ATWT Transcript Wednesday 1/30/02


As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 1/30/02

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Katie: Hey, Billy, have you seen my assistant?

Billy: And that would be?

Katie: Lucy -- your cousin, my niece, cute, bouncy, sweet, prep-school type and currently late on the job.

Billy: Haven't seen her. Wait, you're actually someone's boss?

Lucy: Sorry, sorry, sorry.

Katie: I'll ignore that comment. And you should know that if you were 15 minutes late in the real world, they would dock your salary.

Lucy: I'd have to be getting a salary first. You're my community service project, remember? I should get extra credit for escaping grandma Lucinda.

Katie: Well, you're lucky I'm a sympathetic boss.

Lucy: So, where are the hot cover guys?

Katie: Well, lucky for you, I've got a whole new stack of pictures. Let's go.

Lisa: Not a word? That is so unlike Adam.

Margo: Yeah, well, after Hal and I made him feel like a suspect in the Nick Scudder investigation, what do we expect?

Jack: I'll be in the box.

Margo: I have to cut this short. Sorry.

Lisa: Let me know something as soon as you can. Thanks. Bye-bye, darling.

Isaac: You okay?

Lisa: Yeah, no. Adam is the most reliable young fella I know. And Abigail is -- she's just as sweet as cherry pie. And they've just gone off. I don't understand. There is a murder investigation going on, for heaven's sake.

Billy: Well, if you ask me, Adam's just trying to get Abigail away from all this chaos for a while. I'm sure they're gonna call you guys.

Lisa: They just better.

Isaac: You look real stressed. Why don't you go home? I don't have to take tonight off.

Lisa: No, I can't do that. Don't be silly. I have to keep busy. Besides, aren't you taking Bonnie out? Go, have fun.

Isaac: Yeah. Fun and Bonnie -- that's an oxymoron, I believe they call it. Or maybe that makes me the moron for asking her out in the first place.

Lisa: Oh, hush now. When are you going to just give yourself over to something else besides this club, huh?

Isaac: When I find something worth the sacrifice.

Billy: I think she just walked in.

Lisa: Oh, my, look at that. I went into business with a really smart man, no fool, right? Don't prove me wrong. Sweetheart, look at you, how beautiful.

Bonnie: Thank you.

Billy: Nice dress, Bonnie. Can I get you something?

Bonnie: No, thank you. Well?

Isaac: Well what?

Bonnie: I can see we're getting off to another great start already.

Jessica: Is it me or are you just mesmerized by that beautiful salad?

Ben: Oh, of course, it's the salad. Why else would I be standing there looking like I just got hit with a 2' x 4'? You know that you're not what I was expecting.

Jessica: No?

Ben: And I like that about you -- about us.

Jessica: Us. That has a nice ring to it.

Ben: So you think Bonnie and Isaac are gonna like that ring? We've been trying to tell them about us for the last two weeks.

Jessica: Yeah, well, the moment of truth is upon us -- almost, anyway. Bonnie's always fashionably late.

Ben: Yeah. How late? Late enough for us to --

Jessica: Wait a minute now. Slow down, doctor.

Ben: What, what, what? I'm supposed to behave myself? Do you realize that your schedule's worse than a chaperon? I never have you all to myself.

Jessica: You will. But when do you think we should spring the news on 'em? After hors d'oeuvres? Before dessert?

Ben: Well, first, we have to get them to stop talking about themselves, which means we may have to resort to binding and gagging. But whatever we have to do, we're gonna tell them about us tonight.

Jessica: Okay.

Ben: Or you could just do that, and we wouldn't have to say a word.

Maid: Will you be gone long, Ms. Ryan?

Barbara: No, no. Actually, it's just a quick trip. In fact, if anyone asks, just please don't tell them that I've gone out of town again. Let the machine pick up any messages. And if anyone stops by, you can just tell them I've stepped out and will be back shortly.

Maid: As you wish, Ms. Ryan.

Maid: I tried to tell her you were out, Ms Ryan.

Barbara: That's quite all right. Thank you. I always have time for my daughter. I'm sorry I didn't call, darling, after Jack and your father dragged me down to the Police station. I really didn't know what to say. It was all so strange, so insane.

Jennifer: So you say they had no reason to question you?

Barbara: I see that your brother and your father have been filling you with lies.

Jennifer: Speaking of dad, do you know where he is?

Barbara: I have not spoken to him since he issued his personal restraining order against me. For months, he's been telling me he wanted me to spend time with the children, with the family. And now he's treating me as if I'm some kind of danger to them.

Jennifer: Would it interest you at all to know that dad hasn't been seen or heard from in nearly 24 hours, that no one in this town seems to know where he is? I was hoping maybe you could explain that.

Jack: Is there any way I can speak to the judge personally?

Margo: I do not need any more trouble with the squad. Hold on. Use my name.

Jack: Margo Hughes and I are just asking for a little cooperation, that's all.

Margo: Look, I need that report on my desk five minutes ago. Go.

Jack: I'd appreciate that. Thank you. Yes, I'll tell her.

Margo: Any luck?

Jack: The judge is in his chambers most of the day, but we should have a warrant on our desk to search Fairwinds by tonight.

Paul: It looks like a three-ring circus out there.

Margo: Things are breaking for us, Paul.

Paul: The stuff you couldn't explain over the phone? I know you cop types don't smile a whole lot, but you two look especially ticked off today.

Jack: Hal's gone.

Paul: Where he'd go?

Margo: He hasn't come into work. He hasn't called. He's disappeared.

Jack: We found his badge at his house.

Paul: I guess I don't have to ask whether you think my mother had something to do with this.

Jack: Well, Hal was pretty rough on Barbara when we found that tape from Steinbeck begging her to come clean about Emily, Rose and Carly.

Margo: He told her he didn't trust her around the kids.

Paul: And I'm sure that sent her into a tailspin, but -- look, she wouldn't have him kidnapped, okay? Especially when she's suspected for three other offenses.

Jack: She may not have made a direct request.

Margo: You know, whatever's going on may be beyond Barbara now.

Schroeder: Desk sergeant needs to see you.

Margo: Let me know about the warrant.

Paul: This is unbelievable. Hal's gone.

Jack: That's not even the half of it. What I couldn't tell you over the phone is that, before he disappeared, Hal heard from Emily. She said Rose was there, too and Carly.

Paul: Are they --

Jack: No, they're all alive. But they were definitely abducted.

Paul: Did they say who or where?

Jack: Hal called me right after he talked to Emily. He said he wanted me to go over to his place to get the details. We never had that conversation.

Paul: At the very least -- at the very least, my mother wouldn't want to see Hal hurt. She loves him.

Jack: More than she hates Emily or Carly or Rose? Paul, please, this once, don't give Barbara the benefit of the doubt. Don't protect her.

Paul: She might be desperate, Jack, but she's not stupid. I mean, to kidnap Hal, to keep us from finding out what he knows about the kidnappings? Come on. She'd be tightening the noose around her own neck.

Jack: Well, can you prove that? Can you prove that she didn't have the work done for her?

Paul: You're going to arrest my mother, aren't you?

Jack: If I'm lucky. The question is, are you gonna help?

Paul: I want Rose back as much as you want Carly. I'll go over there, and I'll shake the truth out of her --

Jack: I'd almost let you do that, Paul, but I can't risk getting Barbara spooked enough to leave town.

Paul: Well, she's already packed, knowing her.

Jack: In that case, I want you to make sure she stays put. I need time until I get my warrant.

Paul: Okay, fine.

Jack: Paul?! Don't tip our hand. Even if I arrest Barbara tonight, we're only halfway there. I'm sure that James is the one who orchestrated the kidnappings, and he wouldn't want to keep Barbara in the dark about the details.

Paul: Why not just arrest James?

Jack: Without any evidence? We need Barbara to get to James.

Paul: Okay. All right, fine. Then go ahead, do what you got to do. She'll give him up if it means saving herself.

Jack: All right, one more thing. Hal posed an imminent threat to Barbara once he heard from Emily, and now he's gone.

Paul: Well, maybe that threat was really to James and has nothing to do with Hal.

Jack: Either way --

Paul: Either way, you're saying I should be careful.

Jack I'm saying we all should be careful.

Paul: I'll see you at Fairwinds.

Jack: Hang in there, buddy, wherever you are.

Isaac: I'm just surprised you got all gussied up for a dinner at your own house.

Bonnie: Well, we both know this isn't just some casual dining experience.

Isaac: Yeah, it's the last supper.

Bonnie: An ambush.

Isaac: And I hate being played, especially by Ben. And using your mother like that.

Bonnie: I know --

Isaac: Trying to act all smooth and everything.

Bonnie: Exactly, just like my mother. What about her?

Isaac: Yeah.

Bonnie: She went along with this.

Isaac: And they think that we can't plan our own date? We can plan our own date. We just decided not to go on it.

Bonnie: And we can also decide not to go on this one either.

Isaac: See, I can't even agree with you without you cutting my lips off.

Bonnie: If I'm such a lousy dinner companion, Isaac, I can call my mother right now, we can cancel the whole thing.

Isaac: You -- you do know the digits?

Dahlia: So, find anything we like?

Katie: Well, there's nothing wrong with these guys. I mean, yes, they've got beautiful faces. And, yes, they've got gorgeous bodies.

Dahlia: Isn't that the point?

Lucy: I thought so.

Katie: Well, if you two would put your hormones in check for a second, you'd realize that there's something missing.

Dahlia: I think I know what that is. Lucy, would you mind getting us some mineral water, please?

Lucy: Sure.

Dahlia: Thank you. Katie, I'm going to ask you a question. And I'd like an honest answer.

Katie: Of course.

Dahlia: Is it that these guys aren't good enough, or is it that they're too good-looking for your husband?

Katie: Oh, come on, you've got to be kidding. You've seen my husband, right?

Dahlia: Just because Simon's beautiful doesn't mean he can't be jealous.

Katie: No, no, see, you don't understand. You have no idea what I went through to get him, what we went through to get to each other. I risked my life so many times, I don't even want to think about it. And I've done some things that any sane woman would not be proud of, but I got him.

Dahlia: Well, it sounds like true love.

Katie: Well, if it ain't, the poets of the world need to redefine it.

Dahlia: Actually, I have to confess, I was hoping that he was jealous. I mean, that's a situation that I can fix.

Katie: Who said anything needs fixing?

Dahlia: Well, I just get the impression that he disapproves of you doing this job.

Katie: And what gave you that idea?

Dahlia: He did. I mean, I can't think of another reason why he would say what he said.

Katie: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Back up. What exactly did Simon say?

Dahlia: That he expects you to fail.

Margo: So how's your day going?

Tom: Well, that depends. Any word on Adam?

Margo: Oh, honey, I have called all of his friends, his family, schoolmates -- nothing. And now with Hal missing, it's just -- it's chaos. What about Daniel and Casey?

Tom: You know what? They're fine. And Adam is gonna be fine. I just -- I just feel it.

Margo: Well, this Scudder case is frozen solid until we find Adam and Abigail.

Tom: Well, I need to throw something else into the pot.

Margo: Oh, good, another bombshell. Let me just get my helmet.

Tom: Well, I got a call today. Everything's in place to move ahead with permanent custody of Daniel.

Margo: Oh, Tom --

Tom: Just before you say anything --

Jack: Anyone out here has a judge in their pocket, let me know.

Margo: What happened?

Jack: The judge is refusing to sign an order for the warrant to search Barbara's place.

Margo: That is ridiculous. After all the evidence we've got? The chief of detectives is missing. This is just --

Jack: Tell me about it.

Tom: Which judge?

Margo: Clark.

Tom: Charlie Clark? Well, you're gonna get nothing out of him as far as Barbara's concerned. She's the one that helped him get on the bench.

Jack: Yep. That was exactly what they told me.

Margo: Hey, where are you going?

Jack: You want to talk civil liberties, unlawful searches, blah, blah, blah -- I'm your man. But I'm not getting squashed by some country club judge.

Margo: Hey, Jack!

Jack: I'm gonna do my job, Margo.

Margo: Your job is not to intimidate an elected official into giving you what you want.

Jack: If it means getting Carly back, which is what I want, and if it means finding Hal alive and well, which is what we all want, then get a cell ready for me. Because I'm searching Fairwinds tonight, with or without a warrant.

Margo: Schroeder, you want to get back on my good side? Follow Jack, make sure he doesn't get nailed for assaulting a judge.

Tom: Hey, the dam is not broken.

Margo: No?

Tom: Clark is a good guy. Go to Jessica. She used to clerk for him.

Margo: Somebody get Frederick's down here to relieve me? What were you talking about? What was I talking -- what are we talking about?

Tom: We can talk about Daniel when we get home.

Margo: Well, who knows when that's gonna be? Look, Tom, I think we need to do this now. There's something I need to say.

Tom: Yeah, look, I know. I know that taking care of a toddler is a hard job, especially one as needy as Daniel is right now.

Margo: No, it's not that. I love Daniel. I love the age that he's at. It's just that, in good conscience, I cannot take Emily's child away from her.

Tom: Emily's child? Well, I'm not used to hearing you put it quite like that.

Margo: Look, we don't even know what really happened to her.

Tom: Well, that's true. And, God forbid, if she has been kidnapped, I want her found as much as anybody else does. But, when I think about the possibility of her coming back, I go right back to the night she lost him. Daniel was on the street alone. He could have been hurt --

Margo: All right, all right. That episode with Emily and Daniel in the diner, at this point, we're pretty sure that it was a set-up.

Tom: What?

Margo: We think that James Steinbeck and Barbara have been working this --

Tom: Working? Working what?

Margo: It's a carefully constructed process -- do anything they can to get Daniel away from Emily. She looks like a rotten mother. We react accordingly.

Tom: Wait, wait, wait. What about the break-in at our house?

Margo: Staged, Tom. We find Emily's glove. It's more than enough evidence to press charges. Emily is now motivated to flee, right? Except, she's actually kidnapped. It's all setup to make it look like she ran.

Tom: Well, she was furious, defending herself with me. Do you have any proof about any of this? Yeah, I know, I know. It's ongoing.

Margo: We have so consistently accused Emily of being distracted and too self-involved to be a good parent, and -- Tom, with what's happened with Adam, how can I sit in judgment of another mother? I don't even know where my own son is.

Abigail: This really is in the middle of nowhere, isn't it?

Adam: No distractions, that's for sure.

Abigail: Well, we could be in the middle of downtown Chicago. My memory doesn't seem to care one way or the other. I still can't remember anything that happened the night that Nick died.

Adam: You will.

Abigail: You have way too much faith in me.

Adam: Yeah? So?

Abigail: Adam? Adam?! He's got a gun!

Adam: Oh, no. On, no. No, okay, Abigail -- Abigail, just hide!

Abigail: No, we need to run.

Adam: Hide! No, stay out of sight.

Abigail: Adam, we need to run, please!

Adam: No, Abigail, we can't run. We can't even make it to the car. Just hide and make sure you stay out of sight, okay? Just go. You know, you could have knocked. I'm somebody with permission to be here. What's your excuse?

Hunter: It's my cabin.

Adam: I don't think so.

Hunter: I didn't ask you what you think.

Adam: Well, listen, what I'm telling you -- okay, Lucinda Walsh, does that name ring a bell?

Hunter: I've heard the name.

Adam: Yeah, well, she owns all this property and this place, okay? And I think you just walked into a little bit of trouble here.

Hunter: And how do you figure that?

Adam: Well, I saw you drive up, okay? And when I saw the gun, I called Ms. Walsh's caretaker. And she doesn't allow hunting on this property, so now the game warden's on his way over right now. I'm sorry.

Hunter: You seem like a nice kid. Give me a head start, will you? I don't want any trouble with the Wildlife Police.

Adam: Yeah, I guess. Listen, but you'd better run, okay? Ms. Walsh told me to get the cabin ready, because she's got company coming over. I think the nature society or something?

Hunter: Yeah, tree huggers.

Adam: Somebody has to save the planet.

Hunter: I didn't mean to scare ya.

Adam: No, it's okay. You didn't.

Hunter: Yeah.

Adam: It's okay, Abigail. He's gone.

Abigail: Adam, I was so terrified, I could hardly breathe. This reeks, you know that? Running away, being out here. It just reeks. Take me home, okay? I just -- I just want to go home.

Barbara: Well, this certainly seems like a bit of an overreaction.

Jennifer: Is it? Why would dad tell Jack Snyder to meet him at his house and not be there when Jack shows up? Where would he go without his car? His keys? He always calls, mom. You know that!

Barbara: I don't know, Jennifer, but I'm sure there's some kind of good explanation.

Jennifer: Well, that's why I'm here.

Barbara: You think that I know about this?

Jennifer: You know, you were right about one thing. Paul did fill me in. He told me that you may be involved with what happened to Carly, Emily and Rose.

Barbara: So you've already decided that I'm guilty.

Jennifer: I said that I listened to him, mom. I never said that I wanted to believe it.

Barbara: So you still believe me?

Jennifer: I didn't say that. I can't go on blind faith with you anymore. But something has happened to dad. And if you know anything about it, even a guess, tell me! I mean, Paul keeps talking about this James Steinbeck person. Would he take my father?!

Barbara: I haven't seen or spoken to James Steinbeck in months. Paul knows that. James has planted things here so people would turn against me, Jennifer.

Jennifer: Why would he do that?

Barbara: I don't know. But it's happening. He has targeted me, and no one is supporting me, and I wish that I did know what has happened to Hal and to Carly and Emily and Rose.

Jennifer: You're lying!

Barbara: And we were making such good progress.

Jennifer: Don't even try to make me feel guilty for asking you to tell the truth, mom.

Barbara: You're a woman of the world now, Jennifer. I only wish that you would think like one.

Jennifer: Remember when you told me that I was all grown up? That I didn't need a mother anymore? Well, you were wrong about that. Until now. Now I'm at that great point where I really don't need you that much anymore. But Will? First you abandoned him. And now you're just gonna let him lose dad, too?

Barbara: He'll be back. Hal will be back, I'm sure of it.

Jennifer: You know what? If James Steinbeck did promise you something, I really hope that it's worth what everyone else has to lose.

Barbara: Jen? Jen? On, no, not Hal. Not my Hal. No. Oh, John.

Katie: Okay, see, you must have misunderstood Simon. I told you we have that running joke that I can't keep a job.

Dahlia: Well, you made a bet about that, right?

Katie: Yeah, we did, but we were just fooling around. I can assure you that no one will be happier for me than Simon when I become a multimillionaire exercise guru. Well, except for maybe my brother, who can then borrow money from me.

Dahlia: Well, you know your husband better than I do.

Katie: He would never want me to fail.

Dahlia: Good. So, let's get back to work. If we want this video to sell, you've got some young studs to find.

Isaac: Do we have to fight?

Bonnie: You're the one calling my bluff on canceling this dinner tonight.

Isaac: All right. Let's -- let's start over, okay? Let's just go over there and have dinner with my brother and your mother and make this whole thing as painless as possible.

Bonnie: I can do that. I mean, you're the one all in a tizzy.

Isaac: I just hate being maneuvered, especially by Ben. I mean, the other day, he asked me to go to breakfast with him at Al's. So I go, expecting a little conversation about his life or whatever. Instead, all he wants to do is talk about you.

Bonnie: Really?

Isaac: Ben broached the subject, not me.

Bonnie: Oh, I see. It sounds like my mother. I mean, 'cause the other day, she comes down here and -- supposedly to see me, and then all she does is bend my ear about you. I can't stand matchmakers.

Isaac: Me either. What'd she say?

Bonnie: I don't remember.

Isaac: Come on. Come on, no, mothers love me.

Bonnie: I know one thing we have to decide before we go to dinner tonight.

Isaac: What?

Bonnie: We've got to decide who's in charge of this quasi-infantile relationship. You and me, or them?

Jessica: If you keep distracting me, dinner's gonna burn.

Ben: Forget about dinner.

Jessica: Oh, what about Bonnie and Isaac?

Ben: Well, I think they'll understand.

Jessica: So what do we do with this fabulous dinner?

Ben: We can save it for later -- much, much, much later.

Jessica: How 'bout breakfast?

Ben: Oh, you see, see, that's the lawyer in you -- always ready with a counteroffer. Clearly you do not realize the ramifications of this moment.

Jessica: Oh, well, enlighten me, doctor.

Ben: Well, I am wooing you, Madame D.A.

Jessica: Is that what this flutter in my heart is?

Ben: Ooh, a flutter?

Jessica: Uh-huh.

Ben: Where exactly is this -- this flutter?

Jessica: It's right about -- here.

Ben: Now, that's quite a flutter. How long have you had that?

Jessica: Oh, I haven't felt that for a long time.

[Door bell rings]

Ben: Oh, go away! Wait, you said Bonnie has a key, right?

Jessica: Yes, she does.

Ben: Okay. So whoever it is, I'm gonna get rid of 'em! Hey, Margo.

Margo: Ben, hi.

Ben: Hi.

Jessica: Margo, come on in.

Margo: Oh, I'm so sorry. I'm interrupting, aren't I?

Jessica: No, no, it's okay.

Margo: Oh, my goodness, look at that beautiful table setting. I should have called first, but I just needed some air.

Jessica: It's okay. You haven't found Adam yet?

Margo: No, it's -- it's Hal.

Ben: Hal? Is he okay?

Margo: Well, act -- no, no. I'm pretty sure he's been kidnapped.

Barbara: Did you hear much of what Jennifer said?

John: It's strange how sometimes the older children get, the better they seem to know how to twist the knife. Why didn't you let me help?

Barbara: No one can do anything to help, John. I don't want you involved.

John: That's where you've missed the boat on this thing consistently. You close out all the people who care about you.

Barbara: Yes. Since the accident, I just didn't want to burden my family and friends.

John: Because you don't want pity, and that's understandable. But does that also mean that you're not going to allow someone to simply feel for you, that you're going to not let people reassure you that, in spite of everything, your life will go on? A different kind of life, perhaps not the one that you're used to, but it'll be life just the same. As long as you roll up into this ball of regret, nothing is going to happen. You have to let someone in.

Barbara: For a while, I did let someone in. I just chose the wrong someone.

John: You mean, the person you trusted that you shouldn't have?

Barbara: Yes.

John: And you believe that this person is responsible for whatever is going on. Are we talking about James?

Paul: Don't stop now, mother. Answer the man's question.

Margo: Jack found Hal's badge outside of the house, but nothing else yet. But the worst part is we are left knowing so little of what Emily said to Hal in that crucial phone call.

Ben: Kitchen's under control.

Margo: Oh, man, I really didn't want to ruin your evening, but I guess that's exactly what I did by dropping this ton set of problems on your lap.

Jessica: It's okay. So what do you need from me?

Margo: Jack needs a search warrant for Fairwinds. But there's this judge --

Jessica: Clark?

Margo: Yeah.

Jessica: Well, we need to move on this immediately.

Margo: Well, the kidnappings are federal jurisdiction. Your office is coordinating that already.

Jessica: Wait a minute. We have a case involving the FBI, and nobody bothered to call me?

Margo: You know what? I told your office that I wanted to deliver this message to you personally, because I know how much you love Hal. And with Adam missing and the Scudder case and everything, I guess we just needed a little reassurance. Is that okay?

Jessica: Of course it's okay. Of course it's okay. Just tell Jack he will have his warrant within the hour.

Margo: Thank you. Okay. Thank you, Ben, so much for your time. I know that this lady's time is very valuable.

Ben: Okay, well, that's what happens when you're trying to have dinner, right? Good luck.

Jessica: I'll be at the office. Ben --

Ben: Hey. It's okay. No excuses. I understand about work. Just give me five minutes to put together something for you to eat. I'll drive you downtown.

Jessica: You are so sweet. Most men would be put off by my schedule.

Ben: Yeah, well, do I look like most men?

Jessica: No, baby, you look better than most men.

Bonnie: You know, it's bad enough my mother has cut off my credit, forced me to stay in this corn town, made me get a job.

Isaac: Oh, not that. Actually, you've been doing quite well on that front.

Bonnie: I'm ranting here. May I?

Isaac: Okay, me next, though.

Bonnie: Thank you. I mean, how dare my mother butt into my personal life? If I wanted to get you, I could get you on my -- big if there -- but if I did want to get you, I could get you on my own. I mean, all I need is a thong bikini, a case of beer and a satellite dish.

Isaac: You think I'm that easy? Don't answer that. It's a rhetorical question. But you do have a point. Like, if I wanted you, you'd already be mine.

Bonnie: I don't think so. And anyway, I'm immune to your charms.

Isaac: According to you, I don't have any charm.

Lisa: As much as I appreciate this love in bloom, aren't you gonna be late for dinner?

Isaac: First of all, don't ever use the "l" word, because --

Bonnie: He's not my type.

Isaac: -- She's not my type.

Lisa: Yes, that's so obvious. Come on, scram, you two. Come on.

Bonnie: She's been talking to my mother.

Isaac: You know what? I say we go to that dinner and set the record straight. We tell those two wannabe matchmakers to stay out of our business.

Bonnie: Absolutely.

Isaac: Shall we?

Bonnie: Yes.

Isaac: Come on.

Katie: Nope. If I see one more set of chiseled abs, I'm gonna puke.

Dahlia: You're one of a kind, Katie.

Lucy: Tell me again why we don't want these guys?

Katie: Because nobody wants beauty and exercise tips from people who are already fit and fabulous. These genetic freaks come out of the womb perfect, with beautiful white teeth and perfectly chiseled abs. I want someone that the viewer can relate to.

Lucy: How 'bout this one?

Katie: No.

Lucy: This one?

Katie: No.

Dahlia: Him?

Katie: No. No, you guys, these -- these guys are too California. Too perfect. Too --

Lucy: Katie?

Katie: No, Lucy, you don't understand. I don't want any of these guys. None of these guys are gonna --

[shrieking] oh, my God. Oh, my God. Will somebody get that?


Lisa: Oh, my goodness.

Katie: Oh, my God! I am so sorry. I am such a klutz.

Lisa: No, you're a menace. You always have been, and you always will be.

Dahlia: Do you have any idea how expensive this outfit is?!

Katie: I'm so sorry. You can take it out of my first paycheck.

Lisa: Come with me. I'm gonna take you to the ladies' room.

Lucy: Dahlia seemed pretty upset. I hope she doesn't --

Katie: Oh, no, no. Don't hope. Please don't hope. I just lost my best chance at getting a real job, and your uncle Simon just won his bet.

Barbara: I can't take another child turning on me. Your sister just left on her high horse. Why don't you do the same?

Paul: Sorry, the righteous indignation isn't gonna cut it this time, mom.

John: Look, I don't think this is the time or place.

Paul: What, you haven't told him the story, mom? Go ahead, tell him the story -- how I fell in love with Rose. Only you didn't approve, so you started a crusade to destroy my relationship with her.

Barbara: Nonsense!

Paul: And when nothing -- when nothing worked, you decided to just make Rose disappear.

Barbara: I have had enough of this. I do not need to defend myself to you, Paul! What are you doing?

Paul: It's safer not to underestimate you, mom.

Barbara: What are you looking for?

Paul: Your passport. And you keep it here all the time. Now, where is it?! You planning a trip, mom? Oh, I see.

Barbara: I just brought that out here! I brought my things back from Hal's!

Paul: Yeah, you're quick.

John: Okay, Paul, that's just about enough, all right?

Paul: You gonna tell me you don't know my mother by now, John?

John: If you mean by knowing her, do I believe that she's right? Of course I do. Now it's time for you to leave. Come on, let's go.

Paul: I am not gonna give her the chance to leave this country.

Barbara: This is insane, Paul!

Paul: Not when the only person who can help me find Rose is you!

John: You know, I'm about this far from calling the cops.

Paul: Oh, well, he wouldn't want to do that, mom, would he? You've seen just about enough of the Police, haven't you? Well, there they are. Sorry, too late.

Jack: This is for you, Barbara. It's a warrant to search the premises for any evidence in your connection to the disappearances of Carly Tenney, Rose D'Angelo and Emily Stewart. Search this place inch by inch.

John: Should I call a lawyer?

Jack: Well, I suggest calling the chief of detectives, John, only he's disappeared, too.

Paul: Better yet, why don't you get my father on the phone? He's about the only one that can get you out of this now.

Jennifer: Margo? What's going on? Did you find dad?

Margo: No. No, sorry, honey, nothing yet. Listen, we're here to put a tap on your phone so we can trace Emily if she calls again, if anyone calls about your father.

Jennifer: You mean if he's been kidnapped, do you think that someone's gonna call with a ransom demand?

Margo: We don't know what to expect, but it is a possibility.

Jennifer: Yeah, do whatever you have to do. The main phone's over here.

Margo: Guys? Well, you had such a terrific time abroad. It's a shame you have to come home to this, huh?

Jennifer: I am nowhere near feeling sorry for myself right now. Actually, Margo, there's something I have to tell you. I lied to you before.

Margo: About?

Jennifer: About Adam. I did see him and Abigail.

Margo: Jennifer!

Jennifer: Adam came to me for help, all right? He needed money.

Margo: And you gave it to him? How much did you give him? How far do you think they could've gotten?

Abigail: I let you down.

Adam: No. No, you didn't. You know, it's just -- I thought that getting away from the hustle and bustle of home would just help you remember, that's all.

Abigail: I don't know what to do anymore. The only thing I've done right lately has been to trust you.

Adam: Which I don't even understand why I deserve it. I mean, I've messed up a lot with you lately.

Abigail: No one has been as wrong about anything as I was about Nick.

Adam: How can you blame yourself for that? I mean, you were conned by a pro.

Abigail: Did I really have the strength to hit someone as hard --

Adam: No, Abigail -- whatever you did or didn't do, it was not on purpose, and it wasn't out of anger, okay? That's just not like you.

Abigail: Well then why -- never mind. Never mind. You can stop packing.

Adam: I thought you wanted --

Abigail: I want to give this a chance. I can keep trusting you, right?

Adam: Yes, for the rest of your life.

Abigail: Well then, we should stay. Even if it's the scariest thing I'll do. Somehow, I'm gonna remember.

Barbara: Look what they're doing to my home -- they're pawing through everything!

John: They have nothing to find, you have nothing to worry about.

[Wood breaking]

Barbara: What was that? What broke?

Lopez: Detective Snyder! I found this in the cabinet.

Barbara: What? What? What did you find?

Jack: "To Daniel Stewart Hughes, love, grandma."

Barbara: I've never seen that before, Jack.

Paul: What else is in there, Jack? That's Rose's!

Jack: No, Paul, you don't have gloves on.

Paul: The rosary bead has a St. Christopher medal on it. Her mother gave her that.

Jack: Bag it. Anything else in the drawer?

Lopez: Just this book.

Jack: "The wheel spins." Yes, I've seen that here before. Anything else?

Lopez: I think I saw a necklace in there, too.

Jack: Carly.

Dahlia: You can stop apologizing. It was an accident.

Katie: Well, now the head shots are all ruined. Can it be that hard to find some real guys?

Dahlia: Well, if I haven't heard that from a couple of women sitting in a bar.

Lucy: Hey, look.

Katie: I think I've died and gone to heaven. They're here.

Dahlia: Who?

Katie: Those are real men.

Dahlia: An exercise video with firemen?

Katie: Well, I'm not talking about a village people revival. But look at them. Muscles from working, not working out.

Dahlia: Ooh, you do have a point. But I doubt we can get them to squeeze into spandex in between saving lives.

Katie: Well, you just leave that up to me. C'mon, Luce. Excuse me. Hi. I hate to take up any of your valuable time, but I was wondering what you think about sweat? As a way of life.

Lisa: Katie, what are you talking about?

Katie: Wait, just one second. Oh, my, his arm is huge! Note to self -- maybe after abs section, or maybe the buns, I'm lifted into the air like a feather. Close up on rippling, manly muscles.

Firefighter #1: Ma'am, can I have that back, please?

Katie: Yes, I'm sorry. If you'll let my assistant and I walk you out? I have a concept for you that you're gonna love.

Jessica: Well, thanks to an exceptionally well-trained staff, I can stick around for dinner.

Ben: Oh, great. Well, won't be needing this. And since we have a little time, I figure --

[doorbell rings] oh, I guess that's Bonnie and Isaac. Look we're just gonna cut to the chase.

Jessica: Yes.

Ben: Tell them about us.

Jessica: Yes.

Ben: Toss them some salad.

Jessica: Yes.

Ben: Toss them out the door.

Jessica: Oh, yes. Bonnie, where's your key?

Bonnie: Here you go.

Jessica: Thank you.

Isaac: Mazel tov.

Ben: Hey. Okay, look, we realize that both of you are very busy down at the club.

Jessica: And I'm sure you are wondering why we planned this --

Bonnie: Don't bother. We know all about it.

Ben: You do?

Isaac: Yes, we do. So just skip the chit-chat, and get down to the issue, okay? Okay.

Jennifer: Look, I didn't ask where they were going. I didn't get the idea though that they were heading out of state or crossing the Canadian border or something stupid like that. Adam just needed a little bit of time for Abigail to get her memory back.

Margo: Jennifer, we are investigating a man's murder.

Jennifer: I'm not saying it was the best idea, but Adam is my brother.

Margo: He's my son. You think I don't want to help him?

Jennifer: Of course you do, but you're a cop. There's only so much that you can do. Look, I just trust him to do the right thing. And I won't apologize for that.

Margo: Then why did you bother to tell me in the first place?

Jennifer: Because you are going through the same thing with Adam that I'm going through with my dad -- not knowing where he is, or even if he's okay. I thought I could at least give you something to hold onto.

Margo: All right. I appreciate that. I do, I just -- I'm going to leave these guys here to finish up, okay?

Jennifer: Margo, if I hear from him, I promise, I will find out where he is.

Margo: Jennifer -- don't think I don't understand, because I do. I know that a sister will do whatever she can to help her brother. Trust me, I know that. It never changes.

Barbara: Jack, James planted those things here, just like he planted the videotape.

John: Maybe it's good that you don't say anything else, at this point, all right?

Barbara: I did not kidnap those women. I didn't do it. I didn't.

John: Oh, come on, Jack, is that necessary?

Jack: Barbara Ryan, you are under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. Do you understand?

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