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As the World Turns Transcript Thursday 1/31/02

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Isaac: We're hip to you.

Bonnie: Mm-hmm. That's right. We know exactly what you and Ben are up to.

Ben: You do?

Bonnie: Mm-hmm.

Isaac: Are you kidding? We've been onto you for, like, the last two weeks.

Jessica: Oh. Well, great. Then there's no mystery as to why we invited you to dinner with us.

Bonnie: Oh, no. No mystery at all.

Ben: Okay. Well, then -- let's move on to the food. All this cloak and dagger's given me an appetite.

Jessica: Right. Why don't I get the hors d'oeuvres and put these in water? Ben, you want to give me a hand?

Ben: I'll give you two.

Jessica: Is it me or did Bonnie and Isaac seem less than thrilled that we're seeing each other?

Ben: Maybe they're just on the outs with each other again.

Jessica: Well, we need to show them what romance can be about.

Ben: Mm, or just feed them before they bite each other's head off.

Jessica: Come on.

Bonnie: Is it me, or were they almost proud that we caught them trying to make us into a couple?

Isaac: No, you're right. They're not even close to feeling guilty.

Bonnie: Okay, so what do we need to do to make them stop this matchmaking thing once and for all?

Isaac: We give 'em nothing. Let's act like we're completely not together, not like we're not into each other.

Bonnie: Okay. Well, that shouldn't be too hard.

Jessica: Well, I'm relieved that that's all out in the open.

Ben: Tell you the truth, we were worried you two weren't ever gonna get the picture.

Bonnie: Oh, we get the picture.

Isaac: And we have something to say about it.

Jessica: Okay, go ahead.

Isaac: We know exactly what you two are doing.

Bonnie: And we think it's disgusting.

Adam: You know what? Come here. Let me see you for a second. Mm-mm. Some serious tension. Close your eyes. Are they closed? Okay. Now -- imagine that we're in a forest, a beautiful forest --

Abigail: And your mom's right outside hunting us down with bloodhounds. That hunter that came in here -- are you sure that he's not gonna say something to the Oakdale Police that's gonna make them come through that door?

Adam: Abigail, all we're trying to do right now is buy us some time so you can remember exactly what happened the night Nick was killed. I mean, it's your only shot at a strong defense. You still trust me, right?

Abigail: Always. I miss Molly and Jake. And central heating.

Adam: You know what? I'm gonna go to the back of the cabin and make sure I didn't forget any of the firewood. For now, why don't you just crumple up some newspaper and throw it on the fire to hold you over, all right? It's gonna be okay. Promise.

[Abigail sighs then gasps]

Barbara: Hal's gonna be furious when he hears about this.

Jack Hal's not here, Barbara. That's part of the problem. Look, John -- this is gonna be a long night.

John: I'm not leaving.

Margo: What's going on here?

John: Listen, could we do away with the handcuffs? Jack, you've made a big mistake.

Margo: What happened?

Barbara: I was at Fairwinds --

Margo: From the beginning, Jack. Please.

Jack: We stopped by, and we found Barbara up to her neck in evidence. Exhibits "A," "B" and "C" -- the D'Angelo family rosary. A silver rattle belonging to Emily Stewart's son, Daniel. And this -- this necklace belongs to Carly Tenney. Souvenirs, formerly in the possession of three women who have disappeared.

Margo: And now Hal has disappeared, as well. What happened to him, Barbara? Did he know too much?

Barbara: I told Jack -- I told everyone -- I've never seen those things before. And I don't know what's happened to Hal. Paul --

John: Listen, if I were you, I wouldn't say another word. I'm gonna go call Tom.

Jack: Is he right, Barbara? Do you need a lawyer? Lopez -- Barbara Ryan is under arrest for conspiracy in the abduction of three women. Book her.

Lopez: Pictures first. Stand here, please. Hold onto this, please.

Barbara: I have no idea what happened to Rose or to anyone else. And I certainly don't know what happened to Hal.

Lopez: Straight into the camera, please. Right profile.

Barbara: Paul -- Paul, please don't let them do this to me. Please, please. Paul. Please. Paul, I'm your mother.

Paul: No. No, you're not. Not anymore.

Lopez: Left profile, please. One more for the front.

Jennifer: Hey there. How'd you get back from aunt Kim's? Hitchhike?

Will: Uncle Bob's in the car. I have a math test tomorrow, and I forgot one of my books.

Jennifer: Forgot one of your books?

Will: Uh -- kind of, sort of.

Jennifer: Homesick? How's school going? Okay?

Will: It's all right. It's hard to concentrate. Why did Mom go back to that other house? I mean, I wish she was still here.

Jennifer: Oh, well, she wasn't feeling very well. She just needed a little bit of time to -- to get away.

Will: Where's Dad?

Jennifer: Out of town. You know, hunting down bad guys.

Will: Come on, Jen. Stop treating me like I'm a baby. I want to know what's going on.

Jennifer: All right. Why don't you ask me some questions, then?

Will: Where is everybody? Why did dad and Jack Snyder take Mom away? Why were Parker and I shipped off to aunt Kim's? Why hasn't Carly come back for Parker? And --

Jennifer: Will, I -- I really wish that I could answer all your questions, but -- look, at least I won't lie to you, all right? Things are bad right now. Hey, don't worry about it, okay? Nat'l come back, and he'll fix everything like he always does.

Will: What about Mom? When is she coming back?

Jennifer: Um -- I don't know. No one really does. All we do know is that she just needs a little bit more time to get better, you know? [Car horn honking] Sounds like Uncle Bob's ready to go. Try not to worry, okay? I love you. Come on, Dad. Come home. We need a grown-up in this house. [Phone ringing] Hello? Buon giorno, Senor Fratelli. Yeah. Si. Wait -- could you repeat that in English, please? When would I have to be there? Oh. Oh, no, no, no. I'm interested in this job. I definitely want to do this job. I want it. Um -- [Jennifer sighs] and I'll find a way. Good-bye, Senor Fratelli. I'll see you soon.

Paul: How did we get here, Mom? When did you become someone who would conspire with my father to get rid of three women just because they got in your way?

Barbara: Oh, come on now, Paul. Let's not forget about Hal. What did I do with them, anyway? Did I just pack them up in boxes and send them off parcel post to Timbuktu?

Paul: Timbuktu? You remember that? The song you used to sing to me when I was a kid about going to Timbuktu and back again. What happened to my mother?

Barbara: What happened to my son? How did that sweet boy turn into a man who would convict his mother before she even entered a courtroom? All your life, I have shielded you from your father and yet you turned out like him, anyway!

Margo: Jack -- Jack.

Jack: Paul -- let me handle this.

Paul: Yeah, I need to go see my brother and my sister. Tell them their mother's in jail.

Margo: Jack, please. You think she'll talk?

Jack: John's calling Tom. If he convinces her to lawyer-up --

Margo: We never may find Hal. We may never find any of them.

Jack: Let me talk to her. Carly, Emily, Rose, and Hal are gonna make it home.

Margo: Okay, you think that Barbara and Steinbeck are really behind all of their disappearances?

Jack: I'd bet my badge on it.

Margo: Adam needs his father back. I need his father back.

Jack: Any luck finding Abigail and Adam?

Margo: All we found out is that Jennifer Munson gave them money to get out of town. So, I'm shaking trees here, Jack, hoping that they'll fall out sooner or later.

Jack: They will.

Margo: Hope you're right. And I hope you're wrong. 'Cause what am I gonna do when I find them?

Jack: Your job.

Margo: Hmm. Arrest my son's girlfriend because she might have killed a sadistic blackmailer? That's great. I'm really looking forward to that. And then, just in case Adam doesn't hate me enough already, I can throw in a few obstruction of justice charges against him and against Abigail's mother. And that's gonna make the world a better and safer place for our kids. Sometimes I hate being a cop.

Jack: Sometimes it's a lousy job.

Margo: Yeah.

Jack: It's even lousier when the cop is dead on her feet. Margo, go home. You need rest.

Margo: No, I just need a clear head here, Jack. That's all I need. There's something about this case that just isn't making any sense. But I can't figure it out because I'm too worried about my son and worried about Hal.

Jack: Then what's bugging you?

Margo: Well -- Molly's ever-changing story, for one. The truth lies somewhere in all the versions that she's given us and that Adam's given us.

Jack: Hey, let's start at the beginning.

Margo: All right. Again.

Schroeder: You got a call.

Margo: Adam?

Schroeder: The landlady from Scudder's boardinghouse. She says someone is in his room, moving things around.

Margo: It's a crime scene. It's sealed. I'd better get over there.

Adam: Abigail, Abigail! What happened?

Abigail: I saw something on paper. Then the candle went out. And I freaked out.

Adam: What was it? What happened?

Abigail: It was Nick. He was torn into pieces, and all because of me.

Adam: No, Abigail, that's just a picture. Okay?

Abigail: I swear, Adam, it was like he was here, and that's why the candle went out. And that's why it's been so cold.

Adam: No, no, Abigail. Abigail, listen. No ghosts, okay? Not this time. It's cold in here because it's drafty. And that's why the candle went out, okay? Nick is gone. He's not coming back.

Abigail: Because of me.

Adam: Abigail, if you are responsible for Nick's death, it is because he left you with no other choice. You were defending yourself.

Abigail: I don't know that.

Adam: That is why you have to remember. So you can forgive yourself and live with it. But for now, I have something that is gonna make you forget about all of your problems. You ready?

Bonnie: When two people are totally opposite and completely unsuited for one another, their relationship is doomed for failure.

Ben: Okay, now, Bonnie, don't you think you're going a little bit too far?

Bonnie: Well, actually, Ben, I don't think I'm going far enough. Now, Isaac and I have been discussing it, and we think this relationship is somewhat tedious.

Isaac: Boring.

Bonnie: Inappropriate.

Isaac: And a complete waste of time. So, Ben, give it up.

Ben: What makes you think you can come in here and talk to us like this?

Bonnie: Ben, don't get upset. We're not. I mean, Isaac and I completely understand the fact that we can't stand each other. So why can't you?

Jessica: Um -- I'm confused.

Isaac: We're not interested in anything other than a working relationship.

Jessica: But what does that have to do with your brother and me? I mean, if we choose to have a relationship --

Isaac: Wait. You guys?

Bonnie: You're seeing each other? Romantically?

Jessica: You said you knew why we asked you to dinner.

Ben: That's why Jessica and I planned this party -- so that we could tell you two about us two.

Isaac: So you weren't trying to hook Bonnie and me up?

Ben: That, my brother, is your business.

Jessica: And yours.

Isaac: So then, we made complete big jerks of ourselves for nothing'?

Jessica: Well, at the risk of sounding like a matchmaker, you two big "jerks" are finishing each other's sentences.

Barbara: I was just thinking about all the times I would come here after work. Pick up Hal and Jack. And we'd go get Julia, and we'd go out for drinks or dinner.

John: Things change.

Barbara: Yes, they do. And now Julia's tucked safely away, Hal is missing and Jack is humiliating me.

John: I left a message with Tom that he should call us as soon as he can.

Barbara: I feel like you're the only friend I have left, John. Even my son has turned against me.

John: Listen -- things have a way of sorting themselves out. I'm not going until they do.

Barbara: I just want things to be the way they used to be. Is that so wrong?

John: No, no. Not at all. Unless you've enlisted James Steinbeck to help you do that. I know you're too smart to do something like that. But a woman in your position can get very desperate.

Barbara: Not that desperate.

John: If I'm a little too close to something that you'd rather not admit, let me give you a little sage gambler's advice -- if you can't win, fold.

Barbara: I'm not going to fold! I'm not going to give up until my family and everyone else in this town believes that I am innocent!

John: Good, good, good. That's what I want to hear.

Tom: I got your message.

John: Ah.

Barbara: Thank goodness you're here. Hal is missing, and Jack is convinced that I had something to do with it. He's blaming me for every kidnapping in this town, you understand? And there's been evidence planted in my house. And I need you, Tom.

Tom: I'm sorry, Barbara. But I can't help you.

Barbara: What are you saying?

Tom: That there's no way I'm going to take on this case.

Jennifer: Hey. Oh. Oh, don't tell me more bad news.

Paul: Mom's been arrested.

Jennifer: Oh, not funny.

Paul: I'm not kidding. They're charging her with conspiracy to commit kidnapping. It looks bad.

Jennifer: Well -- is she gonna make bail? Will really misses her.

Paul: I don't know. There's a lot of circumstantial evidence. I -- I'll go break the news to Will.

Jennifer: He's not here. He and Parker are over at aunt Kim's. And, Paul -- I got a job offer today from this designer that I met while I was in Italy. And I have to be in Milan by tomorrow night.

Paul: You're not gonna accept it, are you?

Jennifer: I already did. Look, I know that this family is falling apart. But that's all it's been doing for the last year. And I'm always the one to pick up the pieces. But someone else is gonna have to do it this time, Paul. I'm sorry. I just -- I can't do it again.

Adam: Ha! All right, I got your pine cone. Now, you can either buy it back for ten sticks or you can wait and see what's behind door number three.

Abigail: Door number three.

Adam: Oh, you'll take door number three? Okay. And here it is. Congratulations, Ms. Williams. You are the proud owner of a slightly rusted, spring-action wooden mousetrap.

Abigail: Thanks.

Adam: You know what? I think I've won the grand prize, though. It's been a very long time since I've seen you smile like that.

Abigail: I'm glad you think so. 'Cause my face is gonna freeze this way. You know, maybe running off to California wasn't such a bad idea. You know, working for your uncle and keeping me a secret.

Adam: Yeah, I know, a warm place. I think I was on to something there.

Abigail: Yeah, hot, hot -- very hot sun.

Adam: Yeah, and what did the travel ads say? Like, "golden sand and turquoise water." You know, I would give anything to be anywhere but this landlocked Midwest, you know? A tropical island with nothing but water surrounding us --

Abigail: Stop it! Stop.

Adam: What? What, did I say something wrong?

Abigail: Sorry, it's just --

Adam: No! Abigail, tell me. It might help you remember other things. Come on.

Abigail: Nick said that he was gonna take me to an island off the coast of Florida. That's probably what he told that woman -- the one who gave him the music box, who signed her name "me." How could I be so stupid? Why couldn't I just see it was just a line?

Adam: Because you weren't supposed to see, Abigail, okay? He was a sick man who was very good at moving people around and watching their reactions. I should know. He's the one who set me up with Brandy, remember? He got me too angry to even think. And the next thing I know, I'm cheating on you. You know, and that is something I'm going to regret for the rest of my life.

Abigail: No. Don't, please. Just let it go. I did.

Adam: Are you sure?

Abigail: Adam, how could I blame you when what I did was so much worse? I -- to be honest with you, I thought that my first time would be with you. That it would be our first time. And I wish that it could have been that way.

Adam: What I had with Brandy -- that wasn't making love. That was something else. Making love -- that is for us. It will be our first time.

Margo: Is anyone here?

[Margo remembering]

Molly: I remember standing over him, waiting

for him to get up. And I knew. I knew right away that

he was dead.

And then I heard a noise behind me.

And I turned, and I saw Abigail

on the floor in the corner, all balled up.

Adam: When I got there, Scudder had his hands on her.

I hit Nick with the music box to protect Abigail.

I was scared. I panicked.

Abigail must have been in shock.

She didn't say anything about what happened.

I killed Nick.

And nothing you say is gonna make me go back on that.

Molly: I realized that I had to get her out of there quickly,

before her head cleared and the image of Nick's corpse was

burned into her memory for the rest of her life.

Margo: Oh, what really happened here that night? Who's there?

Margo: Detective Hughes, Oakdale P.D. Come out with your hands up.

Brandy: Wait, don't shoot.

Margo: Who are you?

Brandy: Uh -- I'm Brandy Taylor.

Margo: This is a crime scene. What are you doing here? That's what the tape on the door means, but I bet you already knew that, didn't you, Miss Brandy Lynn Taylor?

Brandy: Look, I swear I didn't touch anything or hurt anyone.

Margo: What?

Brandy: I -- I just -- I knew the guy that was killed.

Margo: How well?

Brandy: Wait a minute, I mean, we weren't like best friends or anything. I met him at Java underground. It's this club over --

Margo: I know where Java underground is.

Brandy: Oh. Okay, we just had like a drink or two together. I mean, like I said, I didn't know him very well, but I felt bad about what happened.

Margo: So you wanted to come and see the place where the guy died? This isn't Graceland.

Brandy: I know. Did I see you at the university once with Adam Munson?

Margo: Yes, he's my son. Why?

Brandy: That's great. He can vouch for me. He's a friend of mine -- kind of, from school. He'll tell you I'm okay. I promise, just ask him.

Margo: Sure, I'll do that. You want to quit lying now? Want to tell me what you're really doing here? Were you looking for something? What did you find, Brandy Lynn?

Abigail: Hey. I think you made it a lot easier for me to forget that Brandy ever existed.

Adam: Fine by me. Whoa, your hands are freezing.

Abigail: I know. It's okay.

Adam: You know what? You know what? I'm not gonna wait until the morning.

Abigail: No, where are you going?

Adam: I'm going to go chop some firewood, because if I don't get that fire going, the temperature inside is pretty much going to match the temperature outside.

Abigail: No -- please, Adam, don't go. We can snuggle under the blankets and share some body heat.

Adam: That only works when the two people have heat to share. So listen, why don't you just lay under this blanket. And I promise, no Blair witches or hunters are gonna be stopping by. And you know what else? Take this chair and shove it under the doorknob. That way, you'll feel safer. And I'll just knock when I have to come in, okay?

Abigail: I want to go home. I want to go home.

Paul: Okay, let me get this right, you -- you want to be in Milan by tomorrow night?

Jennifer: No, not want to be, will be. Please say something.

Paul: Go for it.

Jennifer: You mean it?

Paul: Yes, Jennifer, I do.

Jennifer: Thank you. Oh, thank you so much for understanding. You do understand why I need this, right?

Paul: Yes. You think Billy Ross will understand?

Jennifer: Billy's made it clear that he'll be fine without me. There's really nothing holding me here anymore.

Paul: So, that just leaves Will and Parker.

Jennifer: Right, my two little guys.

Paul: You know, I need to make some arrangements for them. How are they doing over at Kim's?

Jennifer: Well, Parker's having a lot of tantrums, you know, crying a lot for Carly, and Will was just here. I know that he really wants to come home, Paul. He made up some excuse about forgetting a math book, but all he wanted to know was when Mom was coming home and where Dad is actually.

Paul: What's the matter?

Jennifer: Parker's too young to understand what's going on right now, but Will is picking up on everything. And right now, he is absolutely terrified that his dad, the one parent that he can actually count on, is in trouble. And truthfully, so am I.

Paul: Hey, hey, hey, come here. Come here. Hal's gonna be just fine. You know that. He's a tough guy. With any luck, he's gonna have some leads on Rose, Emily and Carly.

Jennifer: Oh, I hope you're right. So you really aren't mad at me for taking this job?

Paul: No, of course not. It's your life. You got to do what you got to do. Great opportunities don't come along very often. So you got to --

[knock at the door] hold on a second. Yes?

Ms. Salcedo: Good evening. I'm Rosalie Salcedo with child welfare.

Jennifer: Child welfare?

Ms. Salcedo: One of Will Munson's teachers reported that there are two underage children living in the home --

Paul: The boys are fine. They're not in any danger at all.

Ms. Salcedo: Actually, sir, that's up to the state of Illinois to decide.

Bonnie: Great dinner, Mom.

Jessica: Thanks. I was inspired.

Isaac: So when did you two hook up?

Ben: It just kind of happened.

Jessica: Again -- we were seeing each other a few years back, but I guess we weren't ready for it.

Ben: No, we needed some time to mature, you know? Like fine wine.

Isaac: I never saw it coming.

Bonnie: Me either.

Ben: Well, that's because you were too busy reading us the riot act for playing matchmaker. What gave you that idea anyway?

Isaac: I don't know. Okay, so maybe I'm a little defensive on the subject.

Jessica: So what's the status now? Are you two on? Are you off?

Isaac: We're still trying to figure that out.

Bonnie: We're at the "what is it" part of the relationship, you know? Where will it go? How long will it last?

Jessica: Remind me to take you with me the next time I buy a car.

Ben: Yeah, you two need to lighten up. Jump in. You're both young. You're attractive. You've got your future ahead of you. What are you waiting for?

Isaac: Yeah, we are being set up.

Bonnie: I knew it. I knew it. I knew this evening had matchmaker written all over it.

Jessica: Excuse me, Bonnie, but you did tell me Isaac was a great kisser.

Bonnie: Mom!

Ben: Yes, and you're the one that said Bonnie got under your skin.

Isaac: Hey!

Jessica: Here's to romance. May we never be without it.

Ben: All rightly. Come on, y'all. Don't leave the woman hanging. Raise your glasses so we can toast.

Jessica: To romance.

Isaac: Well, I got to get back to the club.

Bonnie: Yeah, me, too.

Jessica: Oh, well, okay.

Bonnie: Bye, Mom. Great --

Isaac: Yeah, it was a great -- great dinner.

Jessica: I'm glad you enjoyed it. Let me get your coats.

Bonnie: No, I got it. Thanks. Okay, bye, Ben.

Ben: Bye.

Jessica: Do you think those two believe half the drivel that comes out of their mouths? They are priceless.

Ben: No, they are clueless. And they are gone. I thought they would never leave.

Jessica: Oh, sounds like a man who's ready for dessert.

Ben: Ooh, how right you are.

Ms. Salcedo: I'm here because Will's teacher says he's been exhibiting behavior consistent with that of a child who has lost his sense of security.

Jennifer: And what if you decide that that's true? What happens then?

Ms. Salcedo: Then they will be removed from their home.

Jennifer: And taken where?

Ms. Salcedo: It depends. The system will decide. But foster care can be a good interim solution.

Jennifer: Foster care? Foster care will not be necessary.

Ms. Salcedo: The younger child especially needs the attention of an adult, Miss Munson.

Jennifer: I'm an adult. I'm over 18. I'm their sister, and I live here.

Ms. Salcedo: And who takes care of them when you're in school or at work?

Jennifer: I'm a model between jobs.

Paul: Jen -- Jen --

Jennifer: I will be taking care of them full-time now, and if Will's teacher has any problems that she would like to discuss, please have her call me first.

Ms. Salcedo: It might be better for both you and your brothers if you were a little older than 18.

Jennifer: Hmm, well then tell that to uncle Sam the next time he wants my vote.

Paul: And Jen won't be doing this alone. Jennifer and I both take care of the boys together.

Tom: Given the new information that's come to me, and the evidence that turned up at Fairwinds, it's hard to believe that you're not entangled with Steinbeck.

Barbara: I can explain everything.

Tom: Daniel's rattle -- can you explain why you had my son's rattle?

Barbara: I didn't have it, Tom. I didn't have it, Tom.

Tom: If you and Steinbeck had anything to do with Emily's hasty departure from town, then you've made accomplices of Margo and me.

Barbara: Why would I do that? Excuse me, but Emily is not exactly the mother of the year.

Tom: Well, on most days, I would agree with you. But running off on Daniel is beyond the pale, even for her. My son misses his mother. If you've had anything to do with her disappearance, then you need to tell me now.

Barbara: Why does no one believe me? My life has been a living hell since that explosion.

John: Listen, Tom, you have been telling everybody who was willing to listen that Emily Stewart was irresponsible, that she was selfish and that she left town to stay out of trouble, okay? And it turns out that you were right. So why do you keep blaming Barbara?

Tom: I cannot represent you, and I don't wish to discuss it further with either of you. If you are innocent, I wish you a successful defense.

Barbara: No one believes me, John.

John: That's just one lawyer. There are dozens that will.

Jack: Time to answer some questions.

Barbara: Tom said that there is a fact that has come up. What other bogus evidence have you conjured up, Jack?

Jack: John, you're gonna have to go outside.

John: I'm gonna go call some lawyers.

[Door closes]

Jack: The new facts Tom was referring to probably have to do with the phone call Hal received from Emily. Yeah, big surprise, isn't it?

Barbara: Is this some stupid cop trick to get me to say what you want me to say, Jack?

Jack: No games. The only thing that's gonna make me happy now, Barbara, is the truth. No more hiding, no veils, no gothic mansions, just the cold, hard light of truth.

Brandy: All right, I didn't come here because I felt sorry for Nick Scudder. I came because he owed me money.

Margo: Hmm, you must have needed it pretty badly to break into a crime scene.

Brandy: I was hoping he had some stashed away somewhere. But I wasn't robbing him. I mean, this money was mine.

Margo: Did you find any?

Brandy: No.

Margo: Did you take anything that you could sell?

Brandy: Oh, no, no, I swear.

Margo: Why don't you let me look in that bag, then? I'm going to assume all this makeup is yours. Get out of here. Ms. Taylor, don't come back here.

Brandy: No problem.

Margo: Oh, come on, room. Tell me something. I need to find my son.

Slocumb: Detective Hughes, I've got something you're gonna want to see about Adam Munson and the Williams girl.

[Abigail remembering]

Nick: Did you really think that I was going to run away with you?

Did you really think that I loved you?

Abigail: No, no.

[Knock on the door]

[knock on the door]

Adam: Abigail - Abigail, open up, it's me.

Abigail, wake up, it's me.

Abigail -- Abigail, what's the matter? Are you okay? What happened?

Abigail: Adam, I remembered. Oh, my God -- Nick and I were not the only ones. Someone else was in the room that night.

Isaac: What do you think about your mom and Ben?

Bonnie: Terrific. A fierce district attorney with a firebrand brain surgeon. Sounds like a super-duper couple to me.

Isaac: That's not what I meant.

Bonnie: I know.

Isaac: I mean, maybe Ben's right. I've been thinking so much about me, you've been thinking so much about you, we've missed the big picture -- us.

Bonnie: Us doing what?

Isaac: Us working this thing out. Think we could do that?

Bonnie: Maybe.

Isaac: That's what I'm thinking, too. No, don't act like you don't like it, the cat's already out of the bag on that one.

Bonnie: Well, at least I didn't say you get under my skin.

Isaac: Now I never said that.

Bonnie: Liar.

Isaac: Liar.

Margo: Bologna, cheese, chips, lighter fluid, matches, newspapers, candles. You went camping -- somewhere near Oakdale. Call Tom Hughes. Tell him to meet me at the station. I've got a lead on where the kids are.

Adam: Okay, sometimes the funny thing about dreams is that they can seem very real.

Abigail: No, it wasn't a dream! Adam, it was a real memory about that night. You wanted me to find out the truth, right? Well, here it is. Can you handle it?

Adam: Yeah.

Abigail: Are you sure?

Adam: Tell me what happened the night Nick got killed.

Abigail: Well, you know, he hit me. He hit me so hard that I fell to the ground. And I just lay there, 'cause I was so afraid of what he would do next -- he'd do something worse. I mean, he didn't look like himself. And then there was a knock at the door. Nick went to go get it. He was alive. And someone else came into the room. Somebody else was in that room.

Adam: Who? Who was that person?

Jack: Do you want a cup of tea? It might help you relax.

Barbara: What I want is to go home.

Jack: Home -- you mean Fairwinds or the house where you and Hal raised the kids? It must have hurt like hell to see Emily Stewart running around in your kitchen, cooking for your kids, wearing your husband's t-shirts, huh? Is that why you did it -- to keep her from stealing your family?

Barbara: I didn't do anything to anybody.

Jack: That's not what Emily Stewart says.

Barbara: What -- what does Emily say?

Jack: That you were jealous -- so jealous that you had her lured out of the country because you couldn't stand her living in your house and sleeping with your husband.

Barbara: Hal is not my husband anymore, remember? I left him.

Jack: Emily also said that Carly was in your way, too. That her talent and the success of her spring line and the threat she'd posed to your control of BRO was too much for you to take, so you had her removed, too. And then there was Rose. Couldn't have an Atlantic City showgirl for a daughter-in-law, now, could you? We know what you did, and we know why you did it. What we don't know is how, Barbara.

Barbara: How what?

Jack: How -- how you could do this, Barbara? How you could rip these people away from their families? How you could take these children away from their mothers and break their hearts? How, Barbara, how you could ruin all these lives? It was your idea, wasn't it?!

Barbara: No!

Jack: It was!

Barbara: No!

Jack: It was your idea to try buy happiness by destroying them?!

Barbara: No, it wasn't! No!

Jack: Then whose was it, Barbara? Whose idea was it?

Barbara: It was James. It was James. It was James from the beginning. He did all of it!

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