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As the World Turns Transcript Tuesday 2/12/02

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Katie: Oh, watch out for that lady getting out of her car. Just don't get too close. Nice job.

Lucy: You seem nervous.

Katie: Me? No. Okay, yeah. When I said I'd give you a driving lesson, I figured it would be during the daytime.

Lucy: I know I've been a pain with all the begging and pleading, but I've just been so bored, aunt Katie. I mean, if I don't have a little bit of excitement, I'm going to burst.

Katie: Well, even so, let's just wrap this up pretty soon, okay?

Lucy: There's hardly any traffic. Doesn't that make it easier to learn?

Katie: All right. Ten more minutes, but that's it.

Lucy: Okay. Can I tell you something private?

Katie: Yes, as long as you keep your eyes on the road.

Lucy: Well, ever since I was a little girl, I thought my grandmother was the scariest person in the world. Not that I didn't love her -- I did -- but she was always so, you know, larger than life.

Katie: You don't have to explain to me. I know her.

Lucy: Well, today, for the first time, I talked to her like she was just another person. I told her I wanted to move back in with dad, even though I knew she wouldn't like it.

Katie: Good for you. That took guts.

Lucy: The incredible thing is that she accepted it -- you know, not without a fight, of course.

Katie: Of course.

Lucy: But in the end, because she knew I wouldn't back down.

Katie: Well, standing up for what you believe in is always the best way to go I say. In fact, I have a wedding ring to prove it.

Lucy: What do you think dad will say?

Katie: About you moving back in? He'll be so excited. About you learning to drive? I wouldn't mention it until you get a permit.

Lucy: A permit? Do I really need one of those?

Katie: Yes, of course. It's the law.

Lucy: Not in Montega. Besides, by the time I apply for one, I'll be an expert driver.

[Tires screech]

[horn blares] oh, I think I just went through a stop sign. What should I do?

Katie: Uh -- driving is like life, Lucy. When you make a mistake, you smile, apologize and get the hell out of there fast. Go. Go!

Craig: So I suppose congratulations are in order. You two do make a striking couple.

Jack: My badge, Craig.

Craig: Was this like a spontaneous thing? Or have you two been carrying on in secret?

Jack: Mitzi is my house guest. That's it.

Mitzi: And I resent your suggestions to the contrary.

Craig: Yes, of course you do, but there's no need to be self-conscious here. We're all adults, and I support your need to be together.

Jack: My badge while I still have some patience left.

Craig: All right, here, but you might consider polishing it.

Jack: You really don't know that I can have you arrested for this?

Craig: You see the ingratitude here, Mitzi? I get myself entombed in a coffin, I bring back key information for my partner, and what do I get but threats?

Mitzi: You're breaking my heart.

Jack: Do you realize that you've contaminated the one piece of evidence that Steinbeck left behind? Forensics could use that coffin to put us on his trail.

Craig: We are on his trail, Jack, and who's the boy scout who got it?

Jack: The pilot? Whatever he said is hearsay.

Craig: Are you aware that Barbara speaks French?

Jack: Yes, yes. Having an office in Paris for so many years, of course.

Craig: Brilliant, Jack. So assuming that the pilot and his log book were telling the truth, and he did fly Rose and Emily in coffins to Marseilles, then Barbara would be able to communicate after a fashion show with people on the other end.

Jack: Maybe.

Craig: Don't you think that is a lead worth pursuing considering that if we find where the coffins went, we'd probably find Carly as well?

Jack: I'll check into it.

Craig: It's called "synergy," Jack. I do the leg work. You do the follow-up.

Jack: You're interfering with Police business, Montgomery. If you don't cut it out --

Craig: Oh, quit bellyaching, Jack. I'm your partner. You might as well get used to it.

[Phone rings]

[answering machine]

Lisa: Hi, this is Lisa. Please leave a positive message at the sound of the beep.


Lisa: Hi. Hi, Barbara. Honey, it's me. I hope you're resting, and I hope you feel so much better. Look, sweetheart, if you can, would you pick up the phone? I have a question to ask you. We've got two dessert specials tonight, and they're both incredible. One is a lemon tart. The other is chocolate truffle cake. Let me know which one you want, and I'll bring it home for you, darling. It's your choice.

Kim: Hi, sweetie. It's Kim. Go for the chocolate.

John: Hi. It's John. Go for both. And I'm thinking about you.

Lisa: I've got to deal with some unruly customers,

Barbara. So just give me a call, darling. The number's right there by the phone. Bye.

Machine: Messages deleted.

Barbara: I've got to get out of here.

Imaginary Barbara: Running away again? Haven't you realized that's not a solution?

Barbara: Are you stalking me?

Imaginary Barbara: You shouldn't be so surprised. We're the same person, Barbara.

Barbara: No we're not. You don't exist anymore.

Imaginary Barbara: I could if you'd let me.

Barbara: It's too late. I've changed too much.

Imaginary Barbara: You can change again. It happens all the time.

Barbara: I can't do that. I've fallen too far.

Imaginary Barbara: I can pick you up. I can walk beside you until you can walk alone again. Nothing's impossible if you give it a chance.

Kim: You know, I think maybe one of us should go over and check your apartment.

Lisa: Why?

Kim: Well, because she didn't pick up. Who knows what's going on.

Lisa: Well, I know. She probably fell asleep watching an old movie or something.

Kim: Yeah, but she was sleeping the last time you called, too.

Lisa: Well, look, she is so tired, and she needs her rest. Nothing wrong with having a little sleep, right?

John: No, no, no. Nothing wrong at all as long as it's not medication involved. I think we've done away with all that she was stockpiling.

Lisa: I think what we should do is stop being so careful around her. We ought to act as though we trust her, encourage her. That's what she needs.

Kim: Well, as far as I'm concerned, that's what I have been doing, and I have no intentions of stopping.

John: None of us are going to stop. Now, come on. The sooner Barbara realizes that we're on her team unconditionally, the sooner she's going to pull herself together.

Paul: You're wrong about that, John. Unconditional support would be the biggest mistake you could possibly make.

Barbara: Go away. I don't need you anymore.

Imaginary Barbara: But you dreamed about me. That must count for something.

Barbara: It was a nightmare. All you did was remind me of --

Imaginary Barbara: Say it, Barbara. I already know.

Barbara: Of what I once was.

Imaginary Barbara: But what if you can be this way again? What if I'm proof that Barbara Ryan still exists?

Paul: I'm grateful that my mother has friends and family like the three of you. But praising her for getting through the day is not the way to help her.

John: Is that a medical opinion? Or is that your personal opinion?

Paul: She's not an invalid, John. She's a dangerous and bitter person who most likely kidnapped three people.

Kim: Honey, your mother hasn't had a chance to defend herself. And these are very crazy charges --

Paul: They're not crazy, aunt Kim. Evidence proves otherwise.

Lisa: Well, we have to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Paul: Her response for being arrested was railing about how miserable her life was. I mean, she's been doing it for months, and I'm through feeling sorry for her about it.

John: And does that mean that we can't?

Paul: If you want to help her, yeah, it does. Instead of wrapping her up in excuses, push her to admit what she's done.

Lisa: What she's done? Well, if she's committed a crime at all, it's because of what she went through. She was in that explosion at the boathouse. And then, after that, well, she didn't even know where she was. I mean, it was as though she'd been in a war, or something. And then when she came back, well, nothing was the way she remembered it.

Paul: Yeah, well, tell that to her victims. And the people who love them.

John: Look, I know this has been very difficult for you, Paul. But lashing out at your mother like this is not going to help the situation.

Paul: It's not a "situation." It's a living hell, and it's been that way for a long time. I mean, she's not only a kidnapper, she's a blackmailer, too.

Lisa: Oh, now, please --

Paul: It's true, Lisa. She dug up old negative information about Rose's past, and used it against her to keep her away from me.

Lisa: That is so silly. I know that she would never --

Paul: She admitted it.

Kim: Wait a minute, Paul. We all know that Barbara has done some fairly strange things. But, kidnapping someone? I mean, that's really pushing it. I mean, I --

Paul: What? Are you afraid to hear the truth, aunt Kim? 'Cause you're afraid it's gonna shatter the image you have of Barbara that you keep holding onto?

Kim: Oh, come on. For Pete's sake! I've known your mother since the day she was born. I know her, warts and all. You have to get it out and say it? Go ahead, if that will, in the long run, help.

Paul: After the explosion at the boathouse, she left the house and went to Fairwinds, abandoned all of her other children.

Lisa: We know that. We know that. And can't you understand that she probably did that because she didn't want Will to see her, she didn't want to frighten him?

Paul: Yeah, so what did she do instead? Hmm? Turned her back on him completely, left Hal and Jennifer to pick up the pieces. You know, she turned her back on Jennifer, too.

John: Well, look, that didn't last forever. You know that.

Paul: No, it really didn't. She eventually came around. Her motives were suspect at best. After Emily disappeared, she -- she decided, "okay, I'll move back into the house and take care of Will, for the family's benefit." What she failed to mention was that Emily was gone because of her and James.

John: Now, you wait a minute. There's been no proof of that.

Paul: She was arrested for it. And now, in the process, Will is abandoned yet again.

Kim: You know, you talk to us as if you think we've been walking around with paper bags on our head. We know what's been going on. We're not denying that people have been hurt, that people are suffering --

Paul: Suffering? My little brother can't go from room to room without following someone because he's scared to death of being alone. He knows my mother has been accused of crimes, and he knows that his father's disappearance is one of them. I've seen my little brother go from a confident, fun-loving little kid into a nervous wreck who can't go to bed at night without the light being on.

Lisa: Well, poor little boy, what's happened to Will is such a tragedy. But if we could just help Barbara, then she will help Will.

Paul: All you're doing is buying into her sickness. You're showing more sympathy for her than the people she hurt.

Kim: And you think we should do what? Abandon her?

Paul: Make her take responsibility for the disappearances of Carly, Emily and Rose. Make her help us find them before it's too late.

John: All right now, that's just about enough. It's a pretty big jump between Will's sleeping disorder and having Barbara accused of triple murder.

Paul: The Police have already accused her of abduction. All I'm asking is that you take it seriously.

Lisa: The Police already say that she's -- they think she's guilty. That's what Jack said to me earlier -- Jack Snyder.

Kim: And unfortunately, Jack is now working with Craig, which destroys any credibility he might have had as far as I'm concerned.

John: Listen to me -- you're giving us all these alternatives? Let me give you an alternative. Why don't you come down off this moral high horse that you're on and do something positive for your mother? This is not a headline in the newspaper, it's your mother we're talking about, and you're turning your back on her.

Imaginary Barbara: What's wrong?

Barbara: Your face -- I won't torture myself with the way things used to be.

Imaginary Barbara: It might help you to move forward. If you can look at me without shying away, maybe you can believe in yourself again.

Barbara: You're dead. You died in the fire. And you are never coming back.

Imaginary Barbara: You were a happy person before then. Remember?

Barbara: No. No, I don't want to look back.

Imaginary Barbara: Life with Hal -- the feeling of being loved no matter what happens, for better or worse.

Barbara: Stop. Please.

Imaginary Barbara: My success as a fashion designer. Building my own company.

Barbara: Haven't you noticed? I can barely hold a pencil in this hand?

Imaginary Barbara: What about the children? Watching Will get that game-winning run. Jennifer being elected president of her class --

Barbara: Things weren't always so good. You hurt people, too.

Imaginary Barbara: I was imperfect. I was human. Good and bad, always changing.

Barbara: Do you still love to dance?

Imaginary Barbara: Oh, yes.

Barbara: And watch the sun set until the sky turns black?

Imaginary Barbara: One of my favorite things. It hurts to remember, doesn't it?

Barbara: Oh, it hurts. And I threw it all away. I had everything a woman could want, and I threw it all away.

Imaginary Barbara: For Craig Montgomery -- a man who never loved you.

Barbara: How could I have any self-respect? I was such a fool.

Imaginary Barbara: You're right. You were. But maybe you've suffered enough. Maybe it's time you forgive yourself.

Barbara: I can't. I'm too ashamed.

Jack: I'm warning you, Craig. Get the hell out of here, or I'm gonna kick you out.

Craig: With which leg, Jack?

Jack: I'm gonna break my good foot off of you --

Mitzi: Jack! Jack! Are you all right?

Jack: I'm fine. Really. Mitzi, maybe it's best if you go upstairs.

Mitzi: You sure?

Jack: Yeah. Yeah, I don't want you a part of this.

Mitzi: Okay -- take care of business.

Jack: You've been refusing to take me seriously, Montgomery, but now you're gonna have to. If you don't want me to file a complaint that you stole my badge, butt out. Now. I don't want you involved in this case any longer.

Craig: Jack, if it weren't for me, you wouldn't even have a case. You linked Steinbeck's driver to Barbara because I decided to send Simon to Paris. I find out Rose and Emily are being shipped in coffins to Marseilles, Jack. You shouldn't be trying to get rid of me, you should be paying me.

Jack: You weren't good, Montgomery, you were lucky.

Craig: Oh, really, Jack? Have you forgotten so soon about that staircase I lifted off your leg?

[Jack sighs] right?

Jack: No. No, I haven't forgotten. No one has forgotten.

Craig: All right, well, then let us stop bickering and find Carly, okay? Even Batman and Robin didn't agree on everything.

Jack: You are not a cop!

Craig: You know, law enforcement is not as difficult as you make it out to be.

Jack: Oh, really?

Craig: Oh, yeah. You talk tough. But you ask a few pertinent questions. You memorize the Miranda acts, slap the cuffs on, Bob's your uncle.

Jack: Oh, it's that easy, is it? I'll bet you couldn't even pass the handcuff test.

Craig: What is it? 20 questions on which way to turn the key?

Jack: No, you put the handcuffs on, and then you open them with a key within ten seconds.

Craig: Well, no wonder we're not getting crimes solved, because all our public servants are out doing parlor games to amuse themselves.

Jack: Care to give it a shot?

Craig: Jack, our time is too valuable --

Jack: Well, what's the matter, Craig? You scared?

Craig: No. But I happen to think that handcuffs are kind of a right place, right time kind of thing.

Jack: Well, here they are. It's your call.

[Craig sighs]

Craig: All right. Usually, I get to buy dinner first.

Jack: See, it's not as easy as it looks, now, is it?

Craig: There you go. All right? Do you have the key?

Jack: Why yes, I do.

Craig: Can I have it, please? 'Cause you're not my type, and I don't want to spend the whole evening like this.

Jack: Well, see, your plans have just changed. You're under arrest for impersonating an officer.

Paul: Knowing the truth about my mother breaks my heart. But at least I'm not hiding behind excuses about how rough she's had it.

John: Rough? Rough does not begin to describe what your mother has been through, what her life is like. You know the physical agony, the pain --

Kim: John? John?

Paul: Yeah, heard all about it.

Kim: This is just not productive.

John: You're absolutely right!

Lisa: Wait -- Paul, we understand how you must feel because you're upset because Rose has been gone for such a long, long time. And you're concerned about Will. But isn't it possible you're blaming Barbara for things that are simply not her fault?

Kim: Honey, you heard Jack interrogate your mother. She showed absolutely no knowledge that Steinbeck had been transporting people out of town --

Paul: That's not proof.

Kim: -- In a coffin.

Paul: That's not proof that she wasn't involved in other phases of the operation.

John: Listen to me. We all know Barbara pretty well up here. She's done some crazy things, but she would not do something like that.

Paul: Well, the person you know and love doesn't exist anymore. And all the hugs in the world will not change that.

John: I'm sorry Paul, we're gonna have to do this our way.

Paul: Oh. And sacrifice three or four other human beings in the process? How do you justify that, John?

Lisa: Oh, I don't think we're doing that.

Paul: You know what? James will not keep these women alive forever -- or Hal, either. And if Barbara is the injured party that you think she is, don't you think she would help the Police as hard as she possibly could to -- you know what? I've said enough. Excuse me.

Bob: Not so fast. I heard what you just said about your mother.

Paul: And what, you think I'm an awful son, too, right? Well, can't please everybody, can I?

Bob: Hold it. I happen to agree with you.

Barbara: I didn't love Craig. I loved the life that he promised me. I loved the second home in Paris and the room service breakfasts and the Caribbean holidays. I wanted it. I wanted it so badly that I gave up Hal and my children for it.

Imaginary Barbara: You made a mistake. Everyone makes them.

Barbara: But few of us are as marked by them as I have been. I see my mistake every day of my life, my stupidity -- my loss.

Imaginary Barbara: There's more to you than that, Barbara. You're everything that I am, too.

Barbara: Not anymore.

Imaginary Barbara: Yes, still. And we belong together.

Barbara: It's not that simple. I don't know how to be you anymore.

Imaginary Barbara: I can show you. I can teach you.

Barbara: You don't know what you're saying. How can this ever be that again?

Imaginary Barbara: Anything is possible, if you're willing to give it a chance.

Barbara: And why should I bother? Because you're beautiful? That's over. And I've accepted it. I'm rid of you. And I never want you back again.

Imaginary Barbara: But Barbara --

Barbara: You're dead! Stay that way.

[Jack laughing]

Craig: All right, Jack. You've had your fun, now let me go.

Jack: Oh, the fun's just starting. Wait till we get to the station.

Craig: You know, you arrest me, they'll find out just how much I've been helping you.

Jack: Okay. All right. You see these? Now you don't.

Mitzi: Hey, thanks for everything, Jack. Let me know if I can --

Jack: Hey, wait a minute. Wait a minute, Mitzi. Where do you think you're going?

Mitzi: Well, you know, you've been real swell about me staying here and all, but I think it's best if I find someplace else.

Jack: Put that suitcase down.

Craig: Why should she, Jack?

Jack: Don't know -- I'm not gonna let a filthy mind like Craig's keep me from helping a friend.

Craig: Oh, no, don't stop, I think you should help --

Jack: Be quiet! I invited you to stay here because I want you to, and I still do, for as long as you like.

Mitzi: Someone else could get the same idea he did.

Jack: Well, that's their problem, not ours. I'll be back later, okay?

Mitzi: You want me to put some coffee in a thermos or something? A nice cup of soup?

Jack: Well, thanks, but Craig and I have an appointment with a fingerprint blotter. I don't know when I'll get a break.

Mitzi: Well, I wouldn't want to keep you from that.

Craig: Jack, look, I got a daughter who needs me.

Jack: Well, you should have thought of that before you stole my badge.

Craig: All right. All right. All right. You win, okay? I won't do any more Police work unless you approve it.

Jack: Let's go, Craig.

Craig: Jack, you need me to follow up that lead in Marseilles.

Jack: Really? Why?

Craig: Because I speak French. You don't.

Mitzi: Je parle francais, Jack.

[Speaking French]

Jack: Mais oui. Feel like taking a ride?

Mitzi: Oui oui. Porquoi pas?

[Knock on door]

Simon: Coming. Coming with plenty of loving to follow.

Lucinda: Oh, thanks. Thanks a lot, but today you're not my type.

Simon: That's a shame. I thought you were Katie.

Lucinda: Well, I was hoping that you were Lucy. She's here, isn't she? She's here?

Simon: I have no idea where anyone is right at the moment. Sorry.

Lucinda: Well, I was just dropping by because -- her schoolbook, she left it behind at my house.

Simon: Okay. You can just leave it there. I'll make sure she gets it.

Lucinda: Okay. It's Latin. Structure. You are aware that she's moving in --

Simon: Yes.

Lucinda: -- Here? Again?

Simon: I saw her suitcase in the other room and figured she was back.

Lucinda: Yeah. Well, naturally, I tried to dissuade her in every way I could, but she was determined, I mean, having her own suite of rooms and her favorite foods every day and long chats with her dull old grandma didn't cut it in the fun department, apparently.

Simon: Well, things get pretty manic and exciting around here, I wouldn't take it personal.

Lucinda: Yeah, I bet they do. I bet they do. It was a joy -- however short-lived -- to see her bright, shining morning face.

Simon: She's a great girl.

Lucinda: Yes, she is.

Simon: She's a really great girl.

Lucinda: She is. And I don't understand my daughter leaving her --

[sighs] in the care of a degenerate like Craig.

Simon: Craig, yes.

Lucinda: Of course, she doesn't see her dad that way. Because she sees her dad as prince charming and superman, all rolled into one. You don't want to get involved in this by chance, do you?

[Lucinda laughs]

Simon: No, no, I don't want to get involved, thanks. No, I'm not interested, but again, thanks anyway.

Lucinda: Okay. Well, ask her to call me. And please, make sure that the book isn't misplaced in this fun house. Because it's Latin and she has a test --

Simon: It is Latin and Latin is very important.

Lucinda: It is.

Simon: I will make sure she gets it.

Lucinda: Test next week.

Simon: I'll personally hand-deliver it.

Lucinda: All right.

Simon: Whoa! Wait, wait ---

Lucinda: What?

Simon: Wait a second. This might answer a couple of questions for both of us. It's fine. Lucy is with Katie. Katie is giving her her first driving lesson.

Lucinda: In the dark? Oh, my heavens! For heaven's sake! Not one second is she in this house and it's starting already.

Lucy: Am I going too fast?

Katie: Why don't you check the speedometer?

Lucy: I can't.

Katie: 22 miles an hour.

Lucy: Should I speed up?

Katie: No, no. This is fine. Ready to head home?

Lucy: Five more minutes? Please? Please, please, please.

Katie: Okay. Okay, let's practice our left hand turns. Turn left at the next street.

Lucy: Okay --

Katie: Don't forget your turn signal. You have to be courteous to the drivers behind you. Both hands on the wheel, slowing down -- very nice.

Lucy: Doesn't that sign mean it's a one-way?

Katie: Yes, actually, it does. That way.

Lucy: What should I do?

Katie: Uh -- turn at the next curb, pull over and I'll drive.

Lucy: Which one?

Katie: I don't know. I'd have to figure out -- oh, no. No, no, no! It's a cop.

Lucy: Are they going to arrest me?

Katie: Yeah, probably, and me, too. Pull into the next driveway.

Lucy: The one with the open garage?

Katie: Yes, perfect. Pull in, turn off the lights, and I'll shut the door from behind.

Lucy: But isn't that against the law?

Katie: No. We'll be fine. I've seen it on TV a million times.

Lucy: If you say so --

Katie: No, not the turn signal, Lucy! We're trying to get away from them!

Lucy: But you said I should always be courteous --

Katie: There's no time to be courteous!

[Sirens blaring]

Craig: I'm gonna deny everything, Jack -- the badge, the coffin -- I'm gonna force you to try and prove this in court.

Jack: Sit down here and stay quiet.

Craig: You need me, Jack. And by the way, five'll get you ten Mitzi's French goes --

Jack: I said, quiet!

Mitzi: Hey!

Craig: -- Not much further than s'il vous plait.

Jack: Are you clear on what we need to know?

Mitzi: Yeah. You're looking for two coffins flown in from Oakdale. You want to know if James Steinbeck or Barbara Ryan arranged to have them picked up.

Jack: And if they did, where did they get sent from there?

Mitzi: Got it. Point me to the phone. All right. Come on. Hey, Slocomb, I need a few contact numbers for Marseilles, France. Ground transport for heavy cargo, harbor master, local police.

Slocomb: Give me two minutes.

Jack: Two minutes.

Mitzi: I heard.

Jack: So, where did you learn how to speak French?

Mitzi: From a croupier in Atlantic City.

Jack: Oh, someone you --

Mitzi: The boss hired me to teach him English. While I was at it, I learned French.

Jack: I knew you were smart, but this goes above and beyond.

Mitzi: Well, I've had to be smart. I've been on my own since I was 16.

Jack: Trouble at home?

Mitzi: You mean was my mother a prostitute? Did my father beat me?

Jack: It happens.

Mitzi: My parents were divorced. My mother was a product inspector for an import company, she lived most of the year in Japan. My father had a magic act. His best trick was disappearing from my life.

Jack: So where did you grow up?

Mitzi: Trenton, New Jersey. With my aunt -- who had six kids of her own. So when I decided to drop out of high school, not one person tried to talk me out of it.

Slocomb: Detective, I'm on with a Marseilles van service, line six.

Jack: Okay. You ready? Here we go. All set?

Mitzi: Yup.

Jack: Good luck.

Mitzi: Bon soir, monsieur. Je m'appelle Mitzi. J'espre que vous pouvez me donner de l'information?

Bob: Look, it goes without saying that we all love Barbara. But she's involved with Steinbeck again and she refuses to admit it.

Lisa: Well, all right. Maybe she is in some kind of denial. But it's because of what happened to her.

Bob: What happened was a boathouse blew up. Now, that's tragic, but it doesn't excuse everything.

Paul: Thank you.

Bob: Look. I'm not about to judge Barbara or anybody else, but I think Paul has a point. If Barbara has some information about these disappearances, then she has got to confess it. And if her friends and her family don't encourage her to do that, then we become accomplices, not support for her.

John: Is it all right with you if we go over and visit with her? Or would that somehow compromise this investigation?

Bob: I was just expressing my opinion, John. You do what you like.

John: I'm going to go over and see if she's sleeping. Would you like to come along?

Lisa: Sure. I'll pick up those desserts and come right along with you. Paul, honey. I know your mother really would like to see you, if you'd come along.

Paul: Sorry.

Kim: Lisa dear, I'll come along, too. I just want a minute with Bob.

Lisa: Sure.

Paul: Thank you for your support.

Kim: Honey, I know that was really difficult for you. It seems like everybody wants to help, but nobody really knows how.

Paul: Scotch, straight up.

Bob: I'll have one of those. Cheers. If that's possible. How's Will?

Paul: Confused.

Bob: Jennifer?

Paul: Doing her best.

Bob: What about you? Look, I know it's tough when somebody you love makes mistakes. You don't know whether to hug them or shake them.

Paul: Mom and I used to be so close. We worked together. I -- there was no one -- no one I trusted more. And then -- lately, I don't even -- she doesn't make any sense to me.

Bob: Well, people do come back from bad places.

Paul: I thought you were supposed to be on my side.

Bob: Well, believe it or not, I'm on Barbara's. I don't believe that coddling her is the answer. But I'd hate to see you cut her off completely.

Barbara: Stay away.

Imaginary Barbara: Barbara --

Barbara: Stay away.

Imaginary Barbara: Why? What are you afraid of?

Barbara: Failure.

Imaginary Barbara: I don't understand.

Barbara: I've disappointed too many people. I've done too many cruel things. Even if I tried to go back, the world wouldn't let me.

Imaginary Barbara: It's not up to other people. It's up to you and how much you want to change.

Barbara: I don't have the strength.

Imaginary Barbara: Yes, you do. Look at me.

Barbara: Why?

Imaginary Barbara: Because I possess the power within you. You can do anything you want. You can be anything you want to be. You can have everything you had before and more. But I can't do it for you. You have to take the first step.

Barbara: I have only one goal, and there is no way you can achieve it for me.

Imaginary Barbara: Give me a chance. Tell me what it is.

Barbara: Get James out of my life forever, destroy him if you have to.

Imaginary Barbara: Is that so impossible?

Barbara: He's too strong, too treacherous.

Imaginary Barbara: You drove him away once before. Don't you remember? You were under his spell, and you broke it to protect Paul.

Barbara: I was different then. I had purpose -- control --

Imaginary Barbara: And you can be that way again, if you accept me back into your life. I'm here, Barbara. Embrace me.

Simon: Please, just calm down, okay? Listen, don't panic. They're gonna be walking through the door any minute.

Lucinda: That's what we said -- that's what we said about her older brother.

Simon: Okay, wait, wait, wait. Who are you calling?

Lucinda: I'm calling the Police. To save her life, I'll get them both arrested.

Simon: Don't do that. That would be a mistake.

Lucinda: It's better than grieving.

Simon: Listen. Okay, listen. Lucy is starting to enjoy herself here, all right? She's feeling confident, and even a little grown up. If you put a lid on that right now --

Lucinda: She might make it to her next birthday, okay?

[Phone rings] hello? Uh, yes, Miss Montgomery lives here. This is her grandmother speaking. To whom am I speaking? I see. Tell me all about it.

Simon: Who is it?

Lucinda: Uh-huh. I see. Fine. I'll see you down at the station momentarily.

Simon: The station, okay, what happened?

Lucinda: Lucy and Katie have been in a car accident.

Simon: Well, was anybody hurt?

Lucinda: No, fortunately not.

Simon: Okay, that's good. That's good. Then what happened?

Lucinda: Well, what happened was Lucy backed up into a cops' car. That was Officer Shanks. He's the arresting officer. And he is not in good spirits.

[Simon sighs]

Simon: All right, wait, wait, wait. I'm coming with you.

Mitzi: Merci beaucoup, Pierre. Au revoir. What a nice man.

Jack: Did he know anything about the caskets?

Mitzi: Oh, yeah, on the days that Rose and Emily were flown out of here, the planes landed in Marseilles. Both times, a casket was unloaded and picked up by the transport service Pierre runs.

Jack: Where did they send them from there?

Mitzi: He's gonna get back to me on that.

Jack: When?

Mitzi: A day -- maybe two.

Jack: Oh, thank you. Thank you, Mitzi. You've been a tremendous help.

Mitzi: Well, you know, I'm glad to be of service. Look -- maybe if it all works out, those three ladies will be back in Oakdale real soon.

Jack: Yeah. Yeah. You know, it happens.

Mitzi: Sure. Look, you know what? I don't want to be underfoot. You've got business to take care of. So I'm gonna head out. Take care.

Jack: Wait -- wait. Take my keys. Take my car. Go to the house and relax. And have some of that great-smelling sauce you've been cooking up, okay? And don't clean up after yourself, please.

Mitzi: You want me to pick you up when you get off?

Jack: No, I'll have a squad car bring me home. Thanks a lot, Mitzi. You really came through for me.

Mitzi: Hey, that's what friends do, right?

Craig: You mind telling me what's going on over there, Jack? You and your pastry are looking kind of cozy.

Jack: I wish I could, Craig, but it's official Police business.

Craig: Oh, and she's the official what? Jack -- Jack, Jack, Jack --

Lucy: Daddy?

Jack: So let me get this straight. The girl was driving the wrong way down a one-way street.

Shanks: Yeah, no driver's license. No learner's permit.

Jack: She hears your siren, and she whips into a driveway?

Shanks: Yeah, right into the garage. I pull in behind her -- bam! She backs right into me.

Jack: Breaking the headlights on the squad car.

Shanks: And putting a nice ripple in the front fender. Katie Frasier is asking for Margo Hughes.

Jack: Well, that figures.

Shanks: Well, should I call her?

Jack: No, no, let's see how daddy dearest handles this.

Craig: You sure you're okay? No cuts, no bruises? No sprained ankles? Nothing?

Lucy: I'm fine. I'm fine, daddy. Why are you in handcuffs?

Craig: Listen, I'm the one asking the questions here. Right now -- and by the way, Ms. NASCAR, who are you to be giving driving lessons?

Katie: Oh, I'm fine, too, Craig. Thanks for asking.

Craig: Good, because I want you healthy when I wring your neck.

Katie: Oh, come on! It was a minor, minor, minor accident. It just happened to involve a Police car. So what is with the handcuffs?

Craig: That is not your concern. What you should be worried about is what happens when Lucinda finds out about this.

Katie: Lucinda's not gonna be a problem.

Craig: Lucinda's always a problem. And if she does find out about this, Lucy will be on the next plane back to Montega.

Lucy: Well, actually, I'm not staying with her anymore. I moved out this afternoon.

Craig: To where?

Lucy: Well, your place. I figured you wouldn't mind.

Craig: Mind? I'm ecstatic.

Katie: See, so Lucinda's not gonna ever find out about this. You have no need to worry.

Shank: We've got some paperwork we've got to fill out.

Simon: Katie --

Katie: Simon!

Paul: My mother tried to blackmail the woman I love into never seeing me again, and when that didn't work, she plotted a kidnapping along with my father. Now, if that's not grounds to give up on someone, then I don't know what is.

Bob: And before that?

Paul: What do you mean?

Bob: Well, Barbara's been your mother for a long time. Except for the past couple of months, how's she been doing?

Paul: That's not a fair question.

Bob: If you're gonna cut somebody out of your life completely, you have to look at the entire picture.

Paul: She was -- she was a good mother. She is a good mother. She would do anything for me. I could depend on her for anything.

Bob: Yeah, that's the way Barbara's always been. You know, I bet if we made a list of all the good things that Barbara's done for you and half the town, we'd be on these bar stools until sunrise.

Paul: So what am I supposed to do, huh? Forget about what's going on right now?

Bob: No, no, you can't do that. But don't let some mistakes -- even serious mistakes -- wipe out the good stuff.

Paul: No, I have tried my best to help her. I've given her everything I've had. She's taken advantage of it every time, and I'm not gonna do it anymore.

Bob: Okay, Paul, maybe you just have to step back for awhile. Feel what you have to feel. And I hate to see you cut her off completely. You only get one mother in this life.

Barbara: Haven't you been listening? You no longer serve a purpose in my life.

Imaginary Barbara: I can get rid of James for you -- maybe get Hal back, too.

Barbara: Stop it! Stop telling me those lies.

Imaginary Barbara: All right -- if you won't come to me, I'll come to you.

Barbara: Well, I don't deserve it. I've hurt too many people.

Imaginary Barbara: I will not have you feeling guilty for something that James Steinbeck has done.

Barbara: It wasn't all his fault. He never told me to reject my children.

Imaginary Barbara: They'll all forgive you, Barbara, if you keep believing in the two of us. Here, take my hand.

Barbara: Stay away! No, no! Go! Go! Get back! Get back! Go away, get out of here! No! Get away from me! Get away, get away! Get away from me! Go away!

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