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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 2/15/02

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Craig: Mitzi?

Mitzi: Mm-hmm?

Craig: As pleasant as this is, it is Jack I want you to seduce.

Mitzi: Forget Jack. I have.

Craig: That's very flattering, but Jack, you see, is the --

Mitzi: No, no, no.

Craig: Idea --

Mitzi: He only wants Carly. I want a man I can call my own.

Craig: Then trust me, you don't want me.

Mitzi: Oh, but I do, I do.

Craig: You're making this very -- difficult.

Mitzi: I can see that. See, I know all about guys like you. You're tall and handsome, rich, powerful -- you're never gonna settle down. I mean, why should you? There's always gonna be another girl around the block willing to go for a ride. So what d'ya say, cowboy? Once around the block? Look at you, you're such a gentleman.


Craig: I haven't often been accused of being a gentleman.

Mitzi: Look, I know you're gonna break my heart. But I'm a big girl, and I'll get over it. Besides, think of the memories.

Craig: They're flashing before my eyes. Are you sure?

Mitzi: I'm sure. I've wanted you since the first time I saw you.

Craig: You peeked. When was that?

Mitzi: The wedding at Lucinda's. I was helping out with the gifts, and you came in, I looked up, you walked across the foyer in a tux. You looked like a movie star -- and like a man. I wanted to unwrap you right there and then. So what do you say? What's wrong with a little fun on the sly?

Craig: Not a thing. I'm sure.

Shanks: Detective?

Jack: Yeah?

Shanks: Have you seen this?

Jack: No.

Shanks: Lucinda Walsh is offering a $100,000 reward for the information leading to the capture of James Steinbeck. There's a hot line and everything.

Jack: I guess we better be grateful that she didn't ask for him dead or alive.

Shanks: Detective --

Jack: No, no. Hey, listen, anything that keeps her out of my hair. Who knows, maybe she'll turn up a lead. After, of course, she wades through all the phonies, outpatients and con-artists.

Shanks: They're here. All of the above.

Jack: What do you mean?

Shanks: Well, they didn't call the hot line, they came to see you.

First bounty: I saw that man Steinbeck at the drug store. He and Uncle Morris, rest in peace, he's back from the dead.

Third bounty: I had a dream about a snake. Evil is coming, and he'll drive an SUV.

Fourth bounty: Yeah, when do we get the hunrand?

Fifth bounty: Doesn't matter if he's dead --

Fourth bounty: I need small bills.

Fifth bounty: 'Cause I'll shoot him for ya.

James: Dr. Weston, please. Cyrus? James. No, no, no, everything's going according to plan. However, I do think we need to move along as soon as possible, because you see, well, the authorities have located the pilot that flew the coffins to Marseilles. No, no, no, I'll do everything I can to block the trail to you. All right? But I advise you to move the ladies along as soon as possible. Time is of the essence.

Spa attendant: Good job, Emily.

Rose: My turn.

Spa attendant: Not yet, Rose.

Rose: C'mon, Emily. Let's go. Let's look at the mountains, the big, pretty mountains. They're so big, and they're so pretty, and they're so big. So big. So big. Emily, you have to -- stop, you have to concentrate. Or else, Weston's gonna come back here and grab you up just like he did with Carly. And you know what happened to her.

Emily: She went on vacation.

Rose: No, no. She's all trussed up in one of those back rooms. And you do not want to go back there. Trust me.

Emily: Rosemary's for remembrance.

Rose: That's Rose, just plain Rose. Look, the problem is you drank so much of that blue stuff your mind has turned to goo.

Emily: Blue -- blue goo.

Rose: Concentrate, please. If I cannot stop them from taking you, then you need to help me trip the fire alarm. Fire alarm. I saw a couple there by the oxygen tanks in the back. So please, you pull the thing, maybe Carly can hear you, and then I'll hear the alarm, and I'll go to the gate and open it, okay?

Emily: Ah, I hit the fire alarm.

Rose: Shh.

Emily: Whack!

Rose: Trip -- trip the fire alarm. Give me your hand. Pull it. You pull on it. You pull the fire alarm. Okay, you got it? Be very careful. Weston smells a rat, he stops the fire trucks from coming. That's our ticket out of here. Emily?

Emily: Rose?

Rose: Yes?

Emily: Smell this. It's -- cinnamon.

Rose: Give me that. You didn't hear a word I said, did you?

[Emily sneezes] bless you.

Libby: Emily, do you have a cold?

Emily: I have a rose. But don't tell Rose.

Rose: Would it matter if Emily had a cold?

Libby: She must not have a cold. Dr. Weston wants you and Emily to be in perfect health.

Rose: Why?

Libby: Doctor's orders.

[Emily sneezes]

Rose: Bless you. So that's the spa routine. That's it. Whatever they're doing to you in back, you got to be healthy. I know how we're getting out of here.

Rose: Look, Libby -- c'mere. No, no, no, look. You bring Emily down there where Carly is, it's over. I mean, she's gonna lay there, right? Like yesterday's pizza. But me, you bring me down there with just Carly around, no guards, I can do some serious damage.

Libby: Like what?

Rose: I can cause so much chaos, they won't even know that I was slipping out.

Libby: But what if --

Rose: What? What ifs? That time is over. Look at Emily. Look what they did to her. It's only a matter of time before they hold me down and make me to drink that blue stuff. We got to act now.

Libby: Shh. Dr. Weston.

Rose: Okay, skedaddle. Look, they take me. Remember -- me.

Dr. Weston: Yes, yes. Well, we're right back on schedule. Emily Stewart is ready to move on to phase two.

Rose: Big sniff. Big sniff. Big sniff. What do you smell?

Emily: Home.

[Emily sneezes]

Dr. Weston: Emily, are you all right?

Emily: I'm fine, doctor.

[Emily sneezes]

Dr. Weston: I hope you're not catching cold.

Rose: She's been shivering. I think she needs a blue drink.

Dr. Weston: No.

Rose: No?

Dr. Weston: No. Emily isn't ready for one.

Rose: What about me? Huh? I'll have the blue drink. I want the blue drink.

Emily: No, you cannot have my blue drink.

Rose: Oh, Emily always gets the good stuff. I want a blue drink. I want a blue drink. Give me a blue drink.

Dr. Weston: No, I'm afraid you're not quite ready, Rose.

Rose: Oh, please. I mean, if Emily's sick, then why can't I go next? I want to go on the big vacation with Carly.

Dr. Weston: No.

Rose: Please, please.

Dr. Weston: I only take good girls on vacation.

Rose: Oh, I'll be a good girl. Good girl. And then when Emily's feeling better, then she can come with us. Right?

Dr. Weston: Oh. Oh, we might be able to go that way.

Rose: Yeah.

Dr. Weston: It might save time. Yes, let me give that idea some thought, Rose.

Rose: Thank you.

Sixth bounty: This guy, Steinbeck, sold me my septic system. You think he buried a body down there? Should we dig it up?

Seventh bounty: Is this hundred grand tax exempt? Because my accountant warned me that the IRS expects its cut no matter what.

Jack: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Stop! People! People, the Police Department appreciates all bona fide leads. But this is not a circus. You will not be getting gun licenses, and you will not shoot James Steinbeck. Do you understand what I'm saying? Should any of you spot the suspect, you will not approach him. You will not question him. You will not try to apprehend him. You will not harm him or anyone else in any way. You will, however, call the Police Department, notifying us of when and where you spotted the suspect.

First bounty: And the reward?

Jack: The Police Department is not sponsoring this particular reward. We suggest you call the hot line listed in the paper and speak to Ms. Walsh.

Second bounty: But the ad said he had to be arrested.

Jack: If, as I said, you have legitimate information, you can speak to one of the uniformed officers outside, and they'll be happy to take your statements.

Fifth bounty: Yeah, and cash in on the reward.

Third bounty: I told you, evil is coming.

Jack: Shanks, get 'em out of here!

Shanks: Okay, ladies and gentleman, if you could please follow me out to the desk out here, I can assist you.

Jack: Yes, I would like to speak to Ms. Walsh. Right now, please.

Shanks: Okay, nobody's gonna talk to nobody till you get in line.

Margo: What's going on here?

Shanks: We're going retail!

Margo: Oh, my God, Lucinda --

Jessica: That's our girl.

Margo: Get 'em out of here. Show 'em the door.

Shanks: Okay, ladies and gentlemen, if you give me your name and your number, someone from the Police Department will contact you.

Jack: Lucinda -- hello?

Margo: Did you see that out there?

Jack: Yeah, I should've stopped Lucinda before she started.

Jessica: Stopping Lucinda?

Jack: Yeah. I just tried.

Margo: And?

Jack: And she hung up on me. Well, I'm glad you guys think it's funny!

Margo: No, I'm sorry. Jack, it's not that. It's just that, well, we're in a pretty good mood because it looks like Abigail Williams is gonna get off the hook.

Jack: What happened?

Margo: It seems that Mr. Scudder was carrying on with Miss Brandy Taylor.

Jack: Brandy Taylor, isn't that the girl that ambushed Adam?

Margo: Ambushed is a way of putting it, yeah. She seduced him. I don't think he put up much of a fuss, though.

Jessica: So Brandy Taylor was involved with Scudder from the beginning?

Margo: Scudder used her to drive a wedge between Adam and Abigail.

Jessica: To isolate Abigail so that she'd turn to Nick.

Jack: So the "me" inscribed in the music box is Brandy Taylor?

Margo: That's the theory.

Jack: Where is she now?

Margo: She is on her way as we speak.

Brandy: I think I left my keys in here. I just need to get back in to check.

Doyle: Hey, wait. I got to cuff you first. Detective Hughes' orders.

Brandy: I'm sorry. This is just really upsetting. I didn't do it. But that's not going to matter to my parents. No, anything that pulls them off the links is a disaster.

Doyle: Come here.

Brandy: Wait, can I just take this off first? I don't want it to get scratched. My grandmother gave it to me.

Doyle: Just hurry up.

Brandy: If my grandmother were still alive, none of this would have ever happened.

Doyle: Hey!


Mitzi: Ah, ah, ah, ah.

Craig: You could've fooled me.

Mitzi: You're a smart man, aren't you, Craig?

Craig: Most of the time.

Mitzi: Well, then you can figure this one out.

Craig: Give us a hint.

Mitzi: Lesson number one -- you can only seduce a man who's willing.

Craig: Or a woman.

Mitzi: My point being that Jack, who you wanted me to seduce, would never have gone for this, because he's true to Carly. Whereas you --

Craig: Mitzi, Mitzi, Mitzi, are you trying to give me a lecture on morality?

Mitzi: On women, Craig, and what's important to them.

Craig: Oh, I think I know how to make a woman happy.

Mitzi: That's only part of it, sweetheart. You see, a woman, especially if she's been made happy in that way, wants to make sure that her man isn't spreading the joy -- so to speak. She wants to know that he wants her and only her.

Craig: And does a man have a right to expect that his woman isn't, say, strutting her stuff in Atlantic City?

Mitzi: I'm not a dancer. I was a cocktail waitress. But if I was a dancer, I wouldn't be ashamed of it. Dancing is an art.

Craig: Oh, I support the arts, Mitzi, I do. Let me count the ways.

Mitzi: My advice to you is don't count -- on anything.

Craig: So this martini we just had on the sofa -- this was you instructing me in the finer points of courtship?

Mitzi: This was me sending you a message. Lay off Jack. He's not like you. When he loves, it's all the way.

Craig: Then why are you wasting your time? If he's all the way for Carly, then you haven't a chance.

Mitzi: Jack and I are just friends.

[Craig laughs] you wouldn't understand.

Craig: Well, I hope your friend appreciates your defending his honor. A grueling ordeal -- the reluctancy.

Mitzi: Don't flatter yourself.

Craig: Oh, I think I know when a woman is willing. Mitzi, you're willing.

Mitzi: You just don't give up, do you?

Craig: You started.

Mitzi: Oh, no, no,. Excuse me, Mr. Pants on fire, you started this when you asked me to seduce Jack. Who, by the way, would have said, "thanks, but no thanks," 'cause he's a gentleman, unlike you.

Craig: And when was the last time a gentleman made your earlobes hot?

Mitzi: St -- stop it.

Craig: Why? Why? Why, aren't you thinking to yourself that maybe, just maybe, this might be worth it? Because after all, Mitzi, you have made your point. I'm not Jack. You're right. I'm not. I'm here. Gotcha.

Mitzi: Oh, you rat!

Craig: You cheese.

Mitzi: I'm gonna tell Jack what you did.

Craig: Are you gonna tell him you liked it?

Mitzi: I'm gonna tell him you wanted me to seduce him.

Craig: If you think that'll work.

Mitzi: Ugh!

Craig: Hey, hey, hey, don't tease a tiger, baby.

Mitzi: Unless you got him by the tail. And I got you by the tail, Montgomery.

Craig: How I wish.

Mitzi: Yeah? Well, be careful what you wish for, because guess what? When Carly gets back, I'm gonna tell her what you did.

Craig: When Carly's finally rescued, do you really think she'll care that you threw yourself at me to make a point?

Mitzi: I guess we'll find out.

Craig: She'll laugh.

Mitzi: Then she doesn't really care about you.

Craig: She'll recognize it for what it was -- a weak ploy.

Mitzi: And if I slept with Jack, do you think that she'd laugh then? See, that's what's eaten you -- that he has a heart while you have to settle for spiking her pulse.

Craig: So I'm just a sex object?

Mitzi: You've your talents in that department, there's no question.

Craig: You're too kind.

Mitzi: But a woman needs more. And this woman needs you to exit, stage left.

Craig: Well, I enjoyed our time together, Mitzi.

Mitzi: I got talents of my own.

Craig: Yes, you do. Just don't overestimate them. Why is it that no one in this town wants Carly and me to be together?

Mitzi: 'Cause you're a louse!

Craig: Hey, nosey, that was rhetorical!

[Phone ringing] answer the phone!

Mitzi: Hello? Pierre from Marseilles? Jack's not here. He's at work. But I can take a message. Did you find out about where those two coffins were taken? Oh, right, sorry. I mean, excuses. C'est moi, Mitzi. Jacques n'est pas ici. Avez vous l'information? Dites moi.

Jack: The timing couldn't be better.

Margo: Oh, yeah, for Abigail. Man, what that family has been --

Jack: No, I'm talking about for me. If we can clear the Scudder case, you're freed up, so I can concentrate on Steinbeck and where he sent those coffins we tracked to France.

Margo: You are not going to France.

Jack: Oh, really? I got three reasons -- Rose, Emily and Carly.

Margo: We are so short-staffed here. And with Hal missing --

Jack: Well, how the hell do you think we're gonna find him?

Margo: Well, not by vacating every active case we've got going on so you can chase your girlfriend through Europe.

Jack: But this is not personal.

Jessica: Okay, time out.

Jack: You're wrong.

Margo: You're wrong.

Jessica: Wait a minute, you guys. Let's not forget the fact that Brandy Taylor is only the latest in a string of suspects. And if her story doesn't mesh with Abigail's, the grand jury won't hand down the indictment.

Jack: Abigail didn't do it.

Jessica: Prove it.

Shanks: An ambulance medic just called. Doyle's Collar? Brandy Taylor?

Margo: Yes?

Shanks: She got him in the face with pepper spray.

Margo: You're kidding. She got away?

Shanks: That's apparently the situation. Doyle's gonna check in as soon as he can talk.

Margo: All right, put out an APB on Brandy Taylor right now. I want you to check her parents' home, I want you to check the university campus, I want you to check Java underground. Did she have a car?

Shanks: I don't know.

Margo: Check with registration. Check for parking vouchers or tickets. The school will have a listing of that. If she doesn't have a car, she'll probably be hitchhiking, so I want you to contact the highway patrol. Would you go?

Shanks: I'm going. I'm gone.

Jessica: They'll find her.

Margo: If they don't, I'm going to strangle somebody.

Lucinda: My sentiments exactly, Margo. Jack, at your service. Give me one good reason why I should rescind the offer of the reward for James --

Jack: It's not working. Did you see that crowd out in the parking lot? You'd think it was a full moon, all the nut jobs we got crawling out there -- all looking for a payday.

Lucinda: Well, if they have information --

Jack: I wouldn't trust these people to mail a letter. And you want me to tie up officers doing interviews, tracking down leads that don't exist?

Lucinda: Jack, I want Rose back.

Jack: Then do us both a favor and back off.

Lucinda: Rose has been gone too long. I'm not sitting idly by any longer. Now, my reasoning is this -- if Oakdale Police Department has forgotten how to follow leads, I'll handle them for you.

Margo: All right, Lucinda, please.

Lucinda: As a matter of fact, I'm thinking of upping the ante. Because James is out there, and with the help of the good citizens of this town, I will find him.

Margo: And what will you do when you find him? Slap him around until he tells you where he stashed Rose?

Lucinda: It's my secret.

Margo: Listen, we're very close to finding her, Lucinda. But if you interfere, James will simply move her someplace else. And it'll take that much longer.

Lucinda: You're close? You're close? Well, now you tell me you're close. What have you got?

Margo: I'm not going to give you that information.

Lucinda: I see, said the blind man. Okay, fine. Then I'm going to continue my investigation on my own.

Jessica: Lucinda, if you impede this Police investigation --

Lucinda: Jessica, is the D.A. threatening me now?

Jessica: I'm merely advising you to cooperate.

Lucinda: Or what? Or what, you're going to throw me in jail? Oh, I think that's just so brilliant. It's just brilliant. Let's put me in jail, let's let James roam free. I just would be interested to know what our mayor would think about this new agenda, this campaign of "jail the victims." Hmm?

Jessica: Shall we call her?

Lucinda: Why? I'm having lunch with her next week -- if I'm at large. In the meantime, I'll find Rose.

Rose: These are the best strawberries I've ever had. Right, Emily?

[Emily sneezes]

Rose: Oh, got a bit of the sniffles. I'm sorry about the potpourri, but whatever's in there is making you allergic, so maybe Dr. Weston will send me to the mummy room instead of you. What do I do when they try to make me drink that blue drink?

Emily: It's delicious. It's good to the last drop.

Rose: No, bad. Bad -- very bad.

Emily: No, it's very good. I like it.

Rose: Do you want to go home?

Emily: Home? Do they have good drinks at home?

Rose: No, they have Daniel and Hal and your paper.

Emily: Rose, they have paper here. You want to color or something?

Rose: Clothes, clothes, what about clothes? Your clothes. I mean, we're wearing these robes, both of us, for weeks. Maybe you want to go home and have a black cocktail dress, some nice spiked heels. Something really subtle -- what you would like. No? Power suit girl? Sneakers? Probably cute, little, clean, white sneakers.

Emily: Sneakers? Daniel -- Daniel has little, white sneakers.

Rose: Yes. Daniel, yes. Daniel, think about Daniel. Think about how much you love him.

Emily: My Daniel.

Rose: That's good. No, no, you can't lose it. You can't, 'cause I need you to concentrate. Look at me. How many fingers? How many fingers?

Emily: Two.

Rose: Two. Two. Good. That's very good. Okay, here's the plan. When Weston comes back, you have to create a diversion.

Emily: I like the drink. If you don't want it, I'll --

Rose: No! Emily, no! She wants a doughnut. She loves the doughnuts. I'm telling her she's gonna get fat if she eats the doughnuts, but --

Attendant: I'll go get her some.

Rose: Thank you. You're so sweet.

[Emily laughs] look at me. I do this, you do this. You got it?

Emily: Okay, okay, okay. I do this. You do this.

Rose: What am I gonna do with you, Emily?

Emily: Play a game? Okay, let's play a game. Let's play a game.

Rose: A game? We'll make it a game. Rosie does this, Emily does this.

Emily: Okay, okay. Rosie does this, Emily --


Rose: Not right now, okay? Just think about it. When you fall down on the ground, pretend you broke something. Cry, scream, like you broke your hip, your finger -- whatever. Just loud enough so I can get rid of that drink.

Emily: Okay.

Rose: Please? Right now, right now.

Emily: All right.

Rose: Hey, Dr. W. coming through! The big guy with the blue drink. Whoo!

Dr. Weston: Libby? Emily, it's time for you to go with Libby now.

Emily: Oh, no, no, no. I got to fall down first.

Rose: Because we were playing a little game -- ring around the rosie, pocket full of posies, ashes, ashes, all fall down.

Dr. Weston: Rose?

Rose: We'll do that later, okay? We'll play that little game a little bit more later on. All right.

Dr. Weston: It's time for your drink.

Rose: Ooh. Okay.

Dr. Weston: Yeah.

Rose: Blue. Blue, blue, blue. It's blue. It's blue, and I don't think I've ever had a blue drink. No, not true, actually. Fourth of July -- oh, it was nice. Very blue, flag -- a very patriotic drink. It was a blue margarita as I recall. I can't recall --

Dr. Weston: Yeah, well, good. You drink that down and then you can join your friend Carly.

Rose: Oh.

Dr. Weston: Go on, Rose. Is there a problem? Just a few minutes ago, you were begging for one of those. You were jealous, in fact, of your friend Emily who had had one.

Rose: Yeah, jealous. I was jealous. No two ways about that.

Hilda: So what are you waiting for? Down the hatch.

Rose: Down the hatch. Yes, you know what would make this drink special? A big parasol or something and, you know, maybe one of those sticks with some pineapple, and maybe some cherries on it, too.

Dr. Weston: Well, we'll arrange to get you a nice fruit cocktail after you've drank all that down.

Rose: And a straw! Can't forget the straw. Sven! Get on that, you handsome devil you.

Emily: Do I get to fall down now?

Libby: No game today, Emily. I'm sorry. Dr. Weston doesn't want any distractions.

Dr. Weston: Rose, we'll have to proceed without a straw. Go on. Drink it down.

Rose: Well, I get the hiccups when I drink too fast so -- you know.

Dr. Weston: Hilda, the hypodermic, please. It seems Rose needs something to help calm her down.

Rose: I'm calm. I'm calm. You know me. And if you know me, and you guys do, this is calm for me. I'm okay. Ah! That's right. Down the hatch. Down the hatch.

[Rose sneezes] oh! Oh, I'm so sorry. Oh, my goodness, I made a total mess! Look at that. I messed you up. But I --

Hilda: What are you doing? No one touches the doctor!

Rose: Okay.

Dr. Weston: No, no. That's -- that's all right, Hilda. I'm sure that she was just trying to be helpful.

Rose: Yeah. You know, I think I'm getting a cold. I'm getting a cold. I hope not, like Emily.

Dr. Weston: Emily is in perfect health. Wheelchair, please, for Ms. Stewart. Well, Rose, I'm sorry, but you're not going to be able to proceed. You're just not ready.

Rose: Oh, but I am ready. And I'm so eager. Give me another chance. Please! Give me another chance?

[Rose sighs] I blew it, thanks to our friend here!

Libby: Dr. Weston ordered me to distract Emily. I had no choice.

Rose: You keep thinking like that and you're gonna end up living here for the rest of your life. Oh, don't worry. Emily, I will get us out of here, all of us. I promise.

Emily: Rose, don't be so sad. Your turn's next.

Rose: You just keep thinking about Daniel and Hal. And Hal will come and get you. I promise. Come here. What did you say to him?!

Libby: Nothing, I swear.

Rose: Prove it!

James: "$100,000 for information leading to the capture of James Steinbeck." Hmm. Forgot about that photo. And to think she kept it all these years. Sweet. Ah, Lucinda, Lucinda. You're always difficult and predictable. Who knew you'd become so enchanted with Rose? It's a problem. What to do? I mean, I've been very, very careful. But still, for that kind of money, the wrong people might remember the right information. Like Jack -- watchdog Jack can be very clever. He might be well on his way to solving the puzzle right now. Mustn't let that happen -- not until I'm through with the three beautiful ladies. So -- sorry, Lucinda. I think I'm gonna have to decline. The party's over.

Lucinda: Oh! To whom it may concern, I'm intending on having James Steinbeck delivered to my doorstep like a package. If anybody is interested in the details of my strategy, I'm holding a press conference in an hour or so, my place.

Jack: Lucinda, wait. You've made your point.

[Lucinda sighs]

Lucinda: Good. Which one?

Jack: You're frustrated. We're all frustrated. But that's no reason to make our job harder. If you "up the ante," as you put it, you're gonna flush out every operator in the city.

Lucinda: That's good. That's good. They needed a nice airing.

Jack: You want to help us? No more ads in the paper, please.

Lucinda: Now, Jack, I didn't put the ad in the paper specifically to help you. I put it in to find Rose. So you do whatever it is you do best, the Oakdale Police. You arrest underage drivers and scofflaws. Just deal with traffic, okay? Okay?

[Jack sighs]

Jessica: Yeah, well, I have to check in my office, but I'll be back.

Margo: And what about Abigail?

Jessica: Before I make any final decision about Abigail, I'll want to sit down to talk with Brandy Taylor.

Margo: Well, you and me both. Any word on Taylor?

Jack: They've cordoned off the area around the boarding house, figuring she was on foot.

Jessica: I'm sure nobody wants to hear this, but the clock is ticking.

Jack: So what, we got a time limit here now?

Margo: You know, she's got people to answer to, just like we do. And you, you've got to put a lid on Lucinda Walsh.

Jack: I tried, ask Lily.

Margo: Well, try again.

Jack: You heard the lady. She's begging us to put her in jail.

Margo: You know, Jack, you're going about this all wrong. You really have to appeal to Lucinda's softer side.

Jack: You want to draw me a map, 'cause I've never been there.

Margo: I think my father's the only one who's ever been there. I don't know. Do something. Make something up. Give her a job.

Jack: Meanwhile, the lead goes cold!

Margo: The woman is a problem. Fix it.

Jack: Look, you want to give her a job? Fine. Make her happy? Be my guest. Keep me posted. I'll be in France.

Margo: Where are you going? No, you're not. No, no, no. Hal is the only one to authorize overseas travel.

Jack: Well, Hal isn't here!

Margo: Exactly my point, Jack. Use your head. We can't even take all the phone calls that are coming in now. Would you please tell me this is good news?

Shanks: Brandy Taylor's been spotted going into a store on main street. All available units are on their way, and there are some officers already combing the store.

Margo: All right. You told them all about the pepper spray and anything she might have in her pockets.

Jack: Hey, Mitzi. Hey, Mitzi.

Mitzi: Can we go someplace and talk where Craig's sister can't hear us?

Shanks: Yeah, I'll put the word out.

Margo: All right. So how is Doyle? I mean, how's his vision? Does he need, like, a seeing-eye dog or cane or something?

Mitzi: Sorry to interrupt.

Jack: No, don't worry about it. So, what's Craig done now?

Mitzi: The usual. But that's not the main reason I'm here.

Jack: Well, why don't we start with Craig? And we'll move onto the other stuff later.

Mitzi: Okay. He stopped by.

Jack: The house? I hope you didn't let him in.

Mitzi: I was curious. He was obviously up to something. Long story short -- he had a proposition for me. He wanted me to distract you away from Carly.

Jack: I don't believe it.

Mitzi: Yeah, but don't worry. I cooked his goose.

Jack: Yeah?

Mitzi: I distracted him instead. And you might be interested to know he went for it.

Jack: Mitzi, you didn't.

Mitzi: No, I let him kiss me, and then I kicked him out. Begging for more, I might add. So I wouldn't worry about him and Carly. 'Cause when she finds out that he was cheating on her when she was kidnapped, well, I want tickets to that fight.

Jack: Montgomery didn't hurt you or anything, did he?

Mitzi: Please. Where I'm from, I deal with creeps like him every day. The only reason I'm even mentioning it is I want you to report it back to Carly when she gets back. Which brings me to my other piece of news. Guess who called?

Jack: You got me.

Mitzi: Pierre, the transport guy from Marseilles.

Jack: You talked to him?

Mitzi: Yep. He gave me the license numbers for the vans that picked up those coffins. He said you might not be able to trace the routes from them, but --

Jack: No, no, Mitzi, this is great. No, now that I got the plate numbers, I can locate those vans. Believe me.

Mitzi: Oh, I can go you one better. He's calling back tomorrow with the names of the drivers.

Jack: No way. You are amazing. Thank you. You're such a lifesaver! I really appreciate this.

Mitzi: Anything for you, Jack.

Jack: Yeah.

Mitzi: So I was thinking -- if you're going to France, maybe I should go with you, you know, to translate.

Jack: No, I appreciate the offer, Mitzi, but we've already lost three women due to James Steinbeck. And I'm not putting you in the line of fire.

Mitzi: I know he's dangerous, but I'd be with you.

Jack: He's not just dangerous. He's deadly. I don't want you going anywhere near him.

Mitzi: Whatever you say, Jack.

Jack: And that goes for Montgomery. You see him, you dial 911.

Mitzi: With what I've got on him? I don't think we have to worry about Craig. So -- I'll see you at home later?

Jack: Sure.

[Phone ringing] Snyder.

Craig: Jack, it's Craig. Listen, I'm worried about Carly. Maybe we should send Simon to Marseilles --

Jack: Where do you find time, Craig? What with harassing my houseguest, trying

to put her on your payroll, hitting on her.

It's amazing you have time to change your socks.

Craig: Your houseguest's news travels fast.

Jack: So pay attention. 'Cause I don't want you missing any of this. You are no longer calling the shots in the search for Carly, because you and Carly are through.

She doesn't need you screwing up her life. And if it's the last thing I do, I'm gonna make sure that you never hurt her again.

Rose: You sold us out, Libby!

Libby: No, I swear. Dr. Weston figured it out on his own -- not that we're planning anything, just that you don't want to drink the blue drink.

Rose: What are we doing here, huh? In this spa? Why do they have us locked up in here? Why? Why do they need us to be healthy? Because Dr. Frankenstein's got a little plan for us, this guy?

Libby: He's a real doctor.

Rose: Oh, yeah, yeah, I'm sure. First Carly and then Emily, and then it's got to be me next, right? When?

Libby: Maybe day after tomorrow.

Rose: Two days. Two days. Two days. All right. I can come up with a new plan in two days. But I have to see Carly first.

Libby: Oh, it's not safe! They almost caught us the last time.

Rose: You still want to get out of here?

Libby: You know I do.

Rose: Then you take me to Carly.

Margo: And you let me know how Doyle's doing.

Jessica: Margo, did you find her?

Margo: We are closing in on her.

Jessica: That's not what I asked.

Margo: Look, Brandy Taylor is involved in this up to her neck.

Jessica: I don't doubt that. But the mayor's office is pressuring the D.A.'s office for an indictment.

Margo: Why? Scudder's an ex-con. Why?

Jessica: And our prime suspect is the daughter of a local celebrity. Nobody wants anyone accusing them of favoritism, not with mid-term elections on the horizon.

Margo: Oh, that's just fine. So we railroad an innocent little girl, Abigail Williams, because the people downtown don't want to get hit in the polls. That's just great. That's just fine.

Jessica: Margo -- we bought some time when Abigail remembered someone else was in the room. But we need corroboration. We need Brandy Taylor.

Margo: We will find her.

Jessica: I hope so.

Margo: I do, too. Is there any word on Doyle yet? Oh, never mind. Doyle!

Doyle: Detective, I take full responsibility for losing the suspect.

Margo: Man, how are you? Are your eyes okay? I'm sorry.

Doyle: I'm fine.

Margo: All right. Look -- that APB on Brandy Taylor, make sure that they know that she is a con artist, that she is armed and dangerous. I want a search, a citywide search. This kid is not gonna get away.

Craig: Well, here's to you, Carly. Wherever you are.

Brandy: Drive!

Craig: Huh?

Brandy: He's trying to kill me! You have to help me. Please, he'll shoot me if he sees me! Just get out of here! Oh, no, here he comes! Drive!

Jack: So the ticket will be in my name at the desk. Thank you. Hey.

Margo: I am so sorry I bit your head off.

Jack: You're entitled.

Margo: I've got the D.A. breathing down my neck. I've got an escaped suspect.

Jack: Margo, it's okay. We're all a little edgy.

Margo: And I miss Hal.

Jack: You and me both.

Margo: I think he's working the case, Jack.

Jack: You think he volunteered to disappear?

Margo: I think that Steinbeck is no match for Hal Munson. Look, even if Steinbeck did grab him and --

Jack: So what? He's with Carly, Emily and Rose?

Margo: Yeah.

Jack: You don't believe that any more than I do. Steinbeck had a purpose for the three ladies. Hal just got in the way.

Margo: He's gonna come back. So, who was on the phone?

Jack: A travel agent.

Margo: Jack, did I not make myself clear?

Jack: No, you made yourself very clear.

Margo: Look, you know, Hal would never let you get away with this. He would tell you to coordinate with one of the officers over in Marseilles and just run the investigation from here.

Jack: Probably.

Margo: What, you don't even know the language! You're gonna get in your own way.

Jack: You have me until tomorrow, Margo. My flight leaves at 11:00.

Margo: Let me tell you -- as your superior officer in this, I will not allow you to go.

Jack: Okay. But I'm going anyway.

[Doorbell rings]

Mitzi: Craig, if that's you --

[doorbell rings] give the guy a break. How can you help it if you're irresistible? Oh. Who are you?

James: County gas and electric. I need to read the meter.

Mitzi: Isn't it a little late for that?

James: Look, my truck just broke down, and I really want to finish my route, you know?

Mitzi: Whatever. Knock yourself out.

James: Uh -- I'm afraid I'm gonna have to ask you if I can come in.

Mitzi: Aren't those gizmos usually outside?

James: Yeah, but according to my diagram, this house is serviced from the inside. So I need to ask you if I can come in.

Rose: Motown? This place is playing Motown? That's good. This morgue could use a party.

Somebody shake me, break me

Rose: Hey! Are you new here?

[Rose remembering]

Can you hear me?

Carly: Rose?

Rose: Yes! Yes, it's me. It's me. I'm right here. I'm right here.

Carly: Rose?

Rose: What? What?

Carly: Help me.

Rose: Oh.

Carly: Please help me.

Rose: Yes, I'm gonna help you. Yes, that's why I'm here.  I am your ticket out of here. Carly? Oh, Carly. They took Emily -- oh!

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