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As The World Turns  Transcript Friday 2/8/02

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Matthew: Sorry. Miss Lucy is still at school.

Lucy: No, she's not. Thanks, Matthew. Hello? Dad!

Craig: Can I take you to dinner? You can fill me in on all the news at Oakdale Latin.

Lucy: I wish. Grandmother has decreed that I am to cut back my socializing time with you and aunt Katie.

Craig: She likes to decree. Don't listen to her, ever.

Lucy: Daddy, please try to stay on her good side. Otherwise, mom will come and yank me out of Oakdale.

Craig: I'll try. I sure miss you, lullaby.

Lucy: Don't go all mushy on me, okay?

Craig: Hey, can't I be tragic about my best girl?

Lucy: Waste of time. Why not try to find your second-best girl.

Craig: And who would that be?

Lucy: Carly Tenney. You are still trying to track her down, aren't you?

Matthew: Miss Lucy is back from school.

Lucinda: Oh, good. Tell her to come in and eat. She's got to eat. Okay.

Lily: Well, that's it. The Oakdale PD has declared Hal Munson missing -- officially.

Lucinda: Good heavens. Good heavens. That means they are -- [stammering] Having no better results than my private investigators, and I don't understand that. I've sent them out day and night, and they come back with absolutely nothing.

Lily: They found somebody's clothes at Fairwinds and proof that James Steinbeck has been in that house.

Lucinda: Oh, I knew. I knew that Barbara was doing something with James. Oh, honey. Rose, poor Rose. I warned her that if she consorted with the Steinbeck son, that it was unhealthy for her, and I feel stymied. What do we do? How are we going to get her back?

Lily: We'll think of something.

Lucinda: Yeah?

Lily: Yeah.

Lucinda: In the meantime, I'm beefing up security here. I'm beefing up security. Yes, I am. I'm gonna have -- we're going to cover you, the kids, Holden, Lucy, everybody, because James is not going to have another crack at anybody else in this town.

Lily: I don't think Holden is going to like that very much. You know how he feels about having people standing outside of the house.

Lucinda: Tough, tough! I don't care what Holden thinks, darling. I'm doing it for my family, and that's final -- final.

Lily: All right. Okay. I will go there now, tell him the cavalry is on its way.

Lucinda: All right. Okay, kiss the kids for me.

Lily: I will.

Lucinda: Matthew! Matthew!

Matthew: Coming.

Lucinda: Get a hold of Fenwick.

Matthew: All right, madam. Yes. You're going- ?

Lucinda: I'm going out. I'm going out. I'm going out to make some trouble.

Katie: This just in. Shocker! Katie Peretti is no longer an anchor. But don't cry for me, world. I'm married. I'm fit. And I'm surrounded by heroes. They're handsome, gallant, and man, are they strong! So either sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery. Or get up, get moving and get in shape to find a few heroes of your own. Welcome to Katie Frasier's all-new butt-busting workout!

Director: Cut.

Katie: Yes! Thank you, guys. That was perfect. Beautiful, beautiful job.

Firefighter #1: I don't know. I think we might need a little bit more practice. What do you say, fellows?

Dahlia: I'm sorry to interrupt, but I need a moment with the star. Can you spare her?

Director: Yeah, sure. I'll get some opening shots of the firefighters.

Dahlia: Great.

Firefighter #2: But call if you need rescuing.

Katie: Oh, I will, and until then, I am buying a lifetime supply of tickets to the firemen's ball. It's so crazy seeing pictures of myself all over the studio.

Dahlia: "The studio"? Try "the world."

Katie: Come again?

Dahlia: Well, while you've been playing with fire, so to speak, I've been busy planning your career.

Katie: That sounds good to me.

[Simon clears throat]

Simon: Hey, baby.

Katie: Hey.

Simon: Wow, you look great.

Katie: Thank you.

Dahlia: Well, I booked you with Letterman, Gumbel and Oprah, and I've also picked out a photo for the billboard in Times Square.

Katie: No way.

Dahlia: I've also mapped out a promo tour for the releases in Europe and Japan. What do you think?

Simon: Sounds like you're going to be very busy.

Dahlia: Oh, international megastars usually are.

Katie: Hey, did you hear that? We're megastars. Isn't this wonderful?

Simon: Yeah, yeah. I think it's brilliant.

Rose: You just get cuter and cuter all the time. Which one are you, Sven or Ogie or whatever? Oh, look at that. Hey, snow white, it's Rosie red over here.

Attendant: It's time for your medication -- I mean, it's almost tea time, Ms. D'Angelo.

Rose: Oh, tea. I love tea. Tea for two, two for tea, tea for two. I love that. I love tea. Emily, look, I saw Carly.

Emily: Hi. I'm Emily. What's your name?

Rose: This is no time -- no time to be in the vegetable kingdom. Get out of the turnip patch. I need you!

Craig: I've got news.

Jack: Yeah? You're going to be news if you're not out of my chair in two seconds. Move it! One!

Craig: Anything for you. There you go. Have a seat. I've checked out every company that might have transported a casket the night Emily and Rose disappeared.

Jack: Oh, yeah?

Craig: I've whittled the suspects down to two.

Jack: Really? That's one more than I've whittled it down to.

Craig: Really? What did you find, Jack? Share with the group here.

Jack: No way, Craig.

Craig: Oh, come on, Jack. We're on the same team now.

[Jack laughs]

Jack: My team wears blue uniforms and waves little badges that say "Oakdale PD." Beat it. You don't belong here.

Craig: All right. So tell me what forensics found on the casket, Jack. It's the least you can do.

Jack: The least I can do is not throw you out of here.

Craig: It's just one little piece of information, Jack. You know, I'm free all afternoon. I can just stay here and ask--

Jack: The casket is still at Fairwinds. The evidence van hasn't brought it in, so we're not going to know anything.

[Phone rings] Excuse me. Detective Snyder here. Yeah. Yeah, sure.

Craig: What is it? Something happened to Carly? Don't try lying, Jack. You're no good at it.

Jack: That was that lab. They're testing the clothes we found at Fairwinds to confirm that they're Hal's.

Craig: So? You knew they would do that.

Jack: Yeah. What I didn't know is that they'd find blood on them. I just gave them a release to test for Hal's DNA.

Craig: So if Steinbeck's killed Hal --

Jack: No, we don't know that, Craig.

Craig: Yes, but he might have, right? What else would you be scared about? Because he might do the same thing to Carly. Jack, stop playing around here. Carly needs both of us before it's too late.

Lucy: "Sum, esse, summest, sunt."

Mitzi: Yoo-hoo? Oh, sorry. I'm interrupting you.

Lucy: No, no, no, no, no. You're saving me. Latin verbs. Do you want to stay for dinner?

Mitzi: Well, you got me confused with somebody who belongs here. Look, I'm sorry to be a pest. Look, if I had the money for a bus ticket home, I would get out of the way.

Lucy: No. I could loan you some.

Mitzi: Thanks, but if you did, and Ms. Walsh found out, I would be staying for dinner -- as chopped meat.

Lucy: I hate to say it, but you're probably right.

Mitzi: Yeah. Usually, I try to stay under the radar, but I just couldn't stand it today. I was going crazy, pacing up and down that little house, wondering what happened to Rose, so I came up here to find out if there was any news.

Lucy: Sorry, but -- look, you're not the only one who's going nuts around here. I am, too.

Mitzi: You? Why?

Lucy: Well, when I first came to Oakdale, everything was fun. I was with my dad and helping aunt Katie with her vide then -- wham -- my grandmother puts me into lock-down. Please stay, Mitzi. I have nothing to do. I'm so bored.

Mitzi: I don't know. Ms. Walsh, she's only letting me stay in the guest house because I'm Rose's friend. With Rose gone, any day I'm expecting an eviction notice.

Lucy: I could ask Matthew to tell us when she's coming. We're both stuck here. Come on. Help me think of something to do that doesn't involve a language no one's even spoken for at least 2,000 years.

Mitzi: You know what we say in Jersey? "When you can't change your life, change your hair."

Lucy: Perfect.

Craig: Excellent. Thank you. Jack, my office has dug up some information on those transport companies. You want it or not?

Jack: Sure. Put it on my desk.

Craig: They're going to fax it over. What's the number?

Jack: Gee, I seem to have forgotten it. Why don't you walk across the room and get it off the machine? Ambrose? I want you to check out an ex-con now living in Oakdale. He got nabbed for transporting illegal from Cuba.

Ambrose: Cigars?

Jack: People. Yeah. Seems he transported them in coffins. I want you to find out if he's working now and get his flight schedule for the last two months. That's his name right there. Thank you.

Craig: Here's the fax, Jack. How else can I be of assistance?

Jack: You know, Craig, you've done more than enough. Thank you.

Lucinda: Good afternoon, Detective Snyder.

Jack: Lucinda?

Lucinda: I need to know exactly what you people are doing to find Rose D'Angelo?

Jack: Lucinda, if you've come to complain about the way I'm handling the case, you're just going to have to take a number after Mr. Montgomery here.

Lucinda: In what universe?

[Craig laughs] I need to speak with you immediately, and I need to speak with you privately.

Craig: Far be it from me to intrude. We can go over the faxes later when you're finished dealing with her highness.

Jack: Go home, Montgomery. You and I are done.

Craig: That's what you think, Jack. Now -- if I were a clue, where would I be?

Ambrose: What happened to Detective Snyder?

Craig: Oh, he's busy interviewing a witness. Not to be disturbed.

Ambrose: I can't read his writing.

Craig: Well, maybe I can. Snyder and I are working closely on a case.

Ambrose: Is this Chuck Devon or Deron?

Craig: Looks like a "v" to me.

Ambrose: Thanks.

Craig: Chuck Devon. Interesting. Now, all I need is a little Police protection.

Katie: International megastar? Does that include Australia?

Dahlia: Well, actually, I was saving the best for last, but yes, the Australian release is set for next winter, which is actually their summer, so we'll be getting them right in the midst of their bikini season. You are going to be famous on both sides of the equator and everywhere in between.

Director: Dahlia, I need you to okay this next setup before we light it.

Dahlia: How about green, the color of money?

Katie: This is so incredible. I mean, I've traveled before, but that was with my mom when she was singing on the lounge circuit. Not exactly first class. I'm so excited. People are going to want to interview me. Oh, and Dahlia said that there might be a Katie doll in America's future.

Simon: Katie, stop. Whoa, slow down. Don't you think you're jumping the gun? You haven't even shot the video yet, and you're already counting your greenbacks.

Katie: Well, yeah, I know but Dahlia said --

Simon: Dahlia, Dahlia. Dahlia says a lot of things. What matters is what the public says. If they don't like the final product, then what Dahlia does means nothing.

Katie: What, you don't think it's going to be good?

Simon: I think you are going to be good. I think you are going to be amazing. But you can't guarantee success, okay, no matter what Dahlia promises.

Katie: Are you -- are you jealous?

Simon: No.

Katie: Then Dahlia was right. You really don't believe in me.

Lucinda: Rose has been missing for what weeks! And the Oakdale Police department can't find the man. We know -- we know he did it.

Jack: Yeah, but we will find him. That's the important thing.

Lucinda: Well, when, darling? When? Because I'm getting impatient, and I'm growing very old waiting. Rose is Lily's sister. That means that she's my family, Jack.

Jack: Are you forgetting that Carly's out there, too?

Lucinda: Rose -- as Lily's sister -- is to me like another daughter.

Jack: Yes, and Carly is the woman I love, and Hal is my best friend. The only reason I'm not going crazy here, Lucinda, is because I'm doing everything I can to find them.

Lucinda: Okay, then give me -- give me a chance. Let me take a leaf out of your notebook, all right, so I don't have to sit around waiting and worrying and wondering. I need to do something, too.

Jack: No. You start making noise, you're going to ruffle Steinbeck's feathers and you're only going to force him deeper underground. Let the Police handle this, please.

Lucinda: Darling, no. Because you guys, you're going to tiptoe around. You have to follow evidence, and you have to gather it with caution and very, very slowly. I want a bold move.

Jack: Yeah? I tried to make a bold move, and here I am in a cast. Because Steinbeck stayed a step ahead of me. Lucinda, that's what Steinbeck does. He's going to stay a step ahead of you, too. Believe me.

Lucinda: Don't you presume to tell me anything about Steinbeck. I know this man like the back of my hand. You've got to fight fire with fire. You have to smoke him out, squeeze him, you have to find his money --

Jack: We can't agitate him. You can't agitate him. We have to catch him, but we may only get one shot.

Lucinda: Okay. I'll have to nail him --

[Lucinda laughs] -- on my first go.

Attendant: Sleep tight. I'll be back as soon as I turn down your bed.

Emily: Wait, wait, wait. Will you hold my hand while I go to sleep, too?

Attendant: Of course.

Emily: Greetings from the turnip patch.

Rose: Oh. You got my message?

Emily: Are you kidding me? I've been dumping drinks and acting spacey for hours. How did you figure out they were drugging the tea?

Rose: Libby -- Libby tipped me off. I knew they'd get us the happy stuff somehow when they found out that we knew about the aromatherapy game. Did you see Dr. Weston's face when he found out that we still had the cell phone.

Emily: I know. We never should have called Hal.

Rose: Oh, it's good that you called Hal, because you had one conversation with the man without James Steinbeck around.

Emily: Yeah, but now, I can't stop thinking about James picking up the phone the second time. I mean, think about it. It's not like Hal just handed him the phone. "Here. Here, take my phone." He was forced, Rose. I mean, for all I know -- for all I know, Hal could be dead.

Rose: Look, don't make me slap you again. It's as I said before. Hal is alive, and he needs you to keep it together so you can get out of this place. He's so worried about you, I'm sure, every hair on your blonde head. But you've got to toughen up. We'll figure a way out of here.

Emily: "Out of here"? Our only way of getting out of her is to be rescued. No one knows we're here. No one's coming for us now.

Rose: Would you have faith in your man? He is not a quitter, and you can't quit on him either. Have a little bit of faith, please.

Emily: Faith? Faith? So you think maybe it's possible that maybe, I don't know, Steinbeck stole his phone or -- no, it's not possible, because he was moaning in the background. We both heard someone moaning in the background.

Rose: We don't know. We don't know who that was. I bet you Hal is on his way here to find us right now, and it's a good thing, 'cause I saw Carly.

Emily: What? Where?

Rose: She's in this other therapy room. She's all wrapped up like a mummy.

Emily: Ooh, what did she say?

Rose: "Help me." "Help me." When she found out I was there, she was begging me to help her.

Emily: What did you do?

Rose: Nothing. What was I going to do? Listen, listen. Don't drink that blue drink, whatever you do.

Emily: Dr. Weston! Hello, Dr. Weston!

Dr. Weston: Ladies, we seem to have a problem here. It seems from your latest blood results that you haven't been drinking your tea.

Rose: Oh, no. Oh, well, you see, the tea is not -- blecch -- it doesn't taste very good, so -- we'll drink every drop from now on since it's so important. Right, Emily? Pinky promise.

Dr. Weston: I'm afraid it's too late for promises. From now on, I'm going to have to make sure myself.

Simon: How can Dahlia say that I don't believe in you?

Katie: She's right. You say that you're looking out for me --

Simon: I am looking out for you. Why do you think I checked out the production company?

Katie: Which was totally legit. So why are you acting like you're still suspicious?

Simon: Because I am. All right, fine. Good, the production company checked out, but that doesn't mean Dahlia did. Okay, I'm still working on her background.

Katie: Maybe there's nothing to find.

Simon: Maybe there isn't. Maybe there is. Who knows, okay? We'll see.

Katie: But you're obviously looking for something wrong. Why? Why would you do that? Because there must be something wrong with someone who wants to make me a huge success? That is so insulting.

Simon: You are getting me the wrong way here. Totally getting -- I think you are a spectacular success, no matter what you do. But I know you and Dahlia doesn't. Okay, I just think it's suspicious that Dahlia comes in out of nowhere and promises the moon to a complete stranger.

Katie: You're wrong. Dahlia knows a lot about me. She was a fan of mine from Woak, and you know that.

Simon: Exactly. Look, that's my point. Don't take this the wrong way, but why would Dahlia choose a former small-town news anchor to sell millions and millions of her exercise videos instead of choosing someone with more nationwide name recognition?

Katie: I'm willing to be poor with you. Why aren't you willing to be rich with me? You've had rich wives before.

Simon: I have told you so many times before, I didn't love them. I don't want you to get hurt.

Katie: Then stop hurting me.

Simon: Listen, Katie, just wait for --

Dahlia: Did you upset her?

Simon: What? What are you --

Director: Look, we're ready to start shooting.

Dahlia: Yeah, and we don't want our star to be unhappy.

Simon: Fine. All right, I'll leave Katie alone, but not you, Dahlia. We've got to talk.

Dahlia: Later.

Lucinda: Get me that report from the private detective. It's on the side, by my bed.

Matthew: Madame has returned.

Lucinda: Well, is the circus in town? Mitzi, Mitzi -- Mitzi, is this the way you repay my five-star hospitality? By turning my little -- my little, darling granddaughter into -- I don't know what.

Lucy: No, no, no, it was my idea, grandmother. I asked Mitzi to show me how the Atlantic City girls wear their hair and makeup. We were just having some fun.

Lucinda: Fun? Oh, Mitzi, come on, Mitzi, pack up the mascara, pack up the rattail comb and the rest of the tools. You're out. You're out. What's the matter with you, darling?

Mitzi: All right, you can keep the rest.

Lucinda: I don't know. Rose is your best friend. Rose is her best friend. Rose is out there in the clutches of Jack the ripper and you do this, Mitzi? And you -- you, what -- what have you got to say for yourself?

Lucy: That I don't appreciate the way you treated my friend. She doesn't have any money or anywhere to go and you're just --

Lucinda: That's not my concern, darling. Nor is it your concern. Now, for heaven's sake, wash the stuff off your face.

Lucy: Grandmother?

Lucinda: Yes?

Lucy: Can I go back to dad's now?

Lucinda: No.

Lucy: I've had a really good time with you and everything, but I want to go back to dad's now. I miss him.

Lucinda: Well, that's impossible, darling. It's impossible. Your father is consumed with trying to find his girlfriend. His girlfriend is Carly Tenney, all right? That's what he's doing. He does not have the time to supervise a young lady. On the other hand, I make the time. Okay? Now, I want you to wash up, and then we'll have a quiet dinner and talk about your future.

[Emily whimpers]

Dr. Weston: You know, I really prefer using noninvasive methods. However, you ladies are making that impossible. Hilda, will you do the honors?

Rose: Oh, no. Oh, no, not me. No, no. No, I can't have needles.

Dr. Weston: Hold her down, Hilda.

[All shouting]

Rose: I'll drink the tea! I'll drink the tea. I'll drink the tea.

Dr. Weston: Let her go. For now. Good. Good, I really prefer my guests here to be comfortable, and if you prefer the tea, we can arrange that. All you have to do is tell me who's been helping you.

Rose: No one. No one.

Dr. Weston: You know, I really am a very patient man. However, you ladies have been jeopardizing my project, and we can't have that. My patience is at an end. Who's been feeding you information about the aromatherapy ward?

Emily: We figured it out ourselves, okay? I mean, come on. We walked into the aromatherapy room feeling fine and came out feeling like a wet sock. Wasn't so hard to put two and two together, so --

Dr. Weston: Why is it I don't believe you?

Emily: You know, you're already in a lot of trouble. Don't make things any worse.

Dr. Weston: Huh.

Emily: "Huh"? "Huh"? I called my boyfriend, Hal Munson, who happens to be the chief of detectives back home. I told him exactly where we are. He's coming for us.

Dr. Weston: Somehow I rather doubt that.

Rose: Why?

Dr. Weston: Well, because I also had a rather interesting phone call. I spoke with our benefactor. We had a nice, long, half-hour conversation and I described the entire situation to him.

Emily: What, so you admit that James Steinbeck's behind this whole thing?

Dr. Weston: Who?

Rose: "Who?" Yeah, right.

Dr. Weston: This is a benefactor who's been very generous to us. His money has allowed the operation to continue to run. However, he found out about the trouble that you ladies have been causing. Yes, and he considered withdrawing his funding. However, I spoke with him, and I assured him that Hilda and I have got things under control here.

Emily: Why does losing your funding scare you more than going to jail? I told Hal your name.

Dr. Weston: Well, this benefactor that I'm talking about -- he does more than just write the checks. He provides us with a certain amount of protection. And he assures me that this person you're talking about, he's been -- permanently disconnected.

Momma keeps our house sparkling like sunshine

Lucy: Bartender?

Billy: Lucy? What happened to you? Okay, come on. What's got you down?

Lucy: I'd rather not say.

Billy: What just happened?

Lucy: Bryant used to work here, didn't he? Doing your job?

Billy: I wish he still had this job, Lucy. I wish like hell that he was behind that bar instead of me. You know, I've got to tell you something -- I miss him every single day. And it looks like you do, too.

Lucy: I want to go home.

Billy: I don't blame you. Montega's beautiful. All the palm trees, the beaches --

Lucy: Who said anything about Montega? I miss downtown. The penthouse and the views, aunt Katie getting totally goofy over uncle Simon. I want to go home. To my dad.

Craig: Yeah, I'm looking for Chuck Devon. Ah -- you had a couple of pickups for me in the past. My name's Steinbeck. Or -- well, maybe we did business under my employer's name, Barbara Ryan.

[Craig laughs] there you go. Well, listen, I have another job for you. You're coming to a place called Fairwinds.

Emily: What has Steinbeck done to Hal?

Dr. Weston: I'm in really no mood for --

Emily: You tell me what Steinbeck has done with Hal! Tell me where my Hal is! Where is he, you crazy drug addict, let go of me!

Dr. Weston: Take her away.

Rose: No, no, no. No. What did you give her?

Dr. Weston: A sedative. Would you like one?

Rose: No.

Dr. Weston: Good.

Rose: Listen, doctor, listen, listen. If this is about money -- I'm sort of related to somebody who could buy James Steinbeck ten times over, and she likes me a lot, and I'm sure if you ask her, just tell her that -- she'll be a benefactor, you know? And she'll give you all the money that you want. Just let us go home.

Dr. Weston: When will you stop underestimating me?

Rose: This is not a lie, I swear. Just let me have a phone and call her and I'll prove it to you, I promise.

Dr. Weston: No, no, no, your phone calls haven't been very healthy for my clinic.

Rose: But it will be. I -- she'll wire you as much money as you want, any currencies you want. Just let us go, please.

Dr. Weston: I assure you, Ms. D'Angelo, you and your friends will be reunited soon -- very, very soon. However, it will happen right here.

Rose: Millions. Millions of dollars she has. She'll give it to you. Just please let us go home.

Dr. Weston: Money? You think I do this for money? Money keeps the operation running, yes. But science -- science is why I am doing this. Science nourishes my soul. We are making history here. Now, rest easy, dear Rose. I'm sorry.

Director: All right. Everybody take five.

Simon: Well, looks like we have time to talk now, doesn't it?

Dahlia: What do you want?

Simon: Answers. Why are you telling my wife that I don't believe in her?

Dahlia: Well, you made a fuss about her being in the video. What was I supposed to think?

Simon: That you are completely suspect, Dahlia. So what's your game?

Dahlia: Should I tell your wife that you're harassing her producer?

Simon: What, you're gonna hide behind her now, too? Isn't making her your mark enough?

Dahlia: You know, you might not be able to appreciate this, but your wife has the kind of vibrant personality that translates into star potential. Have you ever heard of something called the "q" factor?

Simon: Hmm. Uh, no. But I've heard of the BS factor. I've worked plenty of scams, Dahlia. I smelled yours the moment I met you.

Dahlia: Okay, just what would my payoff be? Katie's money? She doesn't have any. Your fortune? Well, you gave her a hat and mittens for Christmas.

Simon: So what are you doing? Are you -- are you after her brother, is that it?

Dahlia: Well, he's good at looking rich, but that's about as far as it goes. So it looks like we've both checked each other out.

Simon: All right, let's just say for some unknown reason, that you are on the level. What's with all this talk about publicity before the final product? Before the video's even shot?

Dahlia: She'll be fine on the talk shows.

Simon: You're not afraid that someone will bring up the Endicott Awards? Or maybe that's it. Maybe you want to build her up to bring her back down again.

Katie: No, Simon. Looks like you're doing that.

Libby: Dr. Weston wants you to have this tea.

Attendant: Every drop. Good girl. Dr. Weston will be very pleased.

Rose: What was in that tea?

Libby: Just tea. I didn't put anything in it. But you've got to pretend to act calmer, or we're going to be in trouble.

Rose: Why was Carly wrapped up like that?

Libby: I'm not sure. They only tell me what they want me to know.

Rose: Has anyone ever mentioned what kind of medical degree this Dr. Weston has?

Libby: No. Look, I've helped you as much as I can. You are going to take me with you when you leave, won't you?

Rose: As soon as I can figure out how to do it myself.

[Emily giggles]

Emily: Thank you.

Rose: Holy-moley.

Emily: Rose.

Rose: She knows me.

Emily: Rose. And my name is -- what's my name?

Rose: Emily. Your name's Emily. You look happy.

[Emily giggles]

Emily: I'm so happy. I'm so happy, because I got a treat. A very special treat. Me and Carly. You know what? It was a drink. It was a pretty drink. And it was my favorite color -- blue.

Katie: I'm sorry, Dahlia. I didn't realize my husband --

Simon: Don't come in here apologizing for me, Katie. I'm trying to get some answers.

Director: Katie, we're ready -- what's going on? You're all flushed. I'm supposed to be doing close-ups next. I thought you said you'd keep a low profile around here.

Katie: It's okay. Don't worry about it. I never let my personal life interfere with my business, so -- I know the show must go on. That's why I'm going to be a star.

Dahlia: Well, looks like you really blew it this time, Simon. Now Katie's determined to prove you wrong.

Simon: Oh, and that makes you so happy, doesn't it? What do you want from Katie?

Dahlia: Maybe nothing. Maybe all I really want is you.

Lucy: Hello, grandmother.

Lucinda: Well, where have you been? I came down to have dinner with you, and Matthew said that you'd gone out. And -- you still have makeup on, that awful -- where did you go?

Lucy: I went to Java underground.

Lucinda: That's not a place for an underage girl to go after school. Come on. You don't know, you don't know the dangers. You -- okay. You're home and you're safe and I'm glad. Take off your things. I'm starving. Let's eat.

Lucy: Wait. I have something to tell you first.

Lucinda: Yes, dear?

Lucy: I'm moving out.

Lucinda: Don't be absurd.

Lucy: I'm serious. I called mom and I told her how I feel.

Lucinda: You're bluffing.

Lucy: Go ahead. Call her. Okay, all right, fine, I'm bluffing. But I wish I could call her and she'd understand. I mean, I'm 16, and you won't even let me play with a little bit of makeup.

Lucinda: I know -- oh, honey, the makeup is so awful. Take that -- are you rebelling just because of Mitzi?

Lucy: It's because of everything. Walking on eggshells, trying to prevent you from getting angry with dad.

Lucinda: Oh, I'm sorry, darling. I'm sorry. I'm edgy. I've been edgy. I don't mean to take it out on you. I do, but I don't mean to.

Lucy: It's okay, grandmother. I understand.

Lucinda: Really?

Lucy: You're just yelling at everybody because you miss Rose so much.

Lucinda: Right. Honey, I don't know what -- I don't know how we're gonna get Rose back, and on the other hand, I don't know how or what I'm gonna say to her dear, little father if we don't get her back.

Lucy: You'll get her back. Aren't you always telling me how smart you are?

Lucinda: Yeah. I'm never wrong.

Lucy: Well, if I promise to come visit often, will you be smart enough to let me go stay with dad? I miss him the way you miss Rose.

Lucinda: You're something. You're your dad's daughter, aren't you? Your dad's daughter. No dinner? Nothing? Just -- no talk with grandma? Okay, fine. I'll do it.

Lucy: Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Lucinda: Heavens. But honey, take the make -- take the makeup off. Your father will think that you are grotesque -- daddy's girl. Well -- ah. Hello. This is Mrs.. Walsh. I want to take out an ad, okay? Large, in the next edition. What? The advertiser is me. I want it. I'm going to pay a ransom.

Mitzi: Hey. Got a second?

Jack: Hey, sure, what's up?

Mitzi: Well, I came to say good-bye. Ms. Walsh finally kicked me out.

Jack: I'm -- well, I'm sorry to hear that.

Mitzi: Yeah, well, if I cried every time something good came to an end, I'd have permanent tear tracks running down my cheeks. What happened to you?

Jack: Oh, broke my leg. No big deal.

Mitzi: Sit down, take a load off. How'd this happen? Chasing bad guys?

Jack: Just one. Steinbeck.

Mitzi: You found him? Did he have Rose?

Jack: No, he left before I got there, but he rigged the stairs to collapse. Took me a while to dig out from under it.

Mitzi: So nothing new on Rose?

Jack: Sorry. Come on, you really leaving? Before she comes back?

Mitzi: I know. It kills me, but I can't really afford to rent a place right now.

Jack: Rent? Stay at Rose's place.

Mitzi: If Ms. Walsh found out about that, she would hunt me down and kill me. Listen, can I call you when I get home? Give you my number? That way, you can call me if anything comes up with Rose.

Jack: Sure. Well, this is -- I'm gonna miss you, Mitz.

Mitzi: Likewise. You know --

Jack: Uh-oh.

Mitzi: It just occurred to me -- could be that it's tough for you to get stuff done with that leg in a cast. Maybe you need somebody to come stay with you, you know?

Jack: Mitzi --

Mitzi: Cook meals, clean up a little bit.

Jack: The last thing you want to do is clean up after me.

[Phone rings] excuse me. Detective Snyder. Yeah. Yeah, right. Okay. Let me get over to my desk. Okay. What's that? All right. Yeah. You know what? Let me call you back. Mitzi. How are you gonna get into my house without my keys?

Mitzi: You mean it, Jack? I mean really? I can move in with you?

Jack: Don't sound so thrilled. You haven't seen the mess.

Mitzi: Oh, I don't care. I love to clean. I'm gonna go pack.

Jack: Mitz --

Mitzi: Yeah?

Jack: The key, remember?

Mitzi: Oh, right. I was just -- this is really great, Jack. Really great. What's wrong?

Jack: Something's missing. My badge. My badge is gone.

Rose: Hey, you know, I love blue. I love blue so much. And -- do you have any more of that drink left for me?

Emily: Oh, gosh. I think -- I think I drank the whole glass, didn't I -- and didn't save anything for my friend Rosie. I'm sorry. But you know what? I bet you if you ask -- Dr. Weston, ask him for some blue tea and he'll give some to you. It's very pretty.

Rose: Oh, yes, maybe when I get my tea. I would love some tea! Gosh, would I love tea.

Libby: Later, Rose.

Rose: Listen, they're taking her away to the next level, aren't they? Same thing they did to Carly, they're gonna do to Emily, right? Oh, I want some tea.

Dr. Weston: Ah, you like it now?

Rose: Oh, I love it! I love the tea. I love this house. I love the tea. I love everything. I love it all.

Dr. Weston: Good girl. I'm glad to see that we're finally back on schedule. Come, Libby. We have work to do.

Rose: Hey, hey, Emily. Emily? Emily? Hi.

Emily: Rose. I was dreaming -- about Hal -- we were laughing, and he was kissing me. Oh, Rose, you don't need to be so sad. Why are you so sad? Don't be sad.

Rose: I'm sad because I think we're gonna die here.

Emily: Oh.

Pilot: It's just like the guy on the phone said. Door's open, and here's the coffin.

Mover: Is it occupied?

Pilot: Well, there's a body in it, if that's what you mean? Look, go out to the truck and get the lift. Let's get this coffin out of here. Let's see, what do we got here? No oxygen mask, no pretty girl. Well, they shipped a real stiff this time?

Mover: I need a hand. There's a bunch of stuff in the way.

Pilot: Great. I got to do everything.

Craig: Stiff, huh? Don't know the half of it. All right, well, hold on, Carly. I'm gonna come one way or another.

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