ATWT Transcript Monday 2/4/02


As The World Turns Transcript Monday 2/4/02

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Bonnie: This has to stop.

Isaac: There's something about you this morning. You look a little different.

Bonnie: Maybe because I usually get more than four hours sleep? I woke up with barely enough time to shower and put on lipstick.

Isaac: But you persevered. Made it in record time, too. That's impressive.

Bonnie: I can't be expected to work here until closing, then appear bright-eyed before breakfast just because you're enamored of me.

Isaac: Whoa. Put on the brakes. Me? Enamored?

Bonnie: You insist on spending practically every waking hour with me.

Isaac: Java's open 18 out of 24 hours.

Bonnie: Not that that kind of attention is new to me -- it's just that, well, even I need rest sometime. Okay?

Isaac: You got a good chiropractor?

Bonnie: I'm sleepy, Isaac, not crippled.

Isaac: But that big head must put a lot of strain on your neck.

Bonnie: If I wasn't so tired, I might consider putting a strain on your neck.

Isaac: I asked you to come in early because there's going to be a photo shoot here this morning.

Bonnie: Photo shoot? Here? Now?

Isaac: For Katie Frasier's new workout video.

Bonnie: And you thought I should audition? How's my hair? I'd better redo my makeup.

Isaac: You can check your reflection in that coffee pot over there. When you go to pour it!

Bonnie: You want me to serve coffee at the photo shoot?

Isaac: Aren't you the waitress around this joint?

Bonnie: Not for long!

Katie: You're home early.

Craig: Actually, Katie, about 14 hours late. What's it to you and why are you trying to keep me out of my suite?

Katie: Give me your cell phone. Please?

Craig: Usually, I find you making me laugh. But after pulling an all-nighter to get this little rag I call my own bed, I don't have the patience for --

Katie: I know you're tired. I'm trying to get you to bed, Craig, with the least hassle possible. Okay. Ringer off. Perfect. Simon's sleeping and I can't take another stampede.

Craig: Stampede?

Katie: Yeah. Ringing phones, car alarms. These guys are a well-oiled machine. They sense the smallest emergency and they're off and running!

Craig: Katie!

Katie: We have company. Don't get mad.

Craig: Simon? Have you been using the hot plate again?

Katie: They're going to be working in my video. I didn't have anywhere to put them. You're mad?

Craig: At the bravest guys ever to set foot in a burning building? No. These guys are national treasures. You, on the other hand --

Katie: I didn't let anybody anywhere near your bed. There you are.

Craig: Katie!

Jack: We didn't get any hits off the trace on Hal's home phone.

Margo: I was afraid of that. You know, Emily must have culled Hal's cell phone, but the phone company confirmed that the number was a blocked number.

Jack: Great.

Margo: Maybe I should come back in?

Jack: No. Stay put. Find Abigail and Adam. I can handle things here.

Margo: Thanks, Jack.

Molly: Aren't you afraid the kids will notice the smoke?

Margo: If we don't stoke this fire, the kids are going to find two popsicle mommies when they finally show up.

Molly: Well, at least they won't see the car out front.

Margo: All I can think about is that tinfoil ring. If they're not back by now, they're not coming back.

Jack: Kim --

Kim: Have any of you heard from Hal yet?

Jack: Why?

Kim: I understand he's upset about Emily's disappearance. But is that any justification for running Barbara?

Jack: Hal's not responsible for that story.

Kim: Okay. Craig printed the story, this being deliberately set up to look like it was self-motivated? The chauffeur, saw at least one of the women and that had to come from the Police.

Jack: Believe me, Kim, it wasn't Hal.

Kim: Have you forgotten? I'm in the news business, Jack. I can smell the source of a news story a mile away.

Jack: Forgive me for being so blunt. But, so?

Kim: It wasn't Hal or Craig who supplied these details, was it? It was you.

Jack: I had nothing to do with it.

Kim: Lisa told me how you're trying to enlist Barbara's friends to finagle some kind of confession from her. What? She didn't cooperate?

Jack: She's not talking. She's not just off some place looking for Emily, Kim.

Kim: Jennifer told me --

Jack: Not about his badge. He was forcibly removed, and we think that Barbara's responsible.

Emily: Cute. Think they've got brains? Hmm? Think they'll find the phone we swiped from Hilda?

Rose: Not unless one of 'em's a gardener. I hid it in the greenery.

Emily: Oh, Rose, great. One watering ought to do it.

Rose: You got a better idea, Miss "I-have-to-call-my-super cop-Hal" he's a no-show.

Emily: He's rounding up the cavalry.

Rose: I should have made the call. My Paul would have chartered a private jet and searched these mountains from one peak to the next.

Emily: Hal's doing more than that. Putting together a search and rescue team takes time.

Rose: Where is that rescue team? Have you seen Carly lately?

Emily: No. I'm beginning to worry. What if they don't plan to bring her back from wherever they moved her?

Rose: More aromatherapy, doc?

Emily: No! Me first!

Dr. Weston: No need to fight. Ladies, I think you've had enough aromatherapy for now. But I do have a special treat for you, if you can help me.

Rose: I'll help!

Emily: Me too!

Dr. Weston: Hilda lost her cell phone and thought perhaps one of you ladies might have it.

Firefighter #1: Anybody seen a set of keys?

Firefighter #2: These?

Firefighter #1: Yeah. They're over there.

Lucy: Hi, daddy. You're awake.

Craig: Wonder why.

Lucy: Cranky this morning? Katie, I'm all yours. I have the -- oh my goodness.

Craig: Lucy! Why aren't you in school?

Lucy: She dropped me off to see you. What she doesn't know won't hurt her. You won't tell, will you?

Craig: Have to actually talk to her. Doesn't mean I feel good about you being Katie's assistant.

Lucy: Greer being a grump.

Do you know where they're staying?

I saw guys in your room.

Great! I'll wake them up.

Craig: You let sleeping men lie!

Lucy: Daddy! I have everything under control now. Guys, everybody, hello! Guys! Attention! Rise already.

All: All right!

Craig: Come on. A real hero.

Craig: No, no. That title belongs to all you guys. Don't forget your axes -- ax. Sorry about the inconvenience. But I really have to run. Thanks. Okay.

Lucy: This is going to be so great, daddy. I'll meet you downstairs in the lobby. Don't worry. I have everything. Thank you. See you later. Hear that?

Craig: What? No.

Lucy: I told you everything would get back to normal. Oh! Is that -- I got to go!

Isaac: Decided to stay, huh? How do you do that? You're good.

Bonnie: If I were talking to you, Isaac, I might tell you that I'm good at everything I do.

Isaac: I'm not talking about arranging pastries on a tray. I was talking about the transformation. You're not going to turn down an opportunity to hear how great you look?

Bonnie: You may proceed.

Isaac: I love it when you get all regal on me.

Bonnie: Really Isaac, what's the next step here?

Isaac: Next step for what?

Bonnie: Us. We've flirted, we've argued, we kissed --

Isaac: Tell me. What would the duke do?

Bonnie: He'd arrange a formal dinner to present me to his relatives.

Isaac: I've got a better idea.

Bonnie: If you're looking for another score to put in your little black book --

Isaac: How about a date?

Jack: Am I talking to Kim, Barbara's aunt or Kim, the head of WOAK?

Kim: That depends. Why are you asking?

Jack: Hal's disappearance has got to be kept under wraps. Security reasons.

Kim: I'll honor that. But Barbara wouldn't align herself with James Steinbeck.

Jack: It wouldn't be the first time.

Kim: Now I want to know who I'm talking to. How can you believe that Barbara -- the woman who stood up at your wedding, nursed you through more than a few broken hearts -- how could you believe she would suddenly embark on a life of crime? Jack!

Jack: All right. Come with me. You're right. Kim, you're right. I've been as close to Barbara as anybody. I've eaten at her table, played catch with her son than his own little league coach. But there's one thing I didn't do for her -- save her from burning in that explosion. And because I didn't, I didn't save her from the self-pity or the self-imposed isolation that followed. And now, the woman I love is missing, by Barbara's own hands, vanished. And Hal, one of my best friends, the guy who's seen me through more than if he were my own brother -- gone too, all because Barbara allowed her world to get so distorted, because she let Steinbeck back into her life.

Kim: This doesn't make sense! Barbara despises James!

Jack: So she says. But I saw him. I knew he was in town, and I knew he had made contact with her. But because I was her friend, I did exactly what you're trying to get me to do now. Ignore my instincts. I can't. And I won't. Not anymore.

Kim: But pressuring on her and her friends to get to the truth?

Jack: If it could get the truth out of her and bring the people I love back to me? I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.

Kim: You said that you felt guilty because you hadn't been able to save Barbara before. You've got a second chance. Get her now.

Jack: How?

Kim: You have a common enemy. James Steinbeck.

Margo: We're gonna have to bring in the State Police on this. Please?

Molly: No, Margo. When you talked to Jennifer, didn't she say Adam was just trying to buy them time? So Abigail could remember?

Margo: I don't think she's gonna remember details about Scudder's murder. She's probably thinking about not starving.

Molly: Maybe they're on their way back home.

Margo: They're not going home. They're running. And the longer they do, the more likely it is that something awful happens to them.

Molly: I want them safe too, Margo. But I was hoping it wouldn't come to this.

Margo: I know. Me too! The state troopers are after them, frightening them! My kid's out there, too! Look, the Police have more respires than we do. If they can get to our children sooner rather than later, then we have to let them do that.

Molly: Seems like I've been making the wrong decisions for weeks -- months -- first, not telling Abigail the truth about Nick, then covering my tracks when I found him dead. Now you want me to call out the big guns to go after my baby, Margo, and I just --

Margo: It'll be all right.

Molly: Can you promise me that? That Abigail won't do something stupid, like yell when the cops tell her to stop or take off because she's scared? How do I know this decision I'm making right now is not going to hurt her, or worse?

Margo: You don't know. But if it's any consolation, Adam is with her. Adam loves her. Adam would put himself between her and any threat.

Molly: Then you know how terrified I am.

Margo: Yes. But we've got to do it, Molly. We have to find them. We have to find them.

Molly: Okay. Make the call.

Emily: Doggone it. I don't have the phone. Does that mean I don't get a treat?

Hilda: One of you must have it. It couldn't just disappear.

Dr. Weston: Rose? You're being very quiet. You've seen the phone, haven't you?

Rose: Yeah. I've seen the phone. Oh! Hello? Anyone there?

Emily: I have a phone too! See? Now can I have a treat?! How are you?

Dr. Weston: I suggest you find that phone before someone else gets their hands on it.

Rose: Get me President Clinton, Hilda needs a pardon!

[Laughter] how much longer can we play this gaga before we're caught? That Weston creeps me out.

Emily: We have to get that phone back to Hilda before she tears up the place looking for it.

Rose: Not until we try to call home one more time.

Emily: But Hal knows now that we're alive. He's probably on his way.

Rose: To where? All he knows is that we're in some spa in the mountains run by a guy named Weston. That might not even be his real name! We have to use the phone and stay on long enough for Hal to trace the call. That way, he can fly straight directly here.

Emily: What about Carly?

Rose: We make Dr. Feelgood tell us where he stashed her and we go home. Find her and go home.

Emily: Yeah. Sounds easy, but they're gonna be watching us like hawks. How do we get the phone out that plant and past Hilda the Hun?

Rose: Leave it to Rosie --

Molly: Hey.

Jake: Hey.

Molly: Oh, Jake, breakfast?

Jake: And warm clothes.

Molly: Thanks.

Tom: You okay?

Jake: And how are you holding up?

Molly: I'm okay. How're the twins?

Jake: In grandma heaven. No Abigail, though. I was really hoping she and Adam would have backtracked.

Margo: You have heard from them?

Tom: Not when I left.

Jake: Pretty chilly in here.

Molly: You should have felt it last night.

Jake: Maybe we should get you moving.

Tom: We can start by searching the surrounding area.

Jake: You don't think they hung around outside, do you?

Molly: If they did, the State Police will see them.

Jake: State Police know about this? Whose bright idea was that?

Margo: My bright idea, because we have to find them, Jake.

Jake: But it's one thing for us to find them so Abigail can give her statement to the Oakdale PD and another thing totally to let the State Police get their hands all over Scudder's murder case!

Tom: That's a chance we have to take. Otherwise, we have two 18-year-olds out there too scared to come to their families for help.

Molly: We need help. The State Police can give it to us.

Katie: You're doing the right thing Matt Lauer will you just keep telling me that?

Simon: Yup, that Dahlia is just too good to be true!

Katie: Simon, you're going to totally dismiss her because she made one mistake? There are bound to be mistakes, Simon. It's all part of the creative process. Have you seen the list of shots I wrote up for the photographer? It's completely vanished.

Simon: Just like Dahlia's credit rating.

Katie: If you're not going to help --

Simon: Don't you think it's strange she just swooped in out of nowhere claiming to make you a star?

Katie: You swooped into town from nowhere too, Simon. Did that make you a con?

Simon: Yeah!

Katie: Oh. Whatever.

Simon: Have you seen any real money to back this venture up?

Katie: The money's on "the back end," Simon. All the professionals know that.

Simon: And even know the name of her production company?

Katie: Why?

Simon: Because credit listings are alphabetical. Yeah. I'll just check it out to make sure she's got some kind of bond to make sure that you get paid.

Katie: Why are you really doing this?

Simon: Because you won't ask the hard questions, Katie! I'm looking out for you.

Katie: Really?

Simon: Yes.

Katie: Or maybe you think I'm dumb, have two left feet and a total inability to read the small print.

Simon: No, Katie, it's not you I don't trust --

Katie: But since I trust Dahlia, she can't be what she seems. This is my video, so it can't possibly be a success. Thanks a lot!

Simon: You've been trying to get me to watch out for you since I've known you, Katie. Now, when I actually want to --

Katie: I don't need you to look out for me. I want you to believe in me.

Simon: Look, I

Craig: Where's she going?

Simon: Away from me, apparently.

Craig: Smooth. Real smooth.

Simon: Better for her to be mad at me for a little while than by some con. Right?

Craig: Whatever gets you through, Simon.

Nice picture.

Jack: What about that article when I asked you not to!

Craig: Somebody's got to do something.

Jack: Her friends are starting to rally. If you blow this case for me, I swear to God --

Craig: What case? What case, Jack? You don't have a case. If you had a case, you wouldn't be harassing me about Barbara. You don't have a clue where Carly is.

Jack: Don't try to turn this into my screw-up.

Craig: You have seen her?

Jack: She said all three were okay.

Craig: Do we know they're alive now? Was it wrong for me to try something? What are you doing, man? Why don't you tell me what you were doing to bring Carly home.

Rose: Thank you, ladies and gentlemen! Thank you, everybody. Welcome to the hotel and casino, the Atlantic City Boardwalk Plaza Hotel! Whew! That's a long name. I will be your entertainment!

[Rose singing} You're a grand old flag, you're a high-flying flag and forever in peace may you wave You're the emblem of the land I love, the home of the free and the brave every heart beats true to the red, white and blue and never a boast or brag should old acquaintance be forgot, keep your eye on the grand old flag


Emily: Yea! You go, girl! Let's see some of that Atlantic City spirit. If you got it, flaunt it! Oh!

This is not a glee club. A place for medication and healing.

Rose: Oh, I'm healed, believe me.

Lucy: A date? I'm jealous. I've never been on one.

Bonnie: Our first official. Can you believe Isaac's actually willing to leave Java underground?

Lucy: Come on. He followed you all the way to New York. Where's he taking you?

Bonnie: I'm not holding out for glamour. Our former first date, which never materialized, was to be at a French restaurant. Now he wants to surprise me.

Lucy: That's so romantic.

Bonnie: It's so worrisome.

Lucy: Why?

Bonnie: You know what happens at a state dinner, don't you Lucy?

Lucy: First, cocktails. Then the formal dinner, with about seven courses. After which there are after-dinner drinks and dancing.

Bonnie: Right. See?

Lucy: No.

Bonnie: We're accustomed to the same protocol, if you will. Bryant told me all about growing up in Montega.

Lucy: Did he tell you how boring it was? Party after ridiculous party?

Bonnie: But it's what we're used to. It's how we were raised. Now, Isaac? I can't imagine where he'd take me.

Lucy: I'm sure it's some place with tons of fun. Maybe one of those bars with peanut shells on the floor. Maybe a blues club or something.

Bonnie: What does one wear to play pool and ride a mechanical bull?

Lucy: You do own a pair of jeans, don't you?

Photographer: Whisper something heroic into her ear, would you? Maybe that'll bring out the sunshine. All right. That's it. That's it. Keep whispering.

Katie: Can I take a rain check on that?

Photographer: Okay, that's it. Take five, everybody. What's going on?

Katie: I just wish Simon were more excited for me.

Dahlia: What's wrong, Katie? Can't be the guys. They're amazing, don't you agree?

Katie: Definitely, incredible, I just -- I didn't get much sleep last night.

Dahlia: We need these stills to show the advertisers. The video's not a sure thing till we have them on our side.

Katie: I know. I know. I'm just not feeling myself.

Dahlia: Well, you need to get into it. If my money people hear you were a wash at the photo shoot?

Katie: Who are these "money people" anyway?

Dahlia: Let me worry about that, Katie. Your job is to get happy.

Rose: I want to take a bow!

Hilda: Calm down.

Rose: I'm calm now. I just want to thank everyone for coming by. One more time!

You're a grand old flag

Hilda: Into the steam room! Now!

Emily: Rose got a treat. I want a treat too!

Kim: I didn't like the way you sounded on the phone, to Barbara. Sometimes you're scary. You know that.

???: I read The Intruder when it can't be avoided. One in my waiting room and Barbara's picture caught my eye and I knew you'd be furious.

Kim: Yes, I was. I went charging into the Police station, magazine in hand, ready to do battle and Jack Snyder, accused him of taking evidence that only the Police could have and leaking it to The Intruder.

???: Did they apologize?

Kim: Flat out denied it. Also had disturbing things to say.

???: Like what?

Kim: Well, for one thing, we've been assuming Hal left town because he was trying to follow a lead involving this kidnap thing. The Police think Hal's been kidnapped, too.

???: Do they have any proof?

Kim: I don't really know. It's just that according to Jack, there are some things that point to Hal being forcibly removed from his home. The really terrible thick is that they think that - Barbara, they think she has something to do with it.

Kim: Yes. They have a theory. Barbara's wasn't conspiring with James Steinbeck somehow.

???: Wait. We're talking about kidnapping here. Barbara as an accomplice to Steinbeck? I know she's changed, but I don't have the answer, but I tell ya, that's a snare crow that's hard to believe.

Kim: I know. The only thing is this. You know how James has always been when Barbara's at her weakest, that's when he comes in and manipulates her. According to Jack, because we're her family, we've been giving her the benefit of the doubt without any of the facts. I mean, I know that James is in town, that Barbara's been a recluse, that she's changed, but do we really know what's been going on? Maybe things really are out of hand.

???: Maybe you should find a way to help her. I guess we all should.

Jack: Barbara's enemies are Steinbeck's enemies. Steinbeck made sure he was out of the picture. Paint a bull's-eye on your back side.

Craig: I won't paint it for the P.D. to watch me.

Jack: Is everything open for you?

Craig: Managed to conspire with Barbara at Fairwings when you were supposedly watching it day and night.

Jack: You don't think I've been asking myself that same question a million times?

Craig: He took the secret pictures of her and still you let him get his hands on her. What were you doing?

Jack: Spitting in the wind, obviously. I warned Carly and the others about James and listened to them tell me how crazy I was thinking he was back and no good. I second-guessed myself until I thought I was paranoid.

Craig: Still doesn't answer my question, Jack.

Jack: I had the PA toll car circling night and day. Paid visits to Barbara. I threatened James to come back. No one could figure how he got in or out without being seen. With that kind of surveillance, the guy had to fly in -- or -- I'm out of here.

Craig: What is it, Jack?

Jack: Police business.

Craig: Hey, your business is my business, now.

Jack: I'll slam cuffs on you so fast --

Craig: I'll hire a pro, Jack. That can be arranged.

Jack: You make my job harder. You get in my way --

Craig: Listen, if you love Carly as much as you claim, you're going to have to trust me.

Molly: Hey. Is it getting colder out there?

Jake: A lot. I just hope Abigail and Adam found some decent shelter.

Molly: Jake -- I didn't think I was selling Abigail out. I just wanted to find her. But if she gets in worse trouble because I was stupid trying to do something right --

Jake: Shh. I just -- freaked out. Abigail, I spent more time in the jail cell than the bedroom and I don't want Abigail to wind up in a place like that.

Molly: Scares me, too.

Jake: Nobody inside cares if you did what you said you did. You're guilty, and you're a criminal, so you deserve whatever they want to do to you and what they want to do to you is never very good. You know, we need to find Abigail before the State Police do.

Margo: Word on the radio.

Molly: About Abigail - they think they might have a line on the kids.

Photographer: Come on, Katie. You love these guys! All America loves these guys. Let's see a little hero worship here!

Simon: You want to talk about worship? Just look at this woman. This beautiful woman. Stunning woman. They should be worshiping her. She's a star, and don't you forget it. I never do.

Photographer: That's it! This is it! This is what we wanted!

Katie: You're here.

Simon: How could I stay away?

Katie: Simon, I am so sorry I didn't listen to you. What do I really know about Dahlia? Maybe you should investigate her after all.

Simon: Katie -- my sweet. I already have.

Jack: I can still have you arrested!

Craig: Goody. I'll arrange the news conference.

Jack: Don't push me --

Craig: Save us both a headache and tell me what you've figured out.

Jack: Underground passageways. When James Steinbeck first bought Fairwinds, he dug underground passages to connect the wings.

Craig: Why have you taken so long to realize that?

Jack: You want to hear this or not? Carly owned that place for a while. Parker was a baby and the tunnels freaked her out, so she had them blocked off.

Craig: But Steinbeck's been coming and going unseen.

Jack: Right, so there's got to be another passage -- one Carly missed, a secret tunnel in and out of Fairwinds that James has been using. How else could they have operated for so long right under our noses?

Craig: I'm going with you, then. We can search separate areas until we find Steinbeck. Maybe even find Carly, too.

Jack: Carly's not gonna be at Fairwinds. James wouldn't risk that.

Craig: So itching to get there?

Jack: Maybe he left a clue that'll help me figure out where Carly, Emily and Rose are being kept.

Craig: Let's go.

Jack: I don't remember inviting you!

Craig: I don't need your permission. I think I can find a tunnel on my own. And while you're playing by the rules -- getting one of those tedious warrants -- I'll find Carly.

Jack: You can't go in there alone.

Craig: I'm a big boy, Jack.

Jack: You think Steinbeck's gonna send out a welcome wagon?

Craig: You think Steinbeck's going to wait until you get approval for that S.W.A.T. Team and a couple of earth movers?

Jack: Go ahead.

Craig: Thank you.

Jack: One question. How are you going to get on the ground, much less in the front door? Without these?

Isaac: Where are you off to, Bonnie?

Bonnie: Where are you taking us on this date of ours?

Isaac: That's a secret I'm not telling.

Bonnie: Something you'd enjoy, something that you've done before?

Isaac: Yeah, I guess.

Bonnie: Then I'm going shopping. Hmm.

Jack: The production company, plenty of coverage.

Simon: But that doesn't mean she's got enough to cover what you're worth. There's no amount of money in the world that can do that.

Katie: Oh, really?

Simon: I'm sorry I upset you.

Katie: I didn't --

Simon: Katie, you are the most important person in the world to me. I'm looking out for you because I love you.

Katie: I know that, and I want to you look out for me. When I said I didn't, I was upset. But I think we should look out for each other. That's what this is.

Simon: Yes.

Katie: You're the best man I know. These guys are heroes, definitely, but they don't hold a candle to you. Hey! You want to be in my video.

Simon: Yeah, sure. Only if you supply a whip!

Everything okay?

Katie: Yeah.

Simon: Okay. Yeah. I'll be over here.

Katie: He supports me. He really, really supports me.

That's wonderful. Get back up there and smile for the camera so we can make you rich!

Caller: Okay. All right, boys. Let's do it!

All: Hey, all right! Whew!

??: Margo.

Margo: Right here. What do you got?

My phone call was vague pipe, wanted to make sure my facts are right.

Tom: Did someone see Adam and Abigail?

A couple of kids spotted them down at Luther's corners.

Molly: Where? Eating or what?

Jack: What were they doing at the county clerk, Applying for a marriage license?

Craig: You stole Barbara's key?

Jack: Borrowed. Taking a look around in case there's something I missed.

Craig: Good to see you're thinking, Jack yeah not going anywhere without me. You either work with me --

Jack: Blocking my every move.

Craig: Jack, I am not going to sit around wondering what's happened to Carly and not do anything.

Jack: Stay out of my way. And if Steinbeck's there --

Craig: He's all yours.

Rose: Did we lose Moe, Larry and Curly?

Emily: Finally. Rosie, it's you! I am so proud of you. You are very talented.

Rose: Thank you.

Emily: You ought to think about going into show business.

Rose: I was in show business. That's why it was so convincing.

Emily: Give me a break, it's not like you're J. Lo or somebody. Atlantic City the rod.! J. Lo, Ro d.! That's not funny at all.

Rose: It's not that funny, Emily. Snap out of it. You're heading back to the moon.

Emily: Oh, yeah. The wacky gas?

Rose: Get busy on the phone. I'm gonna stuff a towel in that vent. We're starting to get loopy again. You get the phone.

Emily: Oh, remember the number. I'm dialing the phone. Think. Okay. Okay. Hang on. Don't breathe. Don't breathe. It's ringing! It's ringing! Okay. Go. Oh, please, Hal, cross your fingers. Please, answer the phone.

[Phone ringing]

[phone ringing]

James: Hello?

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