ATWT Transcript Tuesday 1/29/02


As the World Turns Transcript Tuesday 1/29/02

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Bonnie: Okay, Billy, how can I help you out?

Billy: I'm a couple orders behind. I'm working on those --

Bonnie: Two apple martinis and a cosmopolitan.

Billy: Coming right up.

Bonnie: Great. But the drinks can wait.

Billy: What else could you possibly help me with?

Bonnie: Jennifer.

Billy: Bonnie, stay out of it.

Bonnie: Come on, Billy. I help you solve your love life, Jennifer's thrilled, you're happy. And breathe some life into those martinis, and maybe, just maybe, I might get a tip from these people. Imagine that.

Billy: Thanks. But when it comes to Jen, I need to deal with things on my own.

Bonnie: By what?

Oh, I guess you already did that or you wouldn't be coming here looking for me, huh? So, is it good news bad news?

Margo: That depends on who's asking. So would you please do me a favor and pass along a message if you do hear from him?

Billy: Yeah, I will.

Margo: Tell him that Molly McKinnon is no longer a prime suspect in the Nick Scudder case. We're looking elsewhere.

Molly: I remember giving her this diary for her birthday. And she kidded around about why did I get her one without a lock and key on it. Then she got serious. And she said that, that was not an issue because she didn't keep any secrets from me. There wasn't anything that she couldn't tell me. Jake she kept this right on her bedside table, and I never even gave it a second thought -- until today. If I read this, it means that I don't trust her anymore.

Jake: Of course you trust her.

Molly: Then why am I snooping through all of her personal belongings?

Jake: You're not snooping. You're looking for clue to help -- to help find her, because you're afraid for her and because you love her.

Molly: If the Police decide that she's a fugitive, Jake --

Jake: They won't.

Molly: How do you know that?

Jake: Because neither one of Adam's parents wants any harm to come to those kids.

Molly: I just want her to come home.

Jake: You know what? I should have listened to Adam. I mean, he as much as challenged me -- he said if we didn't get Abigail out of the state, he would. I should've stopped him.

Molly: Look at you. How could you have known anything? They are the most reliable kids in the world, Jake. And now they're stuck in the middle of a murder investigation, and it's all my fault. They've got to be going crazy. They probably feel like they have nobody to turn to and no place to hide. Oh, God, I'm afraid. We have to find them, Jake.

Jake: Let's do what we've got to do. Let's find some clues that'll help us find Abigail.

Adam: I don't want to spoil you or anything because this is your first night roughing it, after all. But would you care for some chips with that hero?

Abigail: Mmm. A hero and chips with my hero. Doesn't sound half bad.

Adam: Good, because half is pretty much all we're gonna get tonight.

Abigail: You sure know how to show a girl a good time.

Adam: Mmm, mmm. That is the best hero I've ever had.

Abigail: I didn't realize how hungry I was.

Adam: Well, you know what? Now we've got food, major heat from that fireplace. Didn't I tell you I could take care of you?

Abigail: Now we'll be a couple of hours and a few miles from home.

Adam: I know. It feels like we're on another planet or something.

Abigail: This really isn't about me getting my memory back, is it?

Adam: It's about taking some time off, that's all.

Abigail: Ducking the cops?

Adam: Well, if that happens to be an unfortunate by-product, then so be it.

Abigail: Not to mention the fact that the cops are your parents. What happens when they find us, Adam? Because you know they will find us.

Adam: You know what? I've been thinking about what we do next.

Abigail: Shoot.

Adam: As soon as day breaks, we head to California.

Jennifer: Hi, daddy.

Hal: Hi. How you doing? You hanging' in there? Will and Parker okay?

Jennifer: Oh, well, that's debatable. Will's teaching Parker how to be a computer nerd.

Hal: Hey, they're on the fast track to becoming future millionaires. Don't knock it.

Jennifer: So how'd things go at the station? Pretty tough, huh, having mom suddenly become part of a kidnapping investigation?

Hal: Jennifer, there are some things I need to explain to you about your mom.

Jennifer: Oh, no need to, really. Paul already explained things to me.

Hal: How much did he tell you?

Jennifer: That he thinks mom and James Steinbeck are responsible for Carly, Emily and Rose's disappearances. And you think so, too. So what's mom saying in her defense?

Hal: Nothing. She denies any involvement, and she takes the fifth. I was hoping she was gonna tell us where they were tonight. But she didn't say a word.

Emily: Will you look at her? She's trying to say something, right? You think she realizes nothing's coming out of her mouth?

Rose: Hey, Hilda. Hello! Yeah, yeah, we're having a failure to communicate here. So why don't you just spill it and spit it out and pump up the volume.

Hilda: Welcome.

Rose: Oh, "welcome"? Thank you very much. Welcome where? Where are we?

Hilda: We're on the floor.

Rose: Yes, we're on the floor. That's brilliant. You took a big spill, that's what you did. And your feet went right out from underneath you.

Emily: You really ought to be more careful. The floors, they ought to be padded. Are you okay?

Hilda: I feel vonderful. Simply vonderful.

Rose: I'll take "wonderful."

Emily: Works for me.

Rose: Yes, you stay just wonderful as you are, you spaced-out little cowgirl, you.

Emily: Yeah, you know what? You need to do us a favor. You need to relax and tell us a few things. You need to relax and breathe and tell us all the answers we need to know, Hilda. You think you can do that for us? Good.

Rose: Good.

Emily: Okay, all right. So, now we need to keep our questions as specific as possible, 'cause we're never gonna get a straight answer out of this one. So, Hilda, can you tell me what country we're in?

Hilda: I forgot.

Emily: All right. That's okay. That's okay. We'll deal with that one later. Okay, focus on me, okay? Can you tell us how this fabulous spa is connected to James Steinbeck?

Rose: Does James Steinbeck have a lot of people -- a lot of people here? Does he own this place, this spa here?

Hilda: I feel so fabulous!

Emily: Oh, good. That's really great. Okay. Another thing that makes Rose and me feel really good is when we relax and share secrets! So, do you have any secrets you want to share with us, Hilda?

Hilda: Yes.

Emily: Yes. Okay, okay. Okay, here, over here. Over here. Tell me, what secrets do you know? Do you know what's gonna happen to us next? What's the next procedure on the schedule?

Rose: Carly -- you can tell it to Carly 'cause we's our friend. We know about Carly.

Emily: Yeah, we want to find her. Where can we find Carly?

Hilda: Go down the corridor --

Emily: Okay, yeah.

Hilda: Then up the stairs, then down the hall, up the hall, down the corner and -- through the river and the woods -- and on the rope. And you just keep, like, floating along until you --

Rose: We've lost her. We'll find out about Carly from the towel lady. Look, you don't have some answers for us, that's -- but you have a phone, right? Do you have a phone? You do, right?

Emily: Hilda, I want your phone. And I want it now.

Hilda: All right.

Emily: What, are you kidding me?

Rose: That was easy. I want to call Paul!

Emily: Wait, wait! "Call Paul." This isn't a fashion emergency, Rose. Sit tight. Keep an eye on this one while I call Hal.

Rose: No, please!

Emily: Okay, Hal.

Rose: That's a big number you got there, Emily.

Emily: Why, Rose, it's not the size of the number, it's how you use it.


Rose: Stop it! Just stop it.

Emily: Stop dialing, Rose? Come on.

Rose: No, stop laughing.

Emily: I can't. Okay, okay. Okay, okay. It's not ringing.

Rose: It's not?

Emily: I think I've over dialed the number.

[Laughing uncontrollably]

Rose: No, no! No, we sucked in the gas!

Emily: Oh, the masks! I forgot the masks.

Rose: Focus! Focus.

Emily: I run a newspaper every day. You think I need to focus to dial the phone? I own a newspaper.

Rose: Yo --

Emily: Yeah?

Rose: There's area codes and country codes and international codes and lots of numbers.

Emily: This is so hard!

Rose: Just try. You got to try! It's the only way we're gonna get out of here. Now, dial the phone!

Emily: Okay.

Jack: Mathis, I need a favor.

Mathis: Sure, but I was just --

Jack: Drop it. Top priority. I need that search warrant for Fairwinds now. Call them and stay on top of it until they cough it up. You got that?

Mathis: Got it.

Jack: And I want to know the second it comes in. Hey, Mitzi!

Mitzi: Look, I know it's late and you're busy saving the world from crime, but I was hoping it wouldn't kill you to talk to a civilian for a minute or two.

Jack: I think talking to a civilian is exactly what I need to keep me sane right now. Wait, let me. There you go.

Mitzi: Thanks.

Jack: Everything okay with you?

Mitzi: Well, you could tell me that you have some good news.

Jack: We have something.

Mitzi: You do? Tell me!

Jack: We're finally getting leads. Nothing specific about Rose, but we think her case is linked to Emily's and Carly's.

Mitzi: And they're all okay?

Jack: Well, we don't know anything for sure yet, but we're closing in on a suspect who has answers.

Mitzi: This suspect you're looking at?

Jack: I can't give you any names.

Mitzi: Oh, I don't need one. I know exactly who it is. Barbara Ryan. And I would bet my last nickel on it.

Jack: Well, what makes you say that?

Mitzi: Well, she never liked Rose. And the way I feel about her, she's lucky I'm not a cop or a different kind of person 'cause I would do whatever it took to make her talk.

Hal: We haven't arrested your mother -- yet -- because we don't have enough proof. But I have told her that she is not welcome in this house, Jen. I didn't have a choice. She did -- James Steinbeck or this family, but she can't have it both ways. I know it sounds harsh, Jen, but that's the way it has to be.

Jennifer: Daddy, I understand all of that. I do.

Hal: It's gonna break Will's heart.

Jennifer: Yeah, poor guy. He still hasn't got over losing Emily. Do you think that maybe James kidnapped Emily because mom was jealous that you fell in love with her?

Hal: I don't want you to worry about that. You've got enough to worry about. That's why I've called Kim. She's gonna take Parker and Will for the night in case Barbara drops by here while I'm out.

Jennifer: Out where?

Hal: Looking for Adam. Apparently he's decided to skip town with his girlfriend.

Jennifer: Um, actually -- they're okay.

Hal: You've seen Adam and Abigail tonight? Where are they?

Jennifer: As far as they can get. And don't yell, daddy. I know that you're mad at me, and I know, yes, it was really stupid of them to skip town. But all they want is a little bit of time for Abigail to get her memory back.

Hal: Jen --

Jennifer: Daddy, I know. I know, but Margo stopped by earlier and she asked if I had seen them and I kind of danced around the subject a little bit. But I knew I had to tell you. Besides, if I didn't, you'd probably ground me and my new dazzling career would have gone out the window.

Hal: I am glad that you told me.

Jennifer: Look, I'll drop Will and Parker off at Aunt Kim's.

Hal: Here you are, you're hardly over your jet lag and already you're picking up the pieces for everybody else, taking care of everybody.

Jennifer: I don't mind. You know that.

Hal: If I were you, I'd be on the next flight back to Rome.

Jennifer: I have to talk to Billy tonight.

Hal: What are you gonna tell him?

Jennifer: I don't know.

Hal: You do what's best for you. Hey, Will! Parker! You guys have got to pack your things. We're going to Aunt Kim's. I'll help you.

Billy: They let Mrs.. McKinnon out on bail? That's awesome. If that's what you're gonna tell Adam, I'm pretty sure Abigail already filled him in.

Margo: Well, Abigail doesn't know yet. Look, Adam and Abigail have run off together someplace and I'm trying to track them down. So, Billy, if you know anything, would you tell me?

Billy: Adam didn't tell me anything.

Margo: Come on, I know how close you two are. And I know that you would never break a promise.

Billy: I swear! I don't know anything about this. All I know is Adam's worried about Abigail, and she's upset about not remembering anything about Nick Scudder dying. I mean, they probably went out for a drive or something. I wish I could help you. I'm sorry.

Margo: Okay, I got to get going. This case is far from closed. If you do hear anything from them, please, please call me.

Billy: I will.

Margo: And please stay out of trouble.

Billy: I'll try my best. Welcome to Java what can I get for you?

Brandy: One man on this planet who'll tell me the truth.

Billy: I don't think I know how to make one of those, Brandy.

Brandy: Oh, he remembers my name. I'm surprised. You know, after you came on to me at Al's like we were long-lost soul mates, imagine my surprise when you never called for our big date. Now I know why. You're Adam's cousin?

Billy: Hey, I needed proof that Scudder would use you to break up Adam and Abigail.

Brandy: Oh, thanks for being so ready, willing and able to drag me through the mud.

Billy: It's not half as bad as what you did to my cousin's life and to Abigail. Because of you, their whole family is going through hell. So whatever Nick Scudder paid you, I hope it was well worth it.

Molly: Did Holden check the stables yet?

Jake: Well, he's checking all the trails out his way. What you got?

Molly: It's all about Nick -- how much he meant to her. I should have told you. I should have told you everything, you and Abigail. I should have sat you down the minute that Nick walked his legs into that station. I should've told you the whole ugly truth about Nick and me. I was too afraid, Jake, because there was too much to lose.

Jake: Hey, you know what? You're not the first person that's kept a secret.

Molly: This secret could cost me everything. It isn't Abigail that I don't trust, Jake. It's me.

Ace: Hey, you sten. You give yourself a break, all right? You're not the one who crash-landed into Scudder's life and turned it inside out. That's Nickie-boy's MO. He had this whole thing planned, Molly, from the second he set foot in town. He trashed your life years ago.

Molly: Which is why I should've known better this time.

Jake: You did. You told -- you told me, and you told Kim. We kept telling you to -- give the guy a break. You want to blame somebody, look at me. I'm your guy. Honey, let's find your little girl.

Abigail: Wait, we're just supposed to hop on a bus and head out to California? Why California?

Adam: Well, because I have an uncle out there. And he's the CEO of a computer company. He could definitely find us some work.

Abigail: Well, what makes you think he's gonna hire us? Two college dropouts without any experience.

Adam: Nepotism. He's my family. He has to throw me a favor every once in awhile.

Abigail: Yeah, so what about the fact that he is genetically predisposed to tell your parents where you are?

Adam: I'll find out a way to get around that when I get there.

Abigail: What about me? Are you gonna tell him that I'm your girlfriend, who may or may not have killed a man? Somebody's gonna find out, Adam. Especially when my face is probably plastered to every bulletin board from here to the Pacific. We can't run forever. It's just -- insane!

Adam: Yes. You are right. It is insane. But sometimes that's all we have left when all of the logical explanations have been used up. It is insane. Life is insane. But we can either accept and embrace it, or we can sit around, waiting for something to make sense.

Abigail: Embracing insanity -- that's quite a concept.

Adam: We'll take this day by day until something better comes up. And I'll find a way to get through this. We're gonna make it. I promise.

Jennifer: I'm just going out of my mind Bonnie. I have no idea what to say to Billy. Would you mind if I come over for a few minutes?

Bonnie: Sure. Come on down. The more the merrier.

Jennifer: Thanks. I'll be right there.

Hal: All right. You got your bear in there, too?

Parker: Yeah.

Hal: Okay, good deal.

Jennifer: You guys all ready to go? Here is your snack. Look, please, be on your best behavior tonight, and don't let aunt Kim spoil you, okay?

Will: Is mom gonna be okay?

Hal: Sure she is. You know she wanted to stay and have that big dinner she was planning with you guys, but she just wasn't feeling too well.

Will: She went back to the other house?

Hal: Yeah, to Fairwinds -- for awhile. But she sends her love, and I know she'll call you real soon.

Will: Whatever.

Jennifer: Come on, squirt.

Hal: All right. Now you guys be good. And I mean better than good. Okay?

Jennifer: Oh, and, dad -- good luck with everything. I love you, daddy.

Will: Good night, daddy.

Hal: Good night hey! Jen -- hey, you don't have a nickel to your name! Tell you -- let me give you a few bucks -- just until your brother can pay you back, okay?

[Cell phone ringing]

Emily: It's ringing! It's ringing!

Rose: Yes, but the question is where? There's no answer.

Emily: Oh, will you stop it? He'll answer. He always answers. I mean, unless he can't answer.

Rose: Just dial it again, okay? Just try dialing again!

Emily: Would you just stop it and let it ring one more time, Rose?!

[Cell phone ringing]

Hal: Hal Munson. Hello? Hello?

Hal: Hello? I can't hear you! Is anybody there?

Emily: Hal? Hal, is that you?

Hal: Emily?

Emily: Yes! Yes, it's me! It's me! It's Emily! I'm here! I'm alive!

Hal: Emily, is that really you?

Emily: Yes, it's really me! It's me! It's Emily Stewart. I own The Intruder, I've got a son named Daniel, a mole on my right hip, and I'm mad about you, Hal!

Hal: It's really you! God, it's good to hear your voice! Where are you? Are you safe?

Emily: I don't know where we are. We've been kidnapped. We're trapped. We can't get out.

Hal: Trapped where? Who's with you?

Emily: Rose -- Rose is with me -- and Carly.

Rose: Tell him to call Lucinda, and tell him to call Paul. And tell him to call Lily!

Emily: Shh, okay, okay, okay.

Hal: And you're safe. Is anybody hurt?

Emily: No, we're fine. Tell everyone at home we're fine. We just want to come home!

Hal: Can you describe the place that you're in?

Emily: Uh -- I don't know. Describe the place we're in. We're in the mountains somewhere. That's all I know -- some sort of spa.

Hal: Did you say "spa"?

Emily: Yes, a very private, very freaky spa. They've kept us totally drugged since we've arrived, and nobody will tell us why or how we came to be here, wherever "here" is.

Hal: Is there a town nearby?

Emily: No, Hal, all we can see are mountains. And I don't even know the name of the spa. I know the guy who owns it -- or runs it -- it's a doctor -- Dr. --

Rose: Weston.

Emily: -- Weston.

Hal: That's beautiful. Good for you, girl. Can you give me any other names?

Emily: Oh, you bet I do. Steinbeck.

As in James Steinbeck.

He kidnapped Rose. Yeah, he showed up out of nowhere, and she saw him face-to-face, and he spiked her coffee. And I know -- I know for a fact that Carly and I are part of his plan. So you've got to find him, and you've got to find us, Hal.

Hal: You count on it. How can I get in touch with you?

Emily: You can't get in touch with us. You can't believe what Rose and I went through to get this one call through.

Hal: I'll find you. God, it's good to hear your voice.

Emily: Oh, not half as good as it is to hear yours, honey. How's my baby? How's Daniel?

Hal: He's terrific. We miss you.

Emily: I miss you, too. And I need you, Hal, more than I've needed anybody in my whole life.

Hal: You hold on, okay? And you tell Rose and Carly that everybody here has been worried sick about 'em, but we never gave up hope. So don't you give up either, okay?

Emily: Okay. I love you, Hal. I love you more than anything in my life. Please, just find us. I have to go. I have to go. Go, go, go.

Dr. Weston: Hilda? Hilda? Can you hear me?

Hilda: Dr. Veston.

Dr. Weston: Hilda? What happened?

Hal: Yes, this is Lieutenant Munson, chief of detectives, Oakdale Police. Is this the security division? Thank you. Listen, I just received a call from a crime scene. I need you to check the location right away.

Bonnie: Hi!

Jennifer: Hey, sorry it took me so long.

Bonnie: No, that's okay. Step into my office, please.

Jennifer: Your "office"?

Bonnie: Yes. Someone needs to talk to you about Billy.

Jennifer: Oh, I wish I knew what to do.

Bonnie: What do you want to do?

Jennifer: Well, that's the problem. If I didn't adore traveling and meeting new people and experiencing new things, I'd hold onto Billy and never let go. And I guess that's what I have to tell him before I say good-bye.

Bonnie: Simple as that?

Jennifer: No, but I can't love him or anyone else right now, you know? I got to explore, be free -- find my own place in this world.

Bonnie: That's just what I told myself and the duke before I dumped him in Corsica.

Jennifer: Any regrets?

Bonnie: Plenty. But not about leaving him, just about going down the food chain. Listen -- are you sure this is what you want to do?

Jennifer: I have to. I just wish there was some way I could say good-bye without hurting him.

Bonnie: Well, um -- right now's your chance. Just make sure whatever you say comes from your heart.

Brandy: It was a stupid favor for Nick, nothing more.

Billy: Just can it, Brandy.

Brandy: I beg your pardon? I was actually trying to apologize.

Billy: Shh. Just be quiet and do what I tell you to do.

Brandy: No, no, no. See, that's how I wound up in this mess.

Billy: Yeah, well, then I guess you have a lot of practice. You should be a natural.

Brandy: What do you think you're doing?

Billy: Just be quiet and act like you're with me.

Brandy: Give me one good reason.

Billy: I don't owe you anything. You owe Adam, and someone deserves to be happy around here.

Brandy: What do you want me to do?

Billy: Just follow my lead.

Billy: Jen, long time no see.

Jennifer: Yeah. How's it been?

Billy: Great. Been busy and loving every minute of it. Brandy, this is Jennifer Munson.

Brandy: Hi. I'm Brandy. Nice to meet you.

Billy: Jennifer's also known as the Barbara Ryan original.

Brandy: That's great.

Billy: So how was Europe?

Jennifer: Look, I'm sorry that I didn't call you after I left.

Billy: You were too busy becoming the toast of two continents. Who needs to call? Probably been racking up those frequent flyer miles, huh?

Brandy: Sounds great.

Jennifer: It is.

Billy: That's great. So is modeling everything you always thought it would be?

Jennifer: Everything.

Billy: I always wanted the best for you.

Bonne: Um -- sorry to interrupt, but, Billy, we need to change the keg, and 're running very, very low on ice.

Billy: I restocked the ice ten minutes ago, Bonnie.

Bonnie: Yeah, really? Well, you might want to check the freezer. And, Jen, you're more than welcome to go along with Billy, because I'm sure you two have a lot of catching up to do.

Billy: Everything's okay, Bonnie. We don't need anything.

Jennifer: Right. And besides, it looks like you have your hands full anyway, so -- look, I have a million things to do tonight, so --e

Bonnie: Wait, Jen, you're not leaving!

Billy: Yeah, don't leave -- not yet.

Adam: Insanity is not so bad. You want to know why?

Abigail: Why?

Adam: Because when you expect logic, you are sunk. Cheats prosper and the good die young. And sometimes, the only thing you can do is the one thing that you never would do.

Abigail: Yeah, but what if someone --

Adam: No, no. No "what if." No more looking over our shoulder, okay? From now on, it is only looking straight ahead to the horizon. Because I swear to you, Abigail, there is something out there for us. I promise.

Abigail: Adam -- would you mind if we, uh -- if you would just hold me tonight?

Adam: I wouldn't mind at all. How's that?

Abigail: Almost perfect. Perfect. Adam, there's something you need to know.

Adam: What's that? Nick and I, we never -- you know.

Adam: No, shh.

Jack: Well, you're right. I think we're both lucky you're not a different type of person, because I'd have to arrest you. And there's nothing I hate more than arresting friends.

Mitzi: It'd be worth it, though. If I could get Barbara Ryan in a dark alley for one minute, she'd be toast. Hey, I'm tougher than I look.

Jack: Oh, I believe it.

Mitzi: Look, I know Rose isn't the only one missing. With Carly gone, how are you keeping your personal feelings out of this?

Jack: I keep telling myself that if I let my feelings interfere, then I'm part of the problem. And I've got a job to do.

Mitzi: What would the world do without guys like you, huh? I mean, sometimes it seems like there's nothing you can't do.

Mathis: Snyder?

Jack: News about that warrant?

Mathis: Yeah, you're not gonna like it. It's on hold.

Jack: No, I don't have time for this, Mathis. I need that warrant now!

[Cell phone ringing] excuse me. Snyder.

Hal: Jack, I've got news.

Jack: Yeah, I do, too. It's about the warrant.

Hal: Wait, you want to hear this. Carly's okay.

Jack: What? Have you seen her?

Hal: No, she's still being held with the others. But I spoke to Emily, and at least she was able to tell me that the three of them are okay.

Jack: Thank God. Where are they being held? Do you know?

Hal: Only vaguely. I tried to have the call traced, but it was blocked. Listen, Jack, can you get over here right away? We'll go over what little I've got, and we'll take it from here.

Jack: Sure. Sure, I'll be there. But just tell me one more time that they're okay.

Hal: Emily sounded pretty good, Jack. I think if anybody had been hurt, she would've said so. Can you just get over here right away?

Jack: I'm leaving right now.

Mitzi: Good news?

Jack: "Good" doesn't even scratch the surface.

[Knock at door]

Hal: Not even you could get over here that fast. Hello? Hello?

James: Sorry about that, Munson. But you're really starting to get on my nerves.

Jake: Hey, Margo. Come on in.

Molly: Hey, have you found them?

Margo: A clerk at a convenience store over in Milltown gave us a positive ID on their photos. When they left, they were headed back to Oakdale.

Jake: Good, they could still be in the area.

Margo: Yeah. We've still got squad cars out looking for them. First break of day, we're gonna get choppers up in the air, check out the woods and the fields outside of town.

Molly: That's great news. That's great news! That means they didn't really run away.

Jake: The kid' got sense.

Margo: Yeah, let's hope it's contagious. I've got to get back to the station. I knew that you'd want to know.

Jake: Thanks for coming by.

Molly: Call us if you come up with anything more.

Margo: And I can count on the same from you? I'll be in touch.

Jake: Bye, Margo.

Molly: I trust her, Jake. No matter what she remembers or doesn't, no matter where she is right now, as terrified as I am -- I trust her. I always have.

Adam: You know, you don't have to tell me about you and Nick.

Abigail: You must be the only one in Oakdale who doesn't want to know the details.

Adam: There's only one detail I care about.

Abigail: Which one?

Adam: Nick's dead, and he can't hurt you anymore.

Abigail: That's all you care about?

Adam: That's all that matters.

Abigail: I was so sure that what I felt for Nick was real. And right now, being here with you -- I feel safe. And right now, safe is everything. 'Night, Adam.

Adam: 'Night, Abigail.

Billy: There's something I need to tell you before you leave. I wish you the best.

Jennifer: Thanks. I want the same for you, too, even despite every awful thing that's happened since we met.

Billy: Yeah, I guess we had a couple of those.

Jennifer: I've never regretted one moment that we spent together. I'm glad we met, Billy.

Billy: Me, too, Jen.

Jennifer: Well, um -- take care of yourself, I guess.

Billy: You, too. I'll be seeing you -- on the billboards and magazines.

Jennifer: Right, right. Of course, if I'm lucky. I'll never forget you, Billy.

Billy: I'll never forget you, either, Jen.

Bonnie: Jen, wait! Jen -- are you okay?

Jennifer: Well, he made it easy for me.

Billy: Just give her a few more seconds to leave and we'll stop this act.

Brandy: You know, I could stick around and join you for a drink if you like. People say I'm not a terrible listener.

Billy: Thanks, but no thanks.

[Emily laughs]

Emily: So what do you think, huh? Think our old friend Hilda's giving Weston an earful?

Rose: Definitely a possibility.

Emily: What's gonna happen next?

Rose: Oh, I don't know. They could come out and scoop out half our brains like they did with Carly.

Emily: Don't say that! That's not gonna happen, right? I mean, Hilda -- she inhaled a lot of that woo-woo gas, so -- I mean, she's not gonna remember about the phone. That stuff is instant amnesia, right?

Rose: That's absolutely right. So all we got to do is sit back, act like zombies and it's gonna be fine. That's all.

Emily: Oh, everything's gonna be fine? You're so sure about that, huh? Why?

Rose: Because I've got this.

[Emily gasps]

Emily: You stole the phone!

Dr. Weston: Now, you must be more cautious around the aromatherapy.

Hilda: Of course, Dr. Veston. I still don't know how it happened.

Dr. Weston: Just see that it doesn't happen again. Now, our next two guests will be ready for their next procedure fairly soon. Make sure that you stay on your toes.

Hilda: Yes, sir.

[Emily laughs]

Rose: Did you hear that?

Emily: Hmm?

Rose: Shh. Mission accomplished. We're gonna get out of this place! Why the tears? No, no, no, no. No tears. This is good news!

Emily: I just can't help it. I feel like I was so happy when I finally got a chance to talk to Hal, Rose, and now -- what if I never get to see him again? Or what if I get-

Rose: You're gonna see him again. You're gonna do more than see him, honey! You're gonna be back with him. It's Hal! He's gonna tell the FBI, the CIA, Interpol -- whoever he has to tell. He's gonna find us. He's gonna take us home. We're going home. Home.

[Knock at door]

Jack: Hal? Hey, Hal! Hal? Hal! Hal!

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