ATWT Transcript Wednesday 2/6/02


As the World Turns Transcript Wednesday 2/6/02

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Holden: Margo, where is Abigail?

Margo: Abigail is fine.

Holden: Is she all right?

Margo: She's in the car with Jake and Molly behind me.

Holden: Who's driving her back here?

Abigail: Holden!

Holden: Honey, thank God you're okay.

Abigail: I'm fine. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry I ran -

Holden: That's okay. Hey, you're fine, and that's all that matters right now.

Jake: No harm, no foul, and she's back in one beautiful piece.

Abigail: Yeah, but the question is, now that I'm home, what's next?

Margo: Did Adam say anything in the car?

Tom: Well, he pretty much kept everything to one syllable. But I didn't press him.

Margo: Did you tell him about Hal?

Tom: No, I didn't. I thought you'd probably want to talk to him alone about that.

Margo: I will. I will. I just don't quite know how to tell him that, after everything he's been through, his father is missing, too.

Holden: The worst of it is over.

Molly: You just have to tell Jessica what you remember.

Adam: About the person who showed up at Nick's door.

Jake: And clocked Scudder about 30 seconds later.

Abigail: What if Jessica doesn't believe me?

Holden: She will.

Abigail: But we have to be ready to face the fact that if she doesn't, there's a good chance that they'll keep me in jail so I won't run away again.

Bonnie: Hey, Lisa. What the deal?

Lisa: And just who are you?

Bonnie: Isaac's date.

Lisa: Are you going to a costume party, is that what it is?

Bonnie: No! Well, what do you think? Think I'll fit in?

Lisa: Fit in where, honey?

Bonnie: Wherever we go. I mean, my guess is probably darts and pitchers of beer, but whatever.

Lisa: Oh. Is that what Isaac told you?

Bonnie: No, not exactly. Lisa, do you know how many styles of jeans there are out there? I mean, it is amazing what they do with denim. Of course, I'll be the only girl whose idea of a cocktail isn't served in one of those little plastic cups with the initials on 'em to avoid those little embarrassing little mix-ups.

Lisa: Honey, I think that Isaac has -

Isaac: Isaac, doesn't get the punch line is what Isaac doesn't get. Now, somebody better let me in on the joke now before I decide to get offended.

Mitzi: I'm glad we're doin' this. Rosie would have never left this stuff up this long. I mean, if she were here, this place would be plastered with paper hearts for Valentine's Day by now.

Lily: I put that Santa Claus that lights up - I put it in the bedroom closet.

Mitzi: Oh, good. She loves that thing. Hey, look, plastic mistletoe. We picked this up at Carl's House of Christmas in Atlantic City. No self respectin' showgirl would let her mistletoe go limp.

Lily: Look at this. This was made by Luke for Rose.

[Lily holds a paper angel] Isn't that nice? "To Aunt Rose from your little angel, Luciano."

Mitzi: Okay, we gotta stop or I'm gonna flood the place. You know, I just want everything to be perfect for when she comes back. 'Cause she is comin' home. She's coming home. 'Cause you just don't go out and get yourself a new best friend, you know? You only get one. Look who I'm tellin'-her twin sister.

Lily: Oh, we're not best friends. We were working on that, but - I really admire your relationship with her, Mitzi.

Mitzi: You'll get there. I know you will. We just gotta keep believin' that she's just gonna come walking through that door and start yakkin' about how we hung the cupids all wrong.

Lily: Is there a right way to do that?

Mitzi: Just ask Rose. So I'm gonna take this up to your house, and then I gotta take off. Are you okay finishin' up here?

Lily: Yes, I'm fine. Thank you.

Mitzi: Okay.

Lily: And, Mitzi, if - I'm not Rose, obviously, but I - if you want to talk -

Mitzi: You wouldn't mind?

Lily: No, I'd like that very much.

Mitzi: Thanks, Lily.

Lily: Hi.

Paul: Hi. What you got there?

Lily: Oh, just a reminder of how things used to be.

Paul: Yeah, I know what you mean. When I walked in, for a second there, I thought, "The nightmare's over and Rose is back." Make up for the time I wasted being jealous.

Lily: No, stop. You were set up. We were all set up. Have you heard anything at all?

Paul: Yeah, there's been a message from Rose, indirectly, at least. Emily called Hal's cell phone and said that she and Carly and Rose were okay.

Lily: Oh, that's great! That's wonderful news! That is so great! Can they get home?

Paul: No. After that one piece of good news, things have gone from bad to worse.


Craig: Of all the ways I thought I'd die, being buried alive with you didn't quite make the list.

Jack: I'm not exactly thrilled with the prospect myself. The way I figure it, we're somewhere under the library.

Craig: Hopefully the light reading.

Jack: Just be grateful no one else is around.

Craig: Yeah. Wouldn't want to be rescued or anything, huh, Jack?

Jack: Craig, the ceiling is unstable. Any little movement up there, and we will be buried alive.

John: These pills are all from different specialists. These are from Dr. Schuster. He's her plastic surgeon, you know? Here's one from her therapist. Here's Weber over in the burn unit.

Kim: She's been taking all of those things?

John: Well, I don't know. I don't know. They're all dated. Some of them look like they've even been refilled. But it doesn't look like she's been abusing them.

Kim: Well, thank God for that.

John: Well, I mean, even so, she hasn't been thinking that clearly here lately. You know, I don't know whether it's the pills, it's James Stenbeck, it's the accident or what, but she's been living in this very dark place.

Kim: Lord, maybe you were right. Maybe I should have tried harder to get through to her.

John: Oh, come on, I was wrong about that. I know you did try.

Kim: I just keep thinking-I made a promise to Jennifer before she died that I would take care of Barbara. Barbara has always been a problem. I promised I'd take care of her as if she were my own daughter. And, look, she ends up living in her own private hell. And I should have done something about it. I should never have let it happen!

[Ceiling falling]

Craig: Jack, did you hear something?

Jack: It's gonna come down! Take cover!



Jack: Are you okay?

Craig: Glorious. How's the leg?

Jack: It's still attached. Oh, man, that was close. We gotta get the hell out of here.

Craig: Brilliant, Jack. I wish I'd thought of that.

Jack: Craig? Craig, there's a tool - toolbox over in the corner. Grab it, would you? The metal one right there.

Craig: There's a toolbox down here, Jack?

Jack: Beauty of being in a basement, man! Grab it!

[Grunting] And then grab as much wood as you can find, okay?

Craig: Jack, are we revisiting your ladder brainstorm?

Jack: Just do it!

Craig: Personally, I failed shop. But still -

Jack: All right, fine. Fine, fine. Give me the wood, I'll build the ladder myself.

Craig: No, no, no. Listen, listen. I have a plan, all right? And if it doesn't work, we swing right back to the ladder thing.

Jack: What's the plan?

Craig: Listen carefully.

[Craig yells] Help!

Jack: What are you doing? Nobody -

Craig: Help, somebody! We're in the basement!

Kim: She had so much to live for, even after the accident.

Craig: Help!

Kim: She had the children. Hal was terrific. He did --

Craig: We're done here!

Kim: Did you hear that?

Craig: Help!

John: It sounds like it's coming from beneath us.

Kim: What, the basement?

John: Come on, let's check it out.

Lisa: Isaac, that new supply of brandy has just come in. And I'm gonna have a check on it. And, you two, just play nice.

Bonnie: What are you staring at?

Isaac: I thought we had a date.

Bonnie: We do.

Isaac: What did you think we were gonna go do, rob the jewelry store on 11th? Bust off a few shots at the drive-by bar and grill?

Bonnie: How was I supposed to know you'd borrow one of Ben's suits and come in here ready to do whatever it is you're ready to do?

Isaac: I was ready to have a beautiful evening with a beautiful woman. Reservations at the Lakeview. Best seat in town at the new opening of that jazz club.

Bonnie: No. No! This is all your fault, Isaac. You should have told me where we were going. I was just trying to fit in.

Isaac: With who? The Bloods and the Crips? And, listen, duchess, for your information, this is my suit. I have a couple more hanging in my closet, you know, right next to my 9mm I keep for really hot dates.

Bonnie: Okay, okay! So I got it all wrong. But the least you could do is appreciate the effort I made to achieve the right look.

Isaac: Your look has reduced me and you to cultural stereotypes or some kind of sick joke.

Bonnie: Why are angry at me?

Isaac: There are so many reasons why I'm angry at you, I couldn't even pick one.

Bonnie: Fine. Dinner's off.

Isaac: Yeah. Dinner is off!

Bonnie: Good! 'Cause I'd probably choke on it anyway.

Jessica: I got here as soon as I could. What do we have?

Margo: We have two kids that are more scared than they will admit.

Jessica: Well, they didn't do anything illegal really. But I'm more interested in what Abigail remembers. So let's get started.

Jessica: I'm glad you guys are all right.

Jake: Yeah, and we'd like to keep it that way. So do you mind if we keep this short and sweet?

Jessica: Yeah, I just have a few questions for Abigail.

Molly: Can we stay?

Jessica: I don't see why that would be a problem.

Abigail: A few things have started to come back to me.

Jessica: That's what Margo told me on the phone. According to my notes, the last thing you remember is being hit by Nick Scudder. The next thing you remember is waking up at Jake and Molly's.

Abigail: Yeah, but now I know that I didn't completely zone out after I got hit. When I was in the cabin with Adam, I remembered hearing a knock on the door.

Jessica: After you were struck?

Abigail: Yes. I was on the floor, and I saw Nick go to the door, open it and talk to someone.

Jessica: Did you recognize the person?

Abigail: No.

Jessica: Was it a man or a woman?

Abigail: I'm not sure. But I heard voices, and I saw their feet. Nick was alive. I mean, I know that much.

Molly: Right. And when I got there, he was dead.

Holden: That introduces another suspect.

Jessica: Possibly.

Jake: What do you mean "possibly"? You heard Abigail. Someone else was there.

Holden: Meaning Abigail or Molly could not have killed Nick.

Jessica: But we don't have any physical evidence that someone was there or what happened.

Abigail: Well, I thought that more would start to come back to me since I already started filling in the gaps.

Jessica: I hope so, Abigail. I know you've been through a lot. But with your new information you've just given me, it really doesn't change anything. I'm sorry. From this point, Abigail is still our prime suspect.

Jake: What do you mean this doesn't change anything? This changes everything!

Jessica: Jake, we have no description, no details, no actions of this other person. And, let's face it, we don't know how reliable Abigail's memory is. I mean, this new fragment may be part of a delusion or a dream e had after she was hit.

Holden: Okay. So what are we suppose to do then? Just ignore it?

Jessica: Holden, you have to look at this from a legal standpoint. We have two false confessions, an eyewitness who took off. And now, suddenly, out of the blue, we have this mystery suspect.

Abigail: Look, Ms. Griffin, I am so sorry for taking off, for running away. But I did that because I was scared. I thought I killed Nick. But now I know that the real killer came to his room before Molly or Adam even showed up.

Jessica: Abigail, I believe that you believe that. But without any physical evidence, my hands are tied.

Jake: I suggest you find some. I suggest you find - you go back to that crime scene, you find some evidence. You find some evidence that points to someone --

Jessica: Jake! Abigail does not even remember if it was a man or a woman! I'm sorry, there's-there's not much else I can do. So, maybe Abigail will remember more. But until that time, everybody just sit tight. You know, no one leaves Oakdale. I mean nobody.

Adam: Don't worry.

Jessica: Do you kids understand that?

Adam: Yes, we're not going anywhere.

Tom: We'll make sure of that.

Holden: Jessica, will you at least call us if anything comes up?

Jessica: Of course I will.

Molly: Can we take Abigail home? Please, Jessica.

Jessica: I have no reason to hold her as long as she makes herself available.

Molly: Did you hear that, baby? We're going home.

Lily: I don't understand. Hal Munson has disappeared?

Paul: Missing without a trace, just like the others.

Lily: Does your mother know where he is?

Paul: If she does, she's not talking.

Lily: Maybe Hal followed Emily's lead and went to look for them himself.

Paul: He would have called, Lily. He knows how worried we are.

Lily: Do you think your father got to him?

Paul: Probably. But all we have are theories that don't add up to anything solid. All I know for sure is that, at the time of that phone call, Emily, Carly and Rose were still alive.

Lily: But there have not been any ransom demands.

Paul: My father's idea of ransom is to make us all suffer. It makes me sick to even say it out loud, but the longer Hal is missing and we don't hear from the others -

Lily: What do you think James is gonna do to them?

Paul: I don't know. But I do know this. I'll find Rose, Lily. I will not lose her.

Craig: We're in the basement!

Jack: No, you're wasting oxygen, Craig.

Craig: Listen, Jack, you want to die a stoic death, you go ahead. I'd rather live, if that's okay. Help! He's got a gun!

Kim: Craig?! Craig, is that you?

Craig: Yes! Yes!

Jack: Hey, Kim! Kim, be careful! That whole area's unstable. The stairs collapsed and most of the ceiling beams came down with 'em.

John: Hey! What are you guys doing down there?

Craig: Just get us out of here!

John: You don't seem to be in any position to tell me what to do!

Jack: All right. There should be a ladder in the gardener's shed.

Kim: Are you all right?

Jack: I think my leg's broken.

John: You haven't answered my question. What are you doing down there? Are you looking for more evidence to hurt Barbara?

Craig: Oh, perfect, we get rescued by Barbara's fan club.

John: You don't think you've done enough against her already?

Jack: I'll explain everything, John. Just take it easy up there. I don't want you two bringing down the rest of those supports.

Kim: John, come on, for crying out loud, let's -

John: Hey, listen, listen. Do you want to help the guy that put Barbara's face on the front of "The Intruder," that's been against her all his life? And this one here, Jack Snyder, is a one-man army against Barbara, whatever she does. I say let 'em rot down there for awhile, and maybe Barbara'll have a little peace of mind in her life for a change.

Kim: John, come one, this is ridiculous.

John: Do you think either one of them would lift a finger to help Barbara if she were down there?

Jack: John, whatever trash Craig printed in that rag of his is not gonna have any barring on the case against Barbara.

[Craig clucks like a chicken] You think you two are safe up there? You're wrong. The longer you two stew over what you're gonna do, the more chance you're gonna have of winding up down here with us when the ceiling caves in. So if you're not gonna help us, do yourselves a favor and get the hell out of here!

Kim: John, come on, let's get the ladder!

John: We'll go see if we can find the ladder.

Jack: Thank you.

Craig: Well, I don't suppose you'll admit it, even now.

Jack: Admit what?

Craig: If I hadn't yelled my brilliant head off, mine might be the last face you see in this life.

Jack: Dude, do you ever get over being so pleased with yourself?

Craig: No. And you're just miffed because you need me, don't you? It hurts worse than the leg, doesn't it, Jack? Hal's AWOL. Margo's all caught up in the Nick Scudder murder case. Your wheels -

Jack: This is still my case! I say where we go from here.

Craig: Well, while you're deciding, I'm gonna go find Carly, all right? Jack, you need me. You need somebody working outside the system, so stop fighting me. You gotta ask yourself - how bad do you want Carly back?

John: Yoo-hoo, boys? I'm sending the ladder down.

Jack: John, watch out for that section to your left.

Kim: Jack, can you move your legs?

Jack: A little.

John: I'm coming down, Jack, to splint that leg.

Jack: No! No! Stay up there! It's too risky.

John: Listen. Jack, you'll never make it up this ladder if I don't stabilize the leg. Now, I'm coming down whether you like it or not.

Craig: You heard him, Jack. Admit you need help. Take it like a man. Ready?

John: Foot that for me, will ya, bottom feeder?

Craig: I got the foot.

Molly: Abigail must be exhausted.

Jake: Yeah, well I'll tell you what, we'll take her straight home once she gets finished signin' her statement.

Holden: You guys mind if I come back with you?

Molly: Of course not. Holden, you're her dad.

Jake: Look, she seems to have a surplus of dads, so you let me know if I cross the line, okay?

Holden: Jake, I don't have a problem with you. I'll tell you what I do have a problem with. Being a part-time player in my kid's life. I want to fix this mess. So I hope you guys don't mind if I spend a little more time over at your place.

Molly: We'd like that.

Tom: Well, I got to go pick up Casey at basketball. You want to come?

Adam: No. I think I'm gonna stay with Abigail.

Tom: Listen, what you did goes against everything your mother and I've ever tried to teach you.

Adam: Dad, yeah, yeah, I know, I've heard it all already, okay?

Tom: No, you haven't heard it. You haven't heard how proud I am the way you've helped Abigail and how scared I was for the both of you. And somewhere in one of my lectures on the way back to town, I forgot to tell you how much I love you. I'll see you at home.

Jessica: I think that's all for now.

Adam: Hey, could I grab a ride with you home?

Margo: Adam, we need to talk first.

Adam: Can it wait? Margo: No, it can't.

Adam: I'll catch you later.

Jessica: I'll have some more questions for you tomorrow. I'll give you a call.

Abigail: Okay.

Margo: Have a seat.

Adam: Why, is this another lie detector test? Or is this where Hal bursts in the door and starts to rip into me why I ran away?

Margo: Adam, your father's not here.

Adam: Where is he?

Margo: I don't know. Officially, your dad is missing.

Jessica: We've kept the crime scene sealed. So Margo and a team of forensic experts will go through the place again. And hopefully, we'll find some physical evidence that this other person was there. Abigail, if you remember anything at all --

Molly: You'll be the first to know.

Jessica: Good. We all want the same outcome of this investigation.

Bonnie: I'm sorry to interrupt, mom, but I really need to talk to you.

Jessica: In a moment.

Bonnie: But it's really important, mom.

Jessica: I said, in a minute. So in the meantime, try to relax. It's going to take us some time to sort through all the facts.

Jake: We'll relax when we put this whole thing behind us.

Jessica: I understand. I'll be in touch.

Jake: Well, she said we can go home. So let's leave before she changes her mind.

Molly: Home - my favorite four-letter word.

Holden: Ready, sweetheart?

Abigail: Yeah, I'm ready.

Jessica: Now what is so important?

Lisa: Isaac, what did that glass ever do to you?

Isaac: I've declared war on spots.

Lisa: Oh. Where's Bonnie?

Isaac: Returning that outfit of hers, I hope.

Lisa: I'm so sorry, Isaac, I really am.

Isaac: It's not your fault that your goddaughter has no class.

Lisa: Well, is there anything I can do?

Isaac: No. No, I was just - I was just hopin' to have dinner. And now that's ruined, so if I'm gonna have a beautiful woman on my arm, you're not free, are you?

Lisa: Well, I'd love to be on your arm, but Bonnie would be on your mind.

Isaac: Yeah, well she can find another joke to amuse herself. I told you table six!

Lisa: Isaac, I'm sure she didn't mean to hurt you.

Isaac: I'm not hurt, okay? I'm angry. Maybe she'll find some prince that can buy her a country big enough to fill that ego of hers, and then she can say, "Hey, I hung out with Isaac Jenkins and the little people of Oakdale." But you know what? When it comes to being small, that spoiled brat has got us all beat.

Lisa: Darling, sometimes a girl like Bonnie can't see a true prince when he's standing right there in front of her. You can take care of that, huh?

Bonnie: I tried, mother. I really, really, tried. I thought that by getting on Isaac's level and showing him that I can fit into his world -

Jessica: Wait a minute. Isaac's "level"?

Bonnie: You know what I meant.

Jessica: Bonnie, what makes you think you're better than Isaac?

Bonnie: I never said better, mom, just different.

Jessica: Okay, well, what makes you different than Isaac Jenkins?

Bonnie: Well, you know-the way I was raised, the people I've known, the places I've been.

Jessica: I see. Bonnie, you were fortunate enough to be born to parents who could give you every advantage this world has to offer. But the one thing that your father and I wanted most for you is for you to have a grateful heart. Obviously, we've failed you.

Bonnie: So now what? I'm some sort of failure?

Jessica: No, I don't-look, haven't you noticed how Isaac treats everybody the same, no matter who they are, no matter if they're the mayor or the clean- up crew at Java Underground. Stooping down to somebody's level doesn't even occur to him. He doesn't see levels. Bonnie, that's what having class really means.

John: All right, that ought to hold it.

Kim: Okay, the ambulance is on its way.

John: I'll have an Orthopedist meet you at the ER.

Jack: Thanks. Kim, could you send a work crew out here to seal off that part of the house so nobody else gets hurt?

Kim: I'll do it right away.

John: Thank you. What are doing there?

Craig: John, I think that's confidential.

John: What are you looking for?

Craig: John, I think it's restricted information.

Jack: John, this is a police investigation.

John: Oh, yeah? And since when is America's muckraker a member of the Oakdale PD?

Craig: An associate. Anyway, I'm a man of many talents.

John: What's going on, Jack? What does Barbara have to be worried about?

Jack: All I can tell you is that Barbara is a suspect in an ongoing criminal investigation. Now, I know the two of you want me to give Barbara the benefit of the doubt, but I can't do that. The facts speak for themselves.

John: What facts are those? That Montgomery used her? That he robbed her of her dignity?

Craig: According to who, John? This mental health? Anyway, have I broken any laws?

John: You know, one of these days you're gonna bump up against the wrong person!

Craig: John, is that a threat?

Jack: Stop it! Guys, don't we have enough problems here?

John: And you've sunk right down to his level, is that the idea?

Craig: Oh come on, John.

John: Come on. I will not let you railroad Barbara.

Jack: There are three women missing, John!

John: I know how many women are missing! You don't have to tell me! As a matter of fact, I had a little bit of a relationship with Carly myself, and none of it was very good. I know what she's up to. She wants the spotlight. And she'll do anything she can to get a part of it, which means wrecking Barbara's life or sending you on some wild goose chase. Well, you're warned. You step over the line and I will help Barbara sue you for false arrest, for defamation of character, you name it.

Craig: That would require actually having some character.

John: Come on, let's get out of here.

Kim: Did you tell Jack about the pills Barbara's was taking?

John: He'd only use them against her. I think it's time that her real friends prevented them from getting this ammunition.

Jack: For the record, you just blew any shot you had of me letting you anywhere near this investigation.

Craig: Jack, who else cares if Carly ever gets back to Oakdale? I'm all you've got, G-Man. Listen, I love the woman too, so you have a choice here. You either work with me, or you get out of my way.

Jack: You know, I got federal connections that will keep you from setting foot out of this country.

Craig: Stop flexing, Jack. Come on. You either accept my help, or do I have to go vigilante here?

Jack: If you make one move without me, I'll nail you for obstruction of justice.

Craig: Is that a yes, Jack?

Jack: It's a yes.

Craig: Why, Jack - this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Paul: She is such a ham.

Lily: Shy is not part of Rose's make-up.

Paul: You know, Lily, I have to wonder - if I hadn't gotten involved with Rose, would she still be here?

Lily: Would you stop that, please? This is not your fault. Rose would not trade one minute that she had with you. She told me that she was crazy about you from the moment she saw you at the airport.

Paul: She told you that?

Lily: Yes she did. She said lending you 20 bucks was the best money that she ever spent. When have you ever known Rose D'Angelo to let anybody stop her from getting what she wants?

Paul: Never.

Lily: Good. You know what she wants? She wants to come home, to you, to us, to all of us. And Rose D'Angelo is a force to be reckoned with. I think James Stenbeck has finally met his match.

Bonnie: I'm sorry, mom, if your classless daughter is such a major disappointment to you.

Jessica: You are not a disappointment to me. And you know I love you. But you've just made a bad call. So-why don't you change your clothes and go talk to Isaac. Bonnie, look at me. Try saying, "I'm sorry."

Bonnie: You're serious?

Jessica: Some of the most successful people in the world have used those very words.

Bonnie: Oh, will you come with me?

Jessica: No. You're on your own. But you may not believe this, but I have every faith in you, I always have. I'll see you later.

Bonnie: Bye.

Adam: Has dad called at all?

Margo: No.

Adam: Maybe he's looking for Emily.

Margo: Maybe, but I don't think so. But I don't know-I don't have any answers for you, Adam.

Adam: This is so not him.

Margo: No, it's not. And quite frankly, it's got me scared.

Adam: Maybe my taking off didn't help things, huh?

Margo: Yeah, maybe that didn't help things, Adam. I am putting out fires here looking for you, working on the Scudder case, trying to get clues about your father's whereabouts.

Adam: How can I help?

Margo: You can help by not scaring us to death again like this. You can help by talking to us and telling us what's going on in your life.

Adam: I will, I promise. And I won't take off again.

[Margo gives Adam the foil ring he gave Abigail]

Margo: Adam, were you really going to get married?

Adam: It doesn't matter anymore.

Margo: No, it matters. Adam, you are my heart, and it matters to me if you're out there in the world making decisions on your own, whether I approve or not. It matters. It always will. Of course, you're never going to understand this until you're standing in my shoes and you see your son growing up, starting a life on his own. But let me tell you something, young man, if you pull a stunt like that again, I don't care how old you are, I will hunt you down and take you over my knee.

[Adam laughs]

Adam: I know, I know. I love you too, mom.

Margo: Oh, baby.

Holden: Are you all right?

Abigail: Yeah, I'm just really glad to be home. Holden, do you think I'm ever going to remember what happened that night?

Holden: Yes, I do.

Abigail: But if I don't, my whole life is on hold.

Holden: You know what I try to do when I'm trying to think things through on trying to remember something? I try not to remember it. 'Cause I know eventually, it's going to come to me. So I try to do other things. And you know what, I just came up with a brilliant idea, why don't we go riding tomorrow? We'll get Luke to go with us. And we'll ride. And we'll talk about everything, anything, except that night. It'll be just a dad and his kids.

Abigail: I'd love that.

Holden: Me too. And if you want me to, I can stay here tonight, I'll sleep on that couch if you want me to.

Abigail: Oh, no, that's okay, I'm fine. You should go home, it's late.

Holden: Okay. But if you wake up in the middle of the night and you need someone to talk to, you call me, okay? I don't care how late it is.

Abigail: I will. I love you.

Holden: I love you too. See you tomorrow, okay?

Abigail: Okay. Bye.

Jake: Hey. Hey, look, girls, who is it? It's your big sister.

Molly: They've missed you so much.

Abigail: Hey, we had a deal, you weren't supposed to grow when I'm not around.

Jake: Well, they're stubborn like their mother.

Molly: Hey, watch it, McKinnon.

Jake: That's a good thing, it's good. It's a good thing. You know, it's also good to be surrounded by four gorgeous girls who adore you.

Abigail: You know, this is what I've missed most.

Jake: What that's? The confusion and the clutter?

Molly: The ego? Yeah, sorry.

Jake: Dirty laundry? The laundry? What?

Abigail: Yes. All of the above. But just most of all us being us.

Molly: Me too, sweetie.

Abigail: This is like magic. Suddenly I'm not worried about what's coming next or what I can't remember.

Jake: "I"? Did I hear an "I" in there? No, no. There's no "I" in this clan. There's no "I" in this clan. You know what, girls, I'm feeling a group hug. On the count of three - one, two, three.

Molly and Jake: Welcome home, Abigail.

Molly: Kisses all around.

Lisa: That's fine.

Bonnie: I should - know who they are, shouldn't I?

Isaac: There's a lot you should know.

Lisa: Bonnie, you look just gorgeous. Doesn't she look gorgeous?

Isaac: If I leave now, I can make tip-off.

Bonnie: I'm sorry. Isaac, didn't you hear me?

Isaac: I heard you.

Bonnie: What else do you want?

Isaac: Even if I told you, you wouldn't get it.

Bonnie: Try me.

Isaac: I want you to be a real person. I want you to see everybody else here as real people. I've got about as much a chance of that happening as you do of understanding what a technical foul is in the game that I plan to enjoy tonight.

Bonnie: Didn't anyone ever tell you how rude it is to not to accept someone's apology? Excuse me.

Isaac: What - what are you doing?

Bonnie: Excuse me, everyone, please, excuse me. I have a public announcement to make. I, Bonnie McKechnie, would like to formally apologize to Isaac Jenkins. He has my word that from now on I will try really, really hard to see people as they are, and not who I think they are. It is the first step on my journey - a journey in which I hope to become - as ordinary as everyone else. Thank you.


Bonnie: Thank you very much. Thank you.

Isaac: You ordinary? Yeah. Get down from there before you break your neck.

Bonnie: Stop laughing at me. Do you still want to go out with me or not?

Isaac: Not. I had to cancel our reservations.

Bonnie: So, what? I just got up there and made a fool out of myself for nothing?

Isaac: Does there always have to be something in it for you?

Bonnie: Yes. Heck, yes.

Isaac: Okay. All right. You know, I think I have something in mind that's - going to blow you away.

Jake: I think we have a couple of sleepyheads on our hands here.

Molly: Oh really?

Jake: Yeah.

Molly: Because the baby-sitter said they took a really long nap. So -

Jake: Who's talking about the kids? I say we put these-these two to sleep and call it a night.

Molly: That sounds wonderful. Sounds really wonderful.

Jake: Listen, I will in a second. We're gonna probably be up watching TV for a while, so if you want, just pop your head in.

Abigail: I think I might go to bed, too.

Molly: Good night, sweetheart. I love you.

Abigail: I love you, too.

Jake: Good night.

Abigail: I will have a good night. Good night, Bridget. Good night, Michelle. Thanks guys, I actually may be able to have a really good night tonight.

[Doorbell rings]

Adam: Hi.

Abigail: Hi. I'm sorry I ran out of the police station so fast.

Adam: It's okay. I just dropped by to give you this.

Abigail: My wedding ring from my almost future husband. We came really close, didn't we?

Adam: Well, Abigail, for me, it wasn't just about the trial or testifying. It was more than that. I'm kind of sorry we didn't go through with it.

Holden: I thought I might find you here. Any new news on Rose?

Lily: No. Paul just left. He's working with the detectives my mother hired. Mother's been something. How's Abigail?

Holden: She's back home for now. She remembered a few things about the night of the murder. But-

Lily: The whole world is just, it's upside down.

Holden: What can I do?

Lily: Just hold me. And just hold us all together. You know what I was thinking about before you walked in here? I was thanking God for bringing you into my life.

EMT #1: You want to go with your friend to the hospital?

Craig: No, I'll catch up with my friend later.

Jack: You don't breathe without me, you hear me, Montgomery?

Craig: I hear you, Jack. I hear you, Jack. Listen, good luck at the hospital. And give my best to Dr. John.

Craig: Jack, Jack, Jack - Jack, I can't wait to see your face when I collect on our little agreement.

Lisa: So you say the stairs fell in? Was anyone hurt?

Kim: No, they're going to be all right. Look, you're not going to believe this. What we found.

Lisa: What? Barbara's taking all of this medication?

John: We're not sure of the dosage. But it's just another indication, her life is not getting on the way she would like us to believe.

Lisa: John, tell me something I don't know.

Kim: Well, how about this? Craig and Jack were down there digging around trying to find more evidence about Barbara.

Lisa: Now, I do not care what Barbara has told Jack. I know she would have nothing to do with James.

John: And how do you know that? The rumors about James Stenbeck were floating around here for weeks. We turned our backs on them, just like we did on the marriage, on the explosion, on all the gossip. We just keep our eyes closed. Come on. She needs our help, she needs it now.

Lisa: John, we've all tried. We have tried over and over to help Barbara. She will-she just refuses our help. And what's to say she won't refuse it again?

John: If we all go together, perhaps she will. She's been fighting these demons. The demons are winning.

Kim: Yeah, but what - what if we push her farther away?

John: How could we do that? If we go as a united front, we get her to tell us the truth, then perhaps we can give her the help, the good help that she really needs.

Lisa: Well, all right, John, okay. I'll do it.

John: And what about you?

Kim: Let's go.

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