ATWT Transcript Thursday 2/21/02


As the World Turns Transcript Thursday 2/21/02

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Bonnie: Mmm.

Isaac: Hungry?

Bonnie: Starved.

Isaac: Well, I've got a proposal for you.

Bonnie: Really? Already? Well, I know I've turned your world upside down, and I am a pretty good catch, but don't you think it's a little soon?

Isaac: Not that kind of proposal. I was thinking that since we made it through our first date, maybe it's time for a second.

Bonnie: Oh, if you think you're gonna sweep me off my feet and bring me back in here again --

Isaac: At my place. Tonight.

Bonnie: Well, who's gonna run the bar?

Isaac: Well, Lisa's coming in. I got Billy covering for me. Megan's gonna cover your shift.

Bonnie: You've got it all planned out.

Isaac: Everything, except your reply.

Bonnie: What's on the menu? Take-out? Delivery?

Isaac: I'm offended. You have insulted me.

Bonnie: Do you cook?

Isaac: Do I cook? Feast your ears on this -- I'm talking pan-seared Chilean sea bass, a little blackened string beans, perhaps some artichokes, orange-mango salsa --

Bonnie: Wait, wait. You can cook that?

Isaac: I can cook that superbly. The question is, can you resist?

Bonnie: Let me think about it.

Isaac: Yeah, you do that. And when the suspense gets too much for you to take and you don't know if you can stand it another second, knowing what's gonna happen when we get alone, you get back to me.

Jennifer: Hey, Bonnie. What's going on?

Bonnie: Well, I have this amazing grin on my face that I can't get off, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Jennifer: Well, that must mean that you're in a good mood. Which means the chances of you ripping off my head are slim to none, huh?

Bonnie: Why would I do something like that?

Jennifer: Because, um -- okay, because I did something you may not like. And -- but I promise, I did it for your own good.

Bonnie: Are you going to tell me or do I have to guess?

Jennifer: I called your former fiancÚ.

Bonnie: The duke? You called Ian?

Jennifer: Mm-hmm. And I kind of told him where he could find you.

Bonnie: Jennifer, what are you trying to do to my life?!

Barbara: If being who you once were is too difficult, if you don't want to be me, that's fine. But for the love of everything that's holy, stay away from my children!

Barbara: Get out of my way.

Imaginary Barbara: You think you can waltz into my home after you've abandoned my children?

Barbara: I didn't abandoned my children! I would never leave my children!

Imaginary Barbara: Come on, Barbara. You don't really believe that. Paul doesn't want you here, and you can't comfort Will. He needs a mother, a real mother. And since she no longer exists, he'd rather have Paul. Go, before you do any more damage!

Barbara: Go? Why? Aren't you the one that's encouraging me to embrace my old self?

Imaginary Barbara: That's right.

Barbara: Then let me take care of my son!

Imaginary Barbara: Do you really want to take care of Will? Help him in a way that no one else can?

Barbara: Of course. Let me take care of him. I want to take care of all of my children.

Imaginary Barbara: Then tell the truth. Admit that you're complicit in the disappearances of Hal and those three women. That you knew everything.

Barbara: You know nothing about this! Nothing!

Imaginary Barbara: I know that you won't get a moment's rest until you tell the truth. I'll see to that.

Barbara: Stop threatening me. Stop trying to frighten me.

Imaginary Barbara: You're the only one that can make this stop.

Barbara: Leave me alone. I won't listen to any of this. I don't want to be here as much as you don't want me here, either!

Paul: Mom? What's going on here?

Imaginary Barbara: Tell him, Barbara. Tell him before it's too late.

Dahlia: If you want to walk away from an extremely lucrative career before it even begins --

Katie: The career part, I have no problem with. It's working with you that I really don't think I like.

Dahlia: One bump in the road isn't gonna stop someone like you. You know, prove to me and our backers that I didn't choose the wrong woman for this job. That you are still as relentless and motivated as ever. We had a beautiful partnership in the works, Katie. Do you really want to walk away from the talk shows, the lecture tours, the merchandising?

Katie: If my marriage is an issue, I'll walk right away from those things. There's nothing more important to me than Simon, and I really don't think that you're getting that.

Dahlia: I understand that in spite of a foolish move on my part, your marriage is solid. Solid as a rock. And so is this. This is a nice, solid proposal for a syndicated TV series, starring and co-produced by Katie Frasier.

Katie: A production credit?

Dahlia: I have one word for you -- "syndication." Oh, come on, Katie, don't be mad at me. We all make mistakes.

Katie: So kissing Simon was just some little mistake?

Dahlia: Waving good-bye to a dream come true -- that would be the mistake. Go ahead. Shoot yourself in the career. You know what? It's your call. Just say the word, and I'm history.

Katie: Good. There's the door. Use it.

Simon: So you want me to work for you as what? A cop?

Margo: No, not as a cop. It would be a much less formal arrangement than that. You would really just be helping me out on a completely unofficial investigation. You could put your adventure skills to good use.

Simon: Oh, right.

Margo: What do you say? Are you interested?

Simon: No, I'm kind of busy. All right, tell me more.

Margo: All right, great. It would really be kind of a follow-up to the trip to France that Craig bankrolled for you. Remember? What it is is that one of my best detectives is on his way to France now. It's Jack Snyder. He's following leads in Marseilles about the three missing women.

Simon: And -- I don't know. What, you want me to go along?

Margo: No, Simon. I need you to follow him.

Simon: To follow him, why?

Margo: Because I have a feeling that Jack is walking into a trap.

Julia: What's the matter, Jack? They're not your favorite anymore?

Jack: What the hell are you doing here, Julia?

Julia: This is my home. Where else would I go?

Jack: How'd you get out of the hospital?

Julia: You know, it was the oddest thing. One day, I was getting shock therapy. And the next, someone had arranged to have me released.

Jack: You were remanded to a hospital for the criminally insane.

Julia: Don't remind me.

Jack: Who could've arranged for you to be released?

Julia: Someone who understands the difference between crazy and just plain crazy in love.

Jack: Julia?

Julia: Huh?

Jack: You shouldn't be here. You shouldn't be out of the hospital. How'd you get out?

Julia: I told you. The doctor let me go.

Jack: What doctor? What's his name?

Julia: Oh, just stop being such a worrywart!

Jack: I need to know how this happened, Julia. Did James Steinbeck have anything to do with this? Julia, have you seen Steinbeck?

Julia: Why? Did you think he was still holding me responsible for his son's death? Seeing as I helped David escape right into an ambush. Well, if he was, he's letting bygones be bygones. And you know what, Jack? We can all learn something from that. But it's time that we forgave each other, Jack. You and I.

Jack: Okay, I need you to listen to me. You're being used in a plot that you couldn't possibly understand.

Julia: What are you talking about?

Jack: Steinbeck had you released from the hospital as a diversion. He knows I have to leave the country to track down clues in a case where he's a major player. He's trying to keep me from doing something that could keep him in jail forever.

Julia: Jack, you're still working way too hard, aren't you? You know what? It is time you got some rest.

Jack: If Steinbeck brought you here as a diversion to throw me off the scent, it's not gonna work.

Julia: Jack, I'm here for you, because you need me now more than ever.

Jack: Julia, this isn't about work. This isn't about you. It's about Steinbeck. He's using you. If you understand nothing else, understand that!

Julia: I understand everything. Somebody must've been reading my wish list, because Carly is finally where she belongs. Gone without a trace. Which means things can finally be the way they were always meant to be. Jack, there's finally hope for us.

Margo: I don't know what to do. I mean, I'm chasing shadows here. And I can't afford for Jack to go over there on his own and run the risk of him disappearing like Hal.

Simon: Well, is he aware of the danger?

Margo: That doesn't matter to Jack. Look, Simon, I would do this on my own, but I can't. I'm up to here with the Scudder case. And there's -- I don't have anybody that I can assign this to because we're overworked and we're understaffed and -- Simon, please, are you interested?

Simon: Look, I'd love to help, but the reason I came -- I'm worried about Katie and this thing that she's so involved with.

Margo: Oh, Simon!

Simon: That's why I came in here.

Margo: Look, you are her husband, not her caretaker! Would you get a life?

Simon: Yeah, well, seeing how you put it like that, all right, fine.

Margo: Great, great, okay.

Simon: When's Jack scheduled to go to Marseilles?

Margo: All right, what I'm gonna do here is I'm gonna put together a packet of all the information that you're gonna need. And then I'll messenger it over to you. And listen to me, Simon. Please, be careful. Stay in constant contact with me. Be safe for Jack's sake, for my sake. For Katie's sake.

Simon: For Katie. I'll keep her well out of it.

Margo: That's the spirit. And listen, you come back in one piece or your wife will have my head.

Simon: Get a life.

Margo: Yeah, but it worked.

Dahlia: Katie, I'm the first to admit that Simon's a hot guy. But you are my priority now. You're about to become a star. Instant fame is a bigger challenge to any relationship than any mere mortal could be. I wanted to make sure that Simon was in this for the long haul. That he was able to handle the temptations and the stresses that flare up.

Katie: And you couldn't have just had a conversation with him? You had to try to stick your tongue down his throat?

Dahlia: You're right. There are other ways that I could've handled it. I made a judgment call.

Katie: And you lost. So you take your step aerobics and step on out of here, right now.

Dahlia: Okay, calm down. You're obviously very stressed right now. You're in no position to make a rational decision. When you change your mind, you give me a call. The door is always open.

Katie: Wrong again.

Imaginary Barbara: Tell Paul. If you're honest, he'll understand.

Paul: I thought I asked you to leave.

Barbara: I was just gathering my things.

Paul: And talking to yourself. What, is this your new tactic? Prepping yourself for your insanity defense?

Barbara: I knew this wasn't going to work. This isn't the right time.

Imaginary Barbara: Make it the right time.

Paul: Don't rule it out. A good insanity defense could be your "get out of jail free" card. I'm sure your lawyer's working on that as we speak.

Barbara: That isn't what I meant, Paul.

Paul: You know, whatever you're going through right now, deal with it somewhere else. 'Cause I got to take care of Will, and you're not helping things.

Barbara: Then let me try.

Paul: You want to help? You want to help everybody? Then when I come down these stairs, be gone.

Barbara: You want me gone? Fine. I'm gone. I don't need to be told a second time, like some people.

Imaginary Barbara: He wants you to accept responsibility for what you have done.

Barbara: You heard how much he hates me.

Imaginary Barbara: He hates what you've done, what you've become.

Barbara: It's too late.

Imaginary Barbara: It's never too late to confess.

Barbara: I can't. Too many people will be hurt. I've got to go.

Imaginary Barbara: Not yet, Barbara. There are things you need to see.

Barbara: What? Where?

Imaginary Barbara: We're going on a trip.

Bonnie: He didn't say he was coming all the way to Oakdale, did he?

Jennifer: Well, I told him where you were, and then we were cut off. Look, you know that I would never do anything to hurt you intentionally.

Bonnie: I know. I'm sorry.

Jennifer: I'm sorry. Friends again?

Bonnie: Yeah, always.

Jennifer: Look, I'm sorry, but I really thought that deep down in your heart, Ian was the one you wanted all along. Call me later?

Bonnie: Definitely.

Jennifer: Bye.

Bonnie: Bye.

Bonnie: Hello, Paddington? How's the weather in Scotland? How did you know it was me? Oh, no, I'm fine, I'm fine. You know me, party central. How's Ian? Ah. A friend of mine has played an awful joke on him, and I was wondering if you could relay the message to just disregard Jennifer Munson's phone call. Yes. Really? He said that about me? Well, that hardly changes anything. Oh, yes, please do. And it was a thrill to talk to you as well. Talk to you soon. Okay, bye-bye.

Isaac: Quite a smile. Ready to tell me what that was about?

Bonnie: Uh --

Simon: Hey, hey, what are you doing? What's going on? Stop that.

Katie: Well, I asked Dahlia to tell me how she just ended up kissing you, and she admitted it. She confessed to the whole thing and acted like it was no big deal. And you know what she told me? That she was "testing" your devotion to me. So I threw her and her proposal right out the door and out of our lives. So it's fine.

Simon: Look, you destroyed your videotape?

Katie: I did what any happily married woman would do. I kicked her sleazy butt and her six-figure, stupid proposal right out of this door.

Simon: Yes, yes, you did, for an unrequited kiss.

Katie: Simon, I don't need to be rich. I don't need to be famous. I don't need to be a household name, especially if it means I'd have to be under the power of some sleazy home wrecker like her.

Simon: She didn't -- hey, she didn't wreck anything. Nothing was wrecked.

Katie: No, she didn't! Because I would've killed her. But she tried! That's the point, right?

Simon: No, no, no, the point is, she failed miserably.

Katie: Yeah, well, you know what? She's not gonna get another chance to "try, try again," because I cut her right at the knees.

Simon: Oh, whoa, what are you gonna do? Like, cut your career off as well?

Katie: What are you talking about?! You want me to actually consider signing that proposal? I don't understand this.

Simon: Look, listen, my opinion of that low-life hasn't changed. But I would hate myself if you gave up something because of me. All right? Just be cautious.

Katie: I don't know what to do, Simon! I'm so confused!

Simon: Do what you always do. Never let anyone get in the way of what you want. Do what you have to do. Just the way I need to -- do what I need to do.

Katie: That sounded like a weird code or something. What do you need to do?

Simon: Katie, I need to go away for a while. Without you.

Barbara: What are we doing? I'm not wanted here. I want to get out of the cold and go away.

Imaginary Barbara: We're almost there.

Barbara: Almost where? You said we were taking a trip.

Imaginary Barbara: We are. Here. Inside your conscience. Look, Barbara, Carly's little boy.

John: Parker, I realize how upset you are. Believe me, mommy and daddy wanted to be here

today for your play more than anything else in the world. But they - they're busy.

They're working. They're working on a very special project. But you know the most

special part of that project is that they hurry up and they come back to you.

Parker: I want my mommy!

John: I know you do. I know you do. I know you want your mommy.

And she'll be coming back very soon. Very soon.

Barbara: I've seen enough. I have to go!

Imaginary Barbara: Not so fast, Barbara. There's more to see. Much more.

Julia: Mm, Jack, you should try one. They came out a lot better than I expected.

Jack: I need you to concentrate, Julia.

Julia: I'm concentrating on you, honey.

Jack: No, not on me. On Carly. You seem to know that she's gone. You know where she is?

Julia: No. And I couldn't care less.

Jack: She was kidnapped, Julia, by Steinbeck, along with Emily Stewart and Rose D'Angelo.

[Julia laughs]

Julia: It's about time somebody cleaned up around here. Finally, Oakdale's safe for decent folks like us.

Jack: He took her away from her little boy, Parker. You always liked Parker.

Julia: Good thing Parker has a good father.

Jack: Yeah? Hal's missing, too.

Julia: I don't want to think bad thoughts anymore. Carly's gone. That's the most important thing.

Jack: Her disappearance doesn't change anything between us.

Julia: It changes everything! Jack, she destroyed our marriage. But now, she's gone. And -- and we can start again.

Jack: No, no, we can't.

Julia: Oh, we were so happy here. Don't you remember? Now my life has been handed back to me, Jack. My life with you. Do you realize how lucky we are to have a second chance?

Jack: This isn't a second chance, Julia. This is a mistake. You belong in the hospital.

Julia: I belong with you.

Jack: What if you hurt yourself, hmm? Or somebody else? Like the time you tried to hurt Carly?

Julia: Oh, Carly is gone, so why would we need to worry about anything like that? I promise you, I'm not gonna hurt anybody. I won't need to. Unless they give me a reason to.

[Julia laughs] oh, Jack, you should see the look on your face. I was just kidding. Now, what would my wonderful husband like for dinner?

Jack: Nothing.

Julia: Nothing? What kind of an answer is that?

Jack: I meant -- you shouldn't have to cook. Not your first night back. Tell you what -- we can go to the Lakeview. We always had a good time there, right?

Julia: Well, I was kind of hoping for something a little more intimate. Come on. When's the last time you had a home-cooked meal?

Jack: It's been a long time.

Julia: So what would you say to a nice, hot tuna casserole?

Jack: Okay. Yeah, that sounds delicious. Why don't you get started in the kitchen, I'll finish getting dressed, and then I'll give you a hand, okay?

Julia: Okay.

Jack: Good.

Julia: What do you know? This thing really worked.

Julia: Did you think I would forget? I know everything there is to know about you, Jack. I know where you keep your spare key. I know how much you love chocolate chip cookies. And I know how much you hate tuna casserole. I know you wouldn't agree to tuna anything, unless you were up to something. Were you gonna go upstairs, huh? Get your handcuffs, your gun? I should've known that this would take time. That's okay. You'll adjust to the way things are gonna be, Jack. You'll adjust, because I'm gonna make sure you adjust.

Simon: Margo's asked me to do a job for her.

Katie: Where?

Simon: In Europe.

Katie: For how long?

Simon: To be determined.

Katie: Is it dangerous?

Simon: No more dangerous than your driving. Look, I don't know, okay? But I'll be careful.

Katie: Why didn't she just send a cop?

Simon: Because they seem to be in short supply these days.

Katie: Well, if they need more manpower, then I can come help you.

Simon: No way, no, no, no. Forget about that.

Katie: Why not? We were great together in Malta.

Simon: That's just not gonna fly this time. I need to keep a low profile.

Katie: Well, what's a lower profile than a nice couple honeymooning or vacationing?

Simon: Listen, you can't come with me because you have your own challenge here in Oakdale. If you choose to accept it.

Katie: How can I work with her knowing that her lips were on yours?

Simon: Look, just because I wear an irresistible cologne doesn't mean you should sacrifice your future.

Katie: What if it happens again?

Simon: She'll fail again. Look, nothing and no one can come between us. You taught me that.

Katie: I know. I guess I just needed a refresher.

Simon: "Refresher"?

Katie: Mmm. Nothing more refreshing than that.

Simon: Oh, I wish I could stay here and give you a proper birthday celebration.

Katie: It's okay.

Simon: Wait. I did manage to scrounge a few pennies together and get you a gift.

Katie: You did?

Simon: Yes!

Katie: Where is it?

Simon: Well, if it's not broken, it was under the bed.

Katie: What?

Simon: No, I'm joking. It's over here. I can't believe you didn't find it there.

Katie: Oh, I never met a present I didn't like. Fur?

Simon: Faux fur. Very faux. 100% pure fake rabbit. I didn't want Snickers getting revenge on me in the middle of the night. You like it?

Katie: Good idea. I love it! It's beautiful and warm and soft, and Snickers will love it. I love it. I love you.

Simon: Oh, I so wish I didn't have to go anywhere.

Katie: Yeah, wouldn't you like to stay and find out what it's like when I'm wearing nothing under this coat?

Simon: Oh, you evil temptress.

Katie: Mm-hmm.

Simon: How dare you do that to me before I leave.

Katie: Well, maybe next time, it'll make you think twice before you take off. When will you be back?

Simon: Not soon enough. Keep busy, stay out of trouble. And know that I love you more than life itself.

Katie: Ditto, babe. I love you!

Isaac: Why are avoiding the question?

Bonnie: I'm not avoiding anything.

Isaac: The conversation you were having the other minute. You know, on the phone?

Bonnie: Oh, you're not still going on about that, are you?

Isaac: Is this your way of telling me to mind my own business?

Bonnie: See? I love it. I love it when we start speaking one another's unspoken language.

Isaac: Is that the same unspoken language they speak in Scotland? I'm only asking because you happened to leave your little black book opened to a phone number that was in Scotland. Oh, and what do we have here? Besides this $20 bill, we have a handsome dude. Or should I say "duke"? Am I close?

Bonnie: Give me that.

Isaac: Is there something that you want to tell me, Bonnie?

Bonnie: The photo of the duke was in my address book because Jennifer gave it to me. They crossed paths purely by coincidence. And yes, I was calling Scotland to tell the duke that despite what my clueless but well-meaning friend has told him, I don't want to see him.

Isaac: Why don't you want to see him?

Bonnie: Are you kidding? He can't make an apple martini to save his life. Who needs him?

Isaac: It's funny that -- well, it's just funny that I would find your little black book, especially after all the grief you gave me about mine.

Bonnie: Did I? Slipped my mind.

Isaac: You made me torch my little buddy.

Bonnie: Totally different situation!

Isaac: Why? Because this time it's you?

Bonnie: Because I'm not saving guys' names just in case whatever happens between us doesn't work out.

Isaac: Good. Then we won't have any problem, 'cause you won't mind burning this.

Bonnie: Are you kidding? This is Italian leather. Do you know how much one of these things cost?

Isaac: Fine. We'll just burn the pages.

Bonnie: Fine.

Isaac: Great. Come on.

Bonnie: You know, you're enjoying this a little bit too much.

Isaac: Let's get this here to a flame.

Bonnie: Oh, yeah.

Isaac: You hold it, and I'll light it.

Bonnie: Satisfied?

Isaac: Almost.

Tom: Just tell me that Daniel slept last night.

Susan: Not much.

Tom: Poor guy. He seems exhausted all the time.

Susan: Because he's up half the night crying for his mommy.

Tom: Well, trust me, Susan. He's the same way when he's with me.

Susan: I honestly don't know what I'm supposed to tell him anymore

when he asks where she is. What am I supposed to say?

Tom: I think we just have to find a way to reassure him.

Susan: How can I do that when I don't understand?

How can I tell that little boy his mother may not kiss

him good night again?

Tom: Well, they're gonna find Emily, Susan. We just have to - have faith.

Susan: Even you have your doubts now. The little boy needs his mother.

And say what you will about Emily. She adores him.

Tom: I know that.

Susan: I miss her, too. I know she and I have had our problems, but she's

my little girl. And I miss her so much.

Barbara: Enough! I've seen enough! I've seen enough!

Imaginary Barbara: Have you? Would you like to listen to Lily Snyder explain to her son, Luke, where his auntie Rose has gone?

Barbara: No.

Imaginary Barbara: Or shall we tiptoe up to Will's room and listen while he tries to explain to his brother why they're alone? Listen while he tries to explain to Parker why his dad is gone, why his mother has been taken away from him?

Barbara: Stop it. Just stop it!

Imaginary Barbara: You're the only one who can stop it, Barbara.

Barbara: I can't!

Imaginary Barbara: You have to.

Barbara: I don't have anything to do with Hal's disappearance.

Imaginary Barbara: You've learned to lie so well, you're deceiving yourself.

Barbara: It's the truth.

Imaginary Barbara: Look, Barbara. Take a good, hard look at the man that you claim to love and what you've done to him. Look.

Hal: Why, Barbara?

Barbara: Take me away. Take me away. Make it stop! Stop!

Hal: Why, Barbara?

Barbara: Make it stop! Make it stop!

Hal: Why?!

Barbara: Stop it! Oh, Hal. What have I done to you?

[Phone rings]

Margo: Hughes.

Simon: Margo, it's Simon.

Margo: Where are you?

Simon: I'm on my way back from the airport.

Look, Jack's flight took off without him.

Margo: Oh, well, I'll call him then.

Simon: No, no, no, there's no answer on his cell phone or at his home.

Margo: Meet me at Jack's place. 123 Elm Street, Milltown.

Simon: Sure, I'll see you there.

Margo: Oh, my God, please don't let this nightmare be happening again.

Jack: It was a nightmare.

It was just a nightmare. What the --

Julia: Well, welcome back, sleepyhead.

Jack: Julia, get me out of this!

Julia: Hmm, you don't like the jacket. I brought it along with me from the hospital, just in case. Take it from a girl who knows, Jack. It only gets worse if you don't calm down.

Jack: Why are you doing this to me?

Julia: It's not like you gave me a choice. I had to use the stun gun. But you know, the good news is, dragging you up those stairs is not nearly as difficult as I thought. I have been working out like crazy. Hey, just goes to show you, behind every cloud --

Jack: If you think you can make me love you again by holding me hostage --

Julia: Anything is possible.

Jack: It won't work! You're never gonna get away with this, Julia. They'll find you. They'll find you, and they'll lock you up again. Trust me! This time, you'll never get out!

Julia: Oh, what a pessimist! I am not worried. I am not worried one bit. 'Cause all I have to do is make you remember all the good times we used to have.

Jack: I'll explain everything to your doctors. Okay? I'll tell 'em how Steinbeck used you. I'll make sure no one hurts you. Just untie me, and let me go.

Julia: Of course I will. Just as soon as you get used to the idea that we're a couple again. Now, you stop saying things like our marriage is over, or you're gonna try and send me back to the hospital. Jack, I just want to know that you believe that you're really mine, and then the jacket will come off. But until then, we need some "just us" time, you know, to get reacquainted.

Jack: You can't keep me here forever.

Julia: Shh, Jack. Relax, okay? Anything is possible. And I don't want you to worry one little bit. Everything's gonna be okay, 'cause Julia's here. She's gonna make you all better.

Dahlia: I'm really glad that you called.

Katie: Well, I realized that this is bigger than me or you or Simon. I'm involved in the reshaping of America. The fitness of an entire nation is at stake here, and I never back away from a challenge.

Dahlia: That's what my research told me.

Katie: So I'm back on board.

Dahlia: Well, you've made me and our backers very happy, and very wealthy.

Katie: There's just one more thing that I want to get perfectly clear so there's no confusion in the future.

Dahlia: By all means.

Katie: My husband and I are very much in love. We trust each other implicitly, and he would never betray me. You, on the other hand --

Dahlia: I thought we had already cleared this up.

Katie: You touch my husband again, and you're dead meat. No touching, no kissing. And if you even look at him in the wrong way, you're gonna pay for it. And I can make sure of that. You understand?

Dahlia: Understand. You know, it's actually quite refreshing -- a young woman so blindly devoted to her man.

Katie: Simon and I have total faith in each other.

Dahlia: My hats off to you. And I'm really glad that we're friends again. Okay, I'll be in touch. Total faith?

Jennifer: Bonnie, we need to talk.

Bonnie: Oh, not now, Jen. I have a million things I have to do.

Jennifer: And what if it's about the duke?

Bonnie: Unless you're talking about Mr. Ellington, John Wayne, or that really, really good basketball team, I don't want to hear about it. Because, from now on, Jen, I don't want to hear about him, talk about him or see him again.

Jennifer: Well, that might be tricky.

Bonnie: Ian?

Ian: Hello, Bonnie, my lass. Tell me you haven't forgotten me already.

Julia: What do you want to do first?

Jack: Well, the thing is, I'm not gonna be up to much of anything unless I see a doctor.

Julia: Tell me where it hurts.

Jack: It's my ankle. It was fractured already, but it must've gotten wrenched when you brought me up here. Something's wrong with it, Julia. Really, really wrong.

Julia: But I can make it all better. I used to be a nurse, remember?

Jack: No, ah, ah! What I need is an x-ray.

Julia: Look, all of this stuff I stocked up from the hospital with a little help from my friends.

Jack: Steinbeck isn't your friend, Julia.

Julia: Okay. I'm gonna have you feeling better than new in no time.

Jack: I'm in real pain here. Listen, just get me a doctor, and we can do whatever you want.

Julia: What do you think we're doing right now, Jack? I don't want any old doctor coming in here, tramping around, messing up my peace. I just want to have you all to myself, Jack.

Jack: Listen, I'm about to pass out here. I'm not kidding, Julia.

Julia: Okay, okay. You focus on something else, and I'm gonna get you a glass of water so you can take these pills.

Jack: Focusing isn't going to cut it!

Julia: It did for me. That's what they taught me in the hospital. You just have to set goals, Jack. Think about your deepest desires. If you can visualize it, then it can happen. And, Jack, it did. It did. Isn't that the most romantic thing you've ever heard of? But you know what I visualized, don't you?

Jack: Please, Julia. If you ever loved me, you wouldn't let me suffer like this.

Julia: Oh, I don't want you to suffer. I just -- I just wanted one little kiss before I give you the pills. Just one little kiss?

[Banging at door] what the hell is that?

Margo: Snyder, it's Margo. You in there?

[Banging on door] Jack, can you hear me?

Jack: Margo!

Julia: I really wish you wouldn't make me do this, Jack! It spoils the mood; something fierce.

Margo: Jack! Did you find anything?

Simon: No, his car is missing. It looks like nobody's home at all.

Margo: Great. He doesn't make his flight to France, he doesn't answer the phone, he doesn't answer the door. Jack, where the hell are you?!

Julia: Well, I think they're finally giving up and going home. Won't that be nice, Jack? We can finally be alone together. We haven't been alone like this in such a long time. Well, it was never quite like this. At least now we can make up for lost time. Because we have time, Jack. We have all the time in the world.

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