ATWT Transcript Friday 2/1/02


As The World Turns Transcript Friday 2/01/02

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Katie: And lift -- lift. Come on, boys, you can't put out a fire with flabby guts. And lift, lift. Well, I guess you can, but no one would watch. Lift. Oh, hey. Are our guys here from New York?

Lucy: They sure are. There's a bunch of them downstairs in the lobby, just waiting to check in.

Katie: Great. And you made sure they all had their own rooms?

Lucy: I double checked myself.

Katie: Thank you. So, how do they look?

Lucy: Well, that actually might be a problem.

Katie: Why? What do you mean?

Lucy: Every single one of them is gorgeous. And built. And gorgeous. And ripped and gorgeous --

Katie: And this is a problem because?

Lucy: Well, they're here to audition for your workout video, right? Well, I just don't see how you're gonna choose one over the other.

Katie: It'll be tough, but -- that's the price of stardom. Oh, did you see Dahlia? I want to thank her for getting them here on such short notice.

Lucy: Oh, wait, wait, wait. There's one more thing.

Katie: What? Okay?

Lucy: This is Pongo. And this is Rebel. Oh, no, wait. This is Re -- this is Pongo -- and this is Rebel.

Katie: But what does it matter? What are they doing here?

Lucy: Well, they belong to one of the firemen. He said he doesn't go anywhere without them.

Katie: Then why are they with you?

Lucy: Well, the manager wouldn't let him check in with them. So, I told him we would take care of them until the audition, and I snuck them up the back stairs.

Katie: All right, fine. We'll put them in my room. Oh, except --

Simon: Katie, what are these doing -- doing -- never mind. Here, boy. And for you. Consider it room service.

Katie: I can explain.

Simon: I'm sure you can.

Katie: The audit is for my workout video are tomorrow --

Simon: And these dogs belong to one of those firemen down in the lobby.

Katie: Right.

Simon: Right. And -- let me see I'm going to get this. And the firemen are going to be in your workout tape.

Katie: Right. How did -- that was kind of --

Lucy: It's like you knew exactly what she was thinking.

Simon: Yeah, it's kind of frightening, isn't it? And how long are they staying?

Katie: The firemen?

Simon: The dogs.

Katie: No more than an hour.

Simon: Right, an hour. And what if they have to be walked?

Katie: Lucy?

Lucy: Oh, no, no, no. Forget about it. Two dogs at once? No. They'd be walking me.

Tom: Hey.

Margo: Were you waiting long?

Tom: No, no, I just got here. What's going on?

Margo: A receipt from a convenience store. The owner says he remembers Adam and Abigail, he's pretty sure this is their receipt.

Tom: Garbage bags, newspapers, lighter fluid, safety matches --

Margo: Yeah, five newspapers. Now, Adam gets his news from television, not The City Times.

Tom: Camping?

Margo: That's my guess. Slocomb, I need detailed map of the wooded areas around Milltown -- 50-miles radius.

Slocomb: I'm on it.

Tom: You know what, this is a good lead. We'll find them.

Margo: Yeah, and then I get to haul Adam in here and charge him with obstructing a criminal investigation.

Tom: So any way you can take yourself off the case?

Margo: No, we're short-handed as it is.

Tom: No word on Hal?

Margo: Nothing. No.

Tom: Well, I know I'm not be a member of the department, but I'm not gonna let you do this alone. So whatever needs to be done regarding Adam, we're gonna do it together, as always.

Jake: Hey. Going kind of stir crazy at home. Thought we'd come here. Any word from the kids?

Margo: No, nothing. But we do have a receipt here from a convenience store in Milltown.

Molly: Is there anything we can do to help?

Margo: No, Molly, you've done enough already.

Abigail: Why can't I see the big picture? I know someone else was in that room, but I --

Adam: Was it a man -- woman?

Abigail: I don't know.

Adam: Old? Young, what?

Abigail: I can't remember.

Adam: Okay, okay. Well, the thing to do is just to go over it again, all right -- step-by-step -- and stay calm and stay focused.

Abigail: Okay.

Adam: Okay.

Abigail: I'll try, all right.

Adam: Good.

Abigail: Okay. All right, I was on the floor after Nick hit me. And then I remember knocking at the door.

[Knocking at the door]

Abigail: Nick, he went to go get it. And -- it's gone.

Adam: Oh, come on. Come on, just keep -- just keep going.

Abigail: Adam, I can't.

Adam: Abigail --

Abigail: I can't.

Adam: Abigail, do you want to go home? Do you want to see Jake and Molly? If you remember everything, I can probably get you back there tonight.

Abigail: Yeah.

Adam: Come on. Let's do this.

Abigail: All right.

Adam: Okay.

Abigail: All right, I'll give it another try. All right. Okay, I was reaching for the music box. And it was still playing.

[Music box playing] I looked up I and saw Nick heading to the door. Opening the door. And I heard him say --

Nick: What are you doing here?

Abigail: "What are you doing here?" That's all. That's all.

Adam: Oh! Oh, come on. Abigail, you're so close.

Abigail: I'm sorry, Adam. Maybe -- maybe later.

Adam: All right, yeah. I'm sorry -- I guess I'm pushing you a little too hard. Do you know what this means? If somebody else was there, that probably means that you didn't kill him.

Abigail: I know. You're right. Maybe that other person did. But what if I can't remember who it is?

Craig: Hey!

Lucy: Hi.

Craig: What are you doing here? Come here.

Lucy: I waited until grandmother Lucinda went out, and then I had Fenwick bring me over.

Craig: Just had to see your old man, huh?

Lucy: Exactly.

Craig: Do a little community service for your aunt Katie?

Lucy: That, too. So were you at "The Intruder" again?

Craig: That's the only place I have been.

[Phone rings] that's probably them now, with the latest crisis. Excuse me, will ya? Yes? When? Was she charged? Where is she now? Hold on.

Lucy: Dad, what is it?

Craig: Barbara Ryan has been arrested with conspiracy to commit kidnapping. It looks like she's responsible for Carly's disappearance after all. Hold on one second -- all right, well listen, scrap the Scudder story. Our next front page is Barbara Ryan.

Barbara: I'm telling you the truth. James was behind the three disappearances -- Carly, Emily and Rose.

Jack: I'm not buying it.

Barbara: Why not?

Jack: Because you've sworn to me that you had nothing to do with him.

Barbara: I know I said that, Jack, but --

Jack: But now that we're closing in on you, all of a sudden your story changes. You see my point, Barbara? You're just shifting the blame to someone else.

Barbara: No. No, that's not -- that's not it. I couldn't tell you anything about James, because I didn't know anything.

Jack: Other than the fact that he was involved.

Barbara: Yes.

Jack: Then why didn't you come to me with that?

Barbara: You know the answer. I was afraid. You know how dangerous James is.

Jack: Yes, I do. And Carly, Emily and Rose know it, too. The people who love these women have all been in pain. I know that for a fact, because I happen to be one of them -- living in limbo the past few weeks, knowing that our loved ones are probably in danger. If you know what happened to them -- if you know where they are and how they got there, you should probably share that with me right now. Because if you don't, there's nothing I or anyone else can do to save you, Barbara.

Barbara: All right. I'll tell you everything.

Barbara: I never wished for James to return. But one day, there he was. And he knew everything that had happened to me.

Jack: Of course, he did, Barbara, that's how he operates.

Barbara: He said he wanted to help me. I told him to go away.

Jack: Help do what?

Barbara: Get revenge. On three women who had ruined my life.

Jack: Carly, Emily and Rose.

Barbara: The one was about to take over my company. The other my family. The other my son. He said that if they weren't around, I could gain my old life back. I told him to leave, but he wouldn't. And before I could stop him, he hatched a plan to get rid of them. I knew it was wrong, but I was confused. And I thought he cared about me.

Craig: I'll be over as soon as I can. Have that mock-up of the front page ready. Okay. I'm sorry, honey. I've got to get back to the office.

Lucy: It's okay. I'm kind of tied up with aunt Katie anyway.

Craig: Well, now listen, I don't want you staying here too late. Because if Lucinda finds out you were here then --

Lucy: Wait, wait, do you really think Barbara had something to do with those kidnappings?

Craig: Well, I wouldn't put it past her. In any case, she deserves a full-throated response from the press.

Lucy: Front page. She's gonna look totally guilty, isn't she?

Craig: Well, you know, if she is going to walk like a duck --

Lucy: You're doing this because of your past with her? The trial?

Craig: No, because -- because maybe somehow, I think, it might help to bring Carly and those women home, you know? And because with each passing hour, it gets harder to believe that Carly's still alive,

Lucy: I hope they find her soon.

Craig: Ah, me, too. Bye.

Jack: I need you to be clear on something. Did James Steinbeck engineer the kidnappings of Carly, Emily and Rose?

Barbara: He insisted on keeping me in the dark.

Jack: But he did tell you something.

Barbara: Only what he wanted me to know.

Jack: Which was what?

Barbara: I don't know if what he told me was the truth. Jack, he was manipulating me.

Jack: Did James Steinbeck tell you about his plans for Carly, Emily and Rose?

Barbara: Specifically?

Jack: Anything.

Barbara: He was going to make them disappear. And make it look like it was their idea.

Jack: And you didn't know anything about it?

Barbara: No. He took great pains not to involve me directly.

Jack: Why?

Barbara: Because he cares for me -- desires me.

Jack: Is that why you didn't turn him in?

Barbara: I, I don't know -- I was distraught. I wasn't thinking. And he made it all seem as if the whole thing was a gift he was giving to me.

Jack: So you were fully aware of James Steinbeck's plans to kidnap Carly, Emily and Rose. And yet, you never thought once to contact the Police?

Barbara: It was impossible. If James had found out --

Jack: You could've stopped it, Barbara! One phone call after Carly disappeared in Paris, and we could've caught Steinbeck before he got to Emily and Rose.

Barbara: I wasn't about to incriminate myself to save the lives of three women who had reduced my life to rubble.

Jack: There's no confusion about that?

Barbara: None whatsoever.

Jack: Well, I've got bad news for you, Barbara. You've incriminated yourself now, and you're going to pay for it.

Katie: Those are the sweetest dogs. They look so cute lying on our bed.

Simon: They are not spending the night, you promised.

Katie: I know. As soon as their owner gets settled in, I will take them back.

Simon: Good. Thank you.

Katie: You're welcome.

Lucy: You didn't leave Snickers in there with those dogs, did you?

Katie: Oh, no.

Lucy: No, I'll make sure he's out of their reach.

Katie: Thank you.

Simon: Thank you.

Katie: So, you really think it's a good idea to use firemen in my workout video?

Simon: Yes, I think it's brilliant. And donating a portion of the profits to a firemen's survivor fund, I think it's great.

Katie: I do, too. I mean, it's the least I can do. I can't believe I'm actually gonna be working with real heroes. It's so great, I can't wait to meet them.

Simon: Good.

[Phone rings]

Lucy: I'll get it.

Simon: Good.

Katie: Good. Are you jealous?

Simon: Of what? The Dalmatians, no.

Katie: Me, firefighters, pulsating music --

Simon: Yeah, well as long as they keep their firehouses in their trucks, we'll be fine. You know, I'm never gonna let you forget that we are married.

Katie: Oh, really? How are you going to do that?

Simon: By creating a fire so hot not even one of the firemen could put it out.

Katie: Hmm.

Simon: A long, slow, smoldering blaze.

Katie: I know, but I have to work early in the morning.

Simon: Then were gonna have to get started right now.

Lucy: Excuse me. We have a problem.

Katie: Oh, no, not Snickers.

Simon: Ooh.

Lucy: Oh, no, Snickers is fine. Our firemen? Not too good.

Lucy: That was the front desk that called. We have a big, big problem.

Simon: Listen, listen, listen, listen. Whatever the problem is with the firemen, it's gonna have to wait right now.

Lucy: I don't think --

Simon: Wait till morning.

Lucy: I don't think it can, Uncle Simon. You see --

Simon: Listen, your aunt and I have kind of scheduled a little bit private time. And nothing's gonna get in the way of that. Excuse us for one second.

[Knock at door] I'll get that. Yes?

Fireman #1: Good evening. Is this the Montgomery suite?

Simon: Yeah. Yeah, it is.

Fireman #1: Nice place.

Simon: Yeah, thanks. Well, I decorated it myself. But --

Fireman #2: Excuse me?

Simon: Yes?

Fireman #2: Is this the Montgomery suite?

Simon: Yes. Yes, it is.

Fireman #2: Hey, guys, this is it. Come on. Thanks.

Simon: Yeah, no --

Fireman #2: Hey.

Katie: Hello.

Simon: Yeah, come on in. What the --

Lucy: This is what I was trying to tell you. The credit card Dahlia gave me was rejected, so the hotel never held our reservation. And then, I guess, a big group of people came in. So they took up all the rooms.

Katie: So, my firemen have nowhere to stay?

Lucy: Well, I didn't know what to do, so I --

Simon: So we're gonna have to get them another hotel room.

Katie: Yeah, but we can't start looking for hotel rooms right now. They need their sleep. They work tomorrow.

[Knock at door]

Simon: Now what? Yes?

Fireman #3: Hi. Is --

Simon: Yes! The Montgomery suite.

Katie: Hi.

Simon: All right. Welcome. The more the merrier. Come on in. Take a load off.

Margo: I know. The store owner said that he saw them circling back towards Oakdale. So, if they're camping, that would put them somewhere in this area.

Tom: You know they're not sleeping outside in this weather. I don't even think they'd give that a try.

Jake: Well, maybe they found someplace to hide.

Molly: Like where?

Jake: A garage, barn, abandoned cabin.

Margo: You know, there's a lot of old farm houses out here along the Green River. Maybe we should start our search there? We'll go a mile out from either side of the bank, right?

Jake: Well, you can try, but I don't think Adam's gonna come that close to Oakdale.

Tom: What makes you think Adam's calling the shots?

Jake: It was his idea to run away in the first place.

Tom: And how would you know? That?

Jake: Because Holden made it very clear that Abigail had every intention to go to the Police until Adam got involved.

Tom: So this is Adam's fault? You know, let me remind you --

[talking over each other]

Molly: You guys, whoa, whoa! We're not gonna argue about this, okay? Our kids are out there, and they need to be brought home.

Margo: Right. We'll start the search in that area right away. Slocomb! Call the State Police, tell them I want to start the search in that area right there. Baby, you want to tag along?

Tom: I insist on it.

Margo: Okay. We will let you know what's going on, all right?

Jake: Wait, wait, wait. What about us?

Margo: Well, what about you?

Jake: Well, we can help search.

Margo: You know the area?

Jake: Well, it doesn't matter. You can go -- I'll go with you, and Tom can go with Molly.

Molly: It'll be easier on everyone if we find 'em ourselves. And the more people searching, the better our chances, right?

Margo: Okay, you can come along. But only if Molly goes with me.

Jake: Fine. However you want to work it.

Molly: You don't trust me, do you, Margo? You think that if I found Abigail, I wouldn't bring her home.

Margo: Are you coming?

Abigail: Adam, I don't want to wait. I want to go home. I want to tell everybody what I've remembered so far, even if I can't piece it together.

Adam: Okay. And then what would you say to them?

Abigail: Well, that I remembered that someone else was in the room before he died.

Adam: You'd say that? Even without remembering what they looked like, what they said, or even if it was a man or a woman?

Abigail: Well, at least it's something.

Adam: Abigail, it's not enough. The Police are just gonna think that you're trying to protect yourself.

Abigail: Well, you can just tell them how it happened with my dream and everything.

Adam: Abigail, no one is gonna believe me. I mean, my own parents don't even believe me. Look, you have to remember everything -- who was in the room, what they looked like, what they were dressed like and exactly what they did to Nick. Anything less, and you're gonna get charged with murder.

Abigail: But I thought you said yourself that, even if I did do it, it was in self-defense.

Adam: Well, that's the case that you'll probably plead. And your lawyer will probably have a very good argument. And you might even have a chance at winning. But there's only one thing.

Abigail: What? What's that?

Adam: As soon as they question me, it's all over for you.

Jack: I've given you every benefit of the doubt, Barbara. I've protected you. I've defended you time and time again. But I can't do it anymore. I'm gonna have to bring charges.

Barbara: For what?

Jack: Conspiracy to kidnapping -- a felony. You left me no choice.

Barbara: But, Jack, I told you. I don't know any details.

Jack: It doesn't matter! You knew Steinbeck was putting people's lives in danger, and you chose to do nothing. You chose to keep silent.

Barbara: I will not let you do this to me. I demand to see Hal right now!

Jack: You keep doing that. But Hal can't save you this time. See, Steinbeck -- Steinbeck not only got rid of all of your enemies, he made sure that you didn't have a friend left to defend you.

Barbara: I never dreamed anything would happen to Hal.

Jack: Lopez?

Barbara: No, no, no! I will not let you do this to me.

Jack: Bring Ms. Ryan down to lockup.

Lopez: Ms. Ryan, this -- I can use handcuffs if you like.

Barbara: Fine. You want more handcuffs? Handcuffs, you want that, Jack?! You want more handcuffs? That's fine. Will that make you feel better, Jack?!

Jack: Give her a minute to calm down. We don't need her making any more -- any more scenes.

Barbara: It wasn't supposed to happen like this. I was just getting my life back. I was back in my home with my family around me -- Jack! Jack! Don't do this to me! Jack!

[Phone ringing]

Jack: John, you needed to see me.

John: What's going on with Barbara, Jack? Don't tell me you're questioning her without a lawyer present. You know, judges tend to frown on --

Jack: Just back off, John!? I don't have time for this, okay?

John: You don't have time for it?! You don't talk to her unless there's a lawyer in that room.

Jack: Craig?! Craig, get out of here. I don't have patience for you tonight.

Craig: Evening, Jack. John? Listen, I just got wind Barbara was arrested. Why is the ex-husband always the last to know?

Jack: I am not discussing this with you.

Craig: I know you must be disappointed. What do you think? Too subtle? Huh?

Jack: Get that piece of trash out of here, Craig, and you go with it.

John: You know, only a bottom feeder like you would come up with a stunt like that.

Craig: Hey, do I make this stuff up? I don't think so. So, Jack, has she been arrested?

Jack: Yes.

Craig: What are the charges? If you don't tell me, I might have to hypothesize.

Jack: Conspiracy to commit a felony -- kidnapping.

Craig: Has she told you where Carly is?

Jack: No.

Craig: Well, I want to talk to her. Because somebody has to pry that information out of her. And I don't think you're gonna.

John: Look, she has abducted no one. She happens to be a woman whose life has been ripped out from underneath her.

Craig: And it hasn't helped much, has it? Huh, John? Sure it was bad. The accident was bad. But she's used it as an excuse from day one to wallow in self-pity. I don't feel much sympathy for her. I don't think --

John: Hey, listen! Nobody's asking for it. And no one is --

[talking over each other]

Jack: Guys! Guys! You want to mix it up -- you want to mix it up, take it to an alley.

John: No, to see Barbara is what I want to do.

Jack: She's not ready.

John: I'm her physician. I'm concerned about her.

Jack: Lopez? Bring Dr. Dixon to see Ms. Ryan.

John: Thank you.

Craig: Well, now we can get down to business.

Jack: I'm out of here, Craig. Find someone else to torment.

Craig: Why not, Jack? Jack, I have an idea how I can help with this investigation.

Jack: Yeah, I was afraid of that.

Craig: No, Jack, this is important.

Jack: Thank you. See you tomorrow, troops!

Lucy: My dad is not gonna be happy about this.

Simon: Yeah, well, I'm not exactly thrilled about it myself.

Katie: We can't really put them in our room. We barely have room for us.

Lucy: Look, I hate to leave you like this, but I have to get back to my grandmother's.

Simon: What?

Katie: That's okay, hon. I'll see you tomorrow bright and early.

Lucy: I'll be there. Things like this never happen in Montega.

Simon: No, nor Australia. Listen, we've got to --

Katie: I know.

Fireman #4: Excuse me. Do you play bridge? A couple of us are looking for a fourth.

Katie: You know, I never got the hang of it. Sorry.

Fireman #4: I'd be happy to teach you.

Simon: Oh, guys, have you met my wife yet? My wife, yes.

Fireman #5: I'm married myself. You see, bridge keeps us from missing our families when we're at work. Maybe some other time.

Katie: Yeah, definitely.

Simon: Yeah, sure.

Katie: Now don't you feel foolish?

Simon: Yeah, in more ways than you can count. Have you called Dahlia yet?

Katie: No. I haven't exactly had time. I've been a little distracted.

Simon: Yeah, so I've noticed. But don't you think it's a little odd that your so-called "producer" hasn't got a valid credit card?

Katie: I'm sure there's an explanation.

Simon: She is ruining my evening.

Katie: I know, honey. I'm telling you, as soon as this video is over --

Simon: Whoa, whoa. Wait, wait. I have thought of the perfect way to make a dozen firemen disappear. I'll be right back.

Katie: Wait, you're not gonna pull the fire alarm, are you? Kidding. He would never do that. Sorry.

Adam: If you ever did go to trial, there would be no way that I could get out of testifying. And they'd ask me what happened that night. And I'd have to tell them that I lied about finding you in front of Nick's place because I thought you murdered him.

[Abigail sighs]

Abigail: Yes, I understand that. And I would never ask you to lie under oath. But they can't convict me for something that you did.

Adam: You really think that they're gonna stop there? What do you think is gonna happen when they ask me if you've ever told me that you murdered him?

Abigail: But, Adam, I thought I had. At least -- you know what? Oh, no.

Adam: See? They're gonna take everything that I've said and everything that I've done to prove that you killed him.

Abigail: No, well, we can say something, right? We can explain to them something.

Adam: Please. Abigail, please! I don't want to be the reason that you go to jail. And if we go home right now, that is definitely what's gonna happen.

Abigail: What can we do? Huh?

Adam: Wait until you know the truth -- every miserable detail.

Abigail: I miss my family, Adam. I miss my home. I miss my horse. Yes, that sounds stupid, but riding was still this thing that was just simple, the same, and it was safe. Why is this happening to me?

Adam: I don't know. I don't know. But we're gonna get through it. You know why? Because we're a team. Wait a second. I just thought of something. A surefire way that they cannot get me to testify against you.

Abigail: How?

Adam: We get married.

Adam: Husbands cannot testify against their wives. So, if we get married before we go back, I don't have to tell them anything that went on between us.

Abigail: Are you serious?

Adam: Now, it's not a foolproof plan because they can still question Molly. But at least they can't get you through me.

Abigail: Yes, that's -- that's right -- but I can't get married if I go on trial for murder. I mean, that's really not how I wanted it to be.

Adam: Well, then let's do it for all the right reasons. Because we're in love.

Abigail: Adam, you are so sweet. But how can I know what I'm feeling right now? About you? About anything?

Adam: I'm not expecting some big "I love you" speech right now. What happened with you and Nick, you've got to get over that first. Until you do, I'll just stay in love enough for the both of us.

Abigail: I am so lucky to have you on my side. But marriage -- marriage is huge.

[Adam sighs]

Adam: Okay, well, you know, it doesn't have to be permanent. As soon as the trial's over, we can get divorced or have it annulled. You know, it's our only shot right now.

Abigail: Just doesn't seem right. I mean, marriage is supposed to be -- you know, like --

[Abigail sighs] uh -- Adam? What are you doing?

Adam: Just wait a minute. Abigail -- I know this isn't what you expected or even wanted, just now. But -- will you take this ring as a symbol of how much I care about you? Be my wife. Abigail, let me protect you.

Molly: What's gonna happen when we find them?

Margo: "When"?

Molly: Just trying to be optimistic.

Margo: Abigail is a suspect in the murder of Nick Scudder.

Molly: Does that mean you'll arrest her?

Margo: You know, this isn't me doing this. It's the law. And if Abigail has broken the law, then she will be processed like everybody else.

Molly: Okay, all right. I get it. I know the rest.

[Molly sighs] I realize you're upset with me, Margo, because I asked Adam to help me protect my daughter.

Margo: You confessed to a crime you didn't commit, Molly.

Molly: Okay. I want you to understand something. I gave up my daughter once. And when I was lucky enough to have her returned to me, I promised myself that if it ever happened, if something ever happened, I would sacrifice my own life if it meant that she could live hers. I never dreamed it would involve murder, but -- when this happened, I couldn't go back on that promise to myself. Margo, I had to protect my daughter no matter what it took.

Margo: Kids. They'll drive you to an early grave, huh?

Molly: Yeah.

Dispatcher: Dispatcher to unit two.

Come in, unit two.

Margo: This it unit two. Over.

Dispatcher: Hey, Detective Hughes.

We just got word from the State Police.

Their helicopter spotted Adam's car in the woods

about a half mile northeast of the old boathouse.

Margo: Did they see Adam or Abigail?

Dispatcher: Negative.

But there's an abandoned hunting cabin in the

vicinity that belongs to Lucinda Walsh.

Margo: They got a search warrant?

Dispatcher: Roger.

Margo: Okay. Tell 'em I'm on my way.

Dispatcher: Will do.


Margo: Don't get your hopes up. Adam could've abandoned his car just to throw us off.

Molly: No, he didn't. They're there.

Dispatcher: Dispatch to unit two.

Come in, unit two.

Margo: Yeah, what ya got?

Dispatcher: Question - since this is your case,

the State Police want to know how to proceed if they

see any movement in the cabin.

Normally, they'd storm the place --

Molly: No! Tell them to wait outside. We don't want anybody to get hurt!

Dispatcher: Detective Hughes?

Was that you?

Margo: Tell our friends at the State Police that we will handle it. Anything else?

Molly: No.

Margo: Over.

Katie: All right, we now have towels. Anyone? There you go. One. Two.

Simon: All right, guys, listen up. Uh, thanks. All remember to report to the dining room downstairs.

Fireman #6: Is there a problem?

Simon: No, not at all. In appreciation for all your valuable services, the Lakeview chef has invited you all to be his dinner guests.

Fireman #7: Any idea what they're serving?

Simon: What are they serving? Surf 'n' turf, my man. All the steak and --

[firemen cheering] giddyap. Rock 'n' roll. Enjoy your tasty meal.

Katie: Thank you. Have fun.

Simon: Enjoy.

Katie: Well, that was convenient. Looks like they're not the only heroes around here.

Simon: Oh, really?

Katie: Mm-hmm.

Jack: Let me have a vodka, Lisa, and back that up.

Lisa: So, Jack, I just heard some terrible news tonight. And please tell me it's not true.

Jack: I wish I could.

Lisa: Barbara?

Jack: Conspiracy to kidnapping.

Lisa: Oh, I just can't believe that.

Jack: We've got evidence that proves otherwise.

Lisa: Look, Jack, I have known Barbara for years. I've known her character. And I know that Barbara could not -- she would not -- well, if she did do something like this, she had to be driven to it by some lying, scheming, no-good person who was trying to take advantage of her.

Jack: Well, unfortunately, the law doesn't grant that as an excuse.

Lisa: Well, then the law is just simply wrong. Look, Barbara needs to be helped, not arrested.

Jack: You want to help her, Lisa? Pull together as many of Barbara's friends as you can. Bring them all to the station and beg her to confess.

Lisa: And just how would that be helping Barbara?

Jack: The sooner she comes clean, the sooner we can find the four people who are missing because of her -- assuming that they're alive, which, at this point, is anybody's guess.

Lisa: Sounds to me like you already have her convicted.

Jack: No, if she helps us, then we can help her. If she refuses and God forbid, there's a disaster, then there's no telling what'll happen.

Lisa: Well, that's all very convincing. But let me assure you that Barbara's friends -- and I certainly consider myself one of them -- we would never gang up on her. Look, it's your job to get the confession, not ours.

[Jack sighs]

Craig: Jack --

Jack: What do you want, Craig?

Craig: I told you earlier. I want you to work with me to help find Carly.

Jack: Don't follow me.

Craig: No, no. Now, you're not going anywhere till you hear what I have to say.

Jack: Make it quick.

Craig: We need information out of Barbara. I have a plan, but it does mean you're gonna have to work with me.

Jack: That doesn't sound promising, but go on.

Craig: I'll publish a series of articles in "The Intruder," painting Barbara in an increasingly unfavorable light -- not difficult. Before long, the entire city's screaming for her head.

Jack: And then what?

Craig: At first, she likes the attention. Then she wises up, tries to redeem herself, tells us what we want to know.

Jack: That is not gonna work.

Craig: Why not?

Jack: What, "The Intruder"? Craig -- "The Intruder" has no credibility. Barbara's not gonna care what it says about her.

Craig: She's terminally vain, Jack. She likes attention. We just give her a little more than she needs.

Jack: This is no game! This is Police business, and I don't want you anywhere near it.

Craig: That's it?

Jack: Yeah. That's it.

Craig: Have you lost the thread here, general? Do you care whether Carly's dead or alive?

Jack: She's alive!

Craig: Huh?

Jack: Hal heard from Emily. As of that phone call, she, Carly and Rose are still alive,

Craig: You couldn't have shared this information with me before now?

Jack: Oh, I'm -- I'm sorry. I must have had other things on my mind!

Craig: So, did Emily say where they were?

Jack: I never got to find that out. Hal was gonna tell me, but by the time I got to his house, he was nowhere to be found.

Craig: What do you mean?

Jack: He disappeared last night.

Craig: What happened?

Jack: We don't know!

Craig: Well, have you considered asking Barbara? She'll probably take us right to him.

Jack: "Us"? What -- there is no "us." I'm not throwing in with you, man.

Craig: Well, what are you doing, Jack? Furrowing your brow?

Jack: I don't owe you an explanation. Or anything else. Stay out of my way.

Barbara: I don't know what's happened to me, John. I wind up in jail. Accused of conspiracy to kidnap, maybe worse.

John: Barbara, I have to ask you one more time. Is there any validity to these charges at all? Now, come on. You know that it wouldn't get past me.

Barbara: You must think I've lost my mind.

John: No, no. I just -- I just wonder how the Barbara I know could get mixed up in something this screwy.

Barbara: The Barbara Ryan you know died in a fire.

John: No, no, she didn't.

Barbara: She was reborn as this excuse of a human being.

John: She didn't -- please. Look at me, Barbara. Listen. Listen to me. Listen. The woman that I knew, the woman that I loved, she's still there, just behind those beautiful eyes. She is.

Barbara: I can't see her anymore, John. I can't see her.

John: But you have to. You can't give up.

Lopez: Ready, Ms. Ryan?

John: You've got friends. People who love you, who are gonna look after you. It's gonna be fine.

Katie: Wait, wait. I want to know how you did that.

Simon: Did what?

Katie: Got one of the pickiest chefs in the world to give those guys food?

Simon: Well, what makes you think it wasn't his idea? All right, it wasn't exactly free. I charged it to Craig.

Katie: Oh, he's gonna kill you!

Simon: Yeah, well, if he's got a problem with it, he can take it up with Dahlia. That's assuming you are ever gonna see her again.

Katie: Oh, come on, Simon. I told you, I'm sure it was a mistake.

Simon: Shh, shh, shh. We are not gonna waste valuable time discussing Dahlia.

Katie: I know, but I just want to explain to you -- maybe we should just -- not talk at all.

Simon: Yeah. Wait, wait, wait. Please.

Katie: What?

Simon: Not in front of the mascots.

Katie: Oh. Sorry. Oh!

[Simon laughing]

[Simon barks]

[Margo sighs]

Margo: They're not here. Well, this is still warm, so they must have left within the hour.

Molly: Maybe they went out to get some more supplies or something?

Margo: Yeah, it's a possibility. Oh! It's Adam's favorite brand.

Molly: Margo, do you think we should just stay here and wait till they come back?

Margo: It's worth a shot.

Margo: Molly?

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