ATWT Transcript Thursday 2/7/02


As the World Turns Transcript Thursday 2/7/02

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Isaac: Perfect place to take you in that dress.

Billy: You, Isaac! Where are you going?

Isaac: Make it fast, yo. I've got a date with the duchess.

Billy: So, when are you coming back?

Isaac: Tonight, you're the man. You always want to be me, right? Pretend like you are tonight. Any problems, you handle it. You run out of liquor, you handle it. Pipes burst, you handle it. I don't want to know. Capisci?

Billy: I --

Isaac: I knew you would understand. I knew you would. My lady?

Billy: Isaac, I can't --

Isaac: You can handle it.

Bonnie: Did you forget something?

Isaac: My manners. Garcon?

Billy: Yes?

Isaac: I believe you have a reservation for your finest table, party of two. Duchess?

Bonnie: Wait a minute.

Isaac: No, no, no, I told you I was taking you to my favorite spot.

Bonnie: Here? You wouldn't.

Isaac: I would. And I did. Garcon?

Craig: Molly?

Molly: Craig?

Craig: I know it's late, I should have called. But there was a slight mix-up --

Molly: What happened to you? Are you all right?

Craig: I'm okay. It's only bruises, nothing --

Jake: Okay. Who is it, Molly?

Molly: It's Craig Montgomery. Do you want to come in?

Craig: Yes, please, just for a second. I don't mean to intrude.

Jake: We just got a lot shaking. So if you -- maybe this could wait, and you could just --

Craig: Jake, if I thought it could wait, I would --

Molly: Is Abigail --

Jake: She's sleeping. She's sleeping. So what's on your -- what's on your mind?

Craig: Well, you -- all of you. Particularly you, Molly, this Scudder business. I've been on the wrong side of an investigation myself.

Jake: So you're here to offer your condolences?

Craig: No, I'm here because I thought you could use some good news.

Molly: Lay it on me.

Craig: Carly's alive.

Jack: Bring it right over here. Thanks, guys. I know it wasn't easy digging this thing out of the basement.

Doyle: We knew you had kinky tastes, Jack --


Jim: I've got an uncle in the business.

Rosie: See, Jim could have gotten you a new one for your wholesale.

Jack: You know, if I'm ever in need, Jim. Hey, what do you know -- "Heindel & Sons Funeral Directors." Have you ever heard of them, Jim?

Jim: Yeah. High-end stuff, society funerals, politicians, you know?

Jack: All right. Well, call this Heindel. Get him over here ASAP. Tell him to also bring his invoices for the last six months. Rosie, why don't you head back to the house. I want to see Barbara Ryan here before her arraignment.

Rosie: You got it, Jack.

Jack: Thanks.

Doyle: Take a load off, detective.

Jack: Too much work to do.

Doyle: Why's this casket so important?

Jack: 'Cause if I'm right, if this is the way they got two kidnapped women out of the country, this will help us find 'em.

Barbara: What about my arraignment? Aren't I due in court now?

Margo: No, not yet.

Barbara: I'm not gonna answer any questions, Margo, not without my attorney present.

Margo: Well, you've got visitors.

Barbara: Whoever it is, tell them to go away. I don't want to see anyone.

Margo: You tell 'em.

Barbara: Oh. You didn't have to come down here.

Bob: We're all worried about you, Barbara.

Lisa: We miss our Barbara.

Barbara: I'm sorry.

Lisa: Oh, honey, you're certainly entitled after all you've been through.

Bob: Sit down, Barbara. We want to talk to you.

Barbara: What about?

Kim: Don't worry, honey. Bob just sounds like he's gonna take your driver's license away.

Lisa: Yeah, Bob thinks we're a bunch of teenagers still. Come on, sweetheart, sit down.

Barbara: Why?

Lisa: Well, because, Barbara, we love you, we're your friends and family, we care about you. And we've been worried sick about you. Do you realize that we've hardly seen you at all since that hospital benefit?

Bob: You seemed so happy that night. And you said that you were ready to rejoin the world.

Barbara: I guess I wasn't as ready as I thought to rejoin the world. It was pretty overwhelming getting all that attention. So I just went back to someplace dark. I guess I shouldn't have done that.

John: You were injured.

Lisa: And traumatized. Don't forget that terrible trial.

Barbara: But still -- I shouldn't have gone back to that horrible house. All alone in that house. All alone with -- and what did it get me? It got me nothing -- nothing. Look at me. I've lost everything in my life that matters to me -- my health and my marriage, my family, my career.

Bob: You haven't lost us.

Kim: When you get your health and your energy back, you're gonna have those creative juices flowing again. It's gonna be okay.

Barbara: I don't like you seeing me like this.

Lisa: Oh, honey, we all have our bad times. Well, I can't even count the traumas you've pulled me through.

Bob: Look, this is a bad time, we understand that. And it's been very hard for you. And you haven't been well treated. We want to help you.

Kim: But, of course, you have to be willing to accept it.

Bob: To be honest with us and with yourself.

Barbara: What are you talking about?

John: We know about those. We'd like to help you, if you'll let us.

Molly: What do you mean Carly's alive, Craig? Where? Have you found her?

Craig: Well, we don't know where she is.

Jake: Okay. Who's we?

Craig: Hal got a call from Emily Stewart. It seems Emily and Rose and Carly are all being held in the same place.

Jake: Craig, when did he get that call?

Craig: A few days ago. He was supposed to get together with Jack, and then he disappeared. But at least we know the women are alive.

Molly: Wait a minute. Hal's now missing, too?

Jake: It came over the wire, and it's in the late edition.

Molly: And you didn't tell me this? I don't believe it. How?

Jake: The Police are saying that he's officially missing, and they're looking into it.

Molly: That's it? That's --

Craig: Well, there have been a few more developments. But this is now an official investigation. And you know Jack, I've been sworn to secrecy. But -- I probably shouldn't even be here. But I know how close you are to your cousin, and I just wanted you to know there's hope. That's all.

Molly: And I appreciate that. I do. I just had no idea you were so involved in the investigation.

Craig: I can't really talk about that. But you should know, Molly, that I'm gonna do everything I can to get Carly back here.

Molly: And the bruises? That's part of this official investigation?

Craig: Well, Jack and I were following a lead. A ceiling came in right on -- Jack was pinned, I had to get him out.

Molly: Is he okay?

Craig: Yeah. No, he's fine. I got him out before the whole place came in. But his leg's in a cast, his pride's in a sling. But he'll survive.

Jake: Yeah. Wait, I got the next part. "Thanks to Craig."


Craig: No, well, I wouldn't go that far. But I want to thank you two. I should go anyway, I know you're busy.

Molly: But you'll call us if you know anything more?

Craig: Oh, absolutely. And when Carly comes home -- and she will come home -- as to my involvement in this investigation, I'd appreciate it if you didn't mention it. Okay? I don't really want her to know.

Jack: Did you get a hold of that funeral director?

Jim: Yeah. Mr. Heindel himself will be here directly.

Jack: Oh, good. Did you tell him what about?

Jim: An official Police investigation. He's shaking'.

Jack: Oh, if he's scared, he'll talk. Why don't you wait outside for Heindel, send him in? Hey.

Paul: Look at you. Shouldn't you be home getting some rest?

Jack: What, are you getting any sleep lately? Check this out. I dug it out of the basement. We've got the mortician who sold it. Any luck, he'll have an invoice with your father's name on it.

Paul: What if it's been down there for 20 years?

Jack: No way, man, it's new. No rust, no dust. The nap's still on the velvet.

Paul: And you think my father bought it, why?

Jack: Sneak his way back into the country from Canada without being spotted. Or maybe --

Paul: What? Maybe what?

Jack: Or maybe he drugged Rose, locked her in it and shipped her to -- to wherever he's stashing Carly. Kind of like being buried alive.

Paul: If my father put Rose in a coffin --

Jack: And Emily. And who knows, maybe Hal. Did your mother spend any time in the basement?

Paul: No. No, she said it gave her the creeps.

Jack: She told you that?

Paul: Yeah. You don't think my mother had anything --

Jack: No, if she knew about this, it's just one more thing that makes her a party to the conspiracy.

Paul: I never saw her anywhere near the basement.

Jack: Well, I'm bringing Barbara down here before her arraignment, see how she reacts. You don't have to be here if you don't want to.

Paul: I need to know.

Jack: Okay. If she's a part of this -- and I'm just warning you -- I'm having Jessica charge her on all counts and hold her without bail.

Bonnie: If this is payback for the other outfit --

Isaac: You know, some people would consider a night out at Oakdale's hottest spot a treat.

Bonnie: Not someone who works here every night. And I am so not interested in domestic champagne. Thanks for the night out, Isaac. I'll never forget it.

Isaac: You should read the label.

Bonnie: So you bought a bottle of something French.

Billy: Actually, there's a whole case down there with your name on it.

Isaac: Why don't you just sit down and relax. Go ahead and pop the cork, Billy. The lady looks thirsty.

Bonnie: And then what, Isaac? We sit here like every other night? After you made me feel this small for violating a dress code? No, thanks. Drink your champagne all by yourself. I'm going home.

Isaac: Before you find out why I brought you here? Pour the champagne.

Bonnie: Please, Isaac, you brought me here to torture me.

Isaac: Wrong. Wrong. But if you want -- you know what? Go home. Go home, duchess. Miss the surprise of a lifetime. That'll be all, garcon. To you -- a beautiful, intelligent, strong woman I'm proud to know.

Bonnie: And the surprise would be?

Isaac: Not much of a surprise if I told you.

Bonnie: A hint.

Isaac: You homesick, Bonnie?

Brandy: Hey, boyfriend. I need something to warm me up.

Billy: A new personality?

Brandy: Be nice. I played your little game when you wanted me to.

Billy: Yeah, you did.

Brandy: Did it work? You know, I wasn't quite sure if you were trying to get rid of her or reel her back in.

Billy: What can I get you, Brandy?

Brandy: A cosmopolitan.

Billy: Gotcha.

Brandy: What's her name, Jennifer? She's not worth it. Ouch.

Billy: Leave it alone.

Brandy: Not a chance.

Adam: Hey, mom? What's up?

Margo: Hey, hi. Listen, I need your help. Jessica wants a full review of the evidence before she can make a decision.

Adam: About charging Abigail?

Tom: She can't charge anybody with what she's got. The case won't hold up.

Adam: So Abigail's safe?

Margo: No, not until the case is closed.

Adam: Until you find who really did it. Mom, at first, I thought she had done it. I mean, Molly, too. But we were just scared for her. Now we know that somebody else was in the room.

Margo: All right, I want you to look at something. This was given to Scudder by somebody. There's an inscription in it signed "me." Now, we know that Abigail didn't do it. Molly didn't give it to him. But we got to find out who did. So, did he have any friends at the station? Anyone that he hung out with?

Adam: He was pretty new at WOAK. And he pretty much kept to himself.

Tom: Well, didn't you say the landlady said there were women in and out?

Margo: No one that she could describe or identify.

Adam: Wait a minute! Brandy, the one who seduced me. I mean --

Margo: No, we know what the word means. But you want to explain to me what that has to do with you?

Barbara: You searched my house?

Kim: No, no. I was just packing your bag, to get your toiletries, your toothbrush. I found them.

John: They were in plain sight. They were in the bedroom. They were in the kitchen. They were all over the place.

Lisa: Barbara, honey, you really have not been yourself. And now, at least, we know this is one of the main reasons why. So I say that we're ahead of the game. We can just toss away this whole mess and start over. Right?

John: Barbara, how many of these have you been taking?

Barbara: You asked me that once before, John.

Bob: And now we're all asking you that.

Barbara: I don't take them every day. Maybe one or two at night if I need some sleep, or when the sun goes down and I hear noises in the house.

Lisa: Well, honey, you can just forget about that old house. You're gonna come home with me. And we'll have a good time. We'll watch movies and eat lots of chocolate and buy all kinds of stuff we don't need from those shopping centers.

Barbara: I'm going back to jail, Lisa.

Bob: No, we got you another attorney. And you can go home, once you're arraigned.

Barbara: I'll be free?

John: Well, you'll be out on bail, pending trial.

Kim: But the next time you feel like you want to take a pill, you have to promise to call one of us instead.

Lisa: You're coming home with me.

Molly: Let me get this straight, Craig. You don't want me telling Carly that you were trying to move heaven and earth to try and find her?

Craig: Well, once she's home, it's irrelevant.

Molly: Mm-hmm. Okay. I don't get it, but if that's what you want.

Craig: Well, I don't want her worrying about me.

Molly: And she'd be worrying about you because?

Craig: And Jack would say something about the ceiling, how we were almost killed.

Jake: Yeah, but then didn't you -- didn't you save the day?

Craig: Well, Jake, there's kind of a situation with Jack. He has serious issues, if you know what I mean. especially with regard to Carly. He's always trying to change her. And we know Carly's perfect, just the way she is. But Jack wouldn't hear that. And then you add a little Craig to the situation. Anyway, I don't want to exacerbate the deal just be blowing my own horn.

Jake: You want us to tell Carly!

Craig: No.

Jake: Yes, you do. That's why you're pulling this whole selfless hero act. You want us to fill her in.

Molly: But we won't, will we, honey?

Jake: No -- we might tell her you dropped by

Molly: Right. Right. Trying to manipulate us, definitely. That is a message I will definitely deliver. Won't I, honey?

Jake: Right.

Paul: If my mother had anything to do with these abductions, then she deserves to be charged.

Jack: I just want you to understand. The obstruction of justice charge, she can plead that down. But the conspiracy and the kidnapping charges, we're talking jail time.

Paul: All right. Well, if that's what it takes to get Rose back and Emily and Carly, then do what you got to do.

Rice: Mr. Heindel's here to see you.

Jack: Send him in.

Lyman: Hi. Lyman Heindel, mortuary services. I brought my ledger. I hope there isn't any problem. Heindel & Sons prides itself on running a respectable business.

Jack: No, you're not in any trouble, Mr. Heindel. We just want to ask you a few questions. This casket, it's one of yours?

Lyman: Yes, it's from our Elysian fields line. Number 436, heavenly berth, fully lined, waterproof, guaranteed for the life of -- well, you understand.

Jack: Right. I couldn't find a serial number.

Lyman: Oh, I know all our caskets. We're the only mortuary service licensed to carry this line in the country. Very expensive.

Jack: Do you have any idea who bought it?

Lyman: Well, I could confirm a sale if you had a name.

Paul: James Steinbeck.

Lyman: Uh, Steinbeck. Doesn't ring a bell -- no, I'm afraid not.

Jack: What about Barbara Ryan?

Lyman: Now that sounds familiar. Yes. Ms. Ryan bought this casket on the 21st of November. Here it is. For delivery to Toronto, Canada.

Jack: You're sure you dealt with Barbara Ryan?

Lyman: Well, that's the name on the receipt, but -- you know, now that you mention it, Marshal -- that's my son -- Marshal had a gentleman with him in the showroom. I believe he said he was Ms. Ryan's assistant. Marshall handles all the sales, I deal with the families.

Jack: Was this the gentleman?

Lyman: Of course he was across the room -- it could be the same man.

Jack: Any idea how he paid for it?

Lyman: Cash. Which is unusual, given the expense.

Jack: Can I see the receipt?

Lyman: Most people aren't prepared. And when you multiply the costs --

Jack: This says three caskets.

Lyman: That's correct. The gentleman said he was sent by Barbara Ryan. He ordered three caskets and paid cash on her behalf.

Lisa: So you'll be with me for a couple of weeks until we get this legal stuff all worked out. And then you'll decide what you're going to do.

John: After the arraignment, we'll take you over to Lisa's.

Lisa: Come on, darling, it'll be fun. It'll be like old times.

Barbara: Okay.

Bob: That's my girl. And no more pills.

Barbara: No more pills.

Lisa: Shouldn't we be on our way over to the courthouse? What time is it?

Kim: Margo said she'd send somebody. Oh, here. Good.

John: We're gonna accompany Ms. Ryan to court.

Rigby: I'll be taking you to your residence first.

Barbara: To Fairwinds?

John: Now, wait a minute --

Barbara: No, no, I can't. I don't want to go back there.

John: -- My patient is really in no shape to go.

Bob: Does Margo know about this?

Rigby: Detective Snyder's orders, sir.

Kim: Okay, Barbara. Don't worry. We'll go with you.

Barbara: Let's get it over with.

Craig: If you want to tell Carly that I came over here to put your minds at ease, to let you know that she was alive, that's okay. And as for my involvement in the investigation -- whatever you want to say. Just -- just don't forget to tell that I -- that I love her.

Jake: That I would share a tear for a jerk like you.

Craig: Well, Jake, why is it that you can care for Molly, her children, I can't care for Carly, my children?

Jake: Stop. It's not about Carly, this is about you. This is about you missing whatever it is that Carly gives you. This is not about you worried about another human being who's separated from their kid and is probably scared to death.

Craig: And why is it you think that, Jake?

Jake: Because if you cared about another human being, you wouldn't show up here this late at night, now would ya?

Molly: Craig, Abigail's been missing. We found her, but it's been a tough couple of days --

Jake: It doesn't matter. He wouldn't understand it if you wrote it on his forehead backwards so he could read it in the mirror.

Craig: No, I understand. I just thought you should know.

Jake: What, that you've been locking horns with Snyder? Listen to me, Craig, our daughter -- our daughter was missing!

Molly: Thank you, Craig, we appreciate you telling us about Carly.

Craig: I love your cousin, Molly. And I don't know Abigail very well, but I do know she was a friend of my son's. So, if there's anything I can do for you two, please let me know. Good night.

Jake: You know something, I know she's your cousin, but if she comes back to that hunk a junk, I'm telling ya -- I'm sorry, I shouldn't -- I shouldn't -- I shouldn't -- I shouldn't talk about family. I'm sorry.

Molly: Our daughter. You said our daughter, Jake.

Jake: I said our daughter.

Molly: Not my daughter, our daughter.

Jake: At our wedding, didn't I say, "from this day forward, she's gonna be my daughter"?

Molly: Yeah. Yeah, and I heard it all. And it was beautiful and sweet and the right words at the right time. But this -- this was spontaneous.

Jake: That's me, Mr. Spontaneous.

Molly: No, that's you, Mr. Perfect.

Jake: Now, I want to get that in writing. Come here. I'll take your word for it. Oh, that's good.

Tom: Adam, we respect the fact that you have a right to your privacy.

Margo: I am not invading his privacy. Adam, have I ever asked you for details about your relationship with Abigail or anyone else, for that matter?

Adam: No, but --

Margo: No, you volunteered that information. And whereas it does concern me because it has to do with someone I've never met, someone who's connected to a murder victim, someone who has seduced my son.

Adam: Okay, mom, look, look. Nick hired this person to come between me and Abigail. And that's all I'm going to say about it.

Margo: She was hired?

Adam: Yes.

Margo: And you never mentioned this before because?

Adam: Are you kidding?

Margo: No, Adam, in relation to Scudder.

Adam: I just never thought about it like that, that's all.

Tom: Do you happen to know where this person might be? I mean, do you go to school with her? Yes?

Adam: Yeah. She hangs out at the Java underground sometimes after class. She's into Billy.

Margo: Great. First my son, then my nephew.

Adam: Well, Billy understands the circumstances.

Margo: Okay, let's get over to Java underground and see if we can find this Brandy.

Bonnie: I miss my father, if that's what you mean, and our home. Scotland is such a beautiful country.

Isaac: You used to live in a castle, right?

Bonnie: Overlooking a lake so clear you could see all the way down to the bottom. And freezing. I mean, my horse wouldn't even drink from it. Of course, he was very spoiled.

Isaac: Just like his mistress.

Bonnie: My daddy spoiled me. He loves me. We used to sit by the fire and play backgammon all the time.

Isaac: Well, you hold onto your kilt, because it's Scotland in Oakdale all for you.

[Bagpipes playing]

Jack: Okay, so an unidentified man, who may be the man in the picture, paid cash for three caskets just like this one?

Lyman: Three heavenly berths.

Jack: All for Barbara Ryan. One of 'em shipped to Canada, which leaves two. Where'd they go?

Lyman: The gentleman took them with him. My son, Marshal, said he wanted them for some sort of theatrical affair. Marshall didn't press. But he arrived with a truck. And that's the last we heard of him. Until now, of course. I do hope a Heindel & Son's product hasn't been involved in anything nefarious.

Jack: You're in the clear, Mr. Heindel. But I want to hang onto this receipt, if I may. And I might want to ask you some more questions.

Lyman: Always happy to help the Police.

Jack: Thanks for coming in.

Rosie: This way, folks.

John: Remember, Barbara, you're under no obligation to answer their questions.

Barbara: Jack, what's going on --

Jack: Thanks for coming here, Barbara.

Barbara: What's a casket doing in my living room?

Jack: You'd rather I'd left it in the basement?

Barbara: I don't know what you're talking about.

Jack: Oh, come on, Barbara. It's all over. We found the casket. We talked to the guy you bought it from. We even found that secret passageway under the stairs. The only question is -- are you gonna take the fall for this, or are you gonna bring James down with you?

Barbara: Jack, I have no idea what you're talking about. I have no idea what this is doing here. Why would I buy a casket? This is absurd!

John: Come on, let's go. Let's go. Come on.

Jack: May I remind you, doctor, that this is a Police investigation. I'm allowing you to be here as a courtesy. And I'll ask you not to interfere.

Barbara: I wish that I could answer your questions. I don't have the answers that you seek, Jack.

Jack: We traced the casket to a mortuary service which gave us a receipt with your name on it. The casket was then shipped to Toronto, where James Steinbeck used it to smuggle himself back into the country and into your house. So I'll advise you to cooperate.

Barbara: You think you have evidence, but you don't. None of it connects anything to me. You find this man! You say that you have this man. Tell him to come here and look at me and recognize me. He can't, because I wasn't there. I don't go near the basement! We had a problem this fall with the boiler, and Paul had to take care of it! You handled it, didn't you?! Tell 'em, I don't go near the basement!

Paul: I've never seen her near the basement.

Jack: And yet here's the casket in your house. I'm losing patience, Barbara. Tell me what you know, or I'm going to the D.A.

Barbara: I swear to you, Jack, on the lives of my children, I know nothing about this! I don't know what it's doing here or why it was purchased or what it was used for! I don't! I swear, Jack, you've got to believe me!

Jack: Okay. I believe you.

John: Whoa, whoa, what is this? Some kind of game?

Jack: Three women are missing, John, as you well know.

Bob: What, does that give you the right to beat up on Barbara?

Barbara: It's okay, Bob. I understand.

Kim: I think we should just go to the courthouse.

Jack: I'll call Jessica. And I'll tell her I'm satisfied that you knew nothing about the caskets.

Barbara: Thank you.

John: Are you through, detective?

Jack: For now, doctor.

Lisa: Come on, sweetheart, we're halfway home. Come on.

Paul: I'll call you after the arraignment. Get some rest, man.

Jack: Hey, it's me. No, she didn't know anything about the casket. Well, if it were easy, Jessica, we wouldn't get paid the big bucks. Yeah. Later. Hang in there, Carly. I promise, I'll find you.

Craig: Haven't you had enough of this place?

Jack: Did Barbara see you?

Craig: No, of course not. I cowered in the bushes until she left.

Jack: What are you doing here, Craig?

Craig: Well, you weren't at home, you weren't at the hospital or any doughnut shop I could find, so -- you know, if they paid better, I might become a cop. PI, maybe.

Jack: Go home, man.

Craig: What, to leave you here to limp along on your own? Oh, no, no, no, Jack. I am here for you, pro bono. So what do we do next?

Jake: Stop! I think you broke a rib! Ow!

Molly: Right here?

Jake: Ow! Stop. I'm fine.

[Molly laughs]

Molly: Honey, that's not a rib. That's a ticklish spot.

Jake: I think you broke my ticklish spot.

Molly: Really? 'Cause I think it's working just fine. If you want me to check it --

Jake: No, I think it's just fine. It's fine. It's fine.

Molly: Hey, face it, McKinnon -- I know everything there is to know about you.

Jake: I don't think so. I don't think so. Because you're still surprised when -- you know, you're surprised when I show up.

Molly: Yeah. That's because I'm just used to doing everything by myself.

Jake: Listen -- listen to me. Tell you this again -- you are safe. Because you are not alone.

Molly: I love you, McKinnon. I love you so much.

Jake: I love you, McKinnon. I love you so much.

[Bagpipes playing]


Bagpiper: That's for you, my dear. A daughter of Scotland.

Bonnie: Thank you. Thank you very much. That's my father's favorite song. I think of him every time I hear it. Thank you so much. You surprised me.

Isaac: I tried to set up at the Lakeview or the Mona Lisa. They wouldn't allow the bagpipes, which is why we ended up at your favorite night spot.

Bonnie: I'm sorry I was so mean.

Isaac: I'm starting to see why that duke locked you in his room.

Bonnie: It's just me, myself and I, Isaac. Package deal.

Isaac: We're all package deals, baby. To our little piece of Scotland.

Adam: That's her. That's her right at the bar, right there.

Margo: That girl? That's the girl I chased out of Scudder's room last week.

Adam: She was in Nick's apartment?

Margo: Yeah, she got in there. And she's snooping around. Said he owed her money. I searched her and let her go when she said you could vouch for her.

Adam: Me? I cannot stand her, and she knows that. Look -- you want some answers? Follow me.

Barbara: I'll call the bank first thing in the morning.

John: There's no need.

Barbara: You posted bail for me, John.

John: I think you're good for it. Hey. That's what I like to see.

Lisa: Darling, I'll open the guest bedroom for you tomorrow.

Barbara: It's okay. I can stay on the couch, Lisa. It's fine.

Bob: Well, on that note, I think we should be going. Barbara, we'll see you tomorrow.

Kim: Honey, it's going to get better. I promise.

Barbara: You've all been so good to me. I don't know what I'd do without you.

John: You'll never have to know.

Kim: Good night.

Barbara: Thank you --

Lisa: Aw.

Barbara: -- For letting me stay with you. I couldn't go back to Fairwinds, and Hal threw me out of his house.

Lisa: Now, shh --

Barbara: He didn't trust me with the children.

Lisa: Hush now. That's all over. That woman -- we left her in the jail cell. My friend, my friend Barbara, that beautiful, talented, pig-headed girl that she is -- she's coming home.

Barbara: When?

Lisa: Well, darling, she's here now. Trust her. Is there anything else I can get for you?

Barbara: No, thank you.

Lisa: Okay.

Barbara: Good night.

Lisa: Good night.

Barbara: Where are you, Barbara? I need you.

[Knock at door]

Abigail: Come in.

Molly: Honey, if I woke you, I'll kill myself.

Abigail: No. I was awake.

Molly: Do you promise?

Abigail: Yeah. What time is it?

Molly: It's time for all of us to start feeling better. We just got a wonderful piece of news, and I think we need to treat it as a positive sign of things to come. And that is why I couldn't wait till morning to tell you.

Abigail: What?

Molly: Craig Montgomery came by, and he said that Hal spoke to Emily, and she said that she and Rose and Carly are okay. My cousin's alive, honey. Can you believe it?

Abigail: Yeah. No, that's great. I know how worried you were. That's a great relief.

Molly: Almost as big a relief as finding you and Adam at the county clerk's office. Hey. If I showed up two minutes later, I might be calling you Mrs.. Munson right now.

[Abigail laughs]

Abigail: Yeah. You know, all of that seems like I dreamed it. Someone's getting married, going away and -- you know, I don't know what we thought we were trying to accomplish.

Molly: You were cornered. You were feeling cornered. And when you feel like that, you run. And when you run, you just -- you don't think about where you're gonna end up or what you're going to do when you get there.

Abigail: I know. I love this room. I just feel so safe here. You know, maybe that's why I needed to get away, get away from everything that was safe. Maybe that's what helped me remember someone else being in that room that night. Do you think that I'll ever remember who was there or figure out who it was?

Molly: You know what I think? I think that anything and everything is possible. Especially now that we got this great news about Carly.

Abigail: Remember when you, Carly and I would have those nights where we'd get ice cream and popcorn and just huddle on the couch and just eat?

Molly: Oh, the rivers of fudge sauce and the mountains of whipped cream. We had so much fun, didn't we? Well, sweetie, I know it seems like we can never have nights like that again, but we will. Life is gonna be normal again. I mean, I can't show you proof of it, but right now, I have this unshakable feeling that everything's gonna be okay.

Abigail: You're amazing.

Molly: Why?

Abigail: Well, because any other mother would be angry at me for what I've put them through. You -- you go out of your way to lift my spirits.

Molly: Honey, that's my -- no. You know what? I was gonna say, "that's my job." But it's not my job. It's my privilege. And it's one that I didn't have for so long. You know? And now that I have it, I thank God for it every day. And it's a feeling that I know you're gonna feel one day when you have kids, sweetie. It just -- it's such a gift, to love someone so fully and so instinctively that you don't have to work at it. It just is.

Abigail: Aw -- I'm so glad I'm home. Hey, where's Jake.

Molly: Oh. Oh, he's probably on the phone with -- if he's not listening right outside the door!

Abigail: Do you think he'd be interested in lots of ice cream and chocolate, whipped cream?

Molly: I think you're speaking his native language.

Abigail: Can we invite guys to girls' stuff like that?

Molly: If he promises to behave himself.

Abigail: Then let the games begin.

Molly: Okay!

Adam: She could have killed Nick!

Margo: This is a Police investigation.

Tom: Your mom's right. You identified her, and that's appropriate. Anything else might cause problems down the line.

Margo: Brandy!

Billy: Aunt Margo.

Margo: Hey, Brandy --

[all shouting]

Margo: It's all right. Just let her go. We'll pick her up when we have more information.

Adam: Like what?

Margo: You know, I think I'm gonna have another look around Scudder's room. See what Brandy was really looking for.

Bonnie: What?

Isaac: Just wanted to see if you meant it.

Jack: Dixon paid her bail? Don't touch that! Sorry. I'm working with an amateur here who's mucking up the works. Yeah, all right. Lakeview? You got it. I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Craig: And how's Paul?

Jack: Go home, Craig.

Craig: And leave you here to hurt yourself? Spiffy casket. Think barber sleeps in it?

Jack: Yeah, you like it? When this is over, I'll ship it to you. How about that?

Craig: Why, Jack -- a remembrance. A token of our partnership. I am touched.

Jack: There is no partnership, Craig!

Craig: So it's limited. Still, you owe me, and I am collecting.

Jack: I owe you nothing.

Craig: That leg begs to differ.

Jack: Now, I thought I made it clear to you that you were not a permanent part of this investigation.

Craig: No, you only wanted me to promise I wouldn't work alone. So here I am. It's the buddy system, just like summer camp. So --

Jack: I told you to stay away from that.

Craig: Where are the other two caskets? Do we know where they were sent?

Jack: What two caskets?

Craig: I had a little chat with the mortician while you were playing with mother Barbara. Shall we tell the guys outside to send a van for the casket? I think forensics will want to take a look at this. Huh? Come on, Jack. Time's a-wasting'. Huh? You need help with the stairs?

Jack: No.

Craig: Come on, Jack!

Barbara: You?

Imaginary Barbara: I'm back, Barbara. What do you say we get together?

[Barbara gasps]

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