishes, then Jack vanishes, then my personal life vanishes. I told the commissioner I'd need extra hands, he just gave me a copy of his budget problems.

Simon: You didn't tell him about me, though, did you?

Margo: Yes. Yes, of course, I did. Simon, I told him what an excellent job you did for Lily tracking down Holden. I told him that you were already working on the case, that Craig had sent you to France, you're already in on the loop.

Simon: Yeah, yeah. Okay, but working for Craig is one thing. But tracking down Jack? A cop? I just don't have access to the kind of things I need for that assignment.

Margo: Exactly. That's why I asked the commissioner if I could deputize you.

Simon: Dep -- so, what, I get my own tin star and a cowboy hat?

Margo: The hat's up to you. But we use photo I.D.s now.

Simon: Darn. What about a horse and a six-shooter?

Margo: Simon, I will get you all the credentials you need.

Simon: Why me, Margo?

Margo: Because I need someone I can trust. I can depend on you.

Simon: Why me, Margo?

Margo: Because you're new. Steinbeck won't even think to look at you. You see how good you are? You're already ahead of me.

Simon: I just don't want you having second thoughts about this. I need this job. So what do you want me to tell Katie?

Margo: Tell her that the job fell through, you're not working for me. I found somebody else to do it.

Simon: Why are you so afraid of her?

Margo: You're married to her, aren't you afraid of her? Simon, look, I can't have her sticking her well-meaning little nose into this. Three women have already disappeared, and I don't want -- I don't want Steinbeck to get a hold of her.

Simon: He won't. I will do everything in my power to protect Katie, okay? Look, I know she has a history of inviting trouble into her life. But I hate lying to her, Margo, okay? Katie and I -- we're in great. We're in a new place now.

Margo: Good, fine, wonderful. New wedded bliss, that's wonderful. Just keep Katie out of this. And listen to me, you stay well beneath Steinbeck's radar. Both Hal and Jack disappeared following leads on that scum. And, Simon, I'm gonna be honest with you. It's dangerous. Are you up for it?

Simon: Pin me, sheriff.

John: Margo isn't there, but when I told the officer on duty that you were preparing to come in to make a statement, he said he would track her down for us.

Barbara: Good. Margo will make this much easier. May I go upstairs and say good-bye to Will?

Paul: He's tired. Let him sleep.

Barbara: I won't wake him up. I just want to say good-bye to my little boy.

John: Why don't you go say good-bye to your little one?

Barbara: I'll be right back.

John: What, do you enjoy being a horse's ass all the time?

Paul: She's using you and you don't even see it.

John: She's willing to talk to the Police without a lawyer present. You call that manipulation?

Paul: No, an insane little show is what it is. What's even more crazy is how desperate she is to have people like you on her side. You and Kim and Lisa. She hasn't "seen the light," John. The only reason she gets that little catch in her voice when she talks about saying good-bye to the son that she hasn't given a damn about for the past few months is because she's trying to get sympathy from you. It's pathetic.

John: Her children mean everything to her, Paul. I ought to know. We buried a son together. It damn near killed both of us.

Paul: And I'm trying to save another one.

John: You don't hear anything that she says, do you? She didn't try to abandon Will. She's trying to pull her life together after this damn explosion. And maybe she wasn't that good at it, but she's suffered, Paul. She's suffered more than maybe anybody else.

Paul: Yeah, and if you're not careful, she's gonna drag you right down with her. She's got you as turned around as she had me.

John: You know, when they brought her into the hospital, I was there. She had half a face.

Paul: Oh, you don't have to tell me. She's reminded me about that every single day since that accident. I've been as devoted to my mother as any son in this world could be to their mother. And how does she pay me back? By having the woman I love kidnapped.

John: You look at it any way you like. I am not going to bail out on your mother when she needs my help.

Paul: Well, but don't say I didn't warn you.

Barbara: I'm ready, John.

John: Good.

Barbara: Paul -- I know how angry you are with me. But I'm going to make things right.

Paul: I hope you can. For Rose's sake, I truly hope you can.

Katie: Dahlia? What's in the box?

Dahlia: A peace offering.

Katie: I thought we already made peace. We decided to ignore your behavior and get back on the project.

Dahlia: Yes, we did. But that doesn't mean that we can't celebrate bygones being bygones.

Katie: Why? It's business. What do we need to celebrate? We just shake hands and get back to work.

Dahlia: Oh, come on. Can't I at least be a little relieved that we worked things out? I mean, I would really love for us to be friends as well as partners.

Katie: Well, if you keep your end of the bargain and stop playing kissy-face with my husband, I guess I'll think about it.

Dahlia: I told you that would never happen again. Here. I just -- I wanted to tell you how happy you made me when you green-lighted the video project again.

Katie: About $1 million happy?

Dahlia: Maybe more. I -- you know, I was so excited that I went to look over your contract again, and I realized that today is your birthday.

Katie: A cake for me?

Dahlia: It's carrot. We can share it with Snickers. We don't want you to ruin that fabulous figure.

Katie: Well, that is actually kind of sweet. Come on in.

Dahlia: Well, be happy. I mean, what happened to your usual sparkle? Is something wrong?

Katie: You can tell?

Dahlia: Well, you know what? I kind of feel like we've gotten to be a little closer since our misunderstanding. I guess I'm starting to be a Katie expert.

Katie: Well, let me put it this way -- it hasn't been the best day of my life, but I'll be fine.

Dahlia: Do you want to talk about it?

Katie: Oh, I don't know.

Dahlia: You know, I -- I can understand if you're a little gun- shy about trusting me, but I would really like to help if I can.

Katie: All right. Some woman came by looking for Simon, and I told her that he was away on business. She just kind of sneered at me and she wouldn't even tell me why she was here.

Dahlia: Did you say that Simon's away on business?

Katie: Yeah. He's doing a job for my sister, Margo. She's a cop, and he's done some investigating in the past, so she -- what?

Dahlia: Nothing.

Katie: No, no, what was that look? It's like you know something.

Dahlia: No. Not really.

Katie: Oh, come on, Dahlia. You keep going on and on about how we need to trust each other.

Dahlia: Well, I -- I just saw Simon at that coffee place, Java. And from the look of things, he wasn't going anywhere.

Margo: I wasn't sure you'd say yes.

Simon: Margo, I've done a lot of things in my lifetime, things I'm not proud of. But still, for some reason, Katie sees me as one of the good guys. You know, and I just -- I wouldn't mind wearing that hat for a while.

Margo: And to the hat thing again. Listen, I will do everything in my power to protect you.

Simon: And I'll do everything in my power to track down Jack. Okay, so when I have something to report, how do I get in touch with you?

Margo: You don't. I'll find you. You okay with that?

Simon: Yeah. Yeah. Look, I was wondering, I mean -- I needed some --

Margo: Money.

Simon: Yes.

Margo: Money. Money, money, money. You risk your life and you want to get paid for it.

Simon: It's only for business expenses, you know? Coffee, doughnuts. Those sort of things.

Margo: Everything's been wire transferred. No trail. And if we do have any contact with each other, it's strictly family business, right?

Simon: Sure.

Margo: Right.

Simon: You really think Steinbeck is that dangerous?

Margo: Simon, Steinbeck and I go back a long time. I know how he thinks. He's a snake. So the first thing we're gonna do is find out if Jack's passport has been presented anywhere at the airport since yesterday, and --

[cell phone rings] excuse me. I wonder who it is. Hughes. Well, pigs do fly. I'll be right there. Barbara's gonna make a statement about her involvement with Steinbeck.

Simon: Great. That's good. That could be a big break, right?

Margo: Yeah, I hope so. Listen, I'd better get back. You good to start?

Simon: Yep. I'm on it. I'll -- I'll find out about Jack's passport.

Margo: Good. I knew I could count on you, Simon. I'll be in touch.

Simon: Sure.

Margo: Thanks for the coffee.

Lucinda: No. Detective Hughes. She's not in? You know, if I ran my boardroom the way you run your Police station, I -- well, I mean, it doesn't surprise me that Mr. Steinbeck is still at large. Okay. Please, ask her to call me when she returns.

James: Honey, I'm home.

Lucinda: You strike me off your list of potential kidnap victims, James, because you don't stand a chance with me.

James: Where are you going?

Lucinda: I'm calling the Police so they can come and collect you, and don't imagine for one second that I'm afraid of you.

James: Oh, don't get in high dudgeon over all this, Lucinda. I'm fine with you calling the Police.

Lucinda: Oh, a new technique?

James: No, on contraire. I know exactly what people are saying about me, and I welcome the opportunity to clear my good name.

Lucinda: There was never anything good about you, including your name, James.

James: Oh, really? I seem to remember one or two things you got your teeth into that looked pretty good.

[Lucinda laughs]

Lucinda: I'll give you something. You continue to amaze me.

James: Well, I do think that to merit your tenacity adds to one's charm.

Lucinda: Let's just hope the Police find you half as charming as you find yourself. All right, redial.

James: Patience, lover. There's something we have to discuss first.

Lucinda: Absolutely not. Absolute -- look, my home, my hearth, my person, my bed, my business, everything is off-limits to you, James.

James: Well, I'm flattered you still think of me in those terms. No, I'm referring to the $250,000 you offered to anyone who could present me at your front door.

Lucinda: What are you -- what about it?

James: Here I am. I'll even allow you to escort me to the Police station. But first, the check.

Lucinda: You've got to be kidding.

James: I never kid about money. Now, once, I gave you a large, leather-bound checkbook. Is it still -- is it in this room?

Lucinda: James, I will not write you a check for one red cent. Not you.

James: You see, your impatience prevents you from seeing the full picture. If you don't write a check for $250,000 to me right now, I walk through that door, you never see me again.

Lucinda: That would upset me?

James: No. But it certainly will disappoint that bubble-gum popping, high-haired, pseudo daughter of yours. I'm referring, of course, to the lovely and talented Rose D'Angelo.

Lucinda: You really are Satan's spawn, aren't you really?

James: Business first. We can make pillow talk later. The check.

Lucinda: Okay.

James: Matthew, this is the master of the house. Build me a martini, straight up, dry with a twist. Then call dear old Fenwick and have him bring the car around.

Katie: You saw Simon at Java?

Dahlia: He didn't tell you he was going there? Well, you know, maybe he just stopped by to get some coffee on his way to the airport.

Katie: No, he said that his flight was leaving right away, which is why he couldn't celebrate my birthday night with me.

Dahlia: And this woman that came to the door, she didn't give you any clue about what she wanted?

Katie: No. Do you think that she has something to do with him being a Java?

Dahlia: Probably not. Although --

Katie: What, Dahlia? Come on, I need to know.

Dahlia: Well, it's probably nothing, but I did see a woman join Simon at Java. It didn't look like he was in a hurry to get out of there.

Katie: Wait, tall woman, kind of businessy type?

Dahlia: I don't know. She was sitting down when I left, but she did look serious.

Katie: Okay, there has got to be some explanation for this.

Dahlia: Well, of course there is, I'm sure.

Katie: Here. I'm calling Simon on his cell right now and I'm gonna figure this whole thing out.

Simon: Yeah, I'm at Java, upstairs. Uh, another half hour or so. Yeah, Jack Snyder's passport. Entries, exits, visas, that kind of thing. It doesn't matter. Printout, computer disk, whatever you've got. Excellent. I'll see you soon.

[Cell phone rings] Frasier here.

Katie: Frasier here, too.

Simon: Hey. How's my birthday girl?

Katie: Lonely. I actually just tried to call you on your cell, but it went straight to your voice mail. Were you on the phone?

Simon: Yes. I was just talking to Margo. Katie, the assignment actually might be canceled.

Katie: Oh, good, 'cause there was a woman here looking for you.

Simon: What woman?

Katie: I don't know. She probably answers to the name "gorgeous," but I didn't get her real name.

Simon: Have you ever seen her before?

Katie: No. She was carrying a briefcase and wouldn't say what she wanted. Any idea why some perfect stranger's looking for you? She was very disappointed when you weren't around.

Simon: No, no idea. Look, I'll deal with it when I get back.

Katie: So where are you?

Simon: The airport. My flight got delayed. But I'm just gonna stick

around here, see if Margo needs me anymore.

Katie: So you think you'll be there for a while?

Simon: It's quite possible. All I know is that, baby, I miss you. And I wish I was there with you.

Katie: Yeah, me, too. That's so sweet, honey. Well, I'll just count the minutes till you get home.

Simon: Me, too. Hey, I love you.

Katie: I love you, too.

Dahlia: So, straighten everything out?

Katie: Yeah. Yeah, everything's fine. Everything is perfectly fine.

Ian: What is this place? Do you -- do you run it?

Bonnie: I work here. And our bartender called in, which makes us short-handed, which is exactly why Isaac came in.

Ian: And this Isaac, is he your employer?

Bonnie: That's right.

Ian: It would appear I'm not the only one who's made a transformation. Bonnie McKechnie working for a living. How delightfully novel.

Bonnie: There are a lot of new things about me you don't know in my life.

Ian: For example?

Bonnie: I don't go into an instant swoon every time a Scotsman with a title tells me that he loves me.

Ian: Oh, but I do love you. Bonnie, more than ever. You're like a breeze, like a soft summer breeze that warms my heart. I've never known anyone like you.

Bonnie: Yeah, your life was just so empty after I left.

Ian: My life was empty after you left.

[Isaac clears his throat]

Bonnie: Isaac!

Isaac: See, I thought something was strange when Jennifer asked me, of all people, to take a look under the hood of her car. And then when it started right up like that --

Bonnie: Well, where's Jen now?

Isaac: I sent her home in disgrace. You look a lot shorter than your picture.

Bonnie: Isaac, it's not what it looks like.

Isaac: What is it?

Bonnie: Well, Ian just -- just came into town and I really haven't had a chance to explain my situation.

Isaac: Ian, the infamous duke.

Ian: Just Ian. I've probably been distracting your employee.

Isaac: Employee? So you haven't had a chance to tell the duke here that you're more to me than just that?

Bonnie: I wanted to handle this my way.

Isaac: Oh, I see the way you were handling it, Bonnie, like you were having a kissing booth at the ice cream social.

Ian: You're being a wee bit proprietary, aren't you?

Isaac: You're a wee bit right, ladies. I am the proprietor of this establishment. And so, why don't you just take your kilt and your bagpipes, your plaid and get out of here?

Ian: Are you sure? Is that what you want, Bonnie?

Mathis: I'm afraid you'll need to see the desk sergeant.

John: When I called and I said that Ms. Ryan was coming in to make a statement --

Margo: I'm here, I'm here, I'm here, I'm here, I'm here. I'll take it from here. Thank you.

Mathis: Sorry, detective, but lately, so many people have been in to see you, they say they have information on Steinbeck.

Margo: It's all right. It's fine. It's fine. Thank you. So Barbara, it's true? You want to make a statement?

Barbara: Yes, but I think that Jack should be here, don't you?

Margo: Yes, I do, but unfortunately, I don't know where he is, just like I don't know where Hal is right now.

Barbara: Oh, my God, what have I done, John?

John: Come on, come on, Margo's gonna take care of everything.

Margo: Oh, yeah, Margo'll take care of everything. I'll just fix it all up, right after I take care of world peace.

John: Listen, Barbara has decided to fill in the gaps of her part in the disappearance of Carly, Emily and Rose.

Margo: You are one cool drink of water, aren't you, Barbara? Why don't you come in here and we can talk? So what made you change your mind about talking to us?

Barbara: I finally realized that I have to tell the truth.

Margo: Which is?

Barbara: That James may have gotten rid of Emily Stewart, Carly Tenney and Rose D'Angelo, but I'm the one that put him up to it.

Margo: You do realize what you're saying, don't you?

John: Listen, I think you should have an attorney present when you make these statements.

Margo: Barbara, are you waiving your right to counsel?

Barbara: An attorney's not going to change what I've done.

John: But he can help you get through this process.

Barbara: I truly believed that Carly, Emily and Rose were taking away everything that was important to me. I understand now that I was deluded. But I believed that I was in terrible danger of losing everything. So I turned to James and he took care of it for me.

Margo: All right, before you continue, I want to get something to record your statement. Excuse me. Well, my, my, my. Speak of the devil, and poof! He doesn't just appear. Hello, James.

Bonnie: Believe me, Isaac, I had no idea Ian was coming to the United States, let alone Oakdale, not to mention Java underground.

Ian: C'mon, lass, just explain to the man that you and I have a beautiful history together.

Isaac: "The man"? Did he -- did you just call me "the man" under my own roof?

Ian: I meant no offense.

Isaac: Listen, you might be right. I am the man around here, and I know all about your history with Bonnie. Believe me, but it doesn't matter how many titles you toss before your name, you're still a lousy, lowlife rat.

Bonnie: Isaac, please, just let him go.

Isaac: No, no, no. I got some things I want to get straight with him. I may just be a bar owner, your majesty, but you know what? I do know this -- a man -- a man does not tell a woman that he loves her, ask her to marry you -- ask her to have your kids, and then you turn around and bunk the next feline that strolls by with her tail in the air.

Ian: I think I'm starting to get your message, sir. Have you gone and fallen in love with my Bonnie?

Isaac: Yeah. Yeah, I have.

Katie: So, Dahlia, thank you so much for the cake.

Dahlia: Well, considering everything we've been through, it's the least I could do.

Katie: Simon and I will feed it to each other as soon as he gets home.

Dahlia: I hope that you have the happiest birthday ever. And I meant it when I said how really glad I am that we worked things out. For you and Simon.

Katie: Yeah, it's pretty great, isn't it? Well, I'll see you soon.

Dahlia: Okay, great,

Katie: I can't believe this. Simon's lying to me. He's lying, and I -- oh! I'm not gonna sit still for it.

Jill: Hello, Simon.

Simon: Uh, hi. Oh, you're from Immigration? You got what I need?

Jill: Oh, yes. Yes, I have something you want very much.

Simon: All right.

Jill: I was told you were out of town, so I almost gave up. Good thing for you I needed a latte before I went to the airport.

Simon: You dropped in on my wife earlier, didn't you?

Jill: I see she didn't waste any time calling you.

Simon: Okay, so what's this?

Jill: My firm used to represent Monique Ferrari Frasier. You do remember Monique, don't you?

Simon: I never wanted this.

Jill: Yeah, tell that to the current Mrs.. Frasier. Tell me something. How are you going to live with yourself when you start spending this money?

Margo: Reynolds, would you cuff Mr. Steinbeck?

James: Oh, come on, Margo, is this disgusting display really necessary?

Margo: Oh, can it. So how'd you manage to pull this off, Lucinda?

Lucinda: Oh, what difference does it make? Just lock him up and throw away the key. Oh, and -- and -- and clean up a nice adjacent cell for that lady over there.

John: You know, you and I have been friends for a long time, Lucinda. Don't try to blow it.

James: Well, Barbara, Dr. Dixon, to what do I owe this pleasure?

Barbara: I came here to give my statement about what's really happened to Carly, Emily and Rose.

James: That's very interesting. You know, I thought I might do the same thing. Wouldn't it be ironic if it ended up being your word against mine?

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